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Case study

Integrated Monitoring System Reduces Internal Fuel Consumption with 12% for One of the Biggest European Oil & Gas Producers

With activities in the Gas & Energy industry, our client is one of the biggest Oil & Gas producers in Europe. The Exploration and Production (E&P) division covers our clients main business segment and is organized in 10 assets across Romania 9 onshore and 1 offshore.

Challenge: Lack of transparency on fuel usage patterns Technologies: Embeded C Smartcards with built-in cryptoprocessor Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services SOA Architecture Results: Total savings of 15 mil Euro in 9 months Increased fuel forecasting accuracy using historical usage data Valuable product team support

Although the E&P division has around 5,000 fuel consumers (vehicles, compressors, generators etc.) there was no end-to-end fuel tracking system to manage fuel demand and forecast requirements for the entire E&P division. Our client chose to work with IT Green Light to build and implement an integrated fuel monitoring system.


Integrate all existing systems and information available in one single system with the purpose to monitor and control fuel consumption for all E&P fuel consumers; Install, calibrate and maintain fuel monitoring equipment on devices that do not have such technologies; Increase transparency upon fuel consumption across Assets, Business Units, similar types of equipment, etc; Reduce fuel consumption through more efficient internal processes and operations; Support the improvement of budget planning and fuel consumption forecasting

IT Green Light team began to design and develop the Fanica solution in 2013 and implemented the entire system in 3 months. The project started with the analysis and definition of the monitoring system. Both teams - the IT Green Light team together with clients team - focused all their resources on understanding and redefining the internal business processes. Thus, based on an efficiency metric defined by IT Green Light, they identified the exact list of vehicles and devices that needed monitoring systems.

During the monitoring equipment instalation phase, IT Green Light proved its full capacity in only 3 months its 20 specialists team managed to instal monitoring equipments on all our clients assets, starting with drilling platforms and finishing with vehicles, compressors and generators.


The operational phase was divided into two stages.The first stage was focused on knowledge transfer from IT Green Lights specialists to our clients employees, and during the second stage, our teams main objective was to reach complete and accurate database information. This is why we created an alert for each exception found in the system, and almost 100 processes run daily, at the same time, to solve these alerts. So, if at the begginng of the operational phase there were approximatly 2000 alerts daily, now there are almost 40 alerts per day, and our next goal is to reach between 10-20 alerts per week. Our overall experience is very positive from IT Green Light. From the sales people to the technical group, the support staff is very professional. They address our questions quickly and are highly responsive to our needs, says Radu Ciobanu, Senior Project Manager, PACE, Petrom. Fanica solution is a mix of knowledges and tehnologies, including design and engineering components, monitoring equipment, real time communication equipment, as well as state-of-the-art IT equipment for centralising, analysing and presenting data with a geographical and temporal dynamics.

First result of Fanica was reducing fuel consumption with 12% in the first 3 months , saving the client 15 million Euro from the implementation date in June 2013. Keep in mind that this result was obtained with the oil production continuously growing. Real time monitoring of fuel consumption on any E&P Level, in any area; thus, based on the reports from the system the client knows which equipment is out of range and decide to take corrective measures. Transparency and a clear perspective over the fuel consumption, budget and costs vehicle, devices and employee productivity.

Fanica integrates al our systems into one single solution. It is a smart management tool for monitoring fuel consumption. Fanica creates the advantage of seeing the big picture as well as the details up to the smallest fuel user. Radu Udrea Senior Project Manager PACE, Petrom


IT Green Light is an IT consultancy company, focusing mainly on special IT projects and technologies. Headquartered in Romania, the company implements IT projects worldwide through its offices in Munchen and Dubai. For over 10 years, IT Green Light designs and implements collaboration solutions, business intelligence, corporate intelligence and knowledge management solutions.

FANICA is an assembly of tools and technologies hardware, software and knowledge designed for monitoring internal fuel consumption. The system is enabled to completely and objectively monitor fuel consumption within the organization featuring stock per device and summing up costs per cost center. The possibility of fuel leakages and over-stocking is significantly reduced trough real-time data analysis. While considering a large organization, the system is an effective internal tool, allowing fuel-related costs and issue traceability. Through this process it feeds forward important data for internal monitoring, allowing improvements and increased efficiency in all monitored areas.

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