Insurance and Claim Procedures


Regardless of room location. items worth more than $250 must be noted individually in the space provided. For example. list items of considerable value that are not normal household items (i. Please read it carefully. For example. attach additional sheets of paper with the remaining items accurately valued. if you are shipping two bookcases. software. you can expect a prompt and fair settlement in the unlikely event of a claim. If you have any questions or concerns. The V.Valuations AIReS provides an in-house Insurance Department for your convenience and peace of mind. If you are using V. 6. Please talk with your corporate relocation department for accurate cost of living adjustments at your destination. This form is available in two formats — hard copy or electronically on our Valued Inventory Program (V. and we need accurate information to ensure that all of your belongings are covered. The security of your shipment is extremely important to us. To insure your shipment with AIReS. In the event of loss or damage to these items. Miscellaneous items of $250 or less may be grouped as a single value. All values declared must reflect the cost of replacement in your destination country. 2 . dollars in the appropriate column.P. sales receipts and/or readily acceptable sources for verification of value. The value you declare is critical. We’ll be happy to help you. 3.e. Many of the headings on the Valued Inventory Form coincide with the rooms in your home. To determine the grand total. and because we’re not dependent on an outside insurance agency. software is available online within our Relocation Plannner-specific area. underwriters will require pre-move appraisals. if one of your two bookcases is worth $500 and is a Surface shipment. surface or storage). 2.I.I. Take the time to be as accurate as possible when completing the form. Many common items are already listed for your convenience. This brochure contains instructions on how to complete the valued inventory form as well as other important information regarding your shipment insurance. furs. Be sure to include everything in your shipment. simply complete the enclosed Valued Inventory Form. If the other is worth $400 and is going to be held in storage. add the column subtotals. Coverage is not extended to items not listed as AIReS cannot partially insure a shipment. record the number of each item you are shipping. If there is not enough room on the Valued Inventory Form.) software. jewelry. Record the value of the item in U. You will not receive more for an item than the cost of repair or the actual replacement cost recorded on the Valued Inventory Form. We have one of the lowest claims percentages in the industry. Take the form with you to every room in your house and do the following: a) In the Quantity column.S. Typical homeowners’ coverage on the contents of your home ends once the contents are removed from the premises. However. Instructions 1. 4. date and return the original copy of the form to AIReS prior to packing day. otherwise you will have no insurance coverage. c) Calculate the values of each column and record the total in the Column Subtotal box. Please sign. 5.” b) Value is listed according to shipping method (air. please call your AIReS Relocation Specialist. place $400 in the Storage column.I.P. place the number “2” in the quantity column in the row labeled “Bookcase.). List items of exceptional value. the columns will be added automatically.P. etc. The hard copy is include in this packet. place a value of $500 in the Surface column.

Coverage continues through delivery. Damage resulting from Disassembly By Owner (DBO).) Inherent vice – something existing in an item that is natural or inseparable (i. If the shipment is placed in storage. notes. you must notify AIReS. 4. computers. collision of the vessel. There is a combined total limit of $5. 3 . VCRs. • Exclusions to this policy include: 1. Whenever possible. Money and securities are absolutely excluded. *Master Policy 88337 issued by the American Home Assurance Company through Henderson Brothers. stranding. Inc. but your goods must be professionally unpacked by our crews. bullion. Loss or damage caused by the following: • • • • • • • • Gradual deterioration Normal wear and tear Atmospheric or climatic conditions (i.) Items not noted as damaged or missing at the time of delivery are not covered by insurance. (Self-storage ends delivery. 3. letters of credit. stamps.. 7. note any damage on the inventory form at this time. Firearms and ammunition are absolutely excluded. Jewelry and furs unless declared and valued. all-risk transit insurance for your household goods. This will identify any items that may have become missing during transit. 6. tickets. money.e. and we’ll extend your policy. securities or similar valuables. (unless physical damage to the external packaging can be shown) Electronic or mechanical breakdown Illegal items or items confiscated by customs Infestation 2. etc. Also. Full replacement of a pair or set when only one item is damaged. wines changing tastes) Electronic or mechanical problems with appliances. etc. evidence of debt. This includes currency. the following procedure is required: • Obtain the delivery company’s copy of the inventory prior to unloading. on these items. or collision or overturn of transporting land conveyance. CD and DVD players. mildew. sinking. 5. we recommend these items travel with you personally. deeds. and check off each item as it is being delivered to your new residence.* Coverage begins when packing starts at your residence and continues through normal transit and delivery at your new home. Damage to any items Packed By Owner (PBO) unless directly caused by fire.000 U. documents. rust.e. Your signature and the driver’s signature are both required on the inventory for verification of a claim. To ensure that insurance coverage is not invalidated.S.Insurance Information AIReS’ underwriters offer you no-deductible.

Loss or damage to automobiles caused by scratching. 11. 9. 12. you will be asked to sign a release stating all repairs are completed to your satisfaction. This booklet is only a brief summary of rights. denting or marring. Damage to your home. unless an agreed and signed Certificate of Condition or similar document stating the condition of the vehicle prior to the period of professional unpacking exists. Dry cleaning or pressing of clothing and other items subject to wrinkling during transit and storage. they will begin when convenient to both parties. 10. Loss or damage of automobile while being driven under its own power. It is not meant to interpret. 15. obligations and options. 4 . Contact your Relocation Specialist immediately if this occurs. It is the underwriters’ option to authorize repair or replacement of a damaged item. without explaining all the details of the coverage. 13. The underwriters reserve all rights to salvage. Loss or damage caused by radiation or radioactive contamination. Damage caused by acts of terrorism while property is in permanent storage. We’ve attempted to describe some terms and conditions in order to make them easier to understand. Any intentional misrepresentation when completing the Valued Inventory or filing a claim will cause our underwriters to rescind coverage. extend or change the provisions of the policy in any way. Depreciation arising from inadequate or substandard repairs/restoration of an item before it is in transit. Once repairs are complete. except while on the premises of the port or while being driven by an authorized driver (employee of the freight forwarder or agent) in direct furtherance of the transit (limited to 1. Underwriters will require a written repair estimate from a repair firm for review. 14. If repairs are authorized.8. Rental automobiles or any other replacement items.000 miles).

AIReS may provide assistance with obtaining repair estimates if requested or required. Note any damage or missing items on the delivery document at the time of delivery.A. damaged or damaged beyond repair. scratches. Repair estimates should state the cause of damage and the repair cost. Types of Claims Claims for insured items must fall into the following categories: Loss – Insured items that are included in the packing inventory and noted as “missing” or “not received” at time of delivery. marring.Claim Procedures Valuation of Items Insured Values assigned to insured goods on the Valued Inventory for Insurance will be utilized for the settlement of the claim. dents. Damage includes.S. Pa 15275 U. The insured should obtain estimates for the repair of damaged item(s). 2. LLC (AIReS) Park West Two. Survey of Damaged Item(s) The Insurance Company has a right to appoint an independent surveyor to investigate and report on any claimed items regardless of value. transit-related damage and noted as such at time of delivery. items shipped illegally or confiscated by government authorities may not be claimed as lost. 2. The claim must be submitted in writing within 90 days from the time of notice. appraisals. repair/replacement recommendations. Suite 600 2000 Cliff Mine Road Pittsburgh. 5 . Submit the duly completed and signed Statement of Claim form original to: AI Relocation Solutions. water damage and breakage. Therefore. cause of damage. 3. Repair The Insurance Company has the option to repair any insured item(s) damaged in transit. Filing a Claim 1. and recommended settlement amount. Do not dispose of or repair any damaged items until the claim has been settled or if agreed by AIReS. Claim Settlement Processing of the claim for settlement will begin upon receipt of the duly completed Statement of Claim and supporting documentation. but is not limited to. the value claimed on any item cannot exceed the value assigned to that item on the Valued Inventory. Note. Attn: Insurance Department Alternative formats other than the Statement of Claim may be submitted if approved by AIReS. Cash Settlement will not exceed the amount insured. repair receipts. Damage – Insured items that are received with physical. etc. survey reports.) Each claimed item will be evaluated and settled by one of the following methods: 1. Cash Settlement This type of settlement may be issued for items that are lost. The report from the Surveyor may detail loss and damage. Notify your AIReS Relocation Specialist of a claim within 7 days of the date the shipment was delivered. repair estimates. (Supporting documentation may include photos.

Reasons for claim denial include but are not limited to: • • • • • Items described in the “Exclusions” listed above Items not listed on the Valued Inventory for Insurance Claims deemed by the Insurance Company to be fraudulent Non-Transit-Related Damage Items claimed after 90 days Closure of Claim The claim is considered to be closed by the Insurance Company upon acceptance of claim settlement (repair. it is to your advantage to list them separately to ensure that you receive proper compensation for the item in the event of a claim. For example. or cash settlement) by the insured. the appropriate amount may be paid for the settlement. It is important to list items separately along with values. Q. Be sure that we receive your completed list prior to the packing and loading of your goods. if you list 12 suits with a single value of $1500. Unfortunately. You can return your completed form to AIReS via mail. you would only receive a maximum of $125 per suit — regardless of whether it is an expensive tuxedo or a hand-me-down leisure suit. particularly items of clothing? Can’t I just list clothes as a single value? A. If your group contains items of varying values. We need a list of all items you are moving and their values so that. fax or email. Why do I need to complete a Valued Inventory Form? A. Frequently Asked Questions Q. Q. it will be valued based on the average price of all items in the group. replacement. Otherwise. What if I forget to list an item on the Valued Inventory Form? A. 6 . this is not an option. It is known as Selective Insurance and unfairly selects against the underwriter who is providing coverage based on a wide range of risks associated with household goods. if an item is lost or damaged. Why do I have to list items separately.Denial of Claim Items listed on the Statement of Claim may be denied at the discretion of the Insurance Company. Q. What if I only want to insure certain items in my shipment? A. Additional claims under the policy will not be accepted. in the event of a claim. Claims for loss or damage to items that do not appear on the Valued Inventory Form are not considered. Items not listed are not covered.

Is my car covered under this insurance? A. If I fax or email the Statement of Claim and supporting documents. mediately contact your Relocation Specialist. AIReS will assist with locating reputable repair firms in your area. How do I find the repair or replacement value of my A. Non-factory installed accessories or removable items. unless specifically stated on the Valued Inventory Form. Is a signature still needed if I return my claim form by email? A. Everything possible is done to take good care of your A. No. The Insurance Company has a right to limit any repair clothing. mechanical or electronic derangement. What is Permanent Storage Insurance? A. ing your clothing in the plastic provided by your dry Q. When an item is part of a pair or set. broken? Can I place a claim for a new tea set? Q. some wrinkling will occur. Is there any time limit for submitting my claim? AIReS must receive your completed Valued Inventory Form before the household goods are packed for A. Will my clothes be protected during transit? lost or damaged item exceeds the insured value? A. Normal claims settlement is achieved “Amount Claimed” if an item seems repairable? within 2-3 weeks of receipt of the Statement of Claim A. it is not necessary. we will advise upon receipt of your claim form. A. obtained. A. AIReS will send you a confirmation of receipt of claim. moths and inherent vice. Q. However. Q. The insurance coverage for the shipment of automobiles is based on the vehicle’s actual cash value with the following exceptions: • Loss and damage caused by wear and tear. department or Q. denting or marring unless the owner and individual accepting the auto for transport both sign a Certificate of Condition report stating the condition at origin. After I send in my claim form. do I need to mail the originals? A. change in climatic conditions. What if I am not sure how to complete the timely manner. We will confirm receipt of the Statement of Claim form A. You will then have 90 days to submit the Statement of Q. Q. what is next? • • Q. Please complete the form to the best of your ability. Simply list “repair” in the column until a repair cost is form and proper documentation. including transit to and from the warehouse. What happens if the cost to repair or replace my Q. What if a cup or part of my china tea service is Claim and supporting documents to AIReS. vermin. claim within 7 days of receipt of your shipment. 7 . colleagues in the host location. Note the damage on the delivery inventory and imfessional valuers or appraisers may be of assistance. Your email with the attached claim form will be accepted as your signature. We are very proud or our record of settling claims in a Q. as Please contact AIReS if you need additional assisAIReS transit insurance does not cover this type of tance. Coveror settlement to the maximum amount insured by you. we will only damaged or missing items at my new home locacompensate for the loss of the actual piece missing tion? or damaged. it is not necessary. or proA. What if my home is damaged during delivery? specialy stores. If any additional information is needed. Scratching. No. Q. Manufacturers’ websites or catalogues. Q. How long will it take for my claim to be settled? cleaner can significantly reduce wrinkling. you should notify AIReS of your intent to file a storage. This insurance covers your goods during long-term and explain the repair and/or payment options. storage. damage. What if I do not have all of the information requested on the claim form? A. Q. Yes.Q.

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