Arad International Airport – Romania

1. Arad International Airport is enjoying strong passenger growth (+779,4 % in June and +3,457. % in !ay "or e#a$ple% & what are the $ain reasons "or this su''ess? As well as over all,the economic crisis has hit Arad International Airport.From a traffic of 160.000 passengers in 200 ,we have reached a minim!m of "!st 2000 passengers in 200#.$ow cost airlines s!ch as %l!eair and R&anair have stoped the operations and other airlines have decided to postpone the opening of new ro!tes.It was the moment we finali'ed the negociations with (i''air and we started in force the 2010 s!mmer season )ased on low cost passenger traffic. (. )hat do you anti'ipate o*erall passenger tra""i' to +ein (,-3.And do you ha*e a parti'ular target "or passenger nu$+er in the 'o$ing years. *& )elief is that n!m)er of passenger in 201+ will reach 100.000 ,)ased on the fact that the air traffic will )e moved from ,imisoara Airport to Arad Airport for at least twoo wee-s this season )eca!se of r!nwa& repairs.It ma& )e possi)le to open new ro!tes from Arad operated )& (i''air.In an& case we have not a specific target )!t I am convinced that Arad International Airport has potentiall& significant increase in passenger n!m)er and cargo freight.I forgot to tell &o! that we have a dedicated cargo tgerminal )!ilt in 2002 )& ./ assistance and we have reached 2000 metric tones of cargo per &ear. 3. )hat e#pansion plans do you ha*e at the airport. I understand a new $oderni/ed passenger ter$inal and runway e#tension are planned & what 'an you tell $e a+out the status o" these proje'ts. Indeed,for the near f!t!re we have planned two ma"or e0pansions1 a new passenger terminal and r!nwa& e0tension.,he act!al passenger terminal was )!ilt in 1#+6 and can no longer provide comfort conditions and sec!rit& flow re2!irements for passengers.,he pro"ect is approved )& Arad 3o!nt& and will )e f!nded )& credit provider.,he new terminal will )e e2!ipped at the act!al standards of 2!alit& and will es!re a traffic increase to one million passenger per &ear. Regarding the airport r!nwa&,it need an e0tension at least +40 m )eca!se of the negative impact of Arad )& pass on the 25 direction of operation.(e removed the 25 threshold 1 0 m and the remaining landing distance is onl& 1 20 m.,his is the reason we have to e0tend the airport r!nwa& to can provide a proper safet& landing distance for A+20 and % 5+5 .

2oes it i$pa't on the type on the type o" ser*i'es you see4 to attra't.8pain. (e will invest a)o!t 10 million e!ros for the two pro"ects and I thinh that will )e completed in the ne0t three &ears..'an you please pro*ide details os this.he new passenger terminal wor-s will start ne0t & %ergamo – Ital&...=!r advantages represented )& location.lin4ing 8o$ania and 0ungary.%elgi!m. two flight per wee.accessi)ilit&.and what is the ti$eta+le "or their 'o$pletion. 0ow $u'h $oney is +eing in*ested in the ter$inal and runway de*elop$ents.. )hi'h airlines 'urrently operate at Arad International Airport. .)!t we are tr&ing to convince the low cost airlines a)o!t o!r passengers traffic potential and the& can ma-e a profita)le )!siness at Arad.In terms of cargo traffic we have dail& flights Arad – %!dapest operated )& 67$.9erman&.I" so. 2o you o""er an in'enti*e s'he$e to attra't new airlines or new air ser*i'es to Arad. 0ow i$portant was the opening o" the new Arad +ypass.o!r incentive scheme is p!)lished on the airport<s we)site./ reg!lation on 8tate Aid wo!ld allow a limited provision for opening new ro!tes.)hat are your $ost desired new routes. . 3!rrentl& at Arad operate reg!lar pa0.In what ways is this +ene"i'ial to Arad International Airport.All are depending of the n!m)er of movments. 1.he Arad International Airport strateg& is to attract new low cost airlines and to open domestic flights to %!charest.last year. 7. flight onl& (i''air. 5lease 'an you pro*ide details o" the 6tate Aid s'he$e operated +y Arad 7ounty. 5. )hat is your route de*elop$ent strategy.ver& good infrastr!ct!re and lower airport charges will alwa&s )e opport!nities that we are not allowed to not capitali'e.Arad 3o!nt& has no practiced &et this mode of stim!lation for the airlines.And what destinations do they ser*e. 9. Altho!gh .es of co!rse.he low cost flights are the )est appropriated for the act!al level of incomes of the pop!lation leaving in the airport catchment area.France. .)!t we manage a lot of general aviation flights especiall& in the s!mmer season.:eederland. =f co!rse that the pro0imit& of . )hat 'hallenges does your pro#i$ity to 3i$isoara present.imisoara Airport is a challenge for !s.4.Ireland. -.I am convinced that o!r airport has the potential to provides passengers at least for Ital&.)!t it<s never too late. .

--.he aviation mar-et is growing . I personall& am an optimist and I have no reasons not to )elieve in the f!t!re of Arad International Airport. 9rec *ircea – 3hief .he Arad )&pass is ver& important )& the e0cellent accessi)ilit& provided to airport.Arad 3o!nt& is one of the most developed from Romania )& economicall& point of view and the political and administrative leadership of Arad 3o!nt& is ver& interested on the airport development..From another point of view.ngineer of Arad International Airport .%etween Arad and %!dapest there is no other airport.and why.o!r catchment area will increase adding eastern part of 7!ngar&.. 0ow opti$isti' are you "or the "uture o" Arad International Airport.