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Human Resource Information System is aimed to integrate the activities of Human Resource Department of ABC LTD (ABC LTD) The Human Resource Information System maintains the fo!!o"ing core activities and core processes of ABC LTD # $ersona! Information %anagement & $ersona! Training %anagement ' Recruitment $rocess %anagement ( $ro)ect %anagement The information co!!ected through the a*ove activities "i!! *e maintained in a centra!i+ed server and cou!d *e accessed through the Internet The company has decided to create a corporate intranet"or, to connect a!! offices and their net"or, "ou!d a!so *e uti!i+ed in case of imp!ementation The information co!!ected through this management and process re!ated activities are maintained as fo!ios PERSONAL INFORMATION MANAGEMENT This management process is to maintain the detai!s of emp!oyees "ho are "or,ing at ABC LTD as "e!! as emp!oyees "ho are "or,ing in various c!ient concerns The information "i!! *e maintained *y HR %anagers of a!! ABC LTD and its units -mp!oyee detai!s that "ou!d *e sent a*road and other concerns other than c!ients of ABC LTD "ou!d a!so *e managed PERSONAL TRAINING MANAGEMENT -mp!oyee "i!! *e given regu!ar training on need in the !atest advanced areas The training management maintains a fo!io on the various topics on "hich the training is provided It is a!so maintains the detai!s of the emp!oyee "ho under" undergoing ."i!! *e undergone training The training has *een c!assified into three categories

In/house training 0ffshore training A*road training The training management a!so maintains information a*out the guest !ectures as "e!! as !ecturers RECRUITMENT PROCESS MANAGEMENT

It creates a fo!io re!ating to Recruitment $rocess There are three different methods to recruit emp!oyees They are 1 Through direct recruitment 1 Through campus intervie"s and 1 A*sor*ing pro)ect trainees Direct Recruitment Direct Recruitment is done on the net Resumes of candidates are received as either direct!y or *y mai!.e/mai!.fa2.courier If they found e!igi*!e for intervie" they "ou!d *e mai!ed indicating an user name3 pass"ord and date of intervie" The candidate has to !og on into the ABC LTD server and he "i!! *e given a set of 4uestions (most!y of o*)ective type) He has to ans"er those 4uestions and the HR %anager "i!! process his papers The process may inc!ude further intervie"s3 direct appointment Campus Interviews -mp!oyees are appointed *y conducting intervie"s at co!!ege campus The profi!e of the students "ho are intervie"ed is maintained Is a!so maintains the detai!s of the co!!ege The se!ected candidates "i!! first *e given training in their respective areas and then they are put up in anyone of its deve!oping unit Abs rbin! Pr "ect Trainees

The $ro)ect Trainees cou!d a!so *e hired *y the ABC LTD concern3 if their pro)ect performance is "e!! The e2isting system is computeri+ed on!y *ut company detai!s has *een co!!ected in a form and not stored in data*ase it need to process more as ABC LTD is deve!oping company the dra"*ac, of e2isting system is the on!y company detai!s are maintained is c!ient va!idation it ma,e to move to proposed system The e2isting system is a*out the detai!s a*out the company as it is done during period of company deve!opment The company many *ranches and the detai!s are not maintained in the e2isting system The emp!oyee detai!s are maintained in the !edger this ma,es the more time to ta,e and maintaining is very tough to do the e2isting system has many disadvantage this ma,es move to the proposed system

Project Report

HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (An online web application)

Submitted by GAURAV PRAKASH B.Tech.(CSE),VII sem. 0 !"#$


Apart fro t!e effort" of ine# t!e "$cce"" of an% project &epen&" lar'el% on t!e enco$ra'e ent an& '$i&eline" of an% ot!er"( ) ta*e t!i" opport$nit% to e+pre"" % 'ratit$&e to t!e people w!o !a,e been in"tr$ ental in t!e "$cce""f$l co pletion of t!i" project( ) wo$l& li*e to "!ow % 'reate"t appreciation to o$r "$per,i"or Mr( T(-(Mi"!ra( for !i" tre en&o$" "$pport an& !elp( ) feel oti,ate& an& enco$ra'e& e,er% ti e ) atten& !i" eetin'( .it!o$t !i" enco$ra'e ent an& '$i&ance t!i" project wo$l& not !a,e ateriali/e&( T!e '$i&ance an& "$pport recei,e& fro all t!e e ber" w!o contrib$te& an& w!o are contrib$tin' to t!i" project# wa" ,ital for t!e "$cce"" of t!e project( ) a 'ratef$l for t!eir con"tant "$pport an& !elp(

CMC 0i ite& i" a lea&in' )T "ol$tion co pan% an& a "$b"i&iar% of Tata Con"$ltanc% Ser,ice" (TCS 0t&()# one of t!e worl&1" lea&in' infor ation tec!nolo'% con"$ltin'# "er,ice" an& b$"ine"" proce"" o$t"o$rcin' or'ani/ation( T!e )n&$"trial trainin' of 2 wee*" &$ration wa" co plete& in CMC 0t&( Noi&a in PHP tec!nolo'%( T!e trainin' co,ere& t!e concept of web &e,elop ent $"in' PHP( A Project wa" co plete& in t!e "a e(

A project title& 3H$ an Re"o$rce Mana'e ent S%"te 4 wa" co plete& "$cce""f$ll%# w!ic! wa" i ple ente& in PHP( T!e concept" of PHP incl$&in' t!e ba"ic concept of web &e,elop ent an& &ataba"e were ta$'!t# w!ic! wa" i ple ente& in t!e project( M% project 3H$ an Re"o$rce Mana'e ent S%"te 4 i" an online application( T!e ain ai of t!e project i" to &e,elop a H$ an Re"o$rce ana'e ent o&$le for t!e )ntranet A$to ation of HR Software( A H$ an Re"o$rce Mana'e ent S%"te (HRMS) refer" to t!e "%"te " an& proce""e" at t!e inter"ection between !$ an re"o$rce ana'e ent (HRM) an& infor ation tec!nolo'% ()T)( )t er'e" HRM a" a &i"cipline an& in partic$lar it1" ba"ic HR acti,itie" an& proce""e" wit! t!e infor ation tec!nolo'% fiel&( T!e lin*a'e of it" financial an& !$ an re"o$rce o&$le" t!ro$'! one &ataba"e i" t!e o"t i portant &i"tinction to t!e in&i,i&$all% an& proprietar% &e,elope& pre&ece""or"# w!ic! a*e" t!i" "oftware application bot! ri'i& an& fle+ible( T!i" project ainl% ai " to aintain t!e &ataba"e of t!e e plo%ee" wor*in' in an or'ani/ation t!eir "alar%# pa%roll" wit! a facilit% to e&it an& $p&ate it( T!e HRMS project" facilitate" $"er a" per t!eir !ierarc!% an& 'rant" pri,ile'e to t!e accor&in'l%( T!e co plete project i" &e"i'ne& $"in' HTMS# CSS an& 5a,aScript on t!e $"er interface "i&e an& PHP wit! M% S60 on t!e bac*!an& "i&e(


Ch+0te* 12 I&t*'ducti'& t' the -*$+&i3+ti'&.

7(7 7(8 7(: 7(; 7(< 7(2 7(= 7(>

Hi"tor% 9ranc!e" 0ar'e an& co ple+ project ana'e ent capabilitie" Si/able re"o$rce pool wit! &i,er"e "*ill "et" Stron' c$"to er relation"!ip Stron' "er,ice &eli,er% c!ain Growt! "trate'ie" Major Project $n&erta*en

Ch+0te* !2 T*+i&i&$ P*'cedu*e.



Ch+0te* 42 The P*'5ect.

:(7 :(8 :(:

Ab"tract )ntro&$ction Re?$ire ent"

Ch+0te* 62 7esc*i0ti'& '8 the tech&')'$y +&d HR9

;(7 ;(8 ;(:

PHP M% S60 Abo$t HRMS

Ch+0te* "2 7esi$& 0*i&ci0)e +&d e:0)+&+ti'&.

<(7 <(8 <(:

Mo&$le" Mo&$le @e"cription @ataflow @ia'ra "


@ata @ictionar%

Ch+0te* ;2 I&0ut -ut0ut S+m0)es.



Ch+0te* #2 .utu*e Sc'0e.

=(7 =(8

A$t$re Scope of t!e Application Software Scope

Ch+0te* 2 C'&c)usi'&.

I/TR-7UCTI-/ T- THE -RGA/I<ATI-/ CMC 0i ite& i" an )nfor ation Tec!nolo'% "er,ice"# con"$ltin' an& "oftware co pan% !a,in' it" Hea&?$arter" in )n&ia( CMC i" part of t!e TATA 'ro$p an& i" a "$b"i&iar% of TATA Con"$ltanc% Ser,ice"( CMC wa" incorporate& on @ece ber 82# 7B=<# a" t!e Co p$ter Mana'e ent Corporation Pri,ate 0i ite&( T!e Go,ern ent of )n&ia !el& 7CC D of t!e e?$it% "!are capital( On A$'$"t 7B# 7B==# it wa" con,erte& into a p$blic li ite& co pan%( )n October 8CC7# CMC wa" pri,ati/e& b% t!e Go,ern ent of )n&ia# in a "ale to )n&ia ba"e& Tata con"$ltanc% Ser,ice" (TCS)# t!e lar'e"t "oftware "er,ice" co pan% i" A"ia( )t al"o feat$re& on top ten co panie" in )n&ia(

1. Hist'*y

@$rin' t!e %ear 7B=># w!en )9M wo$n& $p it" operation" in )n&ia# CMC too* o,er t!e aintenance of )9M in"tallation" at o,er >CC location" aro$n& )n&ia an& "$b"e?$entl%# aintenance of co p$ter" "$pplie& b% ot!er forei'n pla%er"( CMC ,i"$ali/e& t!e nee& for total )T "%"te "ol$tion" in 7B>C an& t!$" ali'ne& it" foc$" wit! t!e 'o,ern entE" t!r$"t on )T &e,elop ent acti,itie"( EProject )nteractE ()nternational E&$cation an& Re"earc! for Application" of Co p$ter Tec!nolo'%)# a Unite& Nation" project in,ol,in' &e"i'n# &e,elop ent an& "%"te "Fen'ineerin' of realFti e# co p$terFba"e& "%"te " &e&icate& to application" in t!e area" of power &i"trib$tion# railwa% frei'!t operation" ana'e ent an& eteorolo'% wa" a "i'nificant ile"tone in CMC tran"ition fro a !ar&ware aintenance co pan% to a co plete en&FtoFen& )T "ol$tion" pro,i&er( 0ater CMC fora%e& into "%"te " inte'ration# interfacin'# in"tallation# co i""ionin'# "oftware &e,elop ent# a" well a" e&$cation an& trainin'# on an on'oin' ba"i"( CMCE" RG@ facilit% wa" "et $p in 7B>8 at H%&eraba&# to $n&erta*e co petenc% &e,elop ent in nic!e area" in t!e frontier" of tec!nolo'%( )n t$ne to reflect &i,er"ifie& b$"ine"" acti,itie"# CMC rena e& it"elf to ECMC 0i ite&E(Co p$ter Maintenance Corporation) in A$'$"t 7B>;( CMC 0i ite& !a" t!e cre&it of intro&$cin' co p$ter application" at a a"" "cale in t!e late >C" wit! it" &e"i'n an& &eplo% ent of )n&ian Railwa%" Re"er,ation S%"te )MPRESS ()nte'rate& M$ltiFtrain Pa""en'er Re"er,ation S%"te ) in New @el!i on October 7<t!# 7B><( )t went on to beco e !$'e "$cce""e" e,ent$all% &eplo%e& all o,er )n&ia "er,in' o,er !alf a illion tran"action" e,er% "in'le &a% an& c$ttin' wait ti e" for pa""en'er" &ra"ticall%( CMC al"o followe& it $p wit! t!e &e"i'n of ARTS (A&,ance& Railwa% Tic*etin' S%"te ) for $nre"er,e& tic*etin'( Aollowin' a "p$rt in t!e 'lobal &e an& for )T "er,ice" in t!e earl% 7BBC"# partic$larl% in t!e Unite& State"# CMC &eci&e& to e+pan& it" operation" an& ar*et it" pro&$ct an& "er,ice offerin'" in t!e"e ar*et"( Towar&" t!i" en&# in 7BB7# CMC ac?$ire& 9aton Ro$'e )nternational )nc# USA (it wa" "$b"e?$entl% rena e& CMC A erica"# )nc# in 8CC:)# one of t!e fir"t cro""F bor&er ac?$i"ition" b% an )n&ian )T fir ( )n 7BB8# t!e )n&ian 'o,ern ent &i,e"te& 72(2B per cent of CMCE" e?$it% to t!e General )n"$rance Corporation of )n&ia an& it" "$b"i&iarie" w!o# in t$rn# "ol& part of t!eir "ta*e to t!e p$blic in 7BB2( )n 7BB:# CMCE" "!are" were li"te& on t!e H%&eraba& Stoc* E+c!an'e an& t!e 9o ba% Stoc* E+c!an'e (9SE)( To "er,ice an& &e,elop it" clientele in t!e U- an& E$rope# CMC opene& a branc! office in 0on&on# in 8CCC( T!e ne+t %ear# t!e 'o,ern ent &i,e"te& <7 per cent of CMCE" e?$it% to Tata Son" 0t&# t!ro$'! a "trate'ic "ale# an& CMC beca e a part of t!e Tata 'ro$p( )n line wit! it" "trate'% of offerin' it" pro&$ct" an& "er,ice" 'loball%# in 8CC:# CMC opene& a branc! office in @$bai to tap t!e !it!erto $ne+plore& ar*et" of .e"t A"ia an& Africa( )n 8CC;# t!e 'o,ern ent &i,e"te& it" re ainin' 82(< per cent "ta*e in CMC to t!e p$blic(



CMC !a" 7> office"# 7<C "er,ice location"# <8C nonFre"i&ent location" an& o,er 7C#<<7 e plo%ee" worl&wi&e( CMC A erica"# a "$b"i&iar%# "er,ice" client" in t!e US# w!ile t!e branc! office" in t!e U- an& @$bai ar*et pro&$ct" an& "er,ice" in E$rope# Africa an& t!e Mi&&le Ea"t(


,+*$e +&d c'm0)e: 0*'5ect m+&+$eme&t c+0+bi)ities

Since it" incorporation in 7B=<# CMC !a" an en,iable recor& of "$cce""f$ll% b$il&in' )T "ol$tion" for a""i,e an& co ple+ infra"tr$ct$re an& ar*et project"( )t" co petiti,e e&'e co e" fro co binin' o$r tec!nolo'% co petencie" wit! it" $n&er"tan&in' of ,ertical"# "tra&&lin' a ran'e of "ector" fro ban*in' an& in"$rance# power# inin' an& &efen"e to e&$cation( T!e !i'! ?$alit%# !i'! ,al$e" )T "ol$tion" !a,e !elpe& re"!ape b$"ine""e" an& &eli,ere& ea"$rable re"$lt" to o$r c$"to er"(


Si3+b)e *es'u*ce 0'') (ith di=e*se s%i)) sets

T!e% ac!ie,e t!i" wit! t!e !elp of o$r re"o$rce pool of en'ineer" traine& in &i,er"e tec!nolo'ie"# wit! ,a"t &o ain *nowle&'e an& ,arie& "*ill "et"( Of o$r <#<<7 e plo%ee"# o,er 7; per cent !a,e ore t!an ten %ear" of wor* e+perience( .e !a,e an i peccable e&$cational profileH a" an% a" 82 per cent of o$r e plo%ee" are po"t'ra&$ate( T!e% al"o con&$ct "i'nificant re"earc! into e er'in' tec!nolo'ie" an& co petence area" at o$r "tateFofFt!eFart# )SO BCC7Fcertifie& RG@ centre in H%&eraba&# )n&ia( T!at i" w!at 'i,e" $" an e&'e in co ple+# !i'! tec!nolo'% project"( T!e S%"te " )nte'ration 9$"ine"" UnitE" all fo$r re'ion" are at 0e,el < (opti i/in' le,el) of t!e SE)E" Capabilit% Mat$rit% Mo&el ("oftware)(


St*'&$ cust'me* *e)+ti'&shi0s

CMCE" c$"to er orientation an& "er,ice c$lt$re lea& to en&$rin' bon&" wit! client"( T!eir &i"tinct ,al$e propo"ition an& "er,ice c$lt$re# co$ple& wit! o$r trac* recor& of "$cce""f$l "er,ice &eli,er%# are reflecte& in o$r lon'F"tan&in' c$"to er relation"!ip" wit! &o inant pla%er" in *e% infra"tr$ct$re# "er,ice" an& 'o,ern ent "ector"( T!eir c$"to er" incl$&e "o e of t!e bi''e"t or'ani/ation" in )n&iaI Re"er,e 9an* of )n&ia# )n&ian Railwa%"# )n&ian Oil Corporation 0i ite&# 9!arat Petrole$ Corporation 0i ite&# Oil an& Nat$ral Ga" Corporation 0i ite&# Unite& .e"tern 9an*# 9an* of )n&ia etc(


St*'&$ se*=ice de)i=e*y ch+i&

)n t!e &o e"tic ar*et# we !a,e e"tabli"!e& an e+ten"i,e "er,ice" networ* penetratin' t!e re ote"t 'eo'rap!ical location"( T!i" 'i,e" $" an $n atc!e& a&,anta'e in "er,icin' c$"to er" wit! an allF)n&ia pre"ence# "$c! a" t!e railwa%"# ban*"# 'o,ern ent entitie" an& ot!er or'ani/ation" wit! co$ntr%wi&e operation"(


G*'(th st*+te$ies

CMCE" 'rowt! "trate'% foc$"e" on capitali/in' on it" $ni?$e "*ill "et" an& le,era'in' t!e "%ner'ie" wit! TCS an& ot!er Tata 'ro$p co panie"# for 'rowt! in re,en$e an& profitabilit% of o$r operation"( ( . 9+5'* P*'5ects U&de*t+%e&

7( A pa""en'er tic*etin' an& re"er,ation" "%"te for )n&ian Railwa%"# w!ic! r$n" 2#CCC pa""en'er train" carr%in' o,er 7C illion pa""en'er" a &a%# on a BC#CCCF* railwa% networ* co,erin' aro$n& >#CCC railwa% "tation"( 8( Car'o !an&lin' "%"te i" a co pre!en"i,e online real ti e car'o !an&lin' "%"te inte'rate all co ple+ an& ,arie& acti,itie" of container ter inal"( T!i" "%"te !a" been i ple ente& for "e,eral )n&ian an& )nternational port"( :( to

An online tran"action proce""in' "%"te for t!e 9o ba% Stoc* E+c!an'e# w!ic! !an&le" illion" of "ec$ritie" tra&in' tran"action" e,er% &a%(

H'( C9C ,T7 ('*%s2

C$"to er Ser,ice" (CS) $nit &e"i'n" an& b$il&" t!e )T infra"tr$ct$re an& networ*( S%"te )nte'ration (S)) $nit &e,elop" application" an& inte'rate" t!e &i,er"e !ar&ware an& "oftware platfor "( )TFEnable& Ser,ice ()TES) $nit acti,itie"( acro"" acro""

ana'e" &e,elope& application" an& &i'iti/ation

E&$cation an& Trainin' $nit pro,i&e" )T e&$cation an& trainin' to $"er(

!. T*+i&i&$ P*'cedu*e

T!e trainin' wa" ai e& to !elp t!e "t$&ent" learn t!e application of t!e t!eoretical concept" alrea&% "t$&ie& wit! )n&$"trial per"pecti,e( !.1 The Pu*0'se '8 T*+i&i&$2 a( To i&entif% t!e trainin' nee&" an& en"$re t!at t!e trainee !a" nece""ar% *nowle&'e an& "*ill to carr% o$t !i"J!er acti,itie"( b( To enable t!e trainee to reac! !i"J!er f$ll potential( c( To i pro,e efficienc% an& effecti,ene"" of t!e trainee( anner(

&( To enable new tec!ni?$e" an& "*ill" to be intro&$ce& in a ti el% T*+i&i&$ P)+&

e( T!e "i+ wee*" trainin' con"tit$te& of practical lab wor* a" well a" t!eor% cla""e"( e( T!e concept of core an& a&,ance& ja,a were co,ere& t!oro$'!l%( e( T!e e,al$ation of t!e trainin' i parte& wa" &one b% t!e project '$i&e on a &ail% ba"i" &$rin' t!e lab !o$r"( e( Atten&ance recor&" were aintaine& to c!ec* t!e re'$larit% of t!e trainee(

e( Eac! trainee wa" 'i,en in&i,i&$al attention(

The P*'5ect
4.1 Abst*+ct
T!e ain ai of t!e project wa" to &e,elop a H$ an Re"o$rce Mo&$le for t!e A$to ation of HR Software in w!ic! all t!e infor ation re'ar&in' t!e e plo%ee" in t!e co pan% will be pre"ent( T!i" !a" to be &e,elope& wit! 'oo& )nteractionJ co $nication facilitie" between t!e e plo%ee" an& HR A& ini"trator in "$c! a anner t!at a le,el of !ierarc!% wa" aintaine& between t!e ,ario$" e plo%ee"( T!e web pa'e" abo$t an e plo%ee are create& &%na icall% ba"e& on t!e $"er i& an& pa""wor& an& lin*" are pro,i&e& to web pa'e" containin' infor ation abo$t E plo%ee General Profile# Salar% @etail"# Pa%roll an& ot!er "tatic lin*" to ,ario$" ot!er pa'e"( An )nfor ation Hierarc!% i" aintaine& i(e( t!e infor ation re'ar&in' a partic$lar e plo%ee i" acce""e& b% t!e "a e or an%

per"on abo,e !i &etail"(

in t!e infor ation !ierarc!%( T!ere wa" al"o a pro,i"ion for $p&atin' t!e

Eac! e plo%ee !a" t!e facilit% of Up&atin' !i" General @etail"# Contact @etail"# E&$cation @etail"# Certification @etail"# S*ill @etail" an& Project @etail"( U"er Control" are pro,i&e& for Na,i'atin' t!ro$'! t!e web Pa'e"( HR A& in pa'e i" create& wit! HR A& in Ta"*"( HR A& ini"trator i" pro,i&e& wit! facilit% of A&&in' E plo%ee in to t!e co pan%( He a&&" t!e new e plo%ee1" General &etail" an& can al"o enter !i" Contact# S*ill# E&$cation# Certification# an& Project @etail"( He al"o !a" t!e facilit% of Kiewin' J Up&atin' all E plo%ee" General# Contact# E&$cational an& ot!er &etail". T!e w!ole project i" web ba"e& an& &e"i'ne& $"in' .AMP "er,er# a win&ow ba"e& platfor PHP web application &e,elop ent( for

4.! I&t*'ducti'&
PR-P-SE7 S>STE9 @eci"ion in a""i'nin' proper "*illf$l !an&" for t!e project i" an i portant i""$e in HR Mo&$le( T!e HR A& ini"trator "!o$l& report wit! t!e per"onal !ol&in' t!e nece""ar% "*ill" re?$ire& for t!e project a""i'n ent( T!e &eci"ion in a*in' anal%"i" abo$t t!e e plo%ee1" "*ill" i" a pri e i portant before bootin' in( T!e propo"e& "%"te of HR Mana'e ent i" t!e ri'!t "oftware to be incorporate& into t!e A$to ation of HR Software for !elpin' t!e or'ani/ation nee&" wit! re"pect to "*illf$l H$ an Re"o$rce( T!e Propo"e& "%"te pro,i&e" &etail 'eneral infor ation abo$t t!e e plo%ee alon' wit! E&$cational# "*ill an& ot!er &etail"( )t en!ance" t!e HR Mana'e ent in a&&in'# ,iewin' an& $p&atin' e plo%ee1" &etail" an& 'enerate" ,ario$" report"(

SC-PE T!e project i" confine& to be r$n on an% web "er,er eit!er on internet or intranet( T!e application a*e" "$re t!at t!e proper $"er interface i" pro,i&e& to t!e co $nicatin' partie" to wor* ea"il% on t!e application(


T!e project !a" been &e,elope& *eepin' in t!e ,iew t!e c$rrent re?$ire ent of H$ an Re"o$rce Mana'e ent at an% or'ani/ation *eepin' in ,iew t!e"e objecti,e"I

To &e,elop an application t!at &eal" wit! t!e &a% to &a% re?$ire ent of an% or'ani/ation( To enable t!e en&F$"er" a" well a" t!e or'ani/ation co e o$t wit! an e"a% to !an&le application of t!e H$ an Re"o$rce Mana'e ent(

P*'5ect -=e*=ie( T!e Project H$ an Re"o$rce Mana'e ent S%"te i" a co plete web application &e"i'ne& on PHP tec!nolo'%( T!e $"er interface i" &e"i'ne& $"in' HTM0# CSS# PHP w!ile t!e "er,er "i&e pro'ra in' i" &one co pletel% $"in' PHP an& M% S60 i" $"e& a" &ataba"e(

Eac! e plo%ee !a& an E plo%ee )@ an& pa""wor& t!ro$'! w!ic! !e can lo' in( @epen&in' on t!e t%pe of e plo%ee# eit!er a" $"er or a& in# t!e e plo%ee i" lo''e& in or accor&in'l% ,ario$" pri,ile'e" are 'rante& to !i to carr% o$t ,ario$" ta"* t!ro$'! t!e application( T!e application a*e" "$re of t!e "ec$rit% "er,ice" an& ot!er pri,ac% policie"( )t" 'rant" pri,ile'e to ,ario$" e plo%ee" to perfor t!eir wor* a" per !ierarc!% in t!e or'ani/ation(

4.4 Re@ui*eme&ts
Software Re?$ire ent"I

T!e &e"i'nin' of t!e project re?$ire" an HTM0 e&itor (Macro e&ia @rea wea,er)( A web "er,er to !o"t t!e application( .AMP wa" $"e& w!ic! !a" a co plete pac*a'e incl$&in' PHP "criptin'# Apac!e "er,er an& M% S60 for &ataba"e( T!e client ac!ine $"in' t!e application re?$ire" a web brow"er to acce"" an& r$n t!e application(

Har&ware Re?$ire entI

A "er,er

ac!ine to !o"t t!e .eb Application(

6. 7esc*i0ti'& 9+&+$eme&t
;(7 PHP







PHP i" a 'eneralFp$rpo"e "criptin' lan'$a'e ori'inall% &e"i'ne& for web &e,elop ent to pro&$ce &%na ic web pa'e"( Aor t!i" p$rpo"e# PHP co&e i" e be&&e& into t!e HTM0 "o$rce &oc$ ent an& interprete& b% a web "er,er wit! a PHP proce""or o&$le# w!ic! 'enerate" t!e web pa'e &oc$ ent( )t al"o !a" e,ol,e& to incl$&e a co an&Fline interface capabilit% an& can be $"e& in "tan&alone 'rap!ical application"(PHP can be &eplo%e& on o"t web "er,er" an& a" a "tan&alone interpreter# on al o"t e,er% operatin' "%"te an& platfor free of c!ar'e(A co petitor to Micro"oftE" Acti,e Ser,er Pa'e" (ASP) "er,erF"i&e "cript en'ine an& "i ilar lan'$a'e"# PHP i" in"talle& on ore t!an 8C illion web"ite" an& 7 illion web "er,er"(

PHP wa" ori'inall% create& b% Ra" $" 0er&orf in 7BB<( T!e ain i ple entation of PHP i" now pro&$ce& b% T!e PHP Gro$p an& "er,e" a" t!e de facto "tan&ar& for PHP a" t!ere i" no for al "pecification(PHP i" free "oftware relea"e& $n&er t!e PHP 0icen"e w!ic! i"

inco patible wit! t!e GNU General P$blic 0icen"e (GP0) &$e to re"triction" on t!e $"a'e of t!e ter PHP( .!ile PHP ori'inall% "too& for MPer"onal Ho e Pa'eM# it i" now "ai& to "tan& for MPHPI H%perte+t Preproce""orM# a rec$r"i,e acron% (

;(8 M% S60
9y SA, i" a relational &ataba"e ana'e ent "%"te (R@9MS) t!at r$n" a" a "er,er pro,i&in' $ltiF$"er acce"" to a n$ ber of &ataba"e"( )t i" na e& after &e,eloper Mic!ael .i&eni$"E &a$'!ter# M%( T!e S60 p!ra"e "tan&" for Str$ct$re& 6$er% 0an'$a'e( T!e M% S60 &e,elop ent project !a" a&e it" "o$rce co&e a,ailable $n&er t!e ter " of t!e GNU General P$blic 0icen"e# a" well a" $n&er a ,ariet% of proprietar% a'ree ent"( M% S60 wa" owne& an& "pon"ore& b% a "in'le forFprofit fir # t!e Swe&i"! co pan% M% S60 A9# now owne& b% Oracle Corporation( AreeF"oftwareFopen "o$rce project" t!at re?$ire a f$llFfeat$re& &ataba"e ana'e ent "%"te often $"e M% S60( Aor co ercial $"e# "e,eral pai& e&ition" are a,ailable# an& offer a&&itional f$nctionalit%( Application" w!ic! $"e M% S60 &ataba"e" incl$&eI 5oo la# .or&Pre""# @r$pal an& ot!er "oftware b$ilt on t!e 0AMP "oftware "tac*( M% S60 i" al"o $"e& in an% !i'!Fprofile# lar'eF"cale .orl& .i&e .eb pro&$ct"# incl$&in' .i*ipe&ia# Goo'le (t!o$'! not for "earc!e") an& Aaceboo*(

;(: A Hum+& Res'u*ce 9+&+$eme&t System (HR9S) refer" to t!e "%"te " an& proce""e" at t!e inter"ection between !$ an re"o$rce ana'e ent (HRM) an& infor ation tec!nolo'%( )t er'e" HRM a" a &i"cipline an& in partic$lar it" ba"ic HR acti,itie" an& proce""e" wit! t!e infor ation tec!nolo'% fiel&# w!erea" t!e pro'ra in' of &ata proce""in' "%"te " e,ol,e& into "tan&ar&i/e& ro$tine" an& pac*a'e" of enterpri"e re"o$rce plannin' (ERP) "oftware( On t!e w!ole# t!e"e ERP "%"te " !a,e t!eir ori'in on "oftware t!at inte'rate" infor ation fro &ifferent application" into one $ni,er"al &ataba"e( T!e lin*a'e of it" financial an& !$ an re"o$rce o&$le" t!ro$'! one &ataba"e i" t!e o"t i portant &i"tinction to t!e in&i,i&$all% an& proprietar% &e,elope& pre&ece""or"# w!ic! a*e" t!i" "oftware application bot! ri'i& an& fle+ible(

Pu*0'se2 T!e f$nction of H$ an Re"o$rce" &epart ent" i" 'enerall% a& ini"trati,e an& co on to all or'ani/ation"( Or'ani/ation" a% !a,e for ali/e& "election# e,al$ation# an& pa%roll proce""e"( Efficient an& effecti,e ana'e ent of MH$ an CapitalM pro're""e& to an increa"in'l% i perati,e an& co ple+ proce""( T!e HR f$nction con"i"t" of trac*in' e+i"tin' e plo%ee &ata w!ic! tra&itionall% incl$&e" per"onal !i"torie"# "*ill"# capabilitie"# acco pli"! ent" an& "alar%( To re&$ce t!e an$al wor*loa& of t!e"e a& ini"trati,e acti,itie"# or'ani/ation" be'an to electronicall% a$to ate an% of t!e"e proce""e" b% intro&$cin' "peciali/e& H$ an Re"o$rce Mana'e ent S%"te "( HR e+ec$ti,e" rel% on internal or e+ternal )T profe""ional" to &e,elop an& aintain an inte'rate& HRMS( 9efore t!e clientserver arc!itect$re e,ol,e& in t!e late

7B>C"# an% HR a$to ation proce""e" were rele'ate& to ainfra e co p$ter" t!at co$l& !an&le lar'e a o$nt" of &ata tran"action"( )n con"e?$ence of t!e !i'! capital in,e"t ent nece""ar% to b$% or pro'ra proprietar% "oftware# t!e"e internall%F&e,elope& HRMS were li ite& to or'ani/ation" t!at po""e""e& a lar'e a o$nt of capital( T!e a&,ent of clientN "er,er# Application Ser,ice Pro,i&er# an& Software a" a Ser,ice SaaS or H$ an Re"o$rce Mana'e ent S%"te " enable& increa"in'l% !i'!er a& ini"trati,e control of "$c! "%"te "( C$rrentl% H$ an Re"o$rce Mana'e ent S%"te " enco pa""I 7( 8( :( ;( <( 2( =( >( B( Pa%roll .or* Ti e Apprai"al perfor ance 9enefit" A& ini"tration HR ana'e ent )nfor ation "%"te Recr$itin' Trainin'J0earnin' Mana'e ent S%"te Perfor ance Recor& E plo%ee SelfFSer,ice

T!e 0+y*')) m'du)e a$to ate" t!e pa% proce"" b% 'at!erin' &ata on e plo%ee ti e an& atten&ance# calc$latin' ,ario$" &e&$ction" an& ta+e"# an& 'eneratin' perio&ic pa% c!e?$e" an& e plo%ee ta+ report"( @ata i" 'enerall% fe& fro t!e !$ an re"o$rce" an& ti e *eepin' o&$le" to calc$late a$to atic &epo"it an& an$al c!e?$e writin' capabilitie"( T!i" o&$le can enco pa"" all e plo%eeFrelate& tran"action" a" well a" inte'rate wit! e+i"tin' financial ana'e ent "%"te "( T!e ('*% time m'du)e 'at!er" "tan&ar&i/e& ti e an& wor* relate& effort"( T!e o"t a&,ance& o&$le" pro,i&e broa& fle+ibilit% in &ata collection et!o&"# labor &i"trib$tion capabilitie" an& &ata anal%"i" feat$re"( Co"t anal%"i" an& efficienc% etric" are t!e pri ar% f$nction"( T!e be&e8its +dmi&ist*+ti'& m'du)e pro,i&e" a "%"te for or'ani/ation" to a& ini"ter an& trac* e plo%ee participation in benefit" pro'ra "( T!e"e t%picall% enco pa"" in"$rance# co pen"ation# profit "!arin' an& retire ent( T!e HR m+&+$eme&t m'du)e i" a co ponent co,erin' an% ot!er HR a"pect" fro application to retire ent( T!e "%"te recor&" ba"ic &e o'rap!ic an& a&&re"" &ata# "election# trainin' an& &e,elop ent# capabilitie" an& "*ill" ana'e ent# co pen"ation plannin' recor&" an& ot!er relate& acti,itie"( 0ea&in' e&'e "%"te " pro,i&e t!e abilit% to Mrea&M application" an& enter rele,ant &ata to applicable &ataba"e fiel&"# notif% e plo%er" an& pro,i&e po"ition ana'e ent an& po"ition control( H$ an re"o$rce ana'e ent f$nction in,ol,e" t!e recr$it ent# place ent# e,al$ation# co pen"ation an& &e,elop ent of t!e e plo%ee" of an or'ani/ation( )nitiall%# b$"ine""e" $"e& co p$ter ba"e& infor ation "%"te " toI

pro&$ce pa% c!ec*" an& pa%roll report"H aintain per"onnel recor&"H p$r"$e Talent Mana'e ent( Online *ec*uiti&$ !a" beco e one of t!e pri ar% et!o&" e plo%e& b% HR &epart ent" to 'arner potential can&i&ate" for a,ailable po"ition" wit!in an or'ani/ation( Talent Mana'e ent"%"te " t%picall% enco pa""I

anal%/in' per"onnel $"a'e wit!in an or'ani/ationH

i&entif%in' potential applicant"H recr$itin' t!ro$'! co pan%Ffacin' li"tin'"H recr$itin' t!ro$'! online recr$itin' "ite" or p$blication" t!at applicant"( ar*et to bot! recr$iter" an&

T!e "i'nificant co"t inc$rre& in aintainin' an or'ani/e& recr$it ent effort# cro""Fpo"tin' wit!in an& acro"" 'eneral or in&$"tr%F"pecific job boar&" an& aintainin' a co petiti,e e+po"$re of a,ailabilitie" !a" 'i,en ri"e to t!e &e,elop ent of a &e&icate& Applicant Trac*in' S%"te # or EATSE# o&$le( T!e t*+i&i&$ m'du)e pro,i&e" a "%"te for or'ani/ation" to a& ini"ter an& trac* e plo%ee trainin' an& &e,elop ent effort"( T!e "%"te # nor all% calle& a 0earnin' Mana'e ent S%"te if a "tan&alone pro&$ct# allow" HR to trac* e&$cation# ?$alification" an& "*ill" of t!e e plo%ee"# a" well a" o$tlinin' w!at trainin' co$r"e"# boo*"# C@"# web ba"e& learnin' or aterial" are a,ailable to &e,elop w!ic! "*ill"( Co$r"e" can t!en be offere& in &ate "pecific "e""ion"# wit! &ele'ate" an& trainin' re"o$rce" bein' appe& an& ana'e& wit!in t!e "a e "%"te ( Sop!i"ticate& 0MS allow ana'er" to appro,e trainin'# b$&'et" an& calen&ar" alon'"i&e perfor ance ana'e ent an& apprai"al etric"( T!e Em0)'yee Se)8BSe*=ice m'du)e allow" e plo%ee" to ?$er% HR relate& &ata an& perfor "o e HR tran"action" o,er t!e "%"te ( E plo%ee" a% ?$er% t!eir atten&ance recor& fro t!e "%"te wit!o$t a"*in' t!e infor ation fro HR per"onnel( T!e o&$le al"o let" "$per,i"or" appro,e O(T( re?$e"t" fro t!eir "$bor&inate" t!ro$'! t!e "%"te wit!o$t o,erloa&in' t!e ta"* on HR &epart ent( Man% or'ani/ation" !a,e 'one be%on& t!e tra&itional f$nction" an& &e,elope& !$ an re"o$rce ana'e ent infor ation "%"te "# w!ic! "$pport recr$it ent# "election# !irin'# job place ent# perfor ance apprai"al"# e plo%ee benefit anal%"i"# !ealt!# "afet% an& "ec$rit%# w!ile ot!er" inte'rate an o$t"o$rce& Applicant Trac*in' S%"te t!at enco pa""e" a "$b"et of t!e abo,e(


".1 9-7U,ES T!e li"t of o&$le" incorporate& wit! H$ an Re"o$rce Mana'e ent S%"te application i"I

,'$i& +&d Re$ist*+ti'& 9'du)e 7e)ete, Vie( +&d U0d+te Em0)'yee I&8'*m+ti'& 9'du)e

Em0)'yee S+)+*y +&d P+y*')) 9'du)e

".!. 9-7U,E 7ESCRIPTI-I/ ,'$i& +&d Re$ist*+ti'& 9'du)e T!i" o&$le enable" e plo%ee to lo' in an& acce"" t!e &etail"( )t al"o enable" a& in to re'i"ter an% e plo%ee an& $p&ate e plo%ee1" 'eneral infor ation alon' wit! contact# ?$alification an& ot!er &etail"( T!e e plo%ee re'i"tration can be &one onl% b$% t!e a& in t%pe of $"er !a,in' t!i" pri,ile'e( 7e)ete Vie( +&d U0d+te Em0)'yee I&8'*m+ti'& 9'du)e2 T!i" o&$le !a" control o,er t!e "%"te an& able to ana'e t!e !$ an re"o$rce b% a&&in'# ,iewin' an& $p&atin' e plo%ee infor ation( T!i" o&$le i" ba"e& on !ierarc!% an& e plo%ee" can "ee t!eir profile an& profile" of ot!er e plo%ee w!o are in lower !ierarc!%( Em0)'yee S+)+*y +&d P+y*')) 9'du)e2 T!i" o&$le &eal" wit! e plo%ee "alar%( An% e plo%ee can "ee !i" "alar% &etail"( T!e e plo%ee !a,in' a& in t%pe of pri,ile'e can "ee !i" own "alar% a" well a" t!e pa%roll of t!e ot!er e plo%ee"(

".4 7ATA.,-E 7IAGRA9S

@ata flow &ia'ra i" a pictorial repre"entation of t!e "%"te in w!ic! flow of &ata fro proce"" to anot!er proce"" i" &e"cribe&( A @ata Alow i" co po"e& ofI 7( 8( :( ;( @ata o,e ent "!own b% arrow"( Tran"for ation or proce"" of &ata "!own b% na e& circle or ro$n&e& rectan'le( So$rce" an& &e"tination of &ata repre"ente& b% na e& rectan'le( Static "tora'e or &ata at re"t &enote& b% an open rectan'le t!at i" na e&( one

Level-0 DIAGRAM Its a diagram, which shows whole system at once. The sources in level-0 diagram for this system are admin and user who are linked to the Project Module. The level-0 iagram is shown in !ig "0#$


LEVEL-1 DIAGRAM: %ser login &rocess is the 'evel-( ! shown in !ig "(#. In this level, administrator or the user has to give out the login details i.e. )m&loyee id and &assword and then only he can *e logged on. The id and &assword given are checked from the data stored in the data*ase. The ta*le that contains the login data is referred for checking the details if the admin id and &assword given are correct then he can *e logged on to the site. e&ending on the ty&e of user i.e. either admin or a normal user, he is &rovided with various &rivilege to work on the +,M- a&&lication.

Ai' (7)

LEVEL -2 DIAGRAMS: The different &rocesses done *y user is shown in 'evel-. ! as shown in !ig".#.

Fig (2)

".6. 7ATA 7ICTI-/AR>

T!e o"t i portant a"pect of t!e "%"te i" &ata &e"i'n( T!e &ata $"t be or'ani/e& accor&in' to t!e "%"te re?$ire ent"( T!e &ataba"e approac! i" $"e& to "tore an& or'ani/e t!e &ata in &e,elopin' t!e "%"te ( T!e &ataba"e i" an inte'rate& collection of &ata "tore& in &ifferent t%pe" of table"( M% S60 wa" $"e& a" &ataba"e in t!i" project( So e 'eneral objecti,e" in e"tabli"!in' a &ataba"e are a" follow"I

)nte'ratin' all &ata

)ncorporate $p&ation" ea"il% Pro,i&e &ata "ec$rit% fro $na$t!ori/e& $"er"

TA LE!AME: em&/details S!" #"L$M! 1 2 ' ( ) * + , 10 11 12 1' 1( 1) 1* 1+ em&id fname lname address dr&dd dr&mm dr&yyyy email &hone 4uali desig de&tno t6tw&assword gender mstatus sal uty&e !AME DATA T%&E DES#RI&TI"! varchar varchar varchar varchar varchar varchar varchar varchar varchar varchar varchar varchar varchar varchar varchar num*er varchar )m&loyee Identification )m&loyee !irst 0ame )m&loyee 'ast 0ame 1ddress 2f The )m&loyee ate of *irth Month of *irth 3ear of *irth )mail Phone 0o 5ualification esignation e&artment no Password 7ender -tatus -alary 1dmin8user

A =ie( '8 the E:0'*ted 7+t+b+se

;. IF- SA9P,ES

This sc*ee& is the h'me 0+$e. Use* +*e *e@ui*ed t' e&te* thei* Em0)'yee I7 +&d


SCREE/ ! This sc*ee& +00e+*s i8 the use* e&te*s (*'&$ 0+ss('*d.

SCREE/ 4 This sc*ee& +00e+*s i8 the use* is )'$$ed i& success8u))y +s use*F+dmi&.

#. .utu*e Sc'0e
=(7 A$t$re "cope of t!e Application T!e H$ an Re"o$rce Mana'e ent S%"te i" an a bitio$" project( )t can be ,ario$" ot!er a"pect" of H$ an Re"o$rce S%"te li*e trainin'# recr$it ent etc( ) a ,er% t!an*f$l for bein' pro,i&e& t!i" 'reat opport$nit% to wor* on it( T!i" project !a& 'one t!ro$'! ,ario$" re"earc! wor*"( On t!e ba"i" of t!e re"earc! wor*# ) !a,e "$cce""f$ll% &e"i'ne& an& i ple ente& t!i" HRMS project(

=(8 Software "cope

E+ten"ibilit% Re$"abilit% Un&er"tan&abilit% Co"tFeffecti,ene""

. C'&c)usi'&
T!e )n&$"trial trainin' at CMC 0t&# Noi&a 'a,e e an opport$nit% to !a,e t!e e+perience of !ow t!in'" are &one in t!e in&$"tr%(

T!e project of H$ an Re"o$rce Mana'e ent S%"te i" t!e re?$ire ent of al o"t all or'ani/ation to ana'e t!e en power in proper an& efficient anner( T!ro$'!o$t t!e trainin'# we were able to p$t in o$r effort" to a*e t!e project a "$cce""( T!e en,iron ent pro,i&e& b% t!e co pan% enable& $" to wor* in a po"iti,e anner(

7( PHP +&d 9ySA, Eeb 7e=e)'0me&t b% 0$*e .ellin' 8( .eb"ite I !ttpIJJwww(p!p(net an& !ttpIJJwww(p!pfreeco&e(co J

:( Software En'ineerin' b% Ro'er Pre"" an ;( HTM0 # CSS an& 5S fro !ttpIJJwww(w:"c!ool"(co J