CANDIDATE NAME- Shannon Kelly CENTRE: 33435 Aquinas College

AS Media Studies OCR G321: Foundation Portfolio


FOR THE EXAMINEROn this blog you will find all my work for the foundation portfolio in media studies. Below this is a basic contents list to help you navigate: ALL MY PRODUCTS EVALUATION DEVELOPMENTS OF PRODUCT RESEARCH AND PLANNING FOR MUSIC MAGAZINE PRELIMARY TASK




Summer project

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Front Cover.
Little images of stars to connote youth and fun. Using a short, snappy masthead meant that my audience would be instantly attracted by the simplicity of it. However at the same time, audience will be interested to it as a lot of teenage girls are ‘Fangirls’ of their specific idol. This shows that the magazine is full of gossip and secrets as that it was fan girls want to know. Using images from concerts and festivals ensures that my music magazine appeals to all my audience members. My main image was an important factor in attracting audience. I used a variety of techniques in my photograph. I ensured I used bright colours to attract audiences visually. I used direct mode of address to allow my audiences to feel connected to my media product.

I used certain language choices when choosing my main feature title. I decided to use alliteration, ‘POP PRINCESS’, as it attracts and stands out to my audience. Also the use of the word ‘Princess’ appeals to my target audience of females.

Barcode/price/issue dateInforms the reader about the costing and information of the magazine. The price is .. which is quite expensive/average priced this suggests that it is aimed at teenagers who still get their working parents to buy them the magazine.

I continued the use of alliteration through to my subheading. I did this as I knew it would further the interest that the initial alliteration had generated in my audience.

Front Cover.

These are the four front cover pages, I had to choose which one I thought was most appealing my target audience.
In the first magazine draft, I had different varieties to concerts and festival photos . As I thought that the original photo of Pop Icon ‘Rihanna’ was too harsh on the front cover, I re-coloured it. However, from experimenting with the re-colouring I didn’t think it looked that good. I also got rid of the love hearts next to ‘Chloe Porter’ as I thought they weren’t the right ones to choose, as they were too thin and boring. Therefore, I then got rid of the photo and changed the style of my writing and the shapes behind it. I did this because I then thought it looked too plain and not like a fun pop magazine. I researched on Google images for the magazine ‘Top of the Pops’ and looked at the way their magazine front covers were set out. Then I found different love hearts on Google and began to scatter them around my pop magazine, I did this as I thought it would make it look attractive to females.

I then changed various fonts, shapes of photos and feature. This was because my in my feature I included pictures of clothes on the internet and this wasn’t allowed due to not being my own photography.

HOUSE STYLE- Bright colours/different shades of pink that are used through-out the page. Yellow highlighted words to connote happiness as they maybe the stories that their most interested in. This creates a positive atmosphere for the readers. I have used the colour pink mainly as it is aimed at teenagers and looks extremely feminine. SUB-HEADINGS- The subheading on the contents page are in bold, to draw the readers eyes to the most important sections of the page.

RULE OF THIRDS- the contents page is split up into different columns and sections therefore making it look more professional and organised. This follows the conventions of a contents page.
IMAGES- I have used a variety of images, some focusing on the fashionable clothes that idols are wearing/suggest to wear. Also, shows what some of the magazine consists of - interview with Chloe Porter involves the readergaze. PAGE NUMBERS- The page numbers are really big compared to the size of the text next to it. This is to ensure that the readers can see it clearly and are able to locate the pages correctly, It is also in pink. The main stories are highlighted i yellow, this is a bold and bright colour that connotes fun which stands out on the background ensuring that it will catch readers eyes.

MODE OF ADRESS- Language is quite young and simple/basic so that they can understand/relate to it.

Double Page Spread.
MAST HEAD- The masthead says 'I've cried more than i can cry' i have used alliteration to emphasise the negativity of the interview. MAIN IMAGE- The main image is a 'pop idol' this automatically suggests that it is aimed at young girls that are interested in pop music. The image takes over half of the DPS. This follows the conventions of a DPS. The image of the 'pop princess' is very friendly as the half smile shows, however it also shows her secretive side which connects with her gaze as she is looking down. It connects with the interview which has positive and negative answers.

STAND FIRST- Short summary of the interview written to attract and entertain the audience.
DROPPED CAPThis is when a letter at the start of a sentences is bigger and bolder. This shows the audience where the article starts. I chose pink as it goes with my colour scheme, and black to show when my POP idol answers questions. TURN OVERIndicating there's more gossip which intrigues the audience.

MODE OF ADDRESSYoung girls as they talk about relationshipsstereotypically associated with girls. 'fangirl' name of the magazine at the bottom of the page informing readers about the name of the magazine.

GREY BOX- I included a grey box to show extra information on my pop icon. This gives the readers extra information about the star they are reading about, by telling the audience that her performances are on the BBC Live Lounge giving the BBC more viewers to.

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

What does it mean to represent?
The description or portrayal of someone or something in a particular way or as being of a certain nature.

What does it mean by social groups?
People sharing some social relation.

My magazine is mostly aimed at young girls/teenagers between the ages of 10-16. The magazine includes different sections that will appeal to the different ages, such as-

Fashion make-up quizzes interviews
that include their favourite icons. My magazine targets young girls that love to know all the gossip about their favourite celebrities, girls that are wanting to enter the POP music industry or just enjoy that genre of music. In order to bring my POP magazine to look like a real magazine i had to think about the colour scheme, layout and model very carefully. I needed someone that looked fresh, young and fun as that is who the type of girls that buy the magazine.

My magazine was aimed at females although the music magazine could include both genders as females would be interested in both. However, i used a female as my main images as i wanted the readers to aspire to be them, therefore making my model look natural. I did a lot of research and even created my own survey which showed what females look for in a magazine, what they enjoy to read, what colours schemes best fitted. As typical teenagers seem to enjoy reading about gossip, as for girls their general life is related to gossip, i wanted them to relate to it though music. From my DPS i created an interview of my model talking her previous relationships and what her future plans were and what she has been successful at. This makes my target audience even better as this would relate to older people such as 16-18 who are just starting out in relationships/just came out of one.

My article mainly focuses on helping girls to put their career first and help them achieve their goals and not let anything drag them down, as for a teenage girl 10-18 is the most stressful due to peer pressure and look here for advice. As i am in this age range myself i know that i would be interested in the kind of things i have included in my POP magazine.





Due to having many of the audience being in different social classes, i ranged my price reasonable and priced it at £2.50 this was so that everyone could get the chance to be involved and get introduced to a magazine that would provide them with new music, gossip, fashion and fun! Not only did i include giveaways such as "WIN" music events that my audience would particularly enjoy to get involved with and also relate to what they like to do in their spare time.

However, I think that by using specific photos of your cover star

changes the whole image of your magazine. Different images of my model may connote different things from the slight changes in a photo. For example:
Cover Photo connotes happiness from the bright backgrounds. Slight smile shows that she is secretive, use of hands may show that she is hiding way from something. Her gaze is engaging the audience and creates a positive effect

Other images may show/represent my cover star in a different perspective as she is looking down, showing a negative expression, this may connote that she is upset. The use of the dark brightness connote that she could be mysterious. Also the as my cover star is leaning on a white background on one photo could connote purity and youth.

Therefore showing that the use of different costumes, lighting brightness and direct eye contact with the audience could change attract different social groups.

i think i have been able to represent my target audience well because throughout the magazine i have shown a fun side of how women are seen, how the article relates the audience to help achieve their goals and also by using the same age and gender to my ideal readers will attract my audience.

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
What is an institution?
An institution is a company that disperses a media product for audience consumption.

From my research I found that ‘Top of the Pops’ magazines publishing house is Immediate Media Company Limited.
Immediate Media company currently publish and distribute a lot of magazines, however there are some specific magazines that I researched and produced my magazine around, these were:




I researched the music magazines: Girl talk, Blonde hair and Top of the Pops on order to get different ideas but of the same group of people that these magazines were aimed at. Some of the magazines are the same but some are different genres, using this it helped me show how to distribute my magazine as m genre is POP.

The brand statement for Top of the Pops is – “More gossip! More style! More you!” This helps the brand sell as it uses alliteration and is very punchy/catchy to remember. Girl Talk statement for their magazine is “… it's a girl thing!” This relates with the magazine as it about what girls are interested in, this persuaded me to just base my primary audience on audience on females.

Top of the Pops website
Who the magazine will be aimed at, this section gives you a little taster of what the magazine consists of.

This is an image of the magazine issue that is on sale at the moment. This section of writing is describing what features consist in the magazine.

Has links to click on to see what exclusive videos/wins that are on offer at TOTPs. This will attract the audience to buy their magazine they know what things are on offer for them to win and get involved with.

This section is about the latest fashion trends and how to join them/where to ‘get the look’ from.

Where would I find my product being distributed?
As my product has an audience of 11-16 my product would be shown on television, at around 3pm-7pm. They would show my product at this time as the arrive home from school and watch kids programmes during this time. Channels such as:

Nickelodeon and Disney Channel will advertise my
product at this time of the day as TV programmes such as iCarly, Victorious , Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place are aired from times were children/teenagers are at home.

As you can see these are all programmes that mostly girls would like to watch, this would promote my product as my magazine is mostly aimed at young girls/ teenagers.

Other ways to distribute my magazine would be:

Gigs, tours and festivals


Apps Social networks
Online radio

Music channels on TV Subscriptions

Follow us on twitter @Fangirlmag

check out our website

One of the inspirations I got from creating my music magazine was from Top of the Pops. The BBC distribute this magazine, therefore I think they would be interested in distributing my magazine as it has a very similar target audience, therefore it could be just as successful as Top of the Pop.

However, as the BBC also publish magazines such as:

This shows that the BBC has young target audiences.

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Magic Wand I used a camera to take various photos which would be includes in my music POP magazine. I did various different types of shots and angles that had different focuses and frames. After i had taken loads of photos i used Adobe Photoshop as it allowed me to change lighting/brightness, crop. I used the magic wand tool to erase the background some photos. Smudge and Blur tool to smudge and smooth the edges around.

Take the photo with the changed brightness, then put the removed background photo of you chosen model over and adjust the size. Here is my finishing photo.
Allows to remove background from pictures and change the brightness of photos

Original Photo

After removing background

Change brightness of the photo

I wanted to remove background and add a colour into the negative space.

Using adobe Photoshop highlight the original photo using the magic wand tool, right click and click ‘layer via copy’. Then go to the copied layer on the right hand side and right click to ‘Blending options’. When this table comes up go down to ‘colour overlay’ and decide what colour you want. I chose pink to fit with my colour scheme however, I didn’t like the finishing product.

Finishing product

Who would be the audience for your media product?

Who like to shop

People who listen to pop music

Who spend money on

I aimed my magazine at..

Who go to gigs/concerts



Primary Audience
The primary audience for my product would be mostly females – young teenagers. My magazine is of a hybrid genre which includes fashion as well as being combined with pop music. The age range for my product is 11-16 which Is quite young as I think that this age group make up the large percentage of people that listen to POP music.

Secondary Audience
Although my magazine is aimed at females, I think some males may be attracted to my magazines as it has some features that may attract them. Such as: tickets for gigs, specific stories that are included in my magazine. Also, older women who are like specific celebrities that are included in the magazine as they like to know the gossip! Another specific group of people that not necessarily want buy my magazine but may purchase it for family, partners or friends as some of my magazine is about promoting what fashion celebrities are wearing and how readers aspire to be like them.

The demographic profile of my magazine readers are female that attend school , who aspire to be like A-list celebrities and the mainstream people who are interested in fashion- Topshop and Office.

How did you attract/address your audience?

Before creating any ideas for my magazine I did a questionnaire on survey monkey to fine out what my audience wanted from my magazine. Therefore from knowing what they wanted to have included in my magazine made it easier for me to know what kind of things I needed to be researching on. I also created a mood board to see what types of things that I could include on my magazine.

To attract my audience I did research on what type of celebrities, feature and quizzes would be included in POP magazines. Celebrities such as;

From my survey monkey it shown me that most people would want to see Justin Bieber be involved in my POP magazine as that is their favourite artist. Therefore I involved a different male artist – JLS to intrigue the audience to buy my magazine.

On my survey I also asked what features that they would like to see, this helped me as I then knew what the audience wanted from my POP magazine. I included an interview from my main model and also promotions to WIN tickets to concerts and gigs.

The word ‘EXCLUSIVE’ intrigues the audience as it puts across to the audience that they heard this interview here first.

Another question was the colour scheme, I gave a variety of different colours for the audience to choose from which are:



This helped me as it gave me directly what they wanted. In my contents and DPS I used a lot of different shades of pick to fit with my genre of music, I wanted to make it look very girly and feminine.


From being a similar age to what my target audience is I knew what things would be expected to put on, for instance, fashion and make-up. Most girls like to know what the ‘in clothing’ is. From this I specifically made sure that I included advertisements about clothing on my cover page.

How I attracted my audiencePrice Masthead



Eye contact

Secondary Image Free giveaways


Main image

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

With my first contents page I tried to use my main image have a pink shadow behind it to contrast the light.

As this was my first attempt of a magazine the only technology I used was digital cameras and publisher.
I used different shapes for my secondary image as I thought that it would make m magazine look more fun instead of a more formal college magazine which I didn’t want my magazine looking like.

I used the same fonts for my page numbers and put them all in a symmetry line to balance my magazine out.
I highlighted the ‘AQ’ of Aquinas by putting a white box behind it as that it what Aquinas students use at the start of their log in.

When choosing a cover photo..

The technology that I used was publisher, adobe photo shop, digital camera.

Strap line at the bottom to encourage the reader to buy the magazine and also give them something back as their buying the magazine. The features are highlighted behind boxes to ensure that it stands out to the readers. Change of colour on the grey box highlighting the ‘EXCUSIVE’ main story.

The main feature is in different fonts to highlight the cover stars name. I have used big quotation marks for the quote .

When choosing a cover photo…

I anchored the text by shaping it around the image I also used large page numbers to show what the main features were. I used a different font, colour and made the text bold to make it more clear information for the reader.

I incorporated the Aquinas logo into my contents and cover page and it link with it being a college magazine.

Secondary images to show the reader what features were involved in my magazine, what subjects that were available at Aquinas and also was competitions to get involved with!

Strapline so that the audience could get in contact with college by their email, phone number. This promoted the online college information

I used ‘inside this mag’ instead of contents as I thought it was more feminine, to make it look even more girly I changed the font and put an unusual shape behind

it to make it stand

Secondary photos to show the readers what to expect and what was included in the magazine.

Includes website and twitter account to get more followers therefore having more variety of audience.

Highlighted key text shows what stories females would be most interested in, it makes the contents page look more exciting and happy as it is bright coloured.

I feel that my work has progressed though-out this unit, I feel as though my photo shop skills have improved, I have learnt about the conventions which have reflected through my Aquinas magazine to my Music magazine.
Main image Pull quote Added information Pull quote Clear text to show what magazine it is.