First initiative by poultry breeders to develop varieties suitable for backyard rearing. It is a polycross, resemble local fowls in plumage color and pattern and was released in1989.

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Easily acclimatize to varied agro climatic regions Sturdy and more tolerant to many diseases Adapted well to scavenging conditions Very popular all over the country and also abroad

4. 2. 5. It has multi colored plumage and lays brown eggs. thus well suited for rearing under harsh conditions.2. The variety is well accepted in all states of the country including Jammu & Kashmir. Andaman-Nicobar islands and the north-eastern region. 3. Vanaraja is a dual-purpose variety developed by project Directorate on Poultry exclusively for free range poultry farming in rural and tribal areas. It is hardy and has better immune competence.Vanaraja 1. 6.5 to 1. The body weight at 12 weeks of age ranges from 1.8 Kg. The annual egg production is about 100-110 eggs in free range conditions. .

4. It has coloured plumage and lays brown eggs with an average egg weight of 55-60 g. 2. 6.3. The male bird’s meat is tender and especially suitable for tandoori preparations. The performance of the birds can be further enhanced in free-range conditions with minimum supplementary feeding. Gramapriya 1.2 to 1. It is hardy and livability is very high. 5. 3. The annual egg production is about 150-160 eggs under field conditions in farmers backyards. The body weight at 12 weeks ranges from 1. . Gramapriya a layer type variety developed for free range farming in rural and tribal areas.5 Kg.

4. toes and soles are dark gray colour. brain and bone marrow. Varying degree of blackish colouration is also found in skeletal muscles. Most of the internal organs show the characteristics black pigmentation. 3. nerves. 5. tendons. Cari Shyama 1. Hitcari 1. beak. 5. 4. 2. . Birds have plumage of various colours dominated by black. The skin. meninges. shank. It is cross of Kadakanath breed of Indian native chicken with Cari Red. Indian native chicken with Naked neck plumage has been crossed with Cari Red for development of HITCARI birds which are adapted to tropical climate specially for hot and humid coastal region of the country.

Swarnadhara birds are similar to Giriraja in their plumage colour and pattern Released in 2005 Birds are more compact than Giriraja and produces 180-200 eggs Better suited to scavenging because of thin and longer shanks . 2.7 Kg. It lays 180-200 eggs with in 72 weeks. It will weigh about 1. 4. 3. Gramalakshmi 1. 7. Gramalakshmi reaches sexual maturity at the age of 160 days old. 2. 3.6.Swarnadhara 1.

Nandanam Broiler .I  This strain was developed from the Sterling strain of Rhode Island Red breed.  Multi coloured feather pattern with good survivability under the backyard system are the advantages of this breed .Nandanam 1.II  This is a coloured broiler chicken developed through sustained selection and breeding for 10 years in the synthetic broiler scheme. Nandanam Chicken . Nandanam chicken – I is a purebred having dark red plumage with medium sized body and is a dual-purpose breed 2.8.

larger in built.9. pugnacious in nature with high stamina and majestic gait.YAMUNA GV/12-027 . 10.  Birds are active.  They are able to save themselves from their predators due to its fighting characters and activeness and are adapted to all climatic zones of the country. Upcari  Indian native chicken with Frizzle plumage has been crossed with Cari Red for development of UPCARI birds   These multicoloured birds have single comb and medium body size.Cari Nirbheek  It is cross of Indian native breed Aseel with Cari Red. SUBMITTED BY M. Presence of Frizzle plumage helps in fast heat dissipation due to which birds are better adapted to tropical climate especially for arid zones.