OUR NEXT HOLIDAY - We will be breaking for Easter at 3.30 pm on Friday 11th April, and returning to school at 8.45 am on Monday 28th April. There are no training da s attached to this holida . ELL DONE ! to !a" #anb , who has achie$ed his %reen &elt in !i"ed !artial 'rts TOM"OLA #RI$E% NEEDED ( We would like donations of tombola pri)es for the stall being held at our Easter Eggstra$agan)a on Wednesda * th 'pril. +f ou ha$e an thing suitable for a pri)e, please drop it in at the school office. Thank ou. EA%TER E&&%TRA'A&AN$A - We are holding an Easter e$ent in the school hall on Wednesda *th 'pril at *.am. ,ur fantastic dance troupe ( -trictl &alb . will perform a short $ersion of their current routine, our choir will sing and there will be a little repertoire from the recorder group to add to the entertainment. We will also draw our %olden Ticket . Easter chocolate raffle, there will be tombola and in the traditional Easter theme, there will be tea, coffee and hot cross buns a$ailable. "AL"Y "OO( DAY - Friday 11th April ( the last da of this term we are celebrating &alb &ook #a . This is slightl later than the national e$ent due to the fact that we wanted to do something special. We are in$iting the children throughout school to come dressed as a book character for the da and the da will focus $er much on the e"citement of stories and reading. /eception and 0e -tage 1 will start the da b in$iting parents into school at 8.40am to share a stor with our child2children. This will be for the first half hour . then parents will lea$e. We will then ha$e a theatre production of Ali)* in ond*rland scheduled for *.30am for 0e -tage 1 children. 'fter lunch our da will continue with in class book themed acti$ities. There will be a theatre production of ind in th* illo+, for children in 0e -tage 3 during the afternoon %-HOOL MEAL% - The 4ocal 'uthorit has informed schools of the changes for the referral of outstanding debts in relation to school meals eaten but not paid for. 5urrentl debts o$er 630.00 are passed to #!&5 for collection. 's from 1,t April this will no longer be the case and the debt will remain the responsibilit of the school. -chools are not in a financial position to offer free school meals to an one who does not meet the criteria under go$ernment eligibilit . +t is up to ou as a responsible parent to make pro$ision to ensure our child has a meal a lunchtime. +f parents send their child to school without an pro$ision for their dinner or pa ment for their school lunch then the recommendation is that the ma be referred to Ed.)ation *l/ar* O//i)*r. This recommendation will be presented to our %o$ernors at the ne"t meeting for appro$al as it is important that children can come to school confident that the will ha$e meal to eat a lunchtime pro$ided b their parent. +n the meantime after the 1st 'pril we will ring parents who do not send their child with either mone or a packed lunch and will closel monitor debts for the possible referral to the Ed.)ation *l/ar* %*r0i)*. 7lease support us b ensuring ou pa for meals in

• •

the week our child eats them or alternati$el pro$ide them with a packed lunch to sa$e an unnecessar inter$ention b the welfare ser$ices.
• AU%TERFIELD RE%IDENTIAL ! 11th 2 11th April ! 7lease return our child8s medical form before the $isit takes place, and if ou ha$e an outstanding mone owing for the trip, it needs to be paid in full b 9rida 38th !arch. Thank ou.

NE %-HOOL MEAL% #RO-EDURE . 9rom Monday the children will be gi$en a coloured wristband based on th*ir )hoi)* of food for the da . This will speed up the lunch :ueue considerabl as children will know which option to choose before the arri$e at the dining hall. +t will also ensure that no matter what time their class is scheduled for lunch, the option the ha$e chosen will be a$ailable for them to eat.The table below shows ou the main course selection a$ailable each da for the ne"t two weeks. Each da there will alwa s 3* /o.r option,. The categories with which the colours are associated will not change but the menu is on a /o.r +**4 rotation. Each da children can choose from either /ed, %reen, &lue or ;ellow

RED ( will alwa s be the main option for 5*at or /i,h &REEN ( will alwa s be the 0*6*tarian option such as pasta, pi))a ,:uorn etc. "LUE ( will alwa s be a 7a)4*t #otato with an option of cheese, tuna or beans YELLO ( will alwa s be the )old 5il4 3ar option of sandwiches and milk shake

'll of the abo$e ha$e the options of ,*a,onal 0*6*ta3l* or ,alad and a )hoi)* o/ p.ddin6. 7lease speak to our child about the options a$ailable to them each da and encourage them to make th*ir )hoi)* and reinforce the )olo.r o/ th* 3and which matches their food choice. This will speed things up in the morning with the distribution of bands and hopefull enable lunchtimes to runs smoothl . &elow is the menu for the ne"t two weeks ( after this the menu will appear on the n*+,l*tt*r *a)h Friday for the following week, it will also be posted in the notice board and will remain as e$er, a$ailable from the main office.

"and, !onda Tuesda Wednesda Thursda 9rida

**4 -o55*n)in6 1891:91: R*d &r**n "l.* &readed <acket 5heese Wraps 5hicken 9illet 7otato >uorn -ausage 7ork -tew = <acket = ;orkshire #umplings 7otato 7udding %ammon = !acaroni <acket 7ineapple 5heese 7otato &eef <acket ?egi &olognaise -teaklette 7otato <acket 9ish 5ake 7asta &ake 7otato

Y*llo+ -andwich &ar -andwich &ar -andwich &ar -andwich &ar -andwich &ar