Butt Fusion, Electrofusion and Socket Fusion Welding

The understanding of welding is essential for the longevity of pipe networks

Training duration - 2 days


Designed for those with little or no experience of butt „ fusion, electrofusion and socket fusion processes, „ this course covers introduction to common plastics, „ welding equipment, avoidance of joint defects, health „ and safety, welding parameters, joint preparation, „ process control, inspection and testing Practical sessions involve butt fusion, electrofusion „ and/or socket fusion welding of polyethylene and/or „ polypropylene pipe


Examination duration - 2 days
The training and certification available from TWI provides guidance and best practice on how to successfully carry out butt fusion, electrofusion and socket fusion welding of plastic pipe. All courses involve a mixture of classroom and practical sessions.
Butt fusion „„ PP pipe (Ø≤315mm) Category 2.4 „„ PP pipe (Ø>315mm) Category 2.5 „„ PE pipe (Ø≤315mm) Category 3.4 „„ PE pipe (Ø>315mm) Category 3.5 „„ PVDF pipe (all Ø) Category 4.3 Electrofusion „„ PE pipe (Ø≤225mm) Category 3.6 „„ PE pipe (Ø>180mm) Category 3.7 „„ PE pipe saddle joints Category 3.8 Socket fusion „„ PP pipe (all Ø) Category 2.6 „„ PE pipe (all Ø) Category 3.9 „„ PVDF pipe (all Ø) Category 4.4

To the client:
„„ „ „„

Confidence in competent and qualified staff Reduced risk of failures hence reduced downtime

To the contractor:
„„ „„ „„ „„ „„

Demonstration of quality to European Standards Reduced re-work lowers installation costs Motivated workforce Enhances competitive tendering for contracts CSWIP is recognised worldwide

Levels of certification available
Entry Level For those entering the industry. Candidates receive basic training so that they understand the welding process and equipment, before undertaking a practical assessment. Standard Level For those with relevant experience, TWI offers certification to EN 13067 ‘Approval testing of plastics welders’. Candidates are required to undertake a practical and written (multiple choice) exam in their chosen category/categories.

All training courses and examinations can be carried out at customers’ premises* or Inspection and Tests Ltd’s premises.
* subject to requirements, please ask for details

To discuss your requirements or to book a course, please contact:
Scott Andrews - TWI Ltd
E: scott.andrews@twi.co.uk T: +44 (0)1223 899569 W: www.twitraining.com Granta Park, Great Abington, Cambridge CB21 6AL, United Kingdom

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