Appreciating the Love you Have

Life usually progresses in cycles or periods of time. The period of time when you are single can be frustrating, depressing and agonizing. Or, a break from partnership could be a time of great joy and discovery. It s up to you. Loneliness is tricky, like a snake. It will wrap around you and s!ueeze hard. It makes the world seem empty and cruel" people may look ugly. #ut no matter how hard it may be raining, it always stops eventually. This too, shall pass. $ou can always bet on %hance. If you are single today, you will be in a loving relationship in the future. &e seem to change in cycles or repetitions, like the spin of a moon or the turn of the day. $our life is a se!uence of little epochs or eras. These periods of time are usually given a title. The 'ummer &e (et. Two $ears of )ivorce. *our $ears of 'chool. +ine (onths of ,regnancy. -rass grows, taking its time. It has its own pace. $ou are single for now, but in time you will find love. .ow would you like to use the time/ &ill you be pining for the inevitable or enjoying the moment/ &e are living in a wild age of chaos, economically, socially and politically. 0verything seems to be happening so fast. It would be nice to have a partner right now, but you don t need to freak out. One of the easiest ways to survive the world is focus on what you have. #y focusing on the here and now" the good and true, you affirm the present. 1 signal will ripple outward to the one who also waits for you. #y appreciating the things you love, you become a beacon of attraction. 1re you grateful for friends/ 1re you close to someone in your family/ Is there a neighbor looking out for you/ (aybe you have a pet dog, cat or an iguana you simply adore. &hat do you love about that little s!uirt/ )efine your feelings. +ame each and every one and add these notations and observations to your journal. ,lace them in the forefront of your mind. (ake a declaration out of the good feelings and you ll realign a bad mood. $ou may be single now, but there is much love in your life. $es, there is2 &hat s there to love about your life/ Is there something about your job that lights you up, perhaps/ Look at inspiring art and fashion. &hat does nature mean to you/ *ind something beautiful, a tree or a building, and tell someone about it.

&hat food do you want to taste right now/ )escribe all of the beautiful aspects about your religion or belief. &hy do you love your favorite T3 show/ &hat s your favorite book and why/ This focus is creating energy. It summons attraction. These appreciations become your own advertising billboard on the highway to love. $ou may need to find a special place to connect to these feelings of appreciation. The brain cannot be buzzing. Take a bubble bath or have a glass of something yummy to rela4. ,amper yourself a little. .ere are four simple actions that help us appreciate the loves that we have in our lives. These efforts help us to shift our focus.

1. Pretend It's spring and Start Cleaning
&hen you dust, you will come in cotact with your sweetest memorobilia. 1 snow globe that reminds you of a great vacation or a silver picture frame that holds the image of a loved one. It is so easy miss these things in your busy day5to5day routine. &hen we clean, we have to dust each item individually. %leaning demands that you move your body. 1nd, oh yes, your home will be clean when you re done. #onus2

2. Take a acation
,ack your bags and go to .awaii for two weeks. Or, make a sandwich and take yourself to a beautiful picnic spot for an hour. 0ither way, it is a vacation, an action that heightens appreciation.

!. Create your o"n Cere#ony o$ Appreciation
#urn sage. Light candles. $ou are the guru. )esign a ritual. Then, perform it. 'top and breathe in the incense. Let the sensations of your own gratitude touch you.

%. Pay it $or"ard
Think of something nice. It could be an observation or an action. Then share it with someone else. The single life may sometimes suck. #ut it doesn t have to. $our colorful complaints may be good for a little entertainment, but negativity breeds more of the same. 6ust be grateful for this time. $our life is still moving ahead, single or not. (ake it fun. $ou are now free to really stop and listen. 1ppreciate the many loves currently in your life. There are many. 1ll you have to do is reopen your eyes2 Lost Love 'pells