Design and Technology

2014 Portfolio Georgia Prestwidge Teacher: Mr Schuler

Table of contents
Introduction page…………………………. 1 Explanation of need and evaluation ……………………….. 3 Research and Evaluation of existing designs……………………….. 4 Evaluation of 2 Pictures……………………………………………5 Generation and Evaluation of 2 ideas with Annotations…………. 6 Final design with Dimensions and Materials……………………… 8 Case study…………………………………………………………… 9

Explanation of the need and evaluation
Why are you making the item of Jewellery? I am making this item of jewellery for a mother in her thirties who has three kids and is always on the run, she is a personal trainer and live a healthy lifestyle a hobby she likes when she isn’t doing her job as a mum and working is to, relax and have a break. This item of jewellery can be worn when she is working in the office, at home and when she goes out. This piece is worn by a female, who is mostly in her work clothes everyday but when she isn’t she is in dresses, skirts, jeans, or tights. Her interest is sports relaxing and spending time with her family. The size of the piece of jewellery will be the size of the woman’s wrist. The strength will be exactly the way polymer clay comes out of the oven. And the material being used is polymer clay. The colours being used for this are yellow, black and red.

This is the link to my survey results

Research and Evaluation of existing designs
This is a collage that is made of 20 images that I have found that I feel could start of my design. I have chosen these pictures because the colour relates the way I want them to in their style, patterns, shape some of these aren’t exactly the colour I want them but they are kind of bracelets I like. I feel like these pictures are what I would try and attempt to make.

2 Evaluations of 2 Pictures
Here are two pictures that are most likely to be similar to what I am going to design.

The beads look a bit glossy which I like. This could happen if I put some type of cleaner on it.

This is something similar to what I am doing but mine is going to be made out of polymer this looks like a pretty easy to shape to make.

This isn’t really a bracelet but it is a charm for one and I like the ‘M’ because that is the charm going to be on the bracelet in a love heart it is going to be made out of polymer clay.

This will be something to consider when doing the bracelet how am I going to get the ring hook in there.

Generation and Evaluation of 2 ideas with Annotations

Generation and Evaluation of 2 ideas with Annotations

Final design with Dimensions and Materials

Case Study: Georgia Prestwidge
Section 1 Design process:
1. List the financial and personal rewards that Dinosaur Designs' partners can enjoy because of their company's success. Dinosaur designs are a jewellery company that is very successful. It is based in Sydney for resin home wares and jewellery. Dinosaur designs have a financial reward which is you can work and create outstanding jewellery with your friends but still get to design a successful design business for yourself or others. While the personal rewards are slightly different, personal rewards are like the design we have chosen to make and how we have made it. If your jewellery is successful it will be put in a store and people will be able to buy it and you get the money every time someone buys it. People that work with Dinosaur designs say that what you have made is a big part of someone’s life which makes the person who created the piece very happy and pleased. 2. Look at the Dinosaur Designs' career path. What things indicate the company's success and popularity? The people indicate the popularity of Dinosaurs designs; before the business was not well known the owners Louise, Liane and Stephen use to go most Friday nights to their parent’s kitchen and make T- shirts, painting, screening fabrics and much more. Every Saturday morning they would wait in a queue so they could get a store at the Paddington Markets for $12 and sell their create designs. They put the hard effort in as a group and wanted a successful business so they went out and made sure that their business was recognised and well known. After a couple of years the people only seemed to be interested in the Jewellery so their designs got to be put in different stores around Sydney.

This is a picture Louise, Liane and Stephen the owners and creators of Dinosaur Designs.

3. Develop a flow chart of a design process undertaken by the team at Dinosaur Designs.

Thought Visulisation

Draft Design
Research materials/ colours Create a sample For and against

Deisign Process

Review design by the team
Repreduce final design Product ready to sell
4. . Compare the design process used to design Dinosaur Designs' jewellery and that used by the product designer Angelo Kotsis. What are the similarities and differences between the two processes? Similarities Visualisation/ other looks Ideas Created a sample For and against Reproduced product Ready to sell Differences Research Colours and materials Used Computers aided drawing and 3D modelling Review design from team

5. The Dinosaur Designs team are passionate about their work. They use a particular language to communicate their process of design, for example, hand-felt and finessing. Select these words and in the context of the passage, discuss what the designer means by them. Hand – felt is where they do everything with hand they create it with hand and sculpt themselves. Louise and Liane are very good with finessing says Stephen. Finessing is extreme delicacy or subtlety in action, performance, skills, discrimination, taste etc. Section 2 Factors influencing design: 1. Visit the gallery of work. Touch, feel and look are important to Dinosaur Designs. Look at three images and describe them in terms of the elements of design, such as line, colour and texture. The object that has been designed is a chess set and the Dinosaur designs company made the King and Queen etc. The lines on this design are the horizontal lines that are straight that meet in each corner it has four corners this makes you wonder where it leads to which makes you want to follow the lines around. The colours are natural colours like brown, white, black and gold. The texture looks like some sort of mould the case looks hard while the actual chess game looks like it has been moulded out of Polymer clay. The 2nd object that I have chosen is Dinosaur designs glass products. The lines in this are a bit weird some of the vases are got a swirl or wave to them which is hard to explain. The colours are loud and vibrant there are reds, greens, yellow, oranges and whites. The texture of the vases look like they would have a glossy feel to them and they are shiny and the whites gives a little indication to the way it feels which is the glossy feel. The 3rd design is sliver resin inlay jewellery. To me these look like earing’s the lines are continuous which makes you want to keep looking at what direction they are going in. The colour is a red resin and a white outline the red resin looks hard while the other white outlines looks like soft gentle things to touch.

2. Dinosaur designs manufacture all their resin pieces in their own studio. What kind of occupational health and safety practices might they have to consider for employees working in a studio or workshop environment? They would have to consider that the employees have to learn new things like how to work in a safe and healthy working environment the safe systems of work, how to use the machinery, equipment and substances in a safe way and take information in and train until you get what you’re doing and able to work in the business. Section 3 roles of designers: 1. The dinosaur designs team received training in the visual arts as well as professional art studies. Suggest an alternative career path that might give you the skills necessary for designing objects and/or jewellery. Jewellery maker because they have worked with jewellery before and know the basics of it. A furniture designer because they design new trends and the design process of it and lastly an artist because they know how to look at things visually. 2. Jewellery design is a design specialisation of the area of study: Products. What other design specialisations does Dinosaur Designs work in? Dinosaur Designs work with glass products like vases, cups, plates etc. They also created a glass cabinet that was white and had some of their pieces that they made in it. This is the class cabinet that Dinosaur Designs have made also with their glass products in them.

3. List some of the reasons people wear jewellery. Describe your favourite piece of jewellery and the reasons it is important to you. People wear jewellery because it….. - Shows their personality - What they like or what they are interested in - If it was a gift off someone - Something that you have been wanting in like forever - Because it matches what you are wearing - It was someone’s that was close to you - Wedding ring etc. My favourite piece of jewellery is my four rings that have small love heart shape and each one has a letter on it and my say “love” so L O V E. This is important to me because it reminds me of my family and friends and how much I love them. 4. Identify the contribution Dinosaur Designs makes to the improvement of everyday life. The dinosaur designs business help to improve of everyday life by making a wonderful range of jewellery and designing it of course also making home wares like cups, plates etc. mostly in the kitchen and glass products. Section 4 Generating ideas 1. Stephen Ormandy of Dinosaur Designs describes the importance of sketching for generating ideas. Practice your sketching skills for your next project. Keep a small pocket notebook and pencil with you at all times and draw thumbnails of any ideas you come across.

(Leaf Bracelet/ cuff)

(Leaf earrings)

(Leaf ring)

2. Identify some of the methods used by Dinosaur Designs to generate creative ideas. About the designer. Dinosaur Designs used creative methods to get ideas they used to in the 1980’s sell handcrafted

jewellery like earing’s, necklaces, bracelets etc. and clothing at local markets. They all used to look at something and think wow this is a good idea for one of our next jewellery collection. Section 5 Selects, analyses, presents and applies research 1. Experimenting and testing of design ideas was important for the development of Dinosaur Designs' first innovative products for Paddington markets. Describe the experimentation and testing that was carried out. They use to go to their parent’s house most Fridays and make t-shirts and much more. They did this so their business would be recognised and could lead it to a bigger extent. 2. Dinosaur Designs are influenced to a certain extent by current trends. What sources of information would be particularly useful for jewellery designers? What colours is in fashion, what materials like fabrics the texture of them etc. and what seasons they are in etc. winter people wear scarfs not much jewellery while in summer they like to wear a bit more jewellery. Section 6 Mixed material technologies 1. If you were to design a small pendant how could it be mass produced? Research the different ways in which you could produce multiple copies of this object. You can make hand – made pendants or on big machines in massive factories. The machines one would be more reliable because it could make it exactly the same. 2. For the small pendant research how it can be finished. How does it affect the visual appeal of the object? It could be a shiny glossy look and feel to it, a matte feel like a smooth surface that looks rough but is actually has soft feel to it. The visual appeal is different to every one because they all have their own interests. 3. Research other products made from polyester resin, e.g. bathroom vanities, bathtubs, canoes, surfboards. Compare the characteristics of these products with the characteristics of Dinosaur Designs' products. The other products that are made from polyester resin are a metal fridge. The polyester resin is in the metal of the fridge which is the outside of the fridge. Dinosaur designs polyester resin is the vases the vases are the products that are made out of resin. The different characteristics are one is shaped differently while the others have different colours, textures etc.