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Consumer Behaviour “DELL”

Submitted to: Prof. Ruchika

Submitted by: Nitin kumar MFM-I (2013-2015

Executive summary

A successful marketer must understand consumer’s psychology and behaviour to successfully grip the target market. To fully understand consumer need, demand, marketers need to accomplish marketer research. In this report, we have analyzed consumer’s psychology, opinion, perception, and behaviour towards Dell-laptop. Dell, Inc. is an American multinational information technology corporation based in 1 Dell Way, Round Rock, Texas, and United States that develops, sells and supports computers and related products and services. Bearing the name of its founder, Michael Dell, the company is one of the largest technological corporations in the world, employing more than 103,300 people worldwide. Dell is listed at number 41 in the Fortune 500 list. We have focused on brand equity, image, external and internal factors etc.

East West University is a foundation that upholds eastern cultures and values, and evocatively fusions eastern and western thought and innovation. To do this it offers under graduate degree on different major subjects like Marketing, Finance, HRM, Economics etc. Consumer behaviour (MKT 410) is one of the courses of Marketing major. Precisely it teaches us how individuals feel, think and act in the market place. While doing the course we have learned the factors of persuading a buyer’s decisions, learning, attitude, memory, selfconcept and so many other vital things. To implement all of those or in other way to practically experience those issues Mr. Farhan Faruqui, course teacher of Consumer Behaviour has given us this term paper on “Dell Laptop”.

By doing the report, we will be able to know the target market’s profile of Dell Laptop, their buying purposes and preference. We will also be able to know the current market situation of the laptop products. We will be exploring the facts how individuals get influenced towards laptops, what they feel about different laptops and what are the comparisons. This report will also let us know the possible commendations for Dell Laptop.

The report is prepared concentrating on Dell Laptop. The area of the survey was only in Dhaka city. So, all the estimations have been made based on the city area. It is a comprehensive report based on structured questionnaire survey, data calculation, people’s opinion, our perception and knowledge, and books of Consumer Behaviour.

Limitation: While preparing the report we had to face some problems: 1. the concerned officials did not provide enough information. . Then lacking of information among customer were another major problems. As because the questionnaire was in English many people could not understand the questions and thus could not answer well. 3. For the sake of official secrecy. 2. Many people did not cooperate because they were not interested 4. In many case we found some people who do not have any idea about Dell Laptop. Time shortage was one of the major problems.

sells and supports computers and related products and services. employing more than 103. Inc. the company is one of the largest technological corporations in the world. is an American multinational information technology corporation based in 1 Dell Way. As of 2009. and computer peripherals. and United States that develops. printers.Background of Dell-laptop Dell. MP3 players and other electronics built by other manufacturers. Business Line: Different type of Laptops. Fortune Magazine listed Dell as the sixth largest company in Texas by total revenue. Dell also sells HDTVs. Product/Service: Dell Inspiron. Dell is listed at number 41 in the Fortune 500 list. Dell has grown by both increasing its customer base and through acquisitions since its inception. Company Website: www. servers. . Michael Dell. Bearing the name of its founder. Texas. Round Rock. Texas area. Adamo and Studio. It is the second largest non-oil company in Texas – behind AT&T – and the largest company in the Austin. Company Profile: Basic Information Company Name: Dell Laptop Business Type: Information Technology Corporation.300 people Company Mission: Mission is to be the most successful computer company in the world at delivering the best customer experience in markets we serve. software. The company is well known for its innovations in supply chain management and electronic cameras. notable mergers and acquisitions including Alienware (2006) and Perot Systems (2009). data storage devices. XPS. the company sold personal computers. network switches.

From this part it is easy to find out all potential consumers age. We conducted our survey based on 60 people’s opinion. we have discussed the demographic. Here we tried to find out the sensitivity and the variation between the male and female respondents. education. Among these people. race. The demographic environment is of major interest to marketers because it involves people and people who make up market and it also give them a clear description of them. gender. For that we have divided our total sample in two groups. occupation and other statistics. age. source of information. personality. density. From the survey we found the result of demographic factors which are described below: Gender: Usually marketers target their products towards a specific portion of the market based on several analyses. This information have been found out by conducting an extensive survey based on 60 samples and analyzed by several statistical tools.Analysis of Consumer Behaviour Profile of the Target Market: In this part of the report. 60% were male and 40% were female. Demographic Factors: Demography is the study of human population in terms of size. influential factors.male and female. sex. income. location. . psychographic and socioeconomic factors about the target market of Laptop.

because most of the consumers of DELL Laptop are male. we asked questions to different age group of our sample to find out the variation of consumer behaviour in different age. they can us e key-board by proposing female ergonomic key-board. We have surveyed people of different age groups.From the survey result we found that among these 60% of male. Age carries with it culturally defined behavioural and attitudinal norms. 32% are the users of “DELL Laptop”. It is clear that 16-25 age group people are majority in number. It affects ourself-concepts and lifestyles. For example. According to our findings it is very clear that the majority customers of “DELL Laptop“are male. . green and purple. Probable Strategy:  They should focus more on female customers. To find out the responsiveness about the “DELL Laptop”.  They can use Iconic Rote.Orange.  They should introduce more vibrant colours.  DELL Laptop should associate its product more with female consumers by using renowned female personalities in its marketing activities. Among our surveyed people. Example .  DELL Laptop should advertise its product more to their target market. They can make Television Commercials or Radio advertisements and play it in between the programs which are made for young people specially females. 68% are the customers of “DELL Laptop” and among the 40% of female. Age: Age is one of the most important factors to identify the consumers‟ behaviour towards “ DELL Laptop”. 55% of people are within the 16-25 age groups.

 They can offer preloaded games in the Laptop. From this survey we can say that most of the consumers of “DELL Laptop” are young teenagers.  They can make special school packages with schools who like to offer“DELL Laptops”to their students for educational purposes. Henna Montana. The age group of both 26-35 and 36-45 age groups should also be considerable in number as the pie chart shows 28% and 16% of these groups‟ people use “DELL Laptop”.  They should also extensively focus on their big market that is 16-25 age groups because a large portion of this market hasn’t captured.  They can introduce special featured Laptop by using cartoon characters image on the case of Laptop.  They can arrange quiz competition on information of “DELL Laptop”in schools for creating depth and awareness of “DELL Laptop”with a view to persuading to buy“DELL Laptop”.  They can associate“DELL Laptop”with child celebrities like Justin Bieber. Probable Strategy  They should focus on consumers who are under 16 years old. university students and young professionals.From our survey we also found that 48% of people who are the consumers of “DELL Laptop” are within the age group of 16-25.  They can offer discounts to whoever can show valid student ID Card. .  They can also provide free school bag with“DELL Laptop”  They can arrange special fairs in schools.

EEE. However. . education seldom provides a complete explanation for consumption patterns. According to our survey results. most of our surveyed people (49%) are Masters/MBA. we can see that 56% of “DELL Laptop” customers‟ level of education is Masters/MBA and 32% customer’s level of education is Under Graduate. makes decisions. and relates to others. Education: Education has a strong influence on one’s tastes and preferences. studio laptop with high multimedia feature for who like to listen music. ETE. Those with a limited education are generally at disadvantage not only in earning money but in spending it wisely. They can offer a special type of Laptop for different type of target customer in the age group of 16-25 like gaming laptop for who like to play game.  High configuration laptop for who are studying engineering section like CSC. From the pie chart above. It also influences how one thinks. So we can say that educated people mostly prefer “DELL Laptops”.

Occupation: Most of the occupation predetermines the individual’s income level.  They should safely dispose of laptop batteries so that is causes least harm to the environment for the well aware and environmentally concerned consumers of “DELL Laptops”. the largest portions (54%) of participants are students. . One’s occupation provides status and income.  Advertisement should be more informative and should focus on the features and the configurations of “DELL Laptops”  They should offer licensed version anti-virus and essential office tools software  They should practice social marketing which is the most preferable criteria for educated people. and all aspects of the consumption process. the type of work one does and the types of individual’s one works with over time also directly influence one’s values.Probable Strategy:  As most of the customers are educated so“DELL Laptops”should use green materials to manufacture its products. Among our surveyed people. lifestyle. In our questionnaire we have asked question to identify which professions respondents are appropriate target customer of “DELL Laptops”. In addition.

 Have to focus on offering special packages for schools. Strategy:  As most of the customers are students“DELL Laptops”should increase the number of laptop models with different design and casing and should offer student discount. To identify the respondent’s social class we asked them about their individual income to find their actual position in the society. So.  For private employees and business people they can emphasize more on the quality and high features and configured“DELL Laptops”as they can afford high price laptops also. the company should focus on students more as they are biggest market and has biggest portion that has been not covered. The survey represents that most of the participants are in the family income range of 40.001-40. .  They can sponsor events in schools. colleges and universities.From our survey result we found that 40% of people who uses “DELL Laptops” are students.000.000 or 30.001-50. Social Factors: Social factors denote the social status of the target market by considering social class and other factors.32% are private employees.  Colourful advertisement and association with young generation celebrities will help to attract the students and increase the sales. colleges and universities like talent competition and game tournaments to attract the attention of the students who are the largest segment. Social Class: Income is highly influential in determining social class. and 16% are Government employees in occupation.

 Can offer instalment method to grab lower middle class customer. So we can see that the consumers of “DELL Laptops” are middle class and upper middle class. Marketer can also attract upper class of the society by proposing high quality and numbers of feature by charging extra price.000 and 20% users of “DELL Laptops” their family income are in betweenTK. and ranks based on consumer perceptions which are described below: . Other Findings: We have found some other information like source of information.From our survey we found out that 40% of people who purchase and use “DELL Laptops”.40001-50. influential factors.000. Probable Strategy:  Primarily they should focus more on middle class and upper middle class people as they prefer“DELL Laptops”.  Secondarily.  They can use price skimming pricing strategy to capture all layers of middle class.  They can charge high price compare to competitors by proposing same features to provide message towards the upper class customers that purchasing DELL is part of status. their family income are in between TK.30001-40. upper class of the society is the big portion of the laptop market.  They can go to the cost leadership strategy by reducing augmented features as the country’s economic factors are little bit vulnerable.

 As most customers are spontaneously involved in purchasing “DELL Laptops”.  For creating loyal customers “DELL Laptops” should focus on after sales service as they can work as reference people if they become satisfied. For example. . we came to know that 33% of people heard about “DELL Laptops” from their Friends/ Relatives and Associate.  They can also use Iconic Rote by proposing that. 20% of the people got information from Websites and 17% from Magazines.The pie chart above has shown that 32% of our participants are influenced by their friends to purchase the laptop products and 24% people are influenced by them self and 15% by marketing activities.  They can arrange case competition whereby the participant will be provided special gifts if they suggest their friends.  DELL can launch special package in the Friends Day. “We offer high processing ram” Source of knowing about “DELL Laptop” From our survey result. Probable Strategy:  DELL should maintain the level of quality to satisfy their existing customers as they are the reference people for them to the new potential consumers. marketer can use classical conditioning by using the image of expertise personality like Most of a Jobbar associating “DELL Laptops” in advertisement. if two friends buy two laptops they will be provided PENDRIVE and SPECIAL SOFTWARE.

 DELL should target life style and technology related magazine for their advertisement.  They can buy full page magazine to isolate their print ad. informative and easily understandable.  Their ad should contain more colour as colour is more important than size.  TV commercials can transmit very clear information to people due to its movement and exposure.  They should target different social networking sites and blog for their online advertisement to grab online customer.  They should regularly update their website.  DELL can offer special discount for siblings. .  DELL can develop their own website which will be improved. Baskin-Robbins has to apply its classical conditioning ads more on different TV channels.Probable Strategy:  DELL should maintain the level of quality to satisfy their existing customers as they are the source of information for new potential consumers which will work as the word of mouth.

. DELL should do SWOT analysis of HP/Compaq.  DELL should increase the life time of battery and after sales service in which HP/Compaq is stronger than DELL.1 which is strongly supported by the consumers who favoured it as their second choice. In developing this chart we have used a 5 Space Ranking Tool. Probable Strategy:  As HP/Compaq is close to be Rank-1 according to consumers perception. DELL has the highest probability of being ranked no. According to this chart.  DELL should arrange seminar where they will ask for advice about customization of DELL by providing gift to the respondent.Rank based on Consumers Perception This chart has been developed based on Consumers perception about DELL Laptop.

Self-Concept: Personality: Personality is the totality of the individual’s thought having reference to him as an object. First. . dominating. This analysis shows that the personal characteristics of those people who have taken part in this survey. This graph has been developed based on consumers‟ perception about themselves. Excitable. Probable Strategy:  As most of the customers of laptops are Delicate. We used a 5 space ranking tool o measure those perception. From the table we can see that people who stand on average. and Formal. the more close the rankings are towards rank 5 the more the surveyors are tend to be Delicate. The ranks show the extremism of individual attributes. youthful and formal. Youthful. Calm. Submissive. DELL can introduce persuasive ad in the Magazine as well as Newspaper which is considered important media source for delicate people. and Informal. Dominating. DELL has to give persuasive advertisement by highlighting all the features. Adult. In this graph. On the other hand. excitable. the more close the ranks toward rank 1 states that the people are tend to be more Rugged. They tend to be more delicate.

exciting offering like buy one laptop get one Speaker free.  As formal people are quality concerned rather than price.  Excitable people love colourful ads. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal. and friendly licensed operating system.  DELL can also arrange laptop fare by targeting youth people. . and exciting events like sports. In the same time. So DELL can introduce colourful ad.  As youth people love to follow opinion leader. so DELL can offer those.  As youth people are interested in buying gaming and studio laptop.  Dell can arrange seminar on IT revolution which can promote DELL. DELL can also sponsor the T20 game.  As youth people fond of stylish and fashionable case. There are two basic forms of conditioned learning-classical and operant. DELL can use the image of opinion leader like Dr. delicate people are looking for source reliability of advertisement. high configuration. DELL can offer stylish and fashionable case by conducting research and development. excitable offering. Psychological Factors: Conditioning: Conditioning refers to learning based on association of a stimulus (information) and response (behaviour or feeling). DELL can use reliable and expertise celebrity endorsement for their advertisement like Saied Akbar. DELL can offer quality features like durability.

Operant conditioning often involves the actual usage of the product. Reinforcement plays a much larger role in operant conditioning than it does in classical conditioning. Operant Conditioning: A response that is given reinforcement is more likely to be repeated when the same situation arises in the future. . Since no automatic stimulus-response relationship is involved. the subject must first be induced to engage in the desired behaviour.Classical Conditioning: The process of using an established relationship between a stimulus and response to bring about learning of the same response to a different stimulus is called classical conditioning. Then this behaviour must be reinforced.

After purchasing “DELL Laptop” at special discount consumer start liking for its augmented features. . It consists of two interrelated components: Short-Term Memory Long-Term Memory Short-Term Memory: Short term memory is that portion of total memory that is currently activated or in use. Maintenance Rehearsal: This is the application of short term memory. process. Maintenance Rehearsal is the continual repetition of a piece of information in order to hold it in current memory for use in problem solving or transferable to long term memory. Manik Mia Avenue. in front of Ruposi Bangla to create repeated rehearsal in their memory which will help to increase the likings of “DELL Laptop”. Then consumer tends to buy “DELL Laptop” at full price whenever they demand for laptop. Long-Term Memory carries numerous types of information such as concepts. decision. For example. Strategy DELL can launch TV commercial specially before IT related program and they can hire space in front of IDB building. It is an active. they can introduce special discount program in special occasions. Mohakhali Flyover. affective states and so forth. Long-Term Memory: Long-Term Memory is viewed as an unlimited. dynamic process not a static structure.Through operant condition “DELL Laptop” can grab more customers. It is often referred to as working memory. In case of long term memory product stays for a long term and consumer can recall after a certain period of time. permanent storage. rules. Memory Memory is the total accumulation of prior learning experiences.

21% said Durability. 15% said High Price. the attributes come in the mind of the people are High Status. High Memory. Semantic Memory/ Schema: It is what a consumer thinks and feels when the brand name is mentioned. and 13% said High Memory come in their mind after hearing the name“DELL Laptop”). (According to our survey we found 29% people said High Status. Durability.Semantic Memory: Semantic Memory is the basic knowledge or feelings about a concept. These attributes work as semantic memory to the people’s mind. “DELL Laptop” contains several characteristics. usage situations. It is the source of personal experiences and opinions through which customers can differentiate“DELL Laptop” differently. we found several memory events about “DELL Laptop” which are given below: . High Price. It represents the person’s understanding of an object or event at its simplest level. While surveying the customers. episodes and affective reactions. After hearing“DELL Laptop”.

We tried to find out the position of “DELL Laptop” in the market by asking a question.What comes in your mind when you hear the word “DELL Laptop”. High Price. majority of people (29%) said High Status comes in their mind. “DELL Laptop” has to focus on its High Status and Durability of the laptop because according to people’s opinion their positioning depends mostly on Status and Durability of the laptop. It is the combination of attributes. To capture a good share in a market one can offer consumers greater value. users and manufacturer/marketer characteristics that people applies while interpreting “DELL Laptop”. It is often used interchangeably with brand image. Product positioning has a major impact of long term success of brand. usage situations. 15% of people said High Price. 21% of total people said Durability. 9% of people said High Battery Life and 9% Convenient to use. . Availability. Convenient to use.Positioning of “DELL Laptop”: Brand image is nothing but the schematic memory of the human beings. It is the place that marketers want to have in the mind of target customer. According to our survey. High Memory. either through lower prices or by providing more benefits that justify higher prices. benefits. Portability. Like High Status. Their High Price of laptops also plays a vital role here as 15% people gave their opinion towards it. Durability. we found that. 10% of people said Availability. High Battery Life.

we can see that “DELL Laptop” has the best quality and is more expensive than other brands. After “DELL Laptop”. From the above perpetual mapping. “ACER” and “TOSHIBA” are in the third. “HP/Compaq” takes place in the second best position from both the Price & Quality. we have completed our measurement and found some difference between “DELL Laptop” and other brands. fourth and fifth position respectively. The measurement is shown in perpetual mapping. . Then “Fujitsu”. It takes consumer’s perceptions of how similar various brands or products are to each other and relates this perceptions to product attributes.Perceptual Mapping: Perceptual mapping offers marketing managers a useful technique for measuring and developing a product position. Through perceptual mapping we tried to show “DELL Laptops” position compared with other brands in the market: Based on our survey.

 DELL should increase the use of quality materials for increasing Durability. Probable Strategy:  DELL Laptop should emphasize on word of mouth by using Iconic-Rote that “we offer the best laptop”. perceptual. as they are very popular and have a position in the market from the very beginning. Attitude: An attitude is an enduring organization of motivational.  So DELL should increase price by proposing augmented features. now we can say that “HP/Compaq” and “Fujitsu” are the main competitors of “DELL Laptop”. people face difficulty at getting after sales service whenever they needed. So people are quite unhappy for it. Moreover. emotional.  DELL should increase the number of dealers. “DELL Laptop” falls in the portion of Good Quality and High Price. Only two authorized dealers are serving in the whole country. Attitude component: Measurement of cognitive component: The component consists of the belief that the people have towards different laptops. we also asked them to place their beliefs about “HP/Compaq”. “DELL Laptop” is not that much available around Dhaka. To fully evaluate it. and cognitive process with respect to some aspect of our environment.So. We constructed the cognitive component measure like the following way: High Status ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ Low Status High Durability ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ Low Durability High Price ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ Low Price . To measure the cognitive component towards“DELL Laptop” we asked consumer to place belief about the best attributes of “DELL Laptop” and their“Ideal Laptop”in a semantic scale. So it is very inconvenient for people to visit dealer’s stores.

High Configuration High Picture Quality Portability ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ Low Configuration ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ Low Picture Quality ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ Less Portability Better after Sales Service ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ Low after Sales Service The belief of customers towards ideal laptop: Based on our survey. Portability. family and associates. . Picture Quality. We gave 10 % weight to other attributes as those come after Status and Price as they are the pre-determinants for the list of probable buying options. We gave 20 % to price because one of the criteria of maintaining quality and status is to maintain its price as no one would think a laptop as High Status if it is not High Priced. people’s opinion and our perception. We gave equal weight for Durability. for the “Ideal Laptop”. and After Sales Service that is 10%. Configuration. We gave30% weight for Status because whenever people think of “DELL Laptop” they think about status and because of status of their laptops they are referred by people’s friends. we gave 30% weight to Status and 20% weight to Price.

71. Portability is 0.65. and After Sales Service difference is 1. we can see that the total weighted average of “HP/Compaq” is higher than “DELL Laptops” that is 0.14 and 0.8167.6833.05. .85. Picture Quality is 0. The weighted average of “DELL Laptops” Status and After Sales Service are very high 0. The total weighted average of “DELL Laptop” is 0. Configuration difference 0. If we compare “DELL Laptops” with “HP/Compaq”. the better is the result. If we compare it to the “Ideal Laptop”.As we know that the closer an attitude index calculated in this manner is to zero. Price difference is 0. we find all are in bad situation but the Price and After Sales Service are in worst situation. we found that the difference between the “Idea Laptop” and “DELL Laptop” Status is 0.8.105 respectively which represents bad situation.467. From measuring the cognitive components. Durability difference is 0.85. We can say that the situation of “HP/Compaq” is much worse than “DELL Laptops” in the market.

people think that although “DELL Laptop” has High Status but it has less efficiency in After Sales Service. Change Belief: From the surveyed result. They have to change this belief. shifts Importance and add beliefs. By this way DELL can add a new belief. Add Beliefs: According to our surveyed result we found that. “DELL Laptops” can change the consumer’s belief towards their product by changing beliefs. Through giving repetitive advertisement on After Sales Service.Changing Cognitive Component: A common and effective approach to changing attitudes is to focus on the cognitive component. 1. we can see that “DELL Laptop” has less efficiency in After Sales Service. So if “DELL Laptop” focuses more on High Status by proposing that “Owning DELL Laptop is a part of status”. Measure of affective component: It is emotion and feeling of the customer to a particular service. Shift Importance: According to surveyed result. Through this concept “DELL Laptop” may be able to grab more consumers by shifting their importance in Status. So DELL can promote that “if one wants to do corporate work they need high memory which DELL has”. people will start to change their belief towards “DELL Laptop” and will start to believe that they have efficiency on After Sales Service. 13% people believe that DELL Laptop has High Memory. By establishing more service centres. DELL can change consumer’s belief about their After Sales Service and can especially mention their efficiency on After Sales Service in their advertisement. They showed their likings about “DELL Laptop” in the survey that is given below: .

17% people Strongly “Agree‟ with the statement “I like DELL Laptops”. Through this concept “DELL Laptop” may be able to grab more consumers by shifting their importance in Status. If the firm is successful. The most noticeable thing is 13 of our surveyed people „disagree‟ with the statement “Dell Laptops are affordable”. “DELL Laptop” can use celebrity on their advertisement. affect toward the ad itself and mere exposure. To change the affection of the customers we need to use classical conditioning. 24 people said they are “Agree” with the statement “Dell Laptops are affordable”. 24 people also “Agree” with the statement “I am satisfied with the durability of “Dell” Laptops”. Probable Strategy: According to surveyed result. So “DELL Laptop” has to focus on their affordability. they will be .From the above table we can see that 27 people out of 60 people surveyed “Agree” with the statement “I like the configuration of Dell Laptops”. So if “DELL Laptop” focuses more on High Status by proposing that “Owning DELL Laptop is a part of status”. people think that although “DELL Laptop” has High Status but it has less efficiency in After Sales Service. Classical conditioning: One way to directly influencing the affective component is through classical conditioning. 13 people is a big number. When people will see their favourite celebrity is using “DELL Laptop”. Marketers use three basic approaches to directly increase affect: classical conditioning. increased liking will lead to a tendency to purchase the brand should a need arise. Changing Affective Components: It is increasingly common for a firm to attempt to influence consumers liking of its brand without directly influencing either belief or behaviour.

. The behavioural component tries to predict the actual behaviour of consumers that in this case whether they are using “DELL Laptop” or not. “DELL Laptop” can give their advertisement on billboard by using more bright colour that can easily attract more attention of consumers. Affect toward advertisement: Liking the advertisement can increase the tendency to like the product. This was measured by asking two questions: 1. The result of the survey below: Here. we can see that 42% of consumers‟ last time consumed “DELL Laptop”. 8% of consumers last time used “ACER”. 2.convinced by the advertisement. Last time I used _________________ Laptop. Measurement of behaviour component: A series of decision to purchase or not to purchase a product or to recommend it or other brands to friends reflect the behavioural component. 2. 30% of consumers last time used “HP/Compaq” and another 13% last time used “TOSHIBA”. As they like the celebrity. they will like the advertisement and through this way they may change their concept. Usually. I recommend ______________ Laptop. and 7% of consumers last time used “Fujitsu”.

and 8%people usually suggest “Fujitsu”. 22% people suggest “HP/Compaq”. Probably will buy May or may not buy Probably will not buy Definitely will not buy .From our survey findings we can see that 48% people usually suggest “DELL Laptop”. We can say that “HP/Compaq” is the main competitor of “DELL Laptop”. 3. 12% suggest “ACER”. 10% suggest “TOSHIBA”. What is the likelihood that you will buy “Dell” Laptops the next time when you purchase Laptops? Definitely will buy.

music or other stimuli that influence a belief or feelings. The behaviour component can be changed based on operant conditioning. Operant conditioning: It is the main source to change the behaviour of the customers. Changing behavioural prior to changing affect or cognition is based primarily on operant conditioning. Marketing managers are ultimately concern with the influencing behaviour. With the change of cognitive and affective component. Through this way “DELL Laptop” can change the behavioural component. If “DELL Laptop” gives discount to the people and after discount people may like it due to its augmented features. attend advertisement. 23% people said they “Definitely will buy” the DELL and equally 12% people said they “Probably will not buy” and “Definitely will not buy”. Nevertheless it is often difficult to influence directly. Component Consistency: A change in one attitude components tends to produce related change in other components. Finally people will purchase the product with full price.According to our survey result. Marketers can therefore. indirectly influence behaviour by providing information. 29% customers‟ opinion was “May or may not buy”. Consumer will often listen to sales personnel. Changing behavioural components: Behavioural component cannot change directly. behavioural component may change. .24% “Probably will buy”. or examine package.

Texas. But Dell-laptop has some limitations which should be fixed to attract more consumers. durability.  Advertising: Dell laptop should increase advertisement.  Improvement of Features: According to customer’s opinion. and to build loyal customers. . and United States that develops. Sometimes Dell can launch TV commercial. to increase market share. sells and supports computers and related products and services. Inc. is an American multinational information technology corporation based in 1 Dell Way. Otherwise it will not survive in the competitive market and lose the young customer segment. Dell should introduce informative adds in the technology related magazine and daily newspaper. Round Rock. Dell should also focus on Billboard advertisement. high price and high memory. Delllaptop has to do the following marketing strategies.Recommendation: Dell. A lot of people of Dhaka City like the Dell-laptop for it high status. it should improve its features.

 Increase in product line: They should introduce laptops in its store. Conclusion: Dell. It has only two authorized dealer in Dhaka which is located at IDB Vhabon.  Convenience: Baskin-Robbins is not available to the customers. it is liked by many customers due to high status and durability. As its target market is Upper middle class and Middle class people. Though it has lots of limitations. it can launch dealership in Gulshan. have to bring new products. . They have to expand their product line. Baridhara etc to catch the target market. is an American multinational information technology corporation. Uttara. It has to contract with more dealers in Dhaka city for the convenience of customers. Should be affordable: “DELL Laptop” price should be more affordable. Inc. Many people cannot purchase their laptop because of high price.