In the article “Have A Safe And Happy Raya” by Looi Sue -Chern I think the written is about safety

journey and healthy when festive season is approaching like Hari Raya Festival. Many Malaysians, especially Muslims, will be making arrangements for the Hari Raya celebrations. The „Balik Kampung‟ rush will start early for the next month. All of the road users will keep in mind the need for safety. We must consider how most of us fail to observe traffic regulations because many people do not comply with road rules. We need to give more responsible on the road to avoid accidents. We cannot blame the police for stopping us on the road because their responsibilities to regulate traffic road. We must urge all road users to comply with the road rules when using the road. Reduce speed while driving, stop at red lights, fasten our seat belts, and buckle our motorcycle helmets are the example of road rules should be observed. As a result, we can save money from paying fines and using the money to buy festive shopping or Raya Festival. Other than that, the article also need us care about health when Hari Raya festival. From the article, we should not forget to take care of what we eat. When Hari Raya Festival, many of food at open houses is free and most important is the long-term health care is not. So, the foods that we eat does not good for our health and will suffering us with diseases like diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol, these days. For the conclusion, keep ourselves safe journey in the road and mostly maintain good health especially while Hari Raya. In the article “Same-Sex marriage Child‟s Rights Ignored” by Dr A. Soorian I think the written which announced by Australian Finance Minister Penny Wong that she is to become a parent with her same-sex partner through in vitro fertilization (IVF) and this is issue will encourage the same-sex marriage in Malaysia. The question is should samesex marriages be legalized? Nowadays, most religions consider homosexual sin. This same-sex marriage will weaken the definition of and respect for the institution of marriage. Besides that, it will further weaken the traditional family values that are important to our society. Furthermore, same-sex marriage also could provide a slippery slope in the validity of the marriage such as having multiple wives or marrying animals may be next.

Moreover.However. In fact. I deny the public opinion that them is a violation of religious freedom because civil and religious marriage are two separate institutions. it is not harmful to the society or anyone in particular. championship winning season. Besides that. The conclusion is. same-sex marriage will encourage people to have strong family values and give up high-risk sexual lifestyles. They will be the heroic for the squad in future. we believed that Sir Alex Ferguson as Manchester United manager will manages and blooded a young crop of players with his experiences and his title as the fantastic manager to grow up the new generation of Manchester United. Furthermore. The best of young players who owned by Manchester United currently rated such as Tom Cleverly. the only important thing in marriage is love. Brian Martin‟s article on the “Blooding Young Devils Cleverly” highlight on the Manchester United‟s young players will become the next golden generation for the squad in future. the combination between the senior and junior as well as young star in this team will retain the title for Manchester United as the Champion Squad in English Premier League. Phil Jones. In addition. win all the games and trophy. I think that Manchester United is considered to have the composition of a good team with young players who could bring team triumph. I think the same-sex marriage should be legalized also. I agree with this article is about and the question is should the young player likes as Tom Cleverly be the next golden generation of Manchester United and retain the historic. . Johny Evans and other young players could contribute great for the team in future. the same financial benefits that apply to man-woman marriages apply to same-sex marriages. human being life want to find their spouse or love with anyone. As well as. As a result.