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Wan Mahrimi bin Wan Ambak Senior Manager (Billing Operation 1), Revenue Management Unit, Customer Service Department Tenaga Nasional Berhad


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4 sub KRAs Over the past 4 weeks.Fostering innovation Flying Squad concept in selected areas across Malaysia ▪ Street light operation makeover ▪ Next-generation frontline experience ▪ “Single point of contact with one day reply” ▪ Simplified tariff structure ▪ Enhanced energy ▪ D&A (diagnostic mgmt.Fixing the problem . and advisory services (non-domestic) & advisory) service for residential 2 Enhancing service 6 .Enhancing service . TNB had embarked on a transformation exercise through a the Customer Service Lab 38 initiatives 15 priorities 6 Fostering innovation ▪ Smart meter ▪ Metering/billing process enhancement ▪ Expanded service scope ▪ Empowering ambassadors The outcome 4 sub-KRAs with 38 detailed initiatives ▪ On the spot refund ▪ Renew customer charter 7 Fixing the problem ▪ 7-day connection ▪ New branch process ▪ Speed team and These 38 initiatives cover 3 different objectives .

Customer Service 10 Year Roadmap 7 .

4mths. Geographical Expansion 2011-2013 Improve and Standardize key processes at all customer touch points • • • • • Enforce KPI Improve Billing Improve & Standardize Key Processes Business Process ReEngineering Reduce Supply Connection Period • 8 . Group Supply Conn.TNB CUSTOMER SERVICE 10 YEAR ROADMAP 10 Year Roadmap Enhance Customer Experience (reduce face to face) Delight the customer and Embed customer loyalty (Empowering the Customer) Meet Customer Expectation (Addressing the nightmare) 2014-2016 Realising customer value and improving timely delivery of services via business process automation • • • • • • • • New CRM & Billing Accurate & Efficient Customer Billing Smart Meter & RMR Reduce Face-to-Face Email & SMS for Supply Status LKKK & BKKM Automation System Kiosk: Payment & Enquiry 8 TNB4U. 2016-2020 Build sustainable relationship with customer and going the extra mile • • • • Interactive Billing Face-to-Face at PKP 1% 1-Month Billing Cycle 95% Supply at Door-Step: Individual Supply Conn.

Highlights of TNB’s Challenges To Face The Current & Future Business Environment 9 .

TNB’s Challenges To Face the Business Environment •Regulatory Requirement •Improve Operational Efficiency •Adapt & Respond to New Business Challenges •Enhance TNB’s Capabilities In Delighting Customers Expectation 10 .

Regulatory Requirement a. Incentive Based Regulation b. GST Calculation 11 .

Data System Security c. Real time Payment Update 12 .Improve Operational Efficiency a. 2 operational engines system b.

Load Profiling b. Real Time Data c.Adapt & Respond To New Business Changes a. Dynamic Tariff d. Time Of Use 13 .

Smart Payment where the customers can pay multiple payment channels virtually anywhere c. Borderless Customer Service b.Enhance TNB’s Capabilities In Delighting Customers’ Expectation a. Budget Billing 14 .

TNB Way Forward 15 .

in order to adopt and adapt the Best Practices of Customer Billing Project Timeline – 20 months & Go-Live June 2015 16 16 . flexible and integrated solution to support TNB Billing functionalities To monitor policy and process compliance. in order to enhance policy. process integrity and transparency To automate and improve operational business processes. workable. robust.New Billing & CRM System for TNB New CRM enabled billing system to cater to TNB’s growing requirements CRM & Billing Project Goals To enable a comprehensive.

BCRM SYSTEM IS THE ENABLER TO DELIVER THE NEW BUSINESS NEEDS TOWARDS ACHIEVING CUSTOMER CENTRICITY Ensures Regulatory Requirements Compliance GST Payment Handling GSL Penalty Calculation Enables New Billing Features Customized Tariff Mgmt DemandSide Mgmt eg Timeof-Use EE Mgmt Provides Customer Empowerment 360° Single View of Customer Info Self-Service Portal Landlord – Tenant Management Incentive-Based Regulation Customized Contracts Budget Billing Improves Financial Operations Auto Reconciliati on of Payments Separate Real-Time GL Payment Assignment Update for Levied and MIT Payment Collected Handling FiT Enhances Credit Control Management Payment Behavior Analysis Enhanced payment scheme Prepayment Improves Customer Interaction Mobility Solutions Anytime. anywhere. any device Improves Service Delivery Adopt and Adapt Industry Standard Best Practices Customer Business Movemen Process tAutomatio Borderles n s Multiple Customer Engagement Channel Optimizes Smart Metering Capabilities Business Analytics Customer Segmentation Enhanced Reporting 17 Faster Supply Application Processing .

000 5.000. Anticipate new generation of customers and reduce F2F interaction NO.e Posted E bill and RMR for LPC & OPC iii.000 3. capacity & processing ii e-Services only email bill notification ~ 300K + cust.000.000. Generate interactive/smart billing •Dynamic bill layout •Statistical data •Marketing ii.000.000 1.OF CUSTOMER BILLING ROADMAP (2013-2020) 7. Bill delivery on time iv. Customer satisfaction vi.e Mail Billing System – Enterprise Output Management A dedicated eMail billing system as another channel to deliver monthly electricity bills with SMS as early notification/reminder to the customer System and Process The current system (email billing) rides on e-Dass for RMR LPC & e-Services for non-RMR Issues/Benefit i.000.000 2.000 - Dedicated e-mail billing system 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 YEAR 2018 2019 2020 3 Phase OPC RMR Postal E Bill Single phase OPC RMR Spot Bill OPC Green Billing 18 . System limitation ie. Reduce cost • Postal i.000.000 4.000. i.000 6. Early notification/reminder via SMS on bills to be sent via e-mail v.

1) Customer will get the bill with actual reading 2) Able to manage own monthly electricity consumption 19 . Total :1421 The consumer needs to register for the service and TNB will notify them the date of meter reading either by SMS or e-mail. This process will continue untill the service is terminated. 2 Methods to submit / update Meter Reading The meter reading can be submit/update at anytime within 3 days after notification via : •SMS to 15454 •TNB Website under e-Services Benefits .Self Meter Reading (SMR) Initiative For Domestic OPC Consumer Who Regularly Receives Estimated Bills To Do Self Meter Reading Consumer can read their own meter for 3 consecutives months while meter reading for the 4th month is done by TNB. How to apply .

my eProfile for external customer Develop by ICT Accessibility via eServices To get the participation and feedback from the selected consumers November 2012 20 .com.tnb.e Profile A eProfile system is a web based application and a tool for consumer to have their own load consumption in every 30 minutes interval period Proposed System : Accessing via eServices Registered Customer Start Register e-Services Load details Downloa d Benefit To TNB Load profile data can be used for the planning purposes To monitor and study a load profile according to customer type To monitor and detect any irregularities of customer consumption for the revenue protection To Consumer Consumer can monitor their load consumption and pattern Consumer can manage their own load consumption Consumer can plan their efficiency on the electricity usage Status eProfile for TNB users The application already available via intranet and the url : eprofile.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Smart meters for the future Future Proofing Customer Expectation • Pilot project of 1000 customer will commence in 2014 • Melaka – 800 customers •Putrajaya – 200 customers • Potential communication technology (GPRS.Freeband RF) Remote Meter Reading (Billing / Load Profile) Plan / Unplanned outage notification system Information transfer through: In Home Display. Free Apps & Web Page Post and Prepayment Customer aware of own consumption 21 . PLC. SMS.

Not only does this reduce fees. Smart Meters can notify TNB that your power is out in real-time. Repair crews can be allocated in a priority manner and repairs can begin sooner. For example. This information will help consumers identify ways to save electricity.In Home Display (IHD) Customers to make choices about how much energy they use by providing accurate real-time information about electricity consumption Smart Meters communicate meter readings directly to TNB. they can better advise the public about the precise locations of power outages 22 . thereby reducing their energy costs. Power companies can use Smart Meter technology to help keep the public informed quickly and more accurately.Smart Meter . eliminating the need for someone to come out and read your meter. These outage alerts can speed up power reconnection because the source of the problem can be pinpointed instantly. householders and businesses will be able to access accurate and more detailed information about their electricity use. but electricity bills will also be more accurate – virtually eliminating estimated bills Using a web portal or an in-home display connected to their Smart Meter.

As Forbes put it. The Next Big. Digital Economy Is In 'Smart Energy” 23 .