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2010 – current Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resource Management) Swinburne University of Technology Key Study Areas  Organisational behaviour  Industrial relations  Human resource training and development  Staff recruitment and selection  Industry Based Learning was undertaken in 2010 See employment section for details. 2009 Advanced Diploma in Business (Accounting) Swinburne University of Technology – TAFE  Distinction average achieved throughout the course Victorian Certificate of Education Hawthorn Secondary College
Keep the layout of each qualification consistent. Include the name of your institution Show most recent or highest level of qualification first Highlight the aspect of the qualification you believe to be most significant Only include your ATAR if you were competitive for your year


June 2011 Dec 2010 Aug 2010 Conflict Management Workshop Australian Human Resources Institute Creating High Performance Teams Seminar Australian Human Resources Institute Return to Work – Coordinator Training WorkSafe
Accreditations and professional development are seen by most employers as an indication of your commitment to “lifelong learning”, openness to change, remaining up-to date

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP 2010-Current Student Member Australian Human Resource Institute
This is optional and only to be included if significant and relevant.

1 Résumé of Sam Chronological

EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Professional Employment Mar–Aug 2011 Human Resources Assistant Blue Chip Computers. List details of any parttime. casual and/or non-professional full time work. Chadstone Responsibilities  Customer service  Assisted with the training of new staff members  Use of cash register and EFTPOS Achievements Awarded employee of the month for March 2008 Details of IBL. and new hires  Ensured that EEO reporting functions were up-to-date and in compliance with federal regulations  Prepared recruitment lists and job postings Achievements  Initiated and maintained an internal magazine entitled “Blue Chip Quarterly” which kept staff up-to-date on company developments and progress Other Employment 2010 – Current Recreation Worker Boroondara City Council. transfers. Malvern Six months employment as part of the Industry Based Learning program Responsibilities  Oversaw the human resource database Fasttrack to ensure that system records were accurately recorded and cross-checked  Ensured that human resource files and records were maintained in accordance with legal requirements and company policies and procedure  Assisted in the completion of monthly and year-end reports regarding terminations. Hawthorn Responsibilities  Researched the recreational needs of the community in Boroondara  Designed and led aerobics groups for mature aged adults residing within the City of Boroondara  Organised suitable venues to run a range of community based events Achievements  Organised an aerobics competition which attracted in excess of 30 competitors and 150 spectators Jan – Nov 2009 Waitress Pancake Parlour. vacation work or any other course related work experience Keep the layout of each job consistent First show most recent / relevant/highest level job You may need to include some details about the nature /size etc of the organisation Begin the description of each responsibility with an active verb to show the transferable skill. 2 Résumé of Sam Chronological .

Organisations and Management 1st Year Human Resource Subject This subject focused on working in groups to create an organisation. appointing a leader and individual responsibilities  Giving a group presentation at the end of the semester. E.Volunteer Work 2009 – 2010 University Volunteer Swinburne University. List details of any unpaid work experience. INDUSTRY ENGAGED LEARNING Industry Project 2010 Recruitment Campaign for Whizz Telemarketing 2nd Year Human Resource Subject This university project focussed on the development of a recruitment campaign for 20 telemarketers. it shows generosity of spirit and a high energy level. 3 Résumé of Sam Chronological . internships.capstones.g. This involved:  Working in a team to develop a simulated business  Creating a structure for our organisation. Here are some examples. This involved:       2009 Development of position descriptions and selection criteria Identification and costing of appropriate advertising Writing a job advertisement Specification of screening and selection criteria Preparation of behavioural interview questions Achieved a High Distinction List any examples of industry projects and other learning related to business and industry. for which a Distinction result was achieved SKILLS SUMMARY Human Resources  Experienced in writing job advertisements ensuring alignment to position descriptions through my role as Human Resource Assistant  Demonstrated ability to identify appropriate interview questions including behavioural interview questions as shown through my recruitment Campaign for Whizz Telemarketing  Knowledge of change management processes and implementation techniques demonstrated through university project  Understanding of OH&S processes and considerations in the workplace A range of other categories could be included at this point.industry tours. Hawthorn Responsibilities  Greeted prospective students at open day  Led campus tours comprising of up to 50 people  Assisted in the compilation of open day packs Volunteer work is just as important as paid work. Refer to the Careers & Employment handout „Employment/ Industry Specific Skills and Attributes – Providing Examples for Employer‟s for further assistance. strategy and environment. additionally. focusing on structure.

Publisher  Fasttrack – HR database  Adobe Photoshop Macromedia Dreamweaver/Fireworks/Flash Include your other skills. technical or generic State the languages that you can speak and/or write and your level of proficiency You will add credibility to your claims if you validate each skill with an example Make reference to your computing skills somewhere in your resume.  Demonstrated leadership skills when I assisted in training new employees as a Waitress at the Pancake Parlour Organisational  Ability to successfully handle multiple tasks within my role as a Waitress at the Pancake Parlour. include details of your areas of expertise INTERESTS  Netball .  In my role as a HR Assistant. Malvern Ph: 9123 4567 or Mobile: 0419 345 678 E-mail: bbanana@bluechip. often within tight timeframes. Teamwork/Leadership  Ability to cooperate in a team environment as seen through my active involvement in netball where I have demonstrated a capacity to motivate team members to achieve successful outcomes. all at the one time.Active member of the Rockets Netball Club from 2009 to present  Aerobics  Keeping up-to-date with HR industry trends All aspects of your life can be included to demonstrate your skills and add to your complete profile. Excel. REFEREES Mr Barney Banana Human Resource Senior Manager Blue Chip Computers. PowerPoint. Your referee may have changed jobs or companies. Software Experience Highly competent with the following packages:  Microsoft Office – Word. 4 Résumé of Sam Chronological .au Traditionally 2 or 3 referees are standard. They can still be included as your referee with their old job title referred to as “former”.  Proficient in Mandarin .  Written communication skills are best demonstrated through the production of “Blue Chip Quarterly” employee magazine that I initiated to keep staff up-to-date on company events and progress.both spoken and  Experience in communicating with a range of people through my role as a Recreation Worker where it was my responsibility to liaise with both internal and external stakeholders to secure appropriate venues for community activities. Academic and employer references are the most valued. preparing food and answering telephone enquiries.e. I was required to correctly enter all new employee information into the human resource system Ms Sally Selection Course Coordinator Swinburne University of Technology Ph: 9214 9876 E-mail: sselection@swin. I was responsible for serving If computing is your career. Personal referees are usually not requested. i.

5 Résumé of Sam Chronological .