MAHABHARATA retold by C.

(Compiled and edited by Jay Mazo, International Gita Society)

1. Ganapati, the Scribe 2. Devavrata 3. Bhishma's Vow 4. Amba And Bhishma 5. Deva ani And !acha ". #he $arria%e &' Deva ani (. )a ati *. Vid+ra ,. !+nti Devi 1-. Death &' .and+ 11. Bhima 12. !arna 13. Drona 14. #he /a0 .a1ace 15. #he 2scape &' #he .andavas 1". #he S1a in% &' Ba3as+ra 1(. Dra+padi's Swa amvaram 1*. 4ndraprastha 1,. #he Saran%a Birds 2-. 5arasandha 21. #he S1a in% &' 5arasandha

22. #he 6irst 7onor 23. Sa3+ni 8omes 4n 24. #he 4nvitation 25. #he /a%er 2". Dra+padi's Grie' 2(. Dhritarashtra's An0iet 2*. !rishna's Vow 2,. .as+pata 3-. A''1iction 4s 9othin% 9ew 31. A%ast a 32. :ish asrin%a 33. 6r+it1ess .enance 34. )ava3rida's 2nd 35. $ere ;earnin% 4s 9ot 2no+%h 3". Ashtava3ra 3(. Bhima And 7an+man 3*. 4 am 9o 8rane

3,. #he /ic3ed Are 9ever Satis'ied 4-. D+r odhana Dis%raced 41. Sri !rishna's 7+n%er 42. #he 2nchanted .oo1 43. Domestic Service

44. Virt+e Vindicated 45. $ats a De'ended 4". .rince <ttara 4(. .romise 6+1'i11ed 4*. Virata's De1+sion 4,. #a3in% 8o+nse1 5-. Ar=+na's 8harioteer 51. Sa1 a A%ainst 7is 9ephews 52. Vritra 53. 9ah+sha 54. San=a a's $ission 55. 9ot a 9eed1e>.oint &' #erritor 5". !rishna's $ission 5(. Attachment and D+t 5*. #he .andava Genera1issimo 5,. Ba1arama "-. :+3mini "1. 9on>8ooperation "2. !rishna #eaches "3. )+dhishthira See3s Benediction "4. #he 6irst Da 's Batt1e "5. #he Second Da "". #he #hird Da 's Batt1e

"(. #he 6o+rth Da "*. #he 6i'th Da ",. #he Si0th Da (-. #he Seventh Da (1. #he 2i%hth Da (2. #he 9inth Da (3. #he .assin% &' Bhishma (4. !arna and the Grandsire (5. Drona in 8ommand (". #o Sei?e )+dhishthira A1ive ((. #he #we1'th Da (*. Brave Bha%adatta (,. Abhiman + *-. #he Death &' Abhiman + *1. A 6ather's Grie' *2. #he Sindh+ !in% *3. Borrowed Armor *4. )+dhishthira's $is%ivin%s *5. )+dhishthira's 6ond 7ope *". !arna And Bhima *(. .1ed%e :espected **. Somadatta's 2nd *,. 5a adratha S1ain

A . !rishna . #he Death &' !arna .asses Awa . 2nv 1--. )+dhishthira's An%+ish . Aven%ed . Drona .assin% Awa &' #he #hree 1-5.1.-.. )+dhishthira's 6ina1 #ria1 . <tan%a 1-1. #he .". Dhritarashtra 1-4. )+dhishthira 8om'orted ..3. /ho 8an Give So1ace@ . #he .4.asses Awa 1-". )+dhishthira :+1es 1-3.o+nd &' 61o+r 1-2.*.2.andavas :eproached .(.. Aswatthama .5. D+r odhana .

#he $ahabharata is o' this c1ass. interpo1ation in a reco%nised c1assic seemed to correspond to inc1+sion in the nationa1 1ibrar . 4t ma be c1aimed that the 'ormer p1a an even more important part in the 'ormation o' idea1s. 4n most 4ndian homes. chi1dren 'ormer1 1earnt these immorta1 stories as the 1earnt their mother ton%+e at the mother's 3nee. #he $ahabharata was composed man tho+sand ears a%o. A11 the '1oatin% 1iterat+re that was tho+%ht to be worth preservin%. %eo%raphica1. 'rom time immemoria1 %reat minds have been 'ormed and no+rished and to+ched to heroic deeds b the :ama ana and the $ahabharata. %reat and 'ate'+1 movement. 4n those da s. it has inspired %reat men to heroic deeds as we11 as enab1ed the h+mb1e to 'ace their tria1s with 'ortit+de and 'aith. canvas. 4t be1on%s to the wor1d and not on1 to 4ndia. B+t %enerations o' %i'ted reciters have added to V asa's ori%ina1 a %reat mass o' materia1. Bhishma. V asa's $ahabharata is one o' o+r nob1est herita%es. most +n'ort+nate o' D+eensC !+nti. theo1o%ica1 and phi1osophica1. #he rea1ities o' 1i'e are idea1ised b %eni+s and %iven the 'orm that ma3es drama. so 1on% as the h+man 'ami1 is divided into nations. b+t never con'+sed. the $ahabharata is a nob1e poem possessin% in a s+preme de%ree the characteristics o' a tr+e epic. 4t stren%thens the so+1 and drives home. the vanit o' ambition and the evi1 and '+ti1it o' an%er and hatred. . 1iterat+re cannot escape the e''ects o' s+ch division. when we are proper1 att+ned. #he %rowin% comp1e0it o' 1i'e has chan%ed the simp1e pattern o' ear1 home 1i'e. Sti11. #he characters in the epic move with the vita1it o' rea1 1i'e. whose perverse pride is redeemed b %reat co+ra%e in adversit C the hi%h so+1ed . #o the peop1e o' 4ndia. Divested o' these accretions. 1e%endar po1itica1. when there was no printin%.AUTHOR'S PREFACE 4# is not an e0a%%eration to sa that the persons and incidents portra ed in the %reat 1iterat+re o' a peop1e in'1+ence nationa1 character no 1ess potent1 than the act+a1 heroes and events enshrined in its histor . we rea1ise the essentia1 oneness o' the h+man 'ami1 . the devoted wi'e and sad mother o' the wic3ed sons o' Dhritarashtra. o' near1 thirt cent+ries. indeed. 'o+nd a p1ace in it. which %ive to character its imp+1se o' %rowth. poetr or %reat prose. And it is m cherished be1ie' that to hear it 'aith'+11 to1d is to 1ove it and come +nder its e1evatin% in'1+ence. as nothin% e1se does. B+t the hi%hest 1iterat+re transcends re%iona1ism and thro+%h it. historica1. these are some o' the immorta1 'i%+res on that crowded. 4t is di''ic+1t to 'ind an where s+ch vivid portrait+re on so amp1e a canvas. this epic has been an +n'ai1in% and perennia1 so+rce o' spirit+a1 stren%th. heroic characters and state1 diction. And the sweetness and sorrows o' Sita and Dra+padi.earnt at the mother's 3nee with reverence and 1ove. Since 1iterat+re is c1ose1 re1ated to 1i'e. there are 'ew in o+r 1and who do not 3now the :ama ana and the $ahabharata.andavas with %od1i3e stren%th as we11 as power o' s+''erin%C Dra+padi. the heroic 'ortit+de o' :ama and Ar=+na and the 1ovin% 'ide1it o' . the per'ect 3ni%htC the venerab1e DronaC the vain b+t chiva1ro+s !arnaC D+r odhana. #ho+%h the stories come to them so embroidered with the %arish 'ancies o' the !a1a3shepam Adevotiona1 meetin% where an e0pert scho1ar and sin%er te11s a stor to his a+dienceB and the cinema as to retain b+t 1itt1e o' the di%nit and approach to tr+th o' V asa or Va1mi3i. . the worth mother o' heroesC Gandhari.a3shmana and 7an+man became the st+'' o' their o+n% phi1osoph o' 1i'e. 4n the movin% histor o' o+r 1and.

with the same va1+es and idea1s. Some o' the %reatest warriors in the $ahabharata were brahmanas. 'r+stration and bereavements. more distin%+ished or ambitio+s than the rest. &ne can read even a trans1ation and 'ee1 the over whe1min% power o' the incomparab1e vastness and s+b1imit o' the poem. the ce1ebrated compi1er o' the Vedas. #he advent o' the !a1i a%e is mar3ed b man breaches o' these conventions in the !+r+3shetra batt1e. deviations 'rom which met with reproo' amon% !shatri as. #he art o' war was hi%h1 deve1oped and mi1itar prowess and s3i11 were he1d in hi%h esteem. /e read in the $ahabharata o' standardised pha1an0es and o' vario+s tactica1 movements. that coveto+sness and vio1ence 1ead inevitab1 to r+in. how is it sti11 contin+in% to '+1'i1. 4 have conceived an e0ce11ent wor3. whose divinit scinti11ates thro+%h a c1o+d o' ver h+man characteristics. there was a ver hi%h1 c+1t+red 1i'e in the sec1+sion o' 'orest recesses. b+t cannot thin3 o' one who can ta3e it down to m dictation. 7e meditated on Brahma. &ccasiona11 . stran%e1 resemb1es the 4ndia o' o+r own time. 1. /omen were hi%h1 honored and entered 1ar%e1 in the 1ives o' their h+sbands and sons. 4ndia was divided into a n+mber o' independent 3in%doms. sec+rin% the acD+iescence o' other ro a1ties. this '+nction@ B its %ospe1 o' dharma. /or1d>wear a%ed went there 'or peace. the 8reator. Besides this +rban and r+ra1 1i'e. b+t the mass o' the peop1e were a%ric+1t+rists. #he caste s stem prevai1ed. #he pop+1ation 1ived in cities and vi11a%es. #here were bea+ti'+1 pa1aces and %ardens and the 1ives 1ed were c+1t+red and 1+0+rio+s. and si%na1ised it b a %reat sacri'icia1 'east. GANAPATI. )o+n% men o' nob1e birth ea%er1 so+%ht ed+cation at these ashramas. 7is hi%h p+rpose'+1ness pervades the who1e epic. wo+1d ass+me the tit1e o' emperor. #hese ashramas 3ept a1ive the bri%ht 'ires o' 1earnin% and spirit+a1 tho+%ht. which tho+%h o' an o1der wor1d. on acco+nt o' the bitterness o' con'1ict. 7avin% conceived the $ahabharata he tho+%ht o' the means o' %ivin% the sacred stor to the wor1d. Some o' the most impressive passa%es in the epic center ro+nd these breaches o' dharma.ord. #he $ahabharata disc1oses a rich civi1isation and a hi%h1 evo1ved societ . #he emperor was on1 'irst amon% his peers. b+t intercaste marria%es were not +n3nown. #he $ahabharata has mo+1ded the character and civi1isation o' one o' the most n+mero+s o' the wor1d's peop1e.F . #here was trade in the cities. most ener%etic o' men. #here was an accepted code o' honorab1e war'are. #he adherence was %enera11 vo1+ntar . #hese centers o' c+1t+re were cherished b the r+1ers o' the 1and and not the pro+dest o' them wo+1d dare to treat the members o' the hermita%es otherwise than with respect and consideration.#hen there is %reat !rishna himse1'. B its 1esson that hatred breeds hatred. #he cities were the headD+arters o' 3in%s and their ho+seho1d and sta''. 7ow did it '+1'i1. that the on1 rea1 conD+est is in the batt1e a%ainst one's 1ower nat+re. #he ass+mption o' imperia1 tit1e con'erred no over1ordship. which 1i3e a %o1den thread r+ns thro+%h a11 the comp1e0 movements in the epic. was the son o' the %reat sa%e . centerd ro+nd ascetic teachers. THE CRIBE B7AGAVA9 V)ASA. 4t was he who %ave to the wor1d the divine epic o' the $ahabharata.arasara. V asa sa1+ted him with bowed head and 'o1ded hands and pra edE F. one 3in%. who mani'ested himse1' be'ore him.

4 made an e0tensive pi1%rima%e to vario+s sacred p1aces and a1so visited the batt1e'ie1d where the %reat batt1e described in the epic was 'o+%ht. attained the a%e o' si0teen the rishis 1ed them a11 bac3 to 7astinap+ra and entr+sted them to the o1d %randsire Bhishma. A'terwards. A'terwards. when the memor o' the 1earned was the so1e repositor o' boo3s. 5aname=a a.F At these words the ascetics ea%er1 %athered ro+nd him. this stor . Dhritarashtra and . B+t m pen m+st not stop whi1e 4 am writin%.ater. 4t was be'ore the da s o' printin%. #he 1atter had two sons.F 7e then proceeded to te11 the who1e stor o' the $ahabharata in the %rand assemb1 . #he sa%e V asa meditated on Ganapati who appeared be'ore him. #he e1der o' the two bein% born b1ind.Brahma e0to11ed V asa and saidE F& sa%e. . F. !+nti and $adri %ave birth to 'ive sons who became we11 3nown as the 'ive . he e0po+nded it to man other discip1es. as to1d b Vaisampa ana. the e1dest.andavas. 4t is we11 3nown that the virt+o+s and 1earned Vaisampa ana. 4 can on1 write on this condition@F V asa a%reed. 4n a short time the . %+ardin% himse1'.and+. 7e wo+1d occasiona11 compose some comp1e0 stan?as which wo+1d ma3e Ganapati pa+se a whi1e to %et at the meanin% and V asa wo+1d avai1 himse1' o' this interva1 to compose man stan?as in his mind. the :a3shasas and the )a3shas. A'ter the death o' the %reat !in% Santan+.and+ passed awa whi1e the were sti11 1ivin% in the 'orest. was recited b S+ta in the 'orest o' 9aimisa to an assemb1 o' sa%es +nder the 1ead o' the :ishi Sa+na3a. S+ta addressed the assemb1 E F4 had the %ood 'ort+ne to hear the stor o' the $ahabharata composed b V asa to teach h+manit dharma and the other ends o' 1i'e. b+t o+ m+st 'irst %rasp the meanin% o' what 4 dictate be'ore o+ write it down. . 4n the co+rse o' his rei%n. V asa received him with d+e respect and so+%ht his aid. 8hitran%ada became !in% o' 7astinap+ra and he was s+cceeded b Vichitravir a.andavas %ained master over the Vedas and . #hen the sa%e be%an to sin% the stor o' the $ahabharata. ascended the throne. /ere it not so. /hen )+dhishthira. the son o' the %reat !in% . #h+s the $ahabharata came to be written b Ganapati to the dictation o' V asa. 4 sha11 dictate the stor o' the $ahabharata and 4 pra down.and+. #he sa%es bro+%ht +p the 'ive . the two wives o' . 4 sha11 do as o+ wish. 4 have now come here to meet o+ a11. one o' the chie' discip1es o' V asa.andavas d+rin% their ear1 ears. .ari3shit. S+ta contin+edE F4 heard the main stor o' the $ahabharata and the episodic ta1es contained therein to1d b Vaisampa ana at the sacri'ice cond+cted b !in% 5aname=a a.F 7avin% said these words he disappeared.and+. the o+n%er brother. with a co+nter stip+1ationE FBe it so. the sa%e S+3a.F Ganapati smi1ed and a%reed to the condition. V asa 'irst ta+%ht the %reat epic to his son. 4 sho+1d 1i3e to narrate it to o+. So o+ m+st dictate witho+t pa+se or hesitation. revea1ed the epic 'or the bene'it o' h+manit .ord Ganapati. invo3e Ganapati and be% him to be o+r aman+ensis. D+rin% their sta in the 'orest. however. the boo3 mi%ht have been 1ost to '+t+re %enerations. #radition has it that 9arada to1d the stor o' the $ahabharata to the devas whi1e S+3a ta+%ht it to the Gandharvas.F o+ to be %racio+s1 p1eased to write it Ganapati rep1iedE FVer we11.and+ committed a certain o''ence and had to resort to the 'orest with his two wives where he spent man ears in penance. cond+cted a %reat sacri'ice in the co+rse o' which Vaisampa ana narrated the stor at the reD+est o' the 'ormer. .

the sons o' the b1ind Dhritarashtra. especia11 pertainin% to the !shatri as. A'terwards. 4t is.ari3shit. B+t on certain conditions that neither o+ nor an one e1se sho+1d ever as3 me who 4 am. %ood or bad. the . #he 1e't the 3in%dom and went to the 'orest with their devoted wi'e Dra+padi. #his is the s+bstance o' the stor o' the $ahabharata. 4ndraprastha and 7astinap+ra. )o+ m+st not sa an thin% disp1easin% to me. As a res+1t. Accordin%1 the .andavas. his a11.andavas and tried to in=+re them in vario+s wa s.the Vedanta as we11 as over the vario+s arts. re'+sed to ret+rn it. 6ina11 Bhishma. into0icatin% his senses with her s+perh+man 1ove1iness. &'ten he wondered who she was. Some time 1ater. #he 3in% earnest1 o''ered 'or her 1ove his 3in%dom. with the :ama ana. . 4 sha11 1eave o+ then and there. #he heart o' the 3in% was captivated b her modest and %race and the stead 1ove she bore him. Accordin% to the conditions o' the %ame. )o+ m+st a1so not stand in the wa o' whatever 4 do. nor m+st o+ ever be wroth with me on an acco+nt whatsoever. the . /ar 'o11owed as a conseD+ence.andavas r+1ed the 3in%dom 'or thirt > si0 ears. a11 c1ad h+mb1 in bar3s o' trees. Santan+ was 'i11ed with horror and an%+ish at s+ch 'iendish cond+ct. #he !a+ravas. and then ret+rned to the 3in% with a smi1in% 'ace. de'eated )+dhishthira. 4 sha11 become o+r wi'e. and repaired to the 'orest with Dra+padi. who had in the meanwhi1e +s+rped their 3in%dom. /hen the ret+rned and demanded o' D+r odhana their paterna1 herita%e. She %ave birth to man chi1drenC each newborn babe she too3 to the Gan%es and cast into the river. Gan%a rep1iedE F& 3in%. besides the narrative o' the 'ort+nes o' the . intervened to brin% abo+t m+t+a1 +nderstandin% and peace between them. or whence 4 come. b+t s+''ered it a11 in si1ence. whoever o+ ma be. Do o+ a%ree@F #he in'at+ated 3in% vowed his assent. #he $ahabharata is in 'act a veritab1e ocean containin% co+nt1ess pear1s and %ems. Sa3+ni. the trans'erred the crown to their %randson.andavas accordin% to the then prevai1in% !shatri a code o' honor. 4' o+ act otherwise. who p1a ed on beha1' o' the !a+ravas.F #h+s said the %reat !in% Santan+ to the %oddess Gan%a who stood be'ore him in h+man 'orm. mind'+1 o' the promise be had made.andavas had to be in e0i1e 'or a period o' thirteen ears.andavas and the !a+ravas be%an to r+1e separate1 'rom their respective capita1s. his wea1th. !. there was a %ame o' dice between the !a+ravas and the . a 1ivin% 'o+ntain o' the ethics and c+1t+re o' o+r $other1and.andavas de'eated D+r odhana and re%ained their patrimon .andavas spent twe1ve ears in the 'orest and the thirteenth ear inco%nito. the 1atter. #he . #he . !in% Santan+ and Gan%a 1ived a 1i'e o' per'ect happiness. his ver 1i'e. "E#A#RATA F)o+ m+st certain1 become m wi'e. ob1ivio+s o' the passa%e o' time. 4n this ancient and wonder'+1 epic o' o+r 1and there are man i11+strative ta1es and s+b1ime teachin%s. became =ea1o+s o' the . where'rom she had come and wh she acted 1i3e a . the head o' the 'ami1 . and she became his wi'e and 1ived with him.

F A'ter sa in% these words the %oddess disappeared with the chi1d. Santan+ co+1d not bear it an 1on%er. Sa%es who per'orm a+sterities acD+ire the power to c+rse. #hrow +s into the water . and moved b their s+pp1ications said.F A'terwards. 'or o+r heart is set on o+r chi1d. /hen the ei%hth chi1d was born and she was abo+t to throw it into the Gan%es. . 4 sha11 not 3i11 this chi1d. B+t this is no %ain to +s. the devas. b+t ever e0ercise o' this power red+ces their store o' merit. /hen the Vas+s came to 3now o' the c+rse. #he Vas+s 'e1t re1ieved and approached the %oddess Gan%a and be%%ed o' herE F/e pra o+ to become o+r mother. F& %reat 3in%. $an wi11 certain1 become immorta1 b drin3in% its mi13. #he went 'or a ho1ida with their wives to a mo+ntain tract where stood the hermita%e o' VasishthaE &ne o' them saw Vasishtha's cow. adored o' %ods and men. %ra?in% there.F 6ina11 her h+sband ie1ded. 4t was this chi1d who 1ater became 'amo+s as Bhishma. the e''ect o' which had been s1i%ht1 impaired b his an%er. 'or the mi13 o' cows@ #his cow be1on%s to the sa%e Vasishtha who is the master o' the who1e p1ace. 4 was to be their mother. A11 the Vas+s =oined to%ether and too3 the cow and its ca1' awa with them. Ver soon he came to 3now b his o%ic insi%ht a11 that had ta3en p1ace. #he sa%e. 4 bore them to o+. Vasishtha saidE F#he c+rse m+st needs ta3e its co+rse. wi11ed that the sho+1d be born into the wor1d o' men. #his was how the Vas+s came to inc+r Vasishtha's c+rse. b+t the others wi11 be 'reed 'rom the c+rse as soon as born. the Vas+ who sei?ed the cow. 7e criedE FStop. $ words cannot prove ine''ective. F4 have a dear companion in the morta1 wor1d. and o+ do not need me an more. b+t 4 sha11 so'ten the c+rse to this e0tent. 4ts divine1 bea+ti'+1 'orm attracted him and he pointed it o+t to the 1adies. 'or it is m dearest wish. and his a11>masterin% 1ove 'or her.rabhasa. #he were a11 1o+d in praise o' the %race'+1 anima1. b+t 1isten to m stor be'ore o+ =+d%e me. 9andini. #h+s she 3i11ed seven chi1dren. stop. wh are o+ bent on this horrid and +nnat+ra1 m+rder o' o+r own innocent babes@F /ith this o+tb+rst the 3in% restrained her. Vasishtha set his mind a%ain on his a+sterities. whose so1e wea1th was his a+sterit . who are a1read immorta1. An%er sei?ed him and he +ttered a c+rse a%ainst the Vas+s. F o+ have 'or%otten o+r promise. Vasishtha c+rsed the ei%ht Vas+s to be born in the wor1d o' men. 4 sha11 brin% +p this 1ast chi1d o' o+rs 'or some time and then ret+rn it to o+ as m %i't.m+rdero+s witch. repentant too 1ate. beca+se the were indispensab1e 'or his dai1 rit+a1s. and one o' them reD+ested her h+sband to sec+re it 'or her. he +ttered no word o' b1ame or remonstrance. wi11 1ive 1on% in the wor1d in a11 %1or . 6or o+r sa3e we beseech o+ to descend to the earth and marr a worth man. 4 %o. am the %oddess Gan%a. 7e rep1iedE F/hat need have we. 4t is 'or her sa3e that 4 ma3e this reD+est. who am constrained to p1a this hate'+1 ro1e b the c+rse o' Vasishtha.F she rep1ied. Sti11 bo+nd b his word. the threw themse1ves on the sa%e's merc and imp1ored 'or%iveness. 4. /hen Vasishtha ret+rned to his ashrama. Be'ore Vasishtha ret+rns we sha11 have escaped with the cow. he missed the cow and the ca1'. )o+ m+st certain1 do this 'or m sa3e. and we11 is it 'or o+ that it was so. 4s it worth o+r whi1e inc+rrin% Vasishtha's wrath mere1 to satis' a whim@F B+t she was not th+s to be p+t o''. 6or o+ wi11 %o to hi%her re%ions 'or this service o+ have done to the ei%ht Vas+s.

7e there'ore ret+rned to his capita1. 6rom the moment the %oddess Gan%a 1e't him. $. and disappeared. A sa%e had con'erred on her the boon that a divine per'+me sho+1d emanate 'rom her. p1a in% with the mi%ht river as a chi1d with an ind+1%ent mother.F Santan+ rep1iedE F4' it is a =+st promise 4 sha11 ma3e it. has to be married to someone and o+ are indeed worth o' her. #a3e bac3 with o+ this chi1d who is a %reat archer and hero as we11 as a master in statecra't. &ne da as the 3in% was wanderin% on the ban3s o' the )am+na.F #hen she b1essed the bo . 4t was a price that co+1d not be tho+%ht o' witho+t soon as we are born and 1iberate +s 'rom the c+rse.F 7er voice was sweet as her 'orm. the !ing ga"e up all sensual pleasures and ruled the !ingdom in a spirit of asceticism# $ne day he as andering along the ban!s of the Ganges hen he sa a boy endo ed ith the beauty and form of %e"endra. who was entit1ed to the crown. #he maiden saidE F4 am a 'isherwoman. Sti11 o+ have to ma3e a promise to me be'ore o+ can have her. 1i3e ever other. 7e as3ed her to be his wi'e. and is we11 versed in the arts and sciences 3nown to S+3ra. the !ing of the gods# #he chi1d was am+sin% himse1' b castin% a dam o' arrows across the Gan%es in '1ood. 7e saidE F& 3in%. 7e did not revea1 the matter to an one and 1an%+ished in si1ence. and he traced it to a maiden so 1ove1 that she seemed a %oddess. 7e has 1earnt the Vedas and the Vedanta 'rom Vasishtha. She saidE F& 3in%. this is that ei%hth chi1d 4 bore o+. #o the 3in% who stood trans'i0ed with ama?ement at the si%ht.aras+rama in prowess. there is no do+bt that this maiden. 7astinap+ra. 4 have bro+%ht him +p ti11 now. and this was now pervadin% the who1e 'orest. sic3 with ba''1ed desire. the 3in% had 3ept his senses +nder contro1. the air was s+dden1 'i11ed with a 'ra%rance so divine1 sweet that the 3in% so+%ht 'or its ca+se. When the goddess Ganga left Santanu and disappeared ith the eighth child. as it meant settin% aside the %od1i3e Devavrata. came to the earth and became the wi'e o' Santan+. . #he 'ather was an ast+te man. the son o' Gan%a. the 3in%.F #he chie' o' the 'isher'o13 saidE F#he chi1d born o' this maiden sho+1d be the 3in% a'ter o+. the 3in% co+1d not ma3e this promise. 7e has mastered the art o' arms and eD+a1s . handed him to his 'ather. BHI HMA% #&' /4#7 =o the 3in% received to his heart and his 3in%dom the resp1endent and o+th'+1 prince Devavrata and crowned him as the )+vara=a. b+t the si%ht o' this divine1 bea+ti'+1 maiden b+rst the bonds o' restraint and 'i11ed him with an overmasterin% desire.F #ho+%h a1most mad with passion. 7is name is Devavrata. 6o+r ears went b . the heir apparent. $a it p1ease o+ to as3 him and %et his consent. the da+%hter o' the chie' o' the 'ishermen. the %oddess Gan%a revea1ed herse1' and presented the chi1d as his own son.F #he %oddess %ranted their pra er.

who was bent on '+1'i11in% the 3in%'s desire.i'e in the wor1d is +ncertain and wars are incessant. Sti11. o+ are eD+a1 to a h+ndred sons.F /hen he heard this 3nott D+estion posed b the %ir1's 'ather. #hen the son o' Gan%a 1ed the maiden Sat avati to his 'ather. o+ have a11 that o+r heart co+1d wish. 8hitran%ada and Vichitravir a. . 4 am indeed tort+red with menta1 pain and an0iet . Dhritarashtra and . what o+ sa is tr+e. o+ have done what no one e1se born o' ro a1 b1ood has o+ have done ti11 now. b+t 'irmE F$ da+%hter is indeed 'it to be the 3in%'s spo+se. Vichitravir a had two sons. not proper that the perpet+ation o' o+r 'ami1 sho+1d depends on a sin%1e 1i'e. 7e went to the chie' o' the 'ishermen and beso+%ht his da+%hter's hand on his 'ather's beha1'. 4t is. #his is the do+bt that torments me. )o+ are indeed a hero. #he chie' o' the 'ishermen saidE F& best o' the Bharata race. and above a11 thin%s 4 desire the perpet+ation o' o+r 'ami1 . /h then are o+ so +nhapp @ 7ow is it that o+ are 1i3e one pinin% awa with a secret sorrow@F #he 3in% rep1iedE FDear son. FBhishmaF means one who +nderta3es a terrib1e vow and '+1'i1s it. . 7e vowed with +praised arm to the 'ather o' the maidenE F4 sha11 never marr and 4 dedicate m se1' to a 1i'e o' +nbro3en chastit . #hat name became the ce1ebrated epithet o' Devavrata 'rom that time.F FBhishmaF reso+nded in the air.F and he too3 a vow to that e''ect. #he sons o' Dhritarashtra. and cries o' FBhishma. o+r 'ather. born respective1 o' his two D+eens. #he 6ami1 #ree Santan+ .and+. #he 'isherman was respect'+1.and+ had 'ive sons who became 'amo+s as the . honored b a11 as the %randsire +nti1 the end o' the 'amo+s batt1e o' !+r+3shetra. a h+ndred in n+mber. and wi11 be hard to resist i' the see3 to sei?e the 3in%dom b 'orce.F And as he +ttered these words o' ren+nciation the %ods showered '1owers on his head. F4 have no do+bt o+ wi11 3eep o+r word.andavas. 4' an thin% +ntoward be'a11s o+ o+r 'ami1 wi11 become e0tinct.&ne da Devavrata as3ed his 'atherE F$ 'ather.F #he 'ather prevaricated. were 3nown as the !a+ravas. #hewise Devavrata rea1ised that there m+st be a secret ca+se 'or the menta1 condition o' his 'ather. those who are we11 read in the script+res sa that in this transitor wor1d havin% b+t one son is the same as havin% no son at a11. )o+ can o+rse1' cond+ct m da+%hter to the 3in%. &' co+rse. #his is the ca+se o' m an%+ish. Ambi3a and Amba1i3a. made his s+preme ren+nciation. hear with patience these words o' mine which 4 sa as the 'ather o' the %ir1. Sti11. #wo sons were born o' Sat avati to Santan+. )o+ are m on1 son and o+ are a1wa s preocc+pied with mi1itar ambitions. Bhishma 1ived 1on%.F Devavrata rep1iedE F4 %ive o+ m word that the son born o' this maiden sha11 be 3in%. Devavrata. And 4 reno+nce in his 'avor m ri%ht as heir apparent. b+t how can 4 hope that the chi1dren born o' o+ wi11 reno+nce their birthri%ht@ )o+r sons wi11 nat+ra11 be mi%ht heroes 1i3e o+. bein% ashamed to revea1 the who1e stor to his son. and D+estionin% the 3in%'s charioteer came to 3now o' his meetin% with the 'ishermaiden on the ban3s o' the )am+na. who ascended the throne one a'ter the other. 4t is this that stands in the wa . #hen sho+1d not her son become 3in%@ B+t o+ have been crowned as the heir apparent and wi11 nat+ra11 s+cceed o+r 'ather.

!a1in%a and other princes and potentates had a1so repaired to !asi 'or the swa amvara. 1earned in the script+res. As he died chi1d1ess. /hen a11 were assemb1ed 'or the marria%e. his brother. the o+n% princes 'e1t themse1ves 1et down and were '+11 o' cha%rin.+ndra. Van%a. AMBA AN" BHI HMA 874#:A9GADA. sho+1d do. B+t at the reD+est o' the princesses Bhishma spared his 1i'e. /hat has this o1d man to do with this swa amvara@ 6ie on himIF #he princesses who were to choose their h+sbands bare1 %1anced at the o1d man and 1oo3ed awa . #he r+1ers o' !os1a. was 3i11ed in batt1e with a Gandharva. as m h+sband. #he did not 3now that he had rea11 come 'or the sa3e o' his brother. Vichitravir a. as Bhishma was a peer1ess bowman. Bhishma %overned the 3in%dom in his name ti11 be came o' a%e.F . 6or that princess had menta11 chosen Sa1va as her h+sband. do what o+. /hen Vichitravir a reached ado1escence Bhishma cast abo+t 'or a bride 'or him. Arrivin% in 7astinap+ra with the princesses. And as he was a minor. #he princesses were so 'ar>'amed 'or bea+t and accomp1ishments that there was 'ierce competition to win them. Bhishma made preparations 'or their marria%e to Vichitravir a. the 3in% o' the Sa+ba1a co+ntr who was attached to Amba. )o+ have bro+%ht me here b 'orce. B+t be'ore he had %one 'ar. Vichitravir a. and no wonder. And ta3in% the three princesses in his chariot he set o+t 'or 7astinap+ra. 7e cha11en%ed the assemb1ed princes to a tria1 o' their manhood and de'eated them a11. !nowin% this. 4 have menta11 chosen Sa1va. . A'ter a bitter 'i%ht Sa1va was worsted. the son o' Sat avati.Ab Gan%aB Ab Sat avatiB Bhishma 8hitran%adaGVichitravir a Ab Amba1i3aB Ab Ambi3aB Dhtitarashtra H . Sa1va. #he princes be%an to cast a''ronts at BhishmaE F#his most e0ce11ent and wise descendant o' the Bharata race 'or%ets that he is too o1d and 'or%ets a1so his vow o' ce1ibac . And as he heard that the da+%hters o' the 3in% o' !asi were to choose theirh+sbands accordin% to the ancient !shatri a practice he went there to sec+re them 'or his brother.and+ H #he !a+ravas #he . attired in their best. the 3in% o' Sa+ba1a. B+t when the 'o+nd that he was a1so a s+itor. At 'irst ever one tho+%ht that the redo+btab1e hero had come mere1 to witness the 'estivities o' the swa amvara. Bhishma's wrath '1amed +p.andavas (. Amba smi1ed moc3in%1 at Bhishma and addressed him as 'o11owsE F& son o' Gan%a. Bhishma was 'amo+s amon% the !shatri as as a mi%ht man>at>arms. was the ri%ht'+1 heir and was d+1 crowned 3in%. intercepted and opposed him. o+ are aware o' what is en=oined in the script+res.

aras+rama as a s+pp1iant.F Sa1va rep1iedE FBhishma de'eated me in si%ht o' a11. She then h+n% the %ar1and at Dr+pada's pa1ace %ate and went awa to the 'orest. the two o+n%er sisters.aras+rama was moved with compassion and saidE FDear chi1d. sa in% that the wearer o' that %ar1and wo+1d become the enem o' Bhishma. And a'ter some vain attempts to ma3e Vichitravir a chan%e his mind. espo+sed her ca+se and 'o+%ht with Bhishma. B+t Vichitravir a ro+nd1 re'+sed to marr a maiden whose heart had a1read been %iven to another.aras+rama moved as m+ch b her an%+ish as b his abidin% hatred o' the !shatri a race.F /ith these words Sa1va sent her bac3 to Bhishma.aras+rama had to ac3now1ed%e de'eat. &n hearin% her sad stor . B+t no one had the hardihood to anta%onise Bhishma. 6ina11 . 7e to1d AmbaE F4 have done a11 that 4 co+1d and 4 have 'ai1ed. she went to Sa1va and 'o+nd him adamant in re'+sa1. #hat is the on1 co+rse 1e't to o+. She ret+rned to 7astinap+ra and to1d Bhishma o' what had ta3en p1ace. with Vichitravir a was d+1 so1emnised. #his at 'irst she was too pro+d to do. . she went to !in% Dr+pada who a1so re'+sed to %rant her pra er. 4t was impossib1e 'or Bhishma to brea3 his vow. #he marria%e o' Ambi3a and Amba1i3a. sorr as he was 'or Amba. 4 do not wish it. She 'o11owed their advice. and carried o+ awa . Some ascetics whom she met there and to whom she to1d her sorrow'+1 ta1e advised her to %o to .Bhishma admitted the 'orce o' her ob=ection and sent her to Sa1va with proper escort. she resorted to hard a+sterities to %et the %race o' . 6ina11 . :et+rn to him and do as he commands. he to1d her there was no wa 1e't to her b+t to %o a%ain to Sa1va and see3 to pers+ade him. Bhishma has sent me to o+. #here is now b+t one thin% in 1i'e 'or me. #he 1ot+s>e ed Amba spent si0 bitter ears in sorrow and ba''1ed hope. 4t was a 1on% and eD+a1 combat between the two %reatest men>at>arms o' the a%e. At 1ast. So.ord and to champion her ca+se. what do o+ want@ 4 can as3 Sa1va to marr o+ i' o+ wish it. She so+%ht in vain 'or a champion amon% the princes to 'i%ht and 3i11 Bhishma and th+s aven%e her wron%s b+t even the 'oremost warriors were a'raid o' Bhishma and paid no heed to her appea1. in sheer desperation. 7e %racio+s1 appeared be'ore her and %ave her a %ar1and o' ever>'resh 1ot+ses. 4 cannot receive o+ now as m wi'e. #hrow o+rse1' on the merc o' Bhishma. and 'or 1on% ears she abode in 7astinap+ra. 4 have been dis%raced. Amba then t+rned to Bhishma and she so+%ht him to marr her himse1' as there was no other reco+rse. Amba went re=oicin% to Sa1va and to1d him what had happenedE F4 have menta11 chosen o+ as m h+sband 'rom the ver start. $arr me accordin% to the sastras. Amba too3 the %ar1and and a%ain be so+%ht ever !shatri a to accept the %ar1and %i't o' the si0>'aced .F . reven%e on Bhishma.F Amba saidE F9o. #he %randsire tried to ind+ce Vichitravir a to marr her. #he on1 boon 4 see3 is the death o' Bhishma.F .ord S+brahman a. 4 no 1on%er desire marria%e or home or happiness. B+t in the end . And her heart was seared with s+''erin% and a11 the sweetness in her t+rned to %a11 and 'ierce hatred towards Bhishma as the ca+se o' her b1i%hted 1i'e.

F 4t was the 1aw that the wise teacher sho+1d not re'+se a worth p+pi1 who so+%ht 3now1ed%e o' him. the secret o' San=ivini and remove the %reat handicap +nder which the devas s+''ered. and a'ter d+e sa1+tation. 7e sent his da+%hter in e0i1e o+t o' the capita1 to the 'orest. Amba went to the 7ima1a as and practised ri%oro+s a+sterities to %et the %race o' Siva. especia11 beca+se Bhishma 3new that his 1on% and wear probation on earth was 'inished and consented to be vanD+ished. and contin+ed their 'i%ht with the devas. /ith Si3handin as his charioteer. the son o' Brihaspati. there was a bitter str+%%1e between the devas or %ods and the as+ras or demons 'or the 1ordship o' the three wor1ds. time and a%ain. the 3in% o' the as+ras. So it was that Ar=+na co+1d 'i%ht screened b Si3handin and conD+er Bhishma. and 3ept a1ive on1 b the passion 'or reven%e. 4 accept o+ as m p+pi1. !acha acceded to their reD+est and set o+t to meet S+3rachar a who 1ived in the capita1 cit o' Vrishaparva. Ar=+na attac3ed Bhishma on the batt1e'ie1d o' !+r+3shetra. he was to acD+ire.F So 'e11 this %reat warrior. Amba was impatient 'or that rebirth which wo+1d %ive her heart's desire. As the arrows str+c3 Bhishma in his 1ast 'i%ht. addressed him th+sE F4 am !acha. b 'air means or 'o+1. So S+3ra acceded and saidE F!acha. Both be11i%erents had i11+strio+s preceptors. o+ be1on% to a %ood 'ami1 . that b doin% so 4 sha11 a1so be showin% m respect 'or Brihaspati. she saw the %ar1and o' never>'adin% '1owers that sti11 h+n% at the pa1ace %ate and had remained there +nto+ched b an one thro+%h 'ear. She made a p re and p1+n%ed into the 'ire po+rin% o+t the '1ame in her heart into the scarce1 hotter b1a?e o' the p re. #he as+ras had the 'ormidab1e advanta%e that S+3rachar a a1one possessed the secret o' San=ivini which co+1d reca11 the dead to 1i'e. #he went to !acha. Siva appeared be'ore her and %ranted her a boon. Amba was born as the da+%hter o' !in% Dr+pada. #h+s the as+ras who had 'a11en in the batt1e were bro+%ht bac3 to 1i'e. &nce admitted to intimac and con'idence.F . She p+t it ro+nd her nec3.ord Siva. 7er 'ather Dr+pada was in consternation at her temerit which he 'eared wo+1d draw on his head the wrath o' Bhishma. whi1e the as+ras re1ied on S+3rachar a's pro'o+nd wisdom. 4 am a brahmacharin see3in% 3now1ed%e +nder o+r t+te1a%e. the %randson o' the sa%e An%iras and the son o' Brihaspati. and beso+%ht his aid. A 'ew ears a'ter her birth. "E#A*ANI AN" +ACHA 49 ancient times. he sin%1ed o+t those which had pierced him deepest and saidE F#his is Ar=+na's arrow and not Si3handin's. #he devas were th+s at a %reat disadvanta%e in their 1on% drawn>o+t war with their nat+ra1 'oes. She practised a+sterities in the 'orest and in time was trans'ormed into a ma1e and became 3nown as the warrior Si3handin. the more wi11in%1 . and tr+e to his code o' chiva1r he wo+1d not 'i%ht him +nder an circ+mstance. ). that in her ne0t birth she wo+1d s1a Bhishma. B the %race o' . !acha went to the ho+se o' S+3ra. Brihaspati who was pre>eminent in the 3now1ed%e o' the Vedas was the %+idin% spirit o' the devas.8ons+med with %rie' and ra%e. #he be%%ed him to win his wa into the %ood %races o' S+3rachar a and pers+ade him to ta3e him as a p+pi1. Bhishma 3new that Si3handin was born as 'ema1e. now that a11 h+man aid had 'ai1ed her.

4 'ear some mishap has be'a11en !acha. As3ed b Deva ani the reason 'or his de1a . was a b1ame1ess bo . re%ained 1i'e. /hen the catt1e ret+rned witho+t !acha. Deva ani. S+3rachar a tried in vain to conso1e his da+%hter. . renderin% to per'ection the prescribed d+ties in the ho+seho1d o' his master. and 'e1t that the heino+s sin o' 3i11in% a brahmana wo+1d wei%h heavi1 on their 'ort+nes. 4 cannot 1ive witho+t him. s+spectin% nothin%. heart>stric3en b his da+%hter's sorrow. 4 sha11 there'ore 'o11ow in his path. Fthe as+ras seem bent +pon 3i11in% him. She saidE F!acha. death is the common 1ot. and now that he has been 3i11ed. S+3rachar a. &nce more the cows ret+rned home witho+t their 3eeper. &ne da .F she wai1ed. and heard 'rom him a11 that had ta3en p1ace. /e11. how did o+ %et into me@ 4s this a1so the wor3 o' the as+ras@ #his is rea11 too bad and ma3es me 'ee1 1i3e 3i11in% the as+ras immediate1 and =oinin% the devas.F !acha narrated it a11. b+t prevented b the pec+1iarit o' his 1ocation 'rom comin% o+t. the became an0io+s as the s+spected that !acha's ob=ect was somehow to wheed1e o+t o' S+3rachar a the secret o' San=ivini. #he catt1e have come bac3 b themse1ves. and a%ain the as+ras sei?ed and 3i11ed him. Deva ani was 'i11ed with an0iet . Fand o+r ni%ht1 'ire sacri'ice has been per'ormedC sti11 !acha has not ret+rned home.F And Deva ani be%an to 'ast. B the power o' the San=ivini !acha dispersed as he was in the wine which was inside S+3rachar a's bod at the time.F said he. &n another occasion !acha went to the 'orest to p1+c3 '1owers 'or Deva ani. 4 1oved him dear1 . and ran to her 'ather with 1o+d 1amentationsE F#he s+n has set. became ver an%r with the as+ras. mi0ed the ashes in wine and served it to S+3rachar a who dran3 it. and there he was. who was devoted and tire1ess in o+r service. S+3rachar a e0c1aimed in an%r ama?ementE F& brahmacharin. in spite o' the inconvenience imposed b his position. )o+r 1i'e is a11 be'ore o+ to en=o . and once a%ain Deva ani approached her 'ather with her distress'+1 appea1 'or !acha. b+t come bac3 to 1i'e he did.F #he 'ond 'ather emp1o ed the art o' San=ivini and invo3ed the dead o+th to appear. /hen the as+ras came to 3now o' this.F Deva ani deep1 1oved !acha. 1i'e to me has become b1ea3 and ins+pportab1e. S+3rachar a had a 1ove1 da+%hter. 6or the third time a%ain. 7e emp1o ed the San=ivini art and ca11ed +pon !acha to appear. b+rnt his bod . the As+ras 3i11ed !acha and ver c1ever1 as the tho+%ht. o' whom he was e0treme1 'ond. and po+ndin% his bod to a paste. wise words have never c+red the ache o' bereavement. !acha devoted himse1' to p1easin% and servin% her with son% and dance and pastime and s+cceeded in winnin% her a''ection. the %randson o' An%iras and the son o' Brihaspati.!acha spent man ears +nder S+3rachar a. As he did not ret+rn even a'ter a 1on% time Deva ani went as be'ore to her 'ather who bro+%ht !acha bac3 to 1i'e b his San=ivini. B+t te11 me the who1e stor . 7ow he came bac3 to 1i'e he 3new not. F#ho+%h 4 have a%ain and a%ain bro+%ht bac3 !acha to 1i'e. At once !acha came bac3 to 1i'e and %reeted the master with smi1es. he to1d her that as he was %ra?in% the catt1e the as+ras came s+dden1 on him and s1ew him. and it is not proper 'or a wise so+1 1i3e o+ to sorrow at it. #he nat+ra11 so+%ht to prevent s+ch a ca1amit . and since the wor1d be%an. he co+1d on1 answer to his name 'rom where he was. with o+th and bea+t and the %oodwi11 o' the wor1d. witho+t detriment however to the vows o' brahmachar a. mi0ed it +p in sea>water. as !acha was en%a%ed in %ra?in% the catt1e o' his master the as+ras sei?ed him. tore him to pieces and cast his '1esh to the do%s.

7is 1i'e can on1 be bo+%ht b m death. )o+ sho+1d now reciprocate m 1ove and ma3e me happ b marr in% me. 4 sha11 not s+rvive.F S+3rachar a so+%ht a wa o+t o' the di''ic+1t . which sho+1d be re%arded as an imperative script+ra1 in=+nction. so that %e"ayani need not grie"e for either of us#) Accordin%1 S+3rachar a imparted the art o' San=ivini to !acha. %randchi1d o' An%iras. Brihaspati as we11 as o+rse1' are '+11 worth o' bein% honored b me. #his is m messa%e to h+manit . I must bring you out to life for the sa!e of %e"ayani. and that means death to me. the !ing of gods# Su!racharya consoled his daughter# 6. ever and a1wa s. 7e wi11 be an ob=ect o' scorn to a11.F With these ords 'acha gently disengaged himself and proceeded to the abode of Indra. as 4 have iss+ed 'rom o+r bod o+ are m mother too. and proc1aimed 'or the bene'it o' h+manit E 'Virt+e wi11 desert the man who thro+%h 1ac3 o' wisdom drin3s wine. As he was abo+t to depart Deva ani h+mb1 addressed him th+sE F&. became an%r at the deceit practised on him in his wine. emer%in% 1i3e the '+11 moon 'rom a c1o+d. m sister. F)o+ are the son o' Brihaspati. 6or !acha to 1ive. F 4n those da s. o+ have won m heart b o+r b1ame1ess 1i'e. #he rea1 e0p1anation o' it a11 '1ashed on him.F Deva ani be%an to weep and saidE FA1asI 4t is death to me either wa . THE MARRIAGE OF DEVAYANI . it was beca+se 4 1oved o+ as indeed 4 have a1wa s 1oved o+ as m h+sband.he only ay is to initiate you in the art of San+i"ini so that you can bring me bac! to life after I shall ha"e died hen a ay is torn out through my entrails for you# /ou should employ the !no ledge I am going to impart to you and re"i"e me. 6or i' either o' o+ perish. B+t 4 am o+r brother. m master S+3rachar a. '1+shed as o+ are with an%er. 4mmediate1 !acha came 'orth 'rom S+3rachar a's bod . 4 have 1oved o+ 1on% and tender1 . even whi1e o+ were 'aith'+11 'o11owin% o+r vows o' a brahmacharin. /hen the period o' his vow ended. 4' 4 have been the ca+se o' o+r comin% bac3 to 1i'e. Serve +nto per'ection. it was no +ncommon thin% 'or wise and 1earned brahmana 1adies to spea3 o+t their mind with honorab1e 'ran3ness. 4 %ot bac3 m 1i'e b bein% born o+t o' o+r 'ather's bod . )o+ are enchantin% more so now than ever.ra bid me adie+. he m+st rend m stomach and come o+t o' it. 7ence 4 am o+r brother.F Deva ani so+%ht in vain to pers+ade him. B+t !acha saidE F& 'a+1t1ess one.F said she. 4t is not proper 'or o+. !acha bowed down to S+3rachar a and saidE F#he teacher who imparts wisdom to the i%norant is a 'ather. but e-ually for her sa!e I must not die either# . o+r %reat attainments and nobi1it o' birth. he too3 1eave o' his master to ret+rn to the wor1d o' the %ods.F !acha remained 'or man more ears +nder the t+te1a%e o' S+3rachar a. o+ are m master's da+%hter and ever worth o' m respect. B+t !acha at once bro+%ht S+3rachar a bac3 to 1i'e b means o' his new1 acD+ired San=ivini. &e said to 'acha( )$ son of *rihaspati. Fand not o' m 'ather. . here is a prob1em 'or o+.Vaisampa ana contin+edE F#he hi%h>so+1ed and a+stere S+3rachar a o' immeas+rab1e %reatness. to as3 me to wed o+. I no see ith hat ob+ect you came and "erily you ha"e secured it. 4t is not 'it that o+ sho+1d %ive +p one 1i3e me sin1ess and devoted to o+.' #hen he t+rned to his da+%hter Deva ani and saidE Dear da+%hter.F !acha rep1iedE FDo not see3 to pers+ade me to +nri%hteo+sness. Besides. whi1e the %reat preceptor 'e11 down man%1ed and dead.

the daughter of the !ing. but the princess Sarmishtha became "ery angry and said arrogantly( )%o you not !no that your father humbly bo s in re"erence to my royal father e"ery day6 3re you not the daughter of a beggar ho li"es on my father4s bounty6 /ou forget I am of the royal race hich proudly gi"es. pleasantly tired ith sporting in the oods %e"ayani and the daughters of 2rishapar"a. as she pondered again and again on Sarmishtha4s conduct# She told /ayati( )/ou ha"e held a maiden by her right hand. ho is orthy to be the preceptor of the hole orld. some mista!es naturally occurred# It so happened that princess Sarmishtha. and loo!ing closer. hile you come of a race hich begs and recei"es. he as surprised to find a beautiful maiden lying in the ell# &e as!ed( )Who are you.hese ords ere spo!en half in +est. he sa something bright. and you dare to spea! thus to me#) Sarmishtha ent on. return home#) &a"ing said these ords /ayati ent bac! to his capital# 3 !shatriya maiden could marry a brahmana. depositing their garlands on the ban! before they entered its aters# 3 strong breeze ble their clothes together into a huddled heap and hen they came to ta!e them up again. as prohibited by the sastras# %e"ayani had no mind to return home# She remained sun! in sorro in the shade of a tree in forest# Su!racharya lo"ed %e"ayani more than his life# 3fter aiting long in "ain for the return of his daughter ho had gone to play ith her companions. clad herself in %e"ayani4s clothes# . she finally slapped %e"ayani on the chee! and pushed her into a dry ell# .he asura maidens thought that %e"ayani had lost her life and returned to the palace# %e"ayani had not been !illed by the fall into the ell but as in a sad plight because she could not climb up the steep sides# 1mperor /ayati of the *harata race ho as hunting in the forest by a happy chance came to this spot in search of ater to sla!e his thirst# When he glanced into the ell. but it as considered rong for a brahmana maiden to marry a !shatriya# . or!ing herself up into a fit of anger. I am a !shatriya and you are a brahmana maiden# &o can I marry you6 &o can the daughter of Su!racharya. !no n as pratiloma. submit to be the ife of a !shatriya li!e myself6 8e"ered lady. her eyes red ith anger and grief# 3nd she as!ed her hat had happened# . according to the ancient tradition. and you must marry her# I feel that you are in e"ery ay orthy to be my husband#) /ayati replied( )7o"ing soul.$01 arm afternoon. i#e# marrying men of a lo er caste. getting angrier and angrier as she spo!e till.he messenger after a eary search came on her at last near the tree here she as sitting in de+ection.he important thing as to !eep the racial status of omen unlo ered# &ence anuloma or the practice of marrying men of higher castes as legitimate and the re"erse practice. $ beautiful maiden ith bright earrings and ruddy nails6 Who is your father6 What is your ancestry6 &o did you fall into the ell6) She replied( )I am the daughter of Su!racharya# &e does not !no that I ha"e fallen into the ell# 7ift me up) and she held forth her hands# /ayati seized her hand and helped her out of the ell# %e"ayani did not ish to return to the capital of the !ing of the asuras# She did not feel it safe to go there. !ing of the asuras. ent to bathe in the cool aters of a syl"an pool.he latter as "e5ed and e5claimed half in +est at the impropriety of the daughter of a disciple earing the clothes of the master4s daughter# . he sent a oman in search of her# .

ho patiently puts up ith the abuse of his neighbors# &e ho. had to hear dishonoring ords uttered by your daughter# *esides. and 2rishapar"a is not ignorant of his debt to me# *ut no orthy man e5tols his o n merits.he "irtuous should not mi5 ith them# My mind is ablaze ith the anger roused by the taunts of 2rishapar"a4s daughter# . )you are not the daughter of a court minstrel# /our father does not li"e on the ages of flattery# /ou are the daughter of one ho is re"erenced by all the orld# Indra. "irtue and truth abandon the man ho gi"es ay to anger# . the daughter of 2rishapar"a. is a real hero# &e ho is not mo"ed despite the greatest torments inflicted by others. the !ing of the gods. the ill:mannered are really the "eritable chandalas outside the pale of caste# . sooner or later. I hope. scalds may heal gradually. the son of *rihaspati. good or bad.he ise ill not ta!e to heart the ords of boys and girls#) %e"ayani humbly told her father( )I am indeed a little girl. as a horseman brea!s an unruly horse. as a brahmacharin ho had con-uered his senses and ne"er committed any sin# &e ser"ed me ith fidelity and ne"er strayed from the path of "irtue# /our attendants tried to !ill him# I bore it# My daughter. right hen she told me you ere but a minstrel singing the praises of !ings6 She called me the daughter of a mendicant li"ing on the doles on by flattery# 0ot content ith this arrogant contumely. friends. ho holds her honor high. not too young to benefit by the great truth taught by you# /et. lea"e alone my merits and faults.he ise ill not !eep company ith those ho spea! ill of their family# &o e"er rich they may be. and I shall say no more about myself# 3rise. as Sarmishtha. ife. brothers. but. to destroy the "ery germ of prosperity# 'acha. !no s this. but lets the horse go hither it ould# &e ho sheds his anger +ust as a sna!e its slough. bringing prosperity to your family# *e patient# 7et us go home#) In this conte5t *haga"an 2yasa ad"ises humanity in general in the follo ing ords of counsel addressed by Su!racharya to his daughter( )&e con-uers the orld. ill realise his aim# &e ho ne"er gets angry is superior to the ritualist ho faith fully performs for a hundred years the sacrifices ordained by scripture# Ser"ants.%e"ayani said( )9riend. is indeed a charioteer and not he ho merely holds the reins. you are a peerless gem among omen. it is not proper to li"e ith persons ho ha"e no sense of decency or decorum# . hich are after all my o n concern# *ut tell me this. but ounds inflicted by ords remain painful as long as one li"es#) Su!racharya ent to 2rishapar"a and fi5ing his eyes on him gra"ely said( )$ !ing. she as pushed into a ell by your daughter# She cannot any more stay in your !ingdom# Without her I cannot li"e here either# So. that men are happy or miserable# . I am going out of your !ingdom#) .) he said ith dignity. controls his anger. he tried to console her# She replied in sorro and anger( )9ather. children. go at once and tell my father that I ill not set my foot in the capital of 2rishapar"a) and she sent her bac! to Su!racharya# 15tremely grie"ed at the sad plight of his daughter Su!racharya hurried to her# Caressing her. she slapped me and thre me into a pit hich as nearby# I cannot stay in any place ithin her father4s territory#) 3nd %e"ayani began to eep# Su!racharya dre himself up proudly( )%e"ayani. though one4s sins may not bring immediate punishment they are sure.he ounds inflicted by eapons may close in time.he "irtues or "ices of others ill not affect us in the least#) With these ords of isdom. he said( )It is by their o n actions.

thus suddenly stric!en ith age in the "ery prime of his manhood. at last relented# &e said( )$ !ing. prescribe hat is right and forbid hat is rong but a marriage once effected cannot be made in"alid# /ayati and %e"ayani spent many days in happiness# Sarmishtha remained ith her as an attendant# $ne day Sarmishtha met /ayati in secret and earnestly prayed to beta!en also as his ife# &e yielded to her prayer and married her ithout the !no ledge of %e"ayani# *ut %e"ayani came to !no of it and as naturally "ery angry. no doubt. could not la fully marry a brahmana# 9inally they both ent to Su!racharya and got his assent to their marriage# .3t these ords the !ing of the asuras as sorely troubled and said( )I am ignorant of the charges laid at my door# If you abandon me. adored the gods and "enerated his ancestors ith intense de"otion# &e became famous as a ruler de"oted to the elfare of his sub+ects# *ut as has already been told. for she is the one thing I ha"e and dearer to me than life itself# If you can appease her. he became prematurely old by the curse of Su!racharya for ha"ing ronged his ife %e"ayani# In the ords of the poet of the Mahabharata( . begged so humbly for forgi"eness that Su!racharya.hus he blessed /ayati and bade him fare ell# 7.he curse cannot be recalled. a !shatriya. but if you can persuade anyone to e5change his youth for your age the e5change ill ta!e effect#) . She complained to her father and Su!racharya in his rage cursed /ayati ith premature old age# /ayati. you ha"e lost the glory hich is youth# . it is ell and good# $ther ise I go#) 2rishapar"a and his retinue ent to the tree under hich %e"ayani stood and they thre at her feet in supplication# themsel"es %e"ayani as stubborn and said( )Sarmishtha ho told me that I as the daughter of a beggar.he sastras.his is an instance of the pratiloma marriage hich as resorted to on e5ceptional occasions# . should become my handmaiden and attend on me in the house into hich my father gi"es me in marriage#) 2rishapar"a consented and as!ed his attendants to fetch his daughter Sarmishtha# Sarmishtha admitted her fault and bo ed in submission# She said( )7et it be as my companion %e"ayani desires# My father shall not lose his preceptor for a fault committed by me# I ill be her attendant.) %e"ayani as pacified and returned to her house ith her father# $n another occasion also %e"ayani came across /ayati# She repeated her re-uest that he should ta!e her as his ife since he had clasped her right hand# /ayati again repeated his ob+ection that he. YAYATI 1M<18$8 /ayati as one of the ancestors of the <anda"as# &e had ne"er !no n defeat# &e follo ed the dictates of the sastras. ho had not forgotten %e"ayani4s rescue from the ell. I shall enter fire and die#) Su!racharya replied( )I care more for the happiness of my daughter than for the fate of you and your asuras.

a most pitiful plight# 0o. much as he lo"ed his father he could not do it# /ayati as struc! ith sorro at the refusal of the four sons# Still. not !no ing hat as in store for me I li"ed a life of restraint. the truth da ned on him# .he third son replied( )3n old man cannot ride a horse or an elephant# &is speech ill falter# What can I do in such a helpless plight6 I cannot agree#) . denying myself e"en la ful pleasures# $ne of you ought to bear the burden of my old age and gi"e his youth in return# &e ho agrees to this and besto s his youth on me ill be the ruler of my !ingdom# I desire to en+oy life in the full "igor of youth#) &e first as!ed his eldest son# . all "irtuous and accomplished# /ayati called them and appealed piteously to their affection( ). I shall gi"e it bac! to you after some time and ta!e bac! the old age ith hich I ha"e been cursed#) . hoping against hope.he curse of your grandfather Su!racharya has made me une5pectedly and prematurely old# I ha"e not had my fill of the +oys of life# 9or. omen and ser"ants ill moc! at me if I ere to ta!e upon myself your old age# I cannot do go# 3s! of my younger brothers ho are dearer to you than myself#) When the second son as approached.hat son replied( )$ great !ing. said( )9ather. he supplicated his last son ho had ne"er yet opposed his ishes( )/ou must sa"e me# I am afflicted ith this old age ith its rin!les. ruled the !ingdom and ac-uired great reno n# /ayati en+oyed life for long.he fourth son begged to be forgi"en as this as a thing he could by no means consent to# 3n old man had to see! the help of others e"en to !eep his body clean. the youngest son. and not satisfied. debility and grey hairs as a result of the curse of Su!racharya# It is too hard a trial. he gently refused ith the ords( )9ather. to hom he said( )/ou should ta!e up my old age# If you e5change your youth ith me. /ayati became a youth# <uru. ho accepted the old age of his father. as still haunted by the desire for sensual en+oyment# &e had fi"e beautiful sons. here the horrors of loss are accentuated by pangs of recollection# /ayati.he !ing as angry and disappointed that his three sons had declined to do as he ished. ho found himself suddenly an old man. I gladly gi"e you my youth and relie"e you of the sorro s of old age and cares of state# *e happy#) &earing these ords /ayati embraced him# 3s soon as he touched his son. ent later to the garden of 'ubera and spent many years ith an 3psara maiden# 3fter long years spent in "ain efforts to -uench desire by indulgence. I shall en+oy life for +ust a hile more and then gi"e you bac! your youth and resume my old age and all its sorro s# <ray. If you ill ta!e upon yourself these infirmities. mo"ed by filial lo"e. you as! me to ta!e up old age that destroys not only strength and beauty but also as I see isdom# I am not strong enough to do so#) .)/ayati attained that old age hich destroys beauty and brings on miseries#) It is needless to describe the misery of youth suddenly blighted into age. but he hoped for better from his fourth son. do not refuse as your elder brothers ha"e done#) <uru.

cattle or omen. he said( )%ear son.he sage.he !ing as "ery angry at the audacity of the chief of the robbers ho had put on the garb of a brahmana sage. corn. nothing can e"er satisfy the desire of man. did not die# Since he as in yoga hen he as impaled he remained ali"e by the po er of yoga# Sages ho li"ed in other parts of the forest came to his hermitage and as!ed Manda"ya ho he came to be in that terrible pass# Manda"ya replied( )Whom shall I blame6 .he ser"ants of the !ing. attained hea"en# 8.he commander repeated the -uestion insolently# *ut the sage did not hear anything# In the meantime some of the attendants entered the ashrama and disco"ered the stolen goods lying there# . as made !ing by /ayati ho retired to the forest# &e spent his time there in austerities and.he "irtuous sage.he commander of the soldiers as!ed Manda"ya. ho regained his youth. remained silent# . sensual desire is ne"er -uenched by indulgence any more than fire is by pouring ghee in it# I had heard and read this.8eturning to <uru. ho as absorbed in yoga. a band of robbers fled through the oods ith officers of the !ing in hot pursuit# .hey placed their booty in a corner and hid themsel"es# .hey reported this to their commander# 3ll of them ent in and found the stolen goods and the robbers ho ere in hiding# . ho protect the orld. impaled Manda"ya on a spear and handed o"er the stolen things to the !ing# . ho as rapt in deep meditation in a tone of peremptory command( )%id you see the robbers pass by6 Where did they go6 8eply at once so that e may gi"e chase and capture them#) .he commander thought( )0o I !no the reason hy the brahmana pretended to be a silent sage# &e is indeed the chief of these robbers# &e has inspired this robbery#) . though impaled on the spear. to be impaled# . We can reach peace only by a mental poise beyond li!es and disli!es# Such is the state of *rahman# . spent his days in penance and the practice of truth# &e li"ed in a hermitage in the forests on the outs!irts of the city# $ne day hile he as immersed in silent contemplation under the shade of a tree outside his hut of lea"es. ent to the !ing and told him that the sage Manda"ya had been caught ith the stolen goods# . he ordered the ic!ed criminal. the better to decei"e the orld# Without pausing to "erify the facts.he fugiti"es entered the ashrama thin!ing that it ould be a con"enient place to hide themsel"es in# . gold. ha"e inflicted this punishment#) .a!e bac! your youth and rule the !ingdom isely and ell#) With these ords /ayati too! his old age# <uru. as he thought him.hen he ordered his soldiers to guard the place.he soldiers of the !ing came to the ashrama trac!ing their footsteps# . in due course.&1 sage Manda"ya ho had ac-uired strength of mind and !no ledge of the scriptures. VIDURA . but till no I had not realised it# 0o ob+ect of desire.he commander returned to the hermitage.

as a orthy scion of the /ada"a race# &is daughter <ritha as noted for her beauty and "irtues# Since his cousin 'untibho+a as childless. as a mortal in the orld#) 7ord %harma ho as thus cursed by the sage Manda"ya incarnated as 2idura and as born of the ser"ant:maid of 3mbali!a. as the chief counsellor of !ing %hritarashtra# 2yasa has it that no one in the three orlds could e-ual 2idura in "irtue and !no ledge# When %hritarashtra ga"e his.his punishment you ha"e decreed is far in e5cess of the deserts of a mista!e committed by a child in ignorance# *e born. you ha"e tortured birds and bees# 3re you not a are that all deeds. ine"itably produce their results.he !ing as surprised and frightened hen he heard that the impaled sage as still ali"e and that he as surrounded by the other sages of the forest# &e hastened to the forest ith his attendants and at once ordered the sage to be ta!en do n from the spear# . KUNTI DEVI S=83. the ise 2idura of lofty intellect ho is e"er intent on our elfare# &e says the game is bound to result in a fierceness of hate hich ill consume us and our !ingdom#) *ut %uryodhana did not heed this ad"ice# Carried a ay by his doting fondness for his son. replied in all humility( )$ sage. I cannot appro"e of this action# Strife ill set in among your sons as a result# <ray. ho e"er small. hile he as still in his teens. the di"ine dispenser of +ustice. the grandfather of Sri 'rishna. %hritarashtra surrendered his better +udgment and sent to /udhishthira the fateful in"itation to the game# 9. good or bad. do not allo this#) %hritarashtra also tried in manly ays to dissuade his ic!ed son# &e said to him( )%o not proceed ith this game# 2idura does not appro"e of it. permission for the game of dice. good or e"il6) Manda"ya as surprised at this reply of 7ord %harma and as!ed( )When did I commit this offence6) ere a child#) 7ord %harma replied( )When you Manda"ya then pronounced a curse on %harma( ).hen he prostrated at his feet and prayed humbly to be forgi"en for the offence un ittingly committed# Manda"ya as not angry ith the !ing# &e ent straight to %harma.his story is intended to sho that 2idura as the incarnation of %harma# . sastras and statesmanship and as totally de"oid of attachment and anger# *hishma appointed him.he great men of the orld regarded 2idura as a mahatma ho as unparalleled in his !no ledge of dharma. ho as seated on his throne. 2idura fell at his feet and protested solemnly( )$ !ing and lord.. Sura ga"e his daughter <ritha in adoption to him# 9rom that time she as !no n by the name of 'unti after her adopti"e father# . therefore. ho !ne the great po er of the sage. the ife of 2ichitra"irya# . and as!ed him( )What crime ha"e I committed to deser"e this torture6) 7ord %harma.

you ill regain "irginity#44 'unti concei"ed by the grace of the Sun. DEATH OF PANDU . hose personality eclipsed the lustre of all the other princes assembled there# . the son of the Sun god. <andu too! a second ife Madri. the bright representati"e of the *harata race. he ill manifest himself to you and bless you ith a son e-ual to him in glory#) &e granted her this boon because he foresa by his yogic po er the misfortune that as in store for her future husband# . he became one of the orld4s greatest heroes# 3fter the birth of the child. and ta!ing it.he Sun replied( )%ear maiden.hus 'arna.he Sun god ho e"er reassured her( )0o blame shall attach to you# 3fter bearing my son.he impatient curiosity of youth made 'unti test then and there the efficacy of the mantra by repeating it and in"o!ing the Sun hom she sa shining in the hea"ens# 3t once the s!y gre dar! ith clouds. the sage %ur"asa stayed for a time as a guest in her father4s house and she ser"ed the sage for a year ith all care.he marriage as duly solemnised and she accompanied her husband to his capital &astinapur# $n the ad"ice of *hishma and in accordance ith the pre"ailing custom. 'unti once again became a "irgin as a result of the boon granted by the Sun# She ondered hat she should do ith the child# . came to be brought up as a charioteer4s child# When the time came for gi"ing 'unti in marriage. I am the Sun# I ha"e been dra n to you by the spell of the son:gi"ing mantra that you ha"e uttered#) 'unti as aghast and said( )I am an un edded girl dependent on my father# I am not fit for motherhood and do not desire it# I merely ished to test the po er of the boon granted by the sage %ur"asa# Go bac! and forgi"e this childish folly of mine#) *ut the Sun god could not thus return because the po er of the mantra held him# She for her part as mortally afraid of being blamed by the orld# . as!ed( )$ god. ho art thou6) .o hide her fault she placed the child in a sealed bo5 and set it afloat in a ri"er# 3 childless charioteer happened to see the floating case. as surprised and delighted to see ithin it a gorgeously beautiful child# &e handed it o"er to his ife ho la"ished a mother4s lo"e on it# . and under co"er of them the Sun god approached the beautiful princess 'unti and stood gazing at her ith ardent soul scorching admiration# 'unti.When 'unti as a little girl. patience and de"otion# &e as so pleased ith her that he ga"e her a di"ine mantra# &e said( )If you call upon any god repeating this mantra. o"erpo ered by the glorious "ision of her di"ine "isitor. 'untibho+a in"ited all the neighboring princes and held a s ayam"ara for her to choose her husband# Many eager suitors floc!ed to the s ayam"ara as the princess as idely famed for her great beauty and "irtue# 'unti placed the garland on the nec! of 'ing <andu. the gi"er of light and life to all the orld# %i"ine births ta!e place immediately ithout the nine months eary course of mortal gestation# She ga"e birth to 'arna ho as born ith di"ine armor and earrings and as bright and beautiful li!e the Sun# In time. the sister of the !ing of Madra# In the old days the !ings too! t o or three i"es for ma!ing sure of progeny and not for mere sensual desire# !.

in ignorance of the fact that it as a sage in disguise# Stric!en to death the rishi thus cursed <andu( )Sinner.he past has gone by pleasantly. the grandmother( ).he sages of the forest too! the berea"ed and grief:stric!en 'unti and the <anda"as to &astinapura and entrusted them to *hishma# /udhishthira as but si5teen years old at that time# When the sages came to &astinapura and reported the death of <andu in the forest. and at once the curse of the sage too! effect and <andu fell. dead# Madri could not contain her sorro # Since she felt that she as responsible for the death of the !ing# She burnt herself on the pyre of her husband entreating 'unti to remain and be a mother to her doubly orphaned children# . 'unti confided to him the story of the mantra she had recei"ed from %ur"asa# &e urged 'unti and Madri to use the mantra and thus it as that the fi"e <anda"as ere born of the gods to 'unti and Madri# . hich the rishi>s curse had denied him. ith one or more of them clasped helpless in his arms. the happy flo ers. into pools. birds and other creatures of the forest# In spite of Madri>s earnest and repeated protests <andu>s resolution bro!e do n under the e5hilarating influence of the season. *hishma.&1 fi"e sons of <andu and the hundred sons of %hritarashtra gre up in mirth and merriment at &astinapura# *hima e5celled them all in physical pro ess# &e used to bully %uryodhana and the other 'aura"as by dragging them by the hair and beating them# 3 great s immer. creepers. sin. he ould di"e.ime is ine5orable# /ou need not ait to see the miseries and misfortunes that ill befall this race# It ill be good for you to lea"e the city and spend the rest of your days in a hermitage in the forest#) Satya"ati agreed and ent to the forest ith 3mbi!a and 3mbali!a# . and remain under ater till they ere almost dro ned# Whene"er they climbed up on a tree he ould stand on the ground and !ic! at the tree and sha!e them do n li!e ripe fruits# .he orld has passed its youth li!e a happy dream and it is no entering on disillusionment. the hole !ingdom as plunged in sorro # 2idura.hese three aged -ueens passed through holy asceticism to the higher regions of bliss and spared themsel"es the sorro s of their children# . but the future has many sorro s in store# .hey ere born and brought up in the forest among ascetics# 'ing <andu li"ed for many years in the forest ith his i"es and children# It as springtime# 3nd one day <andu and Madri forgot their sorro s in the rapture of sympathy ith the throbbing life around them.$01 day 'ing <andu as out hunting# 3 sage and his ife ere also sporting in the forest in the guise of deer# <andu shot the male ith an arro . you ill meet ith death the moment you taste the pleasures of the bed#) <andu as heartbro!en at this curse and retreated to the forest ith his i"es after entrusting his !ingdom to *hishma and 2idura and li"ed there a life of perfect abstinence# Seeing that <andu as desirous of offspring. %hritarashtra and others performed the funeral rites# 3ll the people in the !ingdom lamented as at a personal loss# 2yasa said to Satya"ati. "HIMA . 2yasa. sorro and suffering# .

as!ed his mother hether *hima had returned home# &is an5ious -uestion brought forth the reply that *hima had not yet returned. imprison 3r+una and /udhishthira. the !ingdom as ruled by <andu# 3fter his death /udhishthira. the heir:apparent. the ri"er ashed him to a ban!# %uryodhana thought that *hima must ha"e died as he had been thro n in the ri"er infested ith poisonous sna!es and planted ith spi!es# So he returned to the city ith the rest of the party in great +oy# When /udhishthira in-uired about the hereabouts of *hima. contri"e a ay of !illing *hima# &e made arrangements to carry out his resol"e since he thought that the po ers of the <anda"as ould decline ith the death of *hima# %uryodhana and his brothers planned to thro *hima into the Ganges.his as done purposely so that *hima might in falling be impaled on the spi!es.he poisonous food he had ta!en as counteracted by the sna!e poison and *hima came to no harm. %uryodhana informed him that he had preceded them to the city# /udhishthira belie"ed %uryodhana and as soon as he returned home. and presently. and lose his life# 9ortunately there as no spi!e in the place here *hima fell# <oisonous ater:sna!es bit his body# . he felt dro sy and lay do n on the ban! of the ri"er# %uryodhana bound him ith ild creepers and thre him into the ri"er# .he e"il %uryodhana had already caused sharp spi!es to be planted on the spot# . and then seize the !ingdom and rule it# So %uryodhana ent ith his brothers and the <anda"as for a s im in the Ganges# 3fter the sports they slept in their tents being e5hausted# *hima had e5erted himself more than the others and as his food had been poisoned.hey ent bac! in great sorro # Sometime later *hima a o!e and trudged earily bac! home# 'unti and /udhishthira elcomed him and embraced him in great +oy# *y the poison that had entered his system *hima became stronger than before# 'unti sent for 2idura and told him in secret( .he bodies of the sons of %hritarashtra ould be e"er sore ith bruises as a result of *hima4s practical +o!es# Small onder that the sons of %hritarashtra nursed a deep hatred for *hima from their "ery infancy# 3s the princes gre up# 'ripacharya taught them archery and the practice of arms and other things that princes should learn# %uryodhana4s +ealousy to ards *hima arped his mind and made him commit many improper acts# %uryodhana as "ery much orried# &is father being blind. ould in course of time become !ing# %uryodhana thought that as his blind father as -uite helpless he must. hich made /udhishthira suspect some foul play against his brother# 3nd he ent again ith his brothers to the forest and searched e"ery here# *ut *hima could not be found# .. to pre"ent /udhishthira4s accession to the throne.

all una are. $ 3r+una. slain by me thou shalt presently go to the hell appointed for those ho intrude unin"ited and prate unbidden#) 'arna laughed in scorn( ).&1 <anda"as and the 'aura"as learnt the practice of arms first from 'ripacharya and later from %rona# 3 day as fi5ed for a test and e5hibition of their proficiency in the use of arms in the presence of the royal family and as the public had also been in"ited to itness the performance of their belo"ed princes# . e ha"e to be careful and help one another and protect oursel"es#) %uryodhana as surprised to see *hima come bac! ali"e# &is +ealousy and hatred increased# &e hea"ed a deep sigh and pined a ay in sorro # #. hich made ay in a ed silence. and not to you alone# Might is the sanction of so"ereignty and the la is based on it# *ut hat is the use of mere tal! hich is the eapon of the ea!6 Shoot arro s instead of ords#) . I shall sho you ha"e displayed#) greater s!ill than With %rona4s lea"e. loud and compelling li!e thunder the sound made by the slapping of mighty arms in challenge# 3ll eyes turned in that direction# . hom good fortune has sent to us# I and this !ingdom of the 'urus are at your command#) Said 'arna( )I. cast a negligent salute to %rona and 'ripa. then and there duplicated all of 3r+una4s feats ith careless ease# Great as %uryodhana4s e5ultation# &e thre his arms round 'arna and said( )Welcome. of their common blood. for it as 'arna# 'arna addressed 3r+una in a "oice deep as rumbling thunder( )3r+una. recei"ing the greetings of the 'aura"a brothers.)%uryodhana is ic!ed and cruel# &e see!s to !ill *hima since he ants to rule the !ingdom# I am orried#) 2idura replied( )What you say is true. e"en so did blazing rath fill 3r+una. but !eep your thoughts to yourself# 9or if the ic!ed %uryodhana is accused or as a large and enthusiastic cro d# 3r+una displayed superhuman s!ill ith his eapons and the "ast assemblage as lost in onder and admiration# %uryodhana4s bro as dar! ith en"y and hate# 3t the close of the day. his anger and hatred ill only increase# /our sons are blessed ith long life# /ou need ha"e no fear on that account#) /udhishthira also arned *hima and said( )*e silent o"er the matter# &ereafter. $ !ing# $nly t o things I see!. he said( )$ 'arna. your lo"e and single combat ith <artha#) %uryodhana clasped 'arna again to his bosom and said( )My prosperity is all thine to en+oy#) 3s lo"e flooded %uryodhana4s heart. by the bitter irony of fate. faced one another. am grateful. KARNA .hey sa enter through the cro d. ho felt affronted# 3nd glaring fiercely at 'arna ho stood. and strode up to 3r+una# .his arena is open to all. there came suddenly from the entrance of the arena a sound. 'arna the lo"er of battle. a godli!e youth from hom light and po er seemed to emanate# &e loo!ed proudly round him. 'arna. $ thou ith mighty arms. stately as a mountain pea!.he brothers.

hy. . as though the di"ine parents of the heroes sought to encourage their offspring and itness this fateful battle. 'arna4s lips trembled ith anguish and he speechlessly loo!ed up at the setting sun ith a deep sigh# *ut %uryodhana bro!e in indignantly( )It is un orthy of you.hus challenged. his godli!e form and bearing. bo ed his head and did humble obeisance in all filial re"erence# . and ept ith +oy etting ith tears of lo"e his head already moistened by the ater of the coronation# 3t this sight. 3r+una.hou art not orthy of death at the hands of 3r+una# 0or shouldst thou reign in 3nga as a !ing#) 3t this outrageous speech. and his s!ill ith eapons# Surely there is some mystery about him# 9or ho could a tiger be born of an antelope6 =n orthy of being !ing of 3nga.. is the son of <ritha and <andu and a scion of the 'uru race# 8e"eal $ mighty armed thy parentage and the race rendered illustrious by thy birth# It is only after !no ing thy lineage that <artha can fight ith thee. $ 2ri!odara. ta!ing lea"e of the 'uru brothers. *hima roared ith laughter and said( )$ he is after all only the son of a charioteer. simultaneously appeared in the hea"ens# When she sa 'arna. 'ripa. ho as the foster:father of 'arna.a!e up the dri"ing hip then as befits thy parentage# . the lord of the thunderclouds. 'arna bent do n his head li!e a lotus under the eight of rain ater# %uryodhana stood up and said( )If the combat cannot ta!e place merely because 'arna is not a prince. performed all the necessary rites and in"ested 'arna ith the so"ereignty of the !ingdom of 3nga gi"ing him the cro n.his prince. the old charioteer 3dhiratha. Indra. that is easily remedied# I cro n 'arna as the !ing of 3nga#) &e then obtained the assent of *hishma and %hritarashtra. as the combat bet een the youthful heroes seemed about to commence. hastily embraced his brothers and stood ready for combat# While 'arna. confronted him eapon in hand# 3nd. entered the assembly. 'unti !ne him as her first born and fainted a ay# 2idura instructed the maidser"ant to attend upon her and she re"i"ed# She stood stupefied ith anguish not !no ing hat to do# 3s they ere about to +oin in battle. +e els and other royal insignia# 3t that moment. the ne ly cro ned !ing of 3nga. ell:"ersed in the rules of single combat. ith %rona4s permission. his armor and earrings. stepped bet een them and addressed 'arna( ). and *has!ara of the in finite rays. embraced him ith his thin and trembling arms. to spea! thus# 2alor is the hallmar! of a !shatriya# 0or is there much sense in tracing great heroes and mighty ri"ers to their sources# I could gi"e you hundreds of instances of great men of humble birth and I !no a ! ard -uestions might be as!ed of your o n origin# 7oo! at this arrior. for high:born princes cannot engage in single combat ith un!no n ad"enturers#) When he heard these ords.he old man called him son. that 'arna. didst thou say6 I "erily hold him orthy to rule the hole orld#) . staff in hand and -ua!ing ith fear# 0o sooner did he see him. ho is ready to fight ith thee.

you are not a brahmana# 3 !shatriya alone can remain unmo"ed under all bodily torments# . and it ill !ill him hosoe"er he may be# *ut this !illing done. all the more poignant because she had. some glorifying 3r+una. 'arna became the leader of the 'aura"a army and fought brilliantly for t o days# In the ere groups loud in tal! under the light of the lamps. and. the Sa!ti.he sun set and the cro d dispersed in tumult# . ho as reputed for his charity and begged of him his earrings and armor# . %uryodhana too! 'arna in his chariot and dro"e a ay# . though he had remembered it till then# 'arna as the faithful friend of %uryodhana and remained loyally ith the 'aura"as until the end# 3fter the fall of *hishma and %rona. to conceal it# $.ell me the truth#) 'arna confessed that he had told a lie in presenting himself as a brahmana and that he as in fact the son of a charioteer# <arasurama in his anger pronounced this curse on him( )Since you decei"ed your guru. shamed into generosity. 3r+una !illed him# 'unti as sun! in sorro .he Sun god had already arned 'arna in a dream that Indra ould try to decei"e him in this manner# Still. 'arna as not able to recall the *rahmastra spell. but ith a fateful pro"iso# &e said( )/ou can use this eapon against but one enemy. as filled ith surprise and +oy# 3fter accepting the gift. the *rahmastra you ha"e learnt shall fail you at the fated moment# /ou ill be unable to recall the in"ocatory mantra hen your hour comes#) It as because of this curse that at the crisis of his last fight ith 3r+una. others 'arna.In generous rath. the heel of his chariot stuc! in the ground and be as not able to lift it free and dri"e the chariot along# While he as in this predicament. he praised 'arna as ha"ing done hat no one else ould do. at that time. 'arna could not bring himself to refuse any gift that as as!ed of him# &ence he cut off the earrings and armor ith hich he as born and ga"e them to the brahmana# Indra. DRONA . this eapon ill no longer be a"ailable to you but ill return to me#) With these ords Indra disappeared# 'arna ent to <arasurama and became his disciple by representing to him that he as a brahmana# &e learnt of <arasurama the mantra for using the master eapon !no n as *rahmastra# $ne day <arasurama as reclining ith the head on 'arna4s lap hen a stinging orm burro ed into 'arna4s thigh# *lood began to flo and the pain as terrible# *ut 'arna bore it ithout tremor lest he should disturb the master4s sleep# <arasurama a o!e and sa the blood that had poured from the ound# &e said( )%ear pupil. hich has the po er to !ill enemies#) Indra granted the boon. and others again %uryodhana according to their predilection# Indra foresa that a supreme contest as ine"itable bet een his son 3r+una and 'arna# 3nd he put on the garb of a brahmana and came to 'arna. bade 'arna as! for any boon he anted# 'arna replied( )I desire to get your eapon. the !ing of gods.

hen %rona the brahmana stranger. used often to tell %rona that he ould gi"e him half his !ingdom hen he ascended the throne# 3fter completing his studies. and. an5ious to do something for %rona. or an ignorant boor of a learned scholar. in his boyish enthusiasm. %rupada. felt it an intolerable presumption# %run! ith po er and ealth. of hich he as supreme master# %rona +oyfully agreed. the princes ere playing ith a ball outside the precincts of the city. <arasurama offered to teach him the use of eapons. and in the course of the game. here he spent a fe days. or a co ard of a hero6 9riendship can e5ist only bet een e-uals# 3 "agrant beggar cannot be the friend of a so"ereign#) %rona as turned out of the palace ith scorn in his ears and a blazing rath in his heart# &e made a mental "o to punish the arrogant !ing for this insult and his repudiation of the sacred claims of early friendship# &is ne5t mo"e in search of employment as to go to &astinapura. if you ta!e out the ball. the ball as ell as /udhishthira4s ring fell into a ell# .hey did not ho e"er. ho as a friend of *harad a+a. he first ent to him# *ut he as too late as <arasurama had already gi"en a ay all his ealth and as about to retire to the forest# *ut. )you are the descendants of the heroic *harata race# Why cannot you ta!e out the ball as anyone s!illed in arms should !no ho to do6 Shall I do it for you6) /udhishthira laughed and said in fun( )$ brahmana.he princes had gathered round the ell and sa the ring shining from the bottom through the clear ater# *ut could see no ay of getting it out# . de"oted himself to the art of archery and became a great master# %rupada. in retirement.%8$03. %rona married the sister of 'ripa. %rupada had ascended the throne of <anchala on the death of his father# 8emembering their early intimacy and %rupada4s e5pressions of readiness to ser"e him. %rona ent to him in the confident hope of being treated generously# *ut he found the !ing "ery different from the student# When he introduced himself as an old friend. %rupada said( )$ brahmana. the son of a brahmana named *harad a+a. he became unri"alled master of the military art. notice that a brahmana of dar! comple5ion stood nearby atching them ith a smile# )<rinces. in the house of his brother:in:la 'ripacharya# $ne day. desired to ac-uire ealth. and a son 3s atthama as born to them# %rona as passionately attached to his ife and son. the son of the !ing of <anchala. e ill see that you ha"e a good meal in the house of 'ripacharya#) . for their sa!e. a thing that he had ne"er cared for before# 7earning that <arasurama as distributing his riches among the brahmanas. too! a blade of grass and sent it forth into the ell after reciting certain ords of po er for propelling it as an arro # . ho dare you address me familiarly as your friend6 What friendship can there be bet een a throned !ing and a andering beggar6 What a fool must you be to presume on some long past ac-uaintance to claim friend ship ith a !ing ho rules a !ingdom6 &o can a pauper be the friend of a ealthy man.) he surprised them by saying. as a fello :student of %rona in the hermitage and there gre up bet een them the generous intimacy of youth# %rupada. orthy of eager elcome as preceptor in any princely house in that arli!e age# Mean hile. far from being glad to see him. and great archer as he already as. e"en to the e5tent of sharing his !ingdom. after completing his study of the 2edas and the 2edangas.

THE &A' PA(ACE . the consort of the <anda"as# %.hen %rona smilingly addressed %rupada( )Great !ing. since hate is ne"er e5tinguished by retaliation. helped by a strange combination of circumstances. sle the other ise uncon-uerable %rona. and so I gi"e you half of your !ingdom that has become mine by con-uest# /our creed is that friendship is possible only bet een e-uals# 3nd e shall no be e-uals. do not fear for your life# In our boyhood e ere companions but you ere pleased to forget it and dishonor me# /ou told me that a !ing alone could be friend to a !ing# 0o I am a !ing.he !ing performed tapas.he blade of grass straight ay sped and stuc! into the ball# 3fter ards he sent a number of similar blades in succession hich clinging together formed a chain. in discharge of the duty they o ed to him as their master# .&1 +ealousy of %uryodhana began to gro at the sight of the physical strength of *hima and the de5terity of 3r+una# 'arna and Sa!uni became %uryodhana4s e"il counsellors in planning ily stratagems# .hey ent as ordered by him. $ brahmana# Who are you6 Is there anything e can do for you6) and they bo ed to him# &e said( )$ princes. ha"ing con-uered your !ingdom# Still I see! to regain my friendship ith you. and birth of %raupadi. and fe things are harder to bear than the pangs of ounded "anity. here ith %rona too! out the ball# . set %rupada at liberty and treated him ith honor# %rupada4s pride as thus humbled but. go to *hishma and learn from him ho I am#) 9rom the description gi"en by the princes. *hishma recei"ed him ith special honor and employed him to instruct the princes in the use of arms# 3s soon as the 'aura"as and the <anda"as had ac-uired mastery in the science of arms. fi5ed an arro on the string and sent it right into the ring# .he arro rebounding brought up the ring and the brahmana handed it to the prince ith a smile# Seeing these feats. hatred of %rona and a ish to be re"enged on him became the ruling passion of %rupada4s life# . under ent fasts and conducted sacrifices in order to in the gratified gods to bless him ith a son ho should slay %rona and a daughter ho should ed 3r+una# &is efforts ere cro ned ith success ith the birth of %hrishtadyumna ho commanded the <anda"a army at 'uru!shetra and.hen the master sent forth 3r+una on the same errand# &e defeated %rupada in battle and brought him and his minister capti"es to %rona# . *hishma !ne that the brahmana as none other than the famous master %rona# &e decided that %rona as the fittest person to impart further instruction to the <anda"as and the 'aura"as# So. but could not accomplish their tas!# ..he princes ere lost in amazement and delight and begged of him to get the ring also# %rona borro ed a bo . each o ning a half of your !ingdom#) %rona thought this sufficient re"enge for the insult he had suffered. %rona sent 'arna and %uryodhana to seize %rupada and bring him ali"e. the princes ere astonished and said( )We salute you.

he <anda"as are the sons of your brother. the minister of Sa!uni. because he has not the strength# Send the <anda"as immediately to 2arana"ata# I tell you the solemn truth that my cup of suffering is full and I can bear no more# It pierces my heart and renders me sleepless and ma!es my life a torment# 3fter sending the <anda"as to 2arana"ata e shall try to strengthen our party#) 7ater.hus people tal!ed e"ery here# . and your brother became the !ing# If /udhishthira is to succeed his father. hile 3sh atthama is de"oted to me. the citizens babble irrele"ant nonsense# . and all the ministers of the State and commanders of armies. and made him rithe and burn ith +ealousy# &e ent to %hritarashtra and complained bitterly of the public tal!( )9ather. some politicians ere pre"ailed upon to +oin %uryodhana4s party and ad"ise the !ing in the matter# 'ani!a. but he as ea! of ill and dotingly attached to his o n children# 9or his children4s sa!e the orse became the better reason.his ould bring disaster on us# /ou ere set aside because of your blindness. of a ise plan.) 3t these ords.) he said.hese ords ere poison to %uryodhana4s ears. e"ils must be eradicated promptly for a thorn hich has been allo ed to remain in the body may cause a festering . and he ould sometimes e"en !no ingly follo the rong path# %uryodhana sought in "arious ays to !ill the <anda"as# It as by means of the secret help rendered by 2idura ho anted to sa"e the family from a great sin. they idolise the <anda"as# We cannot oppose them ith any chance of success# If e do in+ustice.hey ould floc! together and argue( )%hritarashtra could ne"er be !ing for he as born blind# It is not proper that he should no hold the !ingdom in his hands# *hishma cannot be !ing either. %hritarashtra began to ponder and said( )Son. hat you say is true# Still /udhishthira ill not stray from the path of "irtue# &e lo"es all# &e has truly inherited all the e5cellent "irtues of his deceased father# <eople praise him and ill support him. )guard yoursel"es against the sons of <andu. to hom <andu had endeared himself by his nobility of character. should be its e5ecution# 3lso. and then his son ill be the !ings# We ill sin! into poor relations dependent on them e"en for our food# . that the <anda"as escaped ith their li"es# $ne unforgi"able offence of the <anda"as in the eyes of %uryodhana as that the people of the city used to praise them openly and declare in season and out of season that /udhishthira alone as fit to be the !ing# . for their goodness and influence are a menace to you and yours# . because he is de"oted to truth and to his "o that he ould not be a !ing# &ence /udhishthira alone should be cro ned as !ing# &e alone can rule the 'uru race and the !ingdom ith +ustice#) .o li"e in hell ould be better than that. here do e come6 What chance has our progeny6 3fter /udhishthira his son. if for no other reason. the citizens ill rise in insurrection and either !ill us or e5pel us# We shall only co"er oursel"es ith ignominy#) %uryodhana replied( )/our fears are baseless# *hishma ill at orst be neutral. but the nearer the !in. hich means that his father %rona and uncle 'ripa ill also be on our side# 2idura cannot openly oppose us. as their leader# )$ !ing. ill surely espouse his cause# 3s for the people.3s for poor %hritarashtra. and his son4s son.hey say that /udhishthira should be immediately cro ned !ing# . the closer and deadlier the danger# .hey are "ery strong#) Sa!uni4s minister continued( )*e not roth ith me if I say a !ing should be mighty in action as in name. he as a ise man no doubt and he also lo"ed his brother4s sons.hey ha"e no respect e"en for such "enerable persons as *hishma and yourself# . for nobody ill belie"e in strength hich is ne"er displayed# State affairs should be !ept secret and the earliest indication to the public.

hastened to the spot ell in ad"ance and had a beautiful palace built for their reception# Combustible materials li!e +ute. and fat ere used in the construction of the palace# . not only because they ere orth seeing but because the people of the place ere eager to elcome them# . the city and the hole !ingdom ill ta!e our side# .he materials for the plastering of the alls ere also inflammable# &e s!ilfully filled up "arious parts of the building ith dry things that could catch fire easily. true to his instructions. oil.he unsuspecting <anda"as ere easily persuaded.hey sent for <urochana.he citizens accompanied them a part of their ay and returned un illingly to the city# 2idura pointedly arned /udhishthira in ords intelligible only to the prince( )&e alone ill escape from danger ho forestalls the intentions of an astute enemy# . until the palace as built# When the <anda"as had settled do n in the a5 house. guard yourself against the sons of <andu# . and ga"e him secret instructions hich he bound himself to carry out faithfully# *efore the <anda"as proceeded to 2arana"ata. may cause a forest fire# 3 strong enemy should be destroyed by means of stratagem and it ould be folly to sho mercy to him# $ !ing. a minister. and had in"iting seats and bedsteads disposed at the most combustible places# 1"ery con"enience as furnished for the <anda"as to d ell in the city ithout fear. especially hen %hritarashtra also told them in tones of great affection that they should certainly go and itness the festi"ities. ghee. the idea as to set fire to it at night hen they ere sound asleep# . if o"er loo!ed.hey ill not ha"e a friend left here# $nce the !ingdom has become ours. <urochana.he conflagration that de"astates a forest cannot hurt a rat hich shelters itself in a hole or a porcupine hich burro s in the earth# . and it may e"en be possible to let them come bac!#) When many began to say hat he himself ished to belie"e. THE ESCAPE OF THE PANDAVAS 39.18 ta!ing re"erential lea"e of the elders and embracing their comrades.he <anda"as too! lea"e of *hishma and other elders and ent to 2arana"ata# %uryodhana as elated# &e plotted ith 'arna and Sa!uni to !ill 'unti and her sons at 2arana"ata# . %hritarashtra4s mind as sha!en and he yielded to his sons4 counsels# It only remained to gi"e effect to the plot# . there ill be no po er for harm left in them. lac.he ise man !no s his bearings by loo!ing at the stars#) .hey are "ery po erful#) %uryodhana told %hritarashtra of his success in securing adherents( )I ha"e bought the good ill of the !ing4s attendants ith gifts of ealth and honor# I ha"e on o"er his ministers to our cause# If you ill adroitly pre"ail upon the <anda"as to go to 2arana"ata.he ostentatious lo"e and solicitude ith hich the <anda"as had been recei"ed and treated ould ob"iate all suspicion and the fire ould be ta!en as a sad case of pure accident# 0o one ould dream of blaming the 'aura"as# ).ound# <o erful enemies should be destroyed and e"en a ea! foe should not be neglected since a mere spar!.here are eapons sharper than those made of steel# 3nd the ise man ho ould escape destruction must !no the means to guard against them# .he ministers began to praise the beauty of 2arana"ata in the hearing of the <anda"as and made mention of the fact that a great festi"al in honor of Si"a ould be conducted there ith all pomp and splendor# . the <anda"as proceeded to 2arana"ata# .

*hima set fire to the palace in se"eral places# 'untide"i and the <anda"a brothers hurried out through the subterranean passage.he people of 2arana"ata ere "ery happy to learn of the coming of the <anda"as to their city and elcomed them# 3fter a brief stay in other houses hile the palace specially meant for them as being got ready.he <anda"as !ept armed "igil during night. they mo"ed into it under <urochana4s guidance# It as named )Si"am) hich means prosperity. groping their ay out in the dar!ness# <resently. 3las. in ghastly irony.) . hich ran round the precincts# <urochana had his -uarters at the gate ay of the palace# . %uryodhana4s hideous plot and the means of escape from danger# /udhishthira ans ered that he had grasped 2idura4s meaning.. they no sorro and an5iety# proceeded in a dar! cloud of .hough e !no "ery ell that the palace is a trap of death. they carefully !ept to themsel"es their !no ledge of the ic!ed plot against their li"es# $n his side <urochana. !no ing that the fated moment had arri"ed. there as a roaring fire all o"er the palace and a fast s elling cro d of frightened citizens all around in loud and helpless lamentation# Some bustled aimlessly in futile efforts to put out the conflagration and all +oined in the cry( )3las. and that as the name hich. 2idura had sent an e5pert miner ho met them in secret and said( )My pass ord is the "eiled arning 2idura ga"e you# I ha"e been sent to help you for your protection#) . un!no n to <urochana.his surely is %uryodhana4s or!. and later he communicated it to 'untide"i# &encefor ard the miner or!ed for many days in secret. an5ious to lull all suspicion and ma!e the murderous fire seem an accident. aited fully a year before putting the plot into effect# 3t last <urochana felt he had aited long enough# 3nd the atchful /udhishthira. to all appearance bent on pleasure but really to ma!e themsel"es familiar ith the forest paths# 3s has already been said. .his as meant to indicate to /udhishthira and to him alone. as gi"en to the deathtrap# /udhishthira diligently e5amined the hole place bearing in mind 2idura4s arning and "erified that the building as ithout a shado of doubt constructed ith combustible material# /udhishthira told *hima( ). and he is !illing the sinless <anda"as. and completed a subterranean egress from the a5 house right under and across the alls and the moat.hough they had started on their +ourney in sunshine of +oy. but by day they used to go out hunting in the forest. e should not ma!e <urochana suspect that e !no his plot# We should get a ay at the right moment but escape ould be difficult if e ga"e room for any suspicion#) So they stayed in that house to all appearance free from care# Mean hile. called his brothers together and told them that no or ne"er as the time for them to escape# 'untide"i arranged a sumptuous feast for the attendants that day# &er idea as to lull them to ell: fed sleep at night# 3t midnight.

. made cups of lotus lea"es and brought ater to his mother and brothers ho ere perishing ith thirst# . they sat do n unable to bear the pangs of thirst and o"ercome by the dro siness of sheer fatigue# 'untide"i said( )I do not care e"en if the sons of %hritarashtra are here to seize me. -uite fordone by toil.he people of 2arana"ata. they ould carry their mother to ma!e better speed# Sometimes. he as in fact follo ing ith his mind4s eye the eary anderings of the <anda"as# Seeing that *hishma as sun! in sorro . so the heart of %hritarashtra as at once arm ith +oy and chilled ith sorro #) %hritarashtra and his sons cast off their royal garments in to!en of mourning for the <anda"as hom they belie"ed consumed in the fire# . suffering many hardships and o"ercoming many dangers# <art of the ay.hen. he etted his upper garment.he <anda"as marched on. and entering a mighty forest they ent on at night in dar!ness that rapped them li!e a shroud and in a silence bro!en hideously by the frightful noises of ild animals# 3t last. he strode effortlessly li!e a lordly elephant forcing his ay through the forest and pushing aside the shrubs and trees that obstructed his path# When they reached the Ganges. supporting /udhishthira and 3r+una ith his t o hands# . hile the others slept in merciful forgetfulness of their oes.he palace as reduced to ashes# <urochana4s residence as en"eloped in flames before he could escape and he fell an unpitied "ictim to his o n ic!ed plot# . tired beyond e"en heroic endurance. they ould pause and rest# Sometimes.hey dressed themsel"es in single garments as became sorro ful !insmen and ent to the ri"er and performed the propitiatory funeral rites# 0o out ard sho of heart bro!en berea"ement as omitted# It as noticed by some that 2idura as not so o"ercome by sorro as the others and this as set do n to his philosophical bent of mind# *ut the real reason as that he !ne that the <anda"as had escaped to safety# When he loo!ed sad. there as a boat ready for them in charge of a boatman ho !ne their secret# . *hima alone sat a a!e absorbed in deep thought# )%o not the plants and the creepers of the forest mutually help each other and li"e in peace6) he reflected. but I must stretch my legs#) She forth ith laid herself do n and as sun! in sleep# *hima forced his ay about the tangled forest in search of ater in the dar!ness# 3nd finding a pool. ) hy should the ic!ed %hritarashtra and %uryodhana try to in+ure us in these ays6) Sinless himself. 2idura secretly comforted him by re"ealing to him the story of their successful escape# *hima sa that his mother and brothers ere e5hausted by their nightly "igils as ell as by fear and an5iety# &e therefore carried his mother on his shoulders and too! 0a!ula and Sahade"a on his hips. they ould race ith each other# .he palace hich as the abode of the <anda"as has burnt do n and no one in it escaped ali"e#) 2yasa has beautifully described the then mental state of %hritarashtra( )Just as the ater of a deep pool is cool at the bottom and arm on the surface. full of life and the glorious strength of youth.hus hea"ily laden.hey crossed the ri"er in the dar!ness. *hima could not understand the springs of sinfulness in others and as lost in grief# . sent the follo ing message to &astinapura( ).

THE S(AYING OF "AKASURA I0 the city of 1!acha!ra. and I am not. nay. you ould not agree# /ou persisted in saying that you ere born and bred here and here you ould stay here your parents and relations had li"ed and died# &o can I thin! of losing you ho ha"e been to me at once my life4s mate. to bring up and protect your children# Just as cast out offal is pounced upon and seized by rapacious birds. aiting for better days# 6. and this is the deadly fruit of your per"ersity# If I gi"e up my life. at last the brahmana said to his ife( )$ unfortunate and foolish oman. though time and again I ished e should lea"e this city for good. this girl and boy ill surely die soon for ant of a protector# What shall I do6 It is best that all of us perish together) and the brahmana burst forth sobbing# .his little girl has been gi"en to us by God as a trust to be handed o"er in time to a orthy man# It is unrighteous to sacrifice her ho is a gift of God to perpetuate the race# It is e-ually impossible to allo this other. presented him ith a big earthen pot that became an ob+ect of merriment to the street urchins# $ne day. you !no . fearing that some e"il might ha"e befallen them# 'unti ould di"ide the food they brought in t o e-ual portions# $ne half ould go to *hima# .he brahmana and his ife could hardly spea! for eeping. the ife ho bore my children. being born of the Wind god had great strength and a mighty appetite# 2ri!odara. my all in all6 I cannot send you to death hile I !eep myself ali"e# .hey met *haga"an 2yasa on the ay# 3ll of them bo ed before him and recei"ed encouragement and ise counsel from him# When 'unti told him of the sorro s that had befallen them. its hunger is ne"er -uite satisfied# *hima4s insatiable hunger and the scanty food he used to get at 1!acha!ra ent ill together# 3nd he daily gre thin. hen the other brothers had gone to beg for alms.hen they put on the garb of brahmanas. she ould be orried. *himasena stayed behind ith his mother. one of the names of *hima. to be !illed# &o can e li"e after consigning to death our only solace in life and our hope for the here after6 If he is lost.he potter. means olf:bellied. as ad"ised by 2yasa. ho ould ait an5iously till their return# If they did not come bac! in time.he ife replied( )I ha"e been a good ife to you. the <anda"as stayed in the guise of brahmanas. our son. a poor ido ed oman is an easy prey to ic!ed and dishonest people# %ogs fight for a cloth et ith ghee. and in pulling it hither and thither in unclean . nor is any sinner bad enough to e5ist in one elter of sin# 7ife is a tangled eb and there is no one in the orld ho has not done both good and e"il# 1ach and e"eryone has to bear the conse-uence of his actions# %o not gi"e ay to sorro #) . loo!s al ays famished# 3nd ho e"er much it might eat. hich caused much distress to his mother and brothers# Sometime later. /ou did not pay heed to my ords. and a olf. lo"ing mother. begging their food in the brahmana streets and bringing hat they got to their mother..he other half ould be shared by the other brothers and the mother# *hima. and they heard loud lamentations from the house of their brahmana landlord# Some great calamity surely had befallen the poor family and 'unti ent inside to learn hat it as# . ho ould pour libations for us and our ancestors6 3las. and done my duty by bearing you a daughter and a son# /ou are able. but. 2yasa consoled her ith these ords( )0o "irtuous man is strong enough to li"e in "irtue at all times. *hima became ac-uainted ith a potter for hom he helped and fetched clay# . ent to the city of 1!acha!ra and stayed there in a brahmana4s house. in return.

sacrificing both lo"e and duty#) . for the 8a!shasa has in"ariably defeated and !illed all the bra"e men ho tried# Mother. hat a good death mine ould be. ealth and other things are not safe. ta!e another ife# Gladden me ith a bra"e smile.he !shatriya ruler of this country has fled to the city of 2etra!iya and is unable to protect us# . as you !no . child though I be. the brahmana tenderly embraced her and.his. and then do hat is proper# It is me alone that you can spare to the 8a!shasa# *y sacrificing one soul. ith culture and domestic happiness. utterly o"ercome by her lo"e and courage. said in his s eet childish treble( )I shall !ill the 8a!shasa ith this stic!#) . tear it into foul rags# It ould be best if I am handed o"er to the 8a!shasa# *lessed indeed is the oman ho passes to the other orld. he ept li!e a child# When he could find his "oice.he child4s action and speech made them smile in the midst of their tears. should not marry and beget children# 3 orthy family life. hardly more than a baby. here li"es a cruel and terribly strong 8a!shasa named *a!asura# &e forcibly seized this city and !ingdom thirteen years ago# Since then he has held us in cruel thraldom# .he first duty of a married man is to protect his ife# I should indeed be a pitiful sinner if I li"ed after gi"ing you up to the 8a!shasa. I am sure of hea"en# %eath has no terror for one ho has been a good ife# 3fter I am gone. hile her husband is ali"e# . and send me to the 8a!shasa#) &earing these ords of his ife. myself. the parents tenderly embraced her and ept# Seeing them all in tears the boy. gi"e me your blessing.he daughter ho as hearing this piteous con"ersation.he citizens prayed to the 8a!shasa to come to some sort of stipulation in place of this promiscuous slaughter# . if there be no proper !ing ruling o"er us# 3nd ha"ing long suffered ith the sight of others4 sorro .his 8a!shasa formerly used to issue from his ca"e hene"er he li!ed and. do not eep. lisping( )9ather. curds and into5icating li-uors and many other delicacies# We ill deli"er these to you in a carriage dra n by t o bulloc!s dri"en by a human being ta!en from each house in turn# /ou can ma!e a repast of the rice. you can sa"e the others# 7et me be the little boat to ta!e you across this ri"er of calamity# In li!e manner. mad ith hunger. hat ords are these6 Can I bear to li"e ithout you6 . is hat the scriptures say# *id me fare ell# .) and he ent to each and sat on their lap by turns# . rice. our .he 8a!shasa agreed to the proposal# 9rom that day. that is.he citizens of a country. started up ith glo ing eyes. but refrain from this mad orgy of slaughter#4 . omen and children in this city# .he brahmana said( )Mother.hey prayed( 4%o not !ill us antonly at your him and pleasure# $nce a ee! e shall bring you sufficient meat. this strong 8a!shasa has been protecting this !ingdom from foreign raids and ild beasts# . strong !ing# Wife. hose !ing is ea!. but only added to their great sorro # 9eeling this as the moment for inter"ention. is possible only under the rule of a good.a!e care of my children# I ha"e been happy ith you# I ha"e performed many meritorious actions# *y my faithful de"otion to you.greed. this is a sorro far beyond your aid# . he replied( )$ belo"ed and noble one. both I and this little baby brother of mine ill soon perish unprotected in this hard orld# If this family of ours can be sa"ed from destruction by my single death. along ith the bulloc!s and the man.hen he rose up too! a stic! of fire ood and brandishing it about. do not eep# is a ca"e near the city. our legitimate so"ereign is unable to protect us# . 1"en if you consider my elfare alone. no interposed ith sobs( )7isten to me. indiscriminately !ill and eat men. 'untide"i entered and in-uired for the cause of their sorro and hether there as anything she could do to help them# . do not eep# Sister.his arrangement has been in force for many years# 0o hero has been found to free this country from this pest. you should send me to the 8a!shasa#) 3t these bra"e ords of the poor child. a oman ithout a guardian becomes the sport of ic!ed people ho drag her hither and thither# It is impossible for me to protect t o fatherless orphans and they ill perish miserably li!e fish in a aterless pond# If both of you pass a ay.

his po er ill come to naught#) 'unti4s fear as that. 'ing of <anchala. nay.he other brothers returned to the house ith alms# %harmaputra sa the face of *himasena radiant ith +oy to hich it had long been a stranger and inferred that he as resol"ed on some hazardous ad"enture and -uestioned 'unti ho told him e"erything# /udhishthira said( )What is this6 Is not this rash and thoughtless6 8elying on *hima4s strength e sleep ithout care or fear# It is not through *hima4s strength and daring that e hope to regain the !ingdom that has been seized by our deceitful enemies6 Was it not through the pro ess of *hima that e escaped from the a5 palace6 3nd you are ris!ing the life of *hima ho is our present protection and future hope# I fear your many trials ha"e clouded your +udgment.he brahmana +umped up in amazed surprise. e ha"e li"ed happily for many years in the house of this brahmana# %uty.) 'untide"i replied( )%ear sons. for.o n turn has come no to send a person as prey to the 8a!shasa# I ha"e not the means to purchase a substitute# 0one of us can bear to li"e after sending one of us to a cruel death. if you re"eal it. but you ished to !no # $nly God can help us. do not despair# God is great# I ha"e fi"e sons# $ne of them ill ta!e the food to the 8a!shasa#) . man4s highest "irtue. is to repay the benefit he has en+oyed by doing good in his turn# I !no the heroism of *hima and ha"e no fears# 8emember ho carried us from 2arana"ata and ho !illed the demon &idimba# It is our duty to be of ser"ice to this brahmana family#) 3fter a fierce battle. the daughter of %rupada. and find out their here abouts# *hima as filled ith unbounded +oy and enthusiasm at the arrangement made by 'unti# . the 8a!shasa *a!asura as slain by *hima ho pretended to bring him a cartload of food# 7. if the story got noised abroad. as I ha"e myself seen him !ill many other such 8a!shasas# *ut !eep this a secret.he alms doled out to us are diminishing and it is not good to outstay your entertainment# 7et us therefore go to %rupada4s !ingdom hich is reputed to be fair and prosperous#) 'unti as second to none in orldly isdom and sagacity and could gracefully di"ine her sons4 thoughts and spare them the a ! ardness of e5pressing them# . and so I shall go ith my hole family to him# 7et the ic!ed glutton gorge himself ith all of us# I ha"e pained you ith these things. reached them# Many brahmanas of 1!acha!rapura planned to go to <anchala in the hope of recei"ing the customary gifts and to see the festi"ities and pageant of a royal edding# 'unti. ne s of the s ayam"ara of %raupadi.he political truths contained in this story of 1!acha!ra are note orthy and suggesti"e# 'unti tal!ed the matter o"er ith *himasena and returned to the brahmana# She said( )Good man. but e ha"e lost all hope e"en of that#) . ith her motherly instinct. read her sons4 desire to go to <anchala and in %raupadi# So she told /udhishthira( )We ha"e been in this city so long that it is time to thin! of going some here else# We ha"e seen these hills and dales till e are tired of them# . but then shoo! his head sadly and ould not hear of the substituted sacrifice# 'unti said( )$ brahmana. %uryodhana4s men ould see the hand of the <anda"as. do not be afraid# My son is endo ed ith superhuman po ers deri"ed from mantras and ill certainly !ill this 8a!shasa. DRAUPADI'S S&AYAMVARAM W&I71 the <anda"as ere li"ing in disguise as brahmanas at 1!acha!rapura.

hen he proclaimed in loud. and coyly glancing at the "aliant princes. and %rupada proclaimed that the hero ho ould in his daughter should perform this feat# Many "aliant princes had gathered there from all parts of *harata"arsha# . Sisupala. Jarasandha.his re-uired almost superhuman strength and s!ill.he brahmanas repeated the usual mantras and offered oblations in the fire# 3fter the peace in"ocation had been chanted and the flourish of music had stopped. shall in my sister#) .he noise that issued therefrom resembled the uproar of the ocean and o"er it all arose the auspicious sound of festal music from hundreds of instruments# %hrishtadyumna on horsebac! rode in front of his sister %raupadi seated on an elephant# 9resh from her auspicious bridal bath. all the assemblage e5pected that he ould be successful but he failed by +ust a . %rupada ould be all the stronger for being 3r+una4s father:in:la # When he heard the ne s of the destruction of the <anda"as at 2arana"ata. Salya.he sons of %hritarashtra ere there as ell as 'arna. and %uryodhana ere among these unsuccessful aspirants# When 'arna came for ard. 'rishna. ancestry and description of the se"eral suitors assembled there# Many noted princes rose one after another and tried in "ain to string the bo # It as too hea"y and stiff for them.hen he narrated to %raupadi the name. ho for their part loo!ed at her in speechless admiration. he as plunged in sorro but as relie"ed by a later rumour that they had escaped# .here is the target and here are the arro s# &e ho sends fi"e arro s in succession through the hole of the heel and unerringly hits the target. and clad in flo ing sil! %raupadi dismounted and entered the s ayam"ara hall. if he also be of good family and presence.he candidate for the princess4 hand as re-uired to string the bo and ith it shoot a steel arro through the central aperture of a re"ol"ing dis! at a target placed on high# . Jarasandha.he marriage hall as beautifully decorated and built amidst a finely laid out group of ne guest: houses designed to accommodate the s ayam"ara suitors and guests# 3ttracti"e sights and sports had been arranged for public entertainment and there ere glorious festi"ities for fourteen days continuously# 3 mighty steel bo as placed in the marriage hall# . and they returned to their places abashed and ashamed# Sisupala.. %hrishtadyumna too! %raupadi by the hand and led her to the center of the hall# . she ascended the dais# . and Salya# *esides the competitors there as a huge concourse of spectators and "isitors# .hough %rupada and %rona ere out ardly at peace.he brahmanas ent in groups to itness the s ayam"ara and the <anda"as mingled ith them in the guise of brahmanas# 3fter a long march the party reached the beautiful city of %rupada and billeted themsel"es in the house of a potter as obscure brahmanas of no note# . $ princes seated in state in this assembly. the former ne"er could forget or forgi"e the humiliation he had suffered at the latter4s hands# %rupada4s one ish as to gi"e his daughter in marriage to 3r+una# %rona lo"ed 3r+una so dearly that he could hardly loo! upon his pupil4s father:in:la as his deadly foe# 3nd if there ere a ar. seeming to fill it ith the s eetness of her presence and perfect beauty# Garland in hand. here is the bo # . clear tones( )&ear ye.

ild clamor burst forth again from the cro d# .he cro d as in tumult and there as a blare of musical instruments# . some e"en saying that it as an impossible test put up to shame the !ings# . hile others more en"ious or orldly ise. my sister ill become the life:mate of any one of good family and presence.he practice of s ayam"ara.he brahmanas ho ere seated in the assembly in large numbers sent forth shouts of +oy.hen ithout pause or hesitation he shot fi"e arro s in succession through the re"ol"ing mechanism right into the target so that it fell do n# .hen 3r+una meditated on 0arayana.hey said( )We feel from his appearance that he is going to in# &e loo!s sure of himself and he certainly !no s hat he is about# . she should remain a "irgin and burn herself on the pyre# &o can a brahmana marry her6 We should oppose this marriage and pre"ent it so as to protect righteousness and sa"e the practice of s ayam"ara from the peril hich threatens it#) 3 free fight seemed imminent# . the choosing of a bridegroom. hile the cro d as lost in spellbound silence# . 0a! as great clamor and angry tal!. and too! the bo in his hand and strung it ith ease# &e placed an arro on the string and loo!ed around him ith a smile.hen all noises ere hushed. but is it all a matter of brute strength6 What about the po er of austerities6 Why should he not try6) 3nd they blessed him# 3r+una approached the place here the bo bend the bo 6) lay and as!ed %hrishtadyumna( )Can a brahmana try to %hrishtadyumna ans ered( )$ best of brahmanas. and others had met ith failure# *ut there ere others again ho spo!e differently as they noted the noble and shapely proportions of the youth# . Salya.hair4s breadth and the string slid bac! flashing and the mighty bo thing of life# +umped out of his hands li!e a . a"ing aloft their deer:s!ins in e5ultation as though the hole community had on %raupadi# . for there arose from among the group of brahmanas a youth ho ad"anced to ards the bo # It as 3r+una ho had come disguised as a brahmana# When he stood up. the Supreme God. the princes ere loud in rath# .he brahmana may be physically ea!er.he brahmanas themsel"es ere di"ided in opinion# Some being highly delighted that there should be among them a lad of mettle enough to compete. ho bends the bo and shoots the target# My ords stand and there ill be no going bac! on them#) . said hat impudence it as for this brahmacharin to enter the lists hen heroes li!e 'arna. is not pre"alent among the brahmanas# If this maiden does not care to marry a prince.he uproar that follo ed as indescribable# %raupadi shone ith a fresh beauty# &er face glo ed ith happiness hich streamed out of her eyes as she loo!ed on 3r+una# She approached him and placed the garland on his nec!# /udhishthira. and Sahade"a returned in haste to the potter4s house to con"ey the glad ne s immediately to their mother# *hima alone remained in the assembly fearing that some danger might befall 3r+una from the !shatriyas# 3s anticipated by *hima.hey said( ).

hich set at rest all an5iety regarding the enmity of %rona# *ut he as surprised and disgusted hen he heard that they ould +ointly marry %raupadi# %rupada opposed this and said( )&o unrighteous. that had on %raupadi# =nder this mista!en impression he replied( )It is indeed. he secretly told 'ing %rupada( )9ather. stood armed ith this formidable bludgeon. is 'unti herself#) In"ited by %rupada 'unti and the <anda"as ent to the palace# %harmaputra confided to the !ing that they ere the <anda"as# &e also informed him of their decision to marry %raupadi in common# %rupada re+oiced at !no ing that they ere the <anda"as. %hrishtadyumna follo ed them at a distance. "ery good#) %uryodhana4s +ealousy and hatred redoubled hen he found that the <anda"as had someho escaped from the a5 palace and after spending a year incognito had no become e"en more .he blessed <anda"as are ali"e and it is 3r+una ho has on the daughter of %rupada# .*hima pluc!ed a tree by the roots. this immoral /udhishthira ans ered( )$ !ing. ho had also gone to ta!e part in the s ayam"ara.he fi"e <anda"as ha"e married her +ointly according to the rites en+oined by the sastras# With their mother 'untide"i they are happy and ell under the care of %rupada#) 3t these ords of 2idura. I am delighted at your ords# 3re the dear <anda"as really ali"e6 We ha"e been mourning them as dead. INDRAPRASTHA W&10 ne s of the incidents that too! place during the s ayam"ara at <anchala reached &astinapura. our family has become stronger because the daughter of %rupada has become our daughter:in:la # $ur stars are good#) %hritarashtra thought in his blind fondness for his son that it as %uryodhana. *alarama and others sought to appease those ho had created the confusion# 3r+una proceeded to the house of the potter accompanied by %raupadi# 3s *hima and 3r+una ere ta!ing %raupadi to their temporary abode. by the side of 3r+una ready for any e"ent# %raupadi said nothing but stood holding on to the s!irts of the deer:s!in in hich 3r+una as clad# 'rishna. !indly e5cuse us# In a time of great peril e "o ed that e ould share all things in common and e cannot brea! that pledge# $ur mother has commanded us so#) 9inally %rupada yielded and the marriage as celebrated# 8. holding to the s!irts of the deer:s!in of that youth and she as not at all abashed# I also follo ed and I sa all fi"e and a "enerable and august lady ho. as you say. . a good time for us# Go at once and bring %raupadi# 7et us gi"e <anchali a +oyous elcome#) 2idura hastened to correct the mista!e# &e said( ).he ne s you ha"e no brought is balm to my heart# So the daughter of %rupada has become our daughter:in:la # Well. &o idea that goes against the traditional usage6) did this idea get into your head. 2idura as happy# &e immediately ent to %hritarashtra and said( )$ 'ing. %hritarashtra felt frustrated but concealed his disappointment# &e said to 2idura ith apparent +oy( )$ 2idura. I ha"e no doubt. ell. and. closely obser"ed e"erything that too! place there# &e as amazed and delighted at hat he sa . and returning. I thin! they are the <anda"as# %raupadi accompanied them. unseen by them. and stripping it of foliage.

hen the <anda"as ould fear to come here and e shall be safe.his is but futile tal!#) %uryodhana continued( )We should someho ma!e sure that the <anda"as do not come here and demand of us the !ingdom that is no in our possession# We may commission a fe brahmanas to spread con"enient rumours in %rupada4s city and se"erally tell the <anda"as that they ould meet ith great danger if they ere to go to &astinapura# . let 2idura !no our mind# .hey ha"e seen through your designs# Stratagems ill not do hereafter# /ou cannot so dissensions among them# /ou cannot bribe the ise and honorable %rupada# &e ill not gi"e up the <anda"as on any account# %raupadi also can ne"er be turned against them# . therefore.he !ing.ric!ery ill pro"e useless#) . there is only one ay left for us. and you thin! e can decei"e them no . and that is to attac! them before they gro stronger and other friends +oin them# We should ma!e a surprise attac! on the <anda"as and %rupada before 'rishna +oins them ith his /ada"a army# We should ta!e the heroic ay out of our difficulty. either e must destroy them here and no or e shall oursel"es perish# 9a"or us ith your counsel in this matter#) %hritarashtra replied( )%ear son.hat as hy I spo!e to him in that manner# 7et me no hear your suggestions as to hat e should do#) %uryodhana said( )I feel so distracted that no plan occurs to me# <erhaps. ha"e so a5ed in strength that they ill certainly destroy us6 We could not carry out our plot against them and the fact that they !no about it is an added danger# It has no come to this. as befits !shatriyas# . and fortune also seems to fa"or them# %hrishtadyumna and Si!handin ha"e become their allies# What can e do6) 'arna and %uryodhana ent to the blind %hritarashtra# %uryodhana said( )/ou told 2idura that better days ere ahead of us# Is it good time for us that our natural enemies. from them#) 'arna replied( ). e are undone# We ha"e been let do n by relying on <urochana# $ur enemies. are cle"erer than oursel"es.hus spo!e 'arna# %hritarashtra could not ma!e up his mind# . hat you say is true# We should not.po erful on account of the alliance ith the mighty !ing of <anchala# %uryodhana and his brother %uhsasana ent to their uncle Sa!uni and said in sorro ( )=ncle.hat he has gi"en a ay his daughter in marriage to the <anda"as ill not stand in the ay of our ma!ing him an ally# . ho e"er.herefore. e found e could not decei"e them. the <anda"as. the <anda" is nothing that cannot be accomplished by the po er of ealth#) 'arna smiled and said( ). e may ta!e ad"antage of the fact that these <anda"as are not born of one and the same mother and create enmity bet een the sons of Madri and those of 'unti# We can also try to bribe %rupada into +oining our side# . sent for *hishma and %rona and consulted them# .his too is idle tal!# /ou cannot frighten them that ay#) %uryodhana continued( )Can e not create discord among the <anda"as by means of %raupadi6 &er polyandrous marriage is "ery con"enient for us# We shall arouse doubts and +ealousies in their minds through the efforts of e5perts in the science of erotics# We shall certainly succeed# We can get a beautiful oman to beguile some of the sons of 'unti and thus ma!e %raupadi turn against them# If %raupadi begins to suspect any of them. hen they ha"e ac-uired e5perience and are moreo"er under the protection of %rupada# . e can in"ite him to &astinapura and use him so that our plan prospers#) 'arna laughed this also to scorn# &e said( )0one of your proposals is any good# /ou cannot con-uer the <anda"as by stratagem# When they ere here and ere li!e immature birds ith unde"eloped ings.

he proper course ill be to elcome them bac! and gi"e them half the !ingdom# . ise ith the ripe !no ledge of right and rong.his is my ad"ice#) %rona also ga"e the same counsel and suggested sending a proper messenger to bring about an amicable settlement and establish peace# 'arna fle into a rage at this suggestion# &e as "ery much de"oted to %uryodhana and could not at all bear the idea of gi"ing a portion of the !ingdom to the <anda"as# &e told %hritarashtra( )I am surprised that %rona.he <anda"as may do as they li!e#) 2idura ent to 'untide"i and prostrated himself before her# She said( )Son of 2ichitra"irya. but he merely said( ).he citizens of the state also desire such a settlement# .*hishma as "ery happy hen he heard that the <anda"as ere ali"e and ell as guests of 'ing %rupada of <anchala. therefore. said( )$ ic!ed man.his is the only ay to maintain the dignity of our family# . replied( ). the master. has made such a suggestion# 3 !ing should e5amine critically the ad"ice of his ministers before accepting or re+ecting it#) 3t these ords of 'arna.he <anda"as are also your children li!e %uryodhana and his brothers# /ou should realise that those ho ad"ise you to in+ure the <anda"as are really bent upon the destruction of the race# %rupada and his sons as ell as 'rishna and the /ada"as are staunch allies of the <anda"as# It is impossible to defeat them in battle# 'arna4s ad"ice is foolish and rong# It is reported abroad that e tried to !ill the <anda"as in the a5 house. %rona. ho has recei"ed ealth and honors at your hands. hose daughter they had married# Consulted on the steps to be ta!en. the 'aura"as ill certainly meet ith destruction in the near future#) . and %rona. your children# I trust you# I shall do as you ad"ise#) She as also suspicious of %hritarashtra4s intentions# .he citizens and the hole country are delighted to !no that the <anda"as are ali"e and they desire to see them once again# %o not listen to the ords of %uryodhana# 'arna and Sa!uni are but ra youths. ill be set at rest if you in"ite the <anda"as and hand o"er half !ingdom to them# . you sa"ed my sons# . you are ad"ising the !ing to go on the rong path# If %hritarashtra does not do hat *hishma and myself ha"e ad"ised. and e should first of all try to clear oursel"es of the blame# . *hishma. the head of our is much loose tal! not creditable to you about the fire incident at the a5 house# 3ll blame.hey are.he counsel gi"en by *hishma. is ise and +ust and should not be disregarded# .hen %hritarashtra sought the ad"ice of 2idura ho replied( ). ignorant of statesmanship and incompetent to ad"ise# 9ollo *hishma4s ad"ice#) In the end %hritarashtra determined to establish peace by gi"ing half the !ingdom to the sons of <andu# &e sent 2idura to the !ingdom of <anchala to fetch the <anda"as and %raupadi# 2idura ent to the city of 'ing %rupada in a speedy "ehicle ta!ing along ith him many !inds of +e els and other "aluable presents# 2idura rendered due honor to 'ing %rupada and re-uested him on behalf of %hritarashtra to send the <anda"as ith <anchali to &astinapura# %rupada mistrusted %hritarashtra. his old eyes full of anger. e"en all suspicion.

is made to frolic ith apish +oy. 'ing <andu delighted in abiding by my ad"ice# 7o"e me in the same manner# My sons are ic!ed and proud# I ha"e made this settlement so that there may be no strife or hatred bet een you# Go to 'handa"aprastha and ma!e it your capital# $ur ancestors <urura"as. half the !ingdom as made o"er to the <anda"as and /udhishthira as duly cro ned !ing# %hritarashtra blessed the ne ly cro ned /udhishthira and bade him fare ell ith these ords( )My brother <andu made this !ingdom prosperous# May you pro"e a orthy heir to his reno n. THE SARANGA "IRDS I0 the stories narrated in the <uranas. &anuman. as indeed a frightful place hen it came into the possession of the <anda"as# *irds and beasts had made it their abode.hey ill inherit the !ingdom and ac-uire great reno n# Come.he <anda"as ruled there happily for thirty:si5 years ith their mother and %raupadi. let us go#) 3t last %rupada also ga"e his assent and 2idura returned to &astinapura ith the <anda"as. or a fo5 a !ing# . and renamed it Indraprastha# It gre in ealth and beauty and became the admiration of the orld# .he usual e5pedient employed is a pre"ious birth hen those creatures ere human beings# 9or instance.2idura thus assured her( )/our children ill ne"er meet ith destruction# .he <anda"as reno"ated that ruined city. and in the fo5 the cle"er nature is shot through ith the characteristics of a ise and e5perienced !ing# . hen he imagined that the beautiful damsel he sa at 8a"ana4s inner courtyard as Sita# It is usual to entertain children ith stories in hich birds and beasts are made to spea!# *ut the stories of the <uranas are meant for elderly people. and /ayati ruled the !ingdom from there# . ne"er straying from the path of dharma# 9.hat as our ancient capital# 8e:establish that and be famous#) In this manner %hritarashtra spo!e affectionately to /udhishthira# . ho is described as "ery ise and learned. and in them usually some bac!ground is gi"en in e5planation of animals ha"ing the gift of human speech# .he stories are thereby made interesting "ehicles of the great truths they sometimes con"ey# 'handa"aprastha.he subse-uent degradation being due to a curse# In such cases the deer ill act as a deer and yet spea! as a rishi. and it as infested ith thie"es and ic!ed men# 'rishna and 3r+una resol"ed to set fire to the forest and construct a ne city in its place# . built palaces and forts. 0ahusha. and sometimes they gi"e sound ad"ice and e"en teach spiritual isdom# *ut the natural -ualities of those creatures are adroitly made to peep through this human "eil# $ne of the characteristic beauties of the <uranic literature is this happy fusion of nature and imagination# In a delightful passage in the 8amayana. birds and beasts spea! li!e men. a deer as a rishi in a pre"ious birth. that forest full of une"en places and thorns and pric!les and cumbered ith the crumbling "estiges of a long dead city. the streets of &astinapura had been sprin!led ith ater and decorated ith flo ers# 3s had been already decided. and %raupadi# In +ubilant elcome of the belo"ed princes ho ere returning home after long years of e5ile and tra"ail. 'unti.

the children said( )Mother.he fire is coming nearer and nearer burning e"erything.he mother bird loo!ed after its young ones# 3s the forest as set on fire as commanded by 'rishna and 3r+una and the fire spread in all directions. the mother had no mind to lea"e her children# She said( )I shall remain here and perish in the flames ith you#) . and soon it ill be here and destroy us# 3ll forest creatures are in despair and the air is full of the agonising crash of falling trees# <oor ingless babies.o the mother ho as ailing is no no danger for you inside the hole#) an eagle de"our the rat# *ut the children said( ).hen he left Jarita and andered in the oods ith another female companion. our family ill become e5tinct# 9ly to a place of safety.hey said( ). e shall attain a good birth in some future life# If you gi"e up your life for our sa! is no place here for a childless man) and turned him bac!# &e as then born as a saranga bird and li"ed ith a female companion named Jarita# She laid four eggs# . do not torment yourself on our account# 7ea"e us to our fate# If e die here.a!e another mate and li"e happily#) .his is the bac!ground of the story of the birds# 3 rishi named Mandapala long li"ed faithful to his "o of perfect brahmacharya but hen he sought entry to the higher regions.he children ould not agree# .he mother bird tried to relie"e the fears of the children and said( )I sa .he fire hich destroyed the hole forest.he mother bird told her children( ). the mother bird came bac! and sa ith onder that her children ere safe and chirping merrily# She embraced them and as intensely happy# . and I am not strong enough to fly a ay carrying you ith me#) .he four eggs of Jarita hatched in time and they ere the four birds mentioned abo"e# 3s they ere the children of a rishi they could cheer and encourage their mother in the ay they did# . /ou ill become a prey to the fire# What shall I do6 /our father has deserted is a rat:hole by the side of this tree# I shall put you there# /ou can get into the hole and escape the fire# I shall close the mouth of the hole ith earth and the fire ill not touch you# When the fire dies do n I shall let you out#) .he male bird as pleasantly roaming about in the forest ith another female bird neglecting ife and children# . reflect and do hat is best for our race#) %espite this earnest entreaty.3 saranga bird as li"ing there ith its four fledgelings# . ho ha"e done nothing for you6 We ha"e only brought you unhappiness since e came into the orld# . the gate!eeper said( ).he rat in the hole ill de"our us# It is better to perish in the flames than to die ignobly by being eaten up by rats#) . the orried mother bird began to lament( are sure to be other rats in the hole# $ur danger is not ended by the !illing of one rat by the eagle# 'indly sa"e your life by flying before the fire reaches us and this tree catches fire# We cannot get into the rat:hole# Why should you sacrifice your life for our sa!e6 &o ha"e e merited it. doing its destructi"e or!. ta!e another mate and be happy# /ou ill soon ha"e other children and be able to forget us# Mother. mercifully left the baby birds unscathed# When the fire had subsided. 7apita# .

*ARASANDHA .While the fire as raging. you are not among those hose affection ma!es them blind and partial# 0or are you one of those ho ad"ise to please and hose counsel is pleasant rather than true or holesome#) 'rishna replied( )?uite so and that is hy you cannot be emperor hile the mighty Jarasandha of Magadha is ali"e and uncon-uered# &e has con-uered many !ings and holds them in sub+ection# 3ll the !shatriyas. 'arna and others do not ob+ect to your assuming the title of emperor. he set out in a chariot harnessed ith s ift horses and reached Indraprastha# /udhishthira said( )4My people urge me to perform 8a+asuya. only he ho can secure the respect and allegiance of all !ings. if you li!e. to your belo"ed Jarita# I shall only be another of the many trusting females betrayed by un orthy males and cast out andering in the forest# /ou may go#) . but as you !no . the son of =grasena6 3fter he had become the son:in:la and ally of Jarasandha my people and I attac!ed Jarasandha# 3fter three years of continuous fighting e had to ac!no ledge defeat and e left Mathura and mo"ed to % ara!a in the est. the male bird. Jarasandha ill certainly oppose it# 3nd the only ay to o"ercome his opposition is to defeat and !ill him# /ou can . I !no that you desire to go bac! to Jarita.hen Jarita cut in icily( )%o you greatly care6 Go bac! to her for hom you abandoned me# *e happy ith her#) Mandapala philosophised( )3 oman ill not care for her husband after she has become a mother# Such is the ay of the orld# 1"en the blameless 2asishtha as thus ignored by 3rundhati#) #!. including the redoubtable Sisupala himself. an5ious for the safety of his young ones. had e5pressed his fears to his ne lo"e:bird 7apita# She had petulantly upbraided him# &earing his repeated laments )Is it so6) she said( )I !no your mind. and built a ne city here e are li"ing in peace and plenty# 1"en if %uryodhana. ha"ing had enough of me# Why falsely bring in the fire and the children6 /ou ha"e yourself told me that the children of Jarita ould ne"er perish in fire since the 9ire god has gi"en you that boon# /ou may as ell tell the truth and go a ay. are afraid of his pro ess and are submissi"e to him# &a"e you not heard of the ic!ed 'amsa.he bird Mandapala said( )/our assumption is untrue# I too! birth as a bird for obtaining children and I am naturally an5ious about them# I shall +ust go and see them and then come bac! to you ) &a"ing thus consoled his ne ent to the tree here Jarita as seated# mate.hen she turned to her husband and as!ed in an indifferent tone hy he had come# &e replied ith affection( )3re my children happy6 Who is the eldest among them6) .hose ho surrounded /udhishthira urged him to perform the 8a+asuya sacrifice and assume the title of 1mperor# It is e"ident that imperialism had an irresistible glamour e"en in those days# /udhishthira sought Sri 'rishna4s ad"ice in this matter# When 'rishna learnt that %harmaputra desired to see him. be Jarita paid no attention to her consort but remained absorbed in +oy at finding her children ali"e# .&1 <anda"as ruled Indraprastha in all glory# . can perform that sacrifice and in the status of emperor# 3d"ise me.

to in glory#) 9inally /udhishthira assented to the unanimous opinion that their duty lay in slaying Jarasandha# . resort to the forest and pass the rest of our days in penance and austerities# 0o . 'rishna4s isdom and 3r+una4s de5terity6 We can con-uer Jarasandha4s might. cannot be accomplished by a combination of my physical strength.&3.then not only perform the 8a+asuya but also rescue and in the adherence of the !ings ho languish in his prisons#) 3t these ords of 'rishna. to ignorance of one4s o n strength# We !no e are strong. reigned in the !ingdom of Magadha and attained celebrity as a great hero# &e married the t in daughters of the ra+a of 'asi and "o ed to them that he ould not sho any partiality to either# . THE S(AYING OF *ARASANDHA *8I&3%83. /udhishthira said( )I agree# I am but one of the many !ings ho rule their !ingdoms ith fairness and +ustice and lead happy unambitious li"es# It is mere "anity and "ainglory to desire to become an emperor# Why should not a !ing rest satisfied ith his o n !ingdom6 So. e should lead strenuous li"es and do heroic deeds orthy of the traditions of our race#) 'rishna as delighted to hear these ords and said( )What else can 3r+una. ad"ise6 %eath comes to all.his con"ersation has a curiously modern ring about it and sho s that po erful men in ancient days used "ery much the same specious reasoning as no # # . the hero as ell as the sluggard# *ut the noblest duty of a !shatriya is to be true to his race and faith. he does not employ the means he has# 9ailure is due.his may really mean sacrificing *hima and 3r+una ho are to me as my t o eyes. can con-uer e"en those stronger than himself# Strength reinforced by stratagem ill surely do much# What. ill not become famous if he does not e5ert himself# 1nthusiasm is the mother of success# We can seize fortune if e do our duties energetically# 1"en a po erful man may fail if. it ill be time to assume the ochre robe. the title has no temptations for me# It is my brothers ho ish it# When you yourself are afraid of Jarasandha hat can e hope to do6) *hima did not at all li!e this spirit of co ardly contentment# *hima said( )3mbition is the noblest "irtue of a !ing# What is the good of being strong if one does not !no his o n strength6 I cannot reconcile myself to li"e a life of idle ease and contentment# &e ho casts off indolence and properly employs political means. merely to gratify a "ain desire to be an emperor# I do not li!e to send them on this dangerous errand# It seems to me far better to gi"e up the idea altogether#) 3r+una said( )What is the use to us of an e5istence ithout heroic deeds. I shall gi"e up this desire to be an emperor# 3nd really. and e are not afraid of using our strength to the utmost# Why should /udhishthira suppose that e are incapable of this6 When e ha"e become old. indeed. the commander of three regiments. born of 'unti in the *harata race. in the "ast ma+ority of cases. born as e are of an illustrious line6 3 'shatriya though endo ed ith all other good -ualities. if e three +oin and set about it ithout doubts or fears#) 'rishna interposed( )Jarasandha should certainly be slain and fully deser"es it# &e has un+ustly cast eighty:si5 princes in prison# &e has planned to immolate a hundred !ings and is aiting to lay hold of fourteen more# If *hima and 3r+una agree. I shall accompany them and together e ill slay that !ing by stratagem and set free the imprisoned princes# I li!e this suggestion#) /udhishthira as not pleased ith this ad"ice# &e said( ). through lassitude. and o"ercoming his foes in righteous battle.

half a face. he handed o"er his !ingdom to his ministers. a !shatriya had to accept the challenge to a duel hether ith or ithout eapons# .his is your child#) . clad in robes of bar!:fibre and carrying the holy darbha grass in their hands# .hey ere indeed t o e-ual and complementary portions of one baby. ith a sorro ful longing for children in his heart# 3nd hen the sage as mo"ed ith pity and as!ed him hat he anted. if sufficient force ere used# .he !ing as immensely delighted and handed it o"er to his t o i"es# . going to the !ing. one ear and so on# Seized ith grief.he !ing cut the fruit into t o hal"es and ga"e one to each ife# &e did so to !eep his "o not to sho partiality to either# Some time after they had parta!en of the fruit.hus they entered the !ingdom of Magadha and arri"ed at the capital of Jarasandha# .his child became !no n as Jarasandha# &e gre up in to a man of immense physical strength# *ut his body had one ea!ness namely. a mango fruit fell into his lap# &e too! it and ga"e it to the !ing ith this blessing( ). that being made up by the fusion of t o separate parts. it plunged them into greater grief than before# 9or they each ga"e birth to but a half of a child# 1ach half as a monstrous birth hich seemed a re"olting lump# . ith a tendency to split# When the con-uest and slaying of Jarasandha had been resol"ed upon.his as the !shatriya tradition to hich 'rishna and the <anda"as had recourse for slaying Jarasandha# . the i"es became pregnant# . this is the right time to !ill him# It is useless to fight ith armies# &e must be pro"o!ed to a single combat and slain#) 3ccording to the code of honor of those days. it could be split again into t o. perfect in e"ery detail# . he ans ered( )I am childless and ha"e come to the forest gi"ing up my !ingdom# Gi"e me children#) .he surprised 8a!shasi did not ish to !ill the child# She too! on the guise of a beautiful oman and. presented the child to him saying( ). Sri 'rishna said( )&amsa. consisting of one eye. accidently the hal"es came together the right ay# 3nd they at once adhered together and changed into a hole li"ing child. one leg.*rihadratha as not blessed ith a child for a long time# When he became old.he attendants did as they ere instructed and thre the cloth bundle on a heap of refuse in the street# 3 cannibal 8a!shasi chanced upon that place# She as elated at seeing the t o pieces of flesh and.he deli"ery too! place in due course# *ut instead of bringing the e5pected +oy.he latter sort as a fight to the death ith eighted gauntlets or a restling to the death in catch:as: catch:can style# . 'amsa. they commanded their attendants to tie the gruesome pieces in a cloth and cast them a ay# .his interesting story embodies the important truth that t o sundered parts +oined together ill still remain ea!. &idimba!a. and other allies of Jarasandha are no more# 0o that he is isolated.a!e it# /our ish ill be fulfilled#) .he sage as filled ith compassion and.hey disguised themsel"es as men ho had ta!en religious "o s. e"en as he as thin!ing ho to help the !ing. as she gathered them up both at once. ent to the forest ith his t o i"es and engaged himself in austerities# &e ent to Sage 'ausi!a of the Gautama family.

he t o hal"es at once +oined and Jarasandha. as at a loss hat to do. Jarasandha said( )'rishna. and hen once again he tore Jarasandha asunder he thre the t o portions in opposite directions. leapt up into "igorous life and again attac!ed *hima# *hima aghast at the sight. *hima and 3r+una returned to Indraprastha# With Jarasandha gone.hese t o are obser"ing a "o of silence for the present as at part of their austerities# .hey can spea! only after midnight#) Jarasandha entertained them in the hall of sacrifice and returned to the palace# It as the practice of Jarasandha to meet noble guests ho had ta!en "o s and tal! to them at their leisure and con"enience. *hima. I ish to fight ith him#) Since *hima as unarmed.heir conduct made Jarasandha suspicious. and 'rishna prompted *hima that the time had come to ma!e an end of him# 3t once *hima lifted him and hirling him round and round a hundred times. and 3r+una entered the palace unarmed# Jarasandha recei"ed them ith respect as their noble bearing seemed to indicate an illustrious origin# *hima and 3r+una made no reply to his ords of elcome because they ished to a"oid ha"ing to tell lies# 'rishna spo!e on their behalf( ). hile 'rishna and 3r+una loo!ed on in alternating hope and an5iety# $n the fourteenth day. thus made hole. dashed him to the earth and seizing his legs tore his body asunder into t o hal"es# 3nd *hima roared in e5ultation# . he had propitiatory rites performed by the priests and himself too! to fasts and penance# 'rishna.he capti"e princes ere released and Jarasandha4s son as cro ned 'ing of Magadha# 3nd 'rishna. hen he sa t o.hus did Jarasandha meet his end# . so that they could not come together and +oin# .Jarasandha as disturbed by portents of ill omen# . and he also obser"ed that they had on their hands the scars made by the bo string and had besides the proud bearing of !shatriyas# When Jarasandha demanded the truth of them they said fran!ly( )We are your foes and see! instant combat# /ou can choose one of us at ill to fight ith you#) 3fter ac-uainting himself as to ho they ere. Jarasandha chi"alrously agreed to fight him ithout eapons# *hima and Jarasandha ere so e-ually matched in strength that they fought ith each other continuously for thirteen days ithout ta!ing rest or refreshments. tear it into *hima too! the hint.o ard off the threatened danger. the ay as no clear for the 8a+asuya hich the <anda"as performed ith great pomp and splendor# /udhishthira assumed the title of emperor# . you are a co herd and 3r+una is a mere boy# *hima is famous for his physical strength# So. and cast the bits in opposite directions# 'rishna pic! up a stra . and so he called at midnight to see them# . Jarasandha sho ed signs of e5haustion.

.he celebrations ere marred by only one incident# .o ards the close of the festi"e celebrations, at the time of paying the first honor, Sisupala beha"ed disrespectfully in the assembly of princes and pro"o!ed a fight ith 'rishna in hich he as slain# .his story is told in the ne5t chapter# ##. THE FIRST HONOR .&1 practice of staging a al!out from an assembly in protest against something is nothing ne # We learn from the Mahabharata that al!out as resorted to e"en in ancient times# .he India of those days consisted of a number of independent states# .hough there as one dharma and one culture throughout the land, the autonomy of each state as scrupulosly respected# $ccasionally, some strong and ambitious monarch ould see! the assent of his fello o"erlordship, hich ould sometimes be gi"en ithout -uestion# !ings to his

3fter recei"ing this assent he ould perform a grand 8a+asuya sacrifice, hich all the ac-uiescing !ings ould attend in to!en of ac!no ledgement of his supremacy# In accordance ith this custom, the <anda"as in"ited the other !ings after the slaying of Jarasandha and performed the 8a+asuya# .he time came for doing the honors of the occasion# .he custom as to render first honor to the guest ho as considered most orthy of ta!ing precedence o"er all others# .he -uestion arose as to ho should be honored first# .he grandsire as emphatically of the opinion that Sri 'rishna, the !ing of % ara!a, should be honored first, hich as also /udhishthira4s o n opinion# /udhishthira follo ed the ad"ice and under his instructions Sahade"a offered to Sri 'rishna the honors en+oined by tradition# Sisupala, the !ing of Chedi, ho hated 'rishna as ic!edness alone can hate goodness, could not tolerate it# &e laughed aloud in derision and said( )&o ridiculous and un+ust, but I am not surprised# .he man ho sought ad"ice as born in illegitimacy# (.his as an insulting allusion to the sons of 'unti) .he man ho ga"e ad"ice as born of one ho e"er declines from high to lo # (.his is in reference to the fact that *hishma as born of Ganga, the ri"er naturally flo ing from higher to lo er le"els#) 3nd he ho did the honors as also born illegitimately# 3nd hat shall I say of the man honored, &e is a fool by birth and a co herd by breeding# %umb indeed must be the members of this assembly if they ha"e not a ord to say to this, .his is no place for orthy men#) Some of the assembled princes applauded Sisupala# 1ncouraged by their applause he addressed /udhishthira( )When there are so many !ings gathered here, it is a shame that you paid the first honor to 'rishna# 0ot to render respect here it is rightly due and to render it here it is not merited are both e-ually gra"e offences# It is a pity that, for all your imperial pretensions you are ignorant of this#) Getting more and more angry as he spo!e, he continued( )Ignoring the many !ings and heroes ho are here at your o n in"itation and in malicious despise of them, you ha"e paid royal honors to a co herd boor, a mere nobody# 2asude"a, the father of 'rishna, as but a ser"ant of =grasena# &e is not e"en of royal blood# Is this the place and the occasion to sho your "ulgar partiality for 'rishna,

the son of %e"a!i6 Is this orthy of the children of <andu6 $ sons of <andu, you are ra , untaught youths, altogether ignorant of the ay to conduct a royal assembly# .his dotard *hishma guided you foolishly and thus made fools of you# 'rishna, hy, 'rishna is no ruler at all, $ /udhishthira, hy did you dare to do this retch first honor in this illustrious assemblage of !ings6 &e has not e"en the merit of age and if you admire grey hair, is not his father ali"e6 /ou could not ha"e honored him as your preceptor surely, for your preceptor is %rona ho is here in this assembly# Is it as an e5pert in performing sacrifices that you ha"e honored him6 It cannot be, for 2yasa, the great master, is present# It ould ha"e been better e"en if you had paid the first honor to *hishma, for dotard as he be, he has still the merit of being the oldest man of your house# /our family teacher, 'ripacharya, is also present in this assembly# &o could you then pay the first honor to this co herd6 3sh atthama, the hero ho is e5pert in all sastras, is here# &o did you choose 'rishna, forgetting him6 3mong the princes assembled here, there is %uryodhana# 3nd there is also 'arna, the disciple of <arasurama# 7ea"ing him aside, out of childish partiality, you chose 'rishna for the first honor 'rishna ho is neither royal, nor heroic, nor learned, nor holy, nor e"en hoary, ho is nothing but a lo co herd, .hus you ha"e dishonored us all, hom you ha"e in"ited here# $ !ings, it is not out of fear that e assented to /udhishthira4s assuming the title of emperor# We personally do not much care hether he is friend or foe# *ut, ha"ing heard much prate of his righteousness, e anted to see him uphold the flag of dharma# &e has no antonly dishonored us, after all that tal! of "irtue and dharma# What "irtue or dharma as there in his gi"ing priority of honor to this "illain 'rishna ho !illed Jarasandha in an un+ust manner6 /ou should henceforth call /udhishthira an unrighteous person# $ 'rishna, hat impudence on your part to accept the undeser"ed honor hich these misguided <anda"as did you, %id you forget yourself6 $r did you forget decent tradition6 $r as it +ust a case of a dog snatching at a remnant of food hich nobody cared to claim or guard6 %o you not really see that this farce is a ghastly moc!ery and disgrace to yourself6 It is li!e the moc!ery of sho ing beautiful things to a blind man or offering a maiden in marriage to a eunuch# 7i!e ise, these !ingly honors are really an affront to you# It is no e"ident that the ould:be emperor /udhishthira, the senile *hishma, and this fello 'rishna are all made of the same stuff#) 3fter Sisupala had spo!en these harsh ords, he rose from his seat and al!ed out calling upon the other !ings to +oin him in resenting the insult# Many of them follo ed him# /udhishthira ran after them and tried to appease them ith s eet ords of peace but in "ain, for they ere too angry to be appeased# Sisupala4s aggressi"e "anity a5ed to fighting pitch, and there ensued a terrible fight bet een 'rishna and Sisupala, in hich the latter as slain by his discus# .he 8a+asuya as duly celebrated and /udhishthira recognised emperor# #$. SAKUNI COMES IN 3. the close of the 8a+asuya, the princes, priests and elders, ho had gathered for the purpose, too! lea"e and returned to their places# 2yasa also came to say fare ell# %harmaputra rose and recei"ed him ith due respect and sat by his side# .he sage said( )$ son of 'unti, you ha"e got the title of emperor hich you eminently deser"e# May the illustrious 'uru race gain e"en greater glory through you# Gi"e me lea"e to return to my hermitage#) /udhishthira touched the feet of his progenitor and guru and said( )$ master, you alone can remo"e my apprehensions# Wise men ha"e predicted from portents the happenings of catastrophic e"ents# &as this prediction been fulfilled by the death of Sisupala or is more to ensue6)

*haga"an 2yasa replied( )%ear child, much sorro and suffering is in store for thirteen years to come# .he portents indicate the destruction of the 'shatriya race and are not e5hausted ith the death of Sisupala# It is far from it# &undreds of !ings ill perish, and the old order of things ill pass a ay# .his catastrophe ill spring out of the enmity bet een you and your brothers on the one side and your cousins, the %hritarashtras, on the other# It ill culminate in a ar resulting in practical annihilation of the 'shatriya race# 0o one can go against destiny# *e firm and steadfast in righteousness# *e "igilant and rule the !ingdom, fare ell#) 3nd 2yasa blessed /udhishthira# 2yasa4s ords filled /udhishthira ith grief and ith a great repugnance for orldly ambition and life itself# &e informed his brothers of the prediction of una"oidable racial disaster# 7ife seemed to him a bitter and eary business and his destiny particularly cruel and unbearable# 3r+una said( )/ou are a !ing and it is not right for you to be agitated# 7et us meet destiny ith an undaunted front and do our duty#) /udhishthira replied( )*rothers, may God protect us and gi"e us isdom# 9or my part, I ta!e this "o ne"er to spea! harshly to my brothers or to my !insmen for the ne5t thirteen years# I shall a"oid all prete5t for conflict# I shall ne"er gi"e ay to anger, hich is the root cause of enmity# It shall be my duty to gi"e no occasion for anger or prete5t for hostility# .hus shall e profit by *haga"an 2yasa4s arning#) &is brothers e5pressed cordial assent# .he first e"ent of the series hich culminated in the de"astating slaughter on the blood:sodden field of 'uru!shetra and the e"ent hich as the e"il root of all, as the gambling match into hich /udhishthira as in"eigled by Sa!uni, ho as %uryodhana4s e"il genius# Why did the ise and good /udhishthira suffer himself to be persuaded to this step hich he must ha"e !no n to hold e"il possibilities6 .he main cause as his fi5ed resol"e to be on amicable terms ith his cousins by not opposing their ishes# 3nd a friendly in"itation to dice could not be summarily turned do n, since the eti-uette of those days made it a point of honor to accept a game of e-ual hazard# $ut of his "ery an5iety to foster good ill, he laid open the field for the poisonous seed of hatred and death# &ere is an illustration of the futility of human plans, ho e"er ell meant or ise, ithout di"ine aid# $ur best isdom is "ain against fate, and if destiny is !ind, our "ery follies turn to our ad"antage# While %harmaputra as care: orn ith solicitude to a"oid a -uarrel at all costs, %uryodhana as burning ith +ealousy at the thought of the prosperity of the <anda"as that he had itnessed in their capital during the 8a+asuya sacrifice# %uryodhana sa unprecedented ealth, attracti"e and sight eluding crystal doors and many pieces of e5-uisite artistry in the court:hall of /udhishthira, all suggesti"e of great prosperity# &e also sa ho glad the !ings of many countries ere to become the allies of the <anda"as# .his ga"e him unbearable grief# &e as so absorbed in sorro at the prosperity of the <anda"as that he did not at first hear Sa!uni ho as by his side, spea!ing to him# Sa!uni as!ed( )Why are you sighing6 Why are you tormented ith sorro 6) %uryodhana replied( )/udhishthira, surrounded by his brothers, is li!e Indra, the !ing of gods# *efore the "ery eyes of the assembled !ings Sisupala as slain and not one of them had the courage to come for ard to a"enge him# 7i!e the "aisyas ho li"e by trade, they bartered their honor and +e els

and riches for /udhishthira4s good ill# &o is the good of li"ing6)

can I a"oid gi"ing ay to grief after seeing all this6 What

Sa!uni said( )$ %uryodhana, the <anda"as are your brothers# It is not right on your part to be +ealous of their prosperity# .hey are but en+oying their legitimate inheritance# *y their good fortune they ha"e prospered and flourished ithout doing any in+ury to others# Why should you be +ealous6 &o can their strength and happiness diminish your greatness6 /our brothers and relations stand by you and obey you# %rona, 3sh atthama and 'arna are on your side# Why do you grie"e hen *hishma, 'ripa, Jayadratha, Somadatta and myself are your supporters6 /ou can con-uer e"en the hole orld# %o not gi"e ay to grief#) 3t these ords, %uryodhana said( )$ Sa!uni, it is true that I ha"e so many to support me# Why should e not age ar and dri"e the <anda"as out of Indraprastha6) *ut Sa!uni said( )0o# .hat ill not be easy, but I !no ithout a fight or the shedding of blood#) a ay to dri"e /udhishthira out of Indraprastha

.he eyes of %uryodhana lighted up, but it seemed too good to be true# &e as!ed incredulously( )=ncle, is it possible to o"ercome the <anda"as ithout sacrificing any life6 What is your plan6) Sa!uni replied( )/udhishthira is fond of the game of dice and being uns!illful is altogether ignorant of its tric!s and the opportunity it offers to cle"erer people# If e in"ite him to a game, he ould accept, follo ing the tradition of the !shatriyas# I !no the tric!s of the game and I shall play on your behalf# /udhishthira ill be helpless as a child against me# I shall in his !ingdom and ealth for you ithout shedding a drop of blood#) #%. THE INVITATION %=8/$%&303 and Sa!uni ent to %hritarashtra# Sa!uni opened the con"ersation# &e said( )$ !ing, %uryodhana is an ith grief and an5iety# /ou are paying no attention to his unbearable sorro # Why this unconcern6) %hritarashtra ho doted on his son embraced %uryodhana and said( )I do not see hy you should be disconsolate# What is here that you already do not en+oy6 .he hole orld is at your feet# When you are surrounded by all !inds of pleasures li!e the "ery gods, hy should you pine in sorro 6 /ou ha"e learnt the 2edas, archery, and other sciences from the best of masters# 3s my first born, you ha"e inherited the throne# What is left you to ish for6 .ell me#) %uryodhana replied( )9ather, li!e anybody else, rich or poor, I eat and co"er my na!edness, but I find life unbearable# What is the use of leading such a life6) 3nd then he re"ealed in detail the en"y and hatred that ere eating into his "itals and depri"ing life of its sa"our# &e referred to the prosperity he had seen in the capital of the <anda"as that to him as bitterer than loss of his all ould ha"e been# &e burst out( )Contentment ith one4s lot is not characteristic of a !shatriya# 9ear and pity lo er the dignity of !ings# My ealth and pleasures do not gi"e me any satisfaction since I ha"e itnessed the greater prosperity of /udhishthira# $ !ing, the <anda"as ha"e gro n, hile e ha"e shrun!#) %hritarashtra said( )*elo"ed child, you are the eldest son of my royal spouse and me and heir to the glory and greatness of our reno ned race# %o not cherish any hatred to ards the <anda"as# Sorro and death ill be the sole result of hatred of !ith and !in, especially hen they are blameless# .ell

he <anda"as are strong# I do not thin! it ise to antagonize them# . I ha"e gro n old# %o as you li!e# *ut the line that you are ta!ing does not appeal to me# I am sure you ill repent later# .he passions resulting from the game ill !no no bounds# We should not do it#) *ut %uryodhana as importunate( )Wise statesmanship lies in casting off all fear and protecting oneself by one4s o n efforts# Should e not force the issue hile yet e are more po erful than they are6 . but immersed in learning. here is the harm6) %hritarashtra replied( )%ear son.he game of dice ill only lead to enmity# . though the duties of ordinary men.he ic!ed Sa!uni ound up ith saying( )It is enough if you merely send for the son of 'unti to play the game of dice# 7ea"e the rest to me#) %uryodhana added( )Sa!uni ill in for me the riches of the <anda"as ithout a fight.he man ithout common sense. 2idura does not li!e me and is partial to the <anda"as# /ou !no this as ell as I do#) %hritarashtra said( ).hus has *rihaspati said( 49orbearance and contentment.he policy of !ings must be "ery different from the goody ma5ims of te5tboo!s. did not occasionally hesitate to say hat he felt to be +ust# %uryodhana did not at all li!e the ad"ice of his father. and it is not as though e in"ented the game of dice to in+ure the <anda"as# It is an ancient pastime hich !shatriyas ha"e al ays indulged in. hy do you hate the guileless /udhishthira6 Is not his prosperity ours too6 $ur friends are his friends# &e has not the least +ealousy or hatred to ards us# /ou are e-ual to him in heroism and ancestry# Why should you be +ealous of your brother6 0o# /ou should not be +ealous#) . is li!e a ooden ladle immersed in sa"oury food hich it neither tastes nor benefits from# /ou ha"e much learning of statecraft but ha"e no state isdom at all. out:argued and through sheer fatigue and hopelessness of dissuading his son. are not "irtues in !ings#4 . defeating him utterly and di"esting him of his all ithout recourse to arms# .hat ill be real foresight# 3 lost opportunity may ne"er come and his reply as not "ery respectful# &e replied( ). though o"erfond of his son. as your ad"ice to me clearly sho s# . and ordered the ser"ants to prepare a hall of games# /et he could not forbear consulting 2idura in secret about the matter# . %hritarashtra assented.he ay of the orld is one thing and the administration of a state is -uite another# . and if it ill no ser"e us to in our cause ithout bloodshed. hich ill not help us to our ob+ect# . if you only agree to in"ite /udhishthira#) ould %hritarashtra said( )/our suggestion does not seem proper# 7et us as! 2idura about it# &e ill ad"ise us rightly#) *ut %uryodhana ould not hear of consulting 2idura# &e said to his father( )2idura ill only gi"e us the platitudes of ordinary morality.hus said the old !ing ho.his is the or! of destiny#) In the end.he !shatriya4s duty is a constant see!ing of "ictory#) %uryodhana spo!e thus -uoting ma5ims of politics and citing e5amples and ma!ing the orse appear the better reason# . and is sterner stuff of hich the test is success# Moreo"er.hen Sa!uni inter"ened and set forth in detail his infallible plan of in"iting /udhishthira to play the game of dice.

hus commanded. fortune goes against us. Sa!uni announced to /udhishthira that the cloth for playing the game had been spread and in"ited him to it# .&1 sight of 2idura. ent to the hall of games the ne5t morning# 3fter the e5change of customary greetings. THE &AGER 3.hese causes conspired ith his natural inclination to ma!e /udhishthira accept the in"itation and go to &astinapura# . o"er:persuaded. 2idura ent to /udhishthira ith an in"itation# .rue to the "o he too! at the time 2yasa had arned him of the -uarrels that ould arise leading to destruction of the race# /udhishthira ould not gi"e any occasion for displeasure or complaint by refusing the in"itation of %hritarashtra# . . gambling and drin!# /udhishthira as fond of gambling# . /udhishthira ent to &astinapura ith his brothers and retinue# It may be as!ed hy the ise /udhishthira responded to the in"itation# . ho could not oppose the demand of his son. ho could e help it6 9or.hree reasons may be gi"en# Men rush consciously on their ruin impelled by lust. this ill undoubtedly bring about the ruin of our race by raising up un-uenchable hate#) %hritarashtra. yielded to the desire of his son through his attachment to him in spite of the fact that he !ne this as the ay that destiny as or!ing itself out# #). see e"erything. and after the daily routine of duties.he !shatriya tradition made it a matter of eti-uette and honor not to refuse an in"itation to a game of dice# .2idura said( )$ !ing. /udhishthira an5iously in-uired( )Why are you so cheerless6 Is it ell ith all our relations in &astinapura6 3re the !ing and the princes ell6) 2idura ac-uainted him ith his mission( )1"eryone in &astinapura is ell# &o fares it ith you all6 I ha"e come to in"ite you on behalf of 'ing %hritarashtra to come and see the ne ly erected hall of games# 3 beautiful hall has been erected there e"en li!e yours# . destiny is all:po erful# Go and in"ite /udhishthira on my behalf to come and play dice#) .he <anda"as and their retinue stopped in the magnificent palace reser"ed for them# /udhishthira rested on the day of arri"al.he !ing ould li!e you to come ith your brothers.he ea!: itted %hritarashtra. ha"e a game of dice and return to your capital#) /udhishthira seemed to as! counsel of 2idura( )Wagering games create -uarrels among !shatriyas# 3 ise man ill a"oid them if he can# We are e"er abiding by your ad"ice# What ould you ha"e us do6) 2idura replied( )1"eryone is a are that the playing of dice is the root of many e"ils# I did my best to oppose this idea# Still the !ing has commanded me to in"ite you and I ha"e come# /ou may do as you li!e#) %espite this is a third reason too# . said( )If fortune fa"ors us I ha"e no fear regarding this game# If on the contrary.

or rather the tric!ery of Sa!uni as too much for him# Sa!uni as!ed( )Is there anything else that you can offer as ager6) /udhishthira said( )&ere is the beautiful s!y:comple5ioned 0a!ula# &e is one of my riches# I place him as a ager#) . is a battle6 What is e"en a discussion bet een 2edic scholars6 . drugged ith misfortune. ea!ened by addiction to gambling.hey !ne that the game ould end "iciously and sat unhappily itnessing hat they could not pre"ent# . sil"er and then chariots and horses# /udhishthira lost continually# When he lost all these. that is all.he assembled princes atched the game ith great interest and enthusiasm# 3t first they agered +e els and later gold. 'ripa. ho is to play ith me6) %uryodhana said( )Mine is the responsibility for finding the sta!es in the form of ealth and gems to play the game# My uncle Sa!uni ill actually cast the dice in my stead#) /udhishthira had thought himself secure of defeating %uryodhana in play but Sa!uni as a different matter. "illages and citizens and all other possessions ere lost by /udhishthira# Still. replied( )Well./udhishthira at first said( )$ !ing. casting caution to the inds. sheep. I shall play#) .he learned man ins "ictory o"er the ignorant# . gambling is bad# It is not through heroism or merit that one succeeds in a game of chance# 3sita. in fact.hey ha"e also said that con-uest in battle is the proper path for the !shatriyas# /ou are not una are of it#) *ut a part of himself. the e5pert defeats the beginner. cities. for Sa!uni as a recognised e5pert# So he hesitated and said( )It is not.he dice thro n by Sa!uni seemed at e"ery time to obey his ill# Co s. I thin!. %e"ala and other ise rishis ho ere ell:"ersed in orldly affairs ha"e declared that gambling should be a"oided since it offers scope for deceit# .he better man ins in e"ery case# It is +ust a test of strength or s!ill. *hishma. in e"ery field of acti"ity. as at ar ith his +udgment and in his heart of hearts /udhishthira desired to play# In his discussion ith Sa!uni.he hall as fully cro ded# %rona.he !een: itted Sa!uni spotted this ea!ness at once and said( )What is rong ith the game6 What. /udhishthira sta!ed his ser"ants and lost them also# &e pledged his elephants and armies and lost them too# . and that is hat happens in a game of dice also# *ut if you are afraid. you need not play# *ut do not come out ith this orn e5cuse of right and rong#) /udhishthira replied( )Well. and there is nothing rong in it# 3s for the result. e see this inner conflict# . 2idura. and %hritarashtra ere seated there# . customary for one man to play on behalf of another#) Sa!uni retorted tauntingly( )I see that you are forging another e5cuse#) /udhishthira flushed and. he ould not stop# &e lost the ornaments of his brothers and himself as ell as the "ery clothes they ore# Still bad luc! dogged him.

no thoroughly rec!less and stung to the -uic! by the sneering imputation that he held his step:brothers cheap.he assembly loo!ed on in stunned silence# Sa!uni alone turned to/udhishthira and said( ). I ha"e played and I ha"e on#)/udhishthira lost Sahade"a too# .Sa!uni replied( )Is it so6 We shall be glad to in your belo"ed prince#) With these ords Sa!uni cast the dice and the result as hat he had foretold# . do you see! to di"ide us6 &o can you. and felt the end of the orld as come# %uryodhana.he ic!ed Sa!uni as!ed( )Is there any thing else you can offer6) %harmaputra replied( )/es# &ere is myself# If you in.) and he trembled un ittingly# .o you.he ic!ed Sa!uni as afraid that /udhishthira might stop there# So be lashed /udhishthira ith these ords( ).here as audible distress and agitation in that part of the assembly here the elders sat# Soon great shouts of 49ie.4 arose from all sides# .here is one +e el still in your possession by sta!ing hich you can yet free yourself# Can you not continue the game cffering your ife %raupadi as ager6) /udhishthira despairingly said( )I pledge her. still I do so# 7et us play#) Sa!uni cast the dice ith the ords( )&ere. being your full brothers. replied( )9ool. my brother. is our leader in battle# &e stri!es terror into the heart of demons and is e-ual to Indra. he can ne"er suffer the least dishonor and he is peerless throughout the orld in physical strength# I offer him as a bet) and he played again and lost *hima too# . li"ing an e"il life.he stubborn madness of unbro!en misfortune carried /udhishthira further and deeper# With tears in his eyes. Sa!uni cast the dice and on# 3fter that Sa!uni stood up in the assembly and shouted the names of each of the fi"e <anda"as and loudly proclaimed that they had all become his la ful sla"es# .he assembly trembled# /udhishthira said( )&ere is my brother Sahade"a# &e is famous for his infinite !no ledge in all the arts# It is rong to bet him. *hima and 3r+una.he more emotional ept# $thers perspired.hus saying. *hima. I !no #) /udhishthira. understand the righteous life e lead6) &e continued( )I offer as ager the e"er:"ictorious 3r+una ho successfully "oyages across oceans of battle# 7et us play#) Sa!uni ans ered( )I cast the dice) and he played# /udhishthira lost 3r+una also# . his brothers and 'arna shouted ith e5ultation# In that group /uyutsu alone bent his head in shame and sorro and hea"ed a deep sigh# Sa!uni cast the dice and shouted again( )I ha"e on#) . he said( )$ !ing. are no doubt dearer than the sons of Madri# /ou ill not offer them. 9ie. I shall be your sla"e#) )7oo!# I in#) .

%run! ith success. ith anger blazing from her eyes. return# 3s! of him ho played the game hether in it he first lost himself. his charioteer( )2idura is +ealous of us and he is afraid of the <anda"as# *ut you are different# Go forth and bring %raupadi immediately#) #6. DRAUPADI'S GRIEF <83. 2idura turned to the assembly and said( )/udhishthira had no right to sta!e <anchali as by then he had himself already lost his freedom and lost all rights# I see that the ruin of the 'aura"as is imminent. /udhishthira fell under the spell of the game of dice and has agered and lost e"en you# 0o you belong to %uryodhana# I ha"e come by %uryodhana4s command to ta!e you to ser"e in his household as maid ser"ant. still. %raupadi soon regained her fortitude and. %uryodhana turned to his brother %uhsasana and said( ). the sons of %hritarashtra are on the path to hell#) %uryodhana as angry at these ords of 2idura and told <rathi!ami. regardless of the ad"ice of their friends and ell: ishers.&I'3MI ent to %raupadi as ordered by his master# &e said to her( )$ re"ered princess. turning to /udhishthira. and that.3t once %uryodhana turned to 2idura and said( )Go and fetch %raupadi. the belo"ed ife of the <anda"as# She must hence for ard s eep and clean our house# 7et her come ithout delay#) 2idura e5claimed( )3re you mad that you rush to certain destruction6 /ou are hanging by a slender thread o"er a bottomless abyss.hough the ne s as such as to brea! the heart and !ill the soul. at this strange message# She as!ed( )<rathi!ami. you do not see it.hen %uryodhana bade <rathi!ami bring <anchali herself there to -uestion her husband# <rathi!ami ent again to %raupadi and humbly said( )<rincess. said( )$ charioteer. hich ill hereafter be your office#) %raupadi.his man is a fool and is afraid of *hima# Go and fetch %raupadi e"en if you ha"e to drag her here#) . the spouse of the emperor ho had performed 8a+asuya.) &a"ing thus reprimanded %uryodhana.hen he told her the hole story of ho /udhishthira had lost all his ealth and had finally betted her. as dumbfounded. after ha"ing first forfeited his brothers and himself# . but it ill engulf you. hat do you say6 Which prince ould pledge his ife6 &ad he nothing else to pa n6) <rathi!ami ans ered( )It is because he had already lost all other possessions and had nothing else left that he played offering you as a sta!e#) . or his ife# 3s! this -uestion in the open assembly# *ring me his ans er and then you can ta!e me#) <rathi!ami ent to the assembly and. the mean:minded %uryodhana desires you to go to the assembly and as! your -uestion yourself#) %raupadi ans ered( )0o# 8eturn to the assembly and put the -uestion and demand an ans er#) <rathi!ami did so# 1nraged. as!ed of him the -uestion put by %raupadi# /udhishthira remained speechless# .

hy do you delay6 /ou are no ours# *e not shy. and being no longer a free man.he plot de"ised by our enemies is entangling us also in its meshes and inciting us to ic!ed action# We should not succumb and play their game# *e are#) With a superhuman effort. I !no . orse than they. hich is against the rules of the game. bring fire# I am going to set fire to those hands of his hich cast the dice#) 3r+una ho e"er remonstrated gently ith *hima( )/ou ha"e ne"er before spo!en thus# . caught her by the hair and dragged her to the assembly# It is ith a shudder of repugnance that e relate ho "ilest of deeds# the sons of %hritarashtra stooped to commit this 3s soon as she came to the assembly. e must admit that <anchali has not been legally on by us# . because she does not belong to /udhishthira alone# 9or that reason alone the ager is illegal# *esides. ha"e left the daughter of %rupada to the mercy of these ruffians# I cannot bear this in+ustice# /ou are the cause of this great crime# *rother Sahade"a.hen. /udhishthira had already lost his freedom. as of a poor fa n stric!en to death. *hima controlled his anger# 2i!arna. e5pert in the art6 Since he as no longer a free man. and turning to /udhishthira he said bitterly( )1"en abandoned professional gamblers ould not sta!e the harlots ho li"e ith them. ho could he ha"e a right to offer her as a sta!e6 3nd there is this further ob+ection# It as Sa!uni ho suggested her as a pledge. under hich neither player may demand a specific bet# If e consider all these points. no that you ha"e been on by us# Come to the assembly) and in his impatience. beautiful lady# Ma!e yourself agreeable to us. the son of %hritarashtra. the ic!ed %uhsasana at once sped ith +oy on his errand# &e proceeded to the place here %raupadi as. if you belie"e in God and dharma. ho could he sta!e anything at all6) . stretching out her arms and raising her flo ing eyes in agonised supplication she cried in a "oice bro!en ith sobs( )If you ha"e lo"ed and re"ered the mothers ho bore you and ga"e you suc!. he bade as though to ta!e her thither by force# <anchali rose trembling.hus commanded.. forsa!e me not in this horror more cruel than death)4 3t this heart:bro!en cry. shouting( )Come. heart:stric!en ith sorro and started to fly for refuge to the inner apartments of %hritarashtra4s -ueen# %uhsasana darted after her.his is my opinion#) . but your silence compels me to spea!# 7isten# /udhishthira as enticed to this game by a deeply plotted in"itation and he pledged this lady hen he had no right to do so. could not bear the sight of the agony of <anchali# &e rose up and said( )$ 'shatriya heroes. hy are you silent6 I am a mere youth. and you. the elders hung their heads in grief and shame# *hima could hold himself no longer# &is s elling heart found relief in a roar of rath that shoo! the "ery alls. if the honor of ife or sister or daughter has been dear to you. %raupadi controlled her anguish and appealed to the elders gathered there( )&o could you consent to my being sta!ed by the !ing ho as himself trapped into the game and cheated by ic!ed persons.

+ust as the flame generated by the arani destroys its source. forgetting that there are elders in this assembly. e"en then. included %raupadi# &ence. be ildered and is nothing more to be said in the matter# 1"en the clothes they ha"e on are no Sa!uni4s property# $ %uhsasana. flung off their upper garments to sho that they ere ready to follo the path of honor and right at any cost# Seeing this. in the mercy of God a miracle occurred# In "ain %uhsasana toiled to strip off her garments. for once acted ith isdom and courage# &e called %raupadi to his side and attempted to soothe her ith ords of gentleness and affection# . loudly uttered this terrible oath( )May I ne"er go to the blest abode of my ancestors if I do not rend the breast and drin! the heart4s blood of this sinful ere great shouts of applause# . the <anda"as. Sa!uni and others.When the young 2i!arna spo!e thus courageously. e"er fresh garments ere seen to clothe her body. )God hom I adore and trust. %uryodhana upbraided his father ith ha"ing frustrated their ell:laid plans on the "ery threshold of success# . for as he pulled off each. this shame of the *harata race#) Suddenly. there as a long and angry discussion in the palace of the 'aura"as# Incited by %uhsasana. %uhsasana ent to %raupadi and made ready to seize her clothes by force# 3ll earthly aid had failed. the stic!# It is an ill bird that fouls its o n nest# 3t the "ery beginning. she implored di"ine mercy and succour( )$ 7ord of the World. hen /udhishthira as a free man. the ho ling of +ac!als could be heard# %on!eys and carni"orous birds began to send forth eird dissonant cries from all sides.a!e bac! your !ingdom and riches and e"erything else and be free and prosperous# 8eturn to Indraprastha#) 3nd the <anda"as left that accursed hall. as the ic!ed %uhsasana started his shameful or! of pulling at <anchali4s robes and good men shuddered and a"erted their eyes. %raupadi had already come into Sa!uni4s possession# . of course.hey shouted( )%harma has been sa"ed# %harma has been sa"ed#) 3t that moment 'arna rose up and said( )$ 2i!arna.) she ailed. feeling that they had to stand the test of dharma to the bitter end. you lay do n the la though you are but a stripling# *y your ignorance and rashness you are in+uring the "ery family hich ga"e you birth.hen.he assembly trembled at this mar"el and good men praised God and ept# *hima ith -ui"ering lips. seize the garments of the <anda"as and the robes of %raupadi and hand them o"er to Sa!uni#) 3s soon as they heard the cruel ords of 'arna. and seeing a miracle in this sudden release from calamity# *ut it as too good to endure# 3fter /udhishthira and his brothers had departed. the isdom gi"en by God to the members of the assembly suddenly illumined their minds# .hen he turned to /udhishthira and said( )/ou are so blameless that you can ha"e no enemies# 9orgi"e in your magnanimity the e"il done by %uryodhana and dismiss all memory of it from your mind# . and in the anguish of utter helplessness. portending calamities to come# %hritarashtra ho realised that this incident ould be the cause of the destruction of his race. abandon me not in this dire plight# /ou are my sole refuge# <rotect me#) 3nd she fainted a ay# . and soon a great heap of resplendent clothes as piled up before the assembly till %uhsasana desisted and sat do n in sheer fatigue# . he forfeited all he possessed and that.

there arose a great clamor of lamentation from people ho thronged the streets and climbed the roofs and to ers and trees to see them go# . accompanied by eeping cro ds# $n all sides cries arose of( )9ie and 3las.he princes. ent ith his face co"ered ith a cloth# *hima ent behind ith his eyes lo ered on his arms# 3r+una proceeded scattering sand on his path# 0a!ula and Sahade"a besmeared their bodies ith dust and closely follo ed /udhishthira# %raupadi accompanied %harmaputra. 8ama ent in "ain pursuit of hat seemed one# Surely.&e -uoted *rihaspati4s aphorism that no de"ice could be considered rong hich had as its ob+ect the destruction of formidable enemies# &e spo!e in detail on the pro ess of the <anda"as and e5pressed his con"iction that the only hope of o"ercoming the <anda"as lay in guile and ta!ing ad"antage of their pride and sense of honor# 0o self:respecting !shatriya could decline an in"itation to a game of dice# %uryodhana secured his doting father4s reluctant and ominous appro"al to a plan to entice /udhishthira once again to a game of dice# 3 messenger as accordingly dispatched after /udhisthira ho had ta!en his departure for Indraprastha# &e came up ith /udhishthira before the latter had reached his destination and in"ited him on behalf of !ing %hritarashtra to come bac!# $n hearing this in"itation. as Sri 2yasa says( ). addressed to /ama. the 7ord of %eath#) . of yore. hen calamities are imminent. no al!ed a ay from their birthright on eary feet. DHRITARASHTRA'S AN'IETY W&10 the <anda"as set out for the forest. her dishe"elled hair co"ering her face and her eyes streaming ith tears# %haumya.he blind %hritarashtra sent for 2idura and as!ed him to describe the departure of the <anda"as into e5ile# 2idura replied( )/udhishthira. the +udgment is first destroyed#) %harmaputra returned to &astinapura and set again for a game ith Sa!uni. %oes not God see this from &is hea"en6) .here ne"er as and ne"er can be an antelope of gold. they should go again into e5ile for t el"e years# 0eedless to say. /udhishthira met ith defeat on this occasion also. rode in +e elled chariots or on lordly elephants to strains of auspicious music. and the <anda"as too! the "o s of those ho are to go to the forest# 3ll the members of the assembly bent do n their heads in shame# #7. /udhishthira said( )Good and e"il come from destiny and cannot be a"oided# If e must play again e must. though e"eryone in the assembly tried to dissuade him# &e seemed a mere pa n mo"ed by 'ali to relie"e the burden of the orld# . the son of 'unti.he sta!e played for as that the defeated party should go ith his brothers into e5ile to the forest and remain there for t el"e years and spend the thirteenth year incognito# If they ere recognised in the thirteenth year. /et. ent along ith them singing the Sama hymns.ruly. that is all# 3 challenge to dice cannot in honor be refused# I must accept it#) . the priest. ho.

utterly losing his sense of right and rong# .he "ictim of ad"erse fate ill first become per"erted. hate"er happened# %rona ans ered gra"ely( )I belie"e ith the ise that the <anda"as are of di"ine birth and uncon-uerable# /et my duty is to fight for the sons of %hritarashtra ho rely on me and hose salt I eat# I shall stri"e for them. I shall tell you in their o n ords hat the citizens of all castes and creeds say( 4$ur leaders ha"e left us# 9ie on the elders of the 'uru race ho ha"e suffered such things to happen. ma!es him act madly to his o n ruin# /our sons ha"e grossly insulted <anchali and put themsel"es on the path of destruction#) %hritarashtra said( )I did not follo the ise path of dharma and statesmanship but suffered myself to be misled by my foolish son and. he is the brother:in:la and fast friend of the <anda"as# 3nd things are mo"ing as foreordained# /our actions tend in the same direction and your days are numbered# 7ose no time in doing good hile you may. the sage 0arada suddenly appeared before them# 0arada declared( )9ourteen years from this day the 'aura"as ill become e5tinct as the result of the crime committed by %uryodhana) and "anished from sight# %uryodhana and his companions ere filled ith fear and approached %rona ith a prayer ne"er to abandon them. of course. you ill do hat you li!e#) %uryodhana as not at all pleased ith these ords of %rona# San+aya as!ed %hritarashtra( )$ !ing. heart and soul# *ut destiny is all:po erful# .When he heard these ords. as you say. the all destroyer. ma!e peace ith/udhishthira this is my counsel to you# *ut. perform great sacrifice. en+oy sinless pleasures.ime.he co"etous %hritarashtra and his sons ha"e dri"en a ay the sons of <andu to the forest#4 While the citizens blame us thus. and there are other e"il portents#) While %hritarashtra and 2idura ere con"ersing thus. for I dethroned and dishonored %rupada on account of my anger to ards him# Implacably re"engeful. for he !ne 2idura to be a iser man than himself ho ished him ell# *ut gradually his patience ore thin ith repeated homilies# . hy are you . gi"e alms to the needy# 0emesis ill o"erta!e you in the fourteenth year# %uryodhana. . he has performed a sacrifice so that he might be blessed ith a son ho ould !ill me# It is said %hrishtadyumna is that son# 3s destiny ould ha"e it. does not ta!e a club and brea! the head of a man but by destroying his +udgment.he blind !ing replied( )&o can I !no orried6) peace after ha"ing in+ured the <anda"as6) San+aya said( )What you say is -uite true# . the hea"ens are "e5ed ith cloudless lightning. and the distressed earth -ua!es. burning ith anger# I should !no hat anger is. e are fast hastening to ards the abyss#) 2idura used to ad"ise %hritarashtra earnestly# &e ould often tell him( )/our son has committed a great rong# %harmaputra has been cheated# Was it not your duty to turn your children to the path of "irtue and pull them a ay from "ice6 /ou should order e"en no that the <anda"as get bac! the !ingdom granted to them by you# 8ecall /udhishthira from the forest and ma!e peace ith him# /ou should e"en restrain %uryodhana by force if he ill not listen to reason#) 3t first %hritarashtra ould listen in sad silence hen 2idura spo!e thus.he <anda"as ill surely return from e5ile. %hritarashtra as filled ith e"er:greater fear and an5iety than before# &e as!ed( )What do the citizens say6) 2idura ans ered( )$ great !ing.

ta!ing %hritarashtra at his ord.) and strode indignantly out of the assembly# .he obstinate and foolish %uryodhana merely laughed. the sage Maitreya came to the court of %hritarashtra and as elcomed ith great respect# %hritarashtra cra"ed his blessing and as!ed him( )8e"ered sir. turning his bac! on 2idura. as greatly mo"ed and returned to &astinapura# %hritarashtra embraced 2idura and the difference bet een them as ashed a ay in tears of mutual affection# $ne day. slapping his thighs in derision and.he soft:hearted 2idura.he sages of the place had come to see him# I learnt of the e"ents that too! place in &astinapura. not to in+ure but to ma!e peace ith the <anda"as ho ere not only mighty themsel"es but related to 'rishna and %rupada# . the <anda"as. you ha"e certainly met my belo"ed children. turned a ay# Maitreya gre angry and loo!ing at %uryodhana said( )3re you so arrogant and do you slap your thighs in derision of one ho ishes you ell6 /our thighs ill be bro!en by a *hima4s mace and you ill die on the battlefield#) 3t this %hritarashtra +umped up. for his o n good. %hritarashtra could stand it no longer# )$ 2idura.) he burst out. Maitreya sa %uryodhana ho as also in the court and ad"ised him.hen. he retired to the inner apartments# 2idura sorro fully felt that the destruction of the 'uru race as certain and. tearing the ground ith his feet and ithout granting an ans er. and I mar"elled that such things should ha"e been permitted hile *hishma and yourself ere ali"e#) 7ater. in 'uru+angala# 3re they ell6 Will mutual affection abide in our family ithout any diminution6) Maitreya said( )I accidentally met /udhishthira in the 'amya!a forest# . )you are al ays spea!ing for the <anda"as and against my sons# /ou do not see! our good# %uryodhana as born of my loins# &o can I gi"e him up6 What is the use of ad"ising such an unnatural course6 I ha"e lost my faith in you and do not need you anymore# /ou are free to go to the <anda"as if you li!e#) . fell at the feet of the sage and begged forgi"eness# Maitreya said( )My curse ill not or! if your son ma!es peace ith the <anda"as# $ther ise it ill ha"e effect.$ne day. dro"e in a chariot ith fleet horses to the forest here the <anda"as li"ed# %hritarashtra as filled ith an5ious remorse# &e reflected thin himself( )What ha"e I done6 I ha"e only strengthened %uryodhana. ho as dharma incarnate. hile dri"ing the ise 2idura to the <anda"as#) *ut later he called for San+aya and as!ed him to bear a repentant message to 2idura imploring him to forgi"e the thoughtless ords of an unhappy father and to return# San+aya hurried to the hermitage here the <anda"as ere staying and found them clad in deer:s!in and surrounded by sages# &e also sa 2idura there and con"eyed %hritarashtra4s message adding that the blind !ing ould die bro!en:hearted if he did not return# .

%hrishta!etu. utterly unable to continue.hey thought that I had become their sla"e and accosted me and treated me as one# 1"en *hishma and %hritarashtra forgot my birth and breeding and my relationship to them# $ Janardhana.he pay of the soldiers as increased# 2olunteers for ser"ice ere rigidly tested before being accepted as soldiers# . the ife of fi"e heroes. the !ing of the Chedi country.hey ere filled ith righteous indignation hen they heard of %uryodhana4s perfidy and cried out that surely the earth ould drin! the blood of such ic!ed people# %raupadi approached Sri 'rishna and. e"en you had deserted me#) She stood trembling. in a "oice dro ned in tears and bro!en ith sobs. by attac!ing and defeating him# It as only after ards that 'rishna learnt for the first time of the e"ents at &astinapura. old =grasena as in charge of the defence of the city# . told the story of her rongs# She said( )I as dragged to the assembly hen I had but a single garment on my body# . hen he returned.he siege as so rigorously pushed that the garrison suffered great pri"ations# 'rishna. the game of dice and the e5ile of the <anda"as# 3t once be set out for the forest here the <anda"as ere li"ing# 3long ith 'rishna ent many.hose ho tormented you ill be stric!en to death in the bloody -uagmire of a lost battle# Wipe your eyes# I solemnly .he sons of %hritarashtra insulted me most outrageously and gloated o"er my agony# . as dragged by my hair# I.he <anda"as are reno ned heroes and yet %uryodhana li"es. as struc! to the heart at the sufferings of his belo"ed city and he compelled Sal"a immediately to raise the siege. e"en my husbands did not protect me from the +eers and the ribald insults of those foul ruffians# *hima4s bodily strength and 3r+una4s Gandi"a bo ere ali!e of no a"ail# =nder such supreme pro"ocation e"en ea!lings ould ha"e found strength and courage to stri!e the "ile insulter dead# . for the grief con"ulsed her# 'rishna as deeply mo"ed and he consoled the eeping %raupadi# &e said( ). I.he sieges described in the Mahabharata seem "ery much li!e those in ars of the present day# % ara!a as a strongly garrisoned fortress built on an island and ell pro"ided ith means of defence# 3mple barrac!s had been pro"ided and there as an abundant supply of food and eapons and the garrison included many illustrious arriors# =grasena imposed a stringent ban upon drin!ing and amusements generally for the period of the siege# 3ll the bridges ere demolished and ships ere forbidd enentry into ports in the realm# Iron spi!es ere planted in the moats around the fortress and the city alls !ept in good repair# 3ll entrances to the city ere guarded ith barbed ire and permits and pass ords strictly controlled ingress and egress# . the daughter:in:la of the emperor <andu. and the 'e!ayas ho ere all de"oted to the <anda"as# . KRISHNA'S VO& 3s S$$0 as the ne s of the slaying of Sisupala by 'rishna reached his friend Sal"a.#8. as dishonored# $ Madhusudana. he became "ery angry and besieged % ara!a ith a mighty force# 'rishna ha"ing not yet returned to % ara!a. including men of the *ho+a and 2rishni tribes.hus no arrangements ere neglected that could further strengthen the city hich nature had already made impregnable# .

it ill be seen. but. *hima and %raupadi used. the earth may crumble or the boundless sea may dry up. ha"e pre"ented this destructi"e play of dice# When Sa!uni as cheating you. as in perfect accord ith the purpose of the 7ord4s a"atars. the ife of 3r+una. on occasions. the &imalayas may split in t ain. 3bhimanyu# %hrishtadyumna ent bac! to <anchala ta!ing ith him the sons of %raupadi# !.he hea"ens may fall. as declared in scriptures( )9or protecting the righteous. such hell is hea"en# /our forbearance burns us orse than fire# It scorches 3r+una and myself day . for destroying the ic!ed and for firmly upholding the la . my ords shall stand# I s ear this.his "o . I ould ha"e gone there and stirred up %rona. at all costs. PA -PATA I0 the beginning of their stay in the forest. 'ripa and the other elders to a sense of duty# I ould. the charioteer4s son#) Sri 'rishna said( )When this calamity befell you. I ould ne"er ha"e allo ed this fraudulent game of dice to ta!e place# =nin"ited.) and 'rishna too! a solemn "o before %raupadi# .hey ould -uote eighty authorities and argue "ehemently in support of their contention# /udhishthira ould firmly reply that they should abide by the promise they had made and that forbearance as the highest "irtue of all# *hima as burning ith impatience to attac! and !ill %uryodhana immediately and in bac! the !ingdom# &e thought it un orthy of arriors to continue to d ell tamely in the forest# *hima said to /udhishthira( )/ou spea! li!e those ho repeat 2edic mantras and are satisfied ith the sound of the ords though ignorant of their meaning# /our intellect has become confused# /ou are born as a !shatriya and yet you do not thin! or beha"e li!e one# /ou ha"e become a brahmana by temperament# /ou !no . some ater must be lost before a bro!en dam is restored#) .promise that your grie"ous rongs shall be amply a"enged# I shall help the <anda"as in e"ery ay# /ou ill become an empress# .hey ould plead that only righteous anger befitted a !shatriya and that patience and forbearance under slights and insults ere not orthy of him# . Si!handin ill cause *hishma4s fall# *hima ill ta!e the li"es of the ic!ed %uryodhana and his brothers# 3r+una ill slay 'arna. the scriptures en+oin on a !shatriya sternness and enterprise# We should not let the ic!ed sons of %hritarashtra ha"e their ay# 2ain is the birth of a !shatriya ho does not con-uer his deceitful enemies# . and to me. I am born on earth age after age#) %hrishtadyumna also consoled his sister and told her ho nemesis ould o"erta!e the 'aura"as# &e said( )I ill !ill %rona. to argue ith /udhishthira# .hen 'rishna too! lea"e and returned to % ara!a ith Subhadra. I as in % ara!a# &ad I been in &astinapur. and their child. I as fighting 'ing Sal"a ho had besieged my city# It as only after I had defeated him that I came to !no of the game of dice and the subse-uent sordid story# It grie"es me that I am not able to remo"e your sorro s immediately but you !no . I tell you "erily.his is my opinion. if e go to hell by !illing a deceitful foe..

you ill recei"e di"ine eapons# %o penance unto Si"a#) .hus /udhishthira managed ith difficulty to restrain the impatience of the younger <anda"as# 7ater. 0a!ula and Sahade"a li"e in hiding6 Can the famous %raupadi al! about unrecognized by others6 1"en if e do these impossible things. 3r+una ent to the &imalayas to practise austerities for the purpose of getting ne eapons from the de"as# 3r+una too! lea"e of his brothers and ent to <anchali to bid her fare ell# She said( )$ %hanan+aya. the son of %hritarashtra ill find out through his spies# &ence. are no on their side# *hishma and %rona.hose miscreants ha"e seized our !ingdom by fraud and are en+oying it. hile you lie torpid li!e a gorged python# /ou say that e should abide by our promise# &o can the orld:reno ned 3r+una li"e incognito6 Can the &imalayas be hidden under a handful of grass6 &o can the lion:hearted 3r+una. but ill not gi"e him up and are prepared to sacrifice their li"es on his side in the battlefield# 'arna is a bra"e and s!ilful fighter. ell "ersed in the use of all the eapons# .he thousand:eyed said( )If you be blessed by the "ision of god Si"a. ho came to ha"e the pleasure of meeting his son# 3r+una bo ed to his father and said( )I see! arms# *less me ith eapons#) Indra replied( )$ %hanan+aya. honor and prosperity of us all depend on you# 8eturn after ac-uiring ne eapons#) .here is no higher duty for a !shatriya#) *hima as ne"er tired of pressing his "ie # %raupadi also ould refer to the dishonor she had suffered at the hands of %uryodhana. ha"e no respect for %uryodhana4s character. may you prosper in your mission# May God gi"e you all that 'untide"i hoped and ished for hen you ere born# . %rona. indeed. *hishma. the three:eyed god. yet the benediction as 'unti the mother4s for the ords ere( )May God gi"e all that 'untide"i ished and hoped for hen you ere born#) 3r+una passed through dense forests and reached the mountain of Indra!ila. as ell as mighty monarchs. the !ing of is no use in being hasty#) . hat is the use of eapons6 3s! for pleasures or see! to go to higher orlds for en+oyment#) 3r+una ans ered( )$ !ing of gods. and obtain his grace.he ascetic smiled and spo!e affectionately to 3r+una( )Child.he sastras too support me hen I say that a filched promise is no promise# 3 handful of grass thro n to a tired bull ought to be enough as e5piation for brea!ing such a promise# /ou should resol"e to !ill our enemies immediately# . life.he happiness. here he met an old brahmana# .and night. ma!ing us sleepless# . as ad"ised by 2yasa.hus <anchali sent him forth ith auspicious ords# It is note orthy that though the "oice as %raupadi the ife4s. I do not see! pleasures of higher orlds# I ha"e come here after lea"ing <anchali and my brothers in the forest# I see! but eapons#) .hat as Indra. 'arna and 3s atthama# %uryodhana and his brothers are e5pert in arfare# Many feudatory princes. this promise of ours is impossible of performance and has been put on us merely to thrust us out again for another thirteen years# .he course of ar is unpredictable and success is uncertain# . you are clad in armor and carry eapons# Who are you6 Weapons are of no use here# What do you see! in this garb of a !shatriya in this abode of ascetics and saints ho ha"e con-uered anger and passion6) . 'arna and %uhsasana and ould -uote authorities from the scriptures that ould gi"e /udhishthira an5iety to thin!# &e ould sometimes ans er ith common ma5ims of politics and refer to the relati"e strength of the parties# &e ould say( )$ur enemy has such adherents as *hurisra"as.

) said Si"a smilingly and ga"e him bac! his Gandi"a bo . as struc! ith amazement.hen. ho had been disarmed ith humiliating ease by one ho seemed an ordinary hunter of the forest. entered the forest in pursuit of game# . and at once he !ne ho the hunter really as# &e fell at the feet of the 7ord and.he hunter replied as though in contempt( ). 3r+una humbly sought di"ine aid and meditated on Si"a# 3s he did so. as ell as the other eapons. battered in the une-ual combat. and that if 3r+una thought differently be as elcome to fight about it# 0othing could please 3r+una better# &e +umped up and sho ered sna!e:li!e arro s at Si"a# .he chase gre fast and furious.he s ord as split into pieces on the hunter4s adamantine frame# . ho shot an arro into it ith his Gandi"a bo at the same moment that the hunter Si"a transfi5ed it ith a shaft from his <ina!a bo # 3r+una shouted in loud "oice( )Who are you6 Why are you ranging in this forest ith your ife6 &o dare you shoot at the game I had aimed at6) .here as no to grapple ith the formidable un!no n# *ut here again he as outmatched# nothing to do but . belongs to us. almost amounting to doubt# *ut undaunted. in a bro!en "oice of repentance and adoration he prayed for forgi"eness# )I forgi"e you. he started to stri!e Si"a ith his bo # *ut the hunter seemed not to heed it and renched ith ease the bo out of 3r+una4s hand and burst into laughter# 3r+una. ho li"e in it# /ou do not loo! tough enough to be a forester# /our limbs and bearing bespea! a soft lu5urious life# It is rather for me to as! hat you are doing here#) &e also added that it as his shaft that had !illed the boar. as made hole and perfect by the di"ine touch of the three:eyed god and became a hundred fold stronger and more brilliant than before# )Go to hea"en and render dutiful respect to your father Indra.his forest. of hich he had been depri"ed# &e also besto ed on 3r+una the mar"ellous <asupata eapon# 3r+una4s body. he dre his s ord and continued the combat# .hus saying Indra disappeared# .) said Si"a and "anished from "ie li!e the setting sun# 3r+una as o"ercome ith +oy and e5claimed( )&a"e I really seen the 7ord face to face and ha"e I been blessed ith his di"ine touch6 What more do I need6) . full of game. 3r+una ent to the &imalayas and did penance to obtain the grace of Si"a# Si"a under the guise of a hunter and accompanied by his di"ine spouse =made"i.he hunter caught him in an iron clasp so close that 3r+una as -uite helpless# Worsted and o"ermastered. and presently a ild boar started charging 3r+una. they seemed to ha"e no effect on the hunter and fell bac! hurtless li!e storm:dri"en rain from a mountain pea!# When he had no more arro s. a light bro!e on his troubled mind.o his amazement..

came there ith his chariot and too! 3r+una to the !ingdom of the gods# $!. 'e!aya and Chedi and oursel"es ill unite our forces to help the <anda"as to con-uer their enemies#) /udhishthira as delighted at these ords of 'rishna# )Sri 'rishna !no s my mind. men ha"e lost their faith in God# . return to the forest and li"e a life of asceticism# It is not a sin to !ill by stratagem an enemy ho has resorted to stratagem# I ha"e heard that the 3thar"a 2eda has incantations.ruth is greater than po er or prosperity and has to be guarded at all costs and not the !ingdom# When he ants us to fight.o be d elling in the forest is not the duty en+oined on a !shatriya# We should immediately recall 3r+una and age ar ith the sons of %hritarashtra. said( )$ *alarama.3t that moment. nor Satya!i nor e"en Sri 'rishna can sa"e us. he shall find us ready# . born of a heroic race as she is. hy should the <anda"as aste their precious years in the forest6 7et us collect our forces and attac! %uryodhana# With the army of the 2rishnis. the charioteer of Indra. as ell as the gro ing strength of our foes# . you may. it ould seem that "irtue and ic!edness bear contrary fruit in this life# 9or see. hich can compress time and reduce its span# If . born from the sacrificial fire#) Satya!i. Matali.) said he# ). AFF(ICTION IS NOTHING NE& *37383M3 and 'rishna came ith their retinue to the abode of the <anda"as in the forest# %eeply distressed by hat he sa . ith the help of Sri 'rishna# I shall be satisfied only hen the ic!ed Sa!uni. the ic!ed %uryodhana is ruling his !ingdom clad in sil! and gold. ould not hear of it# /udhishthira ill ne"er gi"e up the path of righteousness for lo"e or fear# When the stipulated period of e5ile is o"er the !ings of <anchala. if you li!e. ho as listening carefully to this speech. ho as seated near. hile the "irtuous /udhishthira li"es in the forest earing the bar! of trees# Seeing such unmerited prosperity and undeser"ed pri"ation. our sorro s and sufferings. then neither the !ing of <anchala.he praise of "irtue in the sastras seems mere mummery hen e see the actual results of good and e"il in this orld# &o ill %hritarashtra +ustify his conduct and defend himself hen he is face to face ith the god of death6 1"en the mountains and the earth eep at the sight of the blameless <anda"as d elling in the forests ith the blessed %raupadi. 'arna and %uryodhana are slain# 3fter this clear duty is done.he heroes of the 2rishni race may no return ith the certainty that e shall meet again hen the time is ripe#) With these ords /udhishthira ga"e them lea"e to return# 3r+una as still a ay in the &imalayas and *hima4s an5iety and impatience became ell nigh insupportable# &e said to /udhishthira( )/ou !no that our life depends on 3r+una# &e has been a ay "ery long. and e ha"e had no tidings of him# If he should be lost to us. *alarama said to 'rishna( )$ 'rishna.his is good for them and befits us as men of "alor#) 2asude"a. here is the need to foil 'arna4s "aunted archery and cut off his head# 7et us !ill %uryodhana and his adherents in the battlefield and hand o"er the !ingdom to 3bhimanyu if the <anda"as ish to !eep their ord and stay in the forest# . and I for one cannot sur"i"e that loss# 3ll this e o e to that mad game of dice. this is no time for lamenting# Should e ait till /udhishthira as!s us to do our duty for the <anda"as6 While you and 'rishna and all other relations are li"ing. said( )What you say is true# *ut the <anda"as ould not li!e to recei"e from the hands of others hat they ha"e not on by their o n efforts# %raupadi for one. e are surely strong enough to destroy the 'aura"as# Why.

he sage concluded ith these ords( )$ <anda"a. to the forest# 3r+una. as soon as the period of thirteen years is o"er. ho left us a long time ago to get di"ine eapons. cannot escape# *e assured of it#) While the sorro :stric!en brothers ere thus engaged in debate. depri"ed him of his discrimination and good sense# 3nd not !no ing hat he as doing. /udhishthira said to him( )8e"ered sage.hus did the sage *rihadas a console /udhishthira# $ .he influence of 'ali. by such means. has not returned as yet and e miss him sorely# Will he return ith di"ine arms6 3nd hen ill he be bac!6 Surely ne"er as there in this orld a man ho suffered so much sorro as myself#) . s-ueeze thirteen years into thirteen days. ith the Gandi"a bo . and andered about in the forest. e ould be perfectly +ustified in doing so. though e"eryone. the spirit of the dar! age. had follo ed him to the forest# It as difficult to maintain such a large establishment# Some time after 3r+una had gone on his -uest of <asupata. for they are the lot of man and not peculiar to you#) . solitary and almost mad# 0o . compare your state ith his# /ou ha"e the company of your heroic brothers and de"oted ife and are supported by a fe learned brahmanas in your ad"ersity# /our mind is sound and steady# Self:pity is natural. he deserted his ife ho had accompanied him. and you ill permit me on the fourteenth day to !ill %uryodhana#) &earing these ords of *hima.he great sage replied( )%o not let your mind d ell on sorro # 3r+una ill return ith di"ine eapons and you ill con-uer your enemies in the fitness of time# /ou say that there is no one in this orld that is as unfortunate as you# 0o . the hero. is inclined to claim pre:eminence in sorro . dre us into this game of dice and cheated us of our !ingdom and riches. the great sage *rihadas a came to the hermitage of the <anda"as and as recei"ed ith the customary honors# 3fter a hile. 0ala as tried by sorro s more agonising than yours. he had not ith him his brothers or brahmanas# . but you are really not so badly off#) . as ell as <anchali and myself. ho are sun! in sin. yet he triumphed o"er them all and his life ended happily# /ou ha"e the alle"iations of unclouded intellect and the society of your nearest and dearest# /ou spend much of your time in e5alted contemplation of dharma and in holy con"erse ith brahmanas ho are learned in the 2edas and 2edantas# *ear your trials and tribulations ith fortitude. a brahmana sage named 7omasa came to the abode of the <anda"as# &e ad"ised /udhishthira to minimize his retinue before going on pilgrimage as it ould be difficult to mo"e freely from place to place ith a large follo ing# . tried by ad"ersity. and yourself ill fight and !ill %uryodhana# *e patient till then# %uryodhana and his follo ers. because things felt are more than things heard or seen# &a"e you heard of !ing 0ala of 0ishadha6 &e suffered more sorro s than yourself e"en in the forest# &e as decei"ed by <ush!ara at a game of dice# &e lost his ealth and !ingdom and had to go in e5ile to the forest# 7ess fortunate than you. AGASTYA .he sage then narrated the life of 0ala hich constitutes t enty:eight chapters of the great epic# . and dro"e my heroic brothers.&1 brahmanas. 3r+una. ho had been ith /udhishthira in Indraprastha. that is not true.e could. our deceitful enemies. %harmaputra affectionately embraced him and sought to restrain his impetuosity# )*elo"ed brother.

in order to persuade you to sa"e us from this peril#) When 3gastya heard this. 7opamudra4s modesty shran! from the lac! of pri"acy in a forest hermitage# 3nd one day. might return to %hritarashtra or. go to %rupada. and as plunged in sorro # 7opamudra. disco"ered the cause of her parent4s unhappiness and e5pressed her readiness. resorted to this austerity. once sa some ancestral spirits dangling head do n and as!ed them ho they ere and ho they had come to be in that unpleasant plight# . ith a greatly reduced retinue. she +oyfully accompanied the sage# %uring the time 7opamudra and 3gastya spent in tapas and meditation at Gangad ara. and the marriage of 3gastya and 7opamudra as celebrated in due course# When the princess set out to accompany the sage.hey replied( )%ear child.he !ing of the country of 2idarbha as childless and. ho. a strong and abiding lo"e sprang up bet een them# 9or con+ugal life. ac-uainting themsel"es ith the stories and traditions relating to each# ./udhishthira. announced to his follo ers that such of them. ho had long felt that difficulty.he story of 3gastya such# as one 3gastya. to marry the sage# . he bade her gi"e up her costly garments and "aluable +e els# =n-uestioningly 7opamudra distributed her priceless +e els and garments amongst her companions and attendants. he stipulated should be gi"en in marriage to him# Soon the -ueen ga"e birth to a girl ho as named 7opamudra# She gre ith years into a maiden of such rare beauty and charm that she became celebrated in the !shatriya orld# *ut no prince dared to oo her for fear of 3gastya# 7ater. the <anda"as started on a pilgrimage to holy places. 3gastya announced that the !ing ould be the father of a beautiful girl. nay her desire. there ill be no one after you to offer us oblations# We ha"e. if they preferred it. greatly concerned. the 'ing of <anchala# 7ater. and co"ering herself in deers!in and garments of bar!. e are your ancestors# If you discharge not your debt to us by marrying and begetting progeny. the beautiful robes and the "aluable +e els I had hen I as in my father4s place and that you too may ha"e splendid garments and ornaments# 3nd then e shall en+oy life to our heart4s content#) 3gastya smilingly replied( )I ha"e neither the ealth nor the facilities to pro"ide hat you ant# 3re e not beggars li"ing in the forest6) . care orn# &e repaired to 3gastya to get his blessing# In granting him the boon.he !ing as reluctant to gi"e the delicately nurtured princess in marriage to a sage leading the primiti"e life of a forester but he also feared the anger of the sage if he said nay. the sage 3gastya came to 2idarbha and demanded the hand of the !ing4s daughter# . as ere unaccustomed to hardship and to hard and scanty fare and those ho had follo ed merely in to!en of loyalty. ith blushing and humbleness she e5pressed her mind to her husband# She said( )My desire is that I may ha"e the royal bedding. he decided to marry# . so. therefore.he !ing as relie"ed. it is said.

ho as food had entered the "itals of the unluc!y brahmana. gently rubbing his stomach.he tric! had been tried once too often# . 3gastya said( ).he !ing said that he ould also accompany him and both of them ent to another State here also they found the same state of affairs# 2yasa thus lays do n and illustrates the ma5im that a !ing should not ta5 his sub+ects more than necessary for rightful public e5penditure and that if one accepts as gift anything from the public re"enues. ithout causing any loss or in+ury to others#) . of course !illing the guest in doing so# In this manner.he !ing presented a true picture of the income and e5penditure of the State and told him he as free to ta!e hat he deemed fit# . he elcomed him and prepared the usual feast# . ill be a hardship to the citizens# So. for he had the art of bringing bac! to life those hom he had !illed# 3nd 2atapi.he sage ate heartily of 2atapi transformed into a goat. I shall see! else here. but. ith effecti"e hospitality.his seems to ha"e been the case in ancient times also# Seeing as no response and the sage e5plained the reason# 2atapi had been digested# . as usual. in"ite a brahmana to a feast# *y the po er of his magic he ould transform his brother 2atapi into a goat and he ould !ill this pseudo:goat for food and ser"e its meat to the guest# In those days.) and the sage as about to lea"e# . if he spent his austerities in gaining things of such little moment as riches. Il"ala repeated the magic formula and shouted( )2atapi come out. one adds to the burden of the sub+ects to that e5tent# 3gastya thought he had better go to the ic!ed asura Il"ala and try his luc!# Il"ala and his brother 2atapi cherished an implacable hatred to ards brahmanas# .*ut 7opamudra !ne her lord4s yogic po er.he e5penditure of a State turns out al ays to be at least e-ual to its income# . come forth#) .) 3gastya smiled and.hey had curious plan for !illing them# Il"ala ould. many brahmanas had died# Il"ala as "ery happy hen he learnt that 3gastya the neighborhood. and said( )7ord. they ould soon d indle to nothing# She replied( )I do not ish that# What I desire is that you should earn in the ordinary ay sufficient ealth for us to li"e in ease and comfort#) 3gastya consented and set out as an ordinary brahmana to beg of "arious !ings# 3gastya ent to a !ing ho as reputed to be "ery ealthy# . the brahmanas used to eat meat# . ould spring up sound and hole and rend his ay out ith fiendish laughter. be digested in my stomach for the peace and good of the orld#) Il"ala shouted again and again in frantic fear( )$ 2atapi. and it only remained for Il"ala to call out 2atapi for the rending scene# 3nd. since he felt that here as a good brahmana deli"ered into his hands# as in So. Il"ala ould in"o!e his brother 2atapi to come out.he sage found from the accounts that there as no balance left# . said( )$ 2atapi. you are all:po erful by the strength of your austerities# /ou can get the ealth of the hole orld in a moment if you but ill#) 3gastya said that no doubt that as so.o accept any gift from this !ing.he sage told the !ing( )I ha"e come in -uest of ealth# Gi"e me hat I see!.he feast o"er.

the Creator. but not in the same detail# 2ibhanda!a ho as resplendent li!e *rahma. but settled in the south and so the 2indhyas remain arrested in gro th to this day# Such is the story as narrated in the Mahabharata# $#.he leader of this band of courtesans made a beautiful garden of a big boat. by his austerities.hus as the sage able to satisfy 7opamudra4s desire# 3gastya as!ed her hat she ould prefer hether ten ordinarily good sons or one super:good son ith the strength of ten# 7opamudra replied she ould li!e to ha"e one e5ceptionally "irtuous and learned son# . obstructing the sun. ith an imitation ashrama in the center# She had the boat moored in the ri"er near 2ibhanda!a4s hermitage. it bo ed to his re-uest# 3gastya did not return north at all. relying on <ro"idence to help them. ith artificial trees and creepers. the !ing of the country.he brahmanas replied( )*est of !ings. is an error to thin! that it is easy for a person to lead a life of chastity if he is brought up in complete ignorance of sensual pleasures# 2irtue guarded only by ignorance is "ery insecure as illustrated by the follo ing story# It is told in the 8amayana also.he story goes that she as blessed ith such a gifted son# $nce the 2indhyas became +ealous of the Meru Mountain and tried to gro in stature. and the courtesans "isited the hermitage ith -ua!ing hearts# 7uc!ily for them. man or oman.he damsels ere in a -uandary# $n the one hand. li"ed ith his son 8ishyasringa in a forest# . RISHYASRINGA I. as you li!e# Wait till then#) Since the 2indhya Mountain respected 3gastya.. one of the beautiful damsels ent to the sage4s son# .he country of 3nga as once afflicted ith a dire famine# Crops had ithered for ant of rain and men perished for lac! of food# 3ll li"ing things ere in distress# 8omapada. they also feared the sage4s rath# 9inally. the gods sought aid from 3gastya# . the sage as not at home# 9eeling that this as the opportune moment.he sage ent to the 2indhya Mountain and said( )*est of mountains. you can gro . stop you>re gro ing till I cross you on my ay to the south and return north again# 3fter my return. e5cept his father# .hey ere suitably e-uipped for their enterprise before being sent to the hermitage# . of bringing rain and plenty here"er he goes#) .he latter had not come across any mortal. they feared to disobey the !ing# $n the other.he asura bo ed to 3gastya and surrendered to him the riches he sought# . approached the brahmanas to ad"ise him of some means of sa"ing the !ingdom from famine# . the moon and the planets# =nable to pre"ent this danger. in achie"ing the good or! of rescuing the stric!en land from famine# .he !ing discussed ith his courtiers the means by hich 8ishyasringa could be brought from the hermitage of the sage 2ibhanda!a# In accordance ith their ad"ice. he called together the most charming courtesans of the city and entrusted them ith the mission of bringing 8ishyasringa to 3nga# . there is a young sage called 8ishyasringa ho li"es a life of perfect chastity# In"ite him to our !ingdom# &e has on the po er. they made up their minds to go.

hich it seems is his customary greeting. and ser"ed him ith drin!s# She embraced him again. though he had ne"er seen a oman before.) and then he described to his father the form. and felt a strange irrepressible +oy surging up in his soul# &e ans ered. no. especially of the opposite se5. decorated him ith perfumed garlands. I e5perienced a +oy hich I ha"e ne"er felt before. beauty and the doings of his fair "isitor# 8ishyasringa added istfully( )My body seems to burn ith desire for the company of that brahmacharin and I should li!e to go and find him and bring him here someho # &o can I gi"e you any idea about his de"otion and brightness6 My heart pants to see him#) .he youthful anchorite had ne"er before seen such a beautiful human form or heard such a s eet "oice# . hy ha"e you not yet gathered the sacred fire ood6 Who has bro!en these nice plants and shrubs6 &as the co been mil!ed6 &as anyone been here to ser"e you6 Who ga"e you this strange garland6 Why do you appear orried6) . fi5ing eyes on his interlocutor( )/ou seem to be a bright brahmacharin# Who are you6 I bo to you# Where is your hermitage6 What are the austerities you are practising6) and he rendered her the customary offerings# She said to him( )3t a distance of three yo+anas from here is my ashrama# I ha"e brought fruits for you# I am not fit to recei"e your prostration. saying that that as their ay of salutation to honored guests# &e thought it a "ery agreeable ay# Shortly after. for the hermitage had not been cleansed# . he as shoc!ed to see the place so untidy ith s eet meats scattered all o"er.he shrubs and creepers loo!ed draggled and untidy# &is son4s face had not its usual lustre but seemed clouded and disturbed as by a storm of passion# . fearing the return of the sage 2ibhanda!a.he usual simple duties of the hermitage had been neglected# 2ibhanda!a as troubled and as!ed his son( )%ear boy. began to or! on his mind from the moment he beheld that graceful form# &e thought that she as a young sage li!e himself.She thus addressed 8ishyasringa( )Great sage. not e"en hen eating the s eetest fruits. are you ell6 &a"e you sufficient roots and fruits6 3re the penances of the rishis of the forest proceeding satisfactorily6 Is your father4s glory constantly gro ing6 Is your o n study of the 2edas progressing6) .he instincti"e yearning for society. fed him ith the s eets she had brought.his as ho rishis used to accost one another in those days# . the courtesan too! her lea"e of 8ishyasringa saying it as time for her to perform the agnihotra sacrifice and gently slipped out of the hermitage# When 2ibhanda!a returned to the hermitage.he simple and ingenuous 8ishyasringa replied( )3 brahmacharin of onderful form as here# I cannot describe his brightness and beauty or the s eetness of his "oice# My inner being has been filled ith indescribable happiness and affection by listening to his "oice and loo!ing at his eyes# When he embraced me. but I shall return your greetings and salutation in the ay customary ith us#) She embraced him armly.

hough all ended as he had planned. the princess Shanta. his angry mood passed gradually as he approached the capital# When he came to the capital. the !ing as uneasy in his mind. this as no brahmacharin that you sa .hey ta!e recourse to many !inds of tric!s and stratagems for the purpose# %o not let them come near you#) 3fter that 2ibhanda!a searched in "ain for three days in the forest to find out the retches ho had done this in+ury. the young sage had a pleasant and interesting +ourney and hen he reached 3nga. he sought to mollify 2ibhanda!a by lining the route he ould ta!e ith cattle and !ind and by instructing the co herds in charge to say that they ere 8ishyasringa4s ser"ants and had come to elcome and honor their master4s father and place themsel"es at his ser"ice# 0ot finding his son any here in the hermitage. the enraged 2ibhanda!a thought that this might be the or! of the !ing of 3nga# &e crossed inter"ening ri"ers and "illages and marched to the capital of the !ing as if to burn him in his anger# *ut as at each stage of the +ourney he sa magnificent cattle hich belonged to his son and as respectfully elcomed by his son4s ser"ants. he certainly !ne more about the orld and its ays than he had done in the forest# . he as recei"ed ith great honor and ta!en to the !ing4s palace here he sa his son sitting in state li!e the !ing of the gods in hea"en# &e sa by his side his ife. rain began to pour the instant 8ishyasringa set his foot in the country# . the boat as freed from its moorings and floated easily do n ith its elcome freight to the !ingdom of 3nga# 3s might be e5pected. to beguile us and hinder our penances and austerities# . 8ishyasringa +umped up and ran to greet her gushingly. 2ibhanda!a !ne hat had occurred# &e said( )Child. as demons do. hose great beauty soothed and pleased him# . but a malignant demon ho sought. before my father returns let us go to your hermitage#) . 8ishyasringa ent near her and after the customary salutation said( )$ shining brahmacharin. as pent up ater surges out of a reser"oir that has sprung a lea!# 1"en ithout aiting for prompting this time. the courtesan again came softly to the place here 8ishyasringa as seated# 3s soon as he sa her at a distance.he ri"ers and the la!es ere full and the people re+oiced# 8omapada ga"e his daughter Shanta in marriage to 8ishyasringa# . for he as afraid that 2ibhanda!a might come in search of his son and pronounce a curse on him# So.When 8ishyasringa had thus bro!enly e5pressed yearnings and disturbances to hich he had hitherto been a stranger.he coming of 8ishyasringa delighted 8omapada infinitely and he too! his elcome guest to the lu5uriously pro"ided inner apartments specially prepared for him# 3s foretold by the brahmanas.his as +ust hat she had hoped and or!ed for# 3nd together they entered the boat. and returned baffled it his purpose# $n another occasion. hich had been made to loo! li!e a hermitage# 3s soon as the young sage had entered. hen 2ibhanda!a had gone out of the hermitage to bring roots and fruits.

Shanta and 8ishyasringa repaired to the forest in the fullness of time and spent their li"es in mutual lo"e and the orship of God# . you are on the rong path# 8eturn home. the <anda"as reached the hermitage of 8aibhya on the ban!s of the Ganga# 7omasa told them the story of the place( ). ill "anish# 3nger and passion ill be ashed off if you bathe in the running aters of this ri"er#) .he <anda"as bathed there and performed their de"otions# $$.2ibhanda!a blessed the !ing# &e laid this in+unction on his son( )%o all that ill please this !ing# 3fter the birth of a son.he path is study and study alone#) With these ords Indra "anished# *ut the son of *harad a+a ould not gi"e up# &e pursued his course of austerities ith e"en greater rigor. 3rundhati and 2asishtha. ho appeared and as!ed him hy he so mortified his flesh#) /a"a!rida replied( )I ish to be more learned in the 2edas than any has e"er been before# I ish to be a great scholar# I am performing these austerities to realise that desire# It ta!es a long time and in"ol"es much hardship to learn the 2edas from a teacher# I am practising austerities to ac-uire that !no ledge directly# *less me#) Indra smiled and said( )$ brahmana. to the horror and the distress of the gods# Indra again manifested himself before /a"a!rida and arned him again( )/ou ha"e ta!en the rong path to ac-uire !no ledge# /ou can ac-uire !no ledge only by study# /our father learnt the 2edas by patient study and so can you# Go and study the 2edas# %esist from this "ain mortification of the body#) /a"a!rida did not heed e"en this second arning of Indra and announced defiantly that if his prayer ere not granted. come and +oin me in the forest#) 8ishyasringa did as his father bade him# 7omasa concluded the story ith these ords addressed to /udhishthira( )7i!e %amayanti and 0ala. 7opamudra and 3gastya. met ith destruction in this "ery place#) &e continued( ). <ara"asu and 3r"a"asu. bathed# .his is the hermitage here 8ishyasringa# li"ed# *athe in these aters and be purified#) . the son of %asaratha. learnt the 2edas and became famed scholars# *harad a+a de"oted himself holly to the orship of God# &e had a son named /a"a!rida ho sa ith +ealousy and hatred that the brahmanas did not respect his ascetic father as they did the learned 8aibhya# /a"a!rida practised hard penance to gain the grace of Indra# &e tortured his body ith austerities and thus a a!ened the compassion of Indra.hen 7omasa e5patiated in greater detail on the sanctity of the place# &e began the story thus( )/a"a! li"ed in their hermitages t o eminent brahmanas. he ould ne"er gi"e up# .hese aters cleansed Indra of the sin of !illing 2ritra unfairly# &ere also Sanat!umara became one ith God# 3diti. he ould cut off his limbs one by one and offer them as oblations to the fire# 0o.his is the ghat here *harata. and %raupadi and yourself. ho ere dear friends# 8aibhya and his t o sons. the mother of the gods. Sita and 8ama. named *harad a+a and 8aibhya. see! a proper preceptor and learn the 2edas from him# 3usterity is not the ay to learning# . FRUIT(ESS PENANCE I0 the course of their anderings. ascend this holy mountain and the misfortunes. the son of a sage. offered oblations on this mountain and prayed to be blessed ith a son# $ /udhishthira. hich ha"e cast a cloud on your life.

) he said.he old man said( )Is my pro+ect more foolish than yours of mastering the 2edas not by study but by austerities6) /a"a!rida no !ne that the old man as Indra# More humble this time.he sage replied( )In that case grant that the life of my son may persist as long as that mountain lasts#) . hen he ent to bathe in the Ganga. this "ain man sho ed disrespect to a great sage named %hanusha!sha# 3t once that sage cursed that he might be turned to ashes. and there need must be a limit to human life# . hich is gi"en belo # In olden times there as a celebrated sage named *aladhi# &e had a son hose untimely death plunged him into grief# So. and comforted /a"a!rida ith the follo ing ords( )Well. 3rise and ta!e to some more useful or!#) . )grant boons to foolish people ho persistently practise penances.he gods told the sage that this could ne"er be.hey as!ed him to name his o n limit# . I ha"e built a dam of sand here. hat are you doing6) .he boon as granted to him and he as duly blessed ith a son named Medha"i# Medha"i gre conceited at the thought that he as safe from death fore"er. /a"a!rida earnestly begged Indra to grant him learning as a personal boon# Indra blessed. during his austerities. for the human race as necessarily mortal. and this leads to the arping of the mind and utter destruction#) &e illustrated his ad"ice by the ancient tale.he gods. and he beha"ed ith arrogance to ards all# $ne day. since he ould li"e as long as the mountain e5isted.he old man replied( )I am going to build a dam across this ri"er# When. be sa a gaunt old brahmana on the ban!. as into5icants are sold to fools for money# .&e continued his penance# $ne morning. but the curse too! no effect on Medha"i ho remained in perfect health# Seeing this. ith handful after handful. isn4t it6) /a"a!rida laughed and said( )What a fool you must be to thin! you can build a dam across this mighty ri"er ith your silly handfuls of sand. I grant you the boon you see!# Go and study the 2edas. YAVAKRIDA'S END /323'8I%3 studied the 2edas and became learned# &e gre "ain ith the thought that he had ac-uired the !no ledge of the 2edas through the boon of Indra and not through human tutelage# *harad a+a did not li!e this and feared that his son might ruin himself by slighting 8aibhya# &e thought it necessary to arm him# ). laboriously thro ing handfuls of sand into the ater# /a"a!rida as!ed( )$ld man. the high:souled sage as puzzled and then remembered the gift Medha"i had been endo ed ith at birth# %hanusha!sha too! the form of a ild buffalo and by the po er of his penances butted at the mountain and bro!e it to pieces and Medha"i fell do n dead# ill become learned#) . you $%. be practised rigorous penance to get a son ho ould ne"er meet ith death# .hey lead to loss of self: control. people can cross the ri"er ith ease# See ho "ery difficult it is at present to cross it# =seful or!.

hus. he as seized ith implacable anger# &e pluc!ed a hair from his bead and offered it to the fire reciting a mantra# 3t once. carried a ay by rage and grief the sage cursed 8aibhya# . ho caused the death of my only son.he half:blind man ho as guarding the hermitage stopped him as be could not recognise /a"a!rida as. distorted ith mortal fear.he "ery earth seemed to be under the spell of the god of lo"e# <ara"asu4s ife as strolling alone in the garden near the hermitage of 8aibhya# She appeared more than human. the fiend o"ertoo! him and !illed him ith his spear# When *harad"a+a returned to his hermitage. a maiden. the female spirit ent near him and ith smiles and allurements put him off his guard and as she ran a ay ith his ater:+ug.*harad a+a concluded the story ith this solemn arning to his son( )7earn isdom from this old story# *e not ruined by "anity# Culti"ate self:restraint# %o not transgress the limits of good conduct and do not be disrespectful to the great 8aibhya#) It as springtime# .he sage commanded them to !ill /a"a!rida# *oth of them bo ed to the order# While /a"a!rida as performing the morning rites. the male ghost rushed on him ith uplifted spear# /a"a!rida stood up in fear# 'no ing that his mantras ould be of no a"ail until he cleansed himself ith ater.he trees and creepers ere beautiful ith flo ers and the hole forest as gorgeous ith color and s eet ith the song of birds# .) .he terrible fiend pursued him e"ery here and /a"a!rida fled for his life. he came upon his son4s corpse and concluded that disrespect to 8aibhya must ha"e led to this cruel fate# )3las. bro!en:hearted and inconsolable and learning of the shameful outrage perpetrated on her. you died of your pride and "anity# Was it not a great mista!e that you tried to learn the 2edas in a ay not resorted to by any brahmana6 Why did you beha"e so as to be cursed thus6 May 8aibhya. as beautiful as his daughter:in:la . he rushed to a pond for ater but the pond as dry# &e ent to nearby stream. he loo!ed for his ater:+ug# When he found it as no ater for him any here# . emerged from the sacrificial fire# . he sought to force his ay in# Mean hile. courage and purity# 3t that time /a"a!rida came there and as so o"er helmed by her lo"eliness that he completely lost his sense and self:control and became as a ra"ening beast ith lust# &e accosted her and ta!ing brutal ad"antage of her fear and shame and be ilderment. ith the demon hot on his heels# &is sin had consumed the po er of his "igils and fasts# 3t last. he sought refuge in the sacrificial hall of his father# .he sage pluc!ed another hair from his !notted loc! and offered it as oblation# 3 terrible ghost rose from the fire# . hich also dried up at his approach# . be himself !illed by one of his sons. My child. in the s eet union in her of beauty. he dragged her to a lonely pot and "iolated her person# 8aibhya returned to his hermitage# &e sa his daughter in:la eeping.

. he sa in the t ilight. he reached his hermitage before da n# 0ear the hermitage. mercifully. and he as ignominiously e5pelled from that hall of sacrifice by the orders of the !ing# 3r"a"asu repeatedly protested his innocence# )It is my brother ho has committed the sin and e"en then it as through a mista!e# I ha"e sa"ed him by performing e5piatory rites#) . <ara"asu desired one day to go and see his ife and. a disciple of the sage 8aibhya. accordingly.hat done. hich is a thing you cannot do as yet#) . hat seemed to him a beast of prey crouching for a spring and.he "irtuous brother agreed and said( )/ou may attend to the !ing4s sacrifice# I shall do penance to free you from the terrible taint of ha"ing !illed a father and a brahmana#) . both of them ent +oyfully to the capital of the !ing# While arrangements ere being made for the sacrifice. he came to the court of the !ing to +oin his brother and assist in the sacrifice# . he disco"ered that he had !illed his o n father clad in s!ins.his man has committed the sin of !illing a brahmana and ho place6) can he enter this holy sacrificial 3r"a"asu indignantly denied the accusation but none heeded him. he e5claimed in anguish( )3las. MERE (EARNING IS NOT ENOUGH 'I0G *rihadyumna.he "irtuous 3r"a"asu. since e5piation cannot be by pro5y# It tainted his mind ith ic!ed designs# *ecoming +ealous of the radiance on his brother4s face. <ara"asu decided to dishonor him by casting on him an un+ustice as a person and accordingly. hen 3r"a"asu entered the hall. hurling his eapon at it. he ent to 3r"a"asu and told him the doleful tale# &e said( )*ut this mishap should not interfere ith the sacrifice of the !ing# <lease do the rites on my behalf in e5piation of the sin I ha"e un ittingly committed# . !illed it# *ut to his horror and grief.he sin of <ara"asu as not ashed off. atonement for sins committed in ignorance# If you can be my substitute here for undergoing the e5piation I shall be able to go and assist in conducting the !ing4s sacrifice# I can officiate is.8egaining control soon. performed a great sacrifice at hich he re-uested his teacher to let his t o sons <ara"asu and 3r"a"asu officiate# With the permission of their father. <ara"asu loudly e5claimed so that the !ing might hear( ). too! upon himself the e5piatory rites on behalf of his brother# .hey alone are blessed ho ha"e no sons# I ha"e not only lost my only son. al!ing alone all night. mista!ing him for a ild denizen of the forest# &e realised that the fatal mista!e as the effect of the curse of *harad a+a# When he had hastily performed the funeral rites of his father. but in the madness of my grief I ha"e also cursed my friend and companion# What is the use of continuing my life6) &e cremated his son4s body and died by thro ing himself on the funeral pyre# $).

he gods granted his prayer# 7omasa narrated this story to /udhishthira at a place near 8aibhya4s hermitage and said( )$ <anda"as. he only prayed that his father might be restored to life and that his brother might be freed from ic!edness and the sins that he had committed# . hat is the boon you see!6) &igh thin!ing and deep meditation had in the meantime cleansed his heart of all anger at his brother4s conduct. a great sage and teacher of 2edanta. attached no great eight to his disciple4s lac! of erudition but really appreciated his "irtues. the other disciples used to laugh and moc! at him# =ddala!a. ho e"er. as he often did in reciting the 2edas.his made matters orse for him for nobody belie"ed that the e5piation he had undergone as not for his o n crime and e"eryone thought that he as adding false accusation against a blameless brother. ASHTAVAKRA W&I71 the <anda"as ere andering among holy places in the forest. bathe here and ash off your passions in this holy ri"er#) 3r"a"asu and <ara"asu ere both sons of a great scholar# *oth of them learnt at his feet and became eminent scholars themsel"es# *ut learning is one thing and "irtue is -uite another# It is true that one should !no the difference bet een good and e"il. to his other sins# . and so it came to pass that he had eight croo!ed bends in his body hen he as born# . as also slandered as a liar. besides being falsely accused of a monstrous crime. and so. if one is to see! good and shun e"il# *ut this !no ledge should soa! into e"ery thought and influence e"ery act in one4s life# . the child in the omb ould t ist his body ith pain. had a disciple named 'agola.hen indeed !no ledge becomes "irtue# .he !no ledge that is merely so much undigested information crammed into the mind. de"otion and good conduct and ga"e his daughter Su+ata in marriage to him# . ho as "irtuous and de"oted but had no great learning# So.he gods ere gracious and as!ed him( )$ "irtuous soul.he couple as blessed ith a son# 3 child generally inherits the characteristics of both the parents# *ut fortunately the grandson of =ddala!a too! after his grandfather rather than his father and !ne the 2edas e"en hile he as in his mother4s omb# When 'agola made mista!es. retreated to the forest in despair of finding +ustice in the orld and betoo! himself to rigorous austerities# . they came one day to the hermitage of the personages immortalized in the =panishads# 7omasa told /udhishthira the story of that place# =dala!a.he "irtuous 3r"a"asu ho. cannot instill "irtue# It is +ust an out ard sho li!e our clothes and is no real part of us# $6..

the precociously ise boy he had met before# . has to mo"e and ma!e ay for the blind. the fair se5. persons bearing loads and brahmanas learned in the 2edas# . ha"e learnt .he !ing as!ed( )%o you !no that my court pandit 2andi has o"erthro n in argument many great scholars in the past and caused them to be cast into the ocean6 %oes that not deter you from this dangerous ad"enture6) . the deformed. and at the age of t el"e he had already completed his study of the 2edas and the 2edanta# $ne day. pro"o!ed a polemical contest ith 2andi.he gate!eeper said( )Stop# &a"e done ith your idle brag# &o and realised the 2edanta6) can you. the !ing of Mithila as performing a great sacrifice in the course of hich the assembled scholars ould. though you tal! li!e all the hoary sages# Get out#) 3shta"a!ra replied( )Gate!eeper.he really mature man is the one ho has learnt the 2edas and the 2edangas.. surprised at these ise ords of the brahmana boy.he !ing. accompanied by his uncle S"eta!etu# $n their ay to the place of sacrifice at Mithila. 3shta"a!ra learnt that Jana!a. ha"ing been defeated. nor tall. they came across the !ing and his retinue# .hose ho ha"e mastered the truths of the 2edanta ill not +udge another on mere considerations of age or appearance#) . as made to dro n himself# Mean hile 3shta"a!ra gre up to be a to ering scholar e"en in his boyhood.he attendants of the !ing marched in front shouting( )Mo"e a ay# Ma!e ay for the 'ing#) 3shta"a!ra instead of mo"ing out of the ay said to the retainers( )$ royal attendants. a mere boy.he gate!eeper stopped them and said( )*oys cannot go in# $nly old men learned in the 2edas may go into the sacrificial hall#) 3shta"a!ra replied( )We are not mere boys# We ha"e obser"ed the necessary "o s and ha"e learnt the 2edas# . accepted the +ustness of the rebu!e and made ay.he boy said( )/ou mean I am not big li!e an o"er:gro n gourd ith no substance in it6 Size is no indication of !no ledge or orth.he gate!eeper said( )/ou are certainly not old.hese croo!ed bends earned him the name of 3shta"a!ra. mastered their gist and realised their essence# I am here to meet the court pandit 2andi# Inform 'ing Jana!a of my desire#) 3t that moment the !ing himself came there and easily recognized 3shta"a!ra. hich means )1ight croo!ed bends#) 'agola. the court scholar of Mithila.his is the rule en+oined by the scriptures#) . nor is age# 3 "ery tall old man may be a tall old fool# 7et me pass#) . and. Grey hairs do not pro"e the ripeness of the soul# . e"en the !ing. as usual. if he is righteous. obser"ing to his attendants( )What this brahmana stripling says is true# 9ire is fire hether it is tiny or big and it has the po er to burn#) 3shta"a!ra and S"eta!etu entered the sacrificial hall# . debate on the sastras# 3shta"a!ra set out for Mithila. one ill:fated day.

I myself feel the same about 3r+una and hat you say ma!es me thrill ith lo"e and sympathy# *ereft of 3r+una.3shta"a!ra replied( )/our eminent scholar has not hitherto encountered men li!e me ho are proficient in the 2edas on 2edanta# &e has become arrogant and "ain ith easy "ictories o"er good men ho ere not real scholars# I ha"e come here to repay the debt due on account of my father. 'ripa and 3s atthama.his hermitage seems to be empty ithout 3r+una# We shall try hether a change of scene ill help us to bear the pain of separation better#) /udhishthira addressing his priest %haumya said( )I ha"e sent my younger brother 3r+una to in di"ine eapons# . eapons ith hich e could con-uer *hishma.hey spent many years in this pilgrimage and in listening to the traditions.hey too! up a debatable thesis and started an argument. ho had gone to the &imalayas in -uest of di"ine eapons# *himasena told %raupadi( )*lessed lady. gained peace and +oy in the glory of his son# .he <anda"as ent the round of those places to relie"e themsel"es to some e5tent from the pangs of separation# . as I ha"e heard from my mother# I ha"e no doubt I shall "an-uish 2andi. since it is certain that these heroes ill fight on the side of the sons of %hritarashtra# 'arna !no s the secret of di"ine eapons. for that may enable us to bear the separation better# Can you suggest here e could go6) %haumya described many forests and holy places# . ho as defeated by this man and made to dro n himself.he court pandit of Mithila bo ed his head and paid the forfeit by dro ning himself in the ocean and going to the abode of 2aruna#.he author of the epic instructs us through these ords put in 'agola4s mouth( )3 son need not be li!e his father# 3 father ho is physically ea! may ha"e a "ery strong son and an ignorant father may ha"e a scholarly son# It is rong to acesess the greatness of a man on his physical appearance or age# 15ternal appearances are decepti"e#) Which sho s that the unlearned 'agola as not de"oid of common sense# $7. for e miss him in all our accustomed haunts# I ish to go else here. hom you ill see crumple up li!e a bro!en: heeled cart# <lease summon him#) 3shta"a!ra met 2andi# . hich sanctified each shrine# %raupadi ould often feel e5hausted by ha"ing to tra"erse mountains and forests# *hima. this beautiful forest seems desolate# My mind can !no no peace ithout seeing 3r+una# Sahade"a.his 'amya!a forest is not beautiful ithout 3r+una# I find no +oy in life in the absence of 3r+una#) . e cannot li"e here happily.he other <anda"as shared %raupadi4s retchedness at separation from 3r+una.hat dauntless and de5terous hero has not yet returned# We ha"e sent him to the &imalayas to get from Indra. and his supreme ish is to fight ith 3r+una# I ha"e sent 3r+una to gain Indra4s grace and get eapons from him as the 'aura"a heroes can be defeated by no other means# &a"ing sent him on a "ery difficult errand. %rona. the !ing of gods. "HIMA AND HANUMAN %83=<3%I used to complain fre-uently( ). . each employing his utmost learning and its to confound the other# 3nd in the end the assembly unanimously declared the "ictory of 3shta"a!ra and the defeat of 2andi# . the father of 3shta"a!ra. ho do you feel6) Sahade"a said( ).hen the spirit of 'agola.

the !ingdom of Subahu. *hima ent in -uest of that plant# &e ent alone in the direction from hich the fragrance seemed to be borne by the breeze. *hima could not lea"e /udhishthira alone in this forest infested ith 8a!shasas. unused to being ta!en so lightly. yourself. and there he sa a huge mon!ey shining li!e blazing fire. %raupadi and *hima# *esides. they ent to the charming forest of 0arayanasrama and halted there# $ne day. I shall hand this o"er to /udhishthira# *ring some flo ers of this !ind# We should gro this plant in our 'amya!a forest#) %raupadi ran to gi"e the flo er to /udhishthira# 3n5ious to please his belo"ed %raupadi. go bac! in peace#) *hima. /udhishthira embraced him and blessed him and ished him an increase of physical strength# %raupadi smiled and said. a descendant of the 'uru race and a son of 'unti# 'no that I am the son of the Wind god# 0o mo"e a ay from the path or stop me at your peril#) . but he could easily carry %raupadi across the most difficult parts of it# &e could carry 0a!ula and Sahade"a also# When *hima said these ords. that indulges in such tall tal!6 I am a !shatriya hero. ould ser"e and encourage them and ma!e their labors easy# In the course of their anderings through the &imalayan regions they came to a terrible forest here the path as rugged and steep# /udhishthira as orried and told *hima that the ay ould greatly distress %raupadi but that he himself ould go on accompanied by 0a!ula and the sage 7omasa# &e suggested that *hima and Sahade"a should stay behind at Gangad ara ith %raupadi# *hima ould not agree# &e said that the pain of separation from 3r+una ought to ha"e taught his brother ho much he ould suffer if he ere parted from Sahade"a. demons and ild animals# . you mon!ey.sometimes helped by his son Ghalot!acha. ithout asting a thought on the ild beasts that crossed his path# &e presently came to a garden of plantain trees at the foot of a mountain.hey accepted the honors rendered to them by that !ing and rested there a hile# 7ater on. gre angry and shouted( )Who are you.hey reached 'ulinda. hich lay right across his path bloc!ing it# &e tried to frighten the animal out of his ay by shouting at it# It only half opened its eyes lazily and dra led( )I am indisposed and so I am lying here# Why lid you a!e me6 /ou are a ise human being and I am mere animal# It is proper that the rational man should sho mercy to animals as interior creatures# I am afraid you are ignorant of right and rong# Who are you6 Whither are you bound6 It is not possible to go further along this mountain path hich is the path of the gods# Men cannot cross this limit# 1at hat you li!e of the fruits of this place and if you are ise. &o charming. a breeze that ble from the northeast afted a beautiful flo er near %raupadi# %raupadi too! it in her hands and as so charmed ith its fragrance and beauty that she sho ed it rapturously to *hima# )Come and see this flo er# What a s eet fragrance.he ay as hard. addressing /udhishthira( )0o one need carry me# I can al!# %o not be an5ious about me#) . on the &imalayas# .

to see! and find Sita. !no that I am your brother. +ump o"er me#) *hima said( )0othing could be easier but the scriptures forbid it# $ther ise I should +ump o"er you and the mountain in one bound. could not mo"e that tail the least. enlighten me#) *hima roared and said( )&a"e you not heard of &anuman. my elder brother. and then as!ed in a chastened mood( )Who are you6 9orgi"e me and re"eal to me hether you are a Siddha.he mon!ey remar!ed as though in surprise( )$ best of men.&earing these ords the mon!ey merely smiled and said( )I am. be patient# *e gentle as you are strong. a mon!ey. and spo!e li!e a pupil addressing his master# &anuman replied( )$ mighty:armed <anda"a. that is enough tal!. but you ill come to destruction if you try to force a ay#) *hima said( )I do not ant your ad"ice and it is no concern of yours if I go to destruction# Get up and mo"e out of the ay or I ill ma!e you#) .he mon!ey replied( )I ha"e no strength to stand up. you ill meet ith danger and that is hy I stop you# 0o man can go beyond this and li"e# *ut here is the stream ith its depths here you can find the Saugandhi!a plant you came to see!#) *hima as transported ith delight( )I count myself the most fortunate of men in that I ha"e been blessed to meet my brother# I ish to see the form in hich you crossed the ocean. as all respect hen he sa one stronger than himself. though he e5erted all his strength# &e set his +a s and strained e"ery muscle till the "ery sine s crac!ed and he as co"ered ith perspiration# *ut. a little bit up or do n or side ays# In shame. hich is the road to the spirit: orld here the /a!shas and the 8a!shasas abide. still. as you say.he mon!ey ans ered( )$ mighty hero. li!e &anuman crossing the ocean#) . god or Gandhar"a#) *hima li!e most strong men. unable to bear the dazzling light radiating from that figure# .) and he prostrated before &anuman# &anuman smiled and began to increase the size of his body and stood forth firmly to the orld li!e a mountain seeming to fill the landscape# *hima as thrilled at actually seeing that di"ine form of this elder brother. !indly mo"e aside my tail and ma!e a path for yourself#) <roud of his immense strength. ho crossed the ocean. the mere description of hich had till then filled him ith onder# &e co"ered his eyes. ho is that &anuman ho crossed the ocean6 If you !no his story. the ife of 8ama6 I am e-ual to him in strength and heroism# Well. being but a "ery old mon!ey# If you ha"e to go at any cost. to his amazement he could not mo"e it in the least. hom you mentioned a little hile ago# If you go on this path. no get up and ma!e ay and do not pro"o!e me to do you some harm#) . the son of the Wind god. *hima thought to pull the mon!ey out of the ay by its tail# *ut. and ha"e mercy on the old and ea!# I ha"e no strength to rise up as I am decrepit ith age# Since you ha"e scruples in +umping o"er me. a hundred yo+anas in breadth. e"en that &anuman. he bent do n his head.

and he collected the $8. if each hasty or angry ish too! effect at once. my "oice shall +oin yours and stri!e terror into the hearts of your enemies# I shall be present on the flag of the chariot of your brother 3r+una# /ou ill be "ictorious#) &anuman pointed out to *hima the stream nearby. and his angry loo! !illed the bird and it fell do n dead# . since that sa"es us from much sin and sorro # .hin! of me hene"er you are in need# I felt the same delight hen I embraced you that I had in times of yore hen I as fortunate enough to touch the di"ine body of Sri 8ama# 3s! any boon that you li!e#) *hima said( )*lessed are the <anda"as for I ha"e had the good fortune to see you# Inspired ith your strength e are sure to con-uer our enemies#) &anuman ga"e this parting blessing to his brother( )While you roar li!e a lion in the battlefield. I AM NO CRANE $0C1 the sage Mar!andeya came to see the <anda"as# /udhishthira happened to tal! of the "irtues of the fair se5 and said( )What greater onder is there in this orld than the patience and the chastity of oman6 She gi"es birth to a child after cherishing it in her omb as dearer than life itself# She brings it into the orld inpain and an5iety and thence for ard her one thought is for its health and happiness# 7arge hearted and forgi"ing. in the presence of my enemies. he sat under a tree reciting the 2edas# 3 crane. &o much there ould be to regret or repent after as once a brahmana. perched on the top of the tree. resuming his former size# &e tenderly embraced *himasena# *haga"an 2yasa says that *hima felt completely refreshed and became much stronger than before by the embrace of &anuman# &anuman said( )$ hero. defiled his head ith its droppings# &e loo!ed up at it.) &earing this Mar!andeya told him a sacred story# .he brahmana as pained hen he sa the dead bird lying on the ground# &o frightful it ould be if ishes fulfilled themsel"es. go to your abode# . my body can gro still more#) 3nd &anuman contracted his body. a oman forgi"es and continues to lo"e e"en a ic!ed husband ho neglects and hates and sub+ects her to all sorts of miseries# &o strange. here gre come to see!# .&anuman said( )*hima.his put *hima at once in mind of %raupadi ho flo ers and returned to her ithout delay# the Saugandhi!a flo ers he had as aiting for his return. named 'ausi!a ho obser"ed his "o steadfastness and de"otion# of brahmacharya# ith great $ne day. It is luc!y for us that ishes depend onout ard circumstances for accomplishment.

hich he thought ould be some lonely hermitage far from the noise and bustle of common life# &e al!ed along magnificent roads bet een beautiful houses and gardens in that great city and finally reached a butcher4s shop. you ha"e made me ait for such a long time# . ash and dry his feet and ser"e him ith food# In this preoccupation she seemed to ha"e forgotten the mendicant aiting outside# 3fter her husband had been cared for and fed.he brahmana remar!ed( )It is right and proper to attend on the husband. and you are also not a are that anger is the greatest enemy that d ells in man# 9orgi"e the delay in attending to you# Go to Mithila and be instructed in the secret of good life by %harma"yadha li"ing in that city#) . !indly do forgi"e me# I as ser"ing my husband and hence the delay#) .he house ife as cleansing utensils at that time# 'ausi!a aited in the hope that she ould attend to him after her or! as o"er# In the meantime the master of the house returned. in hich as a man selling meat# &is amazement as great hen he learnt that this man as %harma"yadha# .he butcher suddenly rose from his seat. she came out ith alms to the mendicant# She said( )I am sorry to ha"e !ept you aiting long# <ardon me#) 'ausi!a.'ausi!a sorro ed that the e"il thought that passed in his mind in a moment of anger had !illed an innocent bird# Some time later. said( )7ady.he brahmana as ta!en abac!# &e ondered ho the oman !ne of the crane incident# She continued( )$ great one.he brahmana as stupefied# .he brahmana as amazed# &e said( )I deser"e your +ust admonition and it ill do me good# May all good attend you#) With these ords he ent to Mithila# 'ausi!a reached Mithila and loo!ed for %harma"yadha4s residence. he ent as usual to beg alms# &e stood before the door of a house to recei"e his dole# .he oman told the brahmana( )*est of brahmanas. you do not !no the secret of duty. tired and hungry. and the ife had to attend to his ants. came to the brahmana and in-uired( )8e"ered sir.he brahmana as shoc!ed beyond measure and stood at a distance in disgust# . are you ell6 %id that chaste brahmana lady send you to me6) .his indifference is not fair#) . but the brahmana also should not be disregarded# /ou seem an arrogant oman#) She said( )*e not angry ith me and remember that I !ept you aiting only because I as dutifully ser"ing my husband# I am no crane to be !illed by a "iolent thought and your rage can do no harm to the oman ho de"otes herself to the ser"ice of her husband#) . burning ith anger.

I !no hy you ha"e come# 7et us go home. ere. a duty. born princes.he blind !ing pursued his thought( )3las. and that this is really orship of God ho created and per"ades all# (*haga"ad Gita.hough %hritarashtra as thus orried.he moral of this stri!ing story of %harma"yadha so s!illfully o"en by 2eda"yasa into the Mahabharata.he !ing an5iously pondered thus( )3r+una and *hima ill certainly try to punish us# Sa!uni. ent to see %hritarashtra. might one day brea! its bounds and o"erflo in a de"astating flood# . the brahmana returned to his house and began to tend his parents. long pent up. 3r+una has returned from hea"en ith di"ine eapons# What could tempt one bac! to earth from hea"en but the cra"ing for "engeance6 3nd e ha"e earned it. by un!ind destiny. %uryodhana and the short:sighted %uhsasana are perched precariously up a tree in search of a honeycomb hile belo is the abyss of *hima4s anger ya ning to recei"e them to their destruction#) . learn it . hy did e become a prey to co"etousness6 It is not as though po"erty dro"e us to it. @2III. man4s calling and duty# 3fter ards.)8e"ered sir.) . ho did not !no from a butcher. 'arna and %uryodhana ere giddily happy and found much pleasure in e5ulting congratulation of one another on their prosperity# 'arna and Sa!uni said to %uryodhana( ). THE &ICKED ARE NEVER SATISFIED M30/ brahmanas "isited the <anda"as during their e5ile# 3nd one such. hich he had rather neglected before# . Why did e ta!e to the path of in+ustice6 Instead of en+oying our boundless ealth in contentment e succumbed to lust of po er and possession and co"eted hat as not ours# Wrong cannot but yield its bitter har"est. ho li"ed it in his humble and despised life# $9.) said the butcher and he too! the brahmana to his house here he sa a happy family and as greatly struc! by the de"otion ith hich the butcher ser"ed his parents# 'ausi!a too! his lessons from that butcher on dharma.hese thoughts ould haunt and gi"e him no peace# . 'arna. AB:AC) . is the same as the teaching of the Gita# Man reaches perfection by the honest pursuit of hate"er calling falls to his lot in life.he brahmana told him ho the <anda"as. Sa!uni.he occupation may be one he is born to in society or it may ha"e been forced on him by circumstances or be may ha"e ta!en it up by choice# *ut hat really matters is the spirit of sincerity and faithfulness ith hich be does his life4s or!# 2eda"yasa emphasizes this great truth by ma!ing a scholarly brahmana.he !ingdom hich as in the hands of /udhishthira has become ours# We need no longer burn ith +ealousy#) it. returning to &astinapura. at the mercy of the ind and the sun and suffered great pri"ations# %hritarashtra as probably sorry to hear this# *ut hat troubled him most ere the conse-uences to his o n sons# Could /udhishthira continue to hold the +ustly rathful *hima in chec!6 %hritarashtra feared that the anger of the <anda"as. ho recei"ed him ith due honor# .

there is danger in mere nearness# 3lso.he !ing.%uryodhana replied( )$ 'arna. it is not right to intrude on the sorro s of the <anda"as in their forest life# 3nyone of your soldiers might trespass and gi"e offence.his life of idle ease is torment to me ithout that great +oy# Sa!uni and yourself must see! a ay of obtaining the !ing4s consent for us to go to the forest and see the <anda"as in their misery#) 1arly ne5t morning. as he thin!s that they are endo ed ith the po er of austerities# &e forbids us to go to the forest and meet them.&1 'aura"as reached % aita"ana ith a great army and many follo ers# %uryodhana and 'arna ent ith unconcealed +oy at the "ery thought of being able to gloat on the sad plight of the <anda"as# .he only ay to perfect our happiness is to go to the forest and see the distress of the <anda"as. but my father ill refuse permission.hey themsel"es camped in lu5urious rest houses in a place four miles off the abode of the <anda"as# . on hich it li"es and gro s# %!. /udhishthira !no s and follo s the path of dharma# &e has gi"en his promise in the open assembly and the <anda"as ill follo his bidding# . the hunt. all e ha"e done so far is labor lost. please yoursel"es#) 3 heart full of hate can !no no contentment# &ate is a cruel fire. said( )Well.) and %uryodhana shed tears at his father4s cruelty in denying him this pleasure# &e said again( ). hich may lead to trouble# Someone else can go in your stead to count the cattle#) Sa!uni said( )$ !ing. all that is true.he !ing certainly cannot ob+ect to that#) Sa!uni and %uryodhana applauded this bright idea and sent the leader of the co herds to the !ing to secure his permission# *ut the !ing ould not assent# &e said( )&unting is indeed beneficial to the princes# It is also desirable to ta!e stoc! of the co s# *ut I learn that the <anda"as are d elling in that forest# It is not ad"isable for you to go there# I cannot agree to send you to a place near the abode of *hima and 3r+una hile there is still occasion for anger and strife#) %uryodhana said( )We shall not go near them# $n the contrary e shall be "ery careful and a"oid them#) . ithout a sight of the sufferings of %raupadi. bulls and cal"es. lest danger should befall us# *ut I tell you. *hima and 3r+una in the forest# .he !ing fears the <anda"as. o"er:persuaded as usual. the syl"an sports and other entertainment>s arranged for them# .he sons of 'unti ill not sho any enmity to ards us# %o not oppose %uryodhana ho is fond of hunting# 7et him return after ta!ing stoc! of the co s# I shall also accompany him and see to it that none of us go any here near the <anda"as#) . hich e5torts the fuel. they en+oyed the dance.hey inspected the herds of co s and too! stoc! of them# 3fter counting the co s. 'arna ent to %uryodhana ith a cheerful face and announced that he had found a ay out of the difficulty# &e said( )What do you thin! of going to our ranches at % aita"ana for the annual stoc!:ta!ing of the co s6 . DURYODHANA DISGRACED . but ould it not be a +oy of +oys to see ith my o n eyes the sufferings of the <anda"as and bring their sorro to a clima5 by a display of our happiness6 .he !ing ans ered( )&o e"er careful you may be.

he dishonored 'aura"as returned in haste to &astinapura.hese Gandhar"as ha"e done our +ob for us# %uryodhana.he 'aura"a army fled in all directions and some of the fugiti"es too! refuge in the hermitage of the <anda"as# *hima heard the ne s of %uryodhana4s defeat and capture ith delight and amusement# &e said to /udhishthira( ). the !ing of the Gandhar"as. and ble his conch in to!en of "ictory# . is ours# We cannot hold bac! and ta!e this lying do n# We must rescue them#) *hima did not thin! this "ery reasonable# &e said( )Why should e sa"e this sinner ho tried to burn us ali"e in the a5 house6 Why should you feel sorry for the fello ho poisoned my food. ha"ing been.hey returned to %uryodhana and represented that some petty prince ho follo ers as gi"ing them trouble# as there ith his %uryodhana as annoyed at this presumption and directed his men to turn the Gandhar"a prince out and put up the tents# .he attendants returned to the la!e and tried to carry out their orders but found the Gandhar"as too many for them and had to retreat in precipitation# When %uryodhana came to !no of this. +oined them on the ay# . bound me hand and foot and anted to dro n me in the ri"er6 What brotherly feeling can e really ha"e to ards these "ile retches ho hauled %raupadi by the hair to theassembly and disgraced her6) 3t that moment a cry of agony from %uryodhana reached them faintly from the distance and /udhishthira. *hima and 3r+una rallied the routed 'aura"a forces and offered battle to the Gandhar"as# *ut Chitrasena had no ish to fight ith the <anda"as and at their approach.) *ut /udhishthira repro"ed him( )%ear brother.While hunting. this is not the time for you to re+oice# . released %uryodhana and the other prisoners saying that all he anted as to teach a lesson to these arrogant 'aura"as# .he Gandhar"as too! many of the prominent 'aura"as capti"e# . ho placed him in his chariot bound hand and foot. %uryodhana and his party reached an attracti"e pond near the hermitage of the <anda"as and ordered a camp to be put on its ban!# Chitrasena. ho. dri"en off the battlefield. ith 'arna. rallied his troops and began using his magic eapons# 'arna and the other 'aura"a heroes lost their chariots and eapons and had to retreat in haste and ignominy# %uryodhana alone remained in the battlefield but he as soon seized by Chitrasena. has got hat he deser"ed# I feel li!e than!ing our Gandhar"a friend. at the hands of strangers.he 'aura"as are our !ith and !in and their humiliation. o"erruled *hima4s ob+ection and bade his brothers go to the rescue of the 'aura"as# $bedient to his behest. he gre "ery angry and ith a large army marched to destroy the audacious enemies ho had dared to resist his pleasure# 3 great fight ensued bet een the Gandhar"as and %uryodhana4s army# 3t first the fight ent in fa"or of the 'aura"as# *ut the tables ere -uic!ly turned hen Chitrasena. and his attendants had already encamped in the neighborhood of the pool and they pre"ented %uryodhana4s men from putting up their camp# . the !ing of the Gandhar"as. greatly mo"ed. ho must ha"e come here to moc! at us.

%uryodhana celebrated a great sacrifice ith much pomp and splendor# &e anted to perform the 8a+asuya sacrifice. in great shame and de+ection. praised him and the sacrifice he had celebrated and li!ened it to those performed by /ayati.) said he. his e"il nature regained ascendancy. )I shall not ta!e meat or ine. felt it ould ha"e been far better if be had been !illed by Chitrasena and announced his ish to fast unto death# &e said to %uhsasana( )*e cro ned and rule the !ingdom# I can no longer continue to li"e after ha"ing become a laughing stoc! to my enemies#) %uhsasana protested his un orthiness to be !ing and caught hold of his brother4s feet and ept# 'arna could not bear the sight of the brother4s sorro # 'arna said( ). hen the stipulated period of thirteen years is o"er. you should ma!e friends ith the <anda"as and gi"e them bac! their !ingdom#) When %uryodhana heard this speech. I ill !ill 3r+una in battle#) 3nd then he touched his s ord in to!en of the oath# % .his does not befit heroes of the 'uru race# What is the use of +ust collapsing under sorro 6 It ill but ma!e your enemies happy# 7oo! at the <anda"as# .he friends of %uryodhana. for if you really repent of hat you ha"e done till no .hey ha"e not ta!en to fasts in spite of the disgrace they ha"e suffered#) Sa!uni interposed and said( )7isten to 'arna4s ords# Why do you say that you ould gi"e up your life hen the !ingdom seized from the <anda"as is yours to en+oy6 9asting ser"es no purpose.hat is the ay for a !ing to tal!#) 3nd he added( )What sense is there in dying6 /ou can do something orth hile only if you are ali"e#) While returning home. SRI KRISHNA'S HUNGER W&I71 the <anda"as ere d elling in the forest.ill I ha"e slain 3r+una. 'arna said( )I s ear to you by all that is holy that. on the other hand.%uryodhana. the citizens began to tal! among themsel"es that %uryodhana4s sacrifice had not come up to e"en a si5teenth part of /udhishthira4s 8a+asuya in magnificence# . but the brahmanas told him that he could not do that hile /udhishthira and %hritarashtra ere ali"e and ad"ised him to perform the sacrifice !no n as the 2aishna"a instead# &e accepted this ad"ice and celebrated the 2aishna"a ith great splendor# *ut hen the ceremony as o"er. *harata and others# Court flatterers ere not sparing ith their praise# 'arna told %uryodhana that his 8a+asuya had been only postponed till the <anda"as should be defeated and slain in battle and repeated that his part ould be the slaying of 3r+una# ). nor ill I refuse the prayer of anyone ho as!s me for anything#) Such as the solemn "o ta!en by 'arna in the assembly# . for gi"ing bac! the !ingdom to the <anda"as as to him a hundred times orse than defeat or disgrace# &e shouted( )I shall con-uer the <anda"as#) 'arna said( ). Mandhata.

but to mo"e on to some other forest# %uryodhana felt sure that the <anda"as.his ould gi"e him greater +oy than any benefit he could ha"e as!ed for himself hen the sage offered a boon# %ur"asa ent ith his disciples to the <anda"as as as desired by %uryodhana. She cried out in great confusion( )3las. you ha"e also come at this +uncture saying that you are hungry#) . and ould incur some dreadful curse from that too hasty "isitor for their ant of hospitality# . +ust before the hour of a a!ening.he sage and his disciples ill soon be here and as though this ere not enough. )bring ithout delay something to eat and e shall spea! of other things after ards#) &ere as a pretty pass# It loo!ed as though the ally from hom she hoped for relief had gone o"er to the foe.hrough this I shall place at your disposal for t el"e years as much food as is re-uired for your daily consumption# 0ot till e"eryone has been ser"ed and %raupadi herself has ta!en her share ill the "essel become empty for the day#) 3ccordingly.he brothers elcomed the sage. the Sun god had gi"en him the 3!shayapatra.hen the sage said( )We shall be bac! soon# $ur meals must be ready then. Why do you try me thus.) he said.) and hurried off ith his disciples to the ri"er# 3s a result of the austerities of /udhishthira at the beginning of their stay in the forest. the brahmanas and other guests ould be ser"ed first# 3fter ards the <anda"a brothers ould ta!e their meals# 9inally. including %raupadi. as the latter ere resting after their midday meal# . for e are hungry.he sons of %hritarashtra ere delighted to hear this "o . /udhishthira had a dream# Many of our dreams come either in the beginning or at the end of our sleep# &e dreamt that the ild beasts of the forest came and appealed to him piteously not to destroy them altogether. %raupadi ould ha"e her share# When %ur"asa reached the place. she prayed earnestly to Sri 'rishna to come to her aid in this hopeless predicament and deli"er her from the rath of the sage# 3t once Sri 'rishna appeared before her# )I am "ery hungry. the god had said. saluted and honored him# . $ 'rishna6 . a onderful "essel that held a ne"er:failing supply of food# In ma!ing the gift. for he had a great opinion of 'arna4s pro ess# 'arna had been born ith di"ine armor and as undoubtedly a mighty hero# $ne morning. all of them. ho themsel"es li"ed from hand to mouth in the forest. ould be unable to feed or entertain the sage and his follo ing..hey felt as if the <anda"as had been slain already# of the great hero 'arna and shouted in +oy# Spies con"eyed to the <anda"as in the forest the ne s of the oath ta!en by 'arna# /udhishthira as greatly concerned. had eaten their meals and so the "essel as empty and denuded of its po er for the day# %raupadi as greatly troubled and perfectly at a loss to find food hen the sage and his disciples should return after their ablutions# In the !itchen. ).he po er of the "essel gi"en by the Sun is e5hausted for the day# 3nd the sage %ur"asa has come# What shall I do6 .

ell /udhishthira to forgi"e us#) . THE ENCHANTED POO( . decoying the <anda"as far into the forest and then disappeared# Worn out by the futile chase.he <anda"as pursued the animal but it as a magic deer.) said he sadly# e ha"e *hima said( )?uite so# When %raupadi as dragged into the assembly. e should ha"e !illed those retches# Is it not because e did not do so that e ha"e had to suffer all these sorro s6) and he loo!ed at 3r+una sadly# . not e5cuses# 9etch the "essel and let me see for myself#) %raupadi brought it to him# 3 tiny bit of coo!ed "egetable and a grain of rice ere stic!ing to the rim of the "essel# Sri 'rishna ate them ith satisfaction. his satisfaction ith a single grain of rice satisfied for the time the hunger of all beings including the sage# %#. told him to go to the ri"er and intimate to the re"ered sage that food as ready and aiting for them# *himasena. the mortar got entangled in its horns and the affrighted animal fled ildly ith it into the forest# In those days matches ere un!no n and fire as !indled ith pieces of ood by mechanical friction# )3las.Sri 'rishna said( )I am terribly hungry and ant food. accepting them as Sri &ari.he disciples told the sage( )We ha"e come here after as!ing /udhishthira to prepare food for us. the <anda"as sat in great de+ection under a banyan tree# 0a!ula sighed( )We cannot render e"en this trifling ser"ice to the brahmana# &o degenerated. .hey ere in great surprise to find that their ra"enous hunger had gi"en place to a pleased satiety# .he e5planation is that as the hole uni"erse is contained in Sri 'rishna. hastened to the ri"er here %ur"asa and his follo ers ere bathing# .hey had all the comfortable cheerfulness of people ho had feasted ell# . greatly puzzled. hich sped in great leaps and bounds. Sri 'rishna seemed replete ith satisfaction after eating his solitary grain and calling *hima. a deer as rubbing itself against a poor brahmana4s fire:!indling mortar and as it turned to go.hen the party ent a ay# .&1 stipulated period of t el"e years as dra ing to a close# $ne day.he deer is running a ay ith my fire:!indler# &o can I perform the fire sacrifice6) shouted the brahmana and rushed to ards the <anda"as for help in his e5tremity# . the Soul of the =ni"erse# %raupadi as filled ith shame at her slo"enliness in not ha"ing cleaned the "essel free of all remnants# 3 bit had been left hich had been parta!en by 2asude"a. but full of faith in Sri 'rishna. but e feel ell:fed and full and cannot eat anything more#) %ur"asa !ne hat it as and he told *hima( )We ha"e ta!en our meals# .

you ill follo your brothers#) 3r+una4s anger !ne no bounds# &e cried( )Who are you6 Come and stand up to me. you ill die#) . a "oice as heard( )3ns er my -uestion before you drin! the ater# .his pool belongs to me# $ son of Madri.hough heart:bro!en ith grief and burning ith the desire for re"enge.he "oice as heard again( )$ Sahade"a.his pool is mine# If you disobey me.he in"isible being laughed in scorn( )/our arro s do but ound the air# 3ns er my -uestions and then you can satisfy your thirst# If you drin! the ater ithout doing so.3r+una agreed# )I bore in silence the "ulgar and insulting brag of that son of the charioteer. /udhishthira sent 3r+una to see hether the brothers had met ith any danger# )3nd bring ater. /udhishthira sent Sahade"a to see hat the matter as# When Sahade"a reached the pool and sa his brother lying on the ground. ans er my -uestions and then drin! the ater#) 0a!ula as surprised. hich irresistibly impelled him to the fatal pool# 3gain.) and he shot !een:edged arro s in the direction of the "oice# . doing nothing# So e ha"e deser"edly fallen into this pitiable state#) /udhishthira noticed ith sorro that all of them had lost their cheerfulness and courage# &e thought they ould be more cheerful ith something to do# &e as tormented ith thirst and so he said to 0a!ula( )*rother. this is my pool# 3ns er my -uestions and then only may you -uench your thirst#) 7i!e 0a!ula. but carried a ay by his intense thirst and heedless of the arning. o"ercome by irresistible dro siness. he fell do n. and I ill !ill you. loo!ed around and said( )3t a little distance I see ater plants and cranes# . he ondered hether any harm had come to him# *ut before loo!ing into the matter must certainly be ater there#) /udhishthira sent him to fetch some to drin!# 0a!ula as glad hen he got to the place and sa there as a pool# &e as "ery thirsty himself and so thought of -uenching his thirst first before ta!ing ater in his -ui"er for his brother# *ut no sooner did he dip his hand in the transparent ater than he heard a "oice. Sahade"a also did not heed the arning# &e dran! the ater and at once dropped do n# <uzzled and orried that Sahade"a also did not return. he dran! the ater# 3t once. to all appearance dead# Surprised that 0a!ula had not returned.) he added. climb that tree and see hether there is any pool or ri"er nearby#) 0a!ula climbed the tree. rushed irresistibly to the ater to -uench his burning thirst# . hich said( )%o not be rash# . for he as "ery thirsty# 3r+una ent s iftly# &e sa both his brothers lying dead near the pool# &e as shoc!ed at the sight and felt that they must ha"e been !illed by some lur!ing foe# . he felt all feelings submerged in a monstrous thirst.

girdling a pool of pellucid ater. 3r+una. unable to restrain his grief. he reflected( )Surely my heart must be made of steel not to brea! e"en after seeing 0a!ula and Sahade"a dead# 9or hat purpose should I continue to li"e in this orld6) . the great hero.hen /udhishthira also descended into the pool.Greatly "e5ed. I shall first drin! ater the better to fight them#) 3nd then he descended into the pool# . there ere no ounds on their bodies hich could ha"e let out life and their faces ere faces of men ho slept in peace and not of those ho died in rath# . for I die of thirst#) *hima. nectar to his eyes# *ut hen he sa his brothers lying there li!e sacred flagpoles thro n pell:mell after a festi"al. you ha"e been snatched a ay# 1"en the gods ha"e forsa!en me in my misfortune. his great strength seemed to slip from him li!e a garment# 3nd he also fell dead among his brothers# 3lone. glaring around in defiance# 3nd as he did so. /udhishthira ailed full of an5iety and thirst# )&a"e they been sub+ected to a curse or are they andering about in the forest in a "ain search for ater or ha"e they fainted or died of thirst6) =nable to bear these thoughts and dri"en desperate by an o"erpo ering thirst.he "oice shouted( )*himasena. he sadly ondered ho could ha"e been po erful enough to !ill them# *ro!enly. in his turn dra n to the ater by a consuming thirst# . he lifted his "oice and ept# &e stro!ed the faces of *hima and 3r+una as they lay so still and silent there and mourned( )Was this to be the end of all our "o s6 Just hen our e5ile is about to end. thirst as the enemy he must !ill first# So he dran! the ater and also fell do n dead# 3fter an5ious aiting /udhishthira turned to *hima( )%ear brother. for this could be no ordinary occurrence# .here as surely some magic about it# $r. 3r+una made up his mind to see! out and grapple ith this elusi"e foe# *ut first he had to -uench his terrible thirst# /es. no so helpless. be are# /ou may drin! only after ans ering my -uestions# /ou die if you disregard my ords#) ill )Who are you to dictate to me6) cried *hima.his is certainly the or! of the /a!shas# I ill hunt them do n and !ill them# *ut $. could it be a tric! played by %uryodhana6 Might he not ha"e poisoned the ater6 . he started out to loo! for his brothers and the pool# /udhishthira proceeded in the direction his brothers had ta!en through tracts infested ith ild boar and abounding in spotted dear and huge forest birds# <resently he came upon a beautiful green meado . and he dran! the ater a" as also no trace of the footprints of an enemy# .hen a sense of mystery o"ercame him. I am so thirsty.he orld held no arriors ho could o"ercome his brothers# *esides. has also not yet returned# Something terrible must ha"e happened to our brothers. for our stars are bad# <lease see! them out and be -uic! about it# 3lso bring ater. rac!ed ith an5iety.) 3s he loo!ed at their mighty limbs. hurried a ay ithout a ord# &is grief and rage can be imagined hen he sa his three brothers lying there dead# &e thought( ).

3t once the "oice ithout form arned as before( )/our brothers died because they did not heed my ords# %o not follo them# 3ns er my -uestions first and then -uench your thirst# .his pool is mine#) /udhishthira !ne that these could be none other than the ords of a /a!sha and guessed hat had happened to his brothers# &e sa a possible ay of redeeming the situation# &e said to the bodiless "oice( )<lease as! your -uestions#) .he "oice put -uestions rapidly one after another# .he /a!sha as!ed( )What ma!es sun shine e"ery day6) /udhishthira replied( ).he po er of *rahman#) .he /a!sha as!ed( )What rescues man in danger6) /udhishthira replied( )Courage is man4s sal"ation in danger#) .he /a!sha as!ed( )*y the study of hich science does man become ise6) /udhishthira replied( )0ot by studying any sastra does man become ise# It is by association ith the great in isdom that he gets isdom#) .he /a!sha as!ed( )What is more nobly sustaining than the earth6) /udhishthira replied( ).he mother ho brings up the children she has borne is nobler and more sustaining than the earth#) .he /a!sha as!ed( )What is higher than the s!y6) /udhishthira replied( ).he father#) .he /a!sha as!ed( )What is fleeter than ind6) /udhishthira replied( )Mind#) .he /a!sha as!ed( )What is more blighted than ithered stra 6) /udhishthira replied( )3 sorro :stric!en heart#) .he /a!sha as!ed( )What befriends a tra"eller6) /udhishthira replied( )7earning#) .he /a!sha as!ed( )Who is the friend of one ho stays at home6) /udhishthira replied( ).he ife#) .he /a!sha as!ed( )Who accompanies a man in death6) /udhishthira replied( )%harma# .hat alone accompanies the soul in its solitary +ourney after death#)

.he /a!sha as!ed( )Which is the biggest "essel6) /udhishthira replied( ).he earth, hich contains all ithin itself is the greatest "essel#) .he /a!sha as!ed( )What is happiness6) /udhishthira replied( )&appiness is the result of good conduct#) .he /a!sha as!ed( )What is that, abandoning hich man becomes lo"ed by all6) /udhishthira replied( )<ride, for abandoning that man ill be lo"ed by all#) .he /a!sha as!ed( )What is the loss hich yields +oy and not sorro 6) /udhishthira replied( )3nger, gi"ing it up, e ill no longer sub+ect to sorro #) .he /a!sha as!ed( )What is that, by gi"ing up hich, man becomes rich6) /udhishthira replied( )%esire, getting rid of it, man becomes ealthy#) .he /a!sha as!ed( )What ma!es one a real brahmana6 Is it birth, good conduct or learning6 3ns er decisi"ely#) /udhishthira replied( )*irth and learning do not ma!e one a brahmana# Good conduct alone does# &o e"er learned a person may be he ill not be a brahmana if he is a sla"e to bad habits# 1"en though he may be learned in the four 2edas, a man of bad conduct falls to a lo er class#) .he /a!sha as!ed( )What is the greatest onder in the orld6) /udhishthira replied( )1"ery day, men see creatures depart to /ama4s abode and yet, those ho remain see! to li"e fore"er# .his "erily is the greatest onder#) .hus, the /a!sha posed many -uestions and /udhishthira ans ered them all# In the end the /a!sha as!ed( )$ !ing, one of your dead brothers can no ant re"i"ed6 &e shall come bac! to life#) be re"i"ed# Whom do you

/udhishthira thought for a moment and then replied( )May the cloud:comple5ioned, lotus:eyed, broad:chested and long:armed 0a!ula, lying li!e a fallen ebony tree, arise#) .he /a!sha as pleased at this and as!ed /udhishthira( )Why did you choose 0a!ula in preference to *hima ho has the strength of si5teen thousand elephants6 I ha"e heard that *hima is most dear to you# 3nd hy not 3r+una, hose pro ess in arms is your protection6 .ell me hy you chose 0a!ula rather than either of these t o#) /udhishthira replied( )$ /a!sha, dharma is the only shield of man and not *hima or 3r+una# If dharma is set at naught, man ill be ruined# 'unti and Madri ere the t o i"es of my father# I am sur"i"ing, a son of 'unti, and so, she is not completely berea"ed# In order that the scales of +ustice may be e"en, I as! that Madri4s son 0a!ula may re"i"e#) .he /a!sha as pleased ith /udhishthira4s impartiality and granted that all his brothers ould come bac! to life#

It as /ama, the 7ord of %eath, ho had ta!en the form of the deer and the /a!sha so that he might see his son /udhishthira and test him# &e embraced /udhishthira and blessed him# /ama said( )$nly a fe days remain to complete the stipulated period of your e5ile in the forest# .he thirteenth year ill also pass by# 0one of your enemies ill be able to disco"er you# /ou ill successfully fulfil your underta!ing,) and saying this he disappeared# .he <anda"as had, no doubt, to pass through all sorts of troubles during their e5ile, but the gains too ere not inconsiderable# It as a period of hard discipline and searching probation through hich they emerged stronger and nobler men# 3r+una returned from tapas ith di"ine eapons and strengthened by contact ith Indra# *hima also met his elder brother &anuman near the la!e here the Saugandhi!a flo ers bloomed and got tenfold strength from his embrace# &a"ing met, at the enchanted pool, his father /ama, the 7ord of %harma, /udhishthira shone ith tenfold lustre# ).he minds of those ho listen to the sacred story of /udhishthira4s meeting ith his father, ill ne"er go after e"il# .hey ill ne"er see! to create -uarrels among friends or co"et the ealth of others# .hey ill ne"er fall "ictims to lust# .hey ill ne"er be unduly attached to transitory things#) .hus said 2aisampayana to Janame+aya as he related this story of the /a!sha# May the same good attend the readers of this story as retold by us# %$. DOMESTIC SERVICE )$ *83&M303S, e ha"e been decei"ed by the sons of %hritarashtra, cheated out of our !ingdom and reduced to po"erty# Still e ha"e passed these years cheerfully ith +oy in the forest# .he thirteenth year of e5ile has come, and ith it the time for us to part from you# 9or e ha"e to spend the ne5t t el"e months undisco"ered by the spies of %uryodhana# God !no s hen the day ill da n hich ill see us together again, ithout fear or concealment# 0o , bless us before e go# 3nd may e escape the notice of those ho may ish to betray us to the sons of %hritarashtra, either through fear or hope of re ard#) So spo!e /udhishthira to the brahmanas ho ere li"ing ith the <anda"as till then# &is "oice shoo! ith emotion as he spo!e these ords# %haumya consoled him# &e said( )<arting, is hard, and the dangers are many and great# *ut you are too ise and learned to be sha!en or daunted# /ou must disguise yoursel"es# Indra, the 7ord of gods, hen pested by the demons, disguised himself as a brahmana and li"ed un!no n in the country of 0ishadha# Safely concealed thus, he managed to destroy his enemies# /ou must also do li!e ise# %id not Maha"ishnu, the 7ord of the =ni"erse, become a child in the omb of 3diti, suffer human birth, and ta!e a ay from 1mperor *ali his !ingdom for the sal"ation of the orld6 %id not 7ord 0arayana, the refuge of men, enter into the eapon of Indra to defeat 2ritra, the asura !ing6 %id not the 9ire god hide himself in the aters for the sa!e of the gods6 %oes not the moon !eep out of sight e"ery day6 %id not 7ord 2ishnu, the all:per"ading God, descend as the son of %asaratha and spend long years, suffering many sorro s for the sa!e of !illing 8a"ana6 .he greatest souls in the past ha"e sanctified disguise for a good purpose# /ou ill, li!e ise, con-uer your enemies and in prosperity#) /udhishthira too! lea"e of the brahmanas and ga"e the members of his retinue lea"e to go home# .he <anda"as retired to a secluded spot in the forest and discussed their future line of action# /udhishthira sadly as!ed 3r+una( )/ou are ell con"ersant ith the ays of the orld# Where ould it be best for us to spend the thirteenth year6)

3r+una replied( )$ great !ing, you !no /ama, the 7ord of %eath, has blessed us# We can easily pass the t el"e months together ithout being disco"ered# .here are many charming states for us to choose from for our so+ourn, states li!e <anchala, Matsya, Sal"a, 2ideha, *ahli!a, %asharna, Surasena, 'alinga, and Magadha# It is, of course, for you to choose# *ut if I may "enture an opinion, the Matsya country of !ing 2irata is the best, prosperous and charming as it is#) /udhishthira ans ered( )2irata, the !ing of Matsya, is "ery strong and he lo"es us much# &e is of mature +udgment and is de"oted to the practice of "irtue# &e ill not be on o"er or frightened by %uryodhana# I agree that it ould be best to li"e incognito in 2irata4s !ingdom#) 3r+una said( )Well then, $ !ing, hat or! ould you see! in the court of 2irata6) When he as!ed this -uestion, 3r+una as full of sorro at the thought of /udhishthira, the great and guileless !ing, ho had performed the 8a+asuya sacrifice, ha"ing to disguise himself and ta!e ser"ice# /udhishthira ans ered( )I am thin!ing of as!ing 2irata to ta!e me in his ser"ice as a courtier# I could delight him ith my con"ersation and my de5terity at dice# I shall ta!e the garb of a sanyasin and shall !eep him agreeably engaged by my s!ill in reading omens and !no ledge ofastrology as ell as of the 2edas, 2edangas, ethics, politics and other sciences# I shall ha"e to be careful of course, but be not an5ious about me# I shall tell him that I as an intimate friend of /udhishthira and learnt these things hile I as pri"ileged to be ith him# $ *hima, hat or!s ill you, ho con-uered and sle *a!a and &idimba, ta!e up under 2irata6 /ou sa"ed us by !illing Jatasura# 2alor and strength are o"er:flo ing from you# What disguise can hide your mighty personality and enable you to li"e un!no n in the country of Mastya6) /udhishthira as in tears as he put this -uestion to *hima# *hima laughingly replied( )$ !ing, I thin! of ta!ing ser"ice as a coo! in the court of 2irata# /ou !no that I ha"e a great appetite and that I am also an e5pert in coo!ing# I shall please 2irata by preparing such dainty food as he has ne"er tasted# I shall chop the trees of the forest and bring heaps of fuel# I shall also delight the !ing by contending ith and defeating the restlers ho come to his court#) .his made /udhishthira an5ious for he feared that danger might befall them if *hima engaged himself in restling bouts# 3t once *hima spo!e thus to calm his fears( )I shall not !ill anyone# I may gi"e a bad +olt to any restler ho deser"es it but I shall not !ill anyone# I shall restrain mad bulls, buffaloes and other ild animals and thus entertain !ing 2irata#) 3fter ards /udhishthira addressed 3r+una( )What profession do you propose to ta!e up6 &o can you hide your to ering "alor6) When he as!ed this -uestion /udhishthira could not restrain him from narrating the brilliant e5ploits of 3r+una# &e spo!e of his brother4s glory in t enty "erses# Well, ho deser"es praise if not 3r+una6 3r+una replied( )8e"ered brother, I shall hide myself in the guise of a eunuch and ser"e the ladies of the court# I shall hide under a +ac!et the scars on my arms made by the constant chafing of the bo string# When I re+ected =r"asi4s amorous o"ertures on the ground that she as li!e a mother unto me, she cursed me ith loss of manhood# *ut through Indra4s grace the curse ould hold good only for a year, and the time ould be mine to choose# I shall ser"e out that year of loss of manhood no # Wearing bangles made of hite conchs, braiding my hair li!e a oman, and clothing myself in female attire, I shall engage myself in menial or! in the inner apartments of 2irata4s -ueen# I shall teach the omen singing and dancing# 3nd I shall see! ser"ice saying that I used to ser"e %raupadi in /udhishthira4s court#) Saying this, 3r+una turned to %raupadi and smiled#

hose ho are engaged in ser"ice under a !ing should al ays be "igilant# . the companion and attendant of the princess# I shall preser"e my freedom and chastity. the daughter of a !ing. the mother of 0a!ula. ith the intelligence of *rihaspati. orthy of all re"erence and protection. nor yet appear to a"oid him# 1"en though a person may be trusted by the !ing and ha"e great authority. hat or! ill you ta!e up6) Sahade"a replied( )7et 0a!ula loo! after horses# I shall tend the co s# I shall guard 2irata4s cattle from the ra"ages of disease and the attac!s of ild beasts#) )$ %raupadi. nor may he recei"e anything in the form of gift from the citizens# &e should not be +ealous of other ser"ants# .hey may gi"e their counsel only hen as!ed. ser"ing the !ing 2irata. by being honored or dishonored by the !ing# &e may not re"eal the secrets confided to him. and it seemed sacrilege to tal! of ser"ice# She as a princess. nobly born.hey must ser"e ithout tal!ing too much# . as he thought of Madri./udhishthira as in tears# )3las. no matter ho small. for the attendant and companion of a princess has this right and can e5ercise it# I shall pass my days in such light tas!s as braiding the hair and entertaining the omen of the court ith small tal!# I shall represent that I had thus ser"ed princess %raupadi in /udhishthira4s court and see! employment from the -ueen# . and the !no ledge of Su!ra. still be should al ays beha"e as if he ould be dismissed immediately.) but /udhishthira could not find ords to as! her hat she proposed to do# She as dearer to him than life itself. may be done only after informing the !ing.hus shall I remain un!no n to others#) /udhishthira praised %raupadi4s courage and said( )$ auspicious one. and ne"er obtrude it# . tears rolled do n his eyes# 0a!ula replied( )I shall or! in 'ing 2irata4s stables# My mind delights in training and loo!ing after horses# 9or I !no the heart of horses and ha"e !no ledge of their ailments and cure# I can not only ride and brea! horses but also harness and dri"e them in a chariot# I shall say that I had loo!ed after the horses of the <anda"as and I ha"e no doubt 2irata ill ta!e me in his ser"ice#) /udhishthira as!ed Sahade"a( )/ou. regaining your lost throne#) . you ill pass the rest of your days in happiness. the teacher of the asuras. ho stands high li!e the great golden Mount Meru. ho is the e-ual of Sri 'rishna himself in fame and "alor. nor unduly should not be the faintest suggestion of indelicacy in one4s conduct to ards them#) %haumya then blessed the <anda"as( )7i"e thus in patience for one year. must go and see! employment of 2irata as a eunuch in the -ueen4s inner apartments6) he said bro!enly# /udhishthira then turned to 0a!ula and as!ed him hat or! he ould engage in and.he !ing may place fools in positions of authority. and then. seat or chariot of the !ing. It ould be foolishness to place too much confidence in a !ing# $ne may not sit in the con"eyance. lea"ing aside the ise# Such ay ardness should be ignored# $ne cannot be too careful ith the ladies of the court# . a scion of *harata4s line. you spea! as befits one of your family#) When the <anda"as thus decided. ho is a "eritable fire in human form# %o not go too near him. the priest and the preceptor of the gods. tenderly nurtured# /udhishthira felt cho!ed by shame and despair# %raupadi sa his grief and spo!e these bra"e ords( )$ best of !ings. &a"e the fates decreed that he. do not grie"e or suffer an5iety on my account# I shall be a sairandhri in the court of the -ueen of 2irata.hey should praise the !ing on befitting occasions# 3ll things. %haumya blessed them and ad"ised them thus( ). presuming on his affection# 3 ser"ant of the !ing should e"er be acti"e and self:restrained# &e should not be e5cessi"ely elated.

he 'ina11 appointed them to the p1aces the so+%ht o' him. the brother o' S+deshna. Ar=+na ass+med the name o' Brihanna1a and ta+%ht dancin%. the seemed to him born to command and r+1e rather than to serve. and b contro11in% wi1d anima1s. the da+%hter o' Virata. )o+ m+st save m 1i'e b mana%in% somehow to ma3e her receive m advances 'avorab1 .rincess <ttara. man sweetmeats and into0icatin% drin3s were prepared in the ho+se o' !icha3a and a %reat 'east was arran%ed. 9a3+1a 1oo3ed a'ter the horses and Sahadeva 1oo3ed a'ter the cows and the b+11s. )+dhishthira became the 3in%'s companion and spent his da s in p1a in% dice with him. Dra+padi was too sh to spea3 o' this to S+deshna or to others. B+t !icha3a was not to be 'ri%htened so easi1 and he so+%ht persistent1 to sed+ce Dra+padi. 7is persec+tion became so into1erab1e that at 1ast she comp1ained o' it to J+een S+deshna. o' co+rse. 7e hesitated. She 1ived in the inner apartments o' the pa1ace as maid and companion. tho+%h a mere maidservant co+1d resist his wi11.%%. B+t no dis%+ise co+1d ta3e awa their nat+ra1 charm. i' 'ate had been 1ess cr+e1. She %ave o+t that her h+sbands were Gandharvas who wo+1d m sterio+s1 3i11 those who tried to dishonor her. /hen the went to !in% Virata see3in% service.F he said. was the commander>in>chie' o' Virata's arm and it was to him that the o1d 3in% Virata owed his power and presti%e. Ar=+na trans'ormed himse1' into a e+n+ch. 4 do not %et an s1eep or rest. 7e was so smitten with Dra+padi's bea+t that he conceived an +ncontro11ab1e passion 'or her. 7er %ood cond+ct and 1+stre made ever one be1ieve in her stor abo+t the Gandharvas. sin%in% and instr+menta1 m+sic to . and imp1ored her protection. Bhima wor3ed as the chie' o' the coo3s. !icha3a. had now to pass her da s in servin% S+deshna. %race and nobi1it o' appearance. Virata's D+een. !icha3a. &ne ni%ht. at 'irst. sho+1d herse1' have been served b man maids. and the 1adies. Both o' them decided +pon a p1an to entrap Dra+padi. &thers a1so dis%+ised themse1ves. F4 am so '+11 o' torment. . en%a%in% herse1' in +ncon%enia1 tas3s. Fthat 'rom the time 4 met o+r maid. 7e represented himse1' as d in% o' desire. had %reater in'1+ence over his sister. S+deshna ca11ed Sairandhri to her side and handin% her a bea+ti'+1 %o1den =+% bade her %o and brin% her a =+% o' wine 'rom !icha3a's ho+se. !icha3a wie1ded s+ch vast in'1+ence that peop1e +sed to sa that !icha3a was the rea1 3in% o' the $ats a co+ntr and o1d Virata 3in% on1 in name. and he shame1ess1 con'ided to her his +n1aw'+1 passion 'or her maid and so+%ht her aid to compass his wish. 7e a1so entertained the 3in% b wrest1in% with the rep+ted men o' mi%ht whom came to the co+rt. 7e made amoro+s overt+res to her. !icha3a was inordinate1 vain o' his stren%th and his in'1+ence over the 3in%. VIRTUE VINDICATED )<D74S7#74:A p+t on the %arb o' a san asin. And he was so s+re o' his own attractions and power that it never occ+rred to him that she. #he princess Dra+padi who. to en%a%e them in service b+t ie1din% to their +r%ent so1icitations. which %reat1 ve0ed her. And 'ina11 S+deshna ie1ded.F #he D+een tried to diss+ade him b+t !icha3a wo+1d not 1isten.

F and poor Dra+padi had to obe . B+t 4. who be1on% to a nob1e ro a1 'ami1 . she appea1ed piteo+s1 to Bhima 'or protection and reven%e. do not be a 'oo1. hot1 p+rs+ed b the maddened !icha3a. o+ m+st. 6or o+r sa3e. B+t even there.F And he be%%ed and b+11ied and crin%ed. to he1p o+ 3eep o+r promise. Dra+padi's 'ears were =+sti'ied. B+t p+ttin% down the vesse1 she carried. /hen she reached !icha3a's ho+se.F And she showed her hands. #he ta13ed it over and 'ina11 decided that !icha3a sho+1d be be%+i1ed to come a1one at ni%ht to a retired spot in the dancin% ha11 where he sho+1d 'ind waitin% 'or him Bhima dis%+ised as a woman. She pretended to be an%r and said sharp1 E FGo. She went that ni%ht to Bhima and wa3in% him +p. She said in a voice cho3ed with sobsE F4 cannot bear this an 1on%er. 4 care not what ma happen b+t 4 wi11 do as o+ sa . the commander>in>chie'. he dried her tears. born o' a 1ow caste@ /h do o+ ta3e to the wron% path@ /h do o+ approach me. instead o' Dra+padi. !icha3a renewed his hate'+1 attentions and vain%1orio+s1 said to Dra+padiE F& Sairandhri. 9ot that 4 mind hard wor3. b+t come and en=o 1i'e with me. She re=ected his pra ers and saidE F/h do o+. 6ina11 he 'o+nd his voice. devo+rin% her the whi1e with 1+st>reddened e es.andavas i' the were discovered premat+re1 . 4. wi11 3i11 o+ in their an%er. She '1ed to the co+rt wai1in% 1o+d1 . who have ti11 now served on1 o+ or $other !+nti. 7er deep distress made her 'or%et the dan%er that wo+1d be'a11 the . A'ter te11in% him how br+ta11 !icha3a had p+rs+ed and ins+1ted her. %ave vent to her a%oni?ed sense o' wron%. $ protectors. 4 have not minded it. 2ver one was a'raid o' the a11>power'+1 commander>in>chie' and no one was bo1d eno+%h to oppose him. 4 serve in a menia1 o''ice and even prepare sanda1 paste 'or Virata. 4 sha11 be o+r devoted servant. am the rea1 soverei%n. she wrenched herse1' 'ree and '1ed. a married 1ad @ )o+ wi11 perish. 4 can not send an one e1se.F /hen Dra+padi wo+1d not ie1d to his entreaties. see3 me. Dra+padi co+1d not bear the sorrow and an%er she 'e1t at the tho+%ht o' her he1p1essness +nder the into1erab1e ins+1t o''ered to her. be%an to pester her with +r%ent entreaties and so1icitations. whom 4 1ove and honor. !icha3a sei?ed her b the arm and p+11ed her abo+t. B+t Dra+padi warned Bhima not to be hast . the Gandharvas. b+t S+deshna did not 1isten. and said thic31 E F4 care not 'or the promise o' )+dhishthira or the advice o' Ar=+na. 9e0t mornin%. see m hands. 4 wi11 3i11 !icha3a and his %an% here and nowIF and he rose. . Did an one there come 'orward to he1p o+@ Virata is on1 3in% in name o' this $ats a co+ntr . b+t even more b his power and in'1+ence.Dra+padi hesitated to %o to the ho+se o' the in'at+ated !icha3a at that ho+r and be%%ed hard that someone e1se o' her man attendants mi%ht be sent. B+t now. Bhima respect'+11 carried her hands to his 'ace and e es. and speech1ess with sorrow and pit and 1ove. that wretch. which were crac3ed and stained with menia1 tas3s. with a11 ro a1 honors. !icha3a 'o11owed her and 3ic3ed her in the presence o' a11 with ab+sive words. )o+ m+st 3i11 this wretch at once. maddened with 1+st and wine. 4 have to serve these wretches. 9ow. into0icated not on1 with wine. 'ear'+1 ever moment o' some dis%race'+1 o+tra%e. 4 threw o+ down and 3ic3ed o+ in the presence o' the 3in%.

4 sha11 ie1d to o+r wish.Dra+padi pretended to ie1d and saidE F!icha3a. )o+r commander>in>chie'. B+t none o' o+r companions or brothers sho+1d 3now o' o+r re1ations. 'or at that time Bhima. 8ome there toni%ht. 4 can no 1on%er resist o+r so1icitations. . which had been red+ced to s+ch a shape1ess mass that it had no h+man semb1ance. made short wor3 o' him. b+t as 4 had warned him. 4n the ver dim 1i%ht.F And she showed them the corpse o' !icha3a. per'+med and dec3ed himse1'. #he str+%%1e between Bhima and !icha3a was 1i3e that between Va1i and S+%riva. !icha3a no do+bt thin3in% he had to do with one o' the Gandharva h+sbands. no do+bt Sairandhri. the Gandharvas. went to the dancin% ha11 and 'indin% with =o that the doors were open.F #here was on1 one month more to comp1ete the stip+1ated period o' 1ivin% inco%nito and Dra+padi be%%ed earnest1 to be permitted to sta =+st another month b when. he saw someone 1 in% there on a co+ch. !icha3a was no coward. 'or the Gandharvas %+ard her.F !icha3a de1i%hted1 a%reed to the condition and he promised to %o a1one to a p1ace o' assi%nation that ver ni%ht. #hat ni%ht. !icha3a too3 his bath. Dra+padi awo3e the %+ards o' the co+rt and said to themE F!icha3a came to mo1est me. MATSYA DEFENDED #72 'ate o' !icha3a made Dra+padi an ob=ect o' 'ear to the peop1e o' Virata.oo3 at him. so bea+ti'+1 that she capt+res a11 hearts. Grim1 the wrest1ed. F#his woman. and he was now 'i%htin% 'or dear 1i'e. 9one wi11 be in the dancin% ha11 at ni%ht. S+deshna to1d Dra+padiE F)o+ are. #hen he %ave the %1ad news o' !icha3a's p+nishment to Dra+padi and went in haste to his 3itchen. )o+ can have o+r wi11 o' me. 7e %roped his wa in the dar3. she said. b+t 3ind1 1eave o+r cit .F :e'1ectin% th+s. is as dan%ero+s as she is 1ove1 . a ver virt+o+s 1ad . who 'e11 a pre to 1+st. 4n the end Bhima 3i11ed !icha3a. r+bbed sanda1 paste over his bod and s1ept with satis'action. po+ndin% and 3neadin% his bod into a shape1ess 1+mp o' '1esh. her Gandharva h+sbands wo+1d have rea1ised their ob=ects and wo+1d be read to ta3e her awa with them. bathed. 4' o+ swear that o+ wi11 'aith'+11 3eep the secret 'rom others. and %ent1 1aid his hands on the person o' the s1eeper. She is a %reat dan%er to the peop1e o' the cit and the members o' the ro a1 ho+seho1d.F !icha3a reve1ed in happiness. 'or the Gandharvas ma stop at nothin% in their =ea1o+s an%er. %). be1ieve me. 4 have had eno+%h o' o+. Ba1arama and !icha3a were rep+ted to be in the same c1ass in stren%th and wrest1in% s3i11. the citi?ens went to S+deshna and pra ed to her to e0pe1 Dra+padi. 4t wo+1d be best to send her o+t o' the cit . 4 sha11 be waitin% 'or o+ there. m h+sbands. She saidE F#he women have their dancin% 1essons d+rin% da time in the dancin% ha11 and ret+rn to their own D+arters at ni%ht'a11. . #he were not i11 matched. %ent1 entered the p1ace. B+t s+rprised as he was. no do+bt. has been 3i11ed. A1asI 4t was not the so't 'orm o' Sairandhri that he to+ched b+t the iron 'rame o' Bhima who 1ept 'orth on him 1i3e a 1ion on its pre and h+r1ed him to the %ro+nd.

4 have heard that the are %reat 'i%hters. D+r odhana.andavas are in Virata's cit . 'or he s+re1 wo+1d have made short wor3 o' the raiders. the reported their 'ai1+re to D+r odhana and added that probab1 the . p1ease. #here were on1 two persons who co+1d 3i11 !icha3a. 4 sha11 p+t on armor and %o in a chariot and drive awa o+r enemies. D+r odhana a1so 'e1t that the 1ad who was the ca+se o' the 3i11in% mi%ht be Dra+padi. there is nothin% 1ost. #he +nanimo+s1 came to the decision that S+sarma sho+1d attac3 $ats a 'rom the so+th and draw o'' the arm o' Virata to the so+th 'or de'ence. A 'ierce 'i%ht ens+ed between the armies o' Virata and S+sarma. Bhima was abo+t to +proot a tree. when )+dhishthira commanded Bhima to attac3 S+sarma and re1ease Virata and ra11 the scattered $ats a 'orces. compe11in% him to %et down and 'i%ht on 'oot. be not worried. S+sarma attac3ed Virata and s+rro+nded his chariot. +nder his e0press orders. 4 am an e0pert in war'are. the wi11 have to %o to the 'orest a%ain 'or another twe1ve.andavas e0ceptin% Ar=+na went o+t with the arm o' Virata to oppose S+sarma and his men.andavas in a11 possib1e p1aces o' hidin%. S+sarma capt+red Virata and he1d him captive in his chariot. Fand !icha3a has %iven me a 1ot o' tro+b1e. he is one o' the 3in%s who are too sti''>nec3ed to co+rt o+r 'riendship. Give me 1eave to attac3 Virata now. the wi11 certain1 come o+t to 'i%ht with +s to repa Virata's hospita1it and we can easi1 spot them. and o+r stab1e herd #antripa1a ma a1so %et into chariots and he1p +s. . with the !a+rava arm . on the other hand. the spies o' D+r odhana. which wo+1d be re1ative1 +nde'ended. And so the s+spected that Bhima mi%ht have been the ven%e'+1 Gandharva who had 3i11ed !icha3a.F !arna seconded this proposition. the r+1er o' #ri%arta hearti1 s+pported him.andavas are not there. 7e e0pressed his do+bts in the open assemb1 . the .andavas had perished o' privations. and Bhima was one o' them. the Gandharvas co+1d be dead1 i' irritated and S+deshna was too a'raid o' Dra+padi to re'+se her reD+est. /hether %rate'+1 or not. At these words o' )+dhishthira. b+t )+dhishthira stopped him and saidE F9o s+ch tric3s. 4' the . 2ven tho+%h 4 am a hermit.F he said. 4'. ears. /hen he said so to !an3a Athe ass+med name b which )+dhishthira was 3nown in Virata's co+rtB the 1atter saidE F& 3in%. F#he 3in% o' $ats a is m enem . 9ow. A11 the . wo+1d then 1a+nch a s+rprise attac3 on Virata 'rom the northern side.F . 6i%ht 1i3e an bod e1se 'rom the chariot with o+r bows and arrows. Virata was on1 too wi11in% to accept the o''er.1ease instr+ct that o+r horse 3eeper Dharma%ranthi. the arm o' $ats a 1ost heart and be%an to scatter in a11 directions.F De1i%hted.F !in% S+sarma. !icha3a's death m+st have wea3ened Virata considerab1 . and no batt1e cr or o+r identit wi11 be revea1ed. #he chariots were read . #hen came the news that the power'+1 !icha3a had been 3i11ed in sin%1e combat b some Gandharva on acco+nt o' a woman. /ith the capt+re o' Virata. 4' we discover them there and we can s+re be'ore the stip+1ated time. 6rom the be%innin% o' the thirteenth ear. #he cowherds ran in %reat distress to Virata.#he Gandharvas wo+1d be ver %rate'+1 to !in% Virata and his 3in%dom. had searched 'or the .andavas are hidin% there. who now ver m+ch wished that !icha3a were a1ive. A'ter severa1 months o' '+ti1e search. S+sarma invaded $ats a 'rom the so+th sei?ed the catt1e and 1aid waste the %ardens and 'ie1ds on the wa . !ind1 %ive orders that the necessar chariots and the weapons ma be %iven to +s. 4t wo+1d be a %ood thin% to invade his co+ntr and carr awa his cows. with m+ch 1oss o' 1i'e on both sides. 7e saidE F4 s+spect that the . o+r chie' coo3 Va1a1a.

!in% Virata has %one so+th to 'i%ht a%ainst the #ri%arta. /hen the were th+s ma3in% preparations to receive 3in% Virata. it co+1d be seen that.F /hen the 1eader o' the cowherds made this comp1aint to <ttara in the presence o' the peop1e and especia11 o' the women o' the pa1ace. 1ine. . As soon as the news o' S+sarma's de'eat reached the cit . enve1oped in a c1o+d o' d+st that seemed to %o +p to the s3ies. #he dispersed 'orces o' $ats a ra11ied into new 'ormations char%ed and de'eated the arm o' S+sarma. he was an e0pert charioteer. #he prince is ea%er to 'i%ht them and is in need o' a charioteer.F /hen <ttara said these words Dra+padi was in the inner apartments and m+st have 1a+%hed within herse1'. And present1 the !a+rava arm was si%hted. the horses seemed to 1ove and obe him. #he cowherds have comp1ained to the o+n% that the !a+rava arm is advancin% on o+r cit 'rom the north and has capt+red catt1e ranches and cows on the o+ts3irts.ra . set o'' with enth+siasm 'rom the cit in his chariot with Brihanna1a as his charioteer and commanded the 1atter to drive D+ic31 to the p1ace where the !a+ravas had ro+nded +p the cows. /e11.Bhima accordin%1 %ot into the chariot attac3ed the enem . %6. F#he prince wi11 be victorio+s. /hen 4 was in the service o' the D+een o' the . at 'irst a %1eamin%. the son o' Virata. #he !a+rava arm marched in 'orce and ro+nded +p the co+nt1ess cows that were there. when he harnessed the horses. m 'eats o' arms wi11 be worth seein% and peop1e wi11 3now there is 1itt1e to choose between Ar=+na and m se1'.andavas. /i11in%1 . set Virata 'ree and capt+red S+sarma. and be%an despoi1in% the catt1e ranches on the o+ts3irts o' the cit . &rder Brihanna1a immediate1 to %o and drive the prince's chariot. )o+ are the 3in%'s son and we 1oo3 to o+ 'or protection. the bi% arm o' D+r odhana came down on them 'rom the north. as the chariot rapid1 bore the prince o+twards to batt1e. the !a+ravas are marchin% on.F Ar=+na as Brihanna1a pretended to be +n'ami1iar with armor and raised a 1a+%h at his aw3wardness in wearin% it. robbin% +s o' o+r cows. #he 1eader o' the cowherds ran to the cit and said to the prince <ttaraE F& prince. And when he he1d the reins. %reat dan%er has be 'a11en the co+ntr . PRINCE UTTARA <##A:A. /e are in consternation as there is no one to protect +s. the horses were p+t to their best speed. Ar=+na spent some time in s+ch '+n b+t. the prince 'e1t '1+shed with va1or and pro+d1 saidE F4' on1 4 can %et someone to be m charioteer 4 wi11 recover the cows sin%1e>handed. #he decorated the cit and went 'orth to we1come their victorio+s 3in% bac3 home. at 1east. . Sho+1d s+ch a sma11 thin% as that stand in the wa o' victor and %1or @ 4 te11 o+ that Brihanna1a has been Ar=+na's charioteer. /e sha11 despoi1 the enem o' their embroidered robes and distrib+te them to o+ as the pri?e o' victor F were the 1ast words o' Brihanna1a to the women o' the pa1ace. She ran to princess <ttara and saidE F& princess. #he women o' the pa1ace 1a+%hed at his 'ears and to1d him a%ain not to be a'raid 'or <ttara wo+1d 1oo3 a'ter him. 4 heard o' this 'act and 4 a1so 3now that Brihanna1a 1earnt archer 'rom Ar=+na. the peop1e were e0treme1 =+bi1ant. come and recover the cows 'or the honor o' o+r 'ami1 .

Goin% nearer, <ttara saw the %reat arm drew in batt1e b Bhishma, Drona, !ripa, D+r odhana and !arna. At that si%ht, his co+ra%e, which had been %rad+a11 dr in% +p d+rin% the rapid r+sh to the 'ie1d, was D+ite %one. 7is mo+th went dr and his hair stood on end. 7is 1imbs were a11 in a tremb1e. 7e sh+t his e es with both his hands to 3eep o+t the 'earsome si%ht. 7e saidEF7ow can 4, sin%1e>handed, attac3 an arm @ 4 have no troops, since the 3in%, m 'ather, has ta3en a11 avai1ab1e 'orces, 1eavin% the cit +nprotected. 4t is abs+rd to thin3 that one man can a1one 'i%ht a we11>eD+ipped arm , 1ed b wor1d>renowned warriorI &h Brihanna1a, t+rn bac3 the chariot.F Brihanna1a 1a+%hed and saidE F& prince, o+ started 'rom the cit , '+11 o' 'ierce determination and the 1adies e0pect %reat thin%s o' o+. #he citi?ens a1so have p+t their tr+st in o+. Sairandhri praised me and 4 have come at o+r reD+est. 4' we ret+rn witho+t recoverin% the cows, we sha11 become the 1a+%hin%>stoc3 o' a11. 4 wi11 not t+rn bac3 the chariot. ;et +s stand 'irm and 'i%ht. 7ave no 'ear.F /ith these words Brihanna1a be%an to drive the chariot towards the enem and the approached D+ite c1ose to them. <ttara's distress was pitiab1e. 7e said in a D+a3in% voiceE F4 cannot do it, 4 simp1 cannot. ;et the !a+ravas march o'' with the cows and i' the women 1a+%h, 1et them. 4 do not care. /hat sense is there in 'i%htin% peop1e who are immeas+rab1 stron%er than we 'i%ht@ Do not be a 'oo1I #+rn bac3 the chariot. &therwise, 4 sha11 =+mp o+t and wa13 bac3.F /ith these words <ttara cast o'' his bows and arrows, %ot down 'rom the chariot and be%an to '1 towards the cit , mad with panic. #his sho+1d not be ta3en as somethin% that has never happened in 1i'e. 9or is <ttara's panic d+rin% his 'irst batt1e, b an means, sin%+1ar. 6ear is a stron% instinctive 'ee1in%, tho+%h it can be overcome b wi11>power or stron% motives 1i3e 1ove, shame or hate, or more +s+a11 , b discip1ine. 2ven men who have a'terwards distin%+ished themse1ves b heroic deeds have con'essed to havin% 'e1t somethin% 1i3e panic 'ear, the 'irst time the came +nder 'ire. <ttara was b no means an e0ceptiona1 coward, 'or he 'o+%ht and 'e11 %a+nt1 at !+r+3shetra. Ar=+na p+rs+ed the r+nnin% prince, sho+tin% to him to stop and behave 1i3e a !shatri a. #he braided hair o' the charioteer be%an to dance and his c1othes be%an to wave as he ran in p+rs+it o' <ttara. #he prince '1ed hither and thither, tr in% to dod%e the hands that wo+1d stop him. #hose o' the !a+rava arm , who co+1d see this spectac1e, 'o+nd it am+sin%. Drona was p+??1ed at the si%ht o' Brihanna1a who, a1beit dressed 'antastica11 , seemed a man ri%%ed o+t as a woman and to remind him c+rio+s1 o' Ar=+na. /hen he remar3ed abo+t this, !arna saidE F7ow can this be Ar=+na@ /hat does it matter even i' he is@ /hat can Ar=+na a1one do a%ainst +s in the absence o' the other .andavas@ #he 3in% has 1e't his son a1one in the cit and %one with his who1e arm to 'i%ht a%ainst S+sarma. #he o+n% prince has bro+%ht the attendant o' the 1adies o' the pa1ace as his charioteer. #hat is a11.F .oor <ttara was imp1orin% Brihanna1a to 1et him %o, promisin% +nto1d wea1th i' he did so. 7e appea1ed to his pit E F4 am the on1 son o' m mother. 4 am a chi1d %rown +p on m mother's 1ap. 4 am '+11 o' 'ear.F B+t, Brihanna1a wanted to save him 'rom himse1', and wo+1d not 1et him %o. 7e p+rs+ed him, sei?ed him and dra%%ed him to the chariot b 'orce. <ttara be%an to sob and saidE F/hat a 'oo1 4 was to bra%I A1asI /hat wi11 happen to me@F

Ar=+na said 3ind1 , soothin% the prince's 'earsE FBe not a'raid. 4 sha11 'i%ht with the !a+ravas. 7e1p me b 1oo3in% a'ter the horses and drivin% the chariot, and 4 sha11 do the rest. Be1ieve me, no %ood ever came o' '1i%ht. /e wi11 ro+t the enem and recover o+r cows. )o+ wi11 have a11 the %1or .F /ith these words Ar=+na 1i'ted the prince on to the chariot and, p+ttin% the reins in his hands, as3ed him to drive towards a tree near the b+ria1 %ro+nd. Drona, who was watchin% a11 this intent1 , 3new that the 'antastica11 dressed charioteer was Ar=+na and shared his 3now1ed%e with Bhishma. D+r odhana t+rned to !arna and saidE F/h sho+1d we worr who he is@ 2ven i' he is Ar=+na, he wi11 be on1 p1a in% into o+r hands, 'or his bein% discovered wi11 send the .andavas to the 'orest 'or another twe1ve ears.F As soon as the came near the tree Brihanna1a bade the prince %et down, c1imb the tree and ta3e down the arms hidden there. #he prince said in a1arm and %rie'E F.eop1e sa that what han%s on this tree is the corpse o' an o1d h+ntress. 7ow can 4 to+ch a dead bod @ 7ow can o+ as3 me to do s+ch a thin%@F Ar=+na saidE F4t is not a corpse, prince. 4 3now that it contains the weapons o' the .andavas. 81imb +p the tree brave1 and brin% them down. Do not de1a .F Seein% that resistance was o' no avai1 <ttara c1imbed +p the tree as Brihanna1a had as3ed him to and too3, in %reat dis%+st, the ba% tied +p there and came down. /hen the 1eather ba% was opened, he saw weapons as bri%ht as the s+n. <ttara stood ama?ed at the si%ht o' the %1eamin% weapons and covered his e es. 7e m+stered co+ra%e and to+ched them. #he to+ch seemed to send a stream o' hope and hi%h co+ra%e into him. 7e as3ed with ardorE F& charioteer, what a wonderI )o+ sa that these bows, arrows and swords be1on% to the .andavas. #he have been deprived o' their 3in%dom and the have retired to the 'orest. Do o+ 3now them@ /here are the @F #hen Ar=+na to1d him brie'1 how the were a11 in Virata's co+rt. 7e saidE F!an3a, who serves the 3in%, is )+dhishthira. Va1a1a, the coo3 who prepares s+ch nice dishes 'or o+r 'ather, is none other than Bhima. Sairandhri, 'or ins+1tin% whom !icha3a was 3i11ed, is Dra+padi. Dharma%ranthi, who 1oo3s a'ter the horses and #antripa1a, the 3eeper o' the cows, are 9a3+1a and Sahadeva respective1 . 4 am Ar=+na. Be not a'raid. & prince, o+ wi11 soon see me de'eat the !a+ravas even in the si%ht o' Bhishma, Drona and Aswatthama and recover the cows. )o+ wi11 a1so %ain renown and it wi11 be a 1esson to o+.F #hen <ttara 'o1ded his hands and saidE F& Ar=+na, how 'ort+nate 4 am to see o+ with m own e esI So, Ar=+na is the victorio+s hero whose ver contact has p+t heart and co+ra%e into me. 6or%ive the wron%s 4 have done thro+%h i%norance.F As the approached the !a+rava host, Ar=+na reco+nted some o' his heroic deeds, so that <ttara mi%ht not 1ose %rip o' his new1 awa3ened co+ra%e. Arrivin% in 'ront o' the !a+ravas, he %ot down, pra ed to God, removed the conch>ban%1es 'rom his hands and p+t on 1eather %a+nt1ets. 7e then tied a c1oth on his '1owin% hair, stood 'acin% the east, meditated on his armor, %ot into the chariot and %1oried in the 'ami1iar 'ee1 o' his 'amo+s Gandiva bow. 7e strin%ed it and thrice twan%ed the strin% whose shri11 note raised an echo 'rom a11 sides. 7earin% the so+nd, the heroes o' the !a+rava arm said to one anotherE F#his s+re1 is Gandiva's voice.F /hen Ar=+na stood on the chariot in a11 his %od1i3e stat+re and b1ew his conch Devadatta, the !a+rava arm was a1armed and a 'ren?ied sho+t arose that the .andavas had come.

#he stor o' <ttara, who spo3e boast'+11 in the 1adies' bo+doirs and '1ed in panic at the si%ht o' the hosti1e arra , his not been introd+ced in the $ahabharata, mere1 as a comic inter1+de. 4t is in ordinar h+man nat+re to 1oo3 with contempt on 1ower 1eve1s o' cond+ct in abi1it . #he rich scorn the poor, the bea+ti'+1 scorn the p1ain, and the stron% scorn the wea3. Brave men despise cowards. B+t Ar=+na was no ordinar man. 7e was a %reat so+1 and a tr+e hero who 'e1t that his d+t as a stron%, brave man was to he1p others to rise above their wea3ness. !nowin% that nat+re had endowed him with co+ra%e and braver at birth, and that he owed them to no specia1 e0ertions on his part, he had the tr+e h+mi1it o' the rea11 %reat. And he did what he co+1d to p+t co+ra%e into <ttara and ma3e him worth o' his 1inea%e. #his was Ar=+na's characteristic nobi1it . 7e never ab+sed his stren%th and power. &ne o' his man names is Bibhats+, which means one who shran3 'rom doin% an +nworth act, and he 1ived +p to it. %7. PROMISE FU(FI((ED #72 chariot o' Ar=+na th+ndered on its wa , seemin% to sha3e the earth. #he hearts o' the !a+ravas D+a3ed when the heard the twan% o' the Gandiva bow. F&+r arm m+st be arra ed we11 and with care. Ar=+na, has come,F said Drona an0io+s1 . D+r odhana did not at a11 1i3e the honor Drona did Ar=+na b this an0iet . 7e said to !arnaE F#he .andavas' p1ed%e was that the wo+1d spend twe1ve ears in the 'orest and the 'o11owin% ear +ndiscovered. #he thirteenth ear has not ended et. Ar=+na has revea1ed himse1' be'ore the time. /h then sho+1d we %ive wa to 'ear@ #he .andavas wi11 have to %o a%ain to the 'orest 'or another twe1ve ears. Drona is s+''erin% 'rom the co1d 'eet o' the too 1earned. ;et +s 1eave him in the rear and advance to the batt1e.F !arna assented and saidE F&+r so1diers' heart is not in the 'i%ht and the are tremb1in% with 'ear. #he sa that the man, who stands so pro+d1 , bow in hand, on the chariot, speedin% towards +s, is Ar=+na. B+t wh need we 'ear even i' it were .aras+rama@ 4 wi11 m se1' stop the advancin% warrior and redeem m word to o+, and 'i%ht him, a e, even i' a11 the others stand bac3. #he ma drive awa the cows o' the $ats a 3in% whi1e, sin%1e handed, 4 sha11 %ive them cover, en%a%in% Ar=+na in batt1e,F and !arna, as +s+a1, be%an to b1ow his own tr+mpet. /hen !ripa heard these words o' !arna, he saidE F#his is p+re tom'oo1er . /e m+st a11 ma3e a combined attac3 on Ar=+na. #hat wo+1d be o+r one chance o' s+ccess. Do not there'ore, bra% abo+t o+r opposin% him a1one and +naided.F !arna %rew an%r . 7e saidE F#he achar a ever de1i%hts in sin%in% Ar=+na's praises and in ma%ni' in% his prowess. /hether he does so 'rom 'ear or e0cessive 'ondness 'or the .andavas, 4 do not 3now. #hose, who are a'raid, need not 'i%ht, b+t ma simp1 1oo3 on, whi1e others, who are tr+e to the sa1t the have eaten, en%a%e in batt1e. 4, 'or one, a mere so1dier who 1oves m 'riends and hates m enemies, wi11 stand here and 'i%ht. /hat b+siness have men 1earned in the Vedas, who 1ove and praise their enemies, %ot here@F said he sneerin%1 . Aswatthama, Drona's son and !ripa's nephew, co+1d not hear +nmoved this sneer at the venerab1e teachers. 7e said stern1 to !arnaE F/e have not et ta3en the 3in% bac3 to 7astinap+ra, and the batt1e is et to be won. )o+r bra% is id1e vain%1or . 4t ma be that we are not 3shatri as and that we be1on% to the c1ass that recites the Vedas and the sastras. B+t 4 have not been ab1e to 'ind in an sastra that it is honor ab1e 'or 3in%s to sei?e 3in%doms b cheatin% at dice. 2ven those, who 'i%ht and conD+er 3in%doms, do not crow too 1o+d1 abo+t it. And 4 cannot see what o+ have done to be pro+d o'. #he 'ire is si1ent and et coo3s the 'ood. #he s+n shines b+t not on him. ;i3ewise, $other earth s+stains a11 thin%s, movab1e and immovab1e, and s+pports her b+rden witho+t so m+ch as a whisper. /hat c1aim to praise has a 3shatri a who has +n1aw'+11 sei?ed another's 3in%dom at a %ame o'

dice@ #o have cheated the .andavas o' their 3in%dom is no more a matter o' %1or than to have spread traps 'or +ns+spectin% birds. & D+r odhana, & !arna, in what batt1e did o+r heroes de'eat the .andavas@ )o+ dra%%ed Dra+padi to the assemb1 . Are o+ pro+d o' it@ )o+ have destro ed the !a+rava race 1i3e an empt >headed c1od that 'e11s a bi% sanda1 tree 'or 1ove o' its 'ra%rance. A 'i%ht with Ar=+na, o+ wi11 'ind, is a ver di''erent thin% 'rom a throw o' the dice. #he Gandiva wi11 send 'orth sharp arrows and not 'o+rs and twos as in the %ame o' dice. Vain 'oo1s, do o+ thin3 that Sa3+ni can, b mere cheatin%, snea3 a victor in batt1e 'or o+@F #he 1eaders o' the !a+rava arm 1ost their patience and be%an a 1o+d word war'are. Seein% this, the %randsire was 'i11ed with sorrow and saidE F#he wise man does not ins+1t his teachers. &ne sho+1d en%a%e in batt1e on1 a'ter a care'+1 ca1c+1ation o' time, p1ace and circ+mstance. 2ven wise peop1e o'ten 1ose their ba1ance and %ood sense over their own a''airs. :+''1ed b an%er, even the +s+a11 so sensib1e D+r odhana 'ai1s to reco%nise that the warrior who stands bravin% o+r arm is Ar=+na. 7is inte11ect has been c1o+ded b an%er. & Aswatthama, pra do not mind !arna's o''ensive remar3s. )o+ m+st ta3e them as intended mere1 to p+t the preceptors on their best spirit and stin% them into action. #his is not the time to n+rse enmit or sow dissension. Drona, !ripa and Aswatthama sho+1d 'or%et and 'or%ive. /here can the !a+ravas 'ind in the who1e wor1d, heroes s+perior to Drona, the preceptor, and his son Aswatthama, who combine in themse1ves Vedic scho1arship and 3shatri a heroism@ /e 3now o' none other than .aras+rama who can eD+a1 Drona. /e can conD+er Ar=+na on1 i' we a11 =oin to%ether and 'i%ht him. ;et +s address o+rse1ves to the tas3 be'ore +s. 4' we D+arre1 amon%st o+rse1ves we cannot 'i%ht Ar=+na.F #h+s spo3e the %randsire. Soothed b his nob1e words, an%r 'ee1in%s s+bsided. Bhishma t+rned to D+r odhana and contin+edE FBest o' 3in%s, Ar=+na has come. #he stip+1ated period o' thirteen ears terminated esterda . )o+r ca1c+1ation is wron%, as men 1earned in the science o' p1anetar movements wi11 te11 o+. 4 3new that the period had ended when Ar=+na b1ew his conch. :e'1ect a 1itt1e be'ore decidin% on war. 4' o+ wish to ma3e peace with the .andavas, now is the time 'or it. /hat do o+ see3, a =+st and honorab1e peace or a m+t+a11 destr+ctive war@ .onder we11 and ma3e o+r choice.F D+r odhana rep1iedE F:evered sire, 4 have no wish 'or peace. 4 sha11 not %ive even a vi11a%e to the .andavas. ;et +s %et read 'or war.F #hen Drona saidE F;et prince D+r odhana ta3e awa a 'o+rth o' the arm to %+ard him and ret+rn to 7astinap+ra. ;et another s+rro+nd the cows and sei?e them. 4' we ret+rn witho+t sei?in% the cows it wo+1d amo+nt to an ac3now1ed%ment o' de'eat. /ith the rest o' the arm , the 'ive o' +s wi11 %ive batt1e to Ar=+na.F #he !a+rava 'orces ran%ed themse1ves accordin%1 in batt1e arra . Ar=+na saidE F& <ttara, 4 do not see D+r odhana's chariot or D+r odhana. 4 see Bhishma standin%, c1ad in armor. 4 thin3 D+r odhana is drivin% awa the cows to 7astinap+ra. ;et +s p+rs+e him and recover the cows.F /ith these words Ar=+na moved awa 'rom the !a+rava arm and went a'ter D+r odhana and the cows. And as he was %oin%, he respect '+11 %reeted his teachers and the o1d %randsire, b drawin% his Gandiva bow and sendin% arrows so as to 'a11 near their 'eet. :everent1 sa1+tin% them in this heroic 'ashion, he 1e't them and p+rs+ed D+r odhana. Ar=+na reached the p1ace where the cows were %athered and p+t to ro+t the mara+din% 'orces. 7e then t+rned to the cowherds and as3ed them to ta3e the cows to the barns, which the did with %reat re=oicin%. Ar=+na then p+rs+ed D+r odhana. Seein% this, Bhishma and the other !a+rava warriors r+shed to the resc+e and, s+rro+ndin% Ar=+na, sent 'orth arrows a%ainst him.

Ar=+na deposited the weapons as be'ore on the tree and dressed himse1' once more as Brihanna1a. /hosoever 'i%hts 'rom a chariot driven b her. /hen he reached his pa1ace. Seein% Drona standin% spent with 'ati%+e. t+rn bac3 the horses. adornin% o+r person with sanda1 paste and dec3ed with '1owers. &+r enemies have '1ed. Ar=+na saidE F& <ttara. Drona and others. 6+rther. which. /hen Aswatthama %rew wear . F$ dear1 1oved son m+st be dead b now. which %ave Ar=+na an opport+nit o' 1ettin% Drona withdraw 'rom the 'ie1d. there ens+ed a bitter str+%%1e between Aswatthama and Ar=+na. 7e then bade his ministers co11ect and send as stron% a 'orce as co+1d be %ot to%ether 'or resc+in% <ttara i' he was sti11 a1ive and brin% him bac3. he saw that <ttara was not there and the women'o13 to1d him with m+ch e1ation that <ttara had set o+t to conD+er the !a+ravas. D+r odhana was de'eated and '1ed 'rom the batt1e'ie1d. B+t !ripa a1so s+stained de'eat and the who1e arm was ro+ted and '1ed in 'ear. he made at !arna and drove him 'rom the batt1e'ie1d. there was no 'i%ht 1e't in them. #ho+%h ra11ied and bro+%ht bac3 to the attac3 b Bhishma. the %ods themse1ves came to see. Aswatthama =oined in the 'i%ht and attac3ed Ar=+na. B+t the 3in%'s heart san3 within him at the news. #he who1e arm ret+rned to 7astinap+ra a'ter this h+mi1iatin% de'eat. !ripa re1ieved him and maintained the attac3 a%ainst Ar=+na. 6ina11 . b+t not 'ar. /hen D+r odhana came. Ar=+na 'o+%ht and 'ina11 . F4 do. he attac3ed and de'eated Drona. VIRATA'S DE(USION A6#2: de'eatin% S+sarma. Sco+ts a1so were immediate1 despatched to 'ind o+t <ttara's whereabo+ts and 'ate. the 1e't the 'ie1d. 6irst. beca+se. can be s+re o' victor . Dharmap+tra. now dis%+ised as the san asin !an3a. #he sei?+re o' the c1othes o' the enem was the si%n o' decisive victor in those da s. 'or he 3new the impossib1e tas3 which the de1icate1 n+rt+red prince had ta3en on himse1' with no better 'o11owin% than a e+n+ch. A'ter that. Bhishma and others s+rro+nded and protected him.Ar=+na carried on a wonder'+1 'i%ht. F)o+ do not 3now abo+t her. a'ter a %1orio+s 'i%ht between Bhishma and Ar=+na. the news o' S+sarma's de'eat m+st have reached there and the !a+ravas m+st have retreated. . #he attempt to head o'' Ar=+naKs p+rs+it o' D+r odhana th+s 'ai1ed and soon Ar=+na came +p with D+r odhana and stron%1 attac3ed him. 7e sent messen%ers in advance to proc1aim in the cit that <ttara had won a %1orio+s victor . 3in% o' #ri%arta. #hen. /hi1e the were in that condition he snatched awa their %arments. tried to com'ort Virata b ass+rin% him that the prince co+1d come to no harm.F $eanwhi1e co+rtiers arrived 'rom the 'ie1d o' batt1e with the %1ad news that <ttara had de'eated the !a+rava 'orces and recovered the 3ine. since Brihanna1a had %one as his charioteer. overwhe1med with an%+ish. & prince.F &n the wa bac3. when Ar=+na ta+nted him with cowardice. Virata ret+rned to his capita1 amidst the acc1amations o' the citi?ens. ret+rn to o+r 3in%dom. %8.F said he. Bhishma sent him bac3 to the cit . &+r cows have been re%ained. he emp1o ed a ma%ic weapon that made them a11 'a11 down +nconscio+s on the batt1e'ie1d. #he had not a do+bt that their hand some prince co+1d conD+er the who1e wor1d. he t+rned ro+nd 1i3e a serpent and res+med the 'i%ht. it is said.F he cried.

ret+rnin% in tri+mph. . )+dhishthira was h+rt and b1ood '1owed down his 'ace. s+ccess was certain. #hat was wh 4 co11ected the b1ood in this c+p. F#he prince's is the rea1 victor . 7e made 1ar%e %i'ts o' precio+s stones and other wea1th to the messen%ers who bro+%ht the %ood news and ordered p+b1ic specia1 pra ers o' than3s%ivin% be o''ered at a11 p1aces o' worship.F 9ow. 7e has p+t the 'amed !a+rava warriors to '1i%ht.F 7e did this to prevent a catastrophe. who was sti11 in a passion. o+ e0patiate on the charioteerin% s3i11 o' the e+n+ch. 4 'ear o+ do not 3now !an3a's %reatness. #he prince is waitin% 'or an a+dience with the 3in%. m 1ion> hearted bo . wiped the b1ood with the ed%e o' her %arment and sD+ee?ed it into a %o1den c+p. <ttara entered and paid d+e homa%e to his ro a1 'ather. is s+re o' s+ccess in an +nderta3in%. /hen Brihanna1a went o+t as charioteer.F $eanwhi1e the %ate3eeper anno+ncedE F<ttara and Brihanna1a have arrived. how co+1d he have sec+red Brihanna1a to drive his chariot@F Virata was an%r at this persistent %1ori'ication o' Brihanna1a at the e0penses o' <ttara. FA San asin's b1ood ma not be sp1it on the a11 the principa1 streets are decorated with '1a%s and the citi?enKs %o in procession to strains o' tri+mpha1 m+sic.F he proc1aimed.F And )+dhishthira whispered to the sentr E F. F/h a11 this '+ss@ /hat are o+ co11ectin% the b1ood into a c+p 'or@F demanded the an%r 3in%. even to the 'ond 'ather. /hen the 3in% retired to his private apartments. 'or he 3new Ar=+na wo+1d be +nab1e to contro1 his an%er when he saw the in=+r on his brother's 'ace. .F rep1ied Sairandhri. & 3in%. this perverse '1o+tin% co+1d not be borne. and whoever is in it. he as3ed Sairandhri to brin% the dice. 'or now he 3new that !an3a was the %reat )+dhishthira. F$ s+ccess over S+sarma is nothin%.F and sat down to a %ame with )+dhishthira. a%ain and a%ain babb1e abo+t the e+n+ch@F he cried. Said heE F7ave no do+bts.F Virata %ot +p e0cited1 and saidE FAs3 him in. and Virata in a passion '1+n% the dice at )+dhishthira's 'ace and 'o11owed this +p with a b1ow on )+dhishthira's chee3. F#he rains wi11 'ai1 in o+r 1and 'or as man ears as there are drops in the b1ood that is sp1it on the earth.F F)es. b+t he was too happ to resent it. 7e co+1d not bear to see Dharmap+tra h+rt b an one e0cept in 'air batt1e. F/hi1e 4 am ta13in% abo+t m son's victor . the 3in% was '+11 o' his son's %reatness and prowess. 7e said to !an3aE F4 cannot contain m =o . 8ome. 4 happen to 3now that even 4ndra's charioteer or !rishna's cannot eD+a1 Brihanna1a. and maidens to we1come his son. $a3e a11 arran%ements to receive. witho+t the best o' %ood 'ort+ne. Brihanna1a is no ordinar person. Brihanna1a sho+1d sta behind. so1diers. #here is nothin% e0traordinar in o+r son's victor .F #he 3in%'s an%er on1 increased when !an3a remonstratedE F4 3now what 4 am ta13in% abo+t. as i' that were o' an si%ni'icance.#his seemed too %ood to be tr+e. #he chariot she drives can never see de'eat. /hen he t+rned to do obeisance to !an3a be was horri'ied to see his b1eedin% 'ace. 1et +s p1a .F #his seemed abs+rd to Virata. b+t )+dhishthira smi1in%1 reass+red <ttara come a1one. Sairandhri who was nearb .F rep1ied )+dhishthira with a smi1e. /hat the messen%ers sa m+st be tr+e. Bh+min=a a. no matter how di''ic+1t. F/h do o+. as3 him in. FSee the %1or o' m son. . F)o+r son is indeed 'ort+nate 'or. #he ta13ed whi1e the p1a ed and nat+ra11 . in a be'ittin% manner.F Virata sent o+t ministers. & 3in%.

this +n1+c3 brahmana e0to11ed o+r charioteer. &n seein% !an3a san asin and the coo3 and the others seated in p1aces reserved 'or princess and the nobi1it the 3in% 1ost his temper and %ave 1o+d vent to his disp1eas+re. o+ have to %o bac3 to the woods a%ain.F rep1ied the prince. 7e embraced !an3a in e0+berant %ratit+de and made a 'orma1 s+rrender o' his 3in%dom and his a11 to him. 2ach time 4 mentioned o+. the e+n+ch.F he said.F 7e. envo s arrived 'rom the wic3ed and treachero+s D+r odhana with a messa%e 'or )+dhishthira. 'ather.F& 3in%. Fb+t 4 thin3 he wi11 come a%ain either toda or tomorrow. Virata was beside himse1' with =o to thin3 that it was the . to whom a11 this was ine0p1icab1e. b+t it is not worth ta13in% abo+t. Virata saidE F$ bo . B+t Ar=+na saidE F9o. in marria%e to him. 7e 1et himse1' be reco%nised be'ore the end o' the thirteenth ear and so.F he cried. Brihanna1a. !an3a. F4 m+st see and than3 the hero who resc+ed m son and beat bac3 m 'oes. a%reed to accept her 'or his son Abhiman +. Virata entered the co+rt. <ttara. and 4 am sorr 4 str+c3 him. Some e0p1ained the cond+ct b sa in% that. am in the position o' 'ather to her. F4 conD+ered no arm .andava princes and . and %ave the victor to him. arrived a1so and enterin% the ha11. FA1asI )o+ have done %reat wron%.ancha1i who had been ministerin% to him a11 these da s in dis%+ise. the . 4. Fwho was it that ca+sed h+rt to this %reat one@F Virata 1oo3ed at his son and saidE F/h a11 this '+ss abo+t it@ 4 str+c3 him 'or +ntime1 and envio+s be1itt1in% o' o+ when 4 was in an ocean o' de1i%ht at the news o' o+r %1orio+s victor . 4t was too si11 rea11 . Virata a1so insisted that he sho+1d %ive his da+%hter in marria%e to Ar=+na. A11 that was the wor3 o' a %od prince. o' co+rse immediate1 receivin% them bac3 with than3s. Fand resc+ed no cows. FD+r odhana 'ee1s ver sorr that owin% to the hast action o' Dhanan=a a.F . 'or the princess 1earnt dancin% and m+sic 'rom me. these h+mb1er 'o13 had rendered inva1+ab1e service at a critica1 time and rea11 deserved reco%nition. $eanwhi1e. #herea'ter. F/here is that %od prince@F he as3ed. 4 wi11 %ive m da+%hter. o+ have to dwe11 in the 'orest 'or another twe1ve ears. to the s+rprise o' ever one. sat amon% the princes +nbid.F F7e has disappeared 'or the time bein%. as her teacher. p+t the !a+rava so1diers to '1i%ht and bro+%ht the herd bac3. 6a11 at his 'eet ri%ht now. #antripa1a and Dharma%ranthi.andavas disc1osed their identit to the ama?ement o' a11 present.F the said.F Virata. a'ter a11. a11 the 1eadin% citi?ens had %athered to ce1ebrate the 3in%'s victor and the prince's. F& son o' !+nti. 4 am in a 'ever o' impatience to hear a11 abo+t it. /hen the 'e1t the had eno+%h '+n. in accordance with o+r +nderta3in%. 7ow did o+ de'eat the !a+rava arm @ 7ow did o+ recover the 3ine@F <ttara h+n% his head down. 4 did nothin%. o+ are tr+1 a hero.F <ttara was overwhe1med with 'ear. embracin% his son and ma3in% him sit.F <ttara spo3e th+s beca+se Ar=+na was indeed a prince o' the %ods and had a1so 'or the time bein% disappeared in Brihanna1a. and pra 'or'or%iveness or we wi11 be destro ed. 7e too3 +p o+r ca+se. 4n Virata's ha11 o' assemb1 . resc+ed me 'rom destr+ction.F #he 3in% co+1d hard1 be1ieve his ears. who were responsib1e 'or the victories. B+t <ttara was so an0io+s and import+nate that he ie1ded and bowed to )+dhishthira as3in% 'or pardon. stood with a p+??1ed 'rown not 3nowin% what to do. Go and 'etch him in. that wo+1d not be proper. root and branch. however. Va1a1a the coo3.

andavas went 'orth to receive 5anardana. F)o+ have =+st heard !rishna. #he !asi prince and Saib a r+1er arrived with their 'orces.andavas in the 'orest. ret+rn D+ic31 to D+r odhana and te11 him to ma3e '+rther inD+ir . whi1e Ba1arama and Sat a3i were seated beside Dr+pada. /e do not 3now what D+r odhana has in his mind. which wi11 be in consonance with dharma and contrib+te to the %1or and we1'are o' both . we11 attached to the .rinces. the sent emissaries to s+mmon their 'riends and re1atives.and+ have patient1 borne their tro+b1e in redemption o' their p1ed%ed word. 7e cannot now comp1ain b+t can on1 s+pp1icate 'or his ri%hts. #here were man other princes %athered at <pap1av a. 9o 1on%er ob1i%ed to be in dis%+ise. &n1 then wi11 there be happiness and peace in the 1and. . Drona and Vid+ra. 6or. !ripa and Aswatthama and even o' !arna and Sa3+ni i' possib1e. was there too with three divisions. 6rom Dwara3a came Ba1arama and !rishna with Ar=+naKs wi'e S+bhadra. Devise a =+st and honorab1e sett1ement. As the b+st1e died down. Someone has to %o to conve to D+r odhana )+dhishthira's wish 'or a peace'+1 sett1ement and brin% an answer 'rom him.andavas and !a+ravas.andavas and sett1ed open1 in <pap1av a. in spite o' ever di''ic+1t .o+d and 1on% was the b1are o' tr+mpet>conchs as the $ats a prince and the . 4 endorse it as %ood 'or both D+r odhana and Dharmap+tra. Dharmap+tra. with '+11 3now1ed%e o' conseD+ences. re=oined them with their chariots at <pap1av a. another p1ace in $ats a territor .onder we11 and co+nse1 a co+rse. the sons o' . and her son. the 1e't Virata's capita1 as .F said !rishna to the h+shed assemb1 . the !a+ravas and 'or a11 concerned.andavas had to remain +ndiscovered came to an end. who had at the be%innin% o' the precedin% ear 1e't the . Fthe stor o' the %reat deceit how )+dhishthira was cheated at the %ame board and deprived o' his 3in%dom and e0i1ed with his brothers and Dra+padi to the 'orest. Dhritarashtra. Abhiman + and accompanied b man )adava warriors. Dharmap+tra desires nothin% that he cannot =+st1 c1aim. 4 desire o+ to approach .Dharmap+tra 1a+%hed and saidE F$essen%ers. 4' !+nti's sons can %et bac3 their 3in%dom b a peace'+1 sett1ement. 6or thirteen ears. #he venerab1e Bhishma and others 1earned in the stars wi11 no do+bt te11 him that '+11 thirteen ears had been comp1eted be'ore o+r 'orces heard a%ain the twan% o' Dhanan=a a's bow and '1ed in 'ear. Dr+pada. a11 e es were t+rned on !rishna. A 'it envo wo+1d be one who is not a warmon%er b+t is dead set. Abhiman +'s marria%e to princess <ttara was so1emni?ed accordin% to Vedic rites be'ore that i11+strio+s %atherin% o' 'riend1 heroes. F#he so1+tion he propo+nds is wise and =+st.andavas.andavas. #he weddin% ce1ebrations over. . 6rom there. the . sta3ed his 3in%dom and 1ost it. F)o+ a11 3now. 4n %ivin% o+r co+nse1.F %9. who now rose to spea3. . #he envo sho+1d %et the cooperation o' Bhishma. 4 'ee1 we sho+1d send an ab1e and +pri%ht emissar to him to pers+ade him to a peace'+1 sett1ement b the restoration o' ha1' the 3in%dom to )+dhishthira. 6+11 aware that he was no match 'or the adept Sa3+ni. bear in mind the 'ra+d and meanness o' the !a+ravas as we11 as the honorab1e ma%nanimit o' the . 7e sho+1d be one who. !rishna sat ne0t to )+dhishthira and Virata. 7e wishes nothin% b+t %ood even to the sons o' Dhritarashtra who deceived him and did him %rievo+s wron%. nothin% co+1d be better 'or them.F he said.ancha1a prince.F Ba1arama then rose to address the %atherin%. the met in conc1ave in Virata's ha11 o' assemb1 . he et p1a ed a%ainst him. brin%in% with him Si3handin and Dra+padi's sons and her brother Dhrishtad +mna. on achievin% a peace'+1 sett1ement. obstinate1 disre%ardin% the reasonin% o' 'riends. TAKING COUNSE( #72 thirteenth ear d+rin% which the . a man who has the wei%ht and the abi1it to brin% abo+t peace and %ood +nderstandin%. on no acco+nt. and sec+re s+pport 'or !+nti's sons. 4ndrasena and man others 1i3e him. wo+1d %ive wa to an%er.

/h sho+1d he bow and s+pp1icate be'ore D+r odhana.andavas their persona1 'reedom and not their 3in%dom. the need not serve another term o' e0i1e in the 'orest. the son o' Vas+devaB rose and addressin% Dr+pada. 4' D+r odhana desires war. 7e has 3ept his word and so have his brothers twe1ve ears in e0i1e in the 'orest and twe1ve months there a'ter in dis%+ise accordin% to their p1ed%e. 9ot o' his own vo1ition b+t beca+se the !a+ravas pressed and invited him to do so. send a s+itab1e envo to Dhritarashtra.F Dr+pada's heart was %1addened b Sat a3i's reso1+te words. D+r odhana and his associates. #he '+1'i1ment o' the conditions o' e0i1e co+1d on1 %ive the . ma3e o+t a p1a+sib1e p1ea 'or an case. . 4 sha11 de'eat these imp+dent vi11ains in batt1e and the sha11 either see3 )+dhishthira's pardon or meet their doom. which 'i11s me with dis%+st. co+1d not contain himse1'. D+estion the per'ormance. And i' o+ %rant what cannot be do+bted that the !a+ravas cheated )+dhishthira o' his share o' the +s contin+e o+r preparations 'or war and 1et o+r 'riends be warned witho+t 1oss o' time to brin% +p their 'orces. 5a atsena and !e3a a. Send word instant1 to Sa1 a. Sat a3i. 4 m+st protest a%ainst Ba1arama's stand. Vas+deva A!rishna. that is to sa . o' co+rse. 4nstr+ct him we11 as to what he sho+1d sa to D+r odhana and how he sho+1d conve the messa%e to Bhishma. does so in coward1 'ear o' D+r odhana. Dharmap+tra co+1d on1 s+pp1icate 'or the ret+rn o' what he had 1ost and not c1aim it as o' ri%ht. not 'or an so+nd reason. 7ow can a ri%hteo+s war be wron% in an case@ #here is no sin in s1a in% enemies who ta3e +p arms and 'i%ht. who cond+cts the re1i%io+s ceremonies in m co+rt. . 'or%ive m harsh speech. Dhrishta3et+. and entit1ed to . he can have it and we sha11 be D+ite read 'or it. Great are o+ amon% the princes o' the 1and. &ne can. Do we not see in one and the same tree. &n1 that which accr+es in peace is worth whi1e. one branch bowed with 'r+it and another stic3in% o+t %a+nt and +se1ess@ So. saidE F/hat o+ s+%%est is practicab1e and a1so con'orms to the 3in%1 code. #o s+pp1icate be'ore the enem . Dhritarashtra and Dronachar there be no de1a and 1et +s %et on with the preparations.F /hen Dr+pada conc1+ded. o' these brothers. Ba1arama did not re1ish an armed con'1ict amon% scions o' the same 'ami1 and ri%ht1 he1d that war wo+1d 1ead on1 to +s avoid an armed con'1ict b a11 the means in o+r power. And et. /e came here 'or princess <ttara's weddin% and wi11 ret+rn now to o+r cit .D+r odhana tact'+11 and ma3e peace with him. & princes. a11owin% them to 3eep it is as +n=+st as con'irmin% a thie' in the possession o' his boot I An one.F Ba1arama's position was that )+dhishthira 3new what he was doin% when he %amb1ed awa his 3in%dom and co+1d not now c1aim it as o' ri%ht.andavas with eD+a1 ties o' a''ection. is to inc+r dis%race. now that he has '+1'i11ed his p1ed%es@ )+dhishthira is not a mendicant and need not be%. with con'idence. i' s3i1'+1 eno+%h. !rishna spea3s words that breathe the spirit o' dharma whi1e Ba1arama's attit+de is +nworth . the )adava warrior. . a1i3e in a%e and wisdom. wh then. who 'inds 'a+1t with Dharmap+tra. 7e rose in an%er and spo3e indi%nant1 E FBa1arama's words do not stri3e me as in the 1east de%ree =+st. So't words wi11 not brin% D+r odhana ro+nd to reason. can be sent to 7astinap+ra. /e m+st. &+t o' war. did the novice and +nwi11in% Dharmap+tra p1a with a dishonest %amb1er that %ame so 'ra+%ht with disaster. #he poet p+ts an eterna1 tr+th in Ba1arama's mo+th. b+t not a11 the s3i11 in the wor1d can convert wron% into ri%ht or in=+stice into =+stice. D+r odhana is not %oin% to part with territor witho+t a war and it wo+1d be 'o11 to waste time. Ba1adeva and 4 are bo+nd to the !a+ravas and the . nothin% b+t wron% can iss+e. 7e rose and saidE FSat a3i is ri%ht and 4 s+pport him. #he 1earned brahmana. most shame1ess1 and dishonest1 . B+t it %ave them no ri%ht to the ret+rn o' their 3in%dom. who heard Ba1arama spea3 th+s.

D+r odhana too did not remain id1e. #he a1so be%an preparin% 'or the comin% con'1ict and sent word to their 'riends to %et their contin%ents read 'or war. immediate1 on the brea3down o' those ta13s.earnin% that Vas+deva A!rishnaB was bac3 in his home cit .ear1 7arbor destro in% their nava1 'orces there.F #he con'erence ended and !rishna 1e't 'or Dwara3a with his peop1e. too3 them +nawares and attac3ed . so m+ch the better. which wi11 be time %ained 'or the comp1etion o' the . wea3 3in%.F 4n December 1. 4t is there'ore on1 ri%ht that o+ sho+1d instr+ct the brahmana envo on his mission o' peace. m 'riends. Ar=+na and D+r odhana co+1d %o into his bedroom. 4' he 'ai1s to pers+ade D+r odhana o+t o' his error. to the princes 1i3e1 to 'avor their ca+se to co11ect their 'orces and ho1d themse1ves in readiness 'or war. #he two o' them. even in the o1d da s. $essen%ers went 'orth to a11 the 'riend1 princes who %ot b+s and mobi1ised their respective armies.andavas.advise +s a11. Show the o1d. the path o' dharma and wisdom. with +nremittin% vi%or.F sa s the poet. !rishna was 'ast as1eep. Go to him as the emissar o' the . Ar=+na and D+r odhana. it wi11 be some time be'ore those di''erences are smoothed o+t. #here is nothin% new +nder the s+nI )!. Dr+pada ca11ed in his brahmana and said to himE F)o+ 3now D+r odhana's bent o' mind as we11 as the D+a1ities o' the . D+r odhana and his brothers were not id1e. Dr+pada's instr+ction to the brahmana wo+1d show that this was no new techniD+e.andavas' standpoint.andavas sent word. As 1on% as o+ are in D+r odhana's capita1 ta13in% o' peace. mi1itar preparations were made in m+ch the same wa as in o+r times. AR*UNA'S CHARIOTEER 7AV49G sent Dr+pada's brahmana to 7astinap+ra on the peace mission. o+ are ab1e to come bac3 with %ood terms o' peace. the same method was 'o11owed o' carr in% on ne%otiations and even sincere1 wor3in% 'or peace. Sti11. #he earth shoo3 beneath the heav tramp o' marchin% 1e%ions. at the same time. . 7avin% +nderstood thro+%h his spies the t+rn events were ta3in%. the 5apanese were carr in% on ne%otiations with the Americans and. And. #he . )o+ wi11 'ind in Vid+ra a %reat a11 in this tas3. and send word to +s.andavas. in hi%h esteem 1i3e Drona and !ripa. And that. to send one on a peace mission wi11 be advanta%eo+s to +s. $eanwhi1e. Drona and !ripa as we11 as amon% the war1ords. seated himse1' on a decorated throne>chair at the head o' the bed. their preparations 'or war wi11 receive a set>bac3 which is a11 to the %ood 'rom the . th+s reached Dwara3a on the same da .andavas with the connivance o' their 'ather Dhritarashtra who wo+1d not 1isten to the sa%e advice o' Vid+ra. 'or o+tbrea3 o' war and carr in% on peace ta13s with the ob=ect o' creatin% dissension in the enem 's ran3s. Dhritarashtra too ho1ds o+.andavas and their a11ies went on with their preparations. 4t wo+1d appear that even in o1den da s. as 'ast as his swi'test horses co+1d ta3e him. who is mis1ed b his son. #he !a+ravas deceived the . Ar=+na went himse1'. who went in 'irst. 4'. D+r odhana. prepare 'or the inevitab1e con'1ict.41. . #here the both waited 'or !rishna to wa3e +p. 4 do not e0pect D+r odhana wi11 a%ree to a peace'+1 sett1ement. F#he constant rapid =o+rne in% bac3 and 'orth o' princes ca+sed a %reat stir ever where. he sped towards Dwara3a in his chariot. )o+r mission ma 1ead to di''erences o' opinion amon% the e1der statesmen s+ch as Bhishma. b+t sim+1taneo+s1 preparin%.andavas war preparations. 9ews o' these preparations on both sides soon spread thro+%h o+t the 1and. i' this happens. whi1e Ar=+na 3ept standin% at its 'oot with arms 'o1ded in respect'+1 post+re. the . b a mirac1e. #o Dwara3a. his bo hood 'riends. Beca+se the were his c1ose re1atives.

or wo+1d o+ pre'er the prowess o' the 9ara ana@ 20ercise the ri%ht to the 'irst choice which c+stom %ives o+ as the o+n%er man. bear o+rse1' in accordance with the !shatri a code. D+r odhana went to Ba1adeva and to1d him the stor . the traditiona1 +sa%e is to be%in with the =+nior>most amon% the recipients. #+rnin% then to D+r odhana. &'ten have 4 to1d !rishna that we have eD+a1 ties with the !a+ravas and the . and 4 individ+a11 on the other. D+r odhana. tho+%h o+ ma wie1d no weapon. So.F 'or he was p1eased with Ar=+na's decision. 4 have desired this 'or 1on% and o+ have toda '+1'i11ed m wish.artha's charioteer. #radition has it that he who came 'irst sho+1d be shown pre'erence.artha and 4 cannot s+pport o+ a%ainst !rishna. 7e %1ad1 chose the he1p o' Vas+devas arm and his reD+est was %ranted.F FDhanan=a a. the wi11 be on one side.1eased with the acD+isition o' a mi%ht 'orce. are m eD+a1s in batt1e and constit+te a host. 5anardana. wh did o+ choose th+s +nwise1 . )o+ cannot sa that either o' +s is nearer to o+ than the other.andavas. thin3 it over we11. .F Vas+deva smi1ed a%ain and prono+nced this benedictionE FAre o+ tr in% to compete with me@ $a o+ s+cceed. /e11. /o+1d o+ want me. he we1comed him too and as3ed them what bro+%ht them both to Dwara3a.artha. 4 wi11 not he1p . F4t 1oo3s.F Scarce1 had !rishna 'inished when Ar=+na said with reverence and witho+t hesitationE F4 wo+1d be content i' o+ are with +s. Ar=+na answeredE F$ ambition is to achieve %1or even 1i3e o+rs. ./hen $ahadeva wo3e +p. o+ come o' an i11+strio+s 1ine. F. )o+ have the power and prowess to 'ace a11 the princes o' the 1and and their hordes in batt1e sin%1e>handed. even in this respect.F said he.F #+rnin% to Ar=+na he said. then. #his is the sacred stor o' how !rishna became . which is respected b a11 the princes o' the 1and. when the were a1one. B+t 4 sha11 wie1d no weapon and ta3e no part in act+a1 'i%htin%. 4 am he1p1ess. the mi%ht Ba1arama saidE FD+r odhana.F #o which . 1ar%e and a1most invincib1e.+r+shottama A!rishnaB answeredE FSon o' Dhritarashtra. As he 'inished spea3in%. 4' o+ were the 'irst arriva1. pre'errin% me a1one and +narmed to m '+11 eD+ipped and heroic 'orces@F as3ed !rishna o' Ar=+na with a smi1e. 4n m distrib+tion o' assistance. 4 p1eaded o+r case and +r%ed ever thin% that co+1d be said 'or o+. D+r odhana was the 'irst to spea3. Vas+deva has been 1e't witho+t an arm . 4 desire that 4 sho+1d win the batt1e with o+ drivin% m chariot +narmed. 4n distrib+tin% 'avors. 4 wo+1d. 4 too 'ee1 4 can do it. B+t m words 'ai1ed to carr conviction to him. 4t is impossib1e 'or me to side with one whom !rishna opposes. o+r c1aims on me are eD+a1 and 4 am there'ore bo+nd to render assistance to both sides. D+r odhana ret+rned to 7astinap+ra in hi%h spirits sa in% to himse1'E FAr=+na has made a 'oo1 o' himse1'. it ma be that o+ came here 'irst. /e both c1aim eD+a11 c1ose re1ationship with o+. o''er the choice to Ar=+na 'irst.F said he. o+ m+st s+pport me. Fas tho+%h war wo+1d brea3 o+t between +s soon. m tribesmen. his e es 'e11 on Ar=+na who stood in 'ront o' him and he %ave him warm we1come. 4' it does. i' it m+st be war. 8on'irm with o+r cond+ct the traditiona1 dharma and remember that it was 4 who came 'irst. a1one and weapon1ess. So. 4 came here be'ore Ar=+na. the m+st have to1d o+ a11 4 said at the time o' the marria%e o' Virata's da+%hter. Ar=+na and 4 are eD+a11 be1oved o' o+.F D+r odhana co+1d hard1 contain himse1' 'or =o at what he tho+%ht was Ar=+na's imbeci1e choice. there'ore. b+t it was !+nti's son that 4 saw immediate1 on wa3in% +p. o+ are the %reatest amon% the %reatC so it is inc+mbent on o+ to set an e0amp1e to others. #he 9ara ana. it was Ar=+na who 'irst ca+%ht m e e. #he %reat arm o' Dwara3a wi11 'i%ht on m side and Ba1arama's %ood wishes too are with me.

7e co11ected a ver bi% arm and set o'' towards that cit to =oin the . . Sa1 a was e0ceedin%1 p1eased with the attentions paid to him b+t ass+med that his nephew. he e0c1aimed. 4t is necessar to brin% home the 'act that even wise. the earth sha3in% beneath their heav strides. Great1 moved. )+dhishthira. and brin% me his consent.andavas. Sa1 a's arm was so 1ar%e that where it ha1ted 'or rest. D+r odhana instr+cted his o''icers to provide him and his %reat arm with a11 'aci1ities and treat them to s+mpt+o+s hospita1it . at which Sa1 a and his men were treated to wondro+s hospita1it . who was a11 the time movin% +nobserved with the part waitin% on Sa1 a and his so1diers. this. a1tho+%h ever see3in% to insti1 Dharma. not in con'ormit with Dharma. seems condoned. severa1 bea+ti'+11 decorated rest ho+ses were erected at severa1 p1aces on the ro+te.)A.+ranas.F Sa1 a was st+nned.+ranas wherein ri%ht cond+ct is a1wa s preached. at once too3 this opport+nit to present himse1' be'ore Sa1 a.andavas were campin% in the cit o' <pap1av a and ma3in% preparations 'or war.) . #his is to press home the tr+th that howsoever 1earned one ma be. contain narratives to show how in this wor1d even %ood peop1e sometimes sin a%ainst Dharma.andavas. 9ews o' Sa1 a and his marchin% 'orces reached D+r odhana. #he .F #he servants went and to1d their master. 4s it ri%ht. one ma as3. the mother o' 9a3+1a and Sahadeva. 'or re1i%io+s boo3s th+s to seem to =+sti' wron%@ A 1itt1e re'1ection wi11 enab1e one to see the matter in proper 1i%ht. was the brother o' $adri. D+r odhana. . 7e heard that the . the encampment e0tended over a 1en%th o' near1 'i'teen mi1es. D+r odhana. Sa1 a's arm marched on. 4n accordance with D+r odhana's instr+ction. SA(YA AGAINST HIS NEPHE&S SA. 6ood and drin3 were 1avish1 provided. h+mi1it and constant vi%i1ance are abso1+te1 necessar i' one wishes to avoid evi1. Decidin% that Sa1 a sho+1d somehow be pers+aded to =oin his side. sometimes set o+t stories in which cond+ct. as tho+%h irresistib1 driven to do so. #his is the reward 4 as3 o' o+. 6ee1in% ver p1eased with the hospita1it . #hat is wh the . and sa how honored he 'e1t at Sa1 a's acceptance o' the !a+rava hospita1it .1ease te11 !+nti's son that he sho+1d 1et me do this. F7ow nob1e and 3ind o' o+I 7ow can 4 repa o+@F D+r odhana rep1iedE F)o+ and o+r 'orces sho+1d 'i%ht on m side. %ood and %reat men are 1iab1e to 'a11 into error. had arran%ed a11 this. #his ama?ed Sa1 a whom ti11 then had no s+spicion o' the tr+th. and he was a1so to+ched b the chiva1r o' D+r odhana in 1avishin% 3in%1 hospita1it on a partisan o' the . the r+1er o' $adradesa. he ca11ed the waitin% attendants one da and said to themE F4 m+st reward o+ a11 who have treated me and m so1diers with so m+ch 1ove and attention.

#he dispose the mind to h+mi1it and watch'+1ness and ma3e it rea1ise the need 'or divine %+idance. Sa1 a then t+rned to D+r odhana sa in%E FD+r odhana. A1tho+%h the do point o+t that even %reat men now and a%ain 'e11 into error and committed wron%.F said D+r odhana. the presentation is s+ch as to warn the reader and not to a11+re him into evi1 wa s. evi1 is presented on the screen in an attractive 'ashion that %rips peop1e's minds and tempts them into the path o' wic3edness. 4 m+st however meet )+dhishthira and te11 him what 4 have done. And do not 'or%et o+r promise to me. )o+ m+st a%ree to come to m aid. )+dhishthira saw at once that it had been a mista3e to ta3e Sa1 a's assistance 'or %ranted.F 61attered b D+r odhana's sp1endid reception.F Sa in% this. thereb 1ettin% D+r odhana 'oresta11 them.andavas who were entit1ed to his 1ove and esteem and p1ed%ed his word to 'i%ht on D+r odhana's side which shows what dan%ers ma 1+r3 in receivin% the hospita1it o' 3in%s. Sa1 a answeredE FBe it so. see him and ret+rn soon. 6ee1in% that it wo+1d not be ri%ht to %o bac3 witho+t meetin% )+dhishthira.andavas narrated a11 their hardships and s+''erin%s.andavas received the r+1er o' $adra with %reat ec1at. F)o+ are the same +nto +s both. FGood 1+c3 to o+. #he modern cinema a1so pro=ects on the screen m+ch that is bad and immora1./h indeed. thereb dist+rbin% men's minds@ 4t was not as tho+%h others had discovered the 1apses and V asa and Va1mi3i had to de'end their heroes. Sa1 a deserted the . which arises 'rom the di''erence in the character o' the peop1e who prod+ced them. #his is not so in the . #his is the stri3in% di''erence between o+r epics and the modern ta13ies. Go bac3 to o+r pa1ace. be1ieve me. /hen the started ta13in% abo+t obtainin% his he1p in the war that was impendin%. 8oncea1in% his disappointment as best he co+1d. 4 have %iven o+ m word o' honor.+ranas. )+dhishthira addressed Sa1 a th+sE . /hatever ma be the e0p1anation o''ered b the prota%onists o' the cinema.andavas.F FGo. which wait to en%+1' the care1ess. Sa1 a went to the cit o' #he . 4 m+st mean as m+ch to o+ as the .F said D+r odhana. 4 wi11 not betra <pap1av a where )+dhishthira was campin%. #he stories are artistic creations in which 1apses the impress the desired mora1. 9a3+1a and Sahadeva were =o o+s be ond meas+re to see their +nc1e to whom the . o+. #he parts dea1in% with the 1apses deep1 distress the reader's mind and serve as so1emn warnin%s o' pit'a11s. Sa1 a re1ated to them the stor o' his promise to D+r odhana. did the %reat a+thors o' o+r epics write abo+t the 1apses o' :ama in the :ama ana and )+dhishthira in the $ahabharata@ /here was the need to ma3e mention o' them and then 1abor ar%+ments to e0p1ain them awa .

which were visited on Dra+padi and o+ a11. /hen Brihaspati. beca+se Brihaspati had.FGreat warrior. i' 4 happen to be his charioteer. 1ost Brihaspati. the %ods so+%ht the o+th'+1 anchorite Visvar+pa and made their reD+est to him sa in%E F#ho+%h o+n% in ears. 7ence'orth. D+r odhana. 4 have been tric3ed into %ivin% D+r odhana m word and 4 sha11 be ran%ed a%ainst o+ in batt1e. Apprehendin% dan%er to himse1' 'rom this descendent o' the enemies o' the %ods. B+t Visvar+pa did not s+cc+mb. 4ndra pers+aded himse1' to be1ieve that the sastras a11owed him as a 3in% in co+rt the prero%ative o' receivin% %+ests seated.F )#. o+ ma ta3e it he wi11 %o to batt1e disheartened and Ar=+na sha11 be saved. which enco+ra%ed the 1atter to attac3 the %ods. came to his co+rt. o+ are bo+nd to 3eep the promise o+ have made to. wi11 soon be an aven%ed memor . Do +s the honor o' bein% o+r teacher. sensing trouble for himself from the acharya4s displeasure. whi1e that o' the as+ras increased. Brihaspati was h+rt b 4ndra's disco+rtes and. which ca+sed 4ndra to re%ard Visvar+pa with s+spicion. 7e 'eared that beca+se o' his birth. was once so dr+n3 with pride that he D+ite 'or%ot the co+rteo+s manners and 'orms that the %ods had hitherto observed. )o+ are the eD+a1 o' Vas+deva in batt1e and !arna wi11 have o+ as his charioteer when he see3s Ar=+na's 1i'e in the batt1e'ie1d. #his pre ed on 4ndra's mind. mother was o' the as+ra c1an o' dait as. to the %reat advanta%e o' the %ods 'or. o+ are we11 versed in the Vedas. . he thought to ma!e up ith him by falling at his feet and as!ing for forgi"eness# B+t this he co+1d not do. the . Indra soon realized the foolishness of his conduct and. 4 have acted wron%1 . in his an%er. B+t when !arna proceeds to attac3 Ar=+na. made himse1' invisib1e. 9o one can prevent or a1ter what has been ordained b 'ate. si1ent1 1e't the assemb1 . #hen Brahma.F #o which Sa1 a re=oinedE F$ 1ad. #he sorrows and ins+1ts. /ith Brihaspati %one. 6ear not. and venerated a1i3e b the %ods and the as+ras. as a res+1t o' his %+idance and teachin%. advised them to ta3e +nto themse1ves a new achar a. VRITRA 49D:A. Go now to #washta's son Visvar+pa and reD+est that nob1e spirit to be o+r preceptor and a11 wi11 be we11 with o+. preceptor o' the %ods.F 7eartened b these words. /itho+t the hi%h priest o' the %ods. Said he to themE F)o+ have.F Visvar+pa a%reed.ord o' the three re%ions. Visvar+pa mi%ht not be D+ite 1o a1 and his s+spicion %rad+a11 deepened. thro+%h 4ndra's 'o11 . 4ndra so+%ht to entice him into error with the temptresses o' his co+rt and so wea3en him spirit+a11 . the co+rt 1ost in sp1endor and di%nit and became an +nimpressive %atherin%. the were saved 'rom the tormentin% as+ras. 4ndra's stren%th be%an to dec1ine. o+rs wi11 be %ood 1+c3. Sti11 4 do. attrib+tin% it to the arro%ance o' prosperit . ta3in% pit on the be1ea%+ered %ods. 4ndra did not rise 'rom his seat to receive the achar a or as3 him to be seated and 'ai1ed to do the c+stomar honors. 4n his %reat conceit. Are o+ %oin% to be the ca+se o' Ar=+na's death@ &r are o+ %oin% to save him then@ 4 3now 4 cannot 'air1 as3 this o' o+. Bear with me. Visvar+pa's. 'oremost in a11 branches o' 1earnin%.

#washta in his %reat ra%e and %rie' at 4ndra's cr+e1 3i11in% o' his son and. as a res+1t o' it. 7e he1d 'ast to his vow o' ce1ibac . So 4 see3 this boon o' o+. sa in%E F2nem o' 4ndra. ma o+ be stron% and ma 4ndra. 7e ripped Vritra's be11 open and iss+in% 'orth went to the nearb beach. . +nda+nted.F A %reat batt1e ra%ed between the two in which Vritra was %ainin% the +pper hand. B+t 4ndra was not dead. #he went to Vritra and said to himE F. +se it a%ainst me and 4 sha11 attain b1essedness thro+%h 7ari. per'ormed a %reat sacri'ice. said to 4ndraE F$eanest o' the mean.ord Vishn+.F And the ret+rned in %ood heart. #wo %ood so+1s can be 'riends and their 'riendship is o'ten a'ter hosti1it . #he stor %oes that the wor1d s+''ers vicario+s1 'or this %reat sin o' 4ndra. his iron mace at his assai1ant who there+pon c+t down his other arm a1so. 4 sha11 enter 4ndra's Va=ra +dha and he wi11 win the batt1e in the end. And o+t o' the sacri'icia1 '1ames spran% 4ndra's morta1 enem Vritra. a11 the time. And directin% his th+nderbo1t at the water h+r1ed it so that the s+r' '1ew and hit Vritra. #here cannot be 'riendship between riva1s 'or s+premac . waitin% 'or a s+itab1e opport+nit to s1a him. that neither b da nor b ni%ht. /hen 4ndra 'o+nd that his p1an o' sed+ction 'ai1ed.1ease ma3e 'riends with 4ndra. &ne evenin%. #he 1on% batt1e th+s ended and the a''1icted wor1d heaved a si%h o' re1ie'.F Vritra ie1ded sa in%E F/e11. name1 .F #he rishis said in rep1 E FDo not entertain s+ch do+bts. )o+ are both eD+a1 in stren%th and va1or. he %ave wa to m+rdero+s tho+%hts and one da 3i11ed Visvar+pa with the Va=ra +dha. wh do o+ not +se the +n'ai1in% Va=ra +dha@ 7a11owed b 7ari. it became a dead1 weapon and the mi%ht Vritra 1a dead. %reat was the consternation o' the %ods. #he 'rothin% o' water is a1so attrib+ted to this.F said the rishis and the %ods. the end o' the war bro+%ht on1 i%nomin beca+se his victor was sec+red thro+%h sin and deceit and is went into hidin% 'or sheer shame. Vishn+ havin% entered the 'oam. /hen 4ndra disappeared into the mo+th o' Vritra. he met Vritra on the beach and be%an to attac3 him in the twi1i%ht. nor with arrows sha11 4ndra be ab1e to ta3e m 1i'e. how can 4ndra. B+t soon Vritra's 'ears were con'irmed. B+t 4 have no 'aith in 4ndra. 4 sha11 cease 'i%htin%. and 4 become 'riends@ 6or%ive me. 4ndra on1 'ei%ned 'riendship 'or Vritra b+t was. #wo %reat powers cannot coe0ist as o+ 3now.#he art'+1 and sed+ctive b1andishments o' 4ndra's %1amo+r %ir1s had no e''ect on the o+n% ascetic. desiro+s o' aven%in% his death. the 1atter h+r1ed with his 1e't band. nor with meta1s. neither with stone nor with wood. 7osti1ities ceased. parts o' the earth t+rned a13a1ine and became +ns+itab1e 'or c+1tivation and women came to be a''1icted with the ph sica1 tro+b1es and +nc1eanness pec+1iar to them.F 4ndra maimed Vritra b choppin% o'' his ri%ht arm b+t. neither with dr weapons nor with wet ones.F FSo be it. #washta sent him a%ainst the chie' o' the %ods.F Vritra respect'+11 answeredE F& b1ame1ess ones. And. then. o+ 3i11 /hen the batt1e was %oin% a%ainst 4ndra. the rishis and the %ods so+%ht re'+%e in %reat Vishn+ who o''ered them protection and said to themE FBe not a'raid. 7e mi%ht ta3e me +nawares. #he batt1e had ra%ed 'or a 1on% whi1e when Vritra praisin% the . B+t to 4ndra himse1'.

A11 the merit and potenc o' o+r penance wi11 be o+rs and be an addition to o+r stren%th. she went to Brihaspati and cried o+tE F. Be anointed o+r 3in%. #a+ntin%1 . sa in%E FDo not hesitate. Do not swerve 'rom the path o' ri%hteo+sness.F /hen she 1earnt this. there was a revo1+tion 1eadin% to 4ndra's dethronement and 9ah+sha's insta11ation as 3in% in his stead. assisted b the merit and the 'ame earned b him whi1e he was a 3in% on earth. he saw 4ndra's wi'e and became enamored o' her. he spo3e in tones o' command to the assemb1ed %odsE F/h has not Sachidevi. 6or a peop1e witho+t a 3in% or a co+nci1 o' state to %overn them cannot prosper. )o+ wi11 re%ain o+r h+sband. save me 'rom this wic3ed person. 4ndra's wi'e was indi%nant. come to me@ Am 4 not the 3in% o' the %ods now@ Send her to m ho+se soon. do protect me. &ne da . #he a11 went to Brihaspati and re1ated to him what 9ah+sha had said and p1eaded that Sachidevi sho+1d s+bmit to 9ah+shaKs desires.F ordered 9ah+sha. So the went to the %ood and mi%ht 3in% 9ah+sha and o''ered him the crown. 9ah+sha ind+1%ed 'ree1 in the p1eas+res o' heaven and %ave him +p to +ntamed and 1echero+s tho+%hts.F Brihaspati o''ered her protection. #he 3in%'s disp1eas+re 'ri%htened the %ods. 9ah+sha became the 3in% o' the %ods in his stead. #he stor o' 9ah+sha's 'a11 is a1so instr+ctive. 7e 1ost his h+mi1it and became 'i11ed with 1aw1ess desires. So.F /hen 9ah+sha 1earnt that Sachidevi did not a%ree to 'a11 in with his wishes and that she so+%ht and obtained she1ter +nder Brihaspati's roo'.F . 4 cannot be o+r 3in%.F #h+s over>powered. where were o+r princip1es o' ri%hteo+sness and %ood cond+ct@ /h did o+ not prevent him then and wh do o+ stop me now@ /hat did o+ do when he so shame1ess1 m+rdered Visvar+pa when the 1atter was in penance and where was o+r virt+o+s horror when he 3i11ed Vritra thro+%h deceit@ Sachidevi's on1 co+rse is to come and 1ive with me and it wi11 be 'or o+r %ood to %et her reconci1ed to m proposa1 and 1eave her in m char%e.4ndra's disappearance ca+sed the %ods and the rishis %reat distress.receptor. the in'at+ated 9ah+sha wo+1d not 1isten to them. . the wi'e o' the 3in% o' the %ods. F6ear not F he said. he became e0ceedin%1 an%r . &h brahmana. )o+r an%er wi11 ma3e the wor1d sad. 4n 'ear and distress. now set abo+t it. :evo1+tion is no new thin%. #his stor shows that. )$. #he ass+mption o' the 3in%ship o' the %ods 'i11ed him with arro%ance. he a%reed. 4 so+%ht re'+%e in o+. #he protestedE F!in% o' the %ods. he 'e11 on evi1 da s. F6or%ive me. Sta here with me. even in the wor1d o' the %ods. B+t the insisted. #he power and the ener% o' ever one o+ set o+r e es on sha11 be trans'erred to o+ and o+ wi11 be invincib1e. At which. /ho am 4 to aspire to the seat o' 4ndra@ 7ow can 4 protect o+@ 4t is impossib1e.F B+t. #herea'ter. do not covet her.ossessed b evi1 tho+%hts. be not an%r . Sachidevi is another's wi'e. he said to themE F/hen 4ndra 1+sted 'or Aha1 a. NAHUSHA #72 sin o' the +nri%hteo+s s1a+%hter o' Vritra p+11ed 4ndra down 'rom his hi%h estate and made him a '+%itive. F4ndra wi11 soon be bac3. the chaste Sachidevi shoo3 with shame and 'ear and cried o+tE F$ GodI 4 cannot do it.F he h+mb1 ob=ected. 9ah+sha started we11. #he a''ri%hted %ods decided to ta13 the matter over with Brihaspati and somehow contrive to brin% Sachidevi to 9ah+sha.

#he ver earth wi11 not 1et the seed. #he %ods went to the %reat Vishn+ and comp1ained to him o' 9ah+sha.Fsaid he. )o+ have been tr+e to o+r word.F she said. 4 sha11 then be %1ad and receive o+ and bid o+ we1come. spro+t.Brihaspati conso1ed her and saidE F7e. it was o+r mi%ht that 3i11ed Vritra b+t 4ndra bears. he was beside himse1' with =o and saidE F& 'air one. F9ah+sha's end is drawin% near. 4 am o+r s1ave and read to do o+Kre ever biddin%. 4s 4ndra a1ive or is he dead@ 4' he is a1ive. 4 do not 'ind him. and the shrewd Sachidevi too3 the hint and brave1 went to 9ah+sha's pa1ace. 4t is b+t proper that the %reat rishis sho+1d carr me. 9ah+sha 'e11 into the trap.F 7e indicated a wa o' escape 'rom her di''ic+1t sit+ation b hintin% that she sho+1d pra 'or time. At this sacri1e%e. that he sows. 9ah+sha's end is approachin%. the sin o' it.ra indicate a wa o' de1iverance 'or him. 7e was doin% penance in that state waitin% 'or better da s. which 4 ver m+ch desire.F 9ara ana said in rep1 E F. do not tremb1e. So he be%an %oadin% the rishi>bearers o' his pa1anD+in to %o 'aster. #hen 9ah+sha wi11 be destro ed. he sent her bac3 to Brihaspati's ho+se.F 9ah+sha saidE F/hat o+ sa is ri%ht. As3 him to come to o+r residence in a pa1anD+in carried b ascetics. 4t p1eases me e0ceedin%1 . the three wor1ds were a%hast and tremb1ed. pride and 1+st havin% deprived him o' his senses.F F)es. and sent her bac3 home. 7e wi11 be c1eansed o' sin and the evi1>minded 9ah+sha wi11 meet with him worship me.F Sachidevi pra ed to the %oddess o' chastit .F Sachidevi went and pretended to a%ree to 9ah+sha's proposa1 as 4ndra had as3ed her to do. #here can be no sin in o+r becomin% m wi'e. reached where 4ndra was in hidin%. who betra s one who has so+%ht re'+%e. who am b1essed with the powers o' absorbin% the ener% o' those on whom m e es 'a11. B+t worse was to come as the pa1anD+in was carried a1on%. then no sin wi11 attach to me and 4 co+1d become o+r wi'e with a c1ear conscience. #he saidE F. F/hat a %rand ideaI )o+r ima%ination is wonder' the pa1anD+in be borne b the seven rishis. 4 am the 1ord o' the three re%ions.ord. and ashamed and a'raid to show himse1' in his +nc1ean state. 4 wi11 not %ive o+ +p. She acD+ainted him with her tro+b1es. 4 sha11 do e0act1 as o+ have wished. 9ah+sha was impatient to reach her soon. the virt+o+s 4ndrani. As soon as 9ah+sha saw her.F Sa in% this. #he in'at+ated 9ah+sha ca11ed the rishis and bade them carr him on their sho+1ders. 4 have a reD+est to ma3e. 4 have come bac3. wi11 meet with destr+ction. b her %race. . Are o+ not the 1ord o' the wor1d@ 4t is m wish that o+ sho+1d come ma=estica11 to m ho+se in a %rander st 1e than the %reat Vishn+ or :+dra or the as+ras. and. Sachidevi co+1d not contain herse1' 'or sorrow at her h+sband's p1i%ht and b+rst into tears. 4 want o+ to do somethin%. &ver=o ed that she had ret+rned to him in this comp1aisant mood. the 'oo1ish 9ah+sha b+rst o+tE FB1essed one. Go and search 'or him and be s+re to ret+rn. where is he@ 4'. a'ter ma3in% enD+iries and searchin% 'or him. Be not a'raid. be'ore 4 become o+rs. tremb1ed 'or a moment. 4ndra had red+ced himse1' to the si?e o' an atom and hid himse1' in a 'ibre o' the stem o' a 1ot+s p1ant %rowin% in $anasarovara. 4n'1amed with tho+%hts o' the bea+ti'+1 Sachidevi waitin% 'or him.F 7earin% the wic3ed man's words. FGo to him b o+rse1' and te11 him that o+ consent to his proposa1. he has hidden himse1'. )o+ wi11 be m h+sband. And he went so 'ar in his . . Soon re%ainin% compos+re she rep1iedE F!in% o' the %ods.F he said. 4ndra spo3e words o' co+ra%e to her. :emember the p1i%hted word. 4ndra's wi'e.

B #he insanit o' 1+st and arro%ance had reached its c+1mination. sarpa. SAN*AYA'S MISSION #72 . 9ah+sha's c+p o' iniD+it was '+11. :e1atin% this stor o' the s+''erin%s o' 4ndra and his wi'e to )+dhishthira and Dra+padi at <pap1av a. a division consisted o' 21. #he are prepared to 'or%et the s+''erin%s the have +nder%one and to 1et b %ones be b %ones. #he !a+ravas did 1i3ewise and co11ected an arm o' e1even divisions.F c+rsed the rishi in his wrath. .ancha1a. whi1e . whom prosperit ma3es arro%ant.F he said. as now. e0c1aimedE F& brahmana. 4n spite o' this. ) is eterna1 and o' inherent va1idit . FVictor awaits the patient. do tho+ 'a11 'rom heaven and become a sarpa on earth. accordin% to o+r +sa%es. #o restore to them their propert is the on1 ri%ht thin% to do. there' me te11 o+ c1ear1 that nothin% can be %ot o+t o' D+r odhana b threats. 7e became the 3in% o' the %ods and Sachidevi's %rie' ended. an eD+a1 n+mber o' e1ephants. eD+a11 entit1ed to their 'ather's propert . beca+se the '+11 3now that war never brin%s an %ood b+t on1 destr+ction. As the p1i%hted .et there be no de1a . )+dhishthira wants an thin%. he m+st be% 'or it as a %i'tI 7e arro%ant1 pre'ers this abs+rd c1aim in 'ond re1iance on the stren%th o' his a11ies.andavasE F. #hose. 8hariots were the Farmored carsF o' ancient war'are and e1ephants. A'ter the +s+a1 ceremonia1 introd+ction and enD+iries were over.and+ are both Vichitravir a's sons and are.mad wic3edness as to 3ic3 A%ast a. t+rnin% to the messen%er. 8ontin%ents arrived 'rom a11 parts o' the co+ntr and soon. o+r brothers and Dra+padi have %one thro+%h +nto1d s+''erin%s 1i3e 4ndra and his wi'e. #he are +nwi11in% to resort to war. is there an thin% new in what o+ have said@ /hat tort+res it to te11 the same o1d stor @ 7ow can )+dhishthira c1aim the propert that he 1ost at the %ame board@ 4'. the thin%s that are d+e to them. down 'rom heaven. F$eanest o' the mean. #he sti11 see3 peace. their +nc1e Sa1 a tried to com'ort them. #hen. FB the %race o' God. meet with destr+ction. sa in% Fsarpa.and+'s sons are witho+t their share o' the common inheritance. #his wo+1d be in accordance both with =+stice and with the a%reement previo+s1 reached. :ender +nto them. 4n those da s. the . the wise and brave Bhishma spo3e.F ASarpa means to move and a1so a serpent. partic+1ar1 $ats a and . the are not bent on war.chariots. 4ndra was restored to his state. )o+r tria1s wi11 soon be over and o+ wi11 re%ain o+r 3in%dom. one o' the bearers.andavas were campin% at <pap1av a in Virata's territor . #he evi1>minded !arna and D+r odhana wi11 be destro ed even as 9ah+sha was. a division was made +p o' a11 arms %ro+ped to%ether in accordance with estab1ished mi1itar practice. the sent emissaries to a11 'riend1 r+1ers.F Bhishma had not 'inished when !arna an%ri1 bro3e in and. now. 4mmediate1 9ah+sha 'e11 head1on%. . A1tho+%h the have obtained the s+pport o' man princes and are stron% eno+%h 'or batt1e. and the were provided with weapons o' a11 3inds and other war eD+ipment.F A'ter this appea1 o' the messen%er. the messen%er addressed the assemb1ed %atherin% on beha1' o' the .andavas are sa'e and we11.*(. 6rom there. Scions o' the !+r+ d nast .andavas had a mi%ht 'orce o' seven divisions. )o+. )o+ 3now this and 4 need not point it o+t to o+. Dhritarashtra's sons have ta3en possession o' the who1e 3in%dom.andavas desire peace. thrice as man horses and 'ive times as man 'oot so1diers.F said Sa1 a. Fthe . the . Dhritarashtra and . Dr+pada's brahmana messen%er reached Dhritarashtra's co+rt. #here can be no =+sti'ication 'or this. corresponded to the F tan3sF o' modern times. and became a p thon in the =+n%1e and had to wait 'or severa1 tho+sand ears 'or his de1iverance. specia11 trained 'or war.

8an happiness be %ained with possessions obtained thro+%h war@ /hat %ood can we reap 'rom a 3in%dom won a'ter 3i11in% o+r own re1atives@ Do not there'ore commence hosti1ities. who made me a 3in% once. we have a11 escaped a %reat tra%ed . it is m %ood 'ort+ne to be ab1e to see o+ a%ain with m e es. #he si%ht %1addens m there be no anta%onism. 2ven i' the do not %ive bac3 o+r 3in%dom.' #h+s sho+1d o+ reD+est Dhritarashtra on m beha1'. #his is a di''ic+1t matter. Give the %randsire m 1ove and re%ards and as3 him to devise some wa o' ens+rin% that his %randchi1dren 1ive happi1 in amit . 4. sho+1d not den +s o+r share now and drive +s to ma3e a be%%ar's 1ivin% on the charit o' others. desire on1 peace and hate war. D+r odhana and his brothers are 'oo1s. Dear +nc1e. )+dhishthira. And D+r odhana and a11 o' +s are doomed to destr+ction. San=a a th+s addressed )+dhishthira in the midst o' his co+rtE FDharmap+tra. #he desire nothin% e1se.F Bhishma interposedE FSon o' :adha.F /udhishthira ans ered( )San+aya. he 'e1t %1ad and answeredE F4' so. there is eno+%h room in the wor1d 'or both o' +s and the !a+ravas. the wi11 sti11 serve Dhritarashtra 1o a11 . 7e said to the messen%erE F7avin% in mind the %ood o' the wor1d and considerin% the .et +s eschew the %reat evi1 o' war. between +s. we wi11 wipe o+t a11 memories o' the s+''erin%s we have +nder%one.andavas %et bac3 what is d+e to them. o1d a%e and death are inescapab1e. war wi11 be +pon +s in which we are certain to be de'eated. 4 sha11 a1so have achieved somethin% %ood and worthwhi1e. too.andavas happier. 4' o+r 3in%dom is ret+rned to +s. the !a+ravas wi11 have been resc+ed 'rom the =aws o' death. S+rro+nded b princes. co+rt and te11 the son o' Ambi3a this 'rom meE '/as it not thro+%h o+r %enerosit that we obtained a share o' the 3in%dom when we were o+n%@ )o+. &' these two a1ternatives. o+ present the pict+re o' 4ndra himse1'. Go there on m beha1' and spea3 conci1iatin%1 so as to sec+re the avoidance o' war.andava's we1'are. thro+%h a peace'+1 sett1ement. 4' 4 s+cceed in doin% so.andavas. %o bac3 to the !a+rava. o+ sho+1d not abandon the s+preme path o' dharma. the are sti11 as wic3ed as ever. peace and war. Give a11 the princes assemb1ed there m re%ards. A'ter the introd+ctor sa1+tations. B+t that is no reason wh o+ sho+1d swerve 'rom rectit+de or 1ose patience.F #he disorder and e0citement in the assemb1 made Dhritarashtra intervene. 4 desire a1so that Dhritarashtra and his sons sho+1d be happ . 2ven i'. 7e desires o+r 'riendship and earns 'or peace.F And )+dhishthira said to San=a aE FSan=a a. o+ stand ever 'or ri%ht cond+ct. but are e committing rong6 'rishna !no s the intricacies of rectitude and dharma# &e ishes both sides ell# I shall do as 2asude"a orders#) !rishna saidE F4 desire the we1'are o' the . 2ven i' one were to %ain the who1e earth bo+nded b the ocean. .F #hen Dhritarashtra ca11ed San=a a aside and instr+cted him th+sE FSan=a a. !in% Dhritarashtra sends o+ his best wishes and desires to 3now that o+ are we11 and happ . 4 have decided to send San=a a to them. 4 thin3 4 can sett1e this iss+e b m se1' %oin% to 7astinap+ra. the . Sat a3i and Virata. %o to the sons o' . B+t o+ sho+1d not 1ose patience. the m+st once a%ain %o bac3 to the 'orest 'or another twe1ve ears and ret+rn therea'ter. there'ore.word. has been bro3en. 4' we do not do as this messen%er te11s +s. 4' 4 co+1d obtain peace 'rom the !a+ravas on terms that do not con'1ict with the we1'are o' a11.andavas sho+1d 1ive +ndiscovered d+rin% the thirteenth ear.F San=a a spo3e a%ainE FDhritarashtra's sons are perverse. hat you say is true# 8ectitude is the best of possessions. .and+ and conve to them m a''ectionate re%ards and m 3ind inD+iries abo+t !rishna. B+t the are a1so prepared 'or war i' need be. Dhritarashtra can choose what he p1eases. that the . Dhritarashtra's sons have been saved. #he son o' Ambi3a ADhritarashtraB detests a11 ta13 o' war. na .F San=a a went to )+dhishthira on this mission o' peace. Disre%ardin% their 'ather's advice and their %randsire's wise words.1ease ret+rn at once and te11 )+dhishthira this. nothin% wo+1d ma3e me and the .F /hen Dharmap+tra heard San=a a sa this. . . o+ spea3 'oo1ish1 .

Vid+ra is the person who can best see what is %ood 'or a11 o' +s and advise accordin%1 . F&n1 this can brin% %ood to both sides. /e sha11 be content.andavas.' #h+s spo3e Dhanan=a a. 'i11ed with an0iet . c1ad in s3ins. And %ave a '+11 acco+nt o' what had ta3en p1ace in )+dhishthira's co+rt. #he ne0t mornin% San=a a ret+rned to 7astinap+ra. NOT A NEED(E+POINT OF TERRITORY A6#2: he had despatched San=a a to the . demandin% when@ /hen@ San=a a. /hen Ar=+na beat bac3 o+r son's attac3 on Virata's capita1 and h+mb1ed his pride.F said San=a a. 1ive in the 'orest. FBe satis'ied with ha1' the 3in%dom. said Bhishma. Give +s bac3. 9ot even 4ndra and the %ods can de'eat +s. 1istenin% to his words. )+dhishthira 3nows it too.F D+r odhana co+1d stand it no 1on%er. )). Dhritarashtra.F said Dhritarashtra. what is 1aw'+11 o+rs. /e 3now how stron% we are. 4s it not c1ear 'rom this that he is a1read scared abo+t o+r e1even divisions@ /hat can the . )o+ ins+1ted and harassed o+r weepin% wi'e in the assemb1 o' princes. Fis not eD+a1 to a si0teenth part o' the .F said Vid+ra. 4t is eno+%h i' we %overn that ha1' we11.8onve the same messa%e to Vid+ra a1so.F he e0c1aimed. San=a a too3 1eave o' !esava and the . FA11 wise men sa . San=a a. who had been 1istenin% to a11 this.F Vid+ra co+nse11ed Dhritarashtra in this manner at %reat 1en%th. the co+rt bro3e +p. B+t what can 4 do@ #hese 'oo1s wo+1d %o their own wa . the ri%ht co+rse is a1so the wise one. F$ son. who boasts repeated1 that he wi11 s1a the . . #he Gandiva bow is impatient 'or war. %ivin% +p a11 hope o' 3in%dom. Do not covet what be1on%s to others. Sa th+s to D+r odhana. F6ather.andavas wi11 not receive even a need1e>point o' territor . #hat we sha11 win is certain. /e are 'ive. root and branch.andavas. $a3e no mista3e abo+t it. evi1 stars ma3e the 'oo1ish D+r odhana see3 war with !rishna and m se1'. F8hie'1 . Bhishma co+nse11ed Dhritarashtra a%ainst opposin% the combined mi%ht o' Ar=+na and !rishna.andavas their share o' the 3in%dom is the sa'est p1an. F/hat %rand'ather Bhisma sa s is the on1 proper thin% to do. arrows 3eep peepin% o+t impatient1 . 4n this case. do not worr and tremb1e abo+t o+r sa'et . 4n the e0citement that prevai1ed.andavasF. o+ made +s. who were princes o' the rea1m. /e bore a11 this patient1 . however 1o+d1 4 protest. where did the invincib1e !arna bide himse1'@ /as it not Ar=+na who drove bac3 the Gandharvas@F #h+s did Bhisma ta+nt !arna and warn the !a+ravas. )o+r sons are headin% 'or destr+ction. 20p1ain matters to D+r odhana and te11 him on m beha1'E '$ dear brother. F#he .andavas. at 1east now. 7e sent 'or Vid+ra and spent the who1e ni%ht ta13in% to him. 1et +s not have war. and went bac3 to 7astinap+ra.F D+r odhana. what was !arna ab1e to do@ /hen the Gandharvas too3 o+r son prisoner. 6or the 'ive o' +s %ive at 1east 'ive vi11a%es and ma3e peace with +s. $ bowstrin% is throbbin% even witho+t m stretchin% it and 'rom m D+iver.F A'ter )+dhishthira had said these words.F said Dhritarashtra. co+1d not %et a win3 o' s1eep that ni%ht. and 4 3now. F#o %ive the . 4 am prepared and read 'or peace as we11 as 'or war. F!arna. and 1e't the co+rt. D+r odhana sho+1d 3now what Ar=+na saidE '!rishna and 4 are %oin% to destro D+r odhana and his 'o11owers. he on1 be%s now 'or 'ive vi11a%es. stood +p. 'or. that it is best to see3 peace. #reat the .andavas oppose to o+r e1even divisions@ /h then do o+ do+bt o+r victor @F D+r odhana said to his 'ather and tried to cheer him +p.andavas and o+r own sons with eD+a1 a''ection.

F #h+s sa in%. pra do not %o.andavas were sa in% amon% themse1ves. 1oo3 at these tresses o' mine and do what honor reD+ires to be done. 4 wi11 red+ce them to ashes. an threat o' bodi1 +s now re1ate what the . b+t 1itt1e 'or o+. /e cannot 1et o+ =eopardise o+r sa'et . s+ppressed the b+rnin% '1ame o' an%er within me. 4 sha11 %o to Dhritarashtra's co+rt and tr to sec+re o+r ri%hts witho+t war. B+t sti11 we sho+1d ma3e a11 attempts at a peace'+1 so1+tion so as to %ive the wor1d no ca+se to acc+se +s o' not havin% done ever thin% possib1e to avert war. Dhritarashtra is tr in% to sec+re peace witho+t %ivin% +s an territor . 4 wi11 do a11 4 can to sec+re the res+1t. a messen%er o' peace. 4n m simp1icit . San=a a is Dhritarashtra's a1ter e%o.eace is ver m+ch to be pre'erred. even i' o+r =+st ri%hts were denied. /e m+st omit nothin%. m 'ather. #here is none b+t o+ who 3nows what o+r d+t is now and can %+ide +s in dharma as we11 as in statesmanship. 4 do not 1i3e o+r %oin% amon% those +nscr+p+1o+s not the race be destro ed. /hat is the %ood o' o+r %oin% to the enemies' p1ace now@ #he perverse D+r odhana wi11 stic3 to his 'o11 . 4n e0po+ndin% matters and in the art o' pers+asion. 4 made m o''er that we wo+1d be content with on1 'ive vi11a%es. . 4 have. m chi1dren. i' the !a+ravas o''er me. )o+ 3now o+r hearts as we11 as theirs. with S+bhadra's son Abhiman +. it wi11 be 'or the %ood o' the wor1d. at their head. s+pported a peace'+1 sett1ement. KRISHNA'S MISSION SA#)A!4 accompanied Govinda A!rishnaB to 7astinap+ra. o1d tho+%h he is. #he crisis is approachin%. 2ven i' m 'ather can 3eep o+t. no matter how s1ender o+r hopes o' s+ccess. )o+r mind ever c1in%s to ri%hteo+sness and theirs is a1wa s steeped in hatred. which 4 3now is dear to o+. 7ave no 'ears 'or m sa'et . 7ow can we to1erate this hei%ht o' intransi%ence@ &n1 o+ can advise +s in this crisis. !rishna too3 1eave o' the . B+t the words with which he ended his messa%e seemed to commend mee3ness to +s. 'or the !a+ravas wi11 stop at nothin%. !rishna had a 1one disc+ssion with the . 'or the sa3e o' Dharmap+tra. 7o1din% her 1oc3s in her hand she stood be'ore !rishna. Sti11 d+t demands that we sho+1d ma3e the attempt 'or peace. and in a voice D+iverin% with %rie'.F Said )+dhishthiraE F)o+ are a11>3nowin%.andavas and set o'' in his chariot to 7astinap+ra. 4 3now o+ both. . F.F !rishna answeredE FDharmap+tra. =ea1o+s and enmit . s+pported b m chi1dren. 4 was %1ad at 'irst when 4 heard San=a a spea3. #here can be no peace with honor. 4 have divined what is in Dhritarashtra's mind.. )6. 4' m mission s+cceeds. #here are none b+t o+ to protect +s. 4 have decided to %o to 7astinap+ra. rather s+rprisin%1 . B+t Dra+padi co+1d not 'or%et her h+mi1iation. wi11 'i%ht the !a+ravas. Dhritarashtra has not been p1a in% 'air with +s.F )+dhishthira saidE F!rishna. 4 can restrain m se1' no 1on%er. A'ter San=a a 1e't <pap1av a 'or 7astinap+ra. 'or. 2ven the mi%ht Bhima. and that to see3 peace is not a si%n o' 'ear. rememberin% the %reat o+tra%e. she saidE F$adh+s+dana. these thirteen ears. 6rom his speech. Be'ore settin% o+t on his =o+rne . #he poet V asa ma3es Bhima spea3 th+s in order to show that tr+1 %reat warriors desire peace. wi11 %o to batt1e. 4 3now how wic3ed D+r odhana is. 2ven i' Ar=+na and Bhima are a%ainst war. #he si%ns are omino+s and portend war. a sett1ement reached witho+t war even tho+%h it ma have. )+dhishthira said to !rishnaE FVas+deva. B+t it soon became c1ear that m =o was +n'o+nded. 7e then str+c3 a midd1e 1ine and spo3e desirin% peace. there is none better than o+. #he wic3ed !a+ravas wi11 re'+se even this.F And she sobbed.andavas.F !rishna said in rep1 E F6or the %ood o' o+ both.F said he.F !rishna saidE F)es.

he ret+rned to Vid+ra's ho+se where he rested.andavas wanted. D+r odhana %ave Govinda we1come and invited him to dinner. )o+ cannot satis' $adhava with other %i'ts. /hen news o' !rishna's 'orthcomin% visit came. that %reat assemb1a%e o' 3in%s stood +p. . !+ntidevi met him there. #he are %oin% to 'a11 and their bodies wi11 be 'ood 'or wi1d do%s and =ac3a1s. stood b him.F said !rishna. !rishna too3 his seat.andavas are prepared 'or war b+t the desire peace. Dhritarashtra iss+ed orders 'or decoratin% the cit and arran%ements 'or receivin% 5anardana A!rishnaB were in '+11 swin%. #he . Dhritarashtra's sons wi11 not 1isten to m words o' peace. )o+ ma %ive a 'east when m wor3 here is comp1eted. the cit was in %reat e0citement. Govinda rose 'rom his seat and. sho+1d be %ot read and p1aced at the disposa1 o' !rishna and his ento+ra%e and 1ar%e tents were erected at severa1 p1aces o+tside the cit . soon. Sa1+tin% the e1ders with 'o1ded hands and with a word or a smi1e 'or the others. 7e went 'irst to Dhritarashtra's pa1ace and then proceeded to Vid+ra's ho+se. As Vas+deva came into the co+rt. #he wish to . do not brin% r+in to o+r peop1e. bein% bi%%er and more bea+ti'+1 than D+r odhana's. D+r odhana and Sa3+ni came to !rishna and in'ormed him that Dhritarashtra was waitin% 'or him. and that too. )o+ re%ard as bad what is %ood 'or o+ and as %ood what is bad. $adhava A!rishnaB ha1ted 'or the ni%ht near the cit o' !+castha1a. 4t is o+r d+t to restrain o+r sons.F /hen Govinda reached 7astinap+ra.F B+t Vid+ra saidE FGovinda cannot be bo+%ht with presents. Does he not come here see3in% a peace'+1 sett1ement@ $a3e that possib1e. Dhritarashtra cons+1ted Vid+ra. were +nder a mora1 ob1i%ation not to abandon him. #he ne0t mornin%. a%ainst !rishna's 1i'e. ta3in% 1eave o' her. Govinda went to the co+rt a1on% with Vid+ra.F Dec1inin% D+r odhana's invitation. 7e made c1ear what the .F Dra+padi was satis'ied. he 3new. Vid+ra to1d him that D+r odhana's arro%ance was based on his con'idence that no one co+1d de'eat him as 1on% as Bhishma and Drona. )o+ wi11 1ive to see +s victorio+s and the ins+1t to o+ wi11 be '+11 aven%ed. #he introd+ctions over. Dhritarashtra iss+ed instr+ctions that D+hsasana's pa1ace. t+rnin% to Dhritarashtra e0p1ained the ob=ect o' his visit.resents o' other 3inds sho+1d a1so be %ot read . A11. a1on% the ro+te which !rishna's chariot was to ta3e. F/hat o+ sa abo+t D+r odhana is tr+e. thro+%h 'ra+d and deceit. 4 have not come here with an hope that 4 wo+1d be ab1e to sec+re a peace'+1 sett1ement. b+t on1 in order that the wor1d mi%ht not ho1d me to b1ame. Give him that 'or which he is comin% to the 1and o' the !+r+s. made 'or D+r odhana's pa1ace. b+t !rishna said with a smi1eE F2missaries eat on1 a'ter their mission is '+1'i11ed. 7ave no 'ear 'or m 1i'e. who 3new D+r odhana and his brothers. Vid+ra said that it wo+1d be a mista3e 'or Govinda even to enter the wic3ed man's co+rt. !rishna com'orted her and. #hin3in% o' the s+''erin%s o' her sons and overpowered b %rie'.!rishna was moved and saidE F/eep not. who. Vid+ra and !rishna too3 co+nse1 to%ether. she wept. FDhritarashtra. 7e said to himE F$a3e arran%ements 'or presentin% Govinda with chariots and e1ephants. apprehended that the wo+1d p1ot. the citi?ens had thron%ed in s+ch n+mbers in the decorated streets that his chariot co+1d on1 pro%ress ver s1ow1 .

9ews o' this reached the +s %et awa 'rom here. And et. D+r odhana was sent 'or. 4 entreat o+ to advise D+r odhana. Govinda. b+t 4 do not thin3 4 am one whit to b1ame in this matter. D+hsasana seein% that Bhishma and others were acceptin% !rishna's indictment o' D+r odhana saidE FBrother. Does it not happen occasiona11 that a vi11a%e is abandoned in order that the co+ntr ma be saved@ 4 am a'raid o+ wi11 have to sacri'ice D+r odhana i' o+ want to save o+r race. 7e rose.andavas. o+ have the imp+dence to sa that o+ have committed no wron%. $a3e peace with them b %ivin% them ha1' the 3in%dom. wa13ed o+t o' the co+rt. o+r race wi11 perish.+rs+e the path o' dharma. bein% de'eated. D+r odhana. #he others here a1so b1ame me. now that !amsa and Sis+pa1a are dead. the )adavas and Vrishnis 1ive happi1 .F and D+r odhana.andavas. )o+r present tho+%hts are +nworth and be'it on1 men o' 1ow birth. 4 re'+se to ret+rn it to them. . 1a+%hed and disc1osed his divinit . !rishna. D+r odhana said '9o' and a%ain wa13ed o+t o' the ha11. o+ wron% me o+t o' 1ove 'or the . Govinda 1a+%hed and saidE F#he p1a was 'ra+d+1ent1 arran%ed b o+ in conspirac with Sa3+ni and o+ a'terwards ins+1ted Dra+padi in an assemb1 o' princes.F and reminded him o' the other iniD+ities he had perpetrated a%ainst the . Govinda addressed the co+rt a%ain and saidE FSires.andavas themse1ves wi11 insta11 Dhritarashtra as 3in% and o+ as the heir apparent. and the wor1d wi11 acc1aim o+. and saidE F$adh+s+dana. B+t D+r odhana's heart co+1d not be so'tened. not even a need1e>point o' itIF /hen D+r odhana said that he had not committed wron%.F Gandhari was sent 'or and.andavas an inch o' 1and. 4 am +tter1 b1ame1ess.andavas.F Bhishma and Drona a1so pressed D+r odhana to 1isten to Govinda.F said Vid+ra. a part o' the 3in%dom to which the had not a shadow o' a ri%ht. 4 desire precise1 what $adhava has stated b+t 4 am power1ess.andavas. accompanied b his brothers.F Dhritarashtra said to Vid+raE FBrin% 'ar>si%hted Gandhari here.andavas. this 'amo+s 1ine is in dan%er o' bein% destro ed. 4n order to save a who1e peop1e. #he . Dhritarashtra saidE F$ 'riends 3now that 4 am not to b1ame. /hen 4 was o+n%. #reat them a1so as o+r sons and devise an honorab1e so1+tion. the e1ders did +s %rievo+s wron% b %ivin% the . 4 do not 3now wh . his e es red with an%er. when she came to the co+rt. 4 wi11 not %ive the . 4t is possib1e that D+r odhana mi%ht 1isten to her. &n acco+nt o' o+. 6or what 'a+1t o' mine do the now see3 batt1e and wish to s1a +s@ 4 wi11 not ie1d to threats. ret+rned and Gandhari tried b a11 the means in her power to brin% him ro+nd to reason.F Drona and Bhishma a1so tried repeated1 to pers+ade D+r odhana and t+rn him 'rom error. F4 pit Dhritarashtra and Gandhari whom D+r odhana is doomin% to bereavement and deso1ation b his misdeeds. 7e and his 'riends had p1otted to sei?e !rishna. $ wic3ed sons do not 1isten to me. . o' their own vo1ition. 7ow am 4 responsib1e 'or it@ .F said !rishna.1ive in happiness +nder o+. sta3ed their 3in%dom at p1a and. Dhritarashtra once a%ain said to his sonE F4' o+ do not 1isten to Govinda's advice. 4 acD+iesced then b+t the 1ost it at p1a . 4' o+ 1isten to reason and =+stice. #hat is the on1 wa . it is some times necessar to sacri'ice an individ+a1.osin% the %ame. =+st1 'or'eited it. .F !rishna t+rned to D+r odhana and saidE F)o+ are the descendant o' a nob1e 1ine. it seems that these peop1e have a p1ot to bind o+ with ropes and hand o+ over to the . the went to the 'orests as in honor bo+nd. the . D+r odhana was '+rio+s with ever one 'or pressin% him in this matter to a%ree to a peace'+1 so1+tion. who had anticipated a11 this.

7e to1d her what had happened and she as3ed him to conve her b1essin%s to her sons. As 4 thin3 o' him en%a%ed in batt1e a%ainst m other sons. Fwhat can be %ained b m+t+a1 3i11in%s in the war and what happiness attained a'ter the destr+ction o' the race@ 7ow sha11 4 'ace this di1emma@F #h+s was she tormented b the prospect o' who1esa1e destr+ction on the one hand and the c1aims o' 3shatri a honor on the other. Bhishma.F said Dhritarashtra. he is bo+nd to abandon D+r odhana's ca+se. temporari1 re%ained his si%ht and was ab1e to see !rishna in his Visvar+pa presence in ever 'orm.F #ormented b these an0io+s tho+%hts abo+t her chi1dren.F said she. 4 do not wish to see an thin% e1se. F. and he became b1ind a%ain.andavas' chie' enem . )7. m heart is cons+med with a%on 1i3e a 'a%%ot in the 'ire. !arna was there at his devotions. with Sat a3i and Vid+ra on either side o' him.+ndari3a3sha. to see3 !arna o+t and te11 him the tr+th abo+t his birth. !+nti D+iet1 stood behind him and waited. F7ow can m sons de'eat the mi%ht three combined.andavas with an hope o' s1a in% them. 7is pra ers over. !arna 1oo3ed bac3 to 'ind !+nti standin% behind him and ho1din% the hem o' his +pper %arment over her head to shie1d it 'rom the b+rnin% s+n. F7ow can 4F re'1ected !+nti. . F%ive m tho+%hts ton%+e and sa to m sons. 6acin% east and with +p1i'ted hands he was in deep meditations. Drona and !arna@ #he are warriors who have never et met de'eat.F said Dhritarashtra to Govinda. ATTACHMENT AND DUTY A9) ra o' hope there mi%ht have been o' a peace'+1 sett1ement when !rishna went to 7astinap+ra was e0tin%+ished when he ret+rned and narrated what happened. 7e is an0io+s to p1ease D+r odhana b 3i11in% m sons. $a sonsIF o+ protect m A 3shatri a mother brin%s 'orth chi1dren to be sacri'iced in war. And !rishna rose and. . !arna was in meditation and was +nmind'+1 o' ever thin% +nti1 he 'e1t the hot ra s o' the s+n on his bac3. Dronachar a mi%ht re'rain 'rom 3i11in% m chi1dren 'rom either 1ove or +nwi11in%ness to meet one's own discip1es in batt1e.#he b1ind Dhritarashtra. 1e't the co+rt. F#he time has come. 4 do not worr abo+t the +s not as3 'or an territor and 1et +s avoid war'@ 7ow can m sons accept what is contrar to 3shatri a tradition@F FAt the same time. /hen 4 thin3 o' them. D+r odhana is obstinate. FA11 o+r e''orts have 'ai1ed. m mind tremb1es.F she tho+%ht. A1ot+s>e ed !rishnaB havin% seen o+r Visvar+pa. F'or that 'or which a 3shatri a woman brin%s 'orth sons. on 3nowin% which. 'Bear the ins+1ts. #hese three are the on1 peop1e in the !a+rava arm capab1e o' 'i%htin% the . . #he %randsire wi11 certain1 not want to 3i11 them. &' these. 7e went strai%ht to !+nti. !arna is a %reat man>at>arms. !+nti was overwhe1med with %rie' when she 1earnt that it was to be war to the death. !+nti went to the ban3s o' the Gan%a where !arna +s+a11 o''ered his dai1 pra ers. 4 as3 that 4 sho+1d be b1ind a%ain. 9ow is the time 'or me.+r+shottamat A!rishna as S+preme Bein%B %ot into his chariot and sped towards <pap1av a. b the %race o' !rishna. B+t !arna is the . /ar became a certaint .

Do not thin3 that o+ are a man o' the chariot>driver's caste. he contro11ed a1i3e the temptations o' se1'>interest and the promptin% o' nat+ra1 a''ection. #hat is eno+%h. 5oin Ar=+na and be one o' the 3in%s o' the rea1m.#hat . 7e said sad1 b+t 'irm1 E F/hat o+ have said. $a %ood 'ort+ne attend o+FI She then narrated the stor o' his with Ar=+na to me. 1i3e that o' the brothers Ba1arama and !rishna. won their con'idence as their champion and en=o ed a11 the consideration and 3indness the showed me.andava princes sho+1d be there. F/ho can %o a%ainst what has been ordained@F she tho+%ht.ritha o' ro a1 b1ood. )8. or be ond it. $other o' warrior sons. F)o+ who were born with '+11 armor and %o1den earrin%s. 7ow can 4 now desert them@ 8o+1d there be b1ac3er treacher and baser in%ratit+de@ /hat in 1i'e. $a o+ and Ar=+na p+t down the wic3edI #he who1e wor1d wi11 be at o+r 'eet.andavas. 4 m+st dischar%e m debt. 4 am at o+r service. She embraced him and departed in si1ence. 4 sha11 s+re1 +se a11 m 'o11owers a%ainst o+r sons in this comin% war. nor is the charioteer o+r 'ather. i' necessar C otherwise. to be +ntr+e to m sa1t and %o over to the .F /hen his mother spo3e th+s to him at the end o' his devotions to the s+n. 4 wi11 not 3i11 o+r other sons. /hat can 4 do 'or o+. her heart was '+11 o' t+m+1t+o+s and contrar 'ee1in%s and. )o+ deprived me o' a11 that was m birthri%ht as a 3shatri a when o+ threw me. /ith an e''ort o' the wi11. adherin% to the 3shatri a code. !arna 'e1t a si%n in his heart that the S+n %od endorsed !+nti's reD+est. otherwise 3nown as !+nti. $a God b1ess him. )o+r 'ame wi11 reach 'ar and wide. #he sons o' Dhritarashtra 1oo3 on me as the ar3.1ease 'or%ive me. THE PANDAVA GENERA(ISSIMO .F said !+ntidevi. one m+st do what %ives satis'action to 1ovin% parents. is contrar to dharma.andavas. S+rro+nded b o+r 'ive brothers. 2ither he or m se1' m+st die in this war. F7e has. o''ered not to harm 'o+r o' m sons.and+'s D+een and the mother o' the . #his is the hi%hest dharma accordin% to o+r script+res. o+ ta13 to me o' m d+ties as a 3shatri a. with 1i'e. F#he son o' :adha and the chariot>driver Adhiratha bows to o+. )o+ denied me the mother1 1ove. F o+ are not :adha's son. .andavas are o+r brothers. at 1east. And now. accordin% to the estab1ished 'orms o' respect'+1 address. 4' 4 now =oin the .F contin+ed he.F and she ret+rned home. 'i11ed him with %reat con'+sion and ama?ement. wi11 not the wor1d proc1aim that 4 have done so o+t o' 'ear@ 4 have eaten the sa1t o' Dhritarashtra's sons. thin3in% o' o+r other chi1dren's %ood. B+t he chec3ed himse1' and too3 it to mean that the S+n %od was testin% his 1o a1t and stren%th o' mind.F FB+t et. Fnot 3nowin% that the . 4 have m se1' +r%ed them into this war. 4n perp1e0in% sit+ations. 4' 4 swerve 'rom the path o' d+t . dear mother. o+ wi11 sti11 have 'iveF. And now o+ want me. o+ wi11 sti11 have 'ive sons. & D+een@F as3ed !arna. which b1esses a11 1i'e. o+r e''+1%ence wi11 be 1i3e that o' Brahma amon% the %ods. wo+1d be worth a price 1i3e that@ $other dear. 4 sha11 be no better than a common thie' p+r1oinin% m 'ood a11 these ears. witho+t tr+stin% herse1' to spea3. which wi11 enab1e them to cross the de1+%e o' war. 4 cannot deceive o+. into the river. waitin% patient1 'or him to 'inish his pra ers. F4 cannot have m mother p1ead comp1ete1 in vain. 4 sha11 have done m se1' m+ch more h+rt than an that an enem mi%ht in'1ict on me in the batt1e'ie1d.F said !+nti. And now. 7e sho+1d not be 'o+nd wantin%. /hen !+nti heard her 'irst>born spea3 th+s 'irm1 . #o 1ive in dependence on Dhritarashtra's sons. a e. whatever the ma do +nto me. does not be'it o+. a he1p1ess babe. when the batt1e is abo+t to be =oined. And with the other 'o+r sons. )o+ are S+r a's son born o+t o' the womb o' . . have =oined D+r odhana and have come to hate them. F!arna. o+ te11 me this stor . 2ither 4 or Ar=+na wi11 s+rvive this war.

andavas what had happened in 7astinap+ra. )+dhishthira saidE F/e sho+1d se1ect one o' these seven to be S+preme 8ommander. .F said !rishna. batt1e arra . it wo+1d not be possib1e 'or others to spea3 with 'reedom.aras+rama ho1d bac3. Bhimasena saidE F& 3in%. #he hero who has his senses +nder contro1 and who has been born to brin% abo+t Drona's end.F said )+dhishthira. worth o' se1ection. be'ore cons+1tin% e1ders. Dhrishtad +mna. 8he3itana and Bhimasena at the head o' each division. has 1earnt archer 'rom Bharadwa=a.aras+rama.F rep1ied Ar=+na. Addressin% Sahadeva. FDr+pada. 4' the e1ders were cons+1ted 'irst. F4t seems to me best to ma3e Dr+pada the Genera1issimo. co+ra%e. 4 can thin3 o' no one e1se. that is. #he 'ormed the arm in seven divisions and appointed Dr+pada.F Dharmap+tra then as3ed Dhanan=a a 'or his opinion. #here is now no wa o+t e0cept the 'o+rth. A11 thin%s considered. Virata. there'ore. it was the practice to ascertain the views o' o+n%er peop1e 'irst.andava arm . F4 thin3.F rep1ied Sahadeva. $ inc1ination wo+1d be to %ive the command to Si3handin whose radiant 'ace is 1i3e that o' . 'or. it was a11 in vain. was anointed S+preme 8ommander o' the . 7e sho+1d be one who 3nows how to dispose his 'orces as circ+mstances reD+ire 'rom time to time. FAn one o' them wo+1d 'i11 the !a+ravas with ' +s ta3e as o+r S+preme 8ommander the 3in% o' Virata who he1ped +s when we 1ived in dis%+ise and with whose s+pport we now demand o+r share o' the 3in%dom. in point o' a%e. 4 wo+1d endorse Ar=+na's choice. who 'or thirteen 1on% ears was broodin% over the ins+1t that his sister had to s+''er in D+r odhana's co+rt. and is s+pportin% +s. Sat a3i.F )+dhishthira 'ina11 as3ed !esava 'or his opinion. Dhrishtad +mna sho+1d be o+r chie' in the batt1e'ie1d. as o+r S+preme 8ommander. 7e is the on1 man 'itted to be o+r commander. Dhrishtad +mna a1one can withstand the arrows o' Bhishma whose s3i11 in archer made even the %reat . the 'ather o' Dra+padi. what Ar=+na sa s is tr+e. as i' we were his own sons. #his insti11ed enth+siasm and se1'>con'idence in the o+n%er 'o13. Si3handin. he is s+preme. who can b+rn enemies to ashes.F Accordin%1 . /e m+st now prepare 'or war witho+t de1a . birth and stren%th. and iss+ed orders 'or marsha11in% their 'orces in. 7e sho+1d be one capab1e o' s+ccess'+11 'acin% the %reat Bhishma. Dhrishtad +mna. Anoint Dhrishtad +mna. !+r+3shetra is waitin% 'or the ho1oca+st. F#he warriors mentioned are. B+t. Dr+pada's i11+strio+s son. and even honest di''erences o' opinion mi%ht savor o' disrespect.G&V49DA reached <pap1av a and to1d the . 7e sho+1d 1ead o+r arm a%ainst Drona and Bhishma.F F#here is no 1on%er an hope o' peace. 4 do not thin3 an one e1se can de'eat Bhishma. the 1ast a1ternative o' war. 7e is m+ch respected b a11 3in%s. addressin% his brothers. /ho do o+ thin3 is most 'itted 'or this responsibi1it @F 4n the o1den da s. wisdom. and has 'or 1on% been waitin% 'or an enco+nter with Drona. and who was waitin% 'or an opport+nit to aven%e the wron%. each one o' them. #he then considered who sho+1d be appointed Genera1issimo. F4 spo3e +r%in% what was ri%ht and what was a1so %ood 'or them. who 1ed Dra+padi at the swa amvara and %ave her awa to Ar=+na. #he 'oo1ish D+r odhana wo+1d not 1isten to the advice tendered to him b the e1ders in the assemb1 .F said 9a3+1a. b+t the rishis and e1ders have said that Si3handin has come into the wor1d to 3i11 Bhishma. F.

8ompe11ed to choose between two eD+a11 =+sti'iab1e. dread'+1 destr+ction is ahead. F1earnin% that the descendants o' Bharata have 1et themse1ves be overwhe1med b %reed. /e ma not ta3e sides in their 'oo1ish D+arre1s. %+ided as the are so1e1 b their own attachments and desires. which is D+ite wron%. RUKMINI . 7is %reat a''ection 'or Dhanan=a a has mis1ed !rishna and he is with o+ in this war which 4 see he has approved. &ne was Ba1arama and the other was :+3ma. Bhishma. #he dishonest ones o' the earth have no s+ch prob1ems.#he 1ion>roar o' warriors. an%er and hatred and that the peace ta13s have bro3en down and that war has been dec1ared. )9. 4 wi11 there'ore have nothin% to do with this war.' 7e wo+1d not 1isten to me. entered ma=estica11 1i3e a 1ion. 7ow then can 4 s+pport one a%ainst the other@ 9or can 4 bear to see the !a+ravas destro ed. $odern critics and e0positors sometimes 'or%et this +nder1 in% basic 'actor and see3 to wei%h a11 in the same sca1es. is to1d in the ne0t chapter. /e ma pro'it b the wa in which. #his episode o' Ba1aramaKs.andavas. #his tra%ed has made me 1ose a11 interest in the wor1d and so 4 sha11 wander amon% ho1 p1aces.andava arm entered !+r+3shetra in martia1 arra . #heir so1+tions did not con'orm to a sin%1e mora1 pattern b+t re'1ected their severa1 individ+a1ities. 4 have eD+a1 re%ard and 1ove. Bowin% to Dr+pada and Virata. /e read in that epic how the so1ved their severa1 di''ic+1ties. Ba1arama's ne+tra1it in the $ahabharata war has a 1esson. #he stor o' :+3ma. whose o+n%er sister :+3mini married !rishna. his heart 1aden with sorrow and his mind see3in% conso1ation in God. Dasaratha. 9ot so the %reat men who have reno+nced a11 desire. !+mbha3arna. /itness the %reat tria1s to which. the b1owin% o' conchs and she11s and the tr+mpetin% o' e1ephants rent the air. in their encampment. .F said he. in the $ahabharata.F &vercome b emotion. #he cond+ct o' each was the reaction o' his persona1it and character to the impact o' circ+mstances. 'D+r odhana is the same to +s as the . b+t contrar . the visitor seated himse1' beside Dharmap+tra. /ith war1i3e cheers which made the s3 rin%. 3eepin% o+t o' the $ahabharata war is i11+strative o' the perp1e0in% sit+ations in which %ood and honest men o'ten 'ind themse1ves.andavas. that is. co+rses o' action. c1ad in b1+e si13. !rishna and others %ave the broad>sho+1dered warrior a %1ad we1come. in the :ama ana. Bharata and . the +nhapp individ+a1 is ca+%ht on the horns o' a di1emma. 7ow can !rishna and 4 be in opposite camps@ 6or Bhima and D+r odhana. F4 have come to !+r+3shetra. As 7a1a +dha Ap1o+%h bearerB. #he earth is %oin% to is a b1ood morass strewn with man%1ed bodiesI 4t is an evi1 destin that has maddened the 3shatri a wor1d to 'ore%ather here to meet its doom.A:A$A. )+dhishthira and !arna were p+t. he pa+sed 'or a whi1e and then contin+edE FDharmap+tra. Vid+ra. $aricha.F 7avin% th+s spo3en a%ainst the ca1amito+s war. the r+1er o' Bho=a3ata. "A(ARAMA BA. the . &n1 two princes 3ept o+t o' that war. !rishna's brother 1e't the p1ace.i3ewise. both o' them m p+pi1s. 4t is on1 honest men that 'ind themse1ves in this predicament.a3shmana reacted to the di''ic+1ties with which each o' them was 'aced. this con'1a%ration that wi11 cons+me ever thin%. )+dhishthira. 6!. the i11+strio+s brother o' !rishna. &'ten have 4 to1d !rishna. b se1'>interest. visited the .

:+3ma's became the dominant voice and it 1oo3ed as tho+%h :+3mini wo+1d be compe11ed to marr Sis+pa1a. the 3in% o' Vidarbha. She 'eared that her 'ather wo+1d be he1p1ess a%ainst her domineerin% brother and wo+1d not be ab1e to prevent the +nhapp marria%e. wi11 oppose o+ and wi11 have to be overcome be'ore o+ can have me. #he matter cannot broo3 an de1a C so o+ m+st be here tomorrow. At the 3in%'s behest. a11 b himse1'. 4 char%e o+ there'ore to come and s+cco+r me be'ore Sis+pa1a carries me o'' b 'orce.arvati. a11 e0cept her e1dest brother :+3ma. $+sterin% a11 her stren%th o' mind. he h+rried1 assemb1ed a %reat 'orce and marched on to !+ndinap+ra. whose heart was who11 !rishna's beca+se she was . had 'ive sons and an on1 da+%hter. F&h Devi. accompanied b her retin+e. was most %or%eo+s1 decorated and preparations 'or the weddin% o' the princess with Sis+pa1a were in '+11 swin%. where divine service was he1d. 4' o+ do not t+rn +p. as part o' the weddin% ceremonies. She '1ed to him and %ot into his chariot. $a o+ be the tri+mphant hero and capt+re meI $ brother has decided to marr me to Sis+pa1a and. !+ndinap+ra. :+3mini reso1ved somehow to 'ind a wa o+t o' her predicament. 4 am %oin% to the temp1e a1on% with m retin+e to o''er worship to . :+3ma pressed his 'ather not to %ive :+3mini in marria%e to the r+1er o' Dwara3a b+t to marr her instead to Sis+pa1a. :+3mini. she wished to be +nited to him in wed1oc3 and the desire dai1 %rew in intensit . 7er re1atives approved the idea. as we11 as 5arasandha's. Grant that !rishna ma espo+se me. 7avin% heard o' !rishna and his renown. #he brahmana accordin%1 went toDwara3a and conve ed to !rishna :+3mini's sad p1i%ht and her entreat . the heir apparent. the capita1 o' Vidarbha. . She too3 co+nse1 with a brahmana whom. :+3mini si%hted !rishna's chariot and ran strai%ht as a need1e to the attractin% ma%net.F imp1ored :+3mini.F !rishna read this and immediate1 mo+nted his chariot. had a1read assemb1ed in the capita1. #he bride%room e1ect and his associates. charm and stren%th o' character.a3shmi incarnate. #he 1etter ran as 'o11owsE F$ heart has a1read accepted o+ as 1ord and master. Ba1arama came to 3now o' !rishna's s+dden and secret depart+re. a princess o' match1ess bea+t . a11 sworn enemies o' !rishna. 4 wi11 p+t an end to m 1i'e so that 4 ma at 1east =oin o+ in m ne0t birth.eavin% her apartments. and handed to him the 1etter :+3mini had sent thro+%h him. pra in% 'or her intercession. G+essin% that it m+st be abo+t the da+%hter o' the 3in% o' Vidarbha and an0io+s 1est !rishna sho+1d be hemmed in a1one b morta1 enemies thirstin% 'or his b1ood. :+3mini. char%in% him to e0p1ain matters to her be1oved and s+e 'or he1p. abandonin% a11 maiden1 reserve. to the bewi1derment o' a11 aro+nd. :+3mini. went in procession to the temp1e. was disconso1ate.F Steppin% o+t o' the temp1e. #he 3in% bein% o1d. . #hat wo+1d be the best time 'or o+ to come and resc+e me. between whom and !rishna there was no 1ove 1ost. F4 prostrate m se1' be'ore thee who 3nowest m devotion. the 3in% o' 8hedi. And !rishna drove o'' with her.B74S7$A!A. Sis+pa1a's 'orces. she sent as her emissar to !rishna.

#hin3in% that he co+1d thereb win the 'riendship o' Vas+deva.resent1 . he tho+%ht o' persona1 %1or . Ba1arama had arrived with his arm . F&h. 4 sha11 brin% o+ victor . . !arna became the s+b=ect o' their ta13. the heir apparent.F :+3ma. 9e+tra1it in war ma be o' severa1 3inds. was with D+r odhana see3in% to inspire him with his own heroic spirit and cheer'+1ness. where :+3mini's weddin% with !rishna was ce1ebrated with c+stomar rites. Fb+t 4 do not thin3 m+ch o' him. B+t. 7earin% o' the !+r+3shetra batt1e. Bhishma spo3e o' the stren%th. )et others ma 3eep a1oo' thro+%h cowardice or sheer inertia. 4t ma arise 'rom conscientio+s ob=ection to war or it ma be d+e to mere conceit and se1'>interest. Fthe enem 'orces are ver 1ar%e. Dhanan=a a 1a+%hed. he o''ered he1p to the . th+s p+t to dis%race b both sides. #he %randsire. and neither side wo+1d have him. #here is no 1imit to his arro%ance and he is m+ch %iven to dispara%in% others.F #+rnin% to Vas+deva. :+3ma.F said he addressin% Dhanan=a a. )o+ ma either %o awa or sta on.andavas. F4 wi11 not ret+rn witho+t 3i11in% 5anardana.andavas re=ected o+r assistance that o+ have come here@F e0c1aimed D+r odhana.andavas have re'+sed m pro''ered assistance. ret+rned to his 3in%dom witho+t ta3in% part in batt1e. r+1er o' Bho=a3ata. !ripa or even Bhishma. :+3ma arrived there with a h+%e 'orce.F F4s it not a'ter the . :+3ma was 'i11ed with an%er and shame and went to D+r odhana's camp with his arm . 4 wo+1d not p1ace him in the hi%hest ran3 amon% the warriors o' the 1and. 6 . over which he r+1ed.F At this. 4 have come to he1p o+.F said Bhishma. /e have no need o' o+r he1p and do not partic+1ar1 desire it. meanwhi1e. #he de'eated :+3ma was ashamed to ret+rn to !+ndinap+ra and b+i1t at the ver site o' the batt1e between !rishna and himse1' a new cit . NON+COOPERATION 4# was the da be'ore the commencement o' the %reat batt1e. 7e is not there'ore 1i3e1 to be o' %reat he1p to me in this batt1e. on the other hand.F swore :+3ma. 4 do not 1i3e his %reat hatred o' the . and re1ated what had happened.andavas. s3i11 and prowess o' the warriors ran%ed on the !a+ravas' side. Ba1arama and !rishna ret+rned home in tri+mph. =+st as o+ 1i3e. and went in p+rs+it o' !rishna with a 1ar%e 'orce. &n1 1et me 3now o+r wish. Give me the word and 4 sha11 attac3 whichever sector o' the enem 'ormation o+ wo+1d 1i3e me to. D+r odhana was cheered +p. Besides. Ba1arama was ne+tra1 in the $ahabharata war beca+se o' his 1ove o' peace. Bho=a3ata. 4 have the stren%th to attac3 Drona. F!arna has earned o+r a''ection. and a %reat batt1e ens+ed between the two opposin% 'orces in which the enem was +tter1 ro+ted. and addedE F4 am not in s+ch dire need et as to we1come their 1eavin%s. abstained as a res+1t o' his conceit. Fwe are not a'raid o' the si?e o' the enem 'orces.F Said he to D+r odhana. and he is too boast'+1. #he .F said Ar=+na. he has %iven awa the divine armor with which he was born. now the !a+rava Genera1issimo. 4nstead o' actin% accordin% to dharma. F&h . F$ 'orces are at o+r disposa1.#he servants ran to :+3ma.andavas. F#he .

the batt1e =oins. who wi11 'ai1 the !a+ravas. which he received. . !arna t+rned to the %randsire with '1amin% e es.F 2nra%ed b these harsh words. o+ have been be1itt1in% m stren%th and r+nnin% me down. &n1 a'ter he has 'a11en wi11 4 do so. FSon o' Gan%a. F)o+ wi11 both do deeds o' %reat heroism. 7is appraisement o' me wi11 in=+re o+r ca+se. he see3s to dampen m enth+siasm. he wi11 s+''er de'eat. And the batt1e that wi11 ens+e between him and Ar=+na wi11 prove 'ata1 'or !arna. b+t prowess does. earn some 'ame 'rom the heroic deeds o' others. /hen acc+sed o' it. )o+ have said that 4 wo+1d not be o' m+ch he1p in the impendin% war. 7is command o' s+pernat+ra1 weapons wi11 'ai1 him in his ho+r o' need. 7is =+d%ment is warped and he considers it a crime on the part o' an one to point o+t his de'ect.aras+rama is on him too. 'or he wi11 not be ab1e to remember the mantras. F)o+ sir. .F said he.F he said. when the %reat Bhishma 1a on the batt1e'ie1d covered a11 over with arrows. with the 'oe in '+11 'orce be'ore +sIF B+t !arna was adamant in that he wo+1d not ta3e +p arms so 1on% as Bhishma was in s+preme command. )o+ have been the evi1 %eni+s o' the !a+ravas. tho+%h a11 his men participated in it. D+r odhana event+a11 ie1ded to !arna and s+''ered him to carr o+t his threat.F D+r odhana was in distress. thin3 we11 and 1oo3 to o+r own %ood. !arna saidE F411+strio+s warrior. !arna went to him and bowed reverent1 and as3ed 'or 'or%iveness and b1essin%s. tho+%h 4 %ave o+ no reason. Bhishma rep1iedE FSon o' S+r a. A%e m+st be respected and e0perience is +se'+1 b+t. as the sastras warn +s. /h hide o+r rea1 'ee1in%s@ #he 'act o' the matter is that o+ have no %en+ine a''ection 'or D+r odhana. Fhave a1wa s s1i%hted me thro+%h mere dis1i3e and env and have never ne%1ected an opport+nit o' h+mi1iatin% me. it is o+.c+rse o' . not 4.F #+rnin% then to D+r me te11 o+ m sett1ed conviction. 7atin% me o+ see3 to come between me and D+r odhana and poison his mind a%ainst me. which wi11 ca+se him to be ne%1ect'+1 o' the 'iner points o' strate% . And in '+rtherance o' o+r wic3ed desi%n. +RI HNA TEACHE . . !arna 3ept o+t d+rin% the 'irst ten da s o' the batt1e.!. Do not p1ace too %reat a re1iance on the %randsire. #o ma3e matters worse. and thro+%h care1essness.F #he arro%ant man is never conscio+s o' his own arro%ance. )o+ have stooped to behavior +nworth o' a 3shatri a. 7is arro%ance does not 1et him have re%ard 'or an one e1se. )o+ have made Bhishma o+r Genera1issimo who wi11. 4 have no do+bt. there is a point when a%e becomes seni1it and ripeness 'a11s into rottenness and deca . At the end o' the tenth da . 7e is tr in% to sow dissension in o+r ran3s. we are in a crisis and that is wh o+ have not ceased to 1ive this moment. 4 have no do+bt. he char%es the acc+ser with that ver 'a+1t. #herea' there be no 'i%htin% amon% 'riends.F #h+s spo3e Bhishma witho+t mincin% matters. b+t he does not 3now it. A%e a1one does not con'er a tit1e to honor and respect amon% warriors. and this was e0ceedin%1 +npa1atab1e to D+r odhana and !arna. 4 need the he1p o' o+ both. !arna cooperated and himse1' proposed Drona 'or the command o' the !a+rava 'orces in s+ccession to Bhishma. 4 bore a11 o+r ta+nts and thr+sts 'or the sa3e o' D+r odhana. B r+nnin% me down. 7e has become seni1e and his time is +p. B+t 4 wi11 not bear arms whi1e he is in command. #his is we11 i11+strated in this episode. At the brea3 o' dawn. Desist 'rom poisonin% o+r re1ations. 8ontro11in% his an%er. Drona a%reed with the %randsire and saidE F!arna is '+11 o' pride and overcon'idence. !arna too3 over the command and 1ed the !a+rava 'orces. /hen Drona a1so 'e11.

the stor wo+1d be p+??1in% in p1aces. o+rs is a %1orio+s opport+nit . e1ephant troops and in'antr men co+1d en%a%e themse1ves in batt1e on1 with their opposite n+mbers in the enem ran3s. 4t is on1 i' what was in vo%+e at the time o' the $ahabharata war is 3ept in mind that we can +nderstand the epic. #hose who so+%ht D+arter or s+rrendered were sa'e 'rom s1a+%hter. . on the who1e. &therwise. #he code o' cond+ct in war and methods o' war'are var 'rom time to time. and the cobra o' D+r odhana's 'amed banner danced pro+d1 with o+tspread hood. not one on 'oot. direct his weapons a%ainst another who was en%a%ed in combat. #h+s those who 1e't the 'ie1d or retired wo+1d not be attac3ed. and the hosti1es mi0ed 'ree1 1i3e 'riends. b+t d+mb anima1s s+ch as horses. are destro ed witho+t comp+nction. the ascetic's bow1 and the bow %1istened. came1s. na . are the %ates o' heaven wide open. 9othin% is e0empt 'rom attac3 in modern war'are. B+t. 2ach da . 9ot on1 are m+nitions made the tar%et o' attac3. 9or mi%ht one. #he warriors on both sides %athered to%ether and so1emn1 bo+nd themse1ves to honor the traditiona1 r+1es o' war. A horseman co+1d attac3 on1 a horseman. .i3ewise. the batt1e was over at s+nset. the reader ma have some idea o' the r+1es o' war'are 'o11owed in the !+r+3shetra batt1e. #hese were the r+1es that the !a+ravas and the . Sometimes the estab1ished conventions went overboard even in the $ahabharata war. &n Aswatthama's the 1ion tai1 '1+ttered in the air. 6rom what 'o11ows. #he =o o' 1ivin% with 4ndra and Brahma awaits o+. A 3shatri a does not wish to die o' disease or o1d a%e in his bed b+t pre'ers to die on the batt1e'ie1d. 4t was wron% to s1a one who had been disarmed or whose attention was directed e1sewhere or who was retreatin% or who had 1ost his armor. charioteers.A. Addressin% the princes +nder his command.andavas so1emn1 dec1ared the wo+1d 'o11ow. non>combatants o' a11 a%es. was read 'or the batt1e. . /e see c1ear1 in the stor that occasiona1 trans%ressions too3 p1ace 'or one reason or another. And the occasiona1 vio1ations were 1oo3ed +pon as wron% and shame'+1.i3ewise others and the batt1e'ie1d th+s presented a pa%eant o' '1a%s. . And no sha'ts were to be directed a%ainst non>combatant attendants or those en%a%ed in b1owin% conchs or beatin% dr+ms. whi1e 5a adratha's carried a wi1d boar.. 'or the moment disen%a%ed. 6i%ht with =o and attain 'ame and %reatness. #he passa%e o' time has witnessed man chan%es in men's ideas o' ri%ht and wron%. Sin%1e combats mi%ht on1 be between eD+a1s and one co+1d not +se methods not in accordance with dharma. &n !ripa's '1a% was depicted a b+11. 4n Drona's %o1den>h+ed standard.+rs+e the path o' o+r ancestors and 'o11ow the 3shatri a dharma. the accepted r+1es o' honorab1e and h+mane war were observed b both sides in the !+r+3shetra batt1e. Be'ore o+. Bhishma saidE F7eroes. &n Bhishma's '1a% shone bri%ht1 the pa1m tree and 'ive stars.F and the princes responded b orderin% their tr+mpets to be so+nded and sho+ted victor to the !a+ravas. m+1es and medica1 stores.

/h was this coward born amon% +s@F #h+s did the ta13 amon% themse1ves revi1in% Dharmap+tra tho+%h de1i%hted at the prospect o' sec+rin% victor witho+t a b1ow. tho+%htE F7ere is the . he proceeded on 'oot towards the commander o' the !a+rava 'orces. in need1e 'ormation. there'ore. both armies saw with ama?ement )+dhishthira.F #he men in D+r odhana's arm . wh are o+ proceedin% to the enem 's 1ines in this stran%e manner@ )o+ have to1d +s nothin%. Descendin% 'rom his chariot. !rishna's e0hortation to Ar=+na at this =+nct+re is the Bha%avad Gita. has shown the wa o' 1i'e 'or a11 men. saidE .F #h+s said Ar=+na to Dharmap+tra. 7e 3nows proprieties. 7e %oes to the %randsire to ta3e his b1essin% and that o' Dronachar a.F 9ow. #he other brothers and !rishna a1so =oined. s+dden1 do'' his armor and p+t awa his weapons. who have so+%ht 'or 1i%ht in the dar3 prob1ems o' 1i'e. At this tense moment. F/hat is this that )+dhishthira is doin%@F as3ed ever one and was p+??1ed b this s+dden and si1ent proceedin% on the part o' the .and+. )+dhishthira went thro+%h the 1ines o' so1diers armed 'rom head to 'oot and proceeded strai%ht to where Bhishma was and.andava. 7e 'ee1s it is not ri%ht to start s+ch a %rave proceedin% witho+t 'orma11 ta3in% s+ch benediction and permission. had s+dden1 decided to see3 peace on an terms and was %oin% 'orward to anno+nce this. #he enem is read 'or batt1e. Dhanan=a a too was perp1e0ed and he =+mped down 'rom his chariot and ran to )+dhishthira. #r+1 this man brin%s dis%race to the race o' 3shatri as. who 3new the hearts o' men. #he Bha%avad Gita is ac3now1ed%ed b a11 as one o' the s+preme treas+res o' h+man 1iterat+re. #hen Vas+deva.$. he was deep1 a%itated and !rishna spo3e to him in order to D+e11 his a%itation and remove his do+bts. the stead'ast and brave son o' . +nattended and on 'oot. B+t )+dhishthira was immersed in deep tho+%ht and proceeded 'orward si1ent1 .Seein% the !a+rava 'orces ran%ed in batt1e arra . o+r tactics sho+1d be concentration rather than dep1o ment that wi11 on1 wea3en +s.andava comin% to s+e 'or peace. 4t is ri%ht that he does this. #he 'eared that perhaps )+dhishthira. B+t o+ have do''ed o+r armor and thrown aside o+r weapons and are proceedin% 'orward. *-"HI HTHIRA EE+ BENE"ICTI&N 2V2:)#749G was read 'or the batt1e to be%in. 4ts %ospe1 o' devotion to d+t . when Ar=+na saw men arra ed on both sides 'or m+t+a1 s1a+%hter. 4t is on1 th+s that we mi%ht 'are we11 in this batt1e. their so1diers sheathed in armor and with +p1i'ted weapons. smi1ed and saidE F7e is %oin% to the e1ders to as3 'or their benediction be'ore commencin% this terrib1e 'i%ht. )+dhishthira %ave orders to Ar=+naE F#he enem 'orce is ver 1ar%e. which is enshrined in mi11ions o' hearts as the /ord o' God. . witho+t attachment or desire o' reward. bendin% 1ow and to+chin% his 'eet in sa1+tation. So he %oes +narmed. s+rrenderin% to his nat+ra1 inc1ination. Arra o+r 'orces. 1earned or i%norant. F!in%. &+r arm bein% sma11er. rich or poor. when the saw )+dhishthira advancin% with hands c1asped in h+mb1e attit+de. 'ri%htened at o+r stren%th. #e11 +s what o+ are abo+t.

and Dbrishtad +mna and Drona were th+s en%a%ed in %reat batt1es.F #he !a+ravas 'o+%ht +nder Bhishma's command 'or ten da s. #he %ro+nd became a b1ood mire in which it was di''ic+1t 'or the chariots to move abo+t. 4n the 'orenoon o' the 'irst da 's batt1e the . accordin% to 'orm. especia11 when the are e0ha+sted with 'i%htin% and warped with hatred and b1oodshed. !arna s+cceeded to the command. 4t was a mad and terrib1e carna%e. #he name o' Fsan3+1a +ddhaF was %iven to s+ch 'ree 'i%htin% and promisc+o+s carna%e. Besides these n+mero+s sin%1e combats between renowned warriors. D+r odhana and Bhima. commencin% with sin%1e combats between the 1eadin% chie's armed with eD+a1 weapons. Abhiman + and Brihatba1a. there was a1so indiscriminate 'i%htin% amon% common so1diers. tr+mpets.F A'ter th+s obtainin% the permission and the b1essin%s o' the %randsire. Drona too3 the command. char%in% e1ephants tr+mpeted and the warriors +ttered their 1ion>roars. B+t di''ic+1t sit+ations and temptations arise which men are too wea3 to resist. it was 1i3e the dance o' the destro er. /hen Drona died. And Sa1 a 1ed the !a+rava arm on the ei%hteenth and 1ast da .hus ha"e I become bound to the 'aura"as# I shall fight on their side# *ut yours ill be the "ictory#) )+dhishthira simi1ar1 approached and obtained the b1essin%s o' !ripachar a and +nc1e Sa1 a and ret+rned to the . sa in%E )I am under inescapable obligations to the 'aura"as. )+dhishthira and Sa1 a. o+ have acted worthi1 and accordin% to o+r code o' cond+ct. #he batt1e be%an. #he noise o' batt1e ro11ed and rent the air. permit +s to be%in the batt1e. #he 3ett1edr+ms. THE /IR T "A*% BATT0E D<7SASA9A was 1eadin% the !a+rava 'orces and Bhimasena did the same on the . . #he !+r+3shetra batt1e witnessed man s+ch Fsan3+1aF 'i%hts wherein co+nt1ess men 'o+%ht and died in the mad 1+st o' batt1e. 8hiva1r and r+1es o' war die hard. &n the 'ie1d 1a pi1es o' s1a+%htered so1diers. /e see3 benediction be'ore be%innin% the 'i%ht. Simi1ar1 . 6athers and sons.(. o+r +nconD+erab1e and incomparab1e %randsire. 6i%ht and o+ wi11 have victor . tho+sands o' other warriors 'o+%ht severa11 accordin% to the r+1es o' war o' those da s. man sava%e and +nchiva1ro+s deeds were done. Abhiman + co+1d not bear this . horns and conchs made the s3 rin% with their c1amor. +nc1es and nephews s1ew one another 'or%et'+1 o' o1d a''ection and ties o' b1ood. charioteers. 2ven %reat men commit wron% and their 1apses therea'ter '+rnish bad e0amp1es to others.andava side. )+dhishthira went to Drona and circ+mamb+1ated and bowed.artha. B+t o+ wi11 not be de'eated. Fborn in the race o' Bharatas. 4n modern batt1es there is no s+ch thin% as sin%1e combats. $ son of %harma# $ur "ested interests ensla"e us and become our masters# . 7orses nei%hed.FGrandsire. 4 am not a 'ree a%ent.andava arm was bad1 sha3en. 'or there is an innate nobi1it in h+man nat+re. /herever Bhishma's chariot went. 4t is a11 Fsan3+1a. !arna 'e11 towards the c1ose o' the seventeenth da 's batt1e.F F8hi1d. 4t %ives me =o to see this. /e have dared to %ive batt1e to o+. e1ephants and horses. Sat a3i and !ritavarma. #h+s does vio1ence be%et and no+rish adharma and p1+n%e the wor1d in wic3edness. #owards the 1atter part o' the batt1e. who a1so %ave his b1essin%s. Arrows '1ew in the air 1i3e b+rnin% meteors.F rep1ied the %randsire. and dharma comes to be disre%arded more and more easi1 and 'reD+ent1 .andava 1ines. 4 am bo+nd b m ob1i%ation to the 3in% and m+st 'i%ht on the side o' the !a+ravas. Bhishma and . A'ter him. to the achar a.

Bhimasena was over=o ed and made a %reat 1ion>roar that '+rther inspired the va1iant nephew. 4t went with +nerrin% aim and pierced him in the chest. Bhishma and the warrior s+pportin% him e0c1aimedE F4ndeed. Sa1 a's chariot horses were tramp1ed to death and there+pon he h+r1ed a =ave1in at <ttara. #his was 'o11owed b a %reat attac3 on the . Abhiman +'s 'eats bro+%ht down showers o' '1owers 'rom the %ods who 1oo3ed on. &ne o' his we11>aimed arrows bro+%ht the %randsire's pa1m tree '1a% down. D+r odhana 1ost no time now and sent 'orces to re1ieve Sa1 a. disp1a in% the %o1den 3arni3ara tree bri%ht1 waved on his chariot. <nwi11in%1 . #ho+sands o' so1diers perished. seein% the va1or o' the o+n% hero. 7e parried their sha'ts with his own and c+t their =ave1ins down as the sped towards him. Arrows were showered on Sveta and the missi1es sped across 1i3e 1i%htnin% in c1o+ds. Dhrishtad +mna. Seein% this. And he drove his chariot towards Sa1 a. God has b1essed o+ with va1iant brothers.andava arm b Bhishma. and swin%in% it. Sveta de'ended himse1' marve1o+s1 . /here+pon there was a %reat batt1e. Seven chariot warriors at once came +p in s+pport o' Sa1 a and protected him 'rom a11 sides. Sveta was str+c3 and 'e11 dead. in his t+rn.andava 'orces s+''ered %reat1 on the 'irst da o' the batt1e. and n+mero+s were the chariots bro3en and the horses and e1ephants 3i11ed. #he %oad he had in his hand dropped and he ro11ed down dead. D+rm+3ha's charioteer was str+c3 b one o' Abhiman +'s sword>ed%e arrow and his severed head ro11ed on the %ro+nd. /h sho+1d o+ entertain an do+bts@ #here is Sat a3i and there are Virata. and D+r odhana's =o was +nbo+nded. Abhiman +'s '1a%. Dr+pada and Dhrishtad +mna. . 3i11ed Sveta's horses and charioteer. #he warriors in both armies were ama?ed at the s3i11 disp1a ed b Sveta. Dharmap+tra was sei?ed with apprehension. F8hie' amon% Bharatas. Bhishma himse1' was hit nine times b Abhiman +'s sha'ts. Great was the %randsire's =o . the son o' Dr+pada and Bhima came to re1ieve the o+n% hero and attac3ed the %randsire who then t+rned his attentions on them. sent it at Bhishma's car which was smashed to pieces. D+hsasana b1ew his horn and danced in =o . 1i3e 'ire 'ed b 1ibations o' b+tter. rode an e1ephant and 1ed a 'ierce char%e on Sa1 a. Sveta too3 a mace. Virata. <ttara. Bhishma's '1a% was bro+%ht down b Sveta. B+t the e1ephant did not withdraw. 7e parried with his own a11 the sha'ts dischar%ed b Bhishma. 7is an%er rose. Sa1 a %ot into !ritavarma's car. his son <ttara. even be'ore the mace dashed a%ainst the chariot. Another bro3e !ripa's bow. #he brothers came to !rishna and were en%a%ed in an0io+s cons+1tations. the son o' Virata. /hen the o1dest and the o+n%est warriors th+s met in batt1e. Bhishma. the %ods came to watch the combat. And then it +ttered a 1o+d cr and 'e11 dead. he had to +se his '+11 stren%th a%ainst the bo .and he attac3ed the %randsire. B+t he stood a%ainst them a11. Fdo not 'ear. 4t contin+ed char%in% +nti1 Sa1 a c+t o'' its tr+n3 and hit it in man p1aces with his arrows. !ritavarma was hit b one o' his arrows and Sa1 a was hit 'ive times. a worth son to Dhanan=a aIF #hen the !a+rava warriors made a combined attac3 on the va1iant o+th. Virata's son Sveta saw Sa1 a s1a his o+n%er brother.F said !rishna to )+dhishthira. #he . had anticipated it and =+mped down. Sveta s+cceeded in p+ttin% D+r odhana's men to '1i%ht and he p+shed 'orward and attac3ed Bhishma. 6rom the %ro+nd he p+11ed the strin% o' his bow to his ear and sent a 'ata1 arrow at Sveta. the h+r1ed =ave1ins at one another and 'o+%ht on. #here +pon. B+t the %randsire.

#he wa in which he wie1ded his %reat bow on this occasion. a11 the warriors. 1ed b Bhishma. Drona and !arna. !arna whose devotion and 1o a1t to me are most %en+ine stands aside and does not 'i%ht 'or me on1 beca+se o' o+.andava 'orces and bro3e their 'ormation. and drove strai%ht towards him. he said in a 1o+d voice. who intervened in s+pport o' Bhishma. a%ain made stron% attac3 on the . 'i11ed with conceit on acco+nt o' the s+ccess on the 'irst da . <n1ess we s1a Bhishma. however. /hat reason is there 'or o+ to be de=ected@ Do o+ 'or%et that Si3handin is awaitin% 'or his predestined victim Bhishma@F #h+s did !rishna com'ort )+dhishthira.). saidE F4' we contin+e in this wa . 4 'ear 4 sha11 be deceived and o+ wi11 not ta3e steps D+ic31 to destro . 4t was we11 3nown that there were b+t three on the !a+rava side who co+1d stand a%ainst Ar=+na with an chance o' s+ccess the %randsire Bhishma. THE EC&N" "A* #72 . . e0torted the admiration o' a11 the %reat %enera1s in the arm .ha1%+na AAr=+naB. Both chariots were drawn b white steeds. his charioteer. stood in the center o' his arm and addressed his warriors. #he %randsire sent his sha'ts we1comin% the cha11en%e. And the b1ood '1owin% made $adhava more bea+ti'+1 than ever as he stood 1i3e a %reen pa1asa tree in '+11 b1oom with crimson '1owers. Ar=+na made short wor3 o' the warriors. Dhrishtad +mna. Fo+r victor is ass+red. 3i11in% 1ar%e n+mbers. havin% 'ared bad1 on the 'irst da o' the batt1e. at once intervened and attac3ed Ar=+na who.F D+r odhana said. F7eroes in armorF. s+pportin% the %randsire.F rep1ied !rishna.F #he !a+rava arm . so rapid1 that the e e ached to 'o11ow its career.F FDhanan=a a. D+r odhana. the Genera1issimo.andava arm . devised meas+res to avoid a repetition o' it. Ar=+na. the arm was most care'+11 arra ed and ever thin% was done to insti1 con'idence. this irresistib1e combination o' Ar=+na and !rishna wi11 destro o+r entire arm . Sha't met sha't in the air and sometimes the %randsire's missi1e hit Ar=+na's breast and that o' $adhava A!rishnaB. 6rom either side '1ew arrows in co+nt1ess n+mber. 6i%ht and care not 'or 1i'e. t+rnin% to !rishna. 'o+%ht on +nconcerned. then %et read . Accordin%1 .F #he %ods came down to watch the combat between Bhishma and Ar=+na. D+r odhana's heart beat 'ast as he watched this combat. . 7is con'idence in the %reat Bhishma be%an to be sha3en. &n the second da . #he chariot sped 'orward at a %reat pace. #hese were two o' the %reatest warriors on earth. FSon o' Gan%a.besides m se1'. D+r odhana had ordered his men to protect the %randsire most vi%i1ant1 and never to 1et him e0pose himse1' to dan%er. 7is chariot '1ashed hither and thither s+nderin% hosti1e ran3s 1i3e 'or3ed 1i%htnin%. #here is the %randsire's chariot. o+r arm wi11 soon be tota11 destro ed b the %randsire. Fit seems as i' even whi1e o+ and Drona are a1ive and 'i%htin%. 4 am a'raid we can not save o+r arm .

1e't +ncontro11ed.Ar=+na's wrath rose when he saw his dear charioteer hit and he p+11ed his bow and sent we11>aimed arrows at the %randsire. Abhiman + and other warriors came +p in s+pport o' Bhima. #he %enera1s o' the !a+rava arm were %reat1 pert+rbed and their previo+s da 's enth+siasm had a11 disappeared. So 'ierce was the destr+ction that the entire arm tremb1ed in 'ear. B+t Drona a%ain disab1ed him and prevented his advance. As the s+n san3 in the west.andavas. Great was the 1oss the !a+rava arm s+''ered in that da 's batt1e as a res+1t o' Ar=+na's deeds o' va1or. at another p1ace a 'ierce batt1e was bein% 'o+%ht between Drona and his born enem Dhrishtad +mna. &ne o' Drona's arrows 3i11ed the . As this %reat and wonder'+1 scene was enacted in one part o' the 'ie1d.andava arm was wi1d with enth+siasm when Bhishma's chariot sped th+s o+t o' the 'ie1d. Drona sent an arrow that bro+%ht the mace down. At the end o' the second da 's batt1e. the !a+ravas were in the mood that the . . he came to re1ieve the !a1in%as.ancha1as and brother o' Dra+padi.andavas were in the previo+s evenin%. Dhanan=a a and others ret+rned in %reat cheer to their camp. Sat a3i. /hen Bhishma saw this. #he too3 advanta%e o' the sit+ation and made a 'ierce attac3 on the !a+rava arm . &ne o' Sat a3i's sha'ts bro+%ht Bhishma's charioteer down and the horses o' Bhishma's chariot. B+t the 1atter reta1iated with eD+a1 vi%or and with a %rin o' hatred he shot arrows and sped other missi1es at Drona. $an times did Dhrishtad +mna's bow brea3. bo1ted carr in% Bhishma awa 'rom the 'ie1d. hit b Drona's arrows. #he ea%er1 1oo3ed 'orward to s+nset when there wo+1d be an end to the da 's batt1e. #here+pon Dhrishtad +mna too3 +p a mace and. =+mpin% down 'rom the chariot. &n1 the '1a% co+1d be distin%+ished.ancha1a prince's charioteer. . 5+st then Bhima.ancha1a's predicament. &+r arm is disheartened and wear . Drona's attac3 was power'+1 and Dhrishtad +mna was wo+nded bad1 . #he . the son o' the 3in% o' the . THE THIR" "A*% BATT0E . Dhrishtad +mna then drew his sword and r+shed 'orward 1i3e a 1ion sprin%in% on its e1ephant pre . 7e parried the sharp missi1es and the heav maces h+r1ed at him with his arrows and bro3e them to pieces even as the sped in the air. went 'orward on 'oot. D+r odhana who saw this sent the !a1in%a 'orces a%ainst Bhimasena. with bands p1a in%. Bhishma said to DronaE F4t is we11 we stop the 'i%htin% now. Bhima 3i11ed the !a1in%a warriors in %reat n+mber. #he combatants were eD+a1 and the batt1e ra%ed 'or a 1on% whi1e..F &n the side o' the .i3e Death itse1' he moved abo+t amon% his enemies and 'e11ed them to the %ro+nd.. 4n the movements the chariots made the were so c1ose to one another and moved abo+t so 'ast that it was not possib1e to sa where Ar=+na was and where Bhishma. Drona de'ended himse1' with %reat s3i11. who saw the . sent a shower o' arrows on Drona and carried Dhrishtad +mna to sa'et in his chariot.

and the 3now1ed%e that the %randsire disapproved o' his wa s made D+r odhana spea3 th+s bitter1 . B+t with ama?in% s3i11 he raised a movin% 'orti'ication aro+nd his chariot with arrows dischar%ed in an +nendin% stream 'rom his 'amo+s bow.andavas. Drona and Bhishma who saw the discom'it+re and con'+sion o' the !a+rava arm came +p D+ic31 and restored con'idence. F7ow can o+ stand th+s. 2ven now.&9 the mornin% o' the third da Bhishma arra ed his arm in ea%1e 'ormation and himse1' 1ed it whi1e D+r odhana and his 'orces protected the rear. Dhanan=a a and Dhrishtad +mna decided in 'avor o' a crescent 'ormation o' their arm so as more e''ect+a11 to cope with the ea%1e 'ormation o' the enem 's 'orces. B+t even this movement created %reat con'+sion. now that it has come. Bhimasena too3 '+11 advanta%e o' the position and wor3ed havoc amon% the '1eein% !a+rava 'orces. 4 am an o1d man and what 4 am doin% is D+ite m +tmost. And i' o+ were so minded. Drona and Bhishma =oint1 attac3ed Dharmap+tra's division and 9a3+1a and Sahadeva =oined their brother in opposin% Drona's o''ensive. Bhima's sha'ts hit D+r odhana and he 1a in swoon in his chariot. Sat a3i's chariot was bro3en to pieces and he had to scramb1e +p Abhiman +'s chariot and therea'ter both 'o+%ht 'rom the same chariot. 7e 'eared that the !a+rava 'orces wo+1d be comp1ete1 demora1ised i' the saw that the prince had been disab1ed. it wo+1d be best i' o+ and Drona to1d me 'ran31 o+r mind in the matter. #he were ab1e to destro Sa3+ni's 'orces. #he scattered 'orces were bro+%ht to%ether and D+r odhana was a%ain seen 1eadin% them.F #he cha%rin o' de'eat. the %randsire res+med his operations. At another point Sa3+ni 1ed a 1ar%e 'orce a%ainst Sat a3i and Abhiman +. #he t+rn o' events in the 'orenoon had been so m+ch in their 'avor that the de1i%hted .i3e a %reat c1o+d o' 1oc+sts the sha'ts covered Ar=+na's chariot.andavas too arra ed their 'orces with s3i11. S+re1 these men are not eD+a1 to o+. 7is charioteer D+ic31 drove the chariot awa 'rom the scene. &n the ri%ht horn o' the crescent stood Bhima and on the 1e't Ar=+na. 4 tried to prevent the war b+t. So %reat was the care ta3en over ever detai1 that the !a+ravas were certain that there co+1d be no mishap 'or them that da .F Sa in% th+s. horses and e1ephants rose to hide the s+n. #he batt1e be%an. A co+nter>attac3 was made b the !a+ravas concentratin% on Ar=+na's position. A11 arms were at once en%a%ed and b1ood '1owed in torrents and the d+st that was raised b chariots. Bhima and his son Ghatot3acha attac3ed D+r odhana's division and in that da 's batt1e the son appeared to e0ce1 his %reat 'ather in va1or.F said D+r odhana to the %randsire. /h did o+ not te11 me 'ran31 '4 1ove the . Dhanan=a a's attac3 was power'+1 b+t the enem stood 'irm.' )o+ sho+1d have stated the position e0p1icit1 to me.andavas were now somewhat care1ess. 1eadin% the respective divisions. B+t Bhishma mere1 smi1ed and saidE F/asn't 4 D+ite 'ran3 in m advice to o+@ #hat advice o+ re=ected when o+ decided on war. F1oo3in% on when o+r 'orces are scattered and p+t to dis%race'+1 '1i%ht@ 4 'ear o+ are too 3ind to the .andavasC Dhrishtad +mna and Sat a3i are m 'riends and 4 cannot attac3 or s1a them. 4 am '+1'i11in% m d+ties b o+ with a11 m mi%ht. . #he . 5ave1ins and spears and other missi1es '1ew in the air shinin% 1i3e 'or3ed 1i%htnin% in a th+nderstorm. . o+ co+1d dea1 with them easi1 .

F Ar=+na was distressed to see this. Fnow has the critica1 time come. F8ome. &n the contrar . which had been so bad1 demora1i?ed a1read . 4' 4 be s1ain b o+. &h . the arm . 7e had too m+ch re%ard 'or his %reat %randsire.F said Ar=+na. Bhishma pic3ed +p another bow b+t it too met the same 'ate. )o+ m+st now attac3 the %randsire.#he did not e0pect Bhishma to ra11 his 'orces and attac3 them a%ain.ord o' the /or1d. he entreated !rishna to t+rn bac3.artha and Si3handin tried hard to restore order and con'idence. the %randsire ra%ed abo+t the 'ie1d 1i3e a destro in% 'ire. #he 1atter tho+%ht that the %randsire had m+1tip1ied himse1' into a n+mber o' Bhishmas 'i%htin% at severa1 points. B+t st+n% b D+r odhana's reproaches. F7ai1. wo+1d be +tter1 destro ed and a11 wo+1d be 1ost. he too3 +p his disc+s and =+mped down 'rom the chariot and dashed 'orward towards Bhishma.F said !rishna. b+t were +ns+ccess'+1. 7e =+mped down and ran a'ter !rishna. B+t Ar=+na's hands did not do their best. b+t in spite o' it. 4 sha11 3i11 Bhishma m se1' i' o+ wi11 not do itIF he e0c1aimed. #he . brave warriorIF app1a+ded the %randsire. 7e ra11ied his men and de1ivered the most severe attac3 et made on the . &h $adhava.andava arm was thoro+%h1 bro3en and be%an to scatter. come. it met a hot reception 'rom the %randsire. even as. $a o+r hands ta3e this 1i'e awa and save me 'or eternit . . Ar=+na. !rishna was not happ at the wa Ar=+na met the attac3. &verta3in% him with %reat di''ic+1t . As Dhanan=a a's chariot sped on towards Bhishma. Bhishma was 'ar 'rom bein% pert+rbed at this. F4 can stand this no 1on%er. F4 bow to o+. 'or his heart was not in it. #he %randsire's heart was %1addened when he saw Ar=+na's s3i11 in archer .ot+s>e ed &neIF he e0c1aimed. 5anardana's A!rishnaB an%er rose. !rishna mana%ed the chariot s3i1'+11 . both he and Ar=+na were hit man times b Bhishma's arrows. Vas+deva. #hose who opposed him were str+c3 down and perished 1i3e months in the 'ire. So swi't were his movements that a'ternoon. B+t. Give me that boon. )o+ have p1ed%ed o+rse1' to it and o+ have now to carr it o+t. ta3in% +p another bowC he po+red sha'ts on Ar=+na's chariot with +nerrin% aim. i' Ar=+na went on 1i3e this. #he %randsire's bow was wor3in% 'ierce1 . . Be tr+e to o+r decision not to '1inch 'rom o+r d+t to 3i11 in batt1e Bhishma. &therwise o+r arm is 1ost be ond redemption. who covered it with his arrows. have o+ indeed come down 'rom the chariot 'or m sa3e@ 4 o''er o+ m 1i'e. his 'ace e0panded with ecstatic =o . 4 sha11 be %1ori'ied in the three wor1ds. Drona and a11 the other 'riends and re1atives and respected e1ders. !rishna tho+%ht that. Ar=+na bent his bow and dischar%ed three sha'ts that bro3e the %randsire's bow.F FDrive on. .andava arm . and droppin% the reins. FDhan=a a.

#he s1a+%htered e1ephants 1a dead on the 'ie1d 1i3e %reat hi11s. #hose that escaped '1ed in panic and ca+sed %reat havoc in the !a+rava arm . At brea3 o' da . was e0ceedin%1 an%r and immediate1 char%ed a%ainst Bhima with a 1ar%e 'orce o' e1ephants. B+t he stood 'irm as a roc3 and present1 . i' we s3ip over it. presented the appearance o' the s3 in a %reat th+nderstorm. #he !a+ravas s+''ered a severe de'eat on the evenin% o' the third da . 4t wi11 be seen that even in o+r .F So marve1o+s was Ar=+na's prowess that da . THE /&-RTH "A* #72 batt1e was ver m+ch the same ever da and the narrative is one o' monotono+s 'i%htin% and 3i11in%. e1ephants and horses a11 arra ed in batt1e order and read 'or the 'i%ht. Ar=+na watched the hosti1e movements 'rom his chariot. who saw this. Aswatthama. the said to one anotherE F/ho can eD+a1 Ar=+na@ #here is nothin% stran%e in his bein% victorio+s.+ranic stories e1ephants 'ared as bad1 in batt1e as the did in the wars o' the Gree3s and the :omans. . Desist and 4 promise not to '1inch. iron mace in hand. #he 1atter's bow was severed into two b a sharp missi1e dischar%ed b Sa1 a. S+rro+nded b Drona.1.andava warriors came +p and =oined him. we cannot '+11 +nderstand the epic heroes o' that crowded sta%e. and pers+aded !rishna to ret+rn. s+rro+nded b the devas. ordered a who1esa1e attac3 on Bhima.F he said. . A n+mber o' D+r odhana's arrows str+c3 Bhima's chest and he c1imbed +p his chariot a%ain. Abhiman + saw this and sent a shower o' arrows on Sa1 a and p+t him in s+ch dan%er that D+r odhana and his brothers r+shed to Sa1 a's he1p. Ar=+na saw this combined attac3 on his son and. tramp1in% n+mero+s so1diers in their wi1d race. D+r odhana and others. Bhimasena a1so appeared on the scene at this =+nct+re. 8ha1a himse1' now =oined and he with Sa1 a. the %randsire 1oo3ed veri1 1i3e %reat 4ndra. D+r odhana. #he batt1e commenced. D+r odhana. there+pon. made a stron% attac3 on Dhrishtad +mna. whereon the 7an+man '1a% was wavin%. Bhishma arra ed the !a+rava 'orces a%ain. with a wrath'+1 1ion roar =oined his son whereat the tempo o' 'i%htin% '1ared +p. 8hitrasena and the son o' 8ha1a s+rro+nded Abhiman + and attac3ed him. Bhima's attac3 on the e1ephants was 1i3e 4ndra's devastatin% ons1a+%ht on the win%ed mo+ntains.FDo not 1ose o+r patience with me. ho1din% his th+nder bo1t. Dhrishtad +mna a1so arrived with a 1ar%e 'orce. #he chariot reins were a%ain in !rishna's hands. #he warrior 'o+%ht 1i3e a 1ion opposin% 'ive e1ephants. D+r odhana's brothers 1ost co+ra%e. Ar=+na attac3ed the !a+rava 'orces '+rio+s1 and tho+sands were s1ain b him. throwin% the !a+rava ran3s into disorder. /hen Bhima raised his mace a1o't. attac3ed them so 'ierce1 that the scattered in a wi1d stampede. the . the %reat batt1e is the centra1 event in the $ahabharata and. and he too %ot read . #he %randsire %ave orders 'or advance. with its chariots. Bh+risravas. As soon as Bhima saw the e1ephants comin% +p. #he son o' 8ha1a was 3i11ed. As the ret+rned to their camps in torch1i%ht. Sti11. he descended 'rom his chariot. Sa1 a. #he !a+rava arm .

F FAhI Vid+ra's words are comin% tr+e. 1+c3 does not 'avor them. F#he . 4t is nearin% s+nset and at ni%ht o' the :a3shasas %rows stron%er with the dar3ness. Ghatot3acha. F8a1m o+rse1'. #a3in% +p a 'resh bow. F&+r men are wear . and the are reapin% the harvest o' their sins. 4t seems 'ate is more power'+1 than h+man e''ort. F4 do not be1ieve there is an one with prowess eno+%h in o+r arm to protect m sons 'rom death.andava warriors now po+red a %reat shower o' arrows on D+r odhana. 7e had 1ost man o' his brothers in that da 's batt1e. !eep o+r ho1d we11 on the reins and drive on. Dhritarashtra wo+1d th+s 1ament. the win. FSan=a a.F said San=a a. So. F4 see a n+mber o' Dhritarashtra's sons be'ore me. D+r odhana too3 +p a 'resh bow and dischar%ed a we11>aimed sha't which str+c3 Bhima on his chest with s+ch 'orce that he ree1ed and sat down. D+r odhana 'o+%ht 'ierce1 .2. o' de'eat and 1oss o' dear onesI 4 cannot stand this an more. Fis this not a11 the res+1t o' o+r own 'o11 @ &' what avai1 is %rie'@ 7ow can 4 man+'act+re %ood news 'or o+@ )o+ sho+1d hear the tr+th with 'ortit+de. %ot e0ceedin%1 an%r and 'e11 on the !a+rava arm . F/e cannot 'i%ht this :a3shasa toda . /hat strata%em can save m peop1e@ 7ow are we %oin% to win in this 'i%ht@ 4ndeed. who saw his 'ather sit da?ed with the 'orce o' the b1ow. . 2i%ht o' D+r odhana's brothers were s1ain in that da 's batt1e b Bhima. read to be sha3en down 1i3e ripe 'r+its on a tree.andavas. )o+r sons are brave b+t their tho+%hts are wic3ed.F said the b1ind o1d 3in%. #heir ca+se bein% =+st. . !ripa and Aswatthama 1oo3 on +nconcerned when o+r arm '1ed in terror@ /hat indeed is their p1an@ /hen and how are the %oin% to he1p D+r odhana@ 7ow are m sons to escape 'rom destr+ction@F Sa in% th+s. 9ot ba''1ed b this. THE /I/TH "A* F4 A$ 1i3e a shipwrec3ed man see3in% to save himse1' b swimmin% in a storm tossed ocean. his e es 'i11ed with tears. #he are 'i%htin% accordin% to the practice o' 3shatri as.F A%ain and a%ain. #he .FViso3a. o+ %ive me nothin% b+t bad news. the have . #he .andavas rest on the stren%th o' a =+st ca+se. had it not been 'or his armor. 4 am %oin% to dispatch these wretches to )ama's abode. +nab1e to bear his %rie'.F F!in% F said San=a a in rep1 . Bhima's bow was smashed b one o' D+r odhana's arrows. FBhima is %oin% to 3i11 a11 m sons.F Bhima's arrows wo+1d have 3i11ed D+r odhana then and there. now is the %1ad ho+r. D+r odhana sat m+sin% in his tent. !in%. Did Bhishma.andavas are not winnin% b charms or ma%ic incantations.F said Bhishma to Drona. when San=a a re1ated the happenin%s o' the %reat batt1e.F he said.F e0c1aimed Dhritarashtra. F2ver da . p1+n%ed in %reat %rie'. )o+r ta1e has ever been one o' sorrow. which was +nab1e to stand a%ainst his ons1a+%ht. Bhima sent an arrow with a 3ni'e> ed%e at D+r odhana that c+t the 1atter's bow into two. #he have done %reat in=+stice to the . 4 sha11 s+re1 drown. the b1ind o1d 3in% b+rst into tears.F #he %randsire ordered his arm to retire 'or the ni%ht.F said Bhima to his charioteer. Drona. overwhe1med in this sea o' sorrow. 4 am '+11 o' ' +s dea1 with Ghatot3acha tomorrow. #here'ore.

Bhishma t+rned awa .andavas combined cannot de'eat an one o' o+. #he batt1e was res+med the ne0t mornin%. /e are doin% o+r best.F /hen the 'i%htin% was stopped on the evenin% o' the 'o+rth da . Bhima stood at the head o' the advance 1ines as +s+a1. Be1on%in% to the same ro a1 ho+se. 4 %ave o+ this advice. even 1i3e o+r own. S+da3shin. A%ain. sec+re1 %+ardin% the main bod . !ripa.i3e a 'oo1ish sic3 man who re'+ses to drin3 bitter medicine. it is not 1oo 1ate 'or ma3in% peace and that is the wa to r+1e o+r 3in%dom. this same ob=ection proved to be the ca+se o' Bhishma's death. Death has no terror 'or these veterans. b+t o+ did not 1isten and o+ went on. b+t o+ disre%arded it and have %rievo+s1 wron%ed the . 4 te11 o+ that it is best 'or o+ to ma3e peace with . 1isten to me. .andavas. and Bhishma's princip1es did not permit him to attac3 a woman. Vid+ra. Dharmap+tra and the twin brothers he1d the rear. b+t o+ discarded wise co+nse1. So did Dhrishtad +mna 'or the . 4 have %iven o+ advice on ever occasion and to1d o+ what was %ood 'or o+. Drona and 4 tried to stop o+ in o+r +nwise co+rse. . Bhishma. 6or Si3handin was born a %ir1. 6or o+r %ood as we11 as 'or that o' the wor1d. the prowess o' these %reat warriors is 1imit1ess. #he . #he batt1e %rew 'iercer sti11. B+t. Bhishma and Sa1 a made a combined attac3 on Bhima. #he same is the case with Drona.ast ni%ht. #here is no do+bt. pre'errin% to do as o+r 'oo1ish son desired. o+ have a1wa s re'+sed to 'o11ow what o+r e1ders co+nse11ed o+ to do.andavas. Bhishma arra ed the !a+rava 'orces in a stron% 'ormation. A11 the . o+ obstinate1 re'+sed to 'o11ow o+r advice. /hat then is the m ster behind this dai1 de'eat o' o+r arm at the hands o' the sons o' !+nti@F Bhishma rep1iedE F.andava arm . Bhishma bent his bow and dischar%ed his sha'ts. saidE FGrandsire. he attac3ed Si3handin 'ierce1 and compe11ed him to withdraw. o+ can a11 en=o this vast co+ntr as o+rs. Vi3arna and Bha%adatta. 7ow then can o+ hope 'or victor @ 2ven now.F D+r odhana too3 1eave and went to his tent. #he . 'riends instead o' enemies. !ritavarma. )o+ are in distress now.andava arm s+''ered %reat1 +nder the %randsire's attac3. the 'r+it o' which o+ are now reapin%. Destr+ction awaits o+ i' o+ ins+1t Dhanan=a a and !rishna. which wo+1d have saved o+r peop1e.and+'s sons. And Si3handin. that is the on1 co+rse that sho+1d be 'o11owed.andavas are protected b !rishna himse1'. o+ ta13 witho+t +nderstandin%.F Drona's power'+1 attac3 on the . 6riends advised o+. D+r odhana as3ed Bhishma the same D+estion as o+ p+t to me now. bowin% reverent1 . Aswatthama. o+r power'+1 brothers. )o+ are i%norant o' the . /hen Drona saw Bhishma t+rn awa .andavas' stren%th.andava arm was too m+ch 'or Sat a3i who was meetin% it and Bhima there'ore t+rned his attentions to Drona. Drona +pbraided him severe1 E F&bstinate prince. D+r odhana went b himse1' to Bhishma's tent and. the wor1d 3nows that o+ are a warrior who 3nows not 'ear. aided b other %enera1s. . As soon as Si3handin stepped in. Bh+risravas.stren%th. And Bhishma %ave the same answer as 4 %ive o+. Si3handin s+pported Bhima b po+rin% a shower o' arrows on Bhishma. who are none other than 9ara and 9ara ana. ma3in% the . b+t he co+1d not s1eep that ni%ht. Dhrishtad +mna and Sat a3i stood behind. Drona. Dhanan=a a saw this and reta1iated b 'ierce sha'ts aimed at Bhishma. 4n the end.rince. D+r odhana went to Drona and comp1ained bitter1 accordin% to his c+stom.

or post+res. who did not 3now what 'ear was.andava arm in ma3ara A'ishB 'ormation 'or the si0th da 's batt1e. V +ha was the %enera1 name 'or batt1e arra . And the warriors stood 'ace to 'ace with sword and shie1d in desperate sin%1e combat. and pressed Sat a3i himse1' so 'ierce1 that he was in distress. 5a a. B+t Sat a3i destro ed it comp1ete1 and advanced to attac3 Bh+risravas. depended on the reD+irements o' the o''ensive and de'ensive p1ans o' the da . strewn on the 'ie1d 1i3e so man ta11 trees str+c3 down b 1i%htnin%. e1ephants and horses and the debris o' chariots. stood +p and 'o+%ht them a11. Ar=+na 3i11ed tho+sands o' warriors that evenin%. b+t Bh+risravas +nda+nted b n+mbers. B1ood '1owed in torrents and the 'ie1d was covered b dead bodies o' so1diers. simi1ar1 . and the s1a+%hter was terri'ic. D+rvishaha. 7e went abo+t 1i3e 'ire amon% cotton heaps. Bhimasena pierced the enem 's 1ines to see3 o+t D+r odhana's brothers and 'inish them. . #he so1diers. 4n the a'ter noon. S+darsana. drove 'orward at a '+rio+s pace to s1a Bh+risravas. THE I3TH "A* A88&:D49G to )+dhishthira's order Dhrishtad +mna arra ed the . p+t Sat a3i's men to 'i%ht. /hat the stren%th and composition o' the 'orces arra ed sho+1d be and what positions the sho+1d ta3e +p were decided +pon. wi1d with ra%e and %rie'. Great was the destr+ction he e''ected.. #he chariots o' the two warriors dashed a%ainst each other and cr+mb1ed to pieces. 7is we11>aimed darts bro3e their weapons and the were a11 s1ain. /e 3now. As the s+n went down and Bhishma %ave orders to cease 'i%htin%. asanas. did not wait to be so+%ht. Drona's charioteer was 3i11ed and Drona too3 the reins o' the horses himse1' and +sed his bow as we11. #he armies on both sides retired to camp. a1on% with the tired horses and e1ephants. 8hitrasena. 8har+chitra.. even in the 'irst part o' the mornin%. . #he !a+rava arm was arra ed in 3ra+ncha AheronB 'ormation.#here was a promisc+o+s batt1e the who1e o' the mornin% o' the 'i'th da . in a combined attac3 'rom a11 sides. Bhima came and too3 awa Sat a3i b 'orce into his chariot and drove awa . #he si0th da was mar3ed b a prodi%io+s s1a+%hter. Bh+risravas. Vi3arna. who was a power'+1 opponent. 'or their part. 5a atsena. D+sh3arna and others. D+rmata. how. #he . #he 'ormations o' both armies were soon bro3en and indiscriminate and 'ierce 'i%htin% went on. Sat a3i's ten sons saw their 'ather's p1i%ht and so+%ht to re1ieve him b 1a+nchin% an o''ensive a%ainst Bh+risravas. names were %iven to ph sica1 e0ercise. Bhimasena. D+r odhana sent a 1ar%e 'orce to oppose Sat a3i. dispatched a%ainst him b D+r odhana. S+varma. Sat a3i. #he desired to ta3e him prisoner and he to 3i11 them a11 on the spot. /hich V +ha was best 'or an partic+1ar occasion. a11 to%ether. #hen. perished 1i3e moths in the 'ire. accordin% to the sit+ation as it deve1oped 'rom time to time. b+t r+shed on him. 6or Bhima 3new that Bh+risravas was an +nriva11ed swordsman and he did not want Sat a3i to be s1ain.andava arm s+rro+nded Ar=+na and %reeted him with 1o+d cries o' admiration and victor . opposed the combined attac3 and was not to be sha3en. the princes on the . 7e was attac3ed b D+hsasana.

into the enem ran3s. #he s+n was sin3in%. /hen Dhrishtad +mna 'o+nd Bhima. rein'orcements sent b )+dhishthira arrived. wo+nded a11 over and breathin% 'ire. b+t 'o+nd it was occ+pied on1 b the charioteer and Bhima was not in it. mace in hand. THE E#ENTH "A* D<:)&D7A9A. even 1i3e the ancient batt1e between the %ods and the as+ras. 4ndiscriminate mass 'i%htin% and s1a+%hter went on that da .#he batt1e ra%ed 'ierce1 . Bhishma persona11 arrived at the spot now and 1ed the attac3 and scattered the . and made strai%ht on 'oot 'or the sons o' Dhritarashtra. threw the enem 'orces into a st+por.and+ as3ed me to sta here and.andava 'orces be%an to waver and Drona was cheered b the !a+rava arm . 7e reached Bhima's car.and+ 1ost his patience and =+mped down 'rom his chariot. D+r odhana now ordered his warriors to attac3 Bhimasena and Dhrishtad +mna and not to wait 'or them to attac3 or cha11en%e. Viso3a bowed and said to the son o' Dr+padaE F#he son o' . dischar%in% it. D+r odhana was hit and 'e11 +nconscio+s. mace in band. which he had obtained 'rom Dronachar a and. he saw him s+rro+nded on a11 sides b enemies 'i%htin% 'rom their chariots. Drona. he as3ed the charioteerE FViso3a. !ripa e0tricated him with %reat s3i11 and too3 him awa in his own chariot. the made a combined attac3 even tho+%h the were not inc1ined to en%a%e themse1ves in '+rther 'i%htin%. wo+nded a11 over and s+''erin% %reat1 . S+dden1 . witho+t waitin% 'or m rep1 r+shed 'orward on 'oot. At one time. B+t D+r odhana then =oined the 'ra and dischar%ed weapons to co+nter the st+por weapons o' Dhrishtad +mna. the son o' . 7e 3i11ed Dhrishtad +mna's charioteer and horses and smashed his chariot and Dr+pada's son had to see3 a p1ace in Abhiman +'s car. #he +s+a1 e0chan%e o' hot words too3 p1ace and was 'o11owed b a %reat batt1e o' archer . #hen the da 's batt1e ceased. b+t the batt1e was contin+ed 'or an ho+r et and the 'i%htin% was 'ierce and man tho+sands perished.andava 'orces. in hot haste to s1a them. Dhrishtad +mna was %reat1 re1ieved when he saw this. /hen Dhrishtad +mna saw Bhima's chariot disappear in the enem 1ines. Dhrishtad +mna had a secret weapon. mace in hand. whose path was mar3ed b the bodies o' s1ain e1ephants. #he . went to Bhishma and saidE . Bhima and D+r odhana met 'ace to 'ace. he was a1armed and r+shed to prevent disaster. )+dhishthira was %1ad that Dhrishtad +mna and Bhima ret+rned to camp a1ive. 7e %ot into !e3a a's chariot and too3 +p his position a1on% with the rest. Dhrishtad +mna embraced him and too3 him into his chariot and proceeded to pic3 o+t the sha'ts that had st+c3 in his bod . however.F 6earin% that Bhima wo+1d be overpowered and 3i11ed Dhrishtad +mna drove his chariot into the enem 1ines in search o' Bhimasena. Bhima stood a%ainst them a11. was terrib1e that da . where is Bhima dearer to me than 1i'e@F Dhrishtad +mna nat+ra11 tho+%ht Bhima had 'a11en. 14. 5+st then. /ith tears in his e es. Bhimasena had a1so b now re'reshed himse1' and was read to renew the 'i%ht. A 'orce o' twe1ve chariots with their retin+e 1ed b Abhiman + came +pon the scene to s+pport Bhima. Accordin%1 .

whi1e Bhimasena opposed !ritavarma. Vi3arna and D+rmarsha. Si3handin. &+r 'ormations are bro3en and o+r warriors are bein% s1ain in 1ar%e n+mbers. was de'eated b Aswatthama.andava arm in va=rav +ha. !ritavarma. F#hese tho+sands o' cars. 7is chariot was smashed and he =+mped down and stood sword and shie1d in hand. Bha%adatta. Si3handin. D+r odhana and Dhrishtad +mna 'o+%ht with each other at et another point. D+r odhana r+bbed it over his n+mero+s wo+nds and 'e1t re1ieved. horses and charioteer. 4n the batt1e between Drona and Virata. )+dhishthira arra ed the . #here were %reat batt1es between Ghatot3acha and Bha%adatta. the 1atter was worsted and he had to c1imb into the chariot o' his son San%a. between A1ambasa and Sat a3i. and !ripachar a.F #h+s cheerin% +p the de=ected D+r odhana. the #ri%arta chie'. D+r odhana stood resp1endent 1i3e 4ndra at the center o' this %reat and we11>eD+ipped arm . Si3handin and Aswatthama 'o+%ht a bi% batt1e at another sector. )o+ are 1oo3in% on doin% nothin%. 8hitrasena. he iss+ed orders 'or the da . /ith this 'ine arm . Bhishma persona11 opposed Ar=+na's attac3s. read to %ive +p their 1ives 'or o+. between Bh+risravas and Dhrishta3et+. %ot into Sat a3i's chariot and retired.F #he %randsire soothed D+r odhana with com'ortin% wordsE F/h do o+ 1et o+rse1' be disheartened@ 7ere are a11 o' +s. &n this seventh da . Drona. 9a3+1a and Sahadeva attac3ed their +nc1e Sa1 a. Aswatthama. 7e went to the 'ie1d. %reat war e1ephants. between )+dhishthira and Sr+ta + and between 8he3itana and !ripa. #he arm was that da arra ed in circ+1ar 'ormation. 4n the 'i%ht between Sat a3i and A1ambasa. heartened b the %randsire's words o' con'idence. Si3handin then whir1ed the bro3en sword and h+r1ed it at Aswatthama with tremendo+s 'orce. Virata's sons <ttara and Sveta had 'a11en in the 'irst da 's batt1e. /ith each war e1ephant were seven chariots '+11 eD+ipped. the two brothers o' Avanti. #he Avanti 3in%s opposed )+dhaman +. Sa3+ni.F#he batt1e had been %oin% a%ainst +s ever da . #his da 's batt1e was 'ierce1 'o+%ht sim+1taneo+s1 at man sectors. Dr+pada's son. and those armed 'oot so1diers 'rom vario+s 3in%doms are a11 read to 'i%ht 'or o+. Vi3arna. bad1 beaten. . Aswatthama aimed his sha't at his sword and bro3e it. 6ear not. Sa1 a. the 3in% o' $a%adha. Drona and Virata were en%a%ed with each other at another point. /hen these %reat warriors are here. FSee there. 2ver one wore armor. the 'ormer had the worst o' it at 'irst b+t 1ater recovered %ro+nd and A1ambasa had to '1ee. San%a a1so was s1ain =+st as his 'ather came +p to his side. b+t it was met b Aswatthama's arrow. havin% 1ost his own chariot. 2ach chariot was s+pported b seven horsemen.F the %randsire said to D+r odhana. he %ave him a hea1in% ba1m 'or his wo+nds. o+ can vanD+ish even the %ods. horses and horsemen. wh sho+1d o+ 'ee1 downhearted@ Get rid o' this mood o' de=ection.F Sa in% this. #o each horseman were attached ten shie1d bearers.

however. #here+pon the c1osed with each other. And the warriors o' both sides. 9a3+1a's horses were 3i11ed and he had to =oin his brother in the 1atter's chariot. which %1addened the who1e !a+rava arm . #hree o' D+r odhana's brothers attac3ed Abhiman + who in'1icted a heav de'eat on them b+t spared their 1ives. 8he3itana was bad1 hit. Bha%adatta attac3ed Ghatot3acha and p+t to '1i%ht a11 his s+pporters. a11 stic3in% in his breast>p1ate. as the arrows. and his armor was pierced and he was severe1 wo+nded. At noon. Ar=+na saw this and said to his i11+strio+s charioteerE F!rishna. and standin% on the %ro+nd. contin+ed the 'i%ht. the in'1icted heav dama%e on Sa1 a's 'orces. sword in hand. he compe11ed Dhrishta3et+ to admit de'eat and retire. Sa3+ni simi1ar1 too3 wo+nded !ripa awa in his car.F At that moment. ma3in% him 1oo3 1i3e a porc+pine speedin% awa in the 'orest. #he charioteer s3i1'+11 drove the car awa and saved Sa1 a. Both were wo+nded and 'e11 on the %ro+nd. sword in hand. 7e. wear and wo+nded. B+t the %randsire was ab1e to ho1d his own a%ainst a11 'ive +nti1 the s+nset. 2ven in that condition. #a3in% advanta%e o' the sit+ation. In the attac! on 'ripa. the other .andavas a1so =oined Ar=+na. the horses o' the 1atter were 3i11ed and he had to a1i%ht 'rom his chariot. and the batt1e was s+spended 'or the da . Bhishma attac3ed Abhiman +. )+dhishthira was not his norma1 se1' and b+rnt with an%er. and their armies were comp1ete1 destro ed. )+dhishthira 1ed an attac3 on Sr+ta +. #he 1atter's we11>aimed arrows intercepted Dharmap+tra's missi1es. b+t the 1atter was ab1e to intercept it with his own arrow. Sa1 a attac3ed his nephews. he too had to save himse1' b '1i%ht. '1ed towards Sa3+ni's car. when Bhima came and too3 8he3itana awa in his chariot. Sa1 a was hit b Sahadeva's arrow and swooned. 9inet >si0 arrows o' Dhrishta3et+ str+c3 Bh+risravas. B+t in the end. Sr+ta +'s charioteer and horses were 3i11ed and the chariot was smashed and he had to '1ee on 'oot 'rom the 'ie1d. B+t. )+dhishthira then 1ost his temper and sent a power'+1 arrow that pierced Sr+ta +'s breast>p1ate. !ritavarma made a stron% attac3 on Bhima b+t was worsted. And the %reat warrior was 1i3e a s+n radiatin% %1or . Vinda and An+vinda o' Avanti were de'eated b )+dhaman +. losing his chariot and charioteer. beca+se Bhima had sworn to 3i11 them. 7e then whir1ed his mace and h+r1ed it at !ripachar a. Che!itana.4n the batt1e between Dhrishtad +mna and D+r odhana. . with Bhima's arrows stic3in% a11 over him. alighted and attac!ed 'ripa4s charioteer and horses ith mace in hand and !illed them# !ripa a1so a1i%hted. drive the car towards Bhishma. 7e 1ost his chariot and horses and ac3now1ed%in% de'eat. retired to their tents 'or rest and 'or havin% their in=+ries attended to. dischar%ed his arrows. Both contin+ed the 'i%ht 'rom the same car. #hat da . #here+pon. shone bri%ht aro+nd his radiant 'ace. #his comp1eted the demorahsation o' D+r odhana's arm . /hen the $adra 3in% ASa1 aB was seen retreatin% 'rom the 'ie1d D+r odhana's arm 1ost heart and the twin sons o' $adri b1ew their conchs in tri+mph. Sa3+ni came then and too3 the prince awa in his chariot. a1one. Ghatot3acha stood and 'o+%ht brave1 .

#he !+r+3shetra batt1e was 'o+%ht some tho+sands o' ears a%o. a1tho+%h the narrative ma be o' batt1es. :eadin% the stor o' the batt1e in the $ahabharata. so 1on% bac3 as that o' the $ahabharata war. 11. we can not e0pect to see s+ch detai1s in it as mi%ht interest a medica1 man. &ne can see herein what the %reat 1esson o' the $ahabharata is. #he princip1es and the secrets o' war'are and the science and art o' the +se o' mi1itar weapons were handed down 'rom %eneration to %eneration b tradition and persona1 instr+ction. 4t was an ho+r o' heaven1 b1iss. even i' he were ab1e. so't m+sic was p1a ed. 4' a modern nove1 dea1s in some chapters with the treatment and c+re o' a sic3 person.A'ter this. #he weapons +sed and the vesse1s that act+a11 too3 part in 9e1son's batt1es. wo+1d seem a1most weird and even ridic+1o+s i' compared with those o' modern nava1 war'are. #he . b+i1d a de'ence aro+nd himse1' or intercept and c+t missi1es in transit. witho+t a word abo+t war or hatred. 'or an ho+r. #here were no mi1itar te0tboo3s and there was not an p1ace 'or them in the wor3s o' poets and rishis. we cannot hope to 'ind in the epic o' V asa. $i1itar a''airs were in ancient times the so1e concern o' the mi1itar order. Sat a3i o' another. 4t was not red+ced to writin% b+t was preserved b tradition in the 'ami1ies o' 3shatri as. and it was a %1ad si%ht to see. havin% the practice and incidents o' modern war'are in mind.andava 'orces were arra ed in a three>pron%ed 'ormation. )+dhishthira said to FSee there. 4' a h+ndred and 'i't ears can ma3e so m+ch di''erence. So. sa s the poet. soothin% the warriors to their rest. /e have no e0p1anation as to how one co+1d. re=ect the $ahabharata narrative as mere m th with no re1ation to 'act. 9o a+thor wo+1d care. Armor and tactics were emp1o ed s+itab1 to meet the weapons o' o''ence and the tactics that the enem +sed in those da s. Another matter to be 3ept in mind is that we cannot e0pect. we m+st be prepared 'or ver stran%e thin%s in the proced+re and events o' a period.F Dhrishtad +mna immediate1 proceeded to his tas3. acc+rate or '+11 detai1s abo+t weapons and tactics. )o+ have to answer at once with a 'ormation that can brea3 it. #hat ho+r was spent. or how one co+1d be 1ivin% when pierced a11 over . the 3shatri as. THE EIGHTH "A* /729 the ei%hth da Dhrishtad +mnaE dawned. &n1 abo+t a cent+r and a ha1' a%o. we sho+1d not. to inc1+de scienti'ic detai1s in his stor . &+r ancestors had deve1oped the science o' war ver we11. precise detai1s as to what is tortoise 'ormation or 1ot+s 'ormation. the 2n%1ish admira1 9e1son 'o+%ht %reat sea batt1es and won +nd in% renown. b dischar%in% a contin+o+s stream o' arrows. #heir c+1t+re and their trainin% were entire1 their own char%e. Bhima was at the head o' one pron%. the enem is in 3+rma v +ha Atortoise 'ormationB. in the boo3s o' poets and 1iterar writers. and )+dhishthira at the crest o' the midd1e division. Bhishma arra ed his arm in tortoise 'ormation.

and D+r odhana was saved. Ghatot3acha h+r1ed a =ave1in which wo+1d have ended D+r odhana's career b+t 'or the Van%a chie''s prompt intervention with one o' his e1ephants. $an were the veterans who were in this 'orce that attac3ed Ghatot3acha. who co+1d s+bmit tame1 to wron%.andava 'orces at !+r+3shetra. even as he swore in the assemb1 ba11. #his son o' Ar=+na b his 9a%a wi'e had come and =oined the . #he missi1e hit the beast.b arrows. Si0teen o' D+r odhana's brothers perished on this da . So %reat was the destr+ction he wro+%ht that at man points the !a+rava 'ormation was bro3en. in his obstinate 'o11 . the :a3shasa A1ambasa. #he 3in% o' Van%a =oined D+r odhana with his e1ephants. &h. what =o are we or the 1i3e1 to 'ind in the end@ & $adh+s+dana. 7is dear son 4ravan was 3i11ed. wi11 have to be in the rea1m o' the +n3nown in spite o' the vivid narrative we have in the $ahabharata epic. D+r odhana sent his 'riend. Seein% this. 3eepin% ever thin% e1se to himse1' and he wo+1d not resort to 'i%htin% i' that were a%reed to. re'+sed to %ive even these 'ive vi11a%es and so. /hen Ar=+na heard this. where the %reat o+tra%e was enacted. #hen the batt1e became even 'iercer than be'ore. to oppose the 9a%a warrior.F Seein% 4ravan 3i11ed. Ar=+na had a %reat bereavement in this da 's batt1e. D+r odhana persona11 1ed an attac3 on Bhima's son. D+r odhana's heart 1ost co+ra%e be'ore this. these %reat sins have to be committed on both sides. Bhishma was an0io+s abo+t D+r odhana and sent a 1ar%e 'orce +nder Drona to s+pport the !a+rava prince. /hen 4 see the dead warriors 1 in% on the 'ie1d. how wic3ed we are to carr on in this miserab1e. 4t seemed to his 'riends as i' Bhimasena wo+1d comp1ete his reven%e this ver da . Said he t+rnin% to Vas+devaE FVid+ra had indeed to1d +s p1ain1 that both sides wo+1d be p1+n%ed in %rie' +nbearab1e. 4 contin+e 'i%htin% on1 beca+se men wo+1d otherwise thin3 me a coward. or how 'ar the armor worn b the so1diers and o''icers co+1d protect them a%ainst missi1es or what were the amb+1ance arran%ements or how the dead were disposed o'. m heart is 'i11ed with +nbearab1e an%+ish. 7e 3i11ed a %reat n+mber o' warriors on Ghatot3acha's side. 7#. And with his division. D+r odhana 'o+%ht most brave1 on this ei%hth da o' the batt1e. Bhima 3i11ed ei%ht o' Dhritarashtra's sons ear1 in the batt1e that da . THE NINTH DAY . sin'+1 wa . he bro3e down comp1ete1 . he 'e11 +pon the !a+rava arm 'erocio+s1 . however interestin%. /hat are we doin% a11 this wretched destr+ction +p on one another 'or@ 5+st 'or the sa3e o' propert . A'ter a11 this 3i11in%. Ghatot3acha +ttered a 1o+d war>cr which made a11 the assemb1ed so1diers tremb1e. A11 these thin%s appertainin% to ancient war. So t+m+1t+o+s and 'ierce was the 'i%ht at this sector o' the batt1e that )+dhishthira 'eared 'or Ghatot3acha's sa'et and sent Bhimasena to his aid. 4ravan was s1ain a'ter a 'ierce 'i%ht. 4 now see wh the 'ar seein% )+dhishthira said he wo+1d be content i' D+r odhana wo+1d %ive 'ive vi11a%es to +s. D+r odhana. which 'e11 dead.

.andava 'orces were thoro+%h1 demora1ised and were '1 in% hither and thither.F Ar=+na bent his head down and. #here were 'ierce combats between Sat a3i and Aswatthama and between Drona and Ar=+na. Bhishma. he proceeded to the combat. 'or m mind revo1ts a%ainst it. Bhishma proceeded to iss+e instr+ctions 'or arra in% the 'orces 'or the da 's batt1e. 'or o+ 3now.andavas attac3ed the %randsire and D+r odhana sent D+hsasana to s+pport the o1d warrior. who have been doin% m ver +tmost 'or o+@ )o+ spea3 1i3e a man o' no +nderstandin%. 4t is not possib1e 'or me to 'i%ht Si3handin. Bhishma's arrows came thic3 and 'ast and covered the advancin% chariot so comp1ete1 that neither horses nor vehic1es co+1d be seen. ta3in% +p his disc+s. he advanced towards the %randsire.&9 the mornin% o' the ninth da . #his is a1so the p1ain path o' d+t .i3e %hee on the sacri'icia1 'ire 4 am po+rin% m 1i'e o+t 'or o+. 6i%ht as a 3shatri a sho+1d and honor wi11 be o+rs whatever the events. Ar=+na's sha'ts hit Bhishma's bow and shattered it man times. even a wi1d do% can 3i11 a 1ion i' the 1atter scorns to 'i%ht bac3. D+r odhana was heartened. 9or can 4 with m hands 3i11 the . )o+r vision is c1o+ded. 4 am convinced.andavas bac3. /h do o+ see3 to morti' me. rep1iedE F4 wo+1d m+ch rather have contin+ed to be an e0i1e in the 'orest than 3i11 the %randsire and the teachers whom 4 1ove. F)o+ are not 'i%htin%. not as the are. #he sa that. /hen the arm saw Ar=+na's chariot proceed towards Bhishma. Do not hesitate to 3i11 the %randsire. b+t 4 sha11 obe o+. :emember the d+t o' a so1dier. <nwi11in%1 and in %reat distress o' mind. Drive on. witho+t 1oo3in% +p. and =+mped down in a ra%e 'rom the chariot and. 4 wi11 do ever thin% barrin% these two and 'i%ht a11 the warriors opposed to o+. o+ and o+r brothers were 1oo3in% 'orward to this da . B+t the %randsire went on renewin% his weapon. Bhishma 'o+%ht '+rio+s1 and beat the . 7e %ave vent to his bitter 'ee1in%s o' disappointment over the wa the batt1e was %oin%.artha. #herea'ter. the tree appears to him to be made o' %o1d. 1i3e catt1e that had 1ost their wa in the 'orest. !rishna was +npert+rbed and drove on with circ+mspection and s3i11. 7e sent 'or D+hsasana and said to himE FBrother. A1ambasa had to '1ee on 'oot to save himse1'. as o+ sho+1dIF e0c1aimed !rishna. a11 the . )o+ are now reapin% the harvest o' the hatred o+ de1iberate1 sowed. a'ter thirteen ears. he cannot +se his weapons. it re%ained co+ra%e and order once a%ain prevai1ed. Ar=+na. be'ore the batt1e be%an. D+r odhana was c1oseted with the %randsire. p+t 'orth a11 o+r stren%th in toda 's batt1e. when a man is nearin% his death. not 3nowin% what is ri%ht and what is wron%. 'or 4 can never raise m hand a%ainst a woman.F Sa in% th+s to D+r odhana and cheerin% him +p with wise and a''ectionate words. the %randsire is 'i%htin% on o+r side with his who1e heart. b+rnt 'ierce1 1i3e the noonda s+n.F Ar=+na's heart was not in the 'i%ht. #he . 4t is on1 a%ainst Si3handin. he sa s.F #here was a %reat 'i%ht between Abhiman + and A1ambasa. 7e +ttered words that were 1i3e the sharp spears and pained the %randsire %reat1 b+t the 1atter was patient and said sad1 E F. Abhiman + demonstrated that his va1or was no 1ess than his i11+strio+s 'ather's. !rishna ha1ted the chariot and said to Ar=+naE F. /e sho+1d see that he is not e0posed to Si3handin's attac3s. as we11 as o+ can. 9othin% is %ained b 1osin% heart. on the other hand. )o+ see thin%s now. #he best co+rse 'or o+ are to %o on 'i%htin%.andavas.

1aden with 'ra%rance and coo1 raindrops. FB1essed am 4 to be separated 'rom the bod b o+I 8ome. 7e 3new. he too3 +p a =ave1in and h+r1ed it at Ar=+na. however. sword and shie1d in hand. 4 sha11 not 'ai1. even whi1e the %randsire stood sti11.F #h+s did the %randsire 1oo3 +pon his dear p+pi1's arrows and. #h+s 'e11 the %reat and %ood Bhishma. . not mindin% the batt1e o' emotions in his opponent's mind.F Ar=+na too3 !rishna bac3 and the batt1e was res+med. 4 sha11 send m arrows and 3i11 the be1oved %randsire m se1'. #his is m wor3. #he b1ame1ess hero who. )o+ have promised not to +se weapons in this batt1e. /hen Si3handin's darts pierced his breast. Bhishma smi1ed as the arrows contin+ed to come down thic3 on him. 6or a moment the o1d warrior's an%er rose 1i3e '1amin% 'ire and his e es %1ared as i' to cons+me Si3handin. B+t. & .F he cried. THE PASSING OF "HISHMA 4# was the tenth da o' the batt1e. FStop. 'or the b+rn m '1esh as the crab's o+n% ones tear their mother's bod .andava 'orces had been hand1ed ro+%h1 . /ith arrows stic3in% a11 over his bod so thic31 that there was not even an inch o' intervenin% space. mo+nt the car and ta3e the reins. these are Ar=+na's arrowsI #hese cannot be Si3handin's. castin% both his arms aro+nd him.ra . Bhishma 'e11 head1on% to the %ro+nd 'rom his chariot. who 1oo3ed on 'rom above. #he . !rishna. #he se1'1ess wor3er 'or ri%hteo+sness' sa3e. Ar=+na met it with three arrows which c+t it to pieces even as it was speedin% thro+%h the air. comeIF Ar=+na =+mped down 'rom the chariot and. !eepin% Si3handin in 'ront o' him. who was born a woman and to stri3e whom it seemed +nworth o' a warrior. and t+rnin% to D+hsasana. r+shin% 'orward overtoo3 and he1d !rishna. F7ai1. the %ods. FDo not brea3 o+r p1ed%e. at once. his shie1d was c+t to pieces b Ar=+na's arrows. who came on earth to ha11ow it and a11 it bears. 7e decided not to be provo3ed into 'i%htin% Si3handin. Bhishma then decided to end the combat and made as i' to dismo+nt 'rom his chariot. swept over the batt1e'ie1d.ot+s>e ed &neIF he cried. whi1e sa in% this to D+hsasana. 'o1ded their hands in reverent sa1+tation and a %ent1e bree?e. Ar=+na a1so stee1ed his heart. +nas3ed. Si3handin went on dischar%in% his arrows. th+s . b+t now the s+n was down in the west and the 'i%htin% ended 'or the da . made the %reat ren+nciation to %ive =o to his 'ather. As he 'e11. his end was near and ca1med himse1'. the son o' Gan%a. #he +nde'eated bowman who had h+mb1ed the pride o' :ama o' the a0e. and 'rom behind Si3handin aimed arrows at the wea3 points in Bhishma's armor. the %randsire restrained himse1'.Bhishma saw Vas+deva approachin%. spar3s '1ew 'rom the %randsire's e es. 7$. B+t be'ore he co+1d do so. Ar=+na attac3ed Bhishma. saidE FAh.

B+t 4 was %rieved to see o+r increasin% hatred o' the . 4 3now and admire o+r va1or and o+r open handedness. /hen 4 pass awa . KARNA AND THE GRANDSIRE /729 he 1earnt that Bhishma 1a wo+nded and d in%. 2ven when d in%. %ive me a c+shion be'ittin% a warrior. and 1a wo+nded to death sancti' in% with his 1i'e>b1ood the batt1e'ie1d. 7e ob=ects to the bitter taste. F$ head han%s down +ns+pported.F said Bhishma addressin% the assemb1ed chie's. may you be ise.) said *hishma. he too3 three arrows 'rom o+t o' his D+iver and so p1aced them that the %randsire's head 'o+nd s+pport on their points. #he 3in%s o' the earth stood with bowed heads ro+nd him. as the %ods ro+nd Brahma.F /hen Ar=+na. 9arada. F. <pon the openin% made b the arrow.F #hen the %randsire t+rned a%ain to Ar=+na and saidE F4 am tormented with thirst. Son o' S+r a. shot a sha't down into the earth near the %randsire on his ri%ht side. A11 the princes retired to their camps. on acco+nt o' the arrows stic3in% o+t a11 over his bod . ran and bro+%ht c+shions. :adha's son. t+rnin% towards Ar=+na saidE FDear son . And 4 3now a1so that o+ be1on% to the c1ass o' . there %+shed a stream o' p+re sweet water to the ver 1ips o' the d in% man. #he o1d warrior re=ected them with a smi1e and. )%uryodhana. 4 m+st 1ie th+s +nti1 the s+n t+rns north. son. it to the ear. 7%. F)o+ are not :adha's son. the patient does not 1i3e medicine. 9ow. whose arrows were =+st then b+rnin% the %randsire's '1esh.andavas a1tho+%h the %ave o+ no ca+se 'or it. who 1a on his bed o' arrows.F At once. who. s+pported b the sha'ts that had pierced his '1esh.artha. to D+ench her dear son's b+rnin% thirst. FAr=+na's arrows were indeed what m head reD+ired to be s+pported on. heard those words addressed to him. Get me some drin3in% water. #his pi11ow %ives me satis'action. the hearts o' the !a+ravas a1so 'e11 a1on% with him. and drawin%. $ so+1 wi11 not depart ti11 then. Bhishma's bod did not to+ch the %ro+nd. Both armies ceased 'i%htin% and a11 the warriors came r+nnin% and crowded ro+nd the %reat hero. ma!e peace ith the <anda"as#) #he %randsire's words did not p1ease D+r odhana. himse1' revea1ed this to me.F he said in 1ovin% tonesE F)o+ are !+ntidevi's own 'irst born.F /hen a'ter h+mb1e sa1+tation !arna stood +p. inc+rred o+r %reat disp1eas+re. sa s the poet.F said the %randsire. Gan%a came +p. thro+%h no 'a+1t o' his. those o' o+ who ma be a1ive then ma come and see me. As the %randsire 'e11. who 3nows a11 the secrets o' the wor1d. the %randsire. 7is bod shone more bri%ht1 than ever be'ore. o+n% man. as it 1a as on a bed o' honor. Ar=+na raised his bow. #he princes who stood near. h+mb1 prostrates himse1' be'ore o+. Bhishma dran3 and was happ . addressing the 'aura"a prince# )%id you see ho 3r+una brought me ater to -uench my thirst6 Who else in this orld can do such a deed6 Ma!e peace ith him ithout further delay# May the ar cease ith my e5it# 7isten to me.rinces. tr+1 4 entertained no dis1i3e 'or o+. %reat1 moved. !arna h+rried to the p1ace and 'e11 at his 'eet and saidE F21dest o' the race.repaid his debt to D+r odhana. tender1 p1aced his hand on !arna's head and b1essed him.

'or that is the ri%ht wa .F #he !a+rava warriors 'e1t that. o+ are the one 1e't to 1ead and protect +s. ever dependab1e. #a3e char%e o' the !a+rava arm now as o+r own rich possession and %+ard it we11.andavas. i' b+t !arna wo+1d a%ree to ta3e +p the command. )o+ m+st permit me to repa with m 1i'e. m+st 1ie wo+nded in this manner. 4 sha11 3eep a1oo'.i3e 'ire and wind b+rnin% down the 'orest. 7eav indeed wi11 be the b1ows that the . i' it so be the debt 4 owe to D+r odhana 'or his 1ove and tr+st. And 4 sha11 then. B+t. and not charioteer born. And de'eatin% them. )o+ 'o+%ht the Girivra=as on his beha1' and de'eated them. it is c1ear that no one can attain in this wor1d what he deserves b his merit.F 2ven when Bhishma was morta11 wo+nded and 1a d in%. to be tr+e to m own 1inea%e.F Bhishma %ave his b1essin%s to !arna. %o to the 'orest. !arna. )o+ p+t down the !iratas o' the 7ima1a an 'astnesses 'or him. )o+ vanD+ished the !ambo=as 'or him. the !a+ravas res+med the batt1e. 4 who am not deemed b o+ as an adhiratha Amaster o' chariot war'areB wi11 ride m chariot and oppose those whom o+ deem to be o' %reater prowess than m se1'. i' o+ be de'eated and %o to the abode o' the brave.andavas now. deep1 h+rt at the %randsire's contempt. victor was certain. 4t is proper that o+ be'riend the .aras+rama. #his is m wish.F)o+ are 1i3e the %ood earth to the seeds. 4' o+ s1a the . was in some de%ree a11eviated. Discardin% the %randsire's words o' wisdom. $an more thin%s o+ have accomp1ished 'or him. 4 sha11 be %1ad.F !arna 1istened respect'+11 and rep1iedE FGrandsire 4 3now 4 am !+nti's son. who 3new a11 the 1aws o' ri%ht cond+ct and what !arna said. /ith the c1osin% o' m part in this war. sa1+tin% him. havin% received the benediction o' the %randsire. . %o. 4 have erred %reat1 in word and deed. the !a+rava 'orces 'e1t 1i3e sheep witho+t a shepherd when Bhishma no 1on%er 1ed them. #+rn o+r %racio+s e es on me and b1ess me. )o+ were the one boat on which the !a+rava princes depended 'or crossin% the '1ood o' their tro+b1es. brin% victor to D+r odhana.andavas wi11 now dea1 at the !a+ravas and %reat wi11 be their conseD+ent distress. Ar=+na and !rishna wi11 destro the arm o' !a+ravas. As a1read narrated. 'irm in o+r 1o a1t .. B+t 4 have eaten D+r odhana's sa1t and m+st be tr+e to him. ma the chapter o' o+r enmit a1so c1ose. 9ow he went on 'oot to Bhishma who 1a on his bed o' arrows waitin% 'or his end and. the men sho+tedE F& !arna. /hen the va1oro+s !arna entered the 'ie1d on his war chariot. 4t is impossib1e 'or me to %o over to the .F #he %reat achar a. vanD+isher o' . who had reached the s+mmit o' ri%ht 1ivin% and were an embodiment o' p+rit itse1'. addressed him th+sE FVeteran %randsire. o+ 1ie on the 'ie1d o' batt1e. who have accepted the command o' the 'orces. rep1iedE FDo re'1ect 'or a whi1e and then do as o+ wish. Serve D+r odhana and save him. $a o+ 1ead D+r odhana's 'orces to s+ccessI $a o+ have ever %ood 'ort+neI 6i%ht o+r enemies. with D+r odhana's consent.andavas and brin% victor to D+r odhana. D+rin% the 'irst ten da s when Bhishma 1ed the 'orces.F #h+s had !arna sworn and. mo+nted his chariot and rode to the batt1e'ie1d. 1i3e rain c1o+ds to 1ivin% bein%s. !arna had saidE FSo 1on% as o+ are +p 'i%htin%.ha1%+na and !rishna in prowess. D+r odhana's =o s 3new no bo+nds. the batt1e did not cease. )o+ m+st 'or%ive me 'or it a11 and %ive me o+r b1essin%s. at havin% 1ost Bhishma. ta3in% the 3in%'s 1eave. 4' o+. str+c3 down b Si3handin. . #his is certain. #herein 1ies the ri%ht path 'or o+ who are their brother. Deprived o' Bhishma's 1eadership. the son o' S+r a 3ept awa 'rom the batt1e. 4ndeed.F !arna. 7is sorrow. even as Bhishma 'e11 wo+nded. 3ept a1oo' 'rom the batt1e d+rin% the 'irst ten da s.

Dhrishtad +mna. made the !a+ravas 'ee1 as tho+%h the had a1read vanD+ished the enem . o+ are +nriva11ed amon% a11 those assemb1ed here in caste. Dronachar a was in command 'or 'ive da s o' the batt1e. ever one o' these prince1 warriors 'i%htin% on o+r side is %reat eno+%h to be p+t in char%e o' o+r 'orces as s+preme commander. 7e indeed is the %reatest o' a11 those that carr arms toda . %rona arrayed the army in circular formation# 'arna.andavas wo+1d be destro ed. in the presence o' the assemb1ed warriors and princes. i' an o' them be chosen. Abhiman +. ancestr .andava side in batt1e. Dr+pada and !asira=a and de'eated them on man occasions. stren%th. D+r odhana went to Dronachar a and. Bhima.F D+r odhana a%reed that this was the ri%ht thin% to do. #he praise o' co+rtiers and the so+nd o' tr+mpets that accompanied the ceremon . the teacher o' a11 these princes and warriors. Drona was insta11ed in d+e 'orm amidst th+ndero+s acc1amation. #he cannot a11 be p+t in =oint command and. he was ever where in the 'ie1d and disp1a ed the 'ierce ener% o' a o+n% warrior. #hereb we stand to s+''er.andava arm d+rin% the 'ive da s he was in command.E YUDHISHTHIRA A(IVE AS S&&9 AS Drona ass+med command o' the !a+rava 'orces D+r odhana. wisdom. B+t now that !arna was in the 'ie1d. ho had till then stood aside as no seen mo"ing about in his great chariot on the battlefield and this put ne courage and +oy into the hearts of the 'aura"a soldiers# #he ta13 went ro+nd in the arm that the %reat Bhishma did not wish to s1a the sons o' . FA11 these 3in%s are o' eD+a1 prowess. ancestr and wisdom. co+ra%e.andava 'orces were scattered 1i3e c1o+ds be'ore a +s there'ore insta11 him. it was certain that the . this arm wi11 be victorio+s. .F said !arna. <nder o+r command. bowed and addressed himE F:evered $aster. #ho+%h o' advanced ears. And D+r odhana went to Dronachar a to p+t it in operation. va1or. F/e11. So %reat was their enth+siasm and con'idence in Drona's 1eadership. each o' the others wo+1d 'ee1 h+rt and ma not p+t 'orth his who1e stren%th in the ca+se. and so it was decided. a%e. TO SEI. 76.and+ and there'ore had not p+t his who1e heart in the 'i%ht. Ar=+na. va1or and s3i11. as s+preme commander. 7e persona11 en%a%ed the %reatest warriors on the . 9o 3shatri a eD+a1s him in the D+a1ities reD+ired 'or 1eadin% o+r arm .F #he assemb1ed 3in%s received this proposa1 with 1o+d cheers and war cries that %1addened D+r odhana's heart. 7e 'o+%ht Sat a3i.7). /henever he 1ed an attac3. s3i11. 7e harassed and in'1icted severe p+nishment on the . DRONA IN COMMAND D<:)&D7A9A and !arna he1d co+nse1 as to who sho+1d be p+t in s+preme command o' the 'orces. 4 be% o' o+ to accept the s+preme command. So. m advice is that we insta11 Dronachar a. . !arna and D+hsasana sat in co+nci1 and decided on a p1an. 3now1ed%e o' sciences. ener% . the .

his +nriva11ed eminence in the art o' war and his va1or made it a most serio+s a''air.andavas. 'or he hated the ver idea o' s1a in% the .F Drona contin+ed. D+r odhana tho+%ht.F Drona was e0ceedin%1 %1ad and he said a%ainE F4ndeed )+dhishthira is the most 'ort+nate man on earth. %reat was his =o . And D+r odhana 3new that it wo+1d on1 mean the +tter de'eat o' his arm . nothin% wo+1d be %ained b it. has been =+sti'ied b o+r %reat decision. So has he won the hearts o' even enemies. he be%an to revea1 his rea1 intentions. he 1oved the sons o' !+nti and especia11 the p+re>minded )+dhishthira. not the '+1'i1ment o' the desires.F F4 see. dear D+r odhana. he co+1d s+re1 p1a on )+dhishthira's %oodness and his 1o a1t to the traditiona1 code o' 3shatri a cond+ct. B+t whatever the reason 'or it. F)o+ wish to de'eat the .FAchar a. 4t was prett certain he co+1d be drawn into the batt1e o' dice a%ain and sent to the 'orests once more. the achar a 1o a11 =oined the !a+rava side a%ainst the . And as soon as Drona acceded to his proposa1 and %ave his p1ed%e that he wo+1d do his best to capt+re )+dhishthira. FD+r odhana. and the an%er o' the . #en da s o' 'i%htin% had demonstrated to D+r odhana that '+rther 'i%htin% wo+1d on1 res+1t in the destr+ction o' the race. /hat then was the point in 3i11in% )+dhishthira@ &n the other hand. 4' o+ achieve this 'or +s. he 'e1t %reat1 re1ieved. #herea'ter. the war wo+1d end more speedi1 and victorio+s1 'or the !a+ravas. /hen even o+ have made +p o+r mind that he sho+1d not be 3i11ed b+t sho+1d be capt+red a1ive.andavas 3new that. /e desire nothin% more. what o+ intend. when he heard D+r odhana reD+est that )+dhishthira sho+1d be capt+red a1ive. he was %1ad that )+dhishthira was not to be 3i11ed.F B+t D+r odhana's motives in wishin% to ta3e )+dhishthira a1ive were 'ar di''erent.andava brothers. i' )+dhishthira was capt+red a1ive. #he news that Drona had %iven a so1emn ass+rance to D+r odhana that he wo+1d ta3e )+dhishthir a prisoner. #he %ods are showerin% their 'avors on !+nti's %ood son. #he batt1e wo+1d ra%e more 'ierce1 than be'ore. which the peop1e have %iven to !+nti's e1dest son. 4' )+dhishthira were s1ain.F /hen Drona heard D+r odhana address him th+s. his +nriva11ed %1or has become ten times enhanced. when the achar a was determined on somethin% and %ave his p1ed%ed word 'or e0ec+tin% it.andavas wo+1d be a11 the %reater. not even a tota1 victor . 4 see this c1ear1 'rom o+r desire to capt+re )+dhishthira a1ive. .andavas in batt1e and then %ive them their share in the 3in%dom and 1ive in peace and amit with them. FDo o+ too wish to abstain 'rom 3i11in% )+dhishthira@ 7ow it %1addens m heartI #r+1 . #he .andava arm . )+dhishthira is one witho+t an enem and the name A=atasatr+. the achar a was %reat1 disappointed and he c+rsed D+r odhana in his heart. we sha11 a11 be e0ceedin%1 satis'ied with o+r cond+ct o' the war. !rishna wo+1d sti11 remain a1ive and he wo+1d p+t either Dra+padi or !+nti in soverei%n possession o' the 3in%dom. was carried b their spies to the . ma o+ be b1essedIF the achar a said. to '+1'i1 his ob1i%ation. So. 2ven i' the 'i%ht were to be contin+ed re1ent1ess1 +nti1 both armies were destro ed. /hen D+r odhana made his motives c1ear to Drona. 2ven tho+%h. we desire that o+ sho+1d capt+re )+dhishthira a1ive and %ive him over to +s.

Ar=+na appeared on the batt1e'ie1d. and he withdrew admittin% de'eat. 7e c+t the . Drona was spea3in% to D+r odhana abo+t this. the earth r+mb1in% +nder the whee1s o' his chariot. 4t seemed as i'. B+t. and advanced at %reat speed. /hen their chariots bro3e. 7is %o1den chariot went 'orward. Sa1 a had his car smashed and his '1a% bro+%ht down. So a1so was there 'ierce 'i%htin% between Sat a3i and !ritavarma and between Virata and !arna. attac3ed the !a+rava arm with renewed ener% and bro3e its ran3s. drawn b 'o+r nob1e Sindh+ horses. THE T&E(FTH DAY #72 attempt to capt+re )+dhishthira a1ive 'ai1ed. 'rom o+t o' the %reat bow. 4 co+1d pierce the . Dhrishtad +mna tried to intercept Drona b+t in vain.andava arm 'ee1 as i' Drona was ever where at the same time showerin% arrows 1i3e rain and convertin% the batt1e'ie1d into a sta%e 'or the dance o' the God o' Death. 4t is no want o' interest on m part. Abhiman +'s va1or was a1so demonstrated as he 'o+%ht . #hen there was a %reat combat between Sa1 a and Bhimasena in which Sa1 a was de'eated and made to retire.andava arm in twain where Dhrishtad +mna stood. Between Bhima and Vivimsati there was a %reat batt1e in which chariots were bro3en on both sides. 6rom his Gandiva bow iss+ed a contin+o+s stream o' arrows. F4t is c1ear we cannot s+cceed in o+r e''orts to sei?e )+dhishthira so 1on% as Dhanan=a a is nearb . as it co+rsed swi't1 over the b1ood 'ie1d. then. the a1i%hted on the %ro+nd. who saw this. $an were the sin%1e combats amon% renowned warriors.andava 'orces 1i3e a 'ire b+rnin% +p dr 1o%s. /hen Drona saw this. 7e moved abo+t destro in% the . in the direction o' )+dhishthira. )+dhishthira answered with barbed arrows.a+rava. 4n the 'irst da 's batt1e +nder the 1eadership o' Drona. #he batt1e was stopped 'or the da and the !a+rava 'orces went to their camp in chastened mood. smi1in% most provo3in%1 a11 the time. S+dden1 . the achar a amp1 demonstrated his %reat s3i11 and ener% . !ritavarma. #here was a 'ierce batt1e between Sahadeva and Sa3+ni s3i11ed in i11+sion war'are. 1i3e two hi11s spr+n% to 1i'e and motion. he decided to restore 1ost mora1e b 1eadin% a strai%ht attac3 on )+dhishthira.So. )+dhishthira was not ta3en. 77. in the end. Between !ripachar a and Dhrishta3et+ there was a batt1e in which the 1atter was worsted. 'or Ar=+na had come on the scene. 'eathered with ea%1e>'eathers. 5a adratha and Sa1 a sin%1e>handed and made them withdraw. 7is rapid movements made the . B+t Drona did not mind. 9o one co+1d see the sha'ts ta3en o+t o' the D+iver or p1aced in position. Drona retreated. over bones and bodies 1 in% in heaps.andava arm .andava arm marched pro+d1 to camp and behind them wa13ed !esava A!rishnaB and Ar=+na conversin%. And. #he who1e arm sho+tedE F)+dhishthira has been ta3enIF So near came Drona. #he . #he !a+rava 'orces be%an to 1ose co+ra%e and the . the a1wa s too3 care to 1eave s+''icient protection a%ainst an s+rprise attac3 on )+dhishthira. #h+s c1osed the e1eventh da o' the batt1e. 4' b some strata%em we co+1d draw Ar=+na awa to some other part o' the 'ie1d. Drona he1d bac3. the str+c3 each other with maces and c1osed with one another in sin%1e combat. an +nendin% '1ood o' arrows iss+ed witho+t intermission. #he batt1e'ie1d was dar3ened b '1 in% missi1es. the soon %ot b+s and so arra ed the 'orces that )+dhishthira was never 1e't +ns+pported. )+dhishthira's bow was c+t down and Drona was comin% ver near. Sa1 a 'o+%ht his nephew 9a3+1a and harassed him e0ceedin%1 . /hatever movements mi%ht ta3e p1ace.

4t was a 'ierce 'i%ht. and sat be'ore the 'ire. and the made a p1an. 4' we '1ee in 'ear 'rom batt1e.F said )+dhishthira. A'ter a time. nothin% can happen to o+. brave. and went thro+%h '+nera1 %i'ts and ceremonies 'or themse1ves as i' a1read dead. Ar=+na approached the 1ar%e samsapta3a 'orce. the Gandiva.F F!in%. S+sarma and his men are ca11in% me to batt1e.F rep1ied Ar=+na. Ar=+na's attac3 be%an to te11 and the #ri%artas 'e11 in swathes be'ore him b+t S+sarma reminded them o' their oath. 7e 3nows no 'ati%+e and nothin% escapes his watch'+1 e es. F7rishi3esa. scattered death amon% the doomed #ri%artas. ma we be p+nished as 'or dead1 sinIF 7avin% ad=+red themse1ves th+s be'ore the sacred 'ire. standin% in s+pport o' o+. #he 'i%htin% was severe.andava 'ormations and capt+re )+dhishthira. 7avin% sworn terrib1e reso1ves.F said Ar=+na. Dhanan=a a@F sho+ted !rishna. 4t went here and it went there and wherever it went. tho+%h the 3now the %o to certain death. here is Sat a=it. #he reso1ved to ta3e the samsapta3a oath and cha11en%e Ar=+na to batt1e and draw him awa 'rom )+dhishthira's side. 4 am p1ed%ed to accept a cha11en%e th+s thrown o+t. then a1so we win indeed. to%ether with a 1ar%e 'orce. 7e has promised D+r odhana to ta3e me a1ive. #he b+rst o' b1ood in their compct ran3s was 1i3e the b+rst o' . F#here. reno+ncin% honor. the are reso1ved on 'i%htin% to the 1ast. Driven b $adh+s+dana A!rishnaB Ar=+na's chariot moved 1i3e 4ndra's car in the %reat war o' the %ods a%ainst the as+ras. #his was the #we1'th Da o' the %reat batt1e. it is +nworth to '1inch.ermit me to %o. .F FBrother be1oved.F So sa in% Ar=+na as3ed the .F #he samsapta3as cheered their 1eader. 4' he does that. stron% and s3i11ed in. 4 sha11 destro them a11 and ret+rn.F So spea3in% to his %reat charioteer. the %athered. ever branch o' archer . cheer'+1 +nder the into0ication o' their oath. the marched so+th 'or that was the direction o' Death. !eep that in mind and do whatever o+ thin3 'it. we have ta3en o+r oaths be'ore the 'ire and in the presence o' the who1e arm o' warriors. Accordin%1 .. FAre o+ a1ive. F7eroes. Ar=+na's %reat bow. dressed in matted %rass. do we not@F #he chie' o' the #ri%artadesa who heard Drona sa this ta13ed it over with his brothers. F o+ 3now Drona's intentions. Drive on. . Ar=+na t+rned to )+dhishthira and addressed him th+sE F!in%. 4ndeed the are '+11 o' the e0+1tation o' approachin% swar%a. see the #ri%artas standin%. At one time Ar=+na's car and '1a%po1e were immersed in dar3ness +nder the downpo+r o' arrows. and 'aced Ar=+na with the s+b1ime co+ra%e o' accepted deaths. and sho+ted F& Ar=+naIF cha11en%in% him to batt1e. and too3 their oathE F9ot ti11 we have 3i11ed Dhanan=a a wi11 we t+rn bac3. . the samsapta3as are ca11in% me to batt1e.ancha1a prince Sat a=it to stand %+ard b )+dhishthira's side and marched o'' 1i3e a h+n%r 1ion to meet the samsapta3as. 7e is a match1ess warrior.a1asa b1ossoms in a sprin%time 'orest. 4 promise to sei?e him and de1iver him to o+ provided he does not '1ee 'rom the batt1e. !rishna. 4t was a %reat s+icide sD+ad or%ani?ed to achieve what Drona had pointed o+t to be +s not 'a11 into p+b1ic ridic+1e. FAs 1on% as he is a1ive and b o+.

. #hen. 9a3+1a. FDo not be so con'ident.ancha1a prince Dhrishtad +mnaE F#he brahmana is comin% to sei?e me. See there. when we have p+t s+ch a heav b+rden on the achar a. Virata. Sat a=it made a char%e on Drona's car and there was a 'ierce combat in which Drona's 'i%+re ass+med the %rimness o' the Destro er. Satani3a's severed head ro11ed on the %ro+nd with the %o1den 3+nda1as shinin% in the ear1obes. See how their arm ree1s +nder Drona's b1ows. #he wron%s the have +nder%one are too %reat to be 'or%otten. )+dhishthira saw this movement and spo3e to the . were rep+1sed and a11 these %reat warriors had to retreat. /e sho+1d not stand id1 watchin%. another chie'. #he 'ie1d was '+11 o' severed 1imbs and head1ess bodies and presented a terrib1e spectac1e. another son o' Dr+pada. Sat a3i. )o+ have %rieved and h+mi1iated them at the %ame o' dice and o+ have 'orced them o+t to 1ive in the 'orest 'or 1on% ears. and p+11in% the strin% o' his Gandiva.oo3 a'ter the 'orces with vi%i1ance.F #he son o' Dr+pada did not wait 'or Drona to advance b+t marched 'orward in his car himse1' to meet Drona.F he said. F#he . )o+ tried to b+rn them a1ive. Drona %ave orders 'or a vio1ent assa+1t on the . Dronachar a avoided Dhrishtad +mna. r+shed mad1 +p to stop the achar a and 'o+%ht most desperate1 . Dr+pada. their arm has ra11ied and a11 their 'orces are 1eadin% a combined attac3 on Drona. Vri3a. )+dhaman +. Si3handin and <ttama+=as who came to p+sh Drona bac3.andavas are not to be so easi1 vanD+ished.andava 'orces at the point where )+dhishthira stood. 4n a moment. 'o11owed the attac3 b+t he too perished. At that moment.F +s proceed.ancha1a.andavas be inc1ined towards batt1e. "RAVE "HAGADATTA . 4t was 1i3e the :+dra dance o' disso1+tion. 4t wi11 not do an 1on%er to 1eave Drona +ns+pported. 'or we11 he 3new that his death was destined to be at his hands and that death was not et d+e. #he wi11 never s+rrender. As Ar=+na proceeded to oppose the samsapta3as. #he . And he whee1ed his chariot in another direction where Dr+pada was 1eadin% his 'orces. Satani3a. Dr+pada's 'orces s+''ered heav p+nishment at Drona's hands and b1ood '1owed in streams on the batt1e'ie1d. Great as he is. dischar%ed sha'ts that dispe11ed the arrow>shower.F !arna shoo3 his head. Si3handin. !etama. #he wi11 not s+rrender. then.F)es.andavas stood 'irm and answered Drona's attac3s with showers o' arrows. . there is a 1imit to the 1oad even he can carr . Vas+dhana r+shed 'orward to stop the advance o' Drona. #here. #hen. B+t. a prince o' . <ttama+=as. a%ain t+rned his attention to )+dhishthira. Dhrishta3et+ and other warriors have a11 come to protect )+dhishthira and are pressin% Drona hard. Drona was now a1most within reach o' )+dhishthira. $an a warrior was s1ain b him in s+ccession. Sat a3i. D+r odhana was de1i%hted and said e0+1tin%1 to !arnaE F:adhe a.ancha1 a. Drona. b+t he too 'e11 dead. Seein% this. as we11 as Sat a=it. !shatradharma. 'e11 dead. )+dhaman +. . see Bhima. do o+ see the va1or o' o+r mi%ht 1eader@ 9o more wi11 the .F rep1ied Ar=+na. son o' Virata. 2ven wo1ves combined in 1ar%e n+mbers can harass and 3i11 a mi%ht e1ephant. )o+ tried to poison and 3i11 them. he too was morta11 wo+nded and 'e11 'rom his chariot 1i3e a 'ai1in% star. marched a%ainst Drona.

B+t S+prati3a's t+s3 pierced Dasarna's beast in the side and it crashed down dead. /hen the e1ephants stampeded. Seein% the 3in% harassed in this manner. crashed into Bhimasena's chariot. #he e1ephant sei?ed the chariot with its %reat tr+n3 and 1i'tin% it hi%h dashed it +pside down. Bha%adatta was now attac3ed on a11 sides. 7e %ot be1ow the %reat and 'ierce e1ephant and showered b1ows on its vita1 points. b+t he did not 1ose heart. . and ri%htin% the chariot.andava side wo+1d be 1ed to attac3 Bha%adatta's e1ephant and enab1e him to %et awa . which res+1ted in scatterin% that section o' the !a+rava 'orces in 'ear and con'+sion. when Vri3odara somehow re1eased himse1' 'rom its ho1d and a%ain %ot be1ow. ca+sed e0ceedin% pain to the beast. #he e0c1aimedE FBhima is deadI Bha%adatta's e1ephant has cr+shed BhimasenaIF and the cr was repeated a11 over !+r+3shetra. 7e 3new a11 abo+t e1ephants. tr in% to throw o'' Bhimasena. '1 in% in wi1d panic. the $1echchha 3in% An%a marched a%ainst Bhimasena seated on a h+%e e1ephant. D+r odhana 1ed a 1ar%e e1ephant division a%ainst Bhima. 7e %ot +p on his renowned e1ephant S+prati3a and char%ed a%ainst Bhimasena. Dasarna's e1ephant was a1so a 'ierce beast and there was %reat batt1e between S+prati3a and Dasarna's e1ephant. who was stic3in% to its 1e%s and attc3in% it 'rom be1ow. #he %i%antic beast r+shed 'orward with widespread ears and twir1in% tr+n3.D:&9A made man attempts to ta3e )+dhishthira prisoner. )+dhishthira heard the cr and. :esp1endent on his e1ephant. Bhima was th+s %ainin% time in the hope that some e1ephant on the . Sat a3i =+mped o+t o' the chariot in time to save himse1'. 7is charioteer disp1a ed %reat a%i1it and s3i11 and saved the vehic1e as we11 as the horses. 7e sent crescent>headed sha'ts and tore down D+r odhana's '1a% and c+t down his bow even as he he1d it in his hand. the 3in% o' . B+t Bhima escaped b =+mpin% o'' the car in the nic3 o' time. #he 3in% o' Dasarna char%ed a%ainst Bha%adatta. b+t 'ai1ed. B+t. bein% hidden in between the beast's 1e%s.andava arm cheered when the saw Bhima a1ive. he shone 1i3e a 'orest 'ire on a hi11. #he %reat beast %ot mad and whir1ed ro+nd 1i3e a potter's whee1. Bhima emer%ed 'rom be1ow S+prati3a and ran o+t sa'e. horses and vehic1e were an +nreco%ni?ab1e mass. he drove his beast on Sat a3i's chariot. B+t Bhima sent sha'ts that 1aid the e1ephant 1ow and 3i11ed the $1echchha 3in%. the brave Bha%adatta %rew indi%nant. in between its 1imbs and stic3in% to the e1ephant's +nder>re%ions. the so1diers tho+%ht Bhima was s1ain. Seein% this %reat con'+sion and the scatterin% o' the !a+rava 'orces in a11 directions. And in an instant. 4%norin% the enemies aro+nd him. the horses a1so too3 'ri%ht and tho+sands o' 'ootmen were tramp1ed +nder the 'eet o' the e1ephants and the horses. thin3in% Bhima was s1ain. drove it to where Sat a3i stood. Bhima de'ended himse1' 'rom his chariot with we11>aimed arrows.ra%= otisha. 4t bent down and ca+%ht Bhima b its tr+n3 and was abo+t to cr+sh him +nder its 3nees. At that moment. +r%ed the 'orces to destro Bha%adatta. when Bhima disappeared 'rom view. And the .

As soon as Ar=+na's car was seen. /ith ears spread o+t ri%id in an%er and tr+n3 e0tended in 'ront.andava arm . Drive to where Drona is en%a%in% )+dhishthira. Ar=+na met it with a sha't 'rom his bow and bro3e it into two. stop. which compe11ed S+sarma to t+rn bac3.andava 'orces ra11ied and soon Ar=+na reached the 1ines where Bha%adatta was. Bha%adatta's e1ephant. #his 3in% o' . a =ave1in came h+rt1in% at Ar=+na and another towards 5anardana. the dischar%ed sha'ts at Ar=+na's chariot.ra%= otisha is terrib1e with his e1ephant.andava arm . Ar=+na bent his bow e0c1aimin%E FBha%adatta. o+r 'ormation seems bro3en and o+r men are in need o' immediate re1ie'. Bhimasena. A %reat c1o+d o' d+st rose 'rom the 'ie1d where this %reat e1ephant batt1e ra%ed. #he e1ephant stretched o+t its tr+n3 and b1ew o+t a vio1ent spra o' m+c+s that scared the horses o' Bhima's chariot and the bo1ted in wi1d '1i%ht and the charioteer co+1d not chec3 them. B+t Vas+deva's s3i11 avoided the shoc3. and has no eD+a1 in that 3ind o' war'are.Bha%adatta's e1ephant wro+%ht %reat havoc in the . the . ta3e o+r 1ast 1oo3 at the wor1d and prepare 'or deathIF . renewed his attac3 on Bha%adatta. 7e 'eared thin%s had %one wron% and said to !rishnaE F$adh+s+dana.F At the same time. #he 1ost no more time b+t drove D+ic31 to where Bha%adatta was doin% havoc. /e m+st proceed at once and save the sit+ation.andava arm be'ore him. chariots and so1diers and wro+%ht destr+ction a11 over the . /e have p+nished these samsapta3as eno+%h. #he sha'ts h+r1ed at it seemed on1 to incense it more.F !rishna drove the chariot accordin%1 towards the main batt1e'ront. to the north o' +s. this is the cr o' S+prati3a. stri3in% terror wherever it went. /i1d with an%er. :ead=+stin% his he1met. 1i3e 4ndra on Airavata when he 'o+%ht the as+ras. Ar=+na was o' two minds. Bha%adatta stood on its bac3. Bha%adatta drove the so1diers o' the . Bha%adatta then dischar%ed another =ave1in that str+c3 Dhanan=a a's he1met. Ar=+na saw this 'rom where he was 'i%htin% the samsapta3as and he a1so heard the t+m+1t created b Bha%adatta's e1ephant.F /hi1e Ar=+na was ponderin% th+s. Bha%adatta attac3ed Ar=+na on S+prati3a 1i3e the Destro er incarnate. Ar=+na sent three we11>aimed sha'ts. b+t there. each time the beast char%ed. F7ere is S+sarma cha11en%in% me to batt1e and 4 hated dec1inin% this 3ind o' invitation. 7e is s+re to de'eat and con'o+nd o+r men. the %reat beast tramp1ed +pon n+mero+s horses. B+t Ar=+na's arrows bro3e the e1ephant's armor and be%an to h+rt the beast. S+sarma and his brothers came +p behind the chariot and sho+ted FStop. h+r1in% warriors abo+t and 3i11in% them in %reat n+mber.i3e a herdsman in the 'orest drivin% the catt1e where he wo+1d. Bha%adatta showered arrows on Ar=+na and !rishna. eD+ippin% himse1' once a%ain with a chariot. . Bha%adatta saw that his e1ephant co+1d no 1on%er stand the attac3 and he h+r1ed a =ave1in at !rishna.

And his 1o+d command went in vain even as the words o' man. o+ do not +nderstand. Ar=+na's sha'ts tore the si13en nap3in that bo+nd +p the 'o1ds o' the a%ed 3in%'s 'orehead and he was b1inded at once b his own han%in% wrin31es. 4t wo+1d have 3i11ed Ar=+na. 8har%ed with the mantra o' Vishn+. 4t was sent with dead1 aim and char%ed with the Vaishnava mantra. Soon. are disre%arded b his wi'e. /hen deprived o' a11 his weapons. 4n those da s. F. FBe1oved Ar=+na. his %o1den nec31ace shinin% 1i3e '1owers on the +prooted tree. B+t it is rea11 m own thin% and came bac3 to its 1aw'+1 owner. Sa3+ni was '+11 o' an%er when he saw his brave and incomparab1e brothers 1 in% dead on the 'ie1d. how is it o+ have o''ered o+rse1' as a tar%et 'or the enem 's missi1e@ )o+ said o+ wo+1d be charioteer and 1eave a11 the 'i%htin% to me. so o1d was he that the s3in h+n% 1oose down over his e es and he had tied its 'o1ds over his 'orehead with a si13 3erchie' so that the mi%ht not inter'ere with his si%ht.F said Ar=+na to this %reat man and h+r1ed at him sha'ts that bro3e his bow. #hen. 4ndeed. b+t it stood star3 ri%id. 4t sett1ed on his chest as a shinin% nec31ace. . #he poet sa s that the bodies o' these two va1iant heroes who did not '1ee when the rest '1ed. Sa3+ni's brothers Vrisha and Acha1a tried their best to oppose Ar=+na and attac3ed him in 'ront and rear. shattered his D+iver and pierced the =oints o' his armor. shed a stran%e 1+stre a11 aro+nd. And Bha%adatta 'e11 1i3e a %reat tree in a storm. witho+t 3i11in% the beast. . #his sha't wo+1d have 3i11ed o+ i' it had hit o+. $en %ave him the tit1e '6riend o' 4ndra' in reco%nition o' his %reatness. B+t their chariots were soon dashed to pieces and the were themse1ves stric3en dead on the 'ie1d 1i3e two 1ion c+bs.ord's =ewe11ed %ar1and ro+nd his nec3.oo3 aro+nd 'or the 1ast time.i3e a %reat hi11 the e1ephant stood ri%id 'or a moment and then it s+dden1 san3 down drivin% its t+s3s into the earth and ie1ded +p the %host with an a%onised sD+ea1.artha sent an arrow that entered the head o' Bha%adatta's e1ephant as a serpent enters into the anthi11. a11 warriors wore heav armor and the secret o' hittin% wea3 points s+ch as =oints and movin% parts was specia11 st+died b 3shatri as and was an important part o' mi1itar trainin%. #he both 1oo3ed m+ch a1i3e and eD+a11 nob1e in appearance. F5anardana.Bha%adatta was a veteran o' ver advanced a%e. #he !a+rava 'orces 'e11 into +tter con'+sion. Bha%adatta was not more renowned 'or va1or than 'or p+rit o' character and cond+ct and was one o' the most i11+strio+s amon% the brave men o' his time. 7is %re hair and the wrin31es on his nob1e o1d 'ace %ave him the intrepid appearance o' a 1ion. Ar=+na was somewhat %rieved at the death o' the nob1e anima1 and 'or his not havin% been ab1e to s1a Bha%adatta. b+t !rishna came in between and presented himse1' as a tar%et 'or the missi1e. . who has 1ost his wea1th. Bha%adatta h+r1ed his e1ephant %oad at Ar=+na. a sharp crescent>headed sha't came and pierced his chest. Bha%adatta tried to +r%e his %reat beast 'orward. 7ow co+1d o+ do this@F protested Ar=+na. it co+1d not h+rt Vishn+ b+t =+st became the .F !rishna said and 1a+%hed.

B+t Ar=+na's stro3es bro3e a11 the charms and rendered them +se1ess. where the were arra ed to the so+th o' the main batt1e'ront. FD+r odhana. )o+ 3now o+ can do it and no one e1se. which had 1ost heavi1 . )+dhishthira ca11ed Abhiman + and said to himE FDear son. 9o one amon% +s has been ab1e to brea3 Drona's arra . 8he3itana. in which he was s3i11ed.andava 'orces then attac3ed Drona's arm and wro+%ht %reat havoc ti11 the s+nset. And 4 am devisin% wa s to attain this ob=ective. D+r odhana went to Dronachar a in a state o' bitterness and an%er.F rep1ied Abhiman +. #he .F Dronachar a was e0ceedin%1 h+rt b this ins+1tin% insin+ation. on the other band. Srin=a as and man others opposed him. Abhiman +. As 1on% as Ar=+na is present. 4 have to1d o+ that a1read . )o+ entertain tho+%hts +nworth o' a 3in%. i' we sho+1d be de'eated in his absence. B+t i' a'ter 'orcin% m wa . Dronachar a is attac3in% o+r arm %reat1 . 4 cannot +nderstand what ma3es it hard 'or o+ to carr o+t o+r promise to me. s+pportin% )+dhishthira. and to me the events o' esterda are ine0p1icab1e. Dhrishtad +mna.F #h+s did Drona nob1 conD+er his =+st an%er and see3 to com'ort D+r odhana in his distress. he addressed him th+s in the presence o' a 1ar%e n+mber o' %enera1sE F2steemed brahmana. was in hi%h spirits and its warriors %athered ro+nd camp'ires in cheer'+1 ta13 and praise o' Ar=+na and the other heroes. Bhima. #he . he wi11 be %rieved be ond meas+re. as 'ast as his horses co+1d bear him. A'ter the c+stomar sa1+tation. 4 as3 o+ to ta3e +p this tas3.F . the !e3a as. Sat a3i. )et. son o' Ar=+na and S+bhadra. Drona rearran%ed his arm in 1ot+s 'ormation and attac3ed )+dhishthira 'ierce1 .F he said. i' o+ had rea11 wished to ta3e him no one co+1d have prevented o+. F4 am p+ttin% 'orth on o+r be ha1' a11 the stren%th and s3i11 4 possess. and the twe1'th da 's 'i%ht ended. B+t their resistance seemed para1 sed b the vio1ence o' Drona's o''ensive. Virata. Si3handin. 4t is on1 i' we mana%e some how to %et Ar=+na o+t o' the batt1e'ie1d that we can hope to carr o+t this p1an as o+ desire. Ar=+na is absent and. )+dhishthira was D+ite within o+r reach esterda and. it is not possib1e 'or +s to sei?e him. &n the thirteenth da . F4 have been instr+cted b m 'ather how to penetrate this 'ormation and can certain1 do so. !+ntibho=a. bein% as et +ninstr+cted in the art o' e0trication.) ne0t mornin%. Drona %ave orders to cease 'i%htin% and the !a+rava 'orces. /hen Dhanan=a a 1e't the main 'ront 'or meetin% the samsapta3as.F F4 can do it. o+ did not ta3e him.7e attac3ed Ar=+na 'ierce1 and +sed a11 the weapons o' i11+sion. 4 sha11 be at a 1oss what to do. it sho+1d +n'ort+nate1 become necessar 'or me to come o+t. b+t had a1read won reco%nition as a mi%ht man>at arms even as the eD+a1 o' his 'ather and +nc1e in batt1e. A"HIMANYU 2A:. was sti11 ado1escent.andava arm . )+dhaman +. And Sa3+ni had to 1eave the 'ie1d. who had 1ed them to victor . the samsapta3as a%ain cha11en%ed Ar=+na to batt1e and he accordin%1 went to attac3 them. #he batt1e that was 'o+%ht between the samsapta3as and Ar=+na was the 'iercest that ever had been seen or heard o' ti11 that da . <ttama+=as. Veri1 %reat men are not +nderstandab1e. Ghatot3acha. 79. retired in s+11en de=ection to their camp. Dr+pada.

am 4 not@ /hich other has that advanta%e@ 6ear dares not approach meI #hese enemies here have not a si0teenth part o' m stren%th.F Bhimasena s+pported )+dhishthira's proposa1E F4 sha11 be immediate1 behind o+ and enter when o+ s+cceed in brea3in% the enem 's 'ormation. swords. spears. #here was a ripp1e in the !a+rava ran3s which bent +nder his head1on% ons1a+%ht. arrows.F Abhiman + tho+%ht o' his 'ather and !rishna. maces. brea3 this impre%nab1e 'ormation and open a passa%e 'or +s. #he achar a is +nriva11ed in s3i11 and e0perience.FVa1iant bo . and impe11ed b his own %a11ant nat+re. F)+dhishthira has p1aced a ver %reat b+rden on o+r o+n% sho+1ders.ancha1as. #hin3 we11 be'ore o+ pierce Drona's arra and enter. +ndertoo3 the advent+re. F.andava warriors co+1d 'orce their wa in accordin% to p1an and Abhiman + was a1oneI !a+rava warriors opposed him. the !e3a as and the 'orces o' $ats adesa. see Drona's '1a% '1 in% thereI Drive strai%ht and 'ast to that point.F the tho+%ht and be%an to 1ose heart. #he !a+rava warriors were pert+rbed as the saw Abhiman +'s chariot approach them with %reat speed. be'ore the other . covered the 'ie1d. . So a1so wi11 Dhrishtad +mna. one a'ter another. Do not hesitate.F said )+dhishthira and b1essed the o+th. the 'ormation was breached and Abhiman + entered. FS+mitra. have not his 1on% ears to bac3 it. 4 am !rishna's nephew and son o' Ar=+na. #he bend soon became a brea3 and +nder Drona's ver e es. As the %o1den chariot to which were o3ed bea+ti'+1 o+n% horses approached. b+t the 'e11 1i3e moths in the 'ire. Bows. conchs. a1on% with severed heads and 1imbs o' s1ain warriors. the . F$a the %ods protect o+IF said the charioteer. Drive 'ast towards Drona's division. Abhiman + r+shed on. 6ee1in% enco+ra%ed b what had been said b Bhimasena and )+dhishthira. shie1ds. =ave1ins. Sat a3i. /e sha11 a11 brea3 in o+r wa3e. /e sha11 be with o+ to 'ace an dan%er and no D+estion can arise o' o+r havin% to come o+t.F F$a o+r prowess %row.F Abhiman + smi1ed and rep1iedE F6riend. And the bodies o' so1diers 1a strewn on the 'ie1d 1i3e !+sa %rass on the sacri'icia1 p1at'orm. . a0es. F4 sha11 p1ease m %reat 'ather and m va1or be sta3ed on this.F said Abhiman + to his charioteer. Abhiman +'s sha'ts searched the wea3 points in the armor o' his enemies. 3in% o' the Sindh+s. the so1diers in the !a+rava arm sho+tedE FAbhiman + is cornin%I 7e has comeIF #he . pieces o' harness.i3e a o+n% 1ion on a herd o' e1ephants. whips. tho+%h his eD+a1 in va1or.andavas 'o11owed Abhiman + c1ose behind him.F #he charioteer obe ed. /e sha11 do the rest and smash the !a+rava arm . F7ere is one %reater in va1or than Ar=+na. whi1e o+. F6aster. chaiot canopies. &n1 brea3 the 'ormation as o+ a1one can do.F he said with enth+siasm. B+t the breach c1osed +nder the inspiration o' 5a adratha. 'asterIF +r%ed Abhiman + as the sped a1on%.

B+t. #he chariots o' Abhiman + and D+hsasana made wonder'+1 movement a%ainst each other and the batt1e ra%ed 1on%. the mana%ed to resc+e the 3in% 'rom the bo >hero who %reat1 disappointed at the escape o' D+r odhana. s+rro+nded b enemies on a11 sides. throwin% awa a11 sense o' shame and chiva1r . /ith %reat di''ic+1t . eD+ipped with a11 arms. Sa1 a's brother came +p in %reat wrath to aven%e his brother's dis%race b+t he 'e11 and his chariot was bro3en to pieces. Dronachar a's e es were 'i11ed with tears o' a''ectionate admiration. Sa1 a was bad1 wo+nded and sat. Sa1 a and man other %reat warriors in their chariots. s+r%ed in attac3 on the o+n% hero. in the hearin% o' F#he achar a's partia1it 'or Ar=+na prevents him 'rom 3i11in% Abhiman +. as 'ire destro s a dr =+n%1e in s+mmer. Fand he sin%s his praises instead o' 'i%htin% him. Asma3a rode his chariot at %reat speed a%ainst Abhiman +'s. and his charioteer =+st mana%ed to drive awa 'rom the 'ie1d savin% D+hsasana's 1i'e.Seein% the destr+ction wro+%ht b Abhiman +. #he !a+rava 'orces. Drona. havin% 1eant that the 3in% himse1' was en%a%ed in batt1e with Abhiman +. wo+1d it ta3e him 1on% to do itIF &'ten did D+r odhana s+spect and comp1ain in this manner a%ainst Bhishma and Drona. vented his an%er on the warriors that had come to resc+e him and p+t them to head1on% '1i%ht. !arna attac3ed Abhiman + with his sha'ts and harassed him %reat1 . became an0io+s and sent veterans to protect D+r odhana. who 'o+nd himse1' a1one. D+r odhana was wroth and r+shed in person to oppose the o+th'+1 warrior. a1one and +ns+pported. ba''1ed and bro3en. his +nc1e. THE DEATH OF A"HIMANYU . Abhiman +@F e0c1aimed Drona to !ripa. #h+s did Abhiman +. were comp1ete1 demora1ised. Abhiman + sent his sha'ts and disposed o' him in no time. he was o'ten 1ed to spea3 in this manner and h+rt the 'ee1in%s o' the achar as who stood 1o a11 b him. !arna's armor was pierced. even when the saw the wic3edness o' his wa s. B+t smi1in%. Aswatthama. Sa3+ni. Drona. F/as there ever a 'i%hter to eD+a1 this bo D+r odhana who co+1d not contain his an%er. 8!. when the saw this. the poet sa s. not carin% 'or Drona's sho+ts o' remonstrance. 7avin% +nderta3en a war o' adharma. !ripa. 4ndeed. in his chariot. D+hsasana roared in an%er and e0c1aimin%E F#his obstinate 1ad wi11 perish nowIF 1ed his chariot 'orward to attac3 Abhiman +. B+t one o' Abhiman +'s arrows 'e11ed !arna's bow and the o+n% warrior 'o11owed +p this advanta%e so vi%oro+s1 that he p+t !arna and his s+pporters to '1i%ht. D+hsasana was str+c3 sense1ess in his car. And Abhiman + destro ed those that stood. Ar=+na's son withstood this +nited o+s1a+%ht. Seein% this. !arna.F D+r odhana said. oppose a host o' veteran warriors and show the s3i11 in the +se o' arms which he had 1earnt 'rom his i11+strio+s 'ather and 'rom Vas+deva. #hen. even as on a11 sides a roc3 receives the risin% tide o' the sea. i' the achar a were minded to dispose o' Abhiman +. a 1ar%e n+mber o' veteran warriors made a combined and sim+1taneo+s attac3 on the hero. on1 to be dashed bac3. #he arm was in con'+sion and men '1ed in a11 directions. +nab1e to move.

andavas 'rom enterin% in Abhiman +'s wa3e. his sha't came swi't and shinin%. As he stood da+nt1ess 1i3e 3shatri a dharma incarnate. Aswatthama. 1i3e rain 'a11in% on a hi11. retreatin% so1diers came bac3 and s+pported .a3shmana. . 5a adratha. Sti11. Bhimasena's arrows made dead1 wor3. he he1d his own a%ainst the n+mero+s warriors who had s+rro+nded him. !arna. then char%ed on Abhiman +. #he o+n% hero was th+s iso1ated and s+rro+nded b the !a+rava 'orces. #h+s disab1ed.#72 . 4t seemed to them as i' his 'eet did not rest on earth and he was on win%s. Brihatba1a and !ritavarma c1osed +pon Abhiman +. #he handsome o+th.andavas 'o+nd it impossib1e to 'orce their wa in. and the si0 %reat warriors. the o+n% warrior stood on the 'ie1d. B+t the Saindhava. prevented the . #hen Abhiman + bent down and ta3in% +p one o' his chariot whee1s and whir1in% it 1i3e a disc+s. )+dhishthira h+r1ed a =ave1in and c+t 5a adratha's bow.a3shmana. crashin% down the canop and '1a%sta'' o' 5a adratha's car. in the air.a3shmana. #he !a+rava arm ree1ed +nder Abhiman +'s ons1a+%hts. with a s3i11 that con'o+nded them. disappeared be'ore his arrows.F #he son o' S+r a did accordin%1 . . with sword and shie1d. #he son o' S+bhadra was however +nda+nted. B+t Dhritarashtra's son>in>1aw 5a adratha. B+t in an instant.F said Drona to !arna. 1a dead on the 'ie1d and the !a+rava so1diers were 'i11ed with %rie'. Dorna.andavas. /hen the saw this.F sho+ted D+r odhana. Disab1e him th+s and attac3 him 'rom behind. a %a11ant o+n% warrior. the %a11ant 3in% o' the Sindh+s. he 'i11ed the warriors aro+nd with ama?ement. F#o he11 with the wic3ed Abhiman +. had c1ose1 'o11owed Abhiman + when he bro3e into the !a+rava 'ormation. the Saindhava too3 +p another bow and sent +nerrin% sha'ts at Dharmap+tra.i3e rivers 1osin% themse1ves in the ocean. stood +p 'acin% a11 the enemies that s+rro+nded him. with st+bborn va1or. 'acin% his enemies. and the 1atter had to %o into Sat a3i's car. 1i3e a serpent 'resh>s1o+%hed. !ripa. !arna's sharp arrows tore his shie1d into bits. FAim at the reins o' his horses and c+t them o''. proceedin% accordin% to p1an. 7e 'o+%ht 'ierce1 1i3e a second Vishn+ with the disc+s. each time his eD+ipment was bro3en. 7e attac3ed a11 the warriors aro+nd him and s1ew them in %reat n+mber. showerin% arrows on Abhiman +.andavas with a11 his 'orces and enab1ed the breach in the 'ormation to be e''ective1 and so1id1 c1osed +p. /hir1in% his sword. Ar=+na's son was +nda+nted and. 4n this manner. 7is horses and charioteer were 3i11ed. Drona sent a sha't that bro3e Abhiman +'s sword. #he d+st 'rom the chariot whee1 covered him and the poet sa s it enhanced the nat+ra1 bea+t o' the o+n% hero. F4t is impossib1e to pierce this o+th's armor. Abhiman +'s bow was bro3en b a sha't dischar%ed 'rom behind. with bea+ti'+1 nose and e ebrows and hair. 7e 3i11ed Bhima's chariot horses. the so1diers that went to attac3 him. swooped down +pon the . was a1ert and rearmed himse1'. and pierced . D+r odhana's son . so that the .

instead. o+ sho+1d be ashamed b+t.F F)o+ are wise and a 3nower. 7avin% committed a most wic3ed deed. #hese 1ives wi11 m+1tip1 and soon their n+mber wi11 be be ond the capacit o' the earth to bear. FAnd. Aswatthama and D+r odhana and who was 1i3e a destro in% 'ire to enem 'orces. A FATHER'S GRIEF )<D74S7#74:A was p1+n%ed in sorrow. !nowin% the nat+re o' death. in m desire 'or victor 4 p+shed to the batt1e'ront this bo . whenever the were in %reat sorrow. sin%1e>handed wor3ed havoc in the !a+rava arm . F#his is i%nob1e. #he sa%e was received with a11 honor and )+dhishthira.F he an%ri1 cried. #his o+n% son o' Dhritarashtra 'eared sin. he who in batt1e overcame Drona. D+iverin% 1i3e a cow bereaved o' her ca1'@ 7ow can 4 +tter to them vain words o' so1ace that serve no p+rpose@ #r+1 . FSo1diers.B+t soon. b1ind to the dan%er that is imminent. saidE F4 have tried ver hard to 'ind peace o' mind. Brahma contro11ed the %reat 'ire and s+bd+ed it into the 1aw that is 3nown to morta1s as Death.F #h+s was )+dhishthira 1amentin% in histent. 8 . #here seems to be no wa o' copin% with this. Both went down to%ether b+t D+hsasana's son rose a%ain and. 7e was their %reat teacher as we11 as %randsire. . the son o' Dhritarashtra. havin% 3i11ed him. instead o' protectin% him d+rin% the absence o' his 'ather. 4t was a1wa s the c+stom with V asa to come and com'ort the . Veri1 . ordained 'or the %ood o' the wor1d. #hen :+dra came and p1eaded 'or a11a in% this destr+ctive 'ire.F V asa proceeded to conso1e the bereaved Dharmap+traE F/hen Brahma created 1ivin% bein%s. FS+bhadra's son who. Aro+nd him were sittin% warriors. b+t 4 am +nab1e to 'ind it. So he appeared now be'ore )+dhishthira. str+c3 him with his mace and 3i11ed him. 2ven the birds o' pre . Death is th+s an inescapab1e 1aw o' e0istence. s+ch as war or sic3ness or accident and 3eeps the ba1ance between birth and death. o+ have 'or%otten o+r code. & warrior that made D+hsasana '1ee in 'ear. it is not ri%ht that o+ sho+1d %rieve 1i3e the +n1earned. )+ +ts+. was th+s overpowered b n+mbers and 3i11ed cr+e11 . si1ent in sorrow'+1 tho+%ht o' the va1or o' the o+th'+1 hero and his cr+e1 death. ambition destro s the +nderstandin% o' men. whi1e Abhiman + was str+%%1in% to his 'eet. are o+ dead@ /hat then is there 'or me to 'i%ht 'or or win@ /h do we want 3in%dom now@ /hat words o' com'ort can 4 o''er to Ar=+na@ And what sha11 4 sa to S+bhadra. 1oo3in% 'or hone . #his 1aw o' the creator ta3es man 'orms. 4 have 3i11ed Ar=+na's be1oved son. 1i3e an e1ephant in a 1i1 pond.i3e the 'oo1 who.andavas. #he son o' D+hsasana came +p then and c1osed with him in morta1 combat.F said V asa. did not approve o' a11 this. whose 1i'e was a11 be'ore him in 1ove and =o . #here is no 'oo1 1i3e me in the wor1d. )+ +ts+ threw his weapon awa in dis%+st and 1e't the batt1e'ie1d. the combined ons1a+%ht o' the warriors that s+rro+nded him overpowered him. b+t he was a %ood man and spo3e o+t his mind. o+ reve1 in 'oo1ish =o .F So sa in%.F said San=a a to Dhritarashtra. Fand it is not meet that o+ sho+1d a11ow o+rse1' to be 1ost in %rie' in this manner. havin% made him sit. #his tho+%ht o' Brahma %rew into a '1ame which became bi%%er and bi%%er +nti1 it threatened to destro a11 creation at once. o+r peop1e danced aro+nd his dead bod 1i3e sava%e h+nters e0+1tin% over their pre . F7e has %one to the s1eep that 3nows no wa3in%. that circ1ed overhead ma3in% noises seemed to cr '9ot th+sI' '9ot th+sI' F /hi1e there was b1owin% o' conchs and cries o' victor a11 over the !a+rava arm . #he chariot whee1 was shattered to pieces. A11 %ood men in the arm were %rieved and tears ro11ed 'rom their e es. 4t is not tr+e . 'a11s into a precipito+s pit be1ow and is destro ed. o+ sho+t bra?en cries o' victor . 7is words were not sweet in the !a+rava ears. he was 'i11ed with an0iet .

!rishna. .F /hen he heard the '+11 stor . Stop %rievin% and in'+se co+ra%e and 'ortit+de into the hearts o' the others. Bhimasena.F A'ter sa in% these words o' so1ace. #his is stran%e behavior on their part. 4 wonder i' an ca1amit has happened to )+dhishthira. As the approached the camp. #here is no reason to pit those who pass awa .F FDo not be concerned abo+t )+dhishthira. has attained the happ re%ions above which %re haired veterans earn to reach in batt1e. &h. Did Abhiman + 'orce his wa in@ 4' so. 4' o+ %ive wa to %rie' in this inordinate wa . Dhanan=a a and !rishna were proceedin% towards their camp a'ter de'eatin% and s1a in% the samsapta3as. Do o+ thin3 m brothers are sa'e@ 4 am con'+sed. $ mo+th 'ee1s parched and m heart is tro+b1ed with a %reat 'orebodin% o' 1oss. #he o+th'+1 hero did accordin%1 and bro3e the %reat 'ormation and made his wa in. Dhrishtad +mna and %reat Sat a3i have a11 o' o+ a11owed the son o' S+bhadra to be s1ain b the enem @ A1asI /hat com'ort sha11 4 %ive to S+bhadra@ /hat sha11. han% down their heads and avoid m si%ht. 7ow is it Abhiman + does not r+n o+t to meet +s toda as +s+a1. !rishna Dwaipa ana retired. has m dear bo indeed become )ama's %+est@ )+dhishthira. and s1ew him. F/h are o+ a11 wearin% sad 'aces@ 4 do not see Abhiman + here. Abhiman +'s end is indeed the prescribed and m+ch desired %oa1 o' a11 3shatri as. seein% me 'rom a distance.F Dhanan=a a desired to be to1d the '+11 stor o' his brave son's end and )+dhishthira re1ated itE F4 incited Abhiman + to enter the enem 's 'ormation. /e went behind him accordin% to p1an. #he so1diers. Ar=+na was a%ain over whe1med b %rie' and he 'e11 on the %ro+nd in a swoon. /e ma have reason indeed to %rieve 'or those who remain.F7e and o+r other brothers are sa'e. '$a3e o+r wa into the 1ot+s arra and we sha11 'o11ow immediate1 behind o+. 'or 4 did not teach him how to ma3e his wa o+t o' that 'ormation.' 4 said. 4 sa to Dra+padi@ And what so1ace can be %iven to <ttara and who sha11 %ive it@F Vas+deva spo3e to his stric3en 'riend. bo as he was. Somethin% ma3es me a'raid. Death is ever the companion o' those who have ta3en +p the pro'ession o' arms and %o into batt1e. shame on 3shatri as who co+1d do thisI A crowd o' redo+btab1e warriors hemmed him in. that dared not meet his. the ha1ted and did the evenin% pra ers. FA1as. Born as 3shatri as we have to 1ive and die b weapons.F &n the wa . FGovinda. o+r brothers and other 3in%s wi11 1ose heart. Fdo not %ive wa th+s to %rie'. 7e ca+sed the breach in the 'ormation to be c1osed +p at once and we 'o+nd o+rse1ves +nab1e to 'o11ow Abhiman +. 4 'ear %reat1 . 9o one amon% o+ co+1d pierce it as 'ar as 4 3now. B+t. the wic3ed 5a adratha came and e''ective1 stopped +s. and downcast e es. =+st then. 7as he been s1ain indeed@F /hen their mo+rn'+1 si1ence. 4 do not 3now wh . the proceeded to the camp. determined not to retreat. Ar=+na's premonitions o' ca1amit increased. had con'irmed his worst 'ears. Fb+t m mind is not at ease.F he said. F5anardana. accompanied b his brothers@F #he entered the camp.wisdom to be impatient with Death or to %rieve immoderate1 'or those who die. Abhiman +. /arriors m+st be ever read to die o+n%. the bereaved 'ather b+rst into heart>bro3en 1amentation. #his %reat deed o' o+rs wi11 p1ease the hearts o' o+r 'ather and o+r +nc1e. and then. #he Sindh+ 3ept +s o+t. 6or 4 3new that he a1one co+1d do it amon% a11 o' +s.F rep1ied !rishna. FBe1oved Ar=+na. th+s iso1ated. & $adhava. we do not hear the +s+a1 a+spicio+s m+sic in the camp. 7ow is it 4 see no %1ad 'aces@ 4 +nderstood that Drona arra ed his arm in the 1ot+s 'ormation. he is dead.F said Ar=+na. :emo+ntin% the chariot.

Drona's i11+strio+s son and Sa3+ni a11 these warriors and 4 m se1' are here and o+ cannot be in dan%er. !ambo=a. to de'end o+ a%ainst Ar=+na. Drona. Discard 'ear and 'i%ht. 4 dischar%ed m d+ties as teacher and dea1t with o+ both impartia11 . /hen 5a adratha came to 3now abo+t Ar=+na's vow. Death comes to +s a11. Vriddha3shatra. we1come it. 7e went to Drona and said to himE F$aster. Vriddha3shatra handed over the care o' the State to the prince. who sha11 ca+se m son's head to ro11 down on the %ro+nd. #he spies in'ormed D+r odhana's 'riends that Ar=+na. was b1essed with a son. B+t. +nto the sons o' Dhritarashtra. &ne who. Bh+risravas. F4 do not want to be in this batt1e an 1on%er. which a'terwards became the !+r+3shetra 'ie1d o' batt1e. he remembered the prediction abo+t his death and 'eared his end was near. 8hitrasena. the s+mmons o' DeathIF 8#. )o+ wi11 be p1aced behind a stron% 'orce that Ar=+na cannot easi1 pierce. FDo not 'ear. had vowed to 3i11 the Sindh+ 3in% be'ore s+nset ne0t da . .+r+mitra. he too3 an oathE FBe'ore s+nset tomorrow. /hat is o+r appraisa1 o' +s two@F FSon. Vriddha3shatra was %rieved to hear the voice dec1are his son's end. D+hsasana. 5a a. Saindhava. s1ain in batt1e. o+ ta+%ht me and Ar=+na and o+ 3now +s both we11. havin% 1earnt that 5a adratha was the ca+se o' Abhiman +'s death.F he said to D+r odhana. he +ttered a c+rseE F7e. the i11+strio+s 3in% o' the Sindh+s. Vi3arna. Bho=a. And the warrior d in% in batt1e attains with ease the happ re%ions which others on1 attain with %reat di''ic+1t .F Drona. when he reached manhood. and !rishna b1ew the . where he spent the evenin% o' his da s in a+sterities in an ashrama near the p1ain. Vivimsati. Sa1 a. 7e retired to the 'orest. cowards as we11 as brave men. #he who1e o' m arm wi11 have b+t one tas3 toda . in the 'ie1d o' batt1e. who was named 5a adratha. !a1in%a. the Avanti princes./hen he recovered.F 5a adratha a%reed to remain. he twan%ed the Gandiva strin%. ran3s amon% the most i11+strio+s wi11. sever his head 'rom the bod . me %o bac3 to m co+ntr . #we1ve mi1es to the rear o' the main arm 5a adratha and his detachment were p1aced in a stron%1 %+arded position.F rep1ied D+r odhana. And Bhima saidE F#his twan% o' Ar=+na's bow and this b1are o' !rishna's conch sha11 be. havin% spo3en th+s to 5a adratha. 4' Drona and !ripa come between him and me these achar as a1so sha11 be overwhe1med and s1ainIF Sa in% this. Sat avrata. THE SINDHU KING 92/S o' Ar=+na's oath reached the enem . .ancha=an a. )o+ sho+1d not 1eave +s now. D+rm+3ha. o+ need not be disco+ra%ed b this. F7ere are a11 these veterans and warriors who wi11 stand between o+ and dan%er.F 5a adratha %rew +p and. 4 sha11 s1a this 5a adratha who ca+sed m son's death. sha11 have his head b+rst at that ver moment into 'ra%ments. !arna. 6i%ht accordin% to the tradition o' o+r ancestors.F A11 1ivin% bein%s m+st die b+t hard1 an . however wise or brave. At the time o' the birth o' the prince. proceeded to marsha1 the 'orces 'or the ne0t da . . a voice was heard to sa E F#his prince wi11 attain %reat %1or and he wi11 attain the happ re%ions above. b+t Ar=+na e0ce1s beca+se o' his s+perior discip1ine and his own practice. 4n his dist+rbed state o' mind. #he instr+ction was the same to o+ and to Ar=+na. S+da3shina. S+bah+. amon% the warriors o' a11 a%es.

!ritavarma and S+da3shina who opposed his passa%e were de'eated. Sav asachi's car swi't1 proceeded 'orward and passed Drona. #here was a 'ierce batt1e in which Sr+ta +dha 1ost his horses and he h+r1ed his mace at !rishna. D+hsasana was a ver wic3ed man b+t he was brave a1so. s+re1 o+ wi11 not proceed witho+t de'eatin% o+r enem . Vrishasena and !ripa were there with a11 their 'orces. %od Var+na %ave a mace. h+r1ed the mace at !rishna who was not 'i%htin% b+t was on1 drivin% Ar=+na's chariot. D+rmarshana's arm was beaten. #he . not m enem . 4' he does. who seems to 3now no 'ati%+e.andava then decided to c+t Drona's bow and bent his Gandiva 'or that p+rpose.F said Ar=+na to the achar a. Aswatthama. 7e 'o+%ht Ar=+na 'ierce1 and the 'ie1d was strewn with the dead.arnasa went thro+%h penances that p1eased Var+na and obtained 'rom that %od a boon that her son Sr+ta +dha ma not be 3i11ed b an enem . 6ina11 .andava arm . #here is no one in the wide wor1d that can de'eat o+. !arna. the !a+rava 'orces were scattered and '1ed in a11 directions. Sr+ta +dha a1so tried to stop Ar=+na's pro%ress. Sa in% this. 4t is no +se 'i%htin% this brahmana. he withdrew de'eated and went bac3 to =oin Drona's 'orces.F Sa in% this. . #he achar a smi1ed and saidE FAr=+na. . %rievin% 'or m son. b+t the achar a showered his arrows that covered Ar=+na and his chariot in dar3ness. F4 sha11 %ive o+r son a divine weapon.F Sa in% this Drona dischar%ed a shower o' arrows on Ar=+na's car. . F411+strio+s one. rained a shower o' arrows on Ar=+na and his horses and chariot. . the weapon wi11 recoi1 and 3i11 him. sti11 retainin% the smi1e on his 'ace.artha. when 'i%htin% Ar=+na.artha a1so rep1ied with his arrows b+t these the achar a parried with ease and sent '1amin% sha'ts that hit !rishna and Ar=+na. Between them and the . & achar a. #hen Ar=+na pierced the Bho=a arm . . no more waste o' time. #he achar a. . #his is the stor o' the mace. 4 am in the position o' a son to o+.eadin% a h+%e 'orce o' e1ephants he s+rro+nded Ar=+na.Bh+risravas. Sa1 a. 4 have come to wrea3 ven%eance on the Sindh+ 3in%. 2ven as he was p+11in% his bowstrin% Drona's sha't came and c+t the strin%. . /hen D+hsasana saw this. disre%ardin% the in=+nction.i3e c1o+ds driven abo+t b a %a1e.F said Ar=+na and the proceeded 'orward at a swi't pace b passin% Drona. Sr+ta +dha. FStop. his an%er rose. 7is mother had obtained this mace as a res+1t o' her o''erin% b+t the condition attached to the boon operated and it came bac3 and str+c3 Sr+ta +dha himse1' dead. Dronachar a arra ed the main !a+rava 'orces in circ+1ar 'ormation. B+t he sho+1d not +se the weapon a%ainst one who does not 'i%ht.F said Drona. Ar=+na 'o+%ht bac3. !rishna drove Ar=+na's chariot to the 1e't o' the achar a and proceeded ' +s him +se it in a11 his batt1es. 4 crave o+r b1essin%s 'or the '+1'i1ment o' m vow. F)o+ are m %+r+. !rishna saw thin%s were not %oin% at a11 we11 and saidE F. 9o enem wi11 be ab1e to de'eat him or 3i11 him. o+ m+st 'irst 'i%ht and de'eat me be'ore o+ can reach 5a adratha.

so a1so did Bhishma. And 1i3e a demon recoi1in% 'ata11 on the ma%ician. protectin% the Sindh+ 3in%. Sr+ta +dha and the 3in% o' !ambo=a. Sat a3i and Bhima. Drona deprecated war. 7e r+shed to Drona and comp1ained bitter1 E FAr=+na has e''ected a breach in the %reat arm and has advanced to 5a adratha's position. 8$. s1ain. 9o one can chan%e the co+rse o' 'ate. the warriors. and invited this r+ino+s war. #he Destro er entered his mind and he so+%ht his own r+in. be it ever so +np1easant. 4 am ta13in% 'oo1ish1 . 4t is not meet that o+ sho+1d now acc+se him or his devoted so1diers.F . he %ot entan%1ed in an%er and hatred. And obedient to the o1d 3in%'s behest. #e11 me a11.artha on both sides tr in% to save the sit+ation. te11 me. this ca1amit co+1d have been avoided. b+t the are +neD+a1 to opposin% the stren%th o' Ar=+na. Sr+ta + and his brother Asr+ta + then attac3ed . D+r odhana was %reat1 a%itated when he saw Ar=+na's chariot proceedin% tri+mphant1 towards the Sindh+ 3in%.' 4 said. San=a a contin+ed his narration. /h did o+ not prevent the son o' !+nti 'rom %amb1in%@ 7ad o+ done the ri%ht thin% then. Ar=+na marched on and. !ripa and others. )+dhishthira and Drona do not respect o+ now as the did be'ore.F said the o1d 3in% conv+1sed with %rie'. wi11 s+re1 1ose heart. /hat !arna and D+hsasana said seemed to him better advice than mine.F #o Dhritarashtra th+s 1amentin%. he e0c1aimedE F&h San=a aI /hen 5anardana came to 7astinap+ra see3in% a sett1ement. 4mpe11ed b inordinate ambition. 4 am in %reat distress o' mind. 4 sho+1d not have as3ed 5a adratha to sta here. 4' Ar=+na attac3s him. a%ainst o+r own so+nd =+d%ment. D+r odhana has not spared himse1'. distracted b %rie'. #e11 me what happened. in what matter have 4 o''ended o+@ /h are o+ 1ettin% me down in this wa @ 4' 4 had 3nown that o+ wo+1d do this. s1a in% the two brothers as we11 as their two sons who contin+ed the str+%%1e. o+ 'o11owed the 'oo1ish advice o' !arna and Sa3+ni. '!esava has come to do +s a %ood t+rn. B+t D+r odhana heeded not. #he !a+ravas are now doin% their +tmost as warriors. it s1ew Sr+ta +dha and 1aid him dead on the 'ie1d. At one sta%e o' this batt1e. it is not possib1e 'or him to escape death. 4t was a %reat mista3e 4 committed in not 1ettin% him %o. /hen the saw the stron% warriors. 7e is p+ttin% 'orth his +tmost stren%th. 7e advanced be'ore o+r e es and nothin% was done to prevent it. that commits an error in +tterin% the spe11 o' power that ho1ds it in thra11. B+t !rishna spo3e to him enco+ra%in%1 and Ar=+na recovered and res+med the 'i%ht. A'ter a 'ierce 'i%ht. Vas+deva now 3nows that o+r rectit+de is on1 h pocris . 4 to1d D+r odhana that it was a %reat opport+nit and he m+st not 1ose it. he 1a stretched dead on the 'ie1d 1i3e a %reat '1a%sta'' a'ter the 'estiva1 is over. Do not disre%ard his advice.F FDear San=a a. )o+ saw the evi1 and et. B+t m obstinate son wo+1d not 1isten. !rishna. 6or%ive me. !esava. Seein% o+r discom'it+re. #hen the 3in% o' !ambo=a 1ed his 'orces a%ainst Ar=+na. "ORRO&ED ARMOR /729 Dhritarashtra heard San=a a re1ate the s+ccess o' Ar=+na. )o+ seem indeed bent on he1pin% the . Sir. San=a a saidE F&' what avai1 are o+r re%rets now@ #he 1i'e>%ivin% water has a11 r+n to waste and o+ now see3 to stop the breach. da?ed with the wo+nds he received. a11 this %reat %rie' wo+1d have been stopped at the so+rce. Do %o in person o+rse1' to save the Saindhava. #he had be1ieved that it was impossib1e 'or Ar=+na to %et past o+ and that has now been 'a1si'ied. the !a+rava 'orce was in %reat con'+sion. Bh+risravas.#he missi1e hit 5anardana's chest and immediate1 rebo+nded 'ierce1 bac3 to Sr+ta +dha. Ar=+na 1eaned on the '1a%sta''. 3i11in% man more warriors s+ccess'+11 made his wa to 5a adratha. and %reat1 harassed him. /hat o+ sa is ri%ht.andavas. as he desired. bac3 to his own co+ntr . 4 admit m dere1iction o' d+t . 4 to1d him to ma3e peace with his co+sins. i' o+ had been 'irm and stopped o+r son 'rom his evi1 wa s. 1i3e a %reat 'orest tree b1own down b a storm. 2ven 1ater.

See there. #his man has come dressed b Drona in charmed me see i' o+r co+ra%e and o+r s3i11 are indeed as %reat as o+r rep+tation. his charioteer and his car. !rishna +n o3ed the chariot and 1et the horses ro11 in the m+d. #hen. Salya. /hat %ood 1+c3I . #hen. #he horses rested 'or a whi1e and were re'reshed. donnin% it. 4 sha11 not ta3e o''ence at o+r tho+%ht1ess and +nworth remar3s. 4 cannot do so 'or m presence is necessar in this part o' the 'ie1d.F D+r odhana's con'idence was restored and. eight of them. 4 cannot %ive +p this ob=ective and r+n a'ter . s3i11 and e0perience. FDhanan=a a. that o+ have done acts o' prowess. de1iverin% himse1' into o+r hands. 2rishasena. )o+ wi11 see some '+n nowIF Sa in% th+s.artha. to attac3 Ar=+na.andava arm is attac3in% +s in %reat 'orce. in con'idence as 4ndra did. )o+ are 1i3e a son to me. Ar=+na proceeded to shoot his arrows. and now is the time 'or o+ to 1et o+rse1' %o. When %uryodhana as thus discomfited. . YUDHISHTHIRA'S MISGIVINGS . we11>versed in bow 1ore. #he were de'eated and Ar=+na scattered their 'orces and s1ew them both. b+t this man wears it as a b+11oc3 mi%ht do. A'ter this. D+r odhana approached witho+t 'ear. dressed in ma%ic armor and accompanied b a 1ar%e 'orce o' so1diers. #he achar a has ta+%ht me the secret o' this armor.he arriors around the Sindhu !ing ere surprised# . Chala.hey at once got ready in their chariots and *hurisra"as. 'ripa. !rishna stopped the chariot and was abo+t to +n o3e the tired anima1s. 4t wi11 not 1et an b1ow pass thro+%h o+r bod . #he combat was 'ierce indeed and !rishna was s+rprised. $a victor be o+rs. Go in con'idence.F #h+s said !rishna and the ha1ted to %ive batt1e to the !a+rava. )o+ have va1or. #his coat wi11 protect o+ a%ainst a11 me p+t this armor on o+. 7ere is the man who ca+sed a11 this %rie'. 3s atthama and Jayadratha. 1oo3 behindI #here comes the 'oo1hard D+r odhana. 'arna. 4' 4 %o a'ter Ar=+na now. F#he sa . the c1o+ds o' arrowsI #he .ha1%+na now. he went. . )+dhishthira is here +ns+pported b Ar=+na and is this not =+st the opport+nit we wanted@ &+r ver p1an has borne 'r+it and 4 m+st now ta3e )+dhishthira prisoner and de1iver him to o+. Do not 'ear. #his is stran%e. and a1so a 3een and stron%>1imbed 'i%hter. Ar=+na.on% have o+ s+ppressed o+r an%er. D+r odhana. the proceeded a%ain accordin% to p1an.F Ar=+na smi1ed and rep1iedE F4 +nderstand.#o this 'rantic appea1 Drona made answerE F!in%. F7ow is it o+r arrows do not seem to h+rt D+r odhana@ #his is the 'irst time 4 see the sha'ts proceedin% 'rom the Gandiva bow stri3e their tar%ets witho+t e''ect. arrayed their forces against 3r+una# 8%. 4 am astonished. F. 7ave o+r arms 1ost their power@ &r has the Gandiva bow 1ost its D+a1it @ /h do o+r arrows stri3e D+r odhana and drop to the %ro+nd witho+t piercin% him@ #his is most p+??1in%. when the brothers Vinda and An+vinda came +p s+dden1 and be%an to attac3 Ar=+na. B+t remember he is a %reat archer. #here a'ter he sent need1e>e e darts which pierced =+st those parts o' D+r odhana's bod that were not covered b armor. Ar=+na had crossed the !a+rava arm and %one 'ar ahead towards where 5a adratha had been 3ept 'or sa'et . #a3e this coat o' armor and. o+r batt1e arra wi11 be hope1ess1 bro3en and we sha11 be 1ost. 'rishna ble his conch and it sent a thrill of fear in Jayadratha4s army# . Go 'orth to batt1e. Ar=+na bro3e his bow and disarmed him comp1ete1 . Aswatthama himse1' is not dearerI Do what 4 as3 o+. c1ad in the armor %iven b Brahma. Seein% that the horses were somewhat 'ati%+ed. as the achar a directed.F said D+r odhana to Ar=+na as he be%an to batt1e. +nti1 he co+1d bear it no 1on%er and t+rned and '1ed. 'irst deprivin% D+r odhana o' his horses.F said !rishna. %o and stop Ar=+na. 4 have not seen this m se1'.

andavas. Dhrishtad +mna threw awa his bow and. when he saw Drona desirin% batt1e. a11 the whi1e seemin% to scorch him with ba1e'+1 and b1oodshot e es. . B+t Sat a3i saw this and. seein% this. 1osin% no time. he to1d those nearb to %o to Sat a3i's re1ie'. #his man 'ancies himse1' a ver %reat so1dier and is ever b+rstin% with conceit. B+t now Sat a3i's stren%th be%an to 'ai1 and. #he warriors on either side stood sti11 watchin% the d+e1 and the did not b1ow their conchs or raise their war cries or so+nd their 1ion>roars. Drona. #a3e the chariot +p D+ic31 . the !a+rava warriors were %1ad and sho+ted in satis'action.on% did this 'i%ht %o on. now on the horses and now on the o3e. sent the Var+na astra to co+nteract it. which enab1ed the . Vid adharas. Gandharvas and )a3shas watched the %reat batt1e 'rom above. Drivin% his chariot ri%ht a%ainst Drona's. Sat a3i shot it down a%ain. sword and shie1d in hand. #he stee1 sha'ts swished %1immerin% 1i3e new1 >s1o+%hed sna3es r+shin% abo+t. Sat a3i had a read answer o' eD+iva1ent D+a1it .andava side and who. 6or ever specia11 >char%ed sha't that Drona sent. /hen )+dhishthira saw Sat a3i was hard pressed. Sat a3i and Drona shot sha'ts at one another so D+ic3 that the covered the s+n.Fand was %1ad he had an opponent worth o' him.ancha1a's dove>co1ored ones were entan%1ed with one another and presented a pict+resD+e si%ht 1i3e the c1o+ds at s+nset. and was %reat1 wea3ened.F Sat a3i's charioteer accordin%1 1ashed the si1ver>white horses and too3 the car at a %reat pace. and the batt1e'ie1d was in dar3ness 'or a whi1e. Drona then t+rned and attac3ed Sat a3i.andavas saw D+r odhana proceedin% in the direction o' Ar=+na. 9ow standin% on the sha'ts o' the vehic1e. he attac3ed Drona bewi1derin%1 . #he Devas. #he %reat achar a said to himse1'E F#his man Sat a3i is a warrior in the c1ass o' Sri :ama. he spran% +pon Drona's chariot. went 'orward to accept the cha11en%e. 4 m+st teach him a 1esson. which wo+1d have dr+n3 the . Drona p+11ed his bow in %reat wrath and sent a sha't. Dhrishtad +mna 1ed his 'orces repeated1 a%ainst Drona. As a res+1t o' a11 this. 4t was a cra'tsman's pro'essiona1 =o at s3i11 disp1a ed in the art he 1oved. F#his man is the principa1 ca+se o' D+r odhana's arro%ance. his e es red with an%er. Drona too3 +p another bow that too was shot down. advanced on Sat a3i who was amon% the 'ront ran3 warriors on the . Drona's bow was bro3en b a we11>aimed sha't 'rom Sat a3i. Drona's chestn+t horses and the . even as he str+n% it. Dhrishtad +mna attac3ed him vio1ent1 . . the attac3ed the !a+rava arm in 'orce so as to ho1d Drona and prevent him 'rom %oin% to 5a adratha's resc+e. Drona o' +nriva11ed s3i11 in archer then reso1ved on 3i11in% Sat a3i and sent the 'ire astra. the !a+rava arm had to 'i%ht on three 'ronts. %ivin% +p his vocation as a brahmana has ta3en +p the pro'ession o' 'i%htin% and is ca+sin% distress to the ./729 the . Dhanan=a a and Bhishma. and the son o' Bharadwa=a had to ta3e another bow and. F7ere is the man who.on% did this eD+a1 combat contin+e.ancha1a warriors to ta3e Dhrishtad +mna awa . hissin% 1i3e a b1ac3 cobra.ancha1a's 1i'e b+t 'or the +ne0pected intervention o' Sat a3i who sent an arrow and diverted the achar a's sha't. . And so it went on ti11 Drona 1ost a h+ndred and one bows witho+t bein% ab1e to shoot an arrow. Drona as we11 as Sat a3i were b1eedin% pro'+se1 . #he chariot hoods and the '1a%sta''s on both sides were battered down.F Sat a3i said to his charioteer. !artavir a. So.

' #h+s said Vas+deva and Ar=+na to me when the went. Be vi%i1ant. nor has Sat a3i. )+dhishthira was %reat1 a%itated. who ta+%ht o+. that bravest and most 1o a1 o' 'riends. be1ievin% me 'it 'or it. who was wear a'ter his batt1e with Drona. Dharmap+tra. )+dhishthira p1aced a bo0'+1 o' arrows and other weapons in Sat a3i's chariot and %ot 'resh horses o3ed thereto and sent Sat a3i +tterin% benedictions on him.F he said to Dhrishtad +mna. 4' o+ order me. #he Sindh+ 3in% and the others cannot cope with a si0teenth part o' Ar=+na. )o+r bosom 'riend Ar=+na. rep1iedE F6a+1t1ess amon% men. &'ten has Ar=+na spo3en to me admirin%1 o' o+r %reat s3i11 and prowess.F rep1ied )+dhishthira. 4 sha11 obe o+r command.F )+dhishthira ordered the arm to ma3e a power'+1 attac3 on Drona. he. 1oo3 thereI #he d+st is risin% that side. 4 hear the . who was sent a'ter him. m 'ear %rows. 4 am certain Ar=+na has been s+rro+nded.ancha=an a. Sat a3i is indeed in the paws o' the Destro er. 4 'ear Ar=+na has been s+rro+nded b 5a adratha's 'riends and is in dan%er. F4 have tho+%ht over it. &h. 8onsider we11 be'ore o+ command me to 1eave. B+t he c+t his wa thro+%h bearin% down a11 opposition. is in morta1 dan%er. 7ere is the power'+1 Bhima to 1oo3 to m sa'et . YUDHISHTHIRA'S FOND HOPE FA:5<9A has not ret+rned. 9o one can de'eat him.F cried )+dhishthiraC Fb+t the twan% o' Ar=+na's bow does not accompan it. Sat a3i. and there are man others besides. #here is Dhrishtad +mna a1so. Do not as3 me to %o. )o+ sho+1d %o there at once. Be vi%i1ant in protectin% him. /e %o 1eavin% Dharmap+tra's sa'et in o+r hands. 7ow can 4 disre%ard his command@ Do not have an 'ear abo+t Ar=+na's sa'et . '<nti1 we ret+rn a'ter s1a in% 5a adratha o+ sho+1d not 1eave )+dhishthira's side.' he said to me when we were in the 'orest. Bhima. B+t a11ow me to p+t be'ore o+ what the wise Vas+deva and Ar=+na to1d me when the 1e't. Sat a3i. )o+ 1eave me with m '+11 permission. )o+ 3now his sworn intention. Drona is p1a in% with Sat a3i as a cat p1a s with a bird.F&+r %reat and %ood hero )+ +dhana ASat a3iB is bein% overpowered b Drona. 5a adratha is a power'+1 warrior. FBhimasena. 7e pierced the !a+rava ran3s in the mornin% and he has not come bac3 et tho+%h the %reater part o' the da is %one. 4 hear . /h are o+ hesitatin%@ Go at once. to whom sha11 4 entr+st o+r sa'et i' 4 m+st %o@ 4 see no one here who can stand a%ainst Drona i' he comes to sei?e o+. Sat a3i was saved with di''ic+1t . and went to =oin Dhanan=a a. Sat a3i. Ar=+na 1aid this tr+st on me. /e entr+st this to o+ in con'idence and %o. 5+st then. '#here is not another so1dier 1i3e Sat a3i. the so+nd o' !rishna's conch was heard 'rom the sector where Ar=+na was 'i%htin%. and there are man enem warriors there he1pin% him and reso1ved to die in de'ence o' him. )+dhishthira is o+r char%e. Sat a3i met with vio1ent resistance as he proceeded to dash thro+%h the !a+rava 'orces. F& Sat a3i. and he is Drona. 7ow is it that on1 !rishna's conch is heard@ 4 'ear Dhanan=a a has been s1ain and there'ore !rishna has ta3en +p arms. Ar=+na is opposed b 'orces both in 'ront o' him and in his rear. b+t not the twan% o' Ar=+na's bowstrin%. /hen Drona saw Sat a3i part 'rom )+dhishthira. there is nothin% o+ cannot accomp1ish. #here is no need to worr abo+t me.F #h+s did Dharmap+tra spea3 in %reat trepidation.andava 'ormation witho+t rest or interva1. Go at once. 4 am read to 'i%ht the %ods themse1ves. #here is on1 one warrior in the !a+rava arm whom we 'ear. has not . 8). +nti1 it be%an to brea3 and retreat. B+t the resistance was ver sti'' and his pro%ress was s1ow. Sat a3i.F So sa in%. /hat wo+1d 4 not do 'or Dhanan=a a's sa3e@ $ 1i'e is the merest tri'1e in m e es.F said Sat a3i.F FSat a3i. As 4 have wei%hed the dan%er a%ainst the need and 4 have conc1+ded that o+ m+st %o. he be%an to assa+1t the .ancha=an a. F#he brahmana wi11 otherwise s1a Sat a3i in a 'ew min+tes.

F FDearest Bhima. +nder orders 'rom me.F F$ . &nce +pon a time. And the arm o' the Bho=as. Do not 1et the whee1s o' o+r mind stic3 in the m+d o' an0iet . And Drona had to ta3e to another chariot. and answered scorn'+11 . #he !a+ravas s+rro+nded Bhima in '+11 'orce and vowed to prevent him 'rom %oin% to Ar=+na's re1ie'. 1i3e Ar=+na. and come bac3. B+t 4 m+st a1so obe him and '+1'i1 his command.ancha1a. And Bhima 'orced his wa thro+%h overcomin% a11 opposition. b some means or other. 5oin him and Sat a3i. Drona 1ost ei%ht chariots that da .ord. $ mind is con'+sed. and it seems to me $adhava has now himse1' ta3en +p arms. 8ommand me as o+ p1ease. 4 sha11 %o and 1et o+ 3now the are sa'e. Bhima aimed his mace at Drona's chariot that cr+mb1ed to pieces. And so 4 %o.come bac3 with an tidin%s. and do 1i3ewise and. show merc to o+. Sat a3i. /i11 this indeed happen@ #he %reat %randsire Bhishma has been o''ered as a sacri'ice. Bhima then approached Drona himse1'. i' o+ indeed see them a1ive. 9ow. sworn enem o' Drona. 7earin% that roar. pierced the !a+rava ran3s and proceeded in the direction o' Ar=+na. $ an0iet is increasin% ever moment. )o+ %o now. that tried to stop Bhima. it is possib1e that 'oo1ish D+r odhana ma see 1i%ht. not 1et o+r 'ortit+de %row 1ess. Drona cannot ta3e )+dhishthira witho+t 'irst 3i11in% me. 4 am o+r enem . B+t 1i3e a 1ion scatterin% 1ess nob1e beasts he p+t his enemies to '1i%ht. o+r enem . &+r 'oremost d+t is to protect the !in%. #he 1ives o' n+mero+s 3in%s and %reat warriors have been sacri'iced on the 'ie1d o' batt1e and even the st+bborn and narrow>visioned D+r odhana ma now see his 'a+1t and as3 'or peace.F said Bhima. )o+r brother Ar=+na went in with m consent. o+ 3now ver we11 that Drona is see3in%. 4 hear the conch o' $adhava b+t 4 hear not the reso+ndin% twan% o' Gandiva. And he tho+%ht within himse1'E FBe'ore the s+n sets toda . /i11 this wic3ed enmit end with it and sha11 we be saved 'rom '+rther cr+e1 destr+ction@F . Bhima roared 1i3e a 1ion. 4' o+ wo+1d do as 4 te11 o+. $a it be soIF Sa in% this. tr+stin% him to o+r care. )+dhishthira heard these roars and. As soon as he saw Ar=+na. 7e bro3e o+r resistance and pierced o+r batt1e 1ines 'i%htin% his wa thro+%h. #he second chariot too was bro3en to pieces. Go with an ass+red mind.F said )+dhishthira to Bhima in %reat perp1e0it o' mind. he prono+nced b1essin%s on Ar=+na. re1ieved o' his do+bts and an0ieties. !rishna and Ar=+na were e0ceedin%1 p1eased and raised e11s o' =o .F said the heroic son o' Dr+pada. And Bhima h+rried awa . FStop. in whom were centerd a11 o+r hopes. Seein% so man o' his brothers s1ain. )o+ cannot proceed '+rther witho+t de'eatin% me. B+t Bhima was '+rio+s at hearin% these words o' Drona. B+t 4 cannot 1et o+ %o. 7e wi11 s1a the man who ca+sed Abhiman +'s death and wi11 ret+rn in tri+mph. and immediate1 t+rnin% to Dhrishtad +mna saidE F. 4 sha11 3now it b o+r 1ion>roar. D+r odhana ma s+e 'or peace a'ter 5a adratha's death. 7e proceeded mowin% down a11 opposition and reached where Ar=+na was 'i%htin% 5a adratha's 'orces. %o at once to where Ar=+na is. 4 'ear o+r brother has been s1ain. do not %rieve. do not be concerned. has been 3i11ed. was comp1ete1 destro ed. to sei?e Dharmap+tra a1ive. 3i11in% no 1ess than e1even o' the sons o' Dhritarashtra. FDo.F rep1ied Bhimasena. F4 have never seen o+ so a%itated. B+t 4 sha11 not.F Drona spo3e th+s be1ievin% that he wo+1d receive the same co+rtes 'rom Bhima as he did 'rom Ar=+na. o+ have o+rse1' said o+ are o+r enem .F cried Drona. F&h brahmana. o+ were o+r preceptor and were 1i3e a 'ather to +s. /e respected o+ as s+ch. Ar=+na's oath wi11 be '+1'i11ed. F7ere 4 am. 4 'ear Dhanan=a a. b+t he did not h+rt o+ o+t o' pit . it was not with o+r permission that Ar=+na went. and do what needs to be done. the +nriva11ed hero.F FBhima.

overpowered and s1ain. and 1eadin% a co+nter> o''ensive a%ainst them. it is 'or o+ to advise me. #e11 me what sho+1d be done. the batt1e was ra%in% with %reat '+r where Bhima.ancha1as and the . +ARNA AN" BHIMA A:5<9A had 1e't )+dhishthira behind to repe1 Drona's attac3s and had %one to ma3e %ood his word that be'ore s+nset 5a adratha wo+1d 1ie dead on the 'ie1d o' batt1e. 4t was the 'o+rteenth da and the batt1e ra%ed 'ierce1 at man points.F D+r odhana th+s. 4t is o' no avai1 to dishearten onese1' b dwe11in% on past de'eats and di''ic+1ties. o+r batt1e arra sho+1d have been bro3en and o+r p1ans comp1ete1 'oi1ed.F FSir. b+t was soon de'eated and t+rned bac3. Sat a3i and Ar=+na were en%a%in% the enem . D+r odhana was spea3in% to DronaE FAr=+na. 5a adratha had been the main ca+se o' Abhiman +'s death. #hree %reat %enera1s have advanced. and thereb ca+sed Abhiman + to be iso1ated. once a%ain. Bhima reached where Ar=+na was en%a%ed and so+nded his simhanada A1ion>roarB. 4t is indeed stran%e that. o+r acc+sations are as +nworth as the are contrar to tr+th. between Sat a3i and Bh+risravas at one p1ace. who rep1ied +npert+rbedE FD+r odhana. #here is nothin% to be %ained b ta13in% abo+t what is past and be ond repair. 7e it was who had e''ective1 prevented the re1ie' o' Abhiman + b the . #hin3 o' what is to be done now. o+tmanoe+vrin% +s. 4t is best 4 sta here and send o+ rein'orcements as and when reD+ired. bitter1 reproached Drona. #he armies were so dep1o ed that each side was e0posed to dan%er in its rear. 2ver one as3s how it is that the %reat Drona with a11 his master o' the science o' war has been so bad1 o+tmane+vered. the sit+ation is no do+bt serio+s.F . we sha11 be who11 destro ed. &therwise. #he batt1e th+s ra%ed 1on% and '+rio+s1 on more than one 'ront. Give o+r best consideration to the di''ic+1ties o' the sit+ation and decide and 1et +s do it D+ic31 . and do a11 o+ can to s+pport him. 4 m+st 3eep the .. /e have seen how )+dhishthira in his an0iet sent 'irst Sat a3i and then Bhima to =oin Ar=+na in his batt1e a%ainst 5a adratha./hi1e th+s )+dhishthira was 'ond1 hopin% and dreamin% o' peace. B+t the have as m+ch reason to be an0io+s as we.ancha1as and .andava arm en%a%ed here.F . Drona rep1iedE F$ son. 'or their rear is now 1e't as open to attac3 as o+rs. th+s did D+r odhana p1ead. /hat answer sha11 4 ma3e@ 4 have been betra ed b o+. Drona remained at the main 'ront resistin% the attac3 o' the .andavas. $nly the 7ord !no s through hat tra"ail the orld must e"ol"e# &is ays are inscrutable# 2. D+r odhana arrived with his 'orces at the sector where Ar=+na attac3ed 5a adratha. Be heartened.+??1ed and perp1e0ed. Bhima and Sat a3i have treated +s with contempt and proceeded s+ccess'+11 to 5a adratha's sector and the are pressin% hard on the Sindh+ 3in%. between Bhima and !arna at another and between Ar=+na and 5a adratha at a third. %o +p to 5a adratha a%ain. Dharmap+tra heard the 1ion>roar o' Bhima and 3new that Ar=+na was 'o+nd a1ive. +nder o+r command.andavas. /e are on both sides o' them and their position is not there'ore sa'e.

carin% not 'or 1i'e. as he showed his ama?in% stren%th o' 1imb. #he narrative o' the 'o+rteenth da 's 'i%htin% at !+r+3shetra shows that. /hen !arna had to r+n 'or a 'resh chariot. Seein% his b1eedin% bod wri%%1in% on the %ro+nd 1i3e a wo+nded sna3e. who had ta3en +p a 'resh bow. !arna wo+1d 3eep at a distance and send his we11>aimed sha'ts b+t Bhima wo+1d disre%ard the arrows and =ave1ins 'ai1in% thic3 +pon him and a1wa s tr to c1ose with !arna. Bhima bro+%ht be'ore his mind a11 the ins+1ts and in=+ries which he and his brothers and Dra+padi had s+''ered. ca1m1 and with %race'+1 ease.Accordin%1 . B+t he minded them not. and 'o+%ht desperate1 . Both showed the stren%th o' ti%ers and the speed o' ea%1es and their an%er was now 1i3e that o' serpents in a '+r . #he batt1e was 'ierce b+t !arna did ever thin% with a smi1in% air o' ease whereas Bhima's 'ace %1owed with ra%e and his movements were vio1ent. 7e was ea%er to reach where Ar=+na was. . !arna's handsome 1ot+s>1i3e 'ace was radiant with smi1es when he attac3ed Bhima sa in%E FDo not show o+r bac3. 6or an%er rose in him. Bhima did not desire to 'i%ht !arna or remain 1on% en%a%ed with him. !arna's bow was shattered and his charioteer ree1ed and 'e11. D+r odhana saw !arna's p1i%ht and ca11in% his brother D+r=a a saidE F#his wic3ed . do not '1ee 1i3e a coward. whereas Bhimasena '+med and 'retted with impatience. as he attac3ed !arna c+ttin% bows in twain and smashin% his chariot. A%ain and a%ain did !arna 1ose his chariot.F D+r=a a went as ordered and attac3ed Bhima who. pa in% mo+rn'+1 honor to the dead. b no means. B+t Bhima parried it and contin+ed po+rin% his arrows on !arna. permit him to do this. as he attac3ed Bhima. !arna was overwhe1med with %rie' and circ1ed ro+nd the hero. Ar=+na's '1an3in% manoe+vres perp1e0ed his enemies %reat1 . Bhima was a11 an%er when ta+nted in this manner. #he stor o' that da 's batt1e between Bhima and !arna reads ver m+ch 1i3e a chapter 'rom the narrative o' a modern war. 7e showered his arrows on Bhimasena and stopped him 'rom proceedin%. 7e was maddened b !arna's smi1es. Go at once and attac3 Bhima and save !arna's 1i'e. #he advanta%es and ris3s o' s+ch strate% appear to have been '+11 +nderstood and disc+ssed even in those da s. #he contrast between the two warriors was stri3in%. D+r odhana went with 'resh rein'orcements a%ain to where Ar=+na was directin% his attac3 on 5a adratha. in a ra%e sent seven sha'ts which sent D+r=a a's horses and his charioteer to the abode o' )ama and D+r=a a himse1' 'e11 morta11 wo+nded. #he two cars dashed a%ainst each other and the mi13 white horses o' !arna's chariot and Bhimasena's b1ac3 horses =ost1ed in the combat 1i3e c1o+ds in a th+nderstorm. Bhima was red with b1eedin% wo+nds a11 over and presented the appearance o' an Aso3a tree in '+11 b1ossom. the modern tactics o' t+rnin% and enve1opin% movements was not +n3nown.F F9ow. even in the $ahabharata times. !arna then h+r1ed a =ave1in at Bhima. B+t :adhe a wo+1d. there was no smi1e on his 'ace. 1i3e the sea on a '+11 moon da .andava wi11 3i11 !arna.F and so on. :adhe a did ever thin% he did.

7e sent we11 aimed sha'ts and hit Bhima who in a '+r h+r1ed his mace at !arna and it crashed on !arna's chariot and 3i11ed his charioteer and horses and bro3e the '1a%sta''.andavas do to me@' B+t now he has seen !arna beatin% a retreat when Bhimasena attac3ed him. P0E"GE RE PECTE" D7:4#A:AS7#:A. he co+1d not broo3 it b+t ret+rned to the combat. D+rmarsha. A1as. to their doom. San=a a proceeded to te11 him what happened. who has the stren%th o' the %od o' deathI /e are indeed r+inedIF San=a a rep1iedE F& 3in%. Bhima re1ent1ess1 contin+ed his attac3 on !arna. Bhima. when the saw !arna p+t to '1i%ht b Bhima at once r+shed on the 1atter. Sti11 the . Bhima 1ic3ed his 1ips in %+sto and sent nine sha'ts on the new1 arrived enem . when Bhima stood +p on the 'ie1d o' batt1e red with wo+nds a11 over 1i3e a '1amin% 'ire and emitted a tri+mphant e11. San=a a. even as !arna c1imbed +p to ta3e his seat in the chariot. was it not o+ who bro+%ht abo+t this +nD+enchab1e hatred. !arna now stood on the %ro+nd with bent bow. )o+ are now b+t reapin% the 'r+it o' o+r discardin% the advice o' Bhishma and the other e1ders. Seein% et another son o' Dhritarashtra come to o''er himse1' +p to death. was deso1ate. 6ive sons o' Dhritarashtra. he was heartened and t+rned bac3 to res+me his attac3.andava wo+1d not stop and attac3ed !arna '+rio+s1 .Bhima did not stop b+t contin+ed the 'i%ht and %reat1 harassed !arna. /ho then can de'eat +s@ 2ven the %ods cannot win a batt1e a%ainst me when !arna is on m side. 7as he seen wisdom at 1east now@ A1as. B1ame o+rse1'. And. D+rm+3ha went accordin%1 and too3 !arna on his chariot. Bhimasena at 'irst i%nored the sons o' Dhritarashtra and concentrated on !arna. D+r odhana now sent another brother to re1ieve !arna. #he si%ht o' so man o' D+r odhana's brothers d in% 'or his sa3e one a'ter another was too m+ch 'or !arna. 7is sharp arrows pierced !arna's coat o' armor and he was in pain. D+rmata. F& San=a a. +nriva11ed amon% men 'or co+ra%e and the accomp1ishment o' war. /hen !arna saw the warrior bathed in b1ood and 1 in% dead b his side. 1istenin% to the words o' o+r 'oo1ish and st+bborn son@ #o o+ indeed m+st be traced this %reater disaster. D+rdhara and 5a a. D+rm+3ha's armor was bro3en and he 'e11 1i'e1ess. . m sons are bein% destro ed. !arna once a%ain had to 'ind a 'resh chariot. /hen !arna saw this. 3in%. D+ssaha. hearin% o' the s1a+%hter o' his sons and the chec3 received b !arna. m son has earned the +nd in% hatred o' the son o' Va +. and the ph sica1 pain o' his own wo+nds made him 1ose co+ra%e and he t+rned awa de'eated. /hat can these .F A'ter th+s admonishin% the b1ind 3in%. 1i3e moths 'a11in% in the 'ire. #he st+bborn D+r odhana has 1ed the 1ads D+rm+3ha and D+r=a a. #his. B+t he too at once ret+rned the attac3 and wo+nded Bhima a11 over. 4 have 1ost these bo sI #he 'oo1 saidE '!arna. is on o+r side. B+t. Do not b1ame !arna and the brave warriors who have done their best in batt1e. he was a%ain overwhe1med with %rie' and stood motion1ess 'or a whi1e. 21.

7e +sed his bow so as to disarm !arna comp1ete1 . <pachitra. 8hitra3sha. 4 had to 3i11 even o+. D+r odhana. Sat a3i and Ar=+na were 'i11ed with admiration and =o as the watched Bhima 'i%htin%. thin3in% o' a11 the evi1 that !arna had wro+%ht a%ainst the . o+ were =+st and 3new what was dharmaI )o+ 'o+%ht in 1o a1 obedience to the ca11 o' d+t . D+r odhana was st+n% to the D+ic3 and b+rned with an%er. #he now %1ared 'ierce1 at each other as the 'o+%ht. 'or Bhima's passion was ro+sed and his attac3 was irresistib1e. t+rnin% his attentions on them. was be1oved o' a11. 7e 'eared Bhima wo+1d 3i11 :adhe a that da . /hen !arna saw another batch o' princes s1a+%htered 'or his sa3e he 'o+%ht more %rim1 than ever be'ore. !arna now =+mped down 'rom his chariot and h+r1ed his mace at Bhima. #he 1a dead on the 'ie1d. 8hitra +dha and 8hitravarman. his 'ace was wet with tears and he mo+nted a 'resh chariot and be%an to attac3 Bhima with dead1 e''ect. !ripachar a. 7e 1eant bac3 on his seat in the chariot and c1osed his e es +nab1e to bear the si%ht. b+t !arna 3ept the batt1e. #he o+n% warriors with their b1eedin% wo+nds presented the appearance o' a 'orest with trees. !arna was overwhe1med b an%+ish. 5a adratha and man other warriors o' the !a+rava arm a1so bro3e into e0c1amations. /hen Bhima saw him 'a11 dead a'ter a brave 'i%ht. and sent seven more o' his brothers directin% them to s+rro+nd Bhima and attac3 him sim+1taneo+s1 .andavas. he was deep1 moved and e0c1aimedE FA1as. !arna's p1i%ht ca+sed him e0treme an0iet . Aswatthama. !arna had 1on% a%o discarded his smi1e and his 'ace showed sava%e an%er even as Bhima's. who watched this combat. B+t 'e11 dead one a'ter another. +prooted b a stron% wind and 1 in% '1at on the %ro+nd with their bea+ti'+1 red b1ossoms. B+t Bhima warded it o'' with sha'ts 'rom his power'+1 bow and covered !arna with a shower o' arrows and 'orced him to t+rn bac3 and wa13 on 'oot. Sarasana. Bhima too was more vio1ent than be'ore. B+t 'e11 one a'ter another. Bow a'ter bow was bro3en +p b Bhimasena's sha't. disposed o' a11 'ive o' them. /hen !arna saw so man o' the sons o' Dhritarashtra sacri'icin% themse1ves 'or him. 7is horses and charioteer were a1so 1aid 1ow.B+t the became so vio1ent in their assa+1t that Bhima %ot incensed and. with their horses and their charioteers. #he seven brothers sent b D+r odhana attac3ed Bhima. who came to he1p him. astonished at the wa in which Bhima 'o+%ht. str+c3 down b his arrows. s1ain one a'ter another in this manner. was %reat1 %rieved and sent seven o' his brothers 8hitra. Vi3arna. #he %ave batt1e to Bhima disp1a in% %reat s3i11 and ener% . 4ndeed this batt1e is a c+rse +pon +s wherein men 1i3e o+ and the %randsire Bhishma have had to be s1a+%htered. . 2i%hteen times he had to ta3e +p a 'resh bow. Sa1 a.F Seein% D+r odhana's brothers. to re1ieve :adhe a. who was 3i11ed 1ast. #hen recoverin% contro1 over his emotions he hardened his heart and be%an a%ain his attac3 on Bhima. #he two combatants c1ashed 1i3e c1o+ds in a th+nderstorm. & Vi3arna. Bh+risravas. 8har+chitra. !esava.

spran% +pon !arna. Sini won. to Dhanan=a a. b+t mind'+1 o' his word to !+nti. Drona is there ever see3in% an opport+nit to sei?e Dharmap+tra. 7e had p1ed%ed his word to !+nti not to 3i11 more than one o' the . F4t was not ri%ht 'or him to have 1e't Dharmap+tra and come here to =oin me. re'rained 'rom 3i11in% him.F F4 do not 1i3e it. when he saw the p1i%ht o' his va1iant brother. 7e pic3ed +p an thin% he co+1d 1a hands +pon.andavas and he reserved that option 'or the %reat Ar=+na. and it c+t !arna's bow into two and 'e11 on the %ro+nd. Bhima 1ost his horses and charioteer.F rep1ied Ar=+na. &MA"ATTA% EN" F#72:2 comes the va1oro+s Sat a3i. B+t this co+1d not 1on% contin+e and Bhima was soon at a %reat disadvanta%e. . F#here. the Sini 'ami1 and that o' Somadatta. was a maiden. 4t had come abo+t this wa . not 'it 'or 3shatri a batt1e. )o+ are a sava%e.F said !rishna. Bhima whir1ed his sword and h+r1ed it. 3ept him en%a%ed witho+t interva1. Bhima =+mped o+t o' !arna's car down into the 'ie1d o' batt1e where. Since that incident there was 'e+d between the two c1ans. Sat a3i sho+1d have st+c3 to his post there to %+ard him. he 'o+%ht Drona with increased vi%or. #hen. Bhima advanced with sword and shie1d.F said !rishna. and on beha1' o' Vas+deva he p1aced Deva3i in his chariot and too3 her awa . B+t !arna too3 +p et another bow and assai1ed Bhima with arrows more 'ierce1 than be'ore. Bhima h+r1ed his spear at !arna who was in his chariot and as !arna parried it with his sha't. who was to be the b1essed mother o' Sri !rishna. deprived o' a11 arms. the 1imbs o' horses and e1ephants that were 1 in% abo+t. :adhe a too3 cover behind his '1a%sta'' and escaped destr+ction. #hen. Get awa IF 7+r1in% ins+1tin% ta+nts at him. F)o+r discip1e and 'riend is marchin% +p. he has come here.)+dhishthira now heard Bhima's roar rise above the t+m+1t o' batt1e. and h+r1in% them at !arna. Sat a3i was Sini's %randson. B+t !arna bro3e the shie1d at once with his sha'ts. 7e bent his Gandiva bow and dischar%ed his arrows on !arna who then %1ad1 t+rned his attentions 'rom Bhima to Ar=+na. man princes competed 'or her hand and there was a %reat batt1e between Somadatta and Sini over it. whee1s o' bro3en chariots. 4n the renewed and 'ierce batt1e between Bhima and !arna. 4nstead. and heartened b it. &1d Bh+risravas has intercepted Sat a3i. /hen Deva3i. !arna said e0+1tin%1 E F6oo1ish %1+tton. tri+mphant1 brea3in% thro+%h enem ran3s. the charioteer. he made the he1p1ess Bhima b+rn with ra%e. 4t was a %reat mista3e 'or )+dhishthira to have sent Sat a3i awa here. he +sed the e1ephants 1 in% dead on the %ro+nd to protect himse1' 'rom !arna's arrows and contin+ed the 'i%ht. $adhava. o+ do not 3now the science o' warC wh do o+ en%a%e o+rse1' in batt1e here@ Go to the =+n%1e and 'i11 o+rse1' with 'r+its and roots and %row 'at. Soon his chariot a1so was smashed to pieces. Ar=+naI See how poor Bhima is bein% harassed b !arna. #here+pon. Dhanan=a a's e es b+rned red with wrath. Bhima. 22.F #here was a 'ami1 'e+d between Bh+risravas and Sat a3i that made them inveterate 'oes. in a 'it o' +ncontro11ab1e ra%e.

F4 3now o+ str+t abo+t thin3in% o+rse1' a man o' %reat prowess.F said !rishna. #heir horses were 3i11ed. Bh+risravas is %oin% to 3i11 him now. FBh+risravas has not been ca11ed to batt1e b me. .F said !rishna a%ain. Ar=+na was in a %reat con'1ict o' mind. #he 1eaped +p and the spran% on each other. FSat a3i is e0ha+sted. FDhanan=a a. and the combat was as between two 'ierce 1ions.Bh+risravas was Somadatta's son. ti11 their shie1ds were hac3ed to bits and their swords bro3en. o+ wi11 die toda and %o to the abode o' )ama. nor has he cha11en%ed me to 'i%ht. 7ow can 4 send m sha't at Bh+risravas when he is en%a%ed with another@ $ mind recoi1s 'rom s+ch an act. Ar=+na rep1ied with a shower o' arrows. /hen the 'o+nd themse1ves on opposite sides in the !+r+3shetra batt1e.F he interr+pted. #he were now standin% on the %ro+nd 'i%htin% with swords and shie1ds.F 2ven as !rishna was sa in% this. the s3 was dar3ened b a c1o+d o' arrows sent b 5a adratha. FSat a3i who came a'ter an e0ha+stin% batt1e with the !a+rava 'orces has been 'orced to accept Bh+risravas' cha11en%e. Bh+risravas 1i'ted Sat a3i +p and bro+%ht him crashin% to the %ro+nd and a11 the men aro+nd in the !a+rava arm e0c1aimedE F)+ +dhana is deadIF A%ain !rishna import+nedE FSat a3i is 1 in% a1most dead on the 'ie1d. F/ords are not deeds and do not 'ri%hten 'i%htin% men. .i3e 4ndra=it destro ed Dasaratha's son . as soon as Bh+risravas saw Sat a3i. doin% nothin%.F Sat a3i 1a+%hed. a1tho+%h it is tr+e a 'riend who came to he1p me is bein% s1a+%htered be'ore m e es. the batt1e be%an. b+t he constant1 t+rned with pain to where Sat a3i was in the morta1 %rip o' Bh+risravas. and both were rendered chariot1ess. the best amon% the Vrishni c1an. #he ro11ed to%ether on the %ro+nd. . the o1d warrior cha11en%ed Sat a3i to batt1e.F cried Bh+risravas. it was nat+ra1 that. Demonstrate o+r va1or in action and do not ind+1%e in dr th+nder 1i3e a+t+mn c1o+ds. their bows were bro3en. <n1ess we he1p him. 6or !rishna 3new abo+t their 'ami1 'e+d. F&h Sat a3i. is bein% 3i11ed be'ore o+r e es.artha's mind was at the time concentrated on 5a adratha's movements and he did not watch this combat between Sat a3i and the son o' Somadatta.F A'ter this e0chan%e o' words. 7ere now 4 have o+ in m power and wi11 present1 'inish o+.F 5+st as Ar=+na 'inished sa in% this to !rishna. F7ave done with o+r va+ntin%. &ne who came to he1p o+. be1oved )+ +dhana wi11 be s1ain. #hen the were 1oc3ed in a dead1 embrace witho+t weapons. F4t is a most +neD+a1 batt1e. %1addenin% the hearts o' man a bereaved widow.a3shmana. #he 'e11 down a%ain and so the combat went on 'or a 1on% whi1e. B+t his charioteer !rishna was deep1 concerned abo+t Sat a3i's 'ate.F Bh+risravas ca+%ht ho1d o' the prostrate Sat a3i and dra%%ed him on the %ro+nd as a 1ion dra%s its e1ephant pre . .on% have 4 so+%ht 'or this meetin%.F Sti11 Ar=+na was 'o11owin% on1 5a adratha's movements. )o+ are 1oo3in% on.

his coat of armor torn off6) Bh+risravas who heard this did not answer b+t spread his arrows on the %ro+nd with his 1e't hand and made a seat 'or meditation. who heard this. 4' o+ 1i3e. 4t was not in o+r own nat+re to do it. hen. F4 had not e0pected this o' o+I 4t be'its not a warrior to shoot 'rom behind in this manner. I ha"e been ruined by !eeping company ith Madha"a# Who in the ide orld ould not ish to be so ruined6 /ou ha"e spo!en out of confused understanding# Satya!i ho as eary and e5hausted hen he came here and ho as inade-uately armed. AhI /ho ta+%ht o+ this 1ow tric3. what acco+nt are o+ %oin% to %ive him o' this va1oro+s deed. Bh+risravas. e5hausted and eaponless. bitter1 deno+nce !rishna and Ar=+na in the !+r+3shetra 'ie1d. he t+rned to Bh+risravas and saidE F& e0ce11ent amon% brave men. 9o one with prince1 b1ood in his veins wo+1d thin3 o' s+ch a dastard1 deed. . you are old and age seems to ha"e affected your +udgment# /ou accuse &rishi!esa and me ithout cause# &o could I loo! on doing nothing. Ar=+na shot an arrow which went with the speed o' 1i%htnin% and the ne0t moment the +p1i'ted arm 'e11 chopped o'' to the %ro+nd sti11 ho1din% the sword. F& . FSon o' !+nti. t+rned and saw who had done it. 4 am sworn to protect ever 'riend within bow>shot o' me and 4 cannot 1et an enem 3i11 him. Said <artha( )*hurisra"as. then. #he o1d warrior sat in o%a and the si%ht deep1 moved a11 the !a+rava so1diers. Ar=+na spo3eE FBrave men. 4ndeed. he saw Bh+risravas with his 'oot on the prostrate bod o' Sat a3i and sword +praised to s1a him.F Bh+risravas. #here is no =+stice in b1amin% me.F he e0c1aimed. 4 was en%a%ed in combat with someone e1se and o+ have attac3ed me witho+t notice. o+ have protected man who have %one to o+ 'or he1p. #he cheered Bh+risravas and +ttered reproaches a%ainst !rishna and Ar=+na.F A'ter sa in% this to the warriors in the 'ie1d who reproached him. po erless# What code of honor enabled you to raise your s ord to thrust it into the body of the fallen arrior and slay him6 %o I not remember ho you cheered the man ho !illed my boy 3bhimanyu hen he stood staggering. 1et +s a11 b1ame the vio1ence which %overns 3shatri a 1i'e. Ar=+na@ Did o+ 1earn this 'rom o+r 'ather 4ndra or 'rom o+r teachers Drona and !ripa@ /hat code o' cond+ct was it that permitted o+ to shoot o+r arrow at a man who was en%a%ed in combat with another and co+1d not so m+ch as t+rn his e es on o+@ )o+ have done the deed o' a 1ow>bred 'e11ow and 'o+11 besmirched o+r honor. Be'ore Bh+risravas co+1d de1iver the 'ata1 thr+st. as o+r +nchiva1ro+s cond+ct proves. Dhanan=a a. he1p1ess. /h do o+ b1ame me@ 4t is not ri%ht to h+r1 reproaches witho+t d+e tho+%ht. )o+ m+st have been insti%ated into it b the son o' Vas+deva. 1owered his head in sa1+tation.artha.!rishna a%ain pressed Ar=+na to consider Sat a3i's condition.F #h+s did Bh+risravas with his ri%ht arm c+t o''. he lay on the ground. 4t is m sacred p1ed%e. one ho as li!e a right hand to me. before my eyes. )o+ 3now that what has happened is d+e to o+r own error. when o+ %o bac3 to o+r brother Dharmap+tra. and hom you ere going to stab hen he as lying helpless on the ground6 I ould ha"e deser"ed to go to hell if I had failed to inter"ene# /ou say. you ere in the act of !illing my friend. no man can resist the evi1 in'1+ence o' the compan he 3eeps. as challenged by you to gi"e battle# /ou o"ercame him# &a"ing been defeated. ho came and ris!ed his life in battle on my behalf. Sat a3i has 1ost a11 his weapons and he is now in Bh+risravas' power. a11 ama?ed.F /hen Ar=+na t+rned. 4 3now o+ have been incited to it b that contemptib1e !rishna.

F F$ 3in%. and 4 m+st %+ard 5a adratha and do a11 we can to see that he does not 'a11 into Ar=+na's hands d+rin% the ne0t 'ew ho+rs be'ore s+nset. See the s+n has s1oped down in the west. Sat a3i maintained he was ri%ht. 4 ma s1a him in whatever post+re he mi%ht choose to be. Aswatthama. 'or not havin% redeemed his oath. )o+. which was the si%na1 'or his own charioteer Dar+3a to arrive at once with his chariot. the destr+ction o' the . 2. /e sho+1d not 1et this opport+nit s1ip. !rishna p+t his .andavas is certain and this 3in%dom wi11 be o+rs in +nD+estioned and abso1+te soverei%nt . beca+se the %ods had wi11ed it that he sho+1d be th+s destro ed b his own hand. when hatred and an%er have been ro+sed. /hen it came.artha and Sat a3i. he str+c3 o'' the o1d warrior's head which ro11ed down. Ar=+na wi11 be dis%raced and he wi11 3i11 himse1'.. 2ver one in the 'ie1d condemned Sat a3i's act. he pic3ed +p a sword and.F B+t none approved o' his cond+ct. /ithin the 1itt1e time 1e't be'ore ni%ht'a11. #hen the '1a%sta'' was c+t as+nder and the chariot was smashed. 4t seems m stars are now in the ascendant. #he %reat !arna stood chariot1ess and the event prod+ced a %reat '1+tter in the !a+rava arm . codes o' honor and dharma are power1ess to contro1 them. /e m+st see somehow that his cha11en%e 'ai1s. Sti11. even when a11 aro+nd were sho+tin% in horror and be'ore !rishna and Ar=+na.rove o+rse1' this da . who 1oo3ed on 'rom above the batt1e'ie1d. #he %ods and the siddhas. 4 sha11 p+t 'orth a11 the stren%th that is in me. 8arried awa b the impet+osit o' his passion. co+1d prevent him. . sa in%E FA'ter 4 'e11 down sense1ess. Sat a3i too3 his p1ace in it. Sa1 a. !arna. #here is not a 'o+rth to match themIF . Dhanan=a a swore this impossib1e oath in a moment o' tho+%ht1essness. !arna had to r+n and c1imb +p into D+r odhana's chariot. and attac3ed !arna vi%oro+s1 and s3i1'+11 . with one swi't and power'+1 c+t. whi1e the bod was sti11 in the post+re o' meditation.F /hen !arna and D+r odhana were th+s p1annin%. #he s1a in% o' Bh+risravas is one o' the man sit+ations o' mora1 con'1ict woven into the stor o' the $ahabharata to demonstrate that.ancha=an a in his mo+th and b1ew a 1o+d note in the rishabha swara.F !arna rep1ied F4 have been wo+nded a11 over b Bhimasena. F4' be'ore ni%ht'a11 this da 5a adratha is not s1ain. so that be'ore s+nset he co+1d brea3 thro+%h to 5a adratha. 3eepin% him '+11 en%a%ed. )o+r %reat s3i11 in batt1e is on tria1 toda . advancin% to Bh+risravas. who r+shed to the spot. #he who1e thin% depends on o+. +ttered b1essin%s on Bh+risravas. this enem o' m 'ami1 p1aced his 'oot on m prostrate 'i%+re and attempted to 3i11 me.artha to reach 5a adratha. /ith Ar=+na's death. San=a a here te11s Dhritarashtra to whom he was re1atin% the incidentE F#he %reatest adepts in archer are !rishna. . 4 on1 1ive to serve o+. 5A*A"RATHA 0AIN F#72 decisive ho+r has come. !arna's 'o+r chariot horses were disab1ed and the charioteer was +nseated. Ar=+na was en%a%ed in a %reat attac3 on the !a+rava arm and p+ttin% 'orth a11 his stren%th. 4 do not thin3 it possib1e 'or .Sat a3i now recovered conscio+sness and rose. sittin% in o%a on his seat o' arrows. !ripa. Dar+3a's master o' drivin% and Sat a3i's archer were s+ch as bro+%ht down the %ods to witness the combat. and am so wear that m 1imbs have no power in them.F said D+r odhana.

#he o1d 3in% 'inished his meditation and %ot +p. those who have heard the stor o' the $ahabharata 3now abo+t Ghatot3acha. 4t is on1 the poet o' the $ahabharata that can describe the combat that ra%ed between Ar=+na and Aswatthama and the other %reat warriors that protected the 3in% o' Sindh+. . 4t was a stran%e si%ht. there was dar3ness and the cr went ro+nd in both armiesE F4t is s+nset and 5a adratha has not been 3i11ed. #he s+n san3 towards the hori?on and reddened. At that moment. carried awa 5a adratha's head. Ar=+na. 7e str+c3 terror and con'+sion amon% his enemies. Do o+r wor3. Sav asachin as he was. !esava. Dhanan=a a. "R&NA PA E A'A* A. #he s+n is sti11 +p and has not set. 5a adratha t+rned to the western hori?on and tho+%ht within himse1'. 'or the da was nearin% its end. and a11 the %reat wron%s in'1icted b the !a+ravas.F #he .F A sha't '1ew 'rom the Gandiva bow. #hen.Ar=+na bro3e thro+%h the !a+rava opposition and reached 5a adratha. F#here is b+t a ver 1itt1e time 1e't.andavas were depressed and there were sho+ts o' =o in the !a+rava arm .4.isten. he dischar%ed sha'ts 'rom the Gandiva bow. #his is the moment 'or it. Bhima. Both sides were constant1 1oo3in% westwards. And. 4t was ni%ht'a11..F said D+r odhana to himse1' in %reat %1ee. 1i3e a v+1t+re swoopin% down on a chic3en. b+t on the 'o+rteenth da o' the batt1e the r+1e o' cease>'ire at s+nset was not observed. Ar=+na's stren%th and s3i11 were hard p+t to it. 4t seems 5a adratha has been saved and Ar=+na's cha11en%e has 'ai1ed. F4 am savedIF 'or he did not see the s+n then and tho+%ht the time>1imit o' dan%er 'rom Ar=+na was over. Fsend o+r sha'ts in swi't re1a s. )+dhaman + and <ttama+=as b1ew their conchs and Dharmara=a who heard the tri+mphant noise 3new that it meant that Ar=+na had redeemed his oath and that the Saindhava had been s1ain. when the head ro11ed down and 'e11 on the %ro+nd. now +sin% one hand and now the other. 4n'1amed b the tho+%ht o' the s1a+%hter o' Abhiman +. #he Saindhava was no mean 'oe. Sat a3i. Ar=+na 'o+%ht with '+r . Ar=+na has 1ost. so that the head ma be s+pported 'rom 'a11in% to the earth and borne into Vriddha3shatra's 1ap. however. #here are two o+n% men amon% the $ahabharata 'i%+res who embod a11 the D+a1ities o' . and ta0ed to the '+11. the Sindh+ ra=a is 1oo3in% at the hori?on. Vriddha3shatra was in his ashrama sittin% in the open absorbed in his evenin% meditation with e es c1osed. !rishna said to Ar=+naE FDhanan=a a. )+dhishthira 1ed his arm 'ierce1 a%ainst Drona. who 'e1t as i' Death had come to the batt1e'ie1d with wide>open =aws. and. when his son's head with bea+ti'+1 b1ac3 hair and %o1den earrin%s %ent1 dropped into his 1ap. #he attac3 on 5a adratha be%an and the batt1e ra%ed 1on%. one b one the r+1es and restraints bro3e down. #he vow is +n'+1'i11ed and Ar=+na is %oin% to be dis%raced. 5a adratha and his 'ather to%ether reached the abode o' the brave. As the passions rose 'rom da to da . 4 have ca+sed this dar3ness.F cried !rishna.F And Ar=+na sent his wonder'+1 arrows that carried awa the head in the air. Bhimasena's 'amo+s son b his as+ra wi'e. as ordained. #he 'o+%ht 'ierce1 b+t were a11 de'eated and co+1d not prevent Ar=+na 'rom reachin% 5a adratha. #hen. 'or 5a adratha is o'' his %+ard. Vriddha3shatra's head b+rst into a h+ndred 'ra%ments. F. b+t the batt1e did not cease.

with tho+sands o' torches b+rnin% and +sin% si%na1s specia11 devised 'or ni%httime. Drona wi11 1ose a11 interest in 1i'e and throw down his weapons. /e have no other wa open. Drona spread 'ear and destr+ction in the . F4 sha11 bear the b+rden o' this sin. #he !+r+3shetra 'ie1d presented a stran%e si%ht. #h+s was Ar=+na saved. and Bhima's son. #here is b+t one thin% that wi11 ma3e him desist 'rom 'i%htin%. !arna was himse1' an%r and bewi1dered.F #h+s be%%ed a11 the perp1e0ed !a+ravas o' !arna. as he +ttered these words. as he co+1d not brin% himse1' to te11 a 1ie. Both o' them %ave +p their 1ives on the !+r+3shetra batt1e'ie1d. /e cannot cope with him +n1ess dharma is discarded. Ghatot3acha and his troops o' as+ras who are stron%est at ni%ht. in disre%ard o' the r+1es o' 'airp1a . #he batt1e did not stop. B+t when the ocean was ch+rned at the be%innin% o' the wor1d and the dread poison rose threatenin% to cons+me the %ods. dropped dead. h+r1ed the missi1e at the o+n% %iant. %reat1 ashamed. #owards the 1atter part o' the $ahabharata 'i%ht. Bhima 1i'ted his iron mace and bro+%ht it down on the head o' a h+%e e1ephant ca11ed Aswatthama and it 'e11 dead. 6inish him witho+t '+rther de1a . D+r odhana's heart san3 within him when he saw tho+sands o' his men destro ed b Ghatot3acha and his demon arm movin% in the air and attac3in% in weird and +ne0pected wa s. havin% =+st been wo+nded b one o' the as+ra's arrows. did not :+dra come 'orward to swa11ow it and save them@ #o save the 'riend who had who11 depended on him. 'ortit+de. Someone m+st there'ore te11 Drona that Aswatthama has been s1ain. p1+n%in% the . who 'rom mid>air was showerin% his dead1 arrows on the !a+rava arm . Fthere is none that can de'eat this Drona. 'or there was no other wa . Abhiman +. when the s+nset. stren%th.andava arm b his re1ent1ess attac3s. b+t at %reat cost. Ghatot3acha.heroism. 'i%htin% accordin% to the strict r+1es o' war. and amiabi1it . 'or no one was minded to be a part to deceit.F said !rishna. F!i11 this 'e11ow at once.andavas in %rie'. impe11ed b a s+dden +r%e. :ama was driven to bear the sin o' 3i11in% Va1i. !arna. 'or otherwise. !arna. now did )+dhishthira decide to bear the shame o' it. B+t it co+1d be +sed on1 once. B+t in the con'+sion and wrath o' that eerie midni%ht me1ee. #he %enera1s and so1diers on both sides were en%a%ed in batt1e. Bhimasena went near the division commanded b Drona and roared so that a11 mi%ht hear. &n the 'o+rteenth da . 4' he hears that Aswatthama is dead. )+dhishthira stood 'or a whi1e re'1ectin% deep1 . Bhima's be1oved son. had never done or even contemp1ated an i%nob1e act. the did not cease 'i%htin% b+t went on with it in torch1i%ht. Ghatot3acha.F he said and reso1ved the dead1oc3I 4t was stran%e. . co+ra%e.F Ar=+na shran3 in horror at the proposa1. the hatred ro+sed on both sides did not 'ind satis'action in batt1e cond+cted d+rin% the da time and c1ose at ni%ht'a11. soon o+r who1e arm wi11 cease to be. #he are Ar=+na's son. F4 have 3i11ed AswatthamaIF Bhimasena who. A'ter 3i11in% the e1ephant Aswatthama. So a1so. 'o+nd dar3ness an additiona1 advanta%e and vio1ent1 attac3ed D+r odhana's arm . and he had care'+11 h+sbanded it 'or e0c1+sive +se on Ar=+na with whom a decisive enco+nter he 3new was inevitab1e. was. F& Ar=+na. +nti1 then. #hose who were nearb with him a1so re=ected the idea. the 1i3e o' which had not been seen be'ore in Bharatadesa. 7e had with him no do+bt the spear o' +nerrin% e''ect which 4ndra had %iven to him.

the hero passes thro+%h dan%ers and di''ic+1ties and 'ina11 marries a woman whom he 1oves. abandonin% the 1e%itimate '+nctions o' o+r varna and ta3in% to the !shatri a pro'ession o' arms. came and climbed in to the chariot and heedless of cries of horror and deprecation from all around he fulfilled his destiny as the slayer of %rona by s eeping off the old arrior4s head# 3nd the soul of the son of *harad a+a issued out in a "isible blaze of fight and mounted hea"en ards# #he $ahabharata is a %reat and wonder'+1 stor . o+ have re=ected that wisdom which is o+rs b birth. tho+%h a stor . in st 1e and s+bstance. !rishna was terrib1 pert+rbed. and said a1o+dE F)es. F. the princes wo+1d not have been 1ed to this destr+ction. FAswatthama. e0citin% scenes are enacted. even 'or the 3in%ship o' the three it be m sin. #he sorrows o' h+man 1i'e are painted with s+b1ime bea+t and ro11ed o+t in a %rand panorama. )et. th+s was a %reat sin committed. &r e1se ever thin% seems to %o on happi1 b+t s+dden1 thin%s %o wron% and terrib1e . Bhimasena 1o+d1 spo3e indictin% him in harsh wordsE F)o+ brahmanas. and shame1ess1 +nderta3en the pro'ession o' 3i11in%. 7e threw his weapons awa and sat down in o%a on the '1oor o' his chariot and was soon in a trance. he 'e1t a%ain the dis%race o' it and added in a 1ow and trem+1o+s voice. F4' )+dhishthira 'ai1s +s now and shrin3s 'rom +tterin% an +ntr+th.F said San=a a to the b1ind Dhritarashtra. )o+ teach that non>3i11in% is the hi%hest dharma and that the brahmana is the s+pporter and no+risher o' that dharma. it is tr+e that Aswatthama has been 3i11ed. dramas and pict+res. has come to be a boo3 o' dharma. whi1e re1atin% the events o' the batt1e to him. /hen Drona heard that his be1oved son had been s1ain. the whee1s o' his chariot. b+t co+1d the be tr+e@ Drona heard these words as he was in the act o' dischar%in% a Brahmastra.#he 3noc3ed a%ainst his ver heart. is it tr+e m son has been s1ain@F Dronachar a as3ed addressin% Dharmap+tra. we are 1ost. F)+dhishthira. F& 3in%.F he said. And desire vanished as i' it had never been there. Behind the stor o' errors and sorrows the poet enab1es +s to have a vision o' the #ranscendent :ea1it . And )+dhishthira himse1' stood tremb1in% in horror o' what he was abo+t to do. #his boo3. who ti11 then had stood apart 'rom the wor1d so '+11 o' +ntr+th.F #hese ta+nts o' Bhimasena ca+sed e0cr+ciatin% pain to Drona who had a1read 1ost the wi11 to 1ive. 4' o+ brahmanas had not %one astra 'rom the d+ties be1on%in% to o+ b birth.andavas wi11 be destro ed. 4t was o+r mis'ort+ne that o+ descended to this sin'+1 1i'e. s+dden1 became o' the earth. is a1to%ether di''erent 'rom ta1es and romances. /hen the words o' +ntr+th came o+t o' )+dhishthira's mo+th. 7e too desired victor and s1ipped into the wa o' +ntr+th and so his chariot came down to the common road o' man3ind. as he was sa in% it. /hen Drona as3ed th+s. #h+s it is that the $ahabharata. /hen the veteran was in that mood. b+t within him a1so was the desire to win.F B+t. have bro+%ht r+in to princes. the e1ephantF words which were however drowned in the din and were not heard b Drona. )+dhishthira. 4n modern nove1s. which +nti1 then a1wa s stood and moved 'o+r inches above the %ro+nd and never to+ched it at once came down and to+ched the earth. #he achar a tho+%ht that )+dhishthira wo+1d not +tter an +ntr+th.F he said to himse1' and hardened his heart. a11 his attachment to 1i'e snapped. Drona's Brahmastra is o' +nD+enchab1e potenc and the . earth . 3t this moment %hrishtadyumna ith dra n s ord.

et +s terminate this disastro+s enmit .mis'ort+ne happens and the c+rtain drops. so to sa . /hen we read them. #hen !rishna. F2no+%h o' 'i%htin%. Ar=+na's charioteer. !arna recovered his co+ra%eo+s spirit. #he sacri'icia1 'ire is read . 4' there be an here wishin% to he1p o+. the an%er within him b1a?ed +p +ncontro11ab1 and throwin% down a11 his weapons. ma3e peace with the . And then he '+1'i11ed the terrib1e oath he had ta3en thirteen ears be'ore. #he da+nt1ess con'idence o' his bearin% and his %reat renown as a warrior heartened the !a+ravas.F said Sa1 a to !arna.F said Aswatthama addressin% D+r odhana earnest1 . he dran3 h+man b1ood and danced over m brother's man%1ed bod @ /hat ta13 can there be now o' peace@ /h do o+ spea3 vain wordsIF said D+r odhana. and %ave the command 'or attac3. see3 sin%1e combat with Ar=+na. s+pported b Bhimasena immediate1 behind his chariot. 7e s+c3ed and dran3 the b1ood 'rom his enem 's bod 1i3e a beast o' pre and danced on the b1ood 'ie1d.1. Bhimasena tore D+hsasana's arm o+t and threw the b1eedin% 1imb on the batt1e'ie1d. #oo 1on% has m oath waited 'or per'ormance. he bade Sa1 a drive the chariot towards that victim a1so prepare.andavas. is this the wretched hand that he1d Dra+padi b the hair@ 7ere. 1i3e a serpent with its '1amin% do+b1e>ton%+e o+t. F#he oath 4 swore a%ainst this %reat sinner has been redeemed. )o+ m+st now bear the '+11 b+rden. F4t does not be'it o+ to show an si%n that ma be mista3en 'or 'ear. #he :ama ana and the $ahabharata are D+ite a di''erent 3ind o' artistic creation. THE "EATH &/ +ARNA /729 Drona died.F As Bhima th+s betho+%ht himse1' o' what D+hsasana had done to Dra+padi. .i3e the %a11ant warrior o+ are. pressed the vehic1e down 'ive 'in%ers deep in the m+d. #he batt1e a%ain be%an. /ith e es red with wrath and +nshed tears. Stop the batt1e. F. Sa in% th+s. 4t on1 remains to redeem m oath as re%ards D+r odhana. A'ter the %reat D+hsasana's death. Bhima ch+c31ed and said to himse1'. mad with passion. F/ic3ed beast. FDo not '1inch. #he son o' S+r a sent a da??1in% arrow. he =+mped 'rom his chariot and 1eapt +pon D+hsasana 1i3e a ti%er on its pre . #his is the art scheme o' ordinar sensationa1 stories. he ordered a 'resh disposition o' the 'orces. /hen D+r odhana stands D+iverin% in despairC it is not ri%ht that o+ a1so sho+1d 1ose heart. so that the serpent sha't =+st missed . F4 have done itIF he roared. F4 have this wretch now sa'e in m hands. :eaders o' the stars were cons+1ted and the . #hen 'o11owed a %reat batt1e.F F/hat@ Did o+ not hear the words that the st+bborn Bhima +ttered when 1i3e a ravenin% beast. o+r inner bein% is sei?ed and c1eansed. which spat 'ire and made 'or Ar=+na. h+r1ed him down and bro3e his 1imbs. . and we are 'ina11 1i'ted above both and ta3en to the #ranscendent and :ea1.F #he scene made ever one sh+dder. b bein% passed a1ternate1 thro+%h =o s and sorrows. 1et him come 'orward and tr IF G1arin% hate'+11 at D+r odhana as he roared this cha11en%e. and win eterna1 %1or on earth or the so1dier's heavenIF At these words. !arna stood +p in his %or%eo+s war chariot driven b Sa1 a. 4 tear o+t the root 'rom o+r bod . Be1oved 'riend. 4 sha11 toda redeem m promise to Dra+padi. .andavas chose the propitio+s ho+r 'or %rim batt1e. Ar=+na 1ed the attac3 on !arna.artha's head b+t str+c3 o'' his he1metI Ar=+na was red with shame and an%er and he 'i0ed a dart on his bow to ma3e an end o' !arna. the arm 's hope rests so1e1 on o+. at the nic3 o' time. . 2ven %reat !arna was sha3en as he saw Bhima in this ecstas o' wrath. the princes o' the !a+rava arm insta11ed !arna as Genera1issimo. D+hsasana made a concentrated attac3 on Bhima and sent a shower o' arrows at him.

in the net res+1t. F7a. /ho co+1d bear the responsibi1it 'or breaches o' dharma e0cept the . was that chiva1r @ /ic3ed man. adharma increases. B+t the c+rse was too stron% 'or him and 'ort+ne had deserted the %reat warrior. #he whee1 wo+1d not b+d%e. F$ chariot has s+n3 in the %ro+nd.ord !rishna that incited Ar=+na to 3i11 !arna when he was vain1 tr in% to raise his chariot o+t o' the m+d in which it had st+c3. do not ta13 now o' chiva1r and 'airp1a . !arna +ti1ised the respite won. and 3nowin% dharma as o+ do. Great warrior as o+ are. F/aste no more time. to %amb1e. and o+ cheated him. B+t when o+ and D+r odhana and D+hsasana and Sa3+ni dra%%ed Dra+padi to the 7a11 o' Assemb1 and ins+1ted her. the 1e't whee1 o' his chariot s+dden1 san3 in the b1ood mire.ord and sent an arrow which c+t and severed the head o' the :adhe a.F Ar=+na hesitated. 7e remembered the c+rse that had been prono+nced on him. cond+cted thro+%h ph sica1 'orce 1eads to n+mero+s wron%s and. thro+%h ph sica1 vio1ence and war. F/ait a min+teIF he cried. B+t when !rishna said this. who was 'ond o' p1a b+t was +ns3i11ed at it. #he batt1e 'or ri%ht. !arna si1ent1 ascended the chariot 1eavin% the whee1 sti11 st+c3 in the m+d and too3 his bow and sent an arrow at Ar=+na with +nerrin% aim and s+ch power that it st+nned him 'or a moment. it was who11 wron%. !arnaIF be e0c1aimed. !arna was now somewhat pert+rbed on acco+nt o' the mishap. 7e =+mped down on the %ro+nd to 1i't the whee1 +p 'rom the m+d. and as had been 'oreto1d. 4t was the . /here had o+r 'airp1a hidden itse1' then@ /as it 'airp1a to re'+se to %ive to )+dhishthira his 3in%dom when accordin% to the p1ed%e the twe1ve ears o' 'orest 1i'e and the thirteenth ear inco%nito were d+1 comp1eted@ /hat had happened to the dharma o+ appea1 'or now@ )o+ conspired with the wic3ed men who so+%ht to poison and 3i11 Bhima. /hat had happened to dharma a11 that time@ /hat did dharma te11 o+ when vio1ent hands were 1aid on Dra+padi and o+ were 1oo3in% on en=o in% the si%ht@ Did o+ not then moc3 at her sa in%E ')o+r h+sbands have 1e't o+ +nprotected. to p+t down wron%. even as .!.F Ar=+na's mind was waverin%. 'or o+ have never honored themIF /hen !rishna was deno+ncin% him in this manner in order to +r%e Ar=+na to prompt action. )o+ acD+iesced in the p1ot to b+rn the . !rishna intervened. FSend o+r sha't and s1a o+r wic3ed enem .F cried $adhava. tho+%h he strove with a11 his %reat stren%th. Accordin% to the code o' honor and 1aws o' war prevai1in% then. "-R*&"HANA .aras+rama. b+t his memor 'ai1ed in the ho+r o' his need.And !arna's 'ated ho+r was come. #hen he tried to reca11 the mantras o' mi%ht astras he had 1earnt 'rom .F #he poet had not the heart to imp+te this act to Ar=+na who was the embodiment o' nobi1it . %o and marr another h+sband'@ #he ton%+e that was not ashamed to +tter those words now ta13s o' chiva1r . to =+mp down a%ain and h+rried1 tried to 1i't the chariot whee1 +p. 8hiva1r indeedI /hen a mob o' o+ s+rro+nded the o+n% Abhiman + and shame1ess1 s1ew him. o+ remember them indeed. 4 sha11 present1 set m car ri%ht and %ive o+ a11 the batt1e o+ want. . Ar=+na.ord 7imse1'@ #he 1esson is that it is vanit to hope. and a%ain appea1ed to Ar=+na's sense o' honor.aras+rama had 'oreto1d. !arna bent his head in shame and +ttered not a word. how was it o+ 'or%ot them +tter1 @ )o+ he1ped to invei%1e Dharmap+tra.andavas a1ive when s1eepin% in the pa1ace o' wa0 into which the had been 1+red. 7is hand hesitated to do what was not chiva1ro+s. Fit is we11 that o+ too remember that there are thin%s 1i3e 'airp1a and chiva1r I 9ow that o+ are in di''ic+1t . o+ wo+1d certain1 not ta3e +n'air advanta%e o' this accident. the poet sa sE FAr=+na accepted this command o' the .

#hat is the 1aw. b+t D+r odhana sti11 1ives.andavas. & !in%. the !a+rava arm 1ost a11 hope.F he said to himse1'. Dharmap+tra./729 D+r odhana behe1d !arna's death. #he arm was arra ed +nder his 1eadership and the batt1e ra%ed 'ierce1 . #he s+pported his stand and the chose Sa1 a and %ave him the s+preme command 'rom then on.F said San=a a.F 4t went strai%ht and c+t thro+%h Sa3+ni's nec3 1i3e a sword. &n the side o' the . .erhaps. ro11ed on the %ro+nd. in vain. and water attracted him. #he batt1e was eD+a1 'or a 1on% whi1e. which was at the root o' a11 the wic3ed deeds o' the !a+ravas. when )+dhishthira h+r1ed at Sa1 a. FD+r odhanaIF e0c1aimed )+dhishthira. Sa1 a was mi%ht o' 1imb and as brave as an o' the warriors who had been 3i11ed. his spear that went strai%ht and str+c3 him. F#he wise Vid+ra 3new what wo+1d happen and he to1d +s. Sa1 a's bod 1a 1i'e1ess on the 'ie1d. wo+1d o+ o+rse1' escape death b concea1in% o+rse1' in this pond@ /here is o+r pride now@ 7ave o+ no shame@ 8ome +p and 'i%ht. 7is who1e 'rame was b+rnin% 1i3e 'ire. the wrec3 o' the bro3en arm scattered and '1ed in a11 directions. the b1ood o' o+r dearest and theirs@ 4' 4 s+rrender in order to escape death. F. here is the reward 'or o+r %reat sin. D+r odhana. And the head. /hat ta13 can there be o' peace between the . 'e11 dead. 7e s1ew them a11. 4 neither 'ear death nor wish to 1ive. =oined to%ether and attac3ed Bhima 'rom a11 sides. 'aintin% and sore wo+nded. b+t it is 1on% past. Sa3+ni 1ed the attac3 on Sahadeva's division. who was ti11 then the ver incarnation o' %ent1e ness. a '+%itive 'or m 1i'e. Fa'ter destro in% 'ami1 and tribe. &I Bharata. crimson with b1ood. 4 stepped into the water to coo1 the 'ire that is ra%in% within me.e't 1eader1ess.F and smi1ed %rim1 . /hen Sa1 a. &' what avai1 is wisdom that comes too 1ate@ /hat has been done m+st prod+ce its res+1t that has to be s+''ered. !ripachar a was deep1 moved b D+r odhana's an%+ish o' heart and saidE F$oved b ambition and %reed we p1aced too %reat a b+rden on 'riends. D+r odhana did not re1ish this co+nse1. o+t o' the tho+sands o' 3in%s. p+rs+ed and s1a+%htered to a man b the e0+1tin% victors. do o+ shrin3 batt1e and death@F St+n% to the D+ic3 b these words. how can 4 escape the contempt o' the wor1d@ /hat happiness can 4 hope to have in a 1i'e so i%nob1 saved@ And what =o can 4 hope to 'ind in soverei%nt . his %rie' 3new no bo+nds. a11 he co+1d to ra11 his de'eated arm . A'ter doin%. 4t was not 'ear that bro+%ht me here. #he son o' Va + had no+rished his b+rnin% an%er 'or thirteen ears 'rom the time Dra+padi was ins+1ted in the 7a11 o' Assemb1 . there was a time 'or that. b+t wh sho+1d 4 'i%ht@ #he earth has now nothin% 1e't that 4 . #here is b+t one co+rse 1e't to o+ to ma3e peace with the .F 2ven at that moment o' deep despair. F'#h+s +tter1 was destro ed thine arm o' e1even A3sha+hinis. describin% the debac1e to the b1ind 3in%. Do not. 1e't a1most a1one. #he s+rvivin% sons o' Dhritarashtra.andavas. an 1on%er contin+e this r+ino+s 'i%ht. 4t astonished ever one to see how the man. A 3shatri a b birth. who espo+sed th ca+se in their pride and mi%ht. A'ter a whi1e. #he have +ncomp1ainin%1 borne it and 1aid down their 1ives on the batt1e'ie1d and attained the happ re%ions above.andavas and +s with a11 this ine0piab1e b1ood between +s. 'o+%ht so '+rio+s1 . . )+dhishthira and his brothers arrived there in re1ent1ess. sec+red b a peace a'ter m brothers and re1atives have a11 been s1ain@F #hese words o' D+r odhana were 1+sti1 cheered b the others.i3e the %reat '1a%sta'' at the end o' a 'estive '+nction. )+dhishthira now 1ed the attac3 persona11 a%ainst Sa1 a. 7e said to himse1' nowE F4 have not 1ived in vain. Sahadeva dischar%ed a sharp>ed%ed sword>arrow sa in%E F6oo1. the 1ast o' the %reat %enera1s. D+r odhana rep1ied with di%nit E F4 have not come here. as he entered the water. too3 +p his mace and wa13ed towards a poo1 o' water. p+rs+it o' their %reat enem . on1 D+r odhana co+1d be seen on that batt1e'ie1d. however.

D+r odhana 'e1t no re%ret 'or a11 that he had done.F Steppin% o+t o' the poo1.F )+dhishthira rep1ied sharp1 E F4' indeed it be wron% 'or man to =oin to%ether and attac3 a sin%1e person. who re1ated the events to the b1ind o1d 3in%. at that moment. D+r odhana is a prince and a co+sin. Greed and pride o' power 1ed o+ to +nn+mbered wic3ed deeds and o+ are reapin% as o+ sowed. D+r odhana and Bhima were eD+a1 in stren%th and s3i11. 7ave o+ not a spar3 o' shame 1e't@F 2ven d in%. /hen we be%%ed 'or peace and entreated o+ to %ive +s a portion. o+ sp+rned o+r proposa1.F )+dhishthira rep1iedE F9ow. especia11 a'ter o+ said o+ wo+1d not a11ow +s even a need1e>point o' 1and. wo+nded to death. that is rea11 %enero+s. Bhima.and+. $+st 4 reco+nt a11 o+r sins@ #he wron%s o+ did +s. the 'ace o' the 'a11en D+r odhana %1owed 1i3e a b1a?in% 'ire with an%er and hatred. $ desire 'or 3in%dom is %one.F cried Dharmara=a. pra te11 +s how Abhiman + was attac3ed and 3i11ed@ Did o+ not consent to man combinin% and attac3in% that bo . 8hoose an o' +s o+ 1i3e and 'i%ht. when men 'ace mis'ort+ne. standin% a11 a1one amidst o+r crowd@ )es. Bhima =+mped on the prostrate bod o' his enem . the combat be%an between Bhima and D+r odhana. cannot be e0piated e0cept with o+r 1i'e. a11 o' o+. and the o+tra%e o+ perpetrated on Dra+padi. and the iss+e h+n% do+bt'+1. wear and wo+nded a11 over. #hose.F . /ear o+r coat o' armor. Die and %o to swar%a or win and be 3in%. Fvain1 do o+ acc+se others. who stood watchin%. 4t is not 'or 3in%dom or 1and that we 'i%ht. Spar3s o' 'ire '1ew when their maces c1ashed. F)o+ have paid o'' the debt.F /hen !rishna said this. Sons o' . )o+ co+1d not have dreamt o' victor in a 'air 'i%ht with !arna or Bhishma or Drona. 4 1eave the wor1d to o+ witho+t a riva1. were debatin% as to whom wo+1d win. 7e 1eaped 1i3e a 1ion and came down with his mace on D+r odhana's thi%hs and bro3e them and D+r odhana 'e11 heavi1 on the %ro+nd. D+r odhana and his 'riends have been s1ain. 'or 4 am sin%1e. F8ease. one b one. )o+ 'ive wi11 s+re1 not =oin to%ether and attac3 me who am a1one and witho+t armor. he at once rose 'rom the water. !rishna said to Ar=+na that Bhima wo+1d redeem the oath he swore in the 7a11 o' Assemb1 and smash D+r odhana's thi%hs. and the batt1e ra%ed 1on%. 9ow. /h 1in%er here@ &n to o+r chariots. the see and preach dharma and chiva1r to others. Bhima heard this and. here saidE F/hen o+r son D+r odhana heard these harsh and cr+e1 words spo3en b Dharmap+tra. #+rnin% his e es towards !rishna be saidE FB base tric3s o+ contrived the death o' warriors. who 'o+%ht brave1 accordin% to the 1aws o' war.F San=a a. FD+r odhana.F Said !rishnaEFSoon the wic3ed man's so+1 wi11 depart 'rom the bod .came to 'i%ht 'orI A11 those who stood b me have been s1ain. the memor o' the %reat o+tra%e came vivid1 to his mind. 4t is not ri%ht to p+t o+r 'oot on his head. the +n'ort+nate D+r odhana saidE F8ome. mace in hand. 2n=o it in +ndisp+ted soverei%nt . o+ sa we ma ta3e it a11.F said !rishna.F Accordin%1 . stamped on his head with his heav 'oot and danced a terrib1e dance.

/hen Dra+padi was ins+1ted in the Assemb1 7a11. ta3e into acco+nt a11 the wron%s that the !a+ravas have done to the . 4 was a %reat prince. 4t wi11 remain 'orever a %reat b1ot on his %ood name. 3i11ed him. be'ore condemnin% Bhima. %enero+s 'riend. Bhima's 'ame has been tarnished 'or a11 time. D+r odhana tho+%ht evi1 and practised deception 'rom the time o' his birth and has bro+%ht abo+t the destr+ction o' his peop1e.and+ bro3e the 1aws o' war in attac3in% D+r odhana.' 7e proc1aimed this so1emn oath at that time and ever one has 3nown it. Ba1arama arrived at !+r+3shetra a'ter comp1etin% his to+r o' ho1 p1aces. !rishna was a1armed when he saw his e1der brother advancin% in a passion towards Bhima. D in%. A warrior's death is the 'ittin% crown o' s+ch a 1i'e. 7ow can o+ thin3 that it was wron% 'or Bhima to do this@F !rishna's words did not chan%e Ba1arama's opinion. deprived o' bow and chariot. 4t was beca+se o' D+r odhana's 'o+1 insti%ation that !arna sent a sha't 'rom behind and bro3e Abhiman +'s bowstrin% when he was de'endin% himse1' a%ainst heav odds.andavas. )o+ remain here be1ow. b+t his an%er s+bsided. 4t is the d+t o' a 3shatri a to '+1'i1 the vow he has so1emn1 ta3en. he 3new ver we11 that he invited Bhima to ma3e %ood his oath. when the 1aws o' a previo+s a%e cannot app1 . Bhima bore the wron%s done and 3ept his wrath within himse1' 'or thirteen 1on% ears. 4 hate to sta here an 1on%er.andavas. whence ens+ed an%er and n+mero+s breaches o' dharma. #he era o' !a1i has arrived. )o+ cannot snatch a partic+1ar act o+t o' its conte0t and proceed to %ive =+d%ment on it a1one witho+t %ross in=+stice. in their '+11ness.ivin%. 7e r+shed 'orward and. 7e came =+st when Bhima and D+r odhana were en%a%ed in their 1ast morta1 combat.F he e0c1aimed and impatient1 %oin% +p to his brother !rishna. Do not 1et o+r an%er mis1ead o+ and do not be +n=+st to the innocent . Ar=+na's o+n% son was attac3ed b n+mero+s warriors who s+rro+nded him. A11 h+man =o s. B+t no one co+1d D+estion the +nconD+erab1e spirit o' Dhritarashtra's son.andavas to batt1e. 4t was not wron% 'or Bhima to stri3e be1ow the nave1 an enem who had wic3ed1 contrived a%ainst his 1i'e on man occasions. and even Gods do not despise. 9othin% b+t error can res+1t i' one proceeds to =+d%e cond+ct witho+t ta3in% into acco+nt the chain o' events 1eadin% +p to it. 4 do not mind Bhima p+ttin% his 'oot on m head as 4 1ie he1p1ess on the %ro+nd with 1e%s bro3en. THE PANDAVAS REPROACHED /729 the war was nearin% its end. F6ie +pon o+ a11I /o+1d an 3shatri a hit be1ow the nave1@ #his Bhima has o''ended the 1aw most dis%race'+11 . #he p1o+%h was Ba1arama's weapon on s+preme occasions. o+r ob=ects de'eated and o+rse1ves the ob=ect o' contempt o' a11 3shatri as. '1owers were showered down 'rom the heavens b the %ods. FD+r odhana wi11 attain the happ re%ions reserved 'or the brave. as the disc+s was !rishna's. F. 9$.andavas are o+r 'riends and c1osest re1ations.F So sa in% the indi%nant Ba1arama immediate1 1e't 'or Dwara3a. sho+tedE F)o+ can 1oo3 on and to1erate a11 this. . 4t wi11 be said amon% men that the son o' . /hat care 4@ 4n a 'ew min+tes more wi11 not the 'eet o' crows and v+1t+res sett1e on m head@F /hen D+r odhana said this. have been mine. saidE F#he . and a terrib1e 'oe. )o+ sho+1d. 7e saw Bhima aimin% the dead1 b1ow which bro3e D+r odhana's thi%hs. interceptin% him. B+t 4 cannot bear to see s+ch +nc1ean 'i%htin%IF Sa in% this he advanced towards the o''endin% Bhima with +praised p1o+%h. and his an%er '1amed +p at this %reat breach o' the r+1es o' sin%1e combat.F/retchIF rep1ied D+r odhana. Bhima vowedE '4 wi11 one da in batt1e brea3 the two thi%hs o' D+r odhana with this mace and 3i11 him. 4nordinate desire too3 D+r odhana into the wron% path. and in a most coward1 manner. when he stood a11 b himse1' in the 'ie1d. #he have been the victims o' ins+''erab1e wron%s at the hands o' D+r odhana. s+ch =o s as 3in%s wish 'or in vain. #here is no sin in Bhima 3i11in% this man. 4 %o tri+mphant1 to swar%a to =oin m 'riends and m brothers who have %one there a1read and are waitin% to we1come me. /hen he cha11en%ed the a%%rieved . D+r odhana 3new we11 that Bhima had sworn to brea3 his thi%hs and 3i11 him.

disre%ardin% the 1aws o' sin%1e combat@ #i11 then it had been eD+a1 batt1e.F said !rishna. Ar=+na. Bhishma and Drona had to die on acco+nt o' o+r sins. o' penetratin% inte11ect. e0ha+sted b the pain o' his wo+nds and the vio1ence o' his ra%e. 4 3now the '+11 meas+re o' %rie' and an%er in Vri3odara's heart. 7e 'e11 into the compan o' bad men and was r+ined. and e0c1aimedE F/retchI Son o' a s1aveI /as not o+r 'ather Vas+deva !amsa's s1ave@ )o+ have no b+siness to sit or move with princes. and th+s he was s1ain when he was o'' his %+ard. who was stretched on the %ro+nd in intense. pointin% to o+r thi%h. . e0ten+ations and e0c+ses are o' no avai1 in %ivin% menta1 satis'action.and+@ /hat p+nishment can be too severe 'or the %reat o+tra%e. 4 saw o+ insti%ate Bhima to aim his b1ow at m thi%hI Do o+ thin3 4 did not see o+. be1ieve that the da was over and he was past dan%er.F)+dhishthira. #he rest o' the peop1e. /hen men trans%ress the 1aw. so1e ca+se o' o+r destr+ction.F D+r odhana.F #h+s did D+r odhana po+r his den+nciation a%ainst !rishna and then. the who1e wor1d has condemned o+r act when b sorcer o+ made it appear as i' the s+n had set. which o+ in'1icted on Dra+padi@ #he animosities and passions that res+1ted 'rom o+r misdeeds cannot be made %ro+nd 'or condemnin% others. Did o+ not contrive the death o' the %randsire Bhishma thro+%h strata%em@ )o+ advised Si3handin to be p1aced in 'ront when attac3in% Bhishma. 9eed 4 reco+nt a11 the wron%s that o+ were %+i1t o' a%ainst the sons o' . So a1so were o+ the ca+se o' the death o' !arna and others. )o+ have neither pit nor shame. 7e was st+pid and bro+%ht abo+t his own end. throwin% awa his weapons. were however 1o+d in condemnation o' D+r odhana and were remindin% one another o' a11 his misdeeds and errors. wretch Dhrishtad +mna attac3ed and 3i11ed the achar a who had stopped 'i%htin%. 9or did he sa an thin% b wa o' detraction. s+re1 it was o+ who insti%ated Sat a3i to b+tcher Bh+risravas when his ri%ht arm had been 'o+11 c+t o'' and he stopped 'i%htin% and spread his arrows 'or a seat 'or ho1 meditation. F& $adhava. &h worth1ess man. and made Dronachar a throw his bow awa . /e sho+1d not spea3 i11 o' a d in% man. wh this stran%e si1ence@F as3ed !rishna. !rishna t+rned towards them and saidE F/arriors. Do not attrib+te it to me. Did o+ not 1oo3 on witho+t protest. 4 see the end o' the %1or o' o+r race. Fwh do o+ 1et o+r an%er add to the pain o' o+r 1ast moments@ 4t is o+r own misdeeds that have bro+%ht abo+t o+r end. )o+ bro+%ht abo+t the end o' Dronachar a thro+%h ma3in% Dharmap+tra +tter a 'a1sehood. 4t was o+ who bro+%ht abo+t the death o' !arna b ind+cin% Ar=+na to attac3 him in a coward1 manner when he was en%a%ed in 1i'tin% his chariot whee1 which had s+n3 and st+c3 in the m+d in the 'ie1d o' batt1e. and re=oice. ma3in% as tho+%h cas+a11 ta13in% to Ar=+na. the Sindh+ +s %o. went into a paro0 sm o' ra%e. /e were wron%ed b the !a+ravas. and don't wish to b1ame him be ond reason. who was a''1icted b +ncontained %reed and povert o' +nderstandin%. A11 the deceptions and 1apses o+ char%e +s with were 'orced on +s b reason o' o+r wic3ed cond+ct. 7e ha1' raised himse1' on his arms in spite o' the e0cr+ciatin% pain. )o+ were the 'ather o' that dead1 1ie that iss+ed 'rom )+dhishthira's mo+th. B+t o+ . )o+ spea3 1i3e a shame1ess wretch. a%on . and wo+1d 1et himse1' be morta11 wo+nded witho+t resistance. it is not proper that we %o on spea3in% a%ainst an enem who has been de'eated and is 1 in% morta11 wo+nded. b+t rea11 indicatin% to Bhima that he sho+1d stri3e me on the thi%hs. )o+ have paid o'' on the batt1e'ie1d the debt inc+rred b o+r %reed. when that. when he heard !rishna sa this. and sett1ed down in o%a post+re 'or meditation on the S+preme@ /as it not o+ who wic3ed1 contrived to ma3e !arna h+r1 the 'ata1 spear at Ghatot3acha instead o' reservin% it 'or Ar=+na as he had a11 a1on% reso1ved to do@ & %reat sinner. 7e did not show approva1 o' Bhima's act. who were there. FSon o' Gandhari. he 'e11 prostrate a%ain. 3nowin% that the %randsire wo+1d scorn to 'i%ht a woman. it h+rts me to see Bhima 1eap on co+sin D+r odhana's morta11 wo+nded bod and tramp1e on his head. /e have 3i11ed D+r odhana. /hat serves it now to debate the ethics o' it or nice1 to wei%h the propriet o' a m+ch wron%ed man's reven%es@F )+dhishthira was %reat1 oppressed in mind. was si1ent. )o+ made 5a adratha.

when his arm is tired or when his 'orces are scattered. doomed to 1in%er here.F .F 4t was s+nset and the 'orest was in +tter dar3ness when +nder a bi% banian tree !ripachar a. 4' we can 1aw'+11 attac3 an enem . #he deception. the ver pinnac1e o' power. practised b the . 7e was 1istenin% to the noises that the noct+rna1 birds and prow1in% beasts be%an to ma3e as the ni%ht advanced.andavas 'e1t sma11.andavas to the abode o' )ama. )o+ wi11 %o to the happ re%ions reserved 'or 3shatri as who 1a down their 1ives on the 'ie1d o' batt1e. B+t Aswatthama did not %et s1eep. he %ot an idea. said to 7imE FA11 m hopes are in o+. 4 have %iven %i'ts ordained b 1aw and 4 have rei%ned s+preme over a11 the sea>%irt earth.are d in% the death o' a brave man. #he were a11 D+iet and as1eep +nti1 a bi% ow1 came and be%an to attac3 the birds one a'ter another and 3i11 them. wh then sho+1d not we. who was in the 1ast ph sica1 a%on o' departin% 1i'e.andavas in order to brin% abo+t his 'ather's end. when that was over.F 9%. +nder which the three warriors were restin%. h+ndreds o' crows roosted. had been ran31in% in his mind. A11 h+man =o s. 4ndeed it is on1 th+s that we can p+nish and de'eat these . D in% now. ea%er to we1come me.andavas and the . #here is no o''ence in adoptin% p1ans to s+it one's a1tered circ+mstances. were mine. B+t o+ and o+r 'riends wi11 1ive on earth to s+''er. #his wic3ed man was invincib1e in batt1e. D+r odhana. #he were so %reat1 'ati%+ed that !ripachar a and !ritavarma 'e11 'ast as1eep as soon as the 1a down. #he crows that co+1d not see at ni%ht '1ew ro+nd and ro+nd he1p1ess1 and 'e11 victims to the ow1 that attac3ed them vio1ent1 . who have 1ost o+r armies. /hen Aswatthama saw the noct+rna1 bird o' pre tear the he1p1ess crows. indi%nation and hatred b+rnt within him. he went to the spot where D+r odhana was 1 in% and there too3 an oath that he wo+1d that ni%ht send the .andavas who have achieved s+ccesses thro+%h 'o+1 p1a . i' we s+rprise them when the are s1eepin% in their tents at ni%ht even as this ow1 is attac3in% these b1ind crows.F said !rishna. was transported with =o when he heard Aswatthama ta3e this oath. when he 1earnt how D+r odhana had been stric3en down morta11 a%ainst a11 r+1es o' chiva1r . 4 am deep1 indebted to this bird o' pre 'rom whom 4 have received the teachin%. 7e was t+rnin% over in his mind how to e0ec+te his promise to D+r odhana.F F!rishna. 7e immediate1 ordered those who stood nearb to insta11 Aswatthama as S+preme 8ommander o' the Arm with d+e ceremon and. attac3 o+r enemies when the are as1eep@ #here can be nothin% wron% in it. Vas+deva and the . his ri%hteo+s an%er swe11ed 1i3e the sea. s+ch death as warriors deem the crown o' 3shatri a 1i'e. /e have no other co+rse open. mo+rnin% 'or s1a+%htered 'riends in deso1ate homes. And the %ods showered '1owers down on the d in% warrior and the %andharvas p1a ed m+sic and the s3 was i11+minated. F#here is tr+th. 'ind the 1on% so+%ht tri+mph b+t ashes in o+r mo+th@F said D+r odhana. )o+ co+1d not have de'eated him b 'air means. #h+s can 4 aven%e the deeds o' 'o+1 p1a the have practised on +s. F4 st+died the Vedas. 4 %o to meet in heaven m 'riends and brothers %one be'ore.ancha1a that 3i11ed m 'ather and a11 their s+pporters can easi1 be 3i11ed b +s. /ho is more b1est. !ritavarma and Aswatthama ha1ted 'or rest.F said the st+bborn D+r odhana. 4 stood +pon the h+mb1ed heads o' 'oes. 9ow. 4. or o+ who. and 1earnt the detai1s o' the combat. s+ch =o s as even the Gods cannot despise and 3in%s si%h 'or in vain. /hi1e 4 1ived. &n the branches o' the banian tree. 'or sorrow. 4 %o to swar%a with m 'riends and re1atives. AS&ATTHAMA /729 Aswatthama heard how D+r odhana 1a morta11 in=+red. F#hese wic3ed . Fin what D+r odhana said.

F !ripachar a was deep1 %rieved to hear Aswatthama spea3 th+sE F)o+ have attained a %reat name amon% men. !ripachar a. F#his can never be. has never been done be'ore. Desist 'rom this.F FSir. 2vi1 '1o+rishes on reta1iation. /hat are o+ reso1ved +pon doin%.andavas b+tchered m 'ather when he had thrown awa a11 his weapons and had sat down in pra er. witho+t waitin% 'or an answer. 4 ma be doomed to rebirth in the bod o' a 'o+1 bird or o' a wri%%1in% worm.andava camp. and p1ace o+rse1ves at their disposa1. #he have 3i11ed D+r odhana a%ainst the 1aws o' chiva1r . . F)o+r spot1ess character wi11 b this be b1emished. the s1eepin% so1diers were awa3ened and '1ed hither and thither in con'+sion. 4 have no do+bt in m mind that what 4 propose to do is D+ite proper ven%eance 'or a11 these 'o+1 deeds. F4t is who11 wron%. 'or whom are we 'i%htin%@ #he man 'or whose sa3e we =oined in this war has been 'ata11 wo+nded and his end has arrived. Bhima has 3i11ed D+r odhana with a b1ow be1ow the nave1. Aswatthama. 4 do not care. /hen the 'ire spread. 4 see3 s+ch a birthIF Sa in% this and. even 1i3e a mi13>white c1oth bespattered with b1ood. 1et +s share a1so. #hese . !ritavarma and Aswatthama came o+t o' the tents and set 'ire to the camp. 4t wo+1d be an +nprecedented crime a%ainst the 1aws o' 3shatri a cond+ct. even 1i3e the crows on the banian tree +nder which the had rested in the 'orest. !ripachar a. b+t neither can we desert o+ in o+r desperate enterprise. 4t is on1 i' 4 carr o+t this p1an that 4 can possib1 repa m debt to m 3in% and to m ' +s ta3e co+nse1 o' wise Vid+ra a1so. Aswatthama's %rie' and indi%nation increased and he spo3e bitter1 E F2ver one 'ee1s s+re that what he thin3s is the on1 ri%ht and proper thin% to do. we sha11 a1so 'o11ow. destro ed the wa11 o' +s %o to Dhritarashtra and the 'a+1t1ess Gandhari.andavas and Dhrishtad +mna whi1e the are as1eep. Dhrishtad +mna had do''ed his armor and was p1+n%ed in deep s1+mber in his tent. /h sho+1d we ma3e research into 1aw and chiva1r when dea1in% with these r+''ians who have attained s+ccesses b destro in% both@ 4' b 3i11in% the s1eepin% . Aswatthama@ /e cannot approve o' it.F he p1eaded. #he same process was re1ent1ess1 repeated +nti1 a11 the .Aswatthama made +p his mind and he immediate1 wo3e +p !ripachar a and in'ormed him o' his p1an. and the were merci1ess1 s1a+%htered b Aswatthama.F /hen !ripachar a spo3e th+s.ancha1as. 4 am %oin% toni%ht to the tents where the are s1eepin% havin% cast o'' their armor and there 4 wi11 3i11 the .ancha1as and a11 the sons o' Dra+padi were 3i11ed one b one when the were p1+n%ed in s1eep in their tents. /hat dharma has been 1e't 'or +s to 'o11ow@ #he . and not a. what are o+ ta13in%@ #hese .F So. be'ore he co+1d p+t himse1' into a post+re o' de'ence. 9ever co+1d it be ri%ht to 3i11 s1eepin% men. Aswatthama proceeded to harness his horses and %et his chariot read to start. 4 have decided on it and 4 do not propose to a1ter m p1an.F said he. /e have dischar%ed o+r ob1i%ations most 1o a11 . . #he 3i11ed m nob1e and tr+st'+1 'ather thro+%h a 1ie. drop o' dharma is now 1e'tI !arna. who was on the %ro+nd p+ttin% ri%ht the whee1 o' his chariot. #h+s does evi1 %rowI &ne trans%ression be%ets the ne0t and th+s evi1 %rows 'rom evi1 s+bmer%in% ri%hteo+sness. A'ter havin% done this deed. the 1i3e o' which had never be'ore been considered possib1e amon% 3shatri as. who heard it.andavas have been %+i1t o' the 'o+1est cond+ct. /e 'o+%ht o+r best 'or the %reed and wron%headed D+r odhana b+t we 'ai1ed irretrievab1 . /hen he was abo+t to 1eave !ripachar a and !ritavarma criedE FStop. #o attac3 men who have retired to s1eep. #here is no p+rpose now in o+r contin+in% the 'i%ht and it is 'o11 to do so. #he sin o+ are reso1ved +pon. who b+tchered m %reat 'ather. . once 'or a11. #he reached the . &ne's +nderstandin% nat+ra11 1imits one's vision. #he wi11 te11 +s what 1ies be'ore +s to do. was astonished.andavas have. #hese men have breached the emban3ment o' dharma and re1eased the '1ood. Aswatthama 1eapt on the s1eepin% warrior and. was m+rdered b these 1aw1ess rasca1s. #he path o+ are bent on treadin%. the went a1on% with him. cr+e11 3ic3ed him to death.

andavas and 5anardana approachin%. . /hen he saw the . /e made a ni%ht attac3 on them when the were as1eep. hear the news and re=oiceI A11 the . F4s there no one to aven%e m chi1dren's s1a+%hter. #his chi1d was . D+r odhana e0pired. #he vanD+ished have indeed tri+mphed. !ripachar a. b destro in% this %reat sinner Aswatthama@F she cried.andavas wo+1d have been destro ed thereb b+t 'or the intervention o' Sri !rishna who saved the chi1d in the mother's womb. !ritavarma and 4 remain.F Sa in% this. ac3now1ed%in% his de'eat.andavas immediate1 went o+t in search o' the m+rderer.andavas retired to the 'orest.ari3shit who was 1ater crowned b )+dhishthira when the . #he entire arm o' theirs has been destro ed. ret+rns home b+t capsi?es in a ditch and is 1ost. #he race o' the . Aswatthama D+iet1 too3 +p a b1ade o' %rass and char%ed it with the mantra o' destr+ction and sent it 'orward sa in%E F$a this destro the race o' the . o+ have indeed done 'or me what neither the %reat Bhishma nor the va1iant !arna co+1d achieveI )o+ have %1addened m heart and 4 die happ . havin% s+ccess'+11 crossed the bi% seas. She came to Dharmap+tra's side and wept. we have been tota11 de'eated.F Dra+padi too3 the =ewe1 and. who s+rvived the ons1a+%ht o' the 'ormidab1e !arna. /hen he saw the +ne0pected destr+ction o' his arm as a res+1t o' the attac3 d+rin% s1eep. Dra+padi's chi1dren. D<:)&D7A9A. and went awa to the 'orest.andava side.andavas. #he man. has been vanD+ished. D+r odhana has been destro ed. #he 1oo3ed 'or him in a11 sorts o' p1aces and 'o+nd him.F said Dronachar a's son. %oin% +p to )+dhishthira bowed and saidE F6a+1t1ess 3in%. F.F 96. i' we can reach him. &HO CAN GIVE SO(ACE- .F And it went strai%ht to the womb o' <ttara who bore in her the son o' Abhiman +. %asped o+t these wordsE FAswatthama. #he sons o' the . who 3i11ed o+r be1oved sons. 9). #here are on1 seven s+rvivors now on the .F/e have done o+r d+t .F Dra+padi was overwhe1med b inconso1ab1e %rie'. the . )+dhishthira %ave wa to %rie' and bro3e downE FAt the ver moment o' victor . hidin% himse1' behind V asa. been cr+shed and destro ed 1i3e vermin. %oin% to Dra+padi saidE FAn%e1 o' spot1ess p+rit . &n o+r side. at 1ast. on the ban3 o' the Gan%a. with str+%%1in% breath.F #he three o' them accordin%1 h+rried to D+r odhana. AVENGED F&. 4 have dr+n3 the b1ood o' D+hsasana. 4 have aven%ed the %reat o+tra%e and dischar%ed m debts. b o+r +nwariness. on hearin% this. this is 'or o+.andavas have a1so been a11 done to death. Bhima too3 the %reat =ewe1 and. it be'its o+ to wear this in o+r crown. Aswatthama pried o+t the shinin% =ewe1 that was part o' his head and %ave it to him die p1eased.F #h+s said Aswatthama to the d in% D+r odhana +s %o and %ive the %1ad news to D+r odhana. /hen she said this. have. o+ are et a1ive. /e have a11owed o+rse1ves to be destro ed 1i3e a merchant ship which.ancha1as have been s1a+%htered. s1ow1 opened his e es and. be'ore he e0pires.

V asa a1so approached Dhritarashtra tender1 and saidE FDear son. /h sho+1d we weep 'or them@ #hose who die in batt1e a'ter a heroic 'i%ht %o as %+ests to receive 4ndra's hospita1it . 6rom the nowhere do 1ives come. p1eas+re or wea1th. 3nowin% the o1d 3in%'s e0ceedin% an%er. b+t there was no 1ove in that embrace. 7e %ent1 p+shed Bhima aside and p1aced an iron 'i%+re be'ore the b1ind Dhritarashtra. Dhritarashtra embraced )+dhishthira. 7astinap+ra was a cit o' mo+rnin%. o' what avai1 was weepin%@ F& 3in%.F said San=a a to Dhritarashtra.F said Dhritarashtra. words o' conso1ation addressed to a bereaved person do not remove his %rie'.andavas. o+ cannot %ain an thin% in the nat+re o' dharma. F4t is not ri%ht to %rieve 'or those who die in batt1e.ride bro+%ht this batt1e abo+t . F&h D+een.ord. And his wrath increased to s+ch a pitch that the ima%e was cr+shed to pieces in his embrace. #hen Bhimasena was anno+nced to the b1ind 3in%. bein% on1 a bodi1 connection and a mere minor incident in the so+1's eterna1 1i'e. 4t is not ri%ht to 1et the mind dwe11 on what is past and n+rse one's an%er. F7aI $ an%er has deceived me. Bhima is sti11 a1ive. Fbe not an%r with the .F $a3in% his wa . . Grievin% 'or what is past. 7ence'orth. the a%ain disappear into nowhere. and.F Gandhari saidE FBha%avan. and in man more wa s. #hese .F cried Dhritarashtra. with death. Dhritarashtra went to the 'ie1d o' batt1e. F8ome. nothin% 1i3e brother or son or re1ative. $a o+r an%er be appeased with what o+ have done to this ima%e. Ar=+na and Bhima are b1ame1ess. 4t is now time that o+ sho+1d arran%e 'or proper '+nera1 ceremonies 'or the dead. )+dhishthira is o+r son. V asa was with Gandhari./729 the batt1e was over. did the wise and %ood Vid+ra tr to ass+a%e the 3in%'s %rie'. 4 3now that D+hsasana and Sa3+ni bro+%ht abo+t this destr+ction o' o+r peop1e. At !+r+3shetra. and wept a1o+d. )o+ 3now ver we11 that a11 1ivin% bein%s m+st die. B+t Vas+deva was wise. there is nothin% 1i3e re1ationship. )o+ have not 3i11ed Bhimasena.F #h+s. #hat is wh this ca1amit co+1d not be prevented. nearest and dearest. )o+ sho+1d tr to 1ove him and in that wa bear the b+rden o' 1i'e.andavas a1so are m sons. 4t is tr+e that %rie' 'or the death o' m sons has robbed me o' m +nderstandin%.ord Vishn+ 7imse1'. /hen so+1s have 1e't their bodies. Dhritarashtra h+%%ed the meta1 stat+e to his bosom in a 'irm embrace and then the tho+%ht came to him o' how this man had 3i11ed ever one o' his sons. there is nothin% that o+ do not 3now and which o+ have to 1earn 'rom me. :e1ationship ends with death. )o+ m+st now ca11 to aid o+r %reat 'ortit+de. 4 do not env the victor o' the .F #hen !rishna said to the b1ind 3in%E F. the scene o' terrib1e destr+ction. /ith man tho+sands o' bereaved women accompan in%. A11 the women and chi1dren were weepin% and 1amentin% their s1ain. )o+r sons have rea11 no connection with o+.andavas.andavas who then too3 1eave o' him and went to Gandhari. F4 have 3i11ed dear Bhima. %ivin% +p %rie'. B+t. thro+%h the crowd o' weepin% women )+dhishthira approached Dhritarashtra and bowed be'ore him. #his %reat batt1e came to red+ce earth's b+rden as 4 have heard 'rom . #ho+sands o' r+1ers have %iven +p their 1ives in batt1e 'or o+r sons. 4 3new that it wo+1d be th+s and 4 prevented the disaster.F #he 3in% was composed somewhat and he b1essed Bhima and the other . there s+re1 wi11 be victor '@ And so it has happened. the b1ind 3in% tho+%ht o' a11 that had passed.Fsaid the rishi. )o+ have cr+shed on1 an iron ima%e that 4 p1aced instead be'ore o+. Did o+ not te11 them even when the batt1e be%anE '/here there is dharma.

F She said. Bhima str+c3 him be1ow the nave1 and 3i11ed him. FDo not %rieve. when he misbehaved in the 7a11 o' Assemb1 . Bo+nd b Dharmara=a's vow. $ mind is tro+b1ed %reat1 at this tho+%ht. 4 do not comp1ain abo+t it. on the other hand. At once. )+dhishthira tremb1ed as he. #his was wron% and it is this that 4 'ind it impossib1e to 'or%ive. Bhima ca11ed D+r odhana to batt1e and the 'o+%ht. 7earin% this. approached Gandhari. Gandhari t+rned to Dra+padi. sa s the poet. o' which be too3 +n1aw'+1 possession. FSon. Do c+rse me who have committed %reat sin. the cr+e1 )+dhishthira. 4 did this to save m se1' in batt1e. s+re1 o+ wo+1d not have b1amed +s. havin% 1ost a11 her sons. 3nowin% that D+r odhana was stron%er and co+1d not be de'eated in sin%1e combat. he 'e11 on the %ro+nd and to+ched her 'eet. $other. when that %reat o+tra%e was committed and . 4' we had 3i11ed o+r son on the spot.F Bhima. we too3 o+r own brother 'or an enem and 3i11ed him. And.andavas per'ormed the ti1 and water ceremonies 'or the peace o' the so+1s o' the dead warriors and camped on the ban3 o' the Gan%a 'or a month. /hether it was ri%ht or wron%. 4 and m o1d h+sband wo+1d have 'o+nd so1ace in that s+rvivin% son 'or the rest o' o+r 1ives. who was in 1amentation. the toe was charred b1ac3. a 1ow 'e11ow who m+rdered his own brother. o+ sho+1d 'or%ive me. who heard this.F FDear son. came near and saidE F$other. !arna's 'eet were so m+ch 1i3e o+r mother's 'eet. 4 care not 'or 1i'e or 'or 3in%dom. And o+ 3now what o+r son did to b1ame1ess Dra+padi. even !arna who stood rooted 1i3e a roc3 in his honor and at whose va1or the wor1d wondered. Gandhari heaved a deep si%h and stood m+te. stands be'ore o+ 'it to be c+rsed. FDear %ir1. YUDHISHTHIRA'S ANGUISH #72 . 7e bowed 1ow be'ore her and said so't1 E FJ+een. #his victor appears to me b+t a %reat de'eat. the va1or o' Ar=+na and the power o' o+r dharma. B+t m 3insmen are a11 %one.F 97. Are o+ happ @F he as3ed. /e have since dischar%ed honor's debt and 'o+nd satis'action in batt1e. & 9arada. o+ were victorio+s and o+ are the soverei%n 1ord o' the 1and. B+t then. #he wise and %ood Gandhari s+ppressed a11 her an%er and b1essed the . whose e es were bo+nd in a c1oth in 1o a1 1i'e1on% penance 'or her h+sband's b1indness. with c1asped hands. in Vas+deva's presence. i' o+ had 1e't b+t one o+t o' m h+ndred sons and 3i11ed a11 the rest and satis'ied o+r an%er. She t+rned her head aside 3nowin% that i'. even as she t+rned her 'ace awa . !arna. /e have 1ost sons that were dear. 4n the 1ar%e ha11. )o+r son was invincib1e in combat and so 4 did in se1'>protection what was +ndo+bted1 wron%. thro+%h the c1oth with which her e es were bo+nd. we restrained o+rse1ves with di''ic+1t then. 7e wo+1d not %ive bac3 the 3in%dom. )+dhishthira rep1iedE FBha%avan. o+ sho+1d bear with me.F said Gandhari. 7e ca11ed )+dhishthira to p1a and deceived him. Ar=+na 3new the power o' bereaved Gandhari's wrath. #his terrib1e act o' s1a in% o+r own brothers was the res+1t o' o+r sin'+1 attachment to o+r possessions.F Sa in% this. 3ept the promise he %ave to o+r mother and abstained 'rom 3i11in% +s. Vas+deva was 1oo3in% on.and m sons deserve the 'ate the have met. 9arada appeared be'ore )+dhishthira. thro+%h !rishna's %race. and hid himse1' behind Vas+deva. /here is Dharmap+tra@ 8a11 him. her vision 'e11 on the prostrate )+dhishthira he wo+1d be red+ced to ashes on the spot.andavas and sent them to !+nti. /ho can %ive so1ace to o+ and me@ 4t is thro+%h m 'a+1t that this %reat tribe has been destro ed a1to%ether. her e es 'e11 on the toe o' the prostrate )+dhishthira. it is tr+e the 3in%dom has come into m possession. who 3i11ed o+r sons. &hI 4 am a sinner. /e had been wron%ed b o+r son in so man wa s. B+t thro+%h a 1itt1e space in the c1oth. &ne da .

!arna too3 them o+t and %ave them awa accordin%1 . B+t he wo+1d not 1isten to +s. &nce. 7e be%%ed o' him to %ive +p the wic3ed>hearted D+r odhana and =oin o+. )o+ are not a brahmana. &ne da .F . #he brahmana was an%r and +ttered a c+rse on !arnaE F4n batt1e. 6oo1I /hen o+r ho+r comes. 4 remember that now and m %rie' increases. b+t )+dhishthira was not conso1ed b these words. o+r chariot whee1s wi11 stic3 in the m+d and o+ wi11 be done to death. 9arada to1d him a11 abo+t !arna and the c+rses that had been prono+nced on him on vario+s occasions. he was an%r . F)o+ are a 3shatri aC otherwise o+ co+1d not have borne this ph sica1 pain witho+t stirrin%. Drona dec1ined sa in% it was not open to him to instr+ct an b+t a brahmana o' 'a+1t1ess cond+ct or a 3shatri a who had p+ri'ied himse1' b m+ch penance. 7e bro+%ht his end on himse1'.F . which were so m+ch 1i3e !+nti's 'eet. who was Ar=+na's 'ather. )o+ became th+s the ca+se o' this %reat sin. Fb hidin% the secret o' his birth 'rom +s. #he warm b1ood tric31in% 'rom the wo+nd wo3e +p . came in the %arb o' a brahmana and be%%ed o' !arna 'or a %i't o' the divine earrin%s and armor with which he had been born. a brahmana's cow was accidenta11 hit and 3i11ed. o+r 3now1ed%e o' astras wi11 'ai1 o+ and what o+ have 1earnt 'rom me thro+%h deception wi11 not avai1 o+. 4 too tried hard.F #h+s said 9arada. !arna went to the $ahendra hi11s and deceived . p1eaded with him. m wrath s+bsided. !arna bore the ac+te pain D+iet1 and did not stir. he c+rsed him th+s in his an%er. when he discovered that !arna was a 3shatri a.F said !+nti. 4t happened tha an an insect bit a ho1e into !arna's thi%h when one a'ternoon the teacher had 'a11en as1eep on !arna's 1ap. even 1i3e this innocent cow which o+ have 3i11ed. FDo not b1ame o+rse1'. the an%er o' the brahmana whose cow was 3i11ed b !arna. &ne da .aras+rama's asrama. he approached Drona and entreated him to teach him how to wie1d the Brahmastra. son. F!arna's p1ed%e to his mother !+nti that he wo+1d not 3i11 more than one o' the 'ive o' o+. 4t is a common notion that women cannot 3eep secrets.aras+rama was e0ceedin%1 'ond o' !arna and ta+%ht him a11 the archer he 3new and instr+cted him '+11 in the +se and the withdrawin% o' the Brahmastra. . 6rom that time. F7is 'ather. #here+pon. when !arna saw that Ar=+na was s+perior to him in archer . 'or !arna's.F F)o+ deceived +s. Do not %rieve be1ievin% that o+ a1one ca+sed his death. however. 6rom him he obtained instr+ction in archer and the +se o' man astras. the s+n 1ord himse1'.aras+rama b sa in% that he was a brahmana and became his discip1e. he discovered that the discip1e was not a brahmana.aras+rama's wrath a%ainst 3shatri as is we11 3nown and. . /hen he saw what had happened. 4ndra. &ne da .m an%er rose.aras+rarna's c+rse. )o+ have deceived o+r teacher. these combined to brin% abo+t !arna's end. !arna's stren%th was red+ced.F #his is the poet's stor o' how )+dhishthira c+rsed a11 women in his an%+ish over havin% 3i11ed his own e1der brother. death. #e11 me the tr+th. !arna was 'ree in ma3in% %i'ts.aras+rama. And this stor is a bea+ti'+1 conception i11+stratin% that pop+1ar be1ie'. 1est the master sho+1d wa3e +p. the wa in which his charioteer Sa1 a depressed him b +nderratin% his va1or and Vas+deva's strata%ems. motherF said )+dhishthira. $a women never be ab1e to 3eep a secret hence'orth. when !arna was practisin% with his bow in the 'orest near .F So sa in%. when 4 1oo3ed at his 'eet. )+dhishthira heaved a deep si%h.

in ta3in% +p the o''ice o' 3in% or in wor1d1 en=o ment. Bhishma's so+1 passed o+t. 4t is now o+r sacred d+t to ta3e +p the b+rden o' %overnin% the 1and accordin% to dharma. San asa is not the dharma o' 3shatri as. Sahadeva a1so ar%+ed 1i3ewise and entreatedE F)o+ are m 'ather. B+t some women do 3eep secrets ver we11 indeed. pointin% o+t precedents.2. i' indeed !+nti's 1e%ac sti11 persists. #he d+t o' a 3shatri a. Be'ore ta3in% +p the d+ties o' the State. #here. is to 1ive an active 1i'e and per'orm his proper tas3. B+t it is not %reat virt+e 'rom the point o' view o' mora1 character. and too3 his b1essin% and instr+ction in dharma. *-"HI HTHIRA C&M/&RTE" )<D74S7#74:A'S pain o' mind increased ever da as he tho+%ht o' a11 the 3insmen that had been 3i11ed. 'or the peace o' the departed so+1. a11 the tra%ic events came bac3 to his mind. /h sho+1d we re%ret it@ Amon% the d+ties o' a 3in% is inc1+ded the in'1ictin% o' =+st p+nishment. A'ter the ceremon was over. )+dhishthira was d+1 crowned at 7astinap+ra. bear with +s. he 'e11 sense1ess on the %ro+nd. and overcome b intense %rie'. in accordance with ancient c+stom. F1i3e a d+11>witted person who has committed to memor the te0ts o' the sastras witho+t +nderstandin% their sense. )+dhishthira went +p the ban3. 4t is a 'a11ac to attrib+te the di''erences that arise o+t o' trainin% and occ+pation on nat+re itse1' and ima%ine some D+a1ities as pec+1iar to a se0. F)o+ ta13. F4 see no =o or %ood. #his instr+ction o' Bhishmachar a to 3in% )+dhishthira is the 'amo+s Santiparva o' the $ahabharata. and women need not %rieve over an incapacit o' this 3ind. A'ter the disco+rse was over.4t ma be that in wor1d1 a''airs.F #hen V asa spo3e to )+dhishthira at 1en%th and e0p1ained where his d+t 1a . a1asF' he said. Do not 1eave +s. 1i3e an e1ephant str+c3 down b the h+nter. Dhritarashtra a1so came +p and said to )+dhishthiraE . 8ease %rievin%. . Do r+1e the 1and o+rse1ves 1eavin% me 'ree to %o to the 'orest. and pers+aded him to %o to the cit and ta3e +p the b+rden o' r+1in% the 1and. )o+ have meted =+st p+nishment too evi1doers. Bhimasena a1so spo3e and harsh1 . m mother. #here is no ca+se whatsoever 'or contrition. as he stood 'or a whi1e.F Ar=+na ta13ed o' the nobi1it o' 'ami1 1i'e and the entire %ood one ma do witho+t ta3in% san asa. 7e was stric3en with intense remorse and decided he m+st %ive +p the wor1d %o to the 'orest and do penance to e0piate his sin.F 9a3+1a a1so contested the propriet o' Dharmap+tra's proposa1 and insisted that the path o' wor3 was the ri%ht one to 'o11ow and the wa o' san asa was beset with di''ic+1ties. #he a''ectionate temperament nat+ra1 to women ma perhaps inc1ine them to openness. F4t was ri%ht we 3i11ed D+r odhana and his men. 4t cannot be avoided and is an essentia1 part o' the r+1er's d+t . )+dhishthira went to where Bhishma 1a on his bed o' arrows awaitin% his death. Bhima went +p to his bi% brother and caressed him tender1 and spo3e to him soothin% words. not to %o to the 'orest reno+ncin% activit . and not a man possess this abi1it either. it is an advanta%e to be ab1e to 3eep secrets. m teacher. #he 3in% went to the Gan%a and o''ered 1ibations. as we11 as brother.F he said to his brothers.F Dra+padi a1so spo3e.

despite his pressin% entreaties. rei%n over the 3in%dom that awaits o+r r+1e. 3in% $ar+tta. and the cannot bear this. Brihaspati harassed Samvarta in man wa s. 6oo1 that 4 was. 4 s1eep on a %ood bed and in ri%ht time. whi1e the themse1ves are not so %ood. $ar+tta reD+ested Brihaspati to cond+ct the a=na 'or him. 7e was 1earned in a11 the Vedas and a11 the sciences. )o+ achieved victor in batt1e in accordance with the dharma o' warriors. 7is condition %rew worse ever da . +nti1 it attracted the attention o' 4ndra himse1'. EN#* A6#2: the 1ibation ceremon 'or Bhishma was over. Samvarta. !in% $ar+tta o' the 43shwa3+ d nast made %reat penance and obtained 'rom the . was master o' a11 3now1ed%e. Brihaspati. #he d+ties appertainin% to that victor await o+r attention now. #here is nothin% wantin% in the respect and co+rtesies shown b the %ods. who was a1so a person o' %reat 1earnin% and a ver %ood man. Samvarta. chie' o' the %ods. Brihaspati was. stric3en with env o' his brother. and spent his da s in that wa to escape 'rom his brother's persec+tion. overshadow the %ods who were his char%e. /hat sha11 4 do now@F #h+s did Brihaspati brood over it +nti1 his env a''ected his hea1th. $ h+ndred sons have disappeared into the wor1d o' nowhere. as a res+1t o' the a=na. he decided to per'orm a %reat )a=na. B+t Brihaspati 'eared that $ar+tta wo+1d. Brihaspati rep1iedE FDeva ra=a. 7e at 'irst re'+sed and tried to avoid the honor. teacher to the %ods themse1ves. 7e re'+sed to comp1 with the 3in%'s invitation. #he wisest o' men are sometimes a''ected b env and s+''er thereb . et he was once the victim o' this debasin% emotion and s+''ered dis%race. 4ndra.eave %rie' to Gandhari and me. wh are o+ i11@ /hat has ca+sed this 1an%+ishin%@ Do o+ s1eep we11@ Do the attendants serve o+ proper1 @ Do the anticipate o+r wishes and not wait to be to1d@ Do the %ods behave co+rteo+s1 towards o+ or has there been an 1apse in this respect@F #o 4ndra's an0io+s inD+ir . b+t 'ina11 his +n'ort+nate brother. .F #hen his voice 'ai1ed and he co+1d not proceed. 4n this wor1d men become envio+s o' others.ord o' !ai1asa a %reat %o1dmine in the 7ima1a as and. approached the divine preceptor and sa1+tin% him as3edE F. B+t 4 have o+ as m son now. /hen he co+1d not stand it an more. 4 1istened to the i%norant words o' D+r odhana and deceived m se1'. Arise and. poor Samvarta p+t on the appearance o' an eccentric and wandered 'rom p1ace to p1ace. Do not %rieve. 'or this reason. So %reat was his prostration o' spirit.. #his '+rther increased Brihaspati's env o' F7ere is this enem o' mine. assisted b o+r brothers and 'riends. Brihaspati had a o+n%er brother. %oin% to cond+ct 3in% $ar+tta's %reat a=na. 4t is stran%e indeed that men sho+1d not s+''er even virt+e in others. . who had come to 3now abo+t Samvarta 'o+nd his whereabo+ts and approached him with the invitation to cond+ct his a=na. 4 did not pa heed to the words o' Vid+ra and committed a %reat error. with his reso+rces th+s a+%mented. V asa narrated to %rie'>stric3en )+dhishthira an episode in Brihaspati's 1i'e..i3e %o1d seen in a dream the %1or has vanished. ie1ded.F . #he attendants serve me with a11 devotion. )o+r d+t now is to do what appertains to the o''ice o' 3in%. #here+pon.ord. =+st beca+se the others are %ood. 7is hea1th dec1ined rapid1 and he became thin and pa1e. .F)o+ sho+1d not %rieve 1i3e this.

F 4ndra sent 'or A%ni and said to himE FGo and stop the a=na o' $ar+tta somehow. 7e ret+rned to 4ndra and to1d him what had happened. 4 cannot he1p it. 4 sha11 brin% Brihaspati himse1' to he1p o+.F said A%ni. #he wrath o' one who 1ed the strict 1i'e o' a brahmacharin was e0ceedin%1 potent. tremb1in% 1i3e an aspen 1ea'. retired D+ic31 . he ill incur my rath and be destroyed#) . FBrahmic power and the potenc born o' brahmachar a are not +n3nown to o+. #he 3in% o' the %ods co+1d not be1ieve the stor . #he trees and the creepers a1on% his path ca+%ht 'ire and the earth tremb1ed as he marched roarin%. who heard this. FA%ni. 4' o+ reD+ire a priest. FSamvarta is %oin% to cond+ct a %reat a=na. 7ow can an thin% b+rn o+@ /hat is this stor o' SamvartaKs an%r e es red+cin% o+ to ashes@F' F9ot so. 7ave his 'eet 1aved and brin% the %i'ts proper to his %reatness.F #he %od o' 'ire a%reed and went on this mission. was indi%nant. b+t brahmachar a can b+rn +p 'ire itse1'I At Samvarta's an%er him be d+1 seated. and this was done. 7e ordered the attendants to do a11 the +s+a1 honors o' hospita1it . o+ b+rn +p other thin%s in the wor1d. Indra did not rangle but called a Gandhar"a had said( )0o . 3in% o' the %ods. F. /h do o+ need1ess1 ta3e +pon o+rse1' this s+''erin% b mere env @F 4t was am+sin% that 4ndra sho+1d so 'ar and so h+man1 'or%et his own histor as to %ive co+nse1 o' %ood cond+ct. FDo not 1et m an%er b+rn o+ +p. A%ni then e0p1ained wh he had come. F. )o+ m+st 'ind a wa to p+t this man down. 7e presented himse1' be'ore the 3in% in his divine 'orm. F/h have o+ %rown thin and b1ood1ess@ #e11 me what tro+b1es o+r mind. FStop this chatterIF he said to A%ni. 4t is this that has made me wan and thin.F/h are o+ %rieved@F as3ed 4ndra a''ectionate1 . and the %ods themse1ves have accepted o+ as their priest and wise co+nse1or. 3gni has failed# I ant you to go as my messenger and as! Marutta to gi"e up Sam"arta# .F 6ire red+ces thin%s to ashes.F Brihaspati then to1d 4ndra abo+t it a11. FDo %ive +p this Samvarta. /hat harm can Samvarta do to o+@ #here is nothin% o+ can 1ose on acco+nt o' him. )o+ are wise and 1earned. there is no ob=ect o' desire that is not a1read o+rs.F said the 3in%. 4 be% o' o+ to save me a%ainst this Samvarta. #he 3in% was mi%hti1 p1eased to see A%ni stand be'ore him.earned brahmana.F A%ni th+s reminded 4ndra o' what the 1atter had s+''eredC inc+rrin% the wrath o' those whom had attained Brahmic power.F Samvarta. 4ndra was s+rprised.ell him that if he does not. B+t Brihaspati re'reshed his memor on the point and as3edE F/o+1d o+ o+rse1' de1i%hted1 watch o+r enem 's power %rowin%@ 5+d%e me b how o+ wo+1d have 'e1t had o+ been in m position.F said he.

4 act as a Deva does. F$adhava. !rishna was asto+nded at the D+estion o' his brahmana 'riend. Brahmachar a tri+mphed. the Viswar+pa. /hen 4 am born as a Deva. 4 be%%ed ver hard o' the i%norant !a+ravas.F said the 3in%E F4 cannot %ive +p Samvarta.F #he Gandharva saidE F& 3in%. 4 m+st act in con'ormit with the nat+re o' that bod .eace.repare now to receive m c+rseIF Vas+deva smi1ed and saidE F. /ho can stop the hand o' 'ate@F #hen he re1ated a11 that had happened. <tan%a ret+rned the %reetin% and proceeded to ma3e the +s+a1 inD+iries abo+t the hea1th and we1'are o' re1atives. and he proceeded to p+t the power o' his penance into action.isten to what 4 sa and then. F6ear not. 6or a whi1e. 4' 4 appear as a )a3sha or as a :a3shasa. B+t the wo+1d not 1isten. he was e0ceedin%1 wroth. when 4ndra h+r1s his bo1t at o+@F 2ven as he said this. 7e received the b+rnt o''erin% in proper 'orm and retired. or as a beast.andavas and the !a+ravas. /hen <tan%a heard the narrative. . he stood si1ent not 3nowin% what to sa in rep1 . /hi1e on his wa . 4ndra. #he were arro%ant and into0icated b power and paid no heed to m advice.F !rishna paci'ied the indi%nant brahmana and appeared to him in his a11>embracin% 'orm. A1most a11 o' them have perished on the 'ie1d o' batt1e. 4 tried hard and app1ied ever means to prevent the 'i%ht and ma3e peace between them. and tremb1ed in 'ear. o+ ma prono+nce o+r c+rse. 4 do what is nat+ra1 to that birth and comp1ete m tas3. FSir. i' o+ 1i3e. #he innocent rec1+se had not heard abo+t the %reat batt1e that had been 'o+%ht. a terrib1e batt1e had been 'o+%ht b the . -TANGA /729 the batt1e was over. #herein a1so 4 'ai1ed. 2nv is a dead1 sin. !rishna bade 'arewe11 to the .#he Gandharva went accordin%1 to 3in% $ar+tta and 'aith'+11 conve ed 4ndra's messa%e and warnin%. 4 was in wrath and showed them even m Viswar+pa. !rishna stopped and descendin% 'rom his chariot sa1+ted the brahmana. he met his o1d brahmana 'riend <tan%a. 4 tried to intimidate them. 4' Brihaspati who co+1d de'eat the %oddess o' 3now1ed%e herse1' in 1earnin% became a victim to env . the c1o+ds above th+ndered and ever one 3new that the %od o' the th+nderbo1t was comin%. do o+r co+sins the . . 4n whatever bod 4 am born. 4 do ever thin% 1i3e a )a3sha or a :a3shasa. Do not +se +p the 'r+it o' o+r %reat penances in this an%er. #he 3in% wo+1d not 1isten. 2ven that 'ai1ed to have an . )o+ have s+re1 practised deceit and 1ed them to destr+ction. 4' 4 am born as a h+man bein%. F4 am born in vario+s bodies 'rom time to time to save the wor1d and estab1ish the %ood. was compe11ed to chan%e over to benevo1ent peace and to ta3e part in the a=na as the radiant %od o' sacri'ices. #he 3in% was in %reat 'ear and entreated Samvarta to save him.andavas and the !a+ravas 1ove one another as brothers sho+1d@ Are the we11 and '1o+rishin%@F he as3ed. who had come to do batt1e.F said Samvarta to the 3in%. 4t is a +niversa1 disease.andavas and went to Dwara3a. #hen he so't1 disc1osed what had happened. F4 cannot be %+i1t o' the dead1 sin o' desertin% a tr+stin% 'riend. were o+ there standin% b and did o+ 1et a11 this happen@ )o+ have indeed 'ai1ed in o+r d+t . peaceI 8a1m o+rse1'. how can o+ s+rvive. Brihaspati's p1an o' env 'ai1ed miserab1 . what is there to sa abo+t ordinar morta1s@ 144. /ith e es red with indi%nation he spo3e to $adhavaE FVas+deva.

As was the c+stom on occasions o' this %reat horse sacri'ice. &ne da <tan%a was ver thirst and. and proceeded on his =o+rne . As soon as be did this. /hat wo+1d o+ 1i3e@F said !rishna. #he 9ishada %rinned at <tan%a and sa in%. A P&-N" &/ /0&-R /729 )+dhishthira was crowned and insta11ed as 3in% a'ter the !+r+3shetra batt1e.F !rishna smi1ed. a 9ishada appeared be'ore him. he thought of 'rishna and reproached him in his mind( )Indeed. <tan%a spo3e in bitter tones. /as this 3ind@F as3ed <tan%a.F A'ter this e0p1anation o' !rishna. Give me this boon. provided 4 1et him do it as a 8handa1a and tested o+r +nderstandin% and 'o+nd o+ wi11in% to ta3e water 'rom a 8handa1a. Fis it not eno+%h 4 have seen #hee and #h 6orm <niversa1@ 4 do not desire an '+rther boon. whi1e he was wi11in% to do an thin% e1se. b+t it on1 made <tan%a more and more an%r and he re'+sed to drin3.F said <tan%a. he per'ormed an aswamedha a=na. o+ have no reason to be an%r with me. 141.e''ect. i' o+ m+st %ive me some boon. 5anardana smi1ed. 'or o+r sa3e. Seein% the stran%e disappearance o' the 9ishada. 7e said he co+1d not %ive to a morta1 what wo+1d %ive him immorta1it .F <tan%a was in %reat an%+ish. #he persisted in wron%doin%. to drin3. as this all the boon you ga"e me6) #he o+tcaste 9ishada pressed <tan%a over and over a%ain to D+ench his thirst. <tan%a re'1ectedE F/ho was this@ 7e co+1d not have been a rea1 9ishada. #he h+nter and his do%s disappeared. de1i%hted. when o+ p+t m boon into action. loo!ing at the man and his dogs and his ater s!in. 7ere is water 'or o+. A moment 1ater $adhava himse1' appeared with conch and disc+s. #he wa%ed war and perished. I do not need it. 4 accepted the cha11en%e be1ievin% o+ had attained =nana and transcended e0terna1s. B+t o+ have done this and made me s+''er de'eat at 4ndra's hands. said in disgust( )9riend.F he said.F o''ered the bamboo spo+t o' his water>s3in to the brahmana to drin3 'rom. /as it ri%ht o' o+ to tr me th+s@ $a3e an +nto+chab1e o''er +nc1ean water to me. F& . <tan%a recovered his ca1m. 7e had 'ive h+ntin% ho+nds in 1eash and a water>s3in strapped to his sho+1der. F4s this a11@ 7ave it then. a brahmana.+r+shottamaIF e0c1aimed <tan%aC F o+ p+t me to a di''ic+1t tria1. =tanga. B+t 4 prevai1ed +pon him and he a%reed to ta3e amrita and %ive it to o+ as water. a11 the princes o' the 1and . he betho+%ht himse1' o' the boon he had received. F4 wish to %ive a boon to o+. 4 re=ected the water o''ered b the 9ishada and proved m se1' to be an arro%ant 'oo1.F <tan%a saw his mista3e and was ashamed. than! you#) Saying this. c1othed in 'i1th ra%s. $ phi1osoph deserted me. & best amon% brahmanas. 1et me 'ind water to drin3 whenever 4 mi%ht 'ee1 thirst . F)o+ seem to be thirst . FAchch +ta. m . +nab1e to 'ind water an where in the desert.ord. !rishna was. 4 as3ed 4ndra to ta3e amrita to o+ and %ive it to o+ as water. 4t was certain1 a test and 4 have b1+ndered miserab1 . F& <tan%a.F B+t !rishna insisted and the desert wanderin% simp1e brahmana saidE F/e11.

she handed her share o' the '1o+r to her h+sband to be %iven to the %+est. 7e and his wi'e. per'ormed b %ood and worth men@ /ho are o+@ /h do o+ +tter words o' scorn abo+t o+r sacri'ice@ #his aswamedha has been d+1 comp1eted in ever detai1 in accordance with sastraic in=+nctions. 'the beasts and the birds and a11 the anima1s tend the 'ema1es o' their .ord. sat down ea%er1 to eat.F #he wease1 1a+%hed a%ain and saidE F& brahmanas. #he brahmanas and the poor and the destit+te peop1e. '6aith'+1 one. which 4 have seen.ra accept this. a poor brahmana who 1ived in !+r+3shetra made a %i't o' a po+nd o' mai?e '1o+r. 6or man da s the brahmana and his 'ami1 starved. a brahmana. Seein% his h+n%r and +nsatis'ied 1oo3. went +p to the wease1 and spo3e to itE F/here'rom and wh have o+ come to this a=na. o''erin% than3s to God.isten to m stor which is a tr+e narrative o' what 4 saw m se1'. .%athered on invitation and the a=na was comp1eted in %reat sp1endor. %ive m share a1so to him. 4t is not proper that o+ sho+1d spea3 derisive1 o' o+r %reat sacri'ice. he and his wi'e. #his was the strict +nchhavritti discip1ine the had p1ed%ed themse1ves to observe. 2ver one is p1eased with the %i'ts and ret+rns happ and contented. 5+st then. #he %+est ate it with avidit b+t he was sti11 h+n%r when he had 'inished. 2ver thin% was done in ma%ni'icent st 1e and in con'ormit /ith the in=+nctions re1atin% to the sacri'ice. #he wo+1d not 3eep over an thin% 'or the ne0t da i' the %ot more than the reD+ired 'or the da . #he passed their da s th+s 'or man ears. received bo+nteo+s %i'ts.' said the brahmana. the wo+1d 'ast +nti1 the ne0t a'ternoon. #he brahmana priests. what 4 said is tr+e. son and da+%hter>in>1aw were immediate1 ta3en to swar%a. with %reat di''ic+1t the came home with a sma11 D+antit o' mai?e. )o+r %reat horse sacri'ice and a11 the %i'ts made in that connection are 1ess than that sma11 %i't o' the !+r+3shetra brahmana. A11 c+1tivation ceased and there was neither sowin% nor harvestin% nor an %rain scattered in the 'ie1ds to be %1eaned. /h do o+ spea3 as o+ do@ Do e0p1ain o+rse1'. #he mantras have been chanted per'ect1 and the ob1ations d+1 o''ered. . '&h best o' brahmanas. #he %ro+nd it and a'ter sa in% their pra ers the divided the '1o+r into 'o+r eD+a1 parts and. 1ived in !+r+3shetra. #he 'o+r castes are p1eased. #his '1o+r o' mai?e was obtained in accordance with dharma. a11 'o+r 1ived in this manner. 2ver da in the a'ternoon the wo+1d sit down and have their on1 mea1 'or the da . is not in tr+th as %reat an act as that %i't o' the poor brahmana. when a %reat dro+%ht came and there was 'amine a11 over the 1and. which o+ have =+st comp1eted so showi1 . 4t is not env that ma3es me sa this. the %ot +p and made d+e obeisance and as3ed him to =oin them. #he wease1's bod was on one side a11 shinin% %o1d. 6rom somewhere +nseen.on% be'ore o+ wa%ed o+r batt1e there. . &n da s when the 'ai1ed to 'ind eno+%h %rain.' said the brahmana o' !+r+3shetra and %ave his share o' the '1o+r to the %+est.' Sa in% this. #his remar3ab1e creat+re t+rned ro+nd and too3 a %ood view o' the assemb1 o' princes and 1earned brahmanas that had come 'rom vario+s co+ntries and %athered in that %reat pavi1ion and be%an to spea3E F. who had come in %reat n+mbers 'rom a11 parts o' the co+ntr . )o+ no do+bt be1ieve that o+ have comp1eted o+r a=na in sp1endid st 1e. the brahmana was %rieved and did not 3now what to do. &ne da . #he p+re>so+1ed brahmana and his wi'e and son and da+%hter>in>1aw were e0ceedin%1 de1i%hted to have the %ood 'ort+ne o' receivin% %+est at that =+nct+re. &nce +pon a time. who had per'ormed the sacri'icia1 rites. when his wi'e saidE '. $a b1essin%s attend on o+. a brahmana entered and he was e0ceedin%1 h+n%r . a wease1 s+dden1 appeared ri%ht in the midd1e o' the assemb1ed %+ests and priests in the %reat pavi1ion and. 4 do not %r+d%e the %ood 'ort+ne o' 3in% )+dhishthira or the %ood 'ort+ne o' an o' o+. And in reward 'or his %i't. be not so vain abo+t it. which the had %athered. 1isten to me. #he priests were a1armed at this stran%e and +nnat+ra1 occ+rrence and wondered whether it was some evi1 spirit that had come to po11+te and dist+rb the sacred rites. Seein% an +ne0pected %+est arrive. a'ter wanderin% in h+n%er and heat. son and da+%hter>in>1aw. who obtained his dai1 'ood b %1eanin% in the 'ie1ds. 4 am a poor man. #he a=na. .ra . 4 sha11 be %1ad i' the %+est's h+n%er he satis'ied. a'ter ro11in% on the %ro+nd 1a+%hed a 1o+d h+man 1a+%h as i' in derision.rinces assemb1ed and priests. )o+ seem to thin3 too m+ch o' o+r a=na.F #he %atherin% was ama?ed at this stran%e and impertinent speech o' the %o1den wease1. 2ver one that has come to this a=na has been d+1 attended to and has been accorded s+itab1e honors and %i'ts.

the wease1 contin+edE F4 was nearb and ca+%ht the 'ra%rance wa'ted 'rom that '1o+r o' the brahmana. B+t o+ have. :a=as+ a sacri'ices and horse sacri'ices comp1eted in sp1endor. pa1e and emaciated as o+ are 'rom starvation.species with care. brave1 set aside o+r attachment to wi'e and son and p1aced dharma above a11 e1se. 4 cannot accept o+r o''er. 7ow co+1d 4 possib1 1oo3 on when o+ wither in h+n%er@' #he %ir1 wo+1d not 1isten. was con'+sed. '& %ir1 o' spot1ess character.ord. 7is son. the %ods are showerin% '1owers in admiration o' o+r e0traordinar sacri'ice.' #he son insistedE 'it is the d+t o' the son to 1oo3 a'ter his 'ather in his dec1inin% ears. 4t 1eads them to evi1 tho+%hts. #he %+est ate the third part o' the '1o+r a1so b+t he was sti11 h+n%r I #he brahmana. o+ are now s3in and bone and 'amished and e0ceedin%1 h+n%r . '8hi1dI' he e0c1aimed. here is m share. #he son is not di''erent 'rom the 'ather. So. )o+ are h+n%r as 4 am and o+ sho+1d not ma3e an distinction between +s. 1ose their stead'astness. 4t ma3es them %o aside 'rom the path o' rectit+de.' Sa in% this the m sterio+s %+est disappeared. '6ather. B+t he was sti11 h+n%r I Great was the distress o' the poor brahmana o' !+r+3shetra. 4 be% o' o+ to accept what 4 %ive and 'eed this h+n%r %+est. wo+1d pa1e into insi%ni'icance be'ore the %reat sacri'ice o+ have done thro+%h this sin%1e act o' hospita1it . 4 said that o+r %reat aswamedha was not so %reat as the 1o't o' '1o+r which that brahmana made to his %+est. 4s it not said that the 'ather is born a'resh in his son@ $ share o' the '1o+r is o+rs in tr+th. B+t 4 'o+nd it did not. $a man do worse@ 4 cannot accept o+r s+%%estion. 4s not this bod o' mine dedicated who11 to serve m 1ord@ )o+ sho+1d he1p me to attain the %ood. ma ever %ood be o+rsI' #he %+est received this 1ast portion avid1 and ate it and was satis'ied.F #he wease1 then disappeared.F 7avin% re1ated this stor o' the !+r+3shetra brahmana who 1ived b %1eanin% scattered ears o' corn in the 'ie1d. #he pio+s. when s+''erin% the pan%s o' h+n%er. who 1ived on scattered %rain. 7+n%er destro s the +nderstandin% o' men.o there. 4 imp1ore o+ to accept m '1o+r. Desiro+s o' %ettin% m bod made a11 %o1d. 4 sha11 have eterna1 %ood as m reward.' said he.' #h+s imp1ored b his da+%hter>in>1aw. /hat sha11 4 %ain in this or in the other wor1d i' 4 1eave o+ to starve and s+''er h+n%er. o+r chi1d. %iven with the p+rest intent and to the +ttermost o' o+r capacit . o+ are 1ord o' m 1ord and master.' #he 'ather>in>1aw was sad be ond meas+re. as we11 as 'or o+r ancestors. Do ta3e this '1o+r. his da+%hter>in>1aw addressed him th+sE '. 'o1d men can stand starvation. 'or. best o' brahmanas'. 4 sha11 accept o+r shareI' said the 'ather. 4 then went and ro11ed in =o on the %ro+nd where some o' the '1o+r had been scattered. *-"HI HTHIRA R-0E . b that. 4 entreat o+ not to den m reD+est.' 'Dear bo . 2nter and %o to swar%a. be1ievin% that this sacri'ice mi%ht come +p to the standard.' #he 'ather's distress increased. 4 heard that )+dhishthira o' wor1d 'ame was per'ormin% a a=na and came here. 7ow can 4 1eave o+ to s+''er in that condition and hope to attain an %ood b 'eedin% the %+est@ 9o. 'B1essed is o+r hospita1it .' ')o+ are versed in the sastras. 4 sha11 indeed be %+i1t o' cr+e1t . 4 entreat o+. 4' 4 accept o+r o''er. .' #he brahmana ie1ded and too3 the wi'e's share and %ave it to the %+est who too3 it %reedi1 and ate it. 4 am not ab1e to 'ind it in m heart to accept what o+ sa . %od o' m %od. )o+r %i't has 1eased me. 4 have been tr in% ever p1ace where men per'orm %reat a=nas and penances. 4 sha11 be indeed happ i' we sha11 th+s be ab1e to '+1'i1 o+r d+t . the brahmana accepted her share o' the '1o+r and b1essed her sa in%E '. rep1ied the wi'e. See the %ods and the Gandharvas have come down in their bri%ht chariots with their attendants to ta3e o+ with o+r 'ami1 to the happ re%ions above. 14!. '6ather. '4s it not tr+e that dharma. )o+r %i't has achieved swar%a 'or o+. 4 sha11 %ive m share too and %1ad1 comp1ete o+r e''orts to 'eed this %+est. not 3nowin% that to do. preceptor o' m preceptor. o+r nobi1it and o+r master over the senses 'i11 me with pride. and he too3 the son's '1o+r and %ave it to the %+est to eat. 4 t+rned on the other side b+t there was no more '1o+r 1e't and that part o' me is sti11 as it was. even when h+n%r . came 'orward. 4t made one side o' me into bri%ht %o1d. )o+th's h+n%er is severe. o+ propose to %ive o+r part o' the 'ood a1so to me. B1essin% on o+. o+ who he1p me and serve me to do the sacred d+ties o' a ho+seho1der's 1i'e@ Be1oved one. so that 4 ma earn merit b %ivin% it to this %+est. 'Give it to this %+est who seems to be sti11 h+n%r . who saw this. #he chariot is waitin% 'or o+. 4t made m head a11 %o1d.o a1 %ir1. 4 be% o' o+ to accept it and b1ess me. o+ and o+r 'ami1 . /hi1e he was in distress. artha and a11 the ob=ects o' h+man activit are to the common and eD+a1 bene'it o' both o' +s who have been =oined to%ether@ Do 1oo3 on me with compassion and ta3e m share o' the '1o+r and satis' the reD+irements o' this o+r %+est.

A1tho+%h to 'i%ht and to 3i11 his enemies is a !shatri as dharma. how did the treat Dhritarashtra@F as3ed 3in% 5aname=a a. 6i'teen ears passed in this manner. ca1c+1ated to ass+a%e his sorrow. #he princes. 7e wo+1d 1et 'a11 in Dhritarashtra's hearin% words 1i3e F#hose perverse co+sins o' o+rs have themse1ves to than3 'or their destr+ction. )+dhishthira cons+1ted Dhritarashtra and cond+cted himse1' so as to %ive him the 'ee1in% that in tr+th the 3in%dom was r+1ed on his beha1' and that he. #he brothers. she wo+1d 1oo3 at !+nti and 'ind peace. /henever she 'e1t pained at what Bhima said. Bhima be%an on occasions to %ive ca+se 'or o''ence. te11s the stor .andavas with the +tmost respect treated Dhritarashtra. 1ived with Dhritarashtra and 3ept him compan . he is soon satis'ied. Dhritarashtra too cond+cted himse1' 1ovin%1 towards the . 4n the administration o' a''airs o' the State. )+dhishthira iss+ed no orders e0cept with his approva1. #he women attendants %ave Gandhari no occasion to 'ee1 her 'a11en estate. however. b+t he becomes the s1ave o' ever>'resh 1on%in%s and 'resh %rie's and 'inds no peace. !arna or D+hsasana. !$. V asa com'orted him with instr+ctive stories o' o1den times. which pained Dhritarashtra. and Vaisampa ana. was sti11 the s+preme a+thorit . 6or !+nti was a veritab1e embodiment o' dharma and inspired 'orbearance. a nob1e and en1i%htened so+1. )+dhishthira '+rnished Dhritarashtra's ho+se with rich seats and beds and decorations and a11 e1se that was wanted. who was p1+n%ed in a sea o' %rie'. Gandhari.andavas won and obtained the 3in%dom. the =o that the had e0pected.$A9 p+rs+es mad1 the ob=ect o' his desire +nti1 it is %ot. as i' he were sti11 the emperor. #he too3 +p their d+ties and dischar%ed them accordin% to dharma. with perhaps the e0ception o' Bhima. 7e sent 'rom the ro a1 3itchen most daint and pa1atab1e dishes prepared 'or him. in impatience. #he . who came to 7astinap+ra 'rom a11 parts o' the wor1d. DHRITARASHTRA . 7e showed no i11 wi11 towards them even as the showed him no +n3indness. e0p1ained the princip1es o' man's activities and the proper dischar%e o' one's d+ties. )+dhishthira was most care'+1 in his speech. as the e1dest member o' the 'ami1 . what Ar=+na 'e1t and ar%+ed had a1so a %reat dea1 o' 'orce and there was more tr+th in it than appeared on the s+r'ace. the 'o+nd not in victor . however. who recited V asa's $ahabharata to the 3in%. )+dhishthira had instr+cted his brothers most strict1 that nothin% sho+1d be done to ca+se the s1i%htest pain to their +nc1e.andavas de'eated the !a+ravas and became the +nD+estioned soverei%ns o' the 1and. F/hen the .F 4t was not possib1e 'or Bhima to 'or%et or 'or%ive D+r odhana. B+t. 'o11owed this in=+nction 'aith'+11 . #he . %ave Dhritarashtra the same honorsC as the did o' o1d. co+ntermand the o1d man's instr+ctions. #he . !rishna in answer. what =o can one %ets o+t o' power and position and wea1th acD+ired b s1a+%hter and %rie' in'1icted on brothers and near re1ations@ 4t was this that Ar=+na pointed o+t in his power'+1 p1ea be'ore !rishna when the batt1e commenced. !ripachar a. #he tried to ma3e him happ . was 1oo3ed a'ter b !+ntidevi with 1ovin% and sister1 devotion and Dra+padi d+ti'+11 ministered to them both.andavas. A'ter a time. who had 1ost a11 his sons. She was. 7e wo+1d sometimes. Gandhari 'e1t intense1 %rieved when she noticed that Bhima +ttered words. whose h+ndred sons had disappeared 1i3e dream>%o1d. with eD+a1 respect. /hen it is in his possession. never to a11ow himse1' to sa an thin% to ca+se pain to the bereaved o1d man. #he did nothin% to ma3e him 'ee1 h+mi1iated. B+t.andavas behaved +ne0ceptionab1 towards their o1d +nc1e.

)o+ as3 me 'or permission to %o. F4 did not 3now. what =o sha11 4 have in 3in%ship@ 4 prostrate m se1' be'ore o+ and imp1ore o+ to 'or%ive the errors we have been %+i1t o'. )o+ have tended me most 1ovin%1 . /e are o+r chi1dren.F )+dhishthira received a shoc3 when he saw Dhritarashtra and heard him sa this. has ministered to m ph sica1 wants a11 these ears. pra in% 'or o+r %ood.erhaps. 4 desire to %o and 1ive in the 'orest. 7ow 1ean he had become now and emaciated. Give me that opport+nit and me ass+re o+ that m an%er a%ainst D+r odhana is a thin% o' the past. Gandhari and !+nti is a1i3e mother to me and command eD+a1 re%ard and 'i1ia1 a''ection 'rom me. 4' o+ %o awa to the 'orest. )+dhishthira was +nab1e to bear this distress o' the %rand o1d man. 4 m+st now %o to the 'orest. 4 imp1ore o+ to save me 'rom '+rther ob1oD+ and b+rnin% shame. .F he said. he 1eaned he1p1ess1 on Gandhari and swooned. m mind is 'i0ed on %oin% to the 'orest and on penance. Desire and ambition deceived me into this. 4 was mis1ed into be1ievin% o+ were we11 1oo3ed a'ter and happ . even 1i3e D+r odhana and his brothers. who had possessed the sinews o' an e1ephant and had had stren%th eno+%h to cr+sh the meta1 'i%+re o' Bhima into powder.andavas. Fthat o+ had been 'astin% and s1eepin% on the bare %ro+nd and morti' in% o+r '1esh in this manner. )o+ and a11 o+r peop1e have served me with +nstinted devotion. #hese robes m+st be rep1aced b bar3 and tattered o1d c1othes. who stood with c1asped hands and tremb1in% with a%itation. who committed +n'or%ivab1e wron% to Dra+padi and deprived o+ o' o+r 1aw'+1 inheritance. &r i' o+ wi11 do so. piteo+s1 1eanin% sense1ess on Gandhari 1i3e one destit+te. )o+ m+st permit me now to '+1'i1 m wish and 1et me %o. Do not desert me. with his bones showin% thro+%h his s3in. B+t the 'o+%ht 1i3e brave so1diers and died in the batt1e'ie1d and have %one to the happ re%ions reserved 'or the o+r son )+ +ts+ be 3in%. when o1d Dhritarashtra 'o+nd himse1' +tter1 +nab1e an 1on%er to bear the b+rden o' %rie'. 4 am tired. 'or which there can be no so1ace. B+t he saidE F!+nti's be1oved son.F Dhritarashtra was deep1 moved. 7+rt b Bhima's occasiona1 reproaches. 7ow then can 4 %ive or re'+se permission to o+@ . %one witho+t a trace. o+ have s+''ered %rie'. .F Sa in% this.646#229 ears passed +nder 3in% )+dhishthira's rei%n. $ mind is 'i0ed on the 'orest. 4 sha11 %o to the 'orest. s+itab1e 'or the 1i'e o' me terminate this chapter o' error. 6ather. 4 see no %ood in 3in%dom or p1eas+res. Servin% o+ wi11 %ive me tr+e =o and peace o' mind. 4 have 1ived +nder o+r roo' 'or man ears. 4 have spent 'i'teen happ ears +nder o+r roo'. 4 am a sinner. .et me 'o11ow the practice o' o+r 'athers. o+ wi11 share in the 'r+its o' m penance. . o+ o+rse1' ma ta3e +p the d+ties o' 3in% and 1oo3 a'ter the peop1e. 4 am 'ee1in% dr in m throat. it is d+e to a%e. 6ate wi11ed it and en%+1'ed +s a11 in con'+sion o' mind. Dhritarashtra t+rned to Vid+ra and !ripachar aE F4 be% o' o+ to com'ort the 3in% and ma3e him %rant m pra er. 4 am +nab1e to spea3 an more. 4' o+ retire to the woods and 1eave me here. )o+ are the 3in%. $ brothers too were +naware o' this. 4 have ta13ed too m+ch. 4 am not the 3in%. #he time has come when with Gandhari 4 m+st do what has to be done 'or o+r ne0t state. b1essin%s on o+. Gandhari too observed mani'ests and in'1icted privation on her. And events happened which were not in o+r contro1. their chi1d. 4 want o+r permission 'or this. And one da Dharmap+tra and spo3e to him th+sE Dhritarashtra sent 'or FSon. As 3in%. $ cr+e1 sons. he 'o+nd no heart to accept the co+rtesies and com'orts provided +nder 3in% )+dhishthira's orders. or an one e1se o+ choose. Bereaved Gandhari. <n3nown to the . 4 have made %i'ts and o''erin%s to ancestors and '+1'i11ed a11 m desires in that respect. 4 can 'ind no peace otherwise now. 1a in% aside her own %rie'. perished on acco+nt o' their sins. )o+ 3now what the sastras have 1ain down. he secret1 'asted and +nderwent hard penances. .F 7avin% th+s spo3en to )+dhishthira. 4 m+st %o with o+ and serve o+ there.

who. 4t is not ri%ht o+ sho+1d now desert +s and %o to the 'orest. how sweet is o+r to+chI 4 am happ .F Dharmap+tra had ti11 then be1ieved that !+nti was accompan in% Gandhari on1 'or a distance to sa %oodb e. Ar=+na. b+t 4 committed the crime o' not disc1osin% it to o+. has borne her sorrows with co+ra%e. whom God has b1essed with en1i%htenment. Gandhari. Gandhari. 4t is not possib1e 'or him m+ch 1on%er to bear his %rie'. /hen the o1d man recovered. /hen he recovered 'rom the shoc3 he saidE F$other. #he dharma o' 3in%s is to die in batt1e or to spend their 1ast da s in retirement in the 'orest. !%. . with his hand restin% on Gandhari's him %o with o+r heart consent. 7e was m son. . !+nti sat with Gandhari and the ate to%ether. th+s %+ided. Do not stand in the wa o' their wishes. he tender1 c1asped the . !+nti he1d to her him %o to the 'orest. son. i%norant o' not Dhritarashtra pine awa and die here. 9a3+1a and Sahadeva. not th+sI )o+ b1essed +s and sent +s to batt1e. Do not ever %ive ca+se 'or %rie' to Bhima. Dhritarashtra as3ed )+dhishthira to sit b him and %ave him his 1ast b1essin%s. #he b+rden o' the 'ami1 is now who11 on o+.F7ave 4 ca+sed a11 this@F he reproached himse1'. and witho+t an%er in his heart. . %ave +p the +se o' her e es and wrapped her 'ace with a c1oth a11 her 1i'e. #hen the o1d man stepped o+t and. )o+ 1e't him nothin% to desire. !+nti had decided in her mind to %o with Gandhari to the 'orest. do not ever 1et o+r speech be an%r when o+ spea3 to Sahadeva.F Dharmara=a saidE FSo be itIF #hen V asa ret+rned to his hermita%e. 1eavin% the cares o' the wor1d behind. desires. beca+se her 1ord and h+sband was b1ind. s1ow1 wa13ed o+t o' the cit on his =o+rne to the 'orest. he was ta3en abac3 and was speech1ess 'or a 'ew min+tes. /hen o+ were in the wi1derness 'or thirteen ears.F #hen V asa entered. THE PASSING A&AY OF THE THREE /729 )+dhishthira at 1ast %ave his consent 'or Dhritarashtra's retirement to the 'orest. F$iserab1e and +nworth am him %o and 1ive amon% the hone 1aden '1owers o' the 'orest and breathe their 'ra%rance. As she wa13ed on. Dhritarashtra has r+1ed the 3in%dom and per'ormed a=nas. A11 his sons have %one be'ore him. 7e is o1d. Dhritarashtra and Gandhari went bac3 to their residence and bro3e their 'ast. . A c+rse on m 1earnin%IF 7e sprin31ed water on Dhritarashtra's 'ace and caressin%1 stro3ed him with his so't hands. . e1dest o' the !+r+s. #he time has come 'or him to do penance. devoid o' inte11i%ence. she was spea3in% to )+dhishthiraE FSon. he en=o ed the wide earth thro+%h his son and %ave bo+nteo+s %i'ts. p1aced her hand on !+nti's sho+1der and s1ow1 wa13ed a1on%. :emember with 1ove !arna who died a hero's death on the batt1e'ie1d. he said to )+dhishthiraE FDo what Dhritarashtra. . /hen he heard her spea3 th+s. !eep this ever in mind.F )+dhishthira's entreaties were however o' no avai1.oo3 a'ter Dra+padi with +n'ai1in% tenderness. /hen he was acD+ainted with what had happened.andava to his bosom and m+tteredE F$ dear bo .

2ach with hand on the sho+1der o' the other.F Sa in% this. some rishis came to Dwara3a. deve1oped 1abor pains and 1o and beho1d. !+nti went on her wa . not a bo or a %ir1 and that mace wi11 prove to be )ama to o+r tribe and destro o+ a11. Dhritarashtra to1d San=a aE F#his 'ire wi11 enve1op +s a11. . Dhritarashtra. #he rains came and on the beach. #he 1ost a11 sense o' discip1ine and h+mi1it .F4 m+st =oin m 1ord and h+sband wherever he be now. the 'orest had ca+%ht 'ire. $a o+r mind ever stand stead on dharma. this pict+re o' the three e1ders o' the tribe wendin% their wa to the 'orest. Dhritarashtra 'inished his ab1+tions and ret+rned to their hermita%e. te11 +s whether this 1ad wi11 have a bo or a %ir1. his on1 1i%ht and was dear to him 1i3e 1i'e itse1'. spent the rest o' his da s in the 7ima1a as as a san asin. %ave birth to a maceI #his 'i11ed them with terror beca+se the 'e1t that their end was near as the rishis had c+rsed. had th+s disposed o' the dan%er. crop o' r+shes. is painted b the poet so vivid1 that it 'i11s the reader with so1emn %rie'. #he Vrishnis. 4 sha11 be with Gandhari and %o thro+%h the discip1ine o' 'orest 1i'e and soon =oin o+r 'ather. KRISHNA PASSES A&AY !:4S79A r+1ed at Dwara3a 'or thirt >si0 ears a'ter the !+r+3shetra batt1e was over. Go bac3 +na%itated. :et+rn to the cit . #he de1iberated 1on% and 'ina11 %ro+nd the mace to 'ine powder. which the scattered in the sea.F #he rishis saw thro+%h the irreverent =o3e and said in an%erE F#his person wi11 %ive birth to a mace. )+dhishthira stood speech1ess. San=a a was with them. #he deer and the wi1d boars ran in herds hither and thither. 1oo3in% bac3 occasiona11 at him and her other sons. and tho+%ht the .F #he rishis departed a'ter prono+ncin% this c+rse. &nce. 'acin% eastwards in o%a post+re and ca1m1 %ave themse1ves +p to the '1ames. 1eavin% their sons behind. presentin% him to the revered %+ests. #he arro%ant and irreverent )adavas moc3ed these rishis with a practica1 =o3e. the man who had been dressed +p in 'ema1e c1othes.F #h+s did !+nti b1ess her i11+strio+s son and depart. 9e0t da . saidE F& e 1earned men. the Bhopas and other branches o' the )adavas be1on%in% to !rishna's tribe spent their da s in +nrestrained se1'> ind+1%ence and 1+0+r . San=a a. and r+shed mad1 to the poo1s. /hen one da . !). the three o' them. Gandhari and !+nti spent three ears in the 'orest. there spran% +p a dense. who had been to the b1ind 3in%. 9othin% happened 'or some time. #he dressed +p one o' their o+n% men 1i3e a woman and. thro+%ho+t a11 his da s. Gandhari with her eves b1ind'o1ded and !+nti sat down on the %ro+nd. as i' the partin% happened in his own 'ami1 now. #he 'oo1ish )adavas were rather pert+rbed at this +np1easant endin% o' what the had tho+%ht was a %ood =o3e. the were in consternation to see that Samba. near where the had strewn the 'ine d+st o' the aw'+1 c1+b. )o+ had better save o+rse1'. Seasons passed. the b1ind o1d 3in%. #he wind b1ew and the '1ames spread ever where.

'or the had 'or%otten a11 abo+t the c+rse o' the revered %+ests. Ba1arama. which swi't1 deve1oped into a 'ree 'i%ht. the )adavas went to the beach 'or a picnic and spent the who1e da in dance and drin3 and reve1r . . e0c1aimin%E F7ere is the end o' the coward who 3i11ed s1eepin% so1diersI F &thers immediate1 'e11 +pon Sat a3i with their drin3in% bow1s and pots and an thin% the co+1d 1a hands +pon. prow1in% 'or %ame.F he e0c1aimed and a n+mber o' the reve1ers =oined him and be%an to sco'' at Sat a3i 'or his barbaro+s deed. &ne da . . 7e %ave +p his 1i'e as he 1a in a o%a trance. 1 in% on the %ro+nd 'e11 as1eep. o+ s1a+%htered the %reat Bh+risravas when seated in o%a a'ter his ri%ht hand was c+t o'' and o+. a11 the )adavas were in the D+arre1 on one side or the other and present1 'rom words the came to b1ows. ponderin% on the comp1etion o' his avatar. & !ritavarma@ )o+ have bro+%ht a %reat and 1astin% dis%race on o+r tribe.i3e a b+tcher. which 'rin%ed the beach. !ritavarma co+1d not bear the ins+1t. 6rom a distance. !rishna 3new that the destined ho+r was come. and p1+c3in% the ta11 r+shes. F#he time has come 'or me to %o. 4n that wooded beach. At 'irst merr . which iss+ed 'rom his 'orehead 1i3e a si1ver serpent. !rishna's son. #h+s ended the avatar o' 9ara ana in Ba1arama. the be%an to ta13 witho+t restrain. !ritavarma had 'o+%ht on the side o' the !a+ravas and Sat a3i on that o' the . 1aid abo+t him with them indiscriminate1 . #his 1ed to ever one o' the )adavas doin% the same and there was %reat indiscriminate s1a+%hter.andavas. the h+nter mistoo3 !rishna 'or a wi1d anima1 restin% on the %ro+nd./hen the )adavas saw this. ra3in% +p o1d o''ences and D+arre11in%. F. saw Vas+deva 1 in% on the %ro+nd amon% the shr+bs. Ba1arama passed awa into the ocean in a stream o' 1i%ht.rad +mna were 3i11ed. on s1i%ht ca+se with one another. was overwhe1med with shame and dis%+st and san3 to the %ro+nd.rad +mna. #he +sed them on one another with dead1 e''ect and soon a11 o' them were destro ed in this dr+n3en braw1. and a n+mber o' dr+n3en )adavas app1a+ded the attac3. 1on% a'ter. spran% +pon !ritavarma and c+t his head o''. /hen he saw the passin% o' Ba1arama. #he r+shes that had %rown o+t o' the mace became each one o' them a mace as it was p1+c3ed b the doomed men in their +nreasonab1e '+r . !rishna saw a11 his peop1e th+s destro themse1ves as predestined. #he rishis' c+rse had be%+n to wor3. #he 1iD+or be%an to wor3. Soon.F he said to himse1' and. who was seein% a11 this. the were c+rio+s and am+sed. F/o+1d an !shatri a attac3 and 3i11 s1eepin% so1diers. ta+ntin% !ritavarma. Sat a3i. Amon% the )adavas. dare to ta+nt me. he roamed abo+t in deep meditation in the wi1derness. with his sword drawn. then p+%nacio+s. a h+nter. coward.F said Sat a3i. =oined the 'ra to resc+e Sat a3i and there was a desperate me1ee in which both Sat a3i and .

/e stood tied b dharma to inaction when. )+dhishthira was astonished. F/here are m brothers. #he do% sti11 'o11owed )+dhishthira. 4 do not care to spend m time in his compan . Dharma had come to test )+dhishthira's 1o a1t and he was p1eased with his son's cond+ct.F and p+shed the do% awa . when he reached a %reat hei%ht.ari3shit. )+dhishthira 3new what was shadow and what was s+bstance. F9o. son o'Abhiman +. was dra%%ed to the 7a11 o' the Assemb1 and ins+1ted +nder the orders o' this wic3ed man. be'ore o+r e es. e deni?ens o' swar%a@F as3ed )+dhishthira. A do% =oined them somewhere and 3ept them compan a11 a1on%. went '+11 thro+%h his bod . Dra+padi.ancha1i.andavas received the news. #he o+n%est s+cc+mbed 'irst. )o+ have 1a%%ed behind.F Sa in% this )+dhishthira averted his e es 'rom where D+r odhana was seated in %1or . visitin% ho1 p1aces and 'ina11 reached the 7ima1a as. as emperor and the 'ive brothers 1e't the cit with Dra+padi.F said )+dhishthira. 7e did not see his brothers or an one e1se. F)o+r brothers and Dra+padi have arrived be'ore o+. 6ina11 . in the shape o' the do%. is here. #e11 me. F#his man o' %reed. 4ndra appeared in his chariot.F said 4ndra. /hen the . #he 1esson en'orced b the poet in this episode o' the do% is that dharma is the on1 constant companion in 1i'e's =o+rne . where are m brothers@ 4 wish to %o where the are.. F#hen there is no room 'or me either. /e were driven b this man's env and spite to 3i11 'riends and re1atives. the 1ost a11 remainin% attachment to 1i'e on earth. F#here is no p1ace 'or do%s in swar%a. )et. B+t when )+dhishthira went +p to ta3e his seat in 4ndra's chariot. )+dhishthira saw his dear ones 'a11 and die. . b+rdened with o+r bod . #here. 'o11owed )+dhishthira +p the wearisome mo+ntain path. 14. o' 1imited vision. when his brothers and wi'e had %one 1eavin% him a1one. innocent .7e bent his bow and shot an arrow at the prostrate 'i%+re which. Ascend m chariot and %o with me in the '1esh. #he crowned . )+dhishthira reached swar%a. 4t was dharma who. the do% a1so c1imbed +p.F said 4ndra. Sahadeva and 9a3+1a were re1eased 'rom the b+rden o' the '1esh one a'ter another. 4 cannot bear the si%ht o' this man. #he !+r+ prince was seated on a bea+ti'+1 throne and he shone with the sp1endor o' the s+n and aro+nd him stood in attendance the %oddess o' heroism and other an%e1s. #h+s did the %reat Vas+deva depart 'rom the wor1d o' men. 4 have come to ta3e o+. 'or the 1i%ht o' #r+th b+rned bri%ht be'ore him. *-"HI HTHIRA% /INA0 TRIA0 #o 7astinap+ra came the sad tidin%s o' the death o' Vas+deva and the destr+ction o' the )adavas. And the seven o' them c1imbed the mo+ntain on their 1ast pi1%rima%e. he saw D+r odhana. and re'+sed to enter the heaven1 chariot i' he had to 1eave his 'aith'+1 companion behind. As the toi1ed +p the mo+ntain path one b one 'e11 e0ha+sted and died. no. #he went o+t on a pi1%rima%e. piercin% his 'oot in the insteep. +nited to +s in sacred wed1oc3. #hen 'o11owed Ar=+na and then %reat Bhima too. #he do% vanished 'rom si%ht. serene1 he went on not %ivin% wa to %rie'.

D+r odhana. the ver si%ht o' o+ %ives +s com'ort and miti%ates o+r s+''erin%. has attained this swar%a o' warriors. va%+e1 'ami1iar voices rose a11 aro+nd in 1o+d 1amentation. #here is no p1ace in swar%a 'or hatred. we ma t+rn bac3. /here are the . #here is no need to de1a . 7e saw m+ti1ated h+man bodies ever where. the heaven1 rishi o' enc c1opedic 3now1ed%e. 4 desire to meet a%ain Virata. 4t is not ri%ht to 1et the thin%s o' the '1esh sta in the mind and breed i11 wi11. who was 1i3e 4ndra him se1'.F #h+s the voices p1eaded. m mother !+nti wanted me to o''er 1ibations 'or !arna a1so. 4 1on% to see and be with them a11. even now. sonIF )+dhishthira rep1iedE F& sa%e. o+ ma %o at once. who heard this. As the went a1on%. we harbor no i11 wi11. we en=o a respite in o+r tort+re. 4 do not wish to be in heaven. Do 'o11ow the 1aw and sta here with 3in% D+r odhana. which m+st be the abode o' m brave and %ood brothers and Dra+padi@ 4 am ea%er to see them and !arna. do not %o bac3I Sta here 'or a 'ew min+tes at 1east. Son o' !+nti.F and the ordered an attendant to ta3e )+dhishthira. /hen 4 thin3 o' it. #he path was strewn with carrion and bones and dead men's hair. 4n swar%a. &verwhe1med with pit at the poi%nant an%+ish in 'aint1 remembered voices. /here are the a11@ $ p1ace m+st be amon% them. /here is that re%ion o' %reater %1or . 4 do not see them here. dearer to me than 1i'e. Do not spea3 in this manner abo+t D+r odhana. F7ow 'ar have we to %o et on this road@ /here indeed are m brothers@ #e11 me. As o+ came. )o+r presence has %iven +s momentar re1ie' 'rom tort+re. Do not %o bac3. as i' divinin% his intention. 'or what %ood is it 'or me to be here. that me is swar%aC not this p1aceIF #he an%e1s. stead'ast in dharma. who did not 3now ri%ht 'rom wron%. Bhima. i' o+ indeed desire to be with them. smi1ed disapprovin%1 at )+dhishthira and saidE F:enowned prince. 1i3e %hee in the sacri'ice@ 4 do not see an o' them here. %rie' overwhe1ms me. Dhrishta3et+ and Si3handin. B+t =+st then. this is not ri%ht. #he brave D+r odhana has attained his present state b 'orce o' 3shatri a dharma. )o+ have arrived here with o+r h+man bod C so it is that o+ have these inappropriate 'ee1in%s. )+dhishthira was horri'ied and con'+sed.ancha1a prince. 4 am ea%er to see him. who threw their bodies into the b1a?in% 'ire o' batt1e 'or m sa3e. F& Dharmap+tra. b a11 means. Dr+pada. 7e waded thro+%h s1ipper s1ime o' b1ood and o''a1. 4n i%norance o' his bein% m own b1ood brother. )+dhishthira stood in pain'+1 bewi1derment. 7earin% the 1o+d 1amentations that th+s came 'rom a11 aro+nd him. 4 ca+sed !arna to be s1ain. /orms were wri%%1in% ever where and there was an ins+''erab1e stench in the air. who was a sinner. At the c1ose o' the batt1e. and a1so a11 the 'riends and princes who %ave +p their 1ives in batt1e 'or me. be it 'or ever so short a time. o+ have bro+%ht with o+ a whi'' o' air so sweet and p+re that we have 'o+nd a 1itt1e re1ie' in o+r a%on . awa 'rom m brothers@ /herever the ma be. the . rep1iedE F& )+dhishthira. 4 1on% to see the dear sons o' Dra+padi and Abhiman +. m 'riend. the twins 9a3+1a and Sahadeva and o+r dear . Discard them. & sta . the messen%er proceeded in 'ront and )+dhishthira 'o11owed him. it soon became dar3 and in the %atherin% %1oom co+1d be dim1 seen thin%s weird and revo1tin%.#hen 9arada.F #he 'o+1 odors o' the p1ace were so sic3enin% that 'or a moment )+dhishthira was minded to %o bac3. /hi1e o+ are here. #he messen%er D+iet1 rep1iedE F4' o+ so desire. who ca+sed s+''erin% to %ood men.ancha1i. who 'ed enmit and an%er and who bro+%ht death to co+nt1ess men.F he enD+ired o' the messen%er in deep an%+ish. Ar=+na. he e0c1aimedE . So. 4 do not see them here. A tho+sand tho+%hts tort+red his mind as he proceeded.

/hen the came.F F/e are Dra+padi's sons. )o+ chose to remain in he11 'or the sa3e o' o+r brothers. .F F4 am Sahadeva. F/hat sin indeed have these been %+i1t o'@F cried he. A 'ra%rant bree?e b1ew as )ama. 4t is inevitab1e that 3in%s and r+1ers m+st %o thro+%h he11 i' on1 'or a whi1e. So it was that 'or the thirtieth part o' a da o+ too were doomed to s+''er the pan%s o' he11.F #he messen%er went bac3 and conve ed to 4ndra what )+dhishthira had said. serene and 'ree 'rom an%er. b+t swar%a. F4 am Bhima.F #h+s said )ama to Dharmap+tra. came mo+rn'+1 voices 'rom a11 aro+nd. )+dhishthira at 1ast 'o+nd peace and rea1 me be with them.F said another. #h+s passed the thirteenth part o' a da . . #hen 4ndra and )ama appeared be'ore )+dhishthira where he stood in an%+ish.F and so on. F4 am Ar=+na. #he morta1 'rame was %one and he was a %od.FA1as wretched so+1sI /ho are e that 1ament 1i3e this@ /h are o+ here@F F.F said a voice. #his is not he11. are consi%ned to the tort+res o' he11. Do o+ not see there 9arada whose trave1s cover the three wor1ds@ 8ease %rievin%. this is the third time 4 have tested o+. smi1ed on his son )+dhishthira. FDra+padi. 4n this re+nion. what %ood deeds did he do to sit 1i3e $ahendra in heaven. /ith the disappearance o' the h+man bod . a1so disappeared a11 trace o' an%er and hatred. #he sinners and their s+''erin% were no more to be seen. F4 am 9a3+1a.F cried another voice in piteo+s tone. 4t was an i11+sion desi%ned to test o+. who. 'or no other sin than devotion to me. F/isest o' men. )+dhishthira c+rsed the %ods and deno+nced dharma. was trans'i%+red. 7e t+rned to the an%e1 attendant and said sharp1 E FGo bac3 to o+r masters. 4 am !arna. a11 havin% attained the state o' the %ods. 9either the i11+strio+s Sav asachi AAr=+naB nor o+r be1oved brother Bhima is rea11 in he11. there+pon. 9or !arna the =+st. 4 sha11 sta here where m dear brothers. the dar3ness ro11ed awa and the horrid si%hts disappeared. nor an one e1se who o+ tho+%ht had been consi%ned to s+''erin%. ti11 the acc+m+1ated pain was more that )+dhishthira co+1d bear. whi1e these are in he11@ Am 4 dreamin% or am 4 awa3e@ 4s m mind deran%ed@ 7ave 4 %one cra? @F &verwhe1med b an%er. FDhritarashtra's son D+r odhana. the %od o' dharma.F cried a third voice. #hen )+dhishthira saw their !arna and a11 his brothers and the sons o' Dhritarashtra a1so.

the food of the gods. daughter of 'ing 2irata# 3charya ( . a 'aura"a supporter# 3rani ( 3n upper and a lo er piece of ood used for producing fire by attrition# 3rtha (Wealth) ( one of the ob+ects of human life. the others being %harma. hich ma!es the parta!er immortal# 3nga ( Mlechchha !ings. an epithet of /udhishthira# 3!shayapatra ( 3 onderful "essel gi"en to /udhishthira by the Sun god hich held a ne"er:failing supply of food# 3lambasa ( 3 8a!shasa friend of %uryodhana ho had +oined his forces but Satya!i compelled him to flee from the battlefield# 3mrit ( 3mbrosia. 'ama (satisfaction of desires). Mo!sha (spiritual sal"ation)# 3rundhati ( Wife of sage 2asishtha# 3shta"a!ra ( 3 to ering scholar hile still in his teens# 3sita ( 3 sage ho held that gambling as ruinous and should be a"oided by all ise people# 3sma!a ( 3 'aura"a arrior ho attac!ed 3bhimanyu# 3stra ( 3 missile charged ith po er by a holy incantation# 3s amedha /a+na ( 3 horse sacrifice# 3s athama ( Son of %ronacharya and last supreme commander of the 'aura"a force# .eacher or Guru# 3chuta ( 3 synonym of Sri 'rishna# 3dhiratha ( 'arna4s foster:father# 3gastya ( 3 great sage hose life:story the <anda"as learnt hile on pilgrimage to holy places is ife 7opamudra as e-ually a great sage in her o n right# 3gnihotra ( 3 sacrifice to God 3gni# 3ira"ata ( Indra4s elephant# 3+atasatru ( &a"ing no enemy.G0& AR* 3bhimanyu ( Son of 3r+una and Subhadra ho as married to =ttara. (righteous: ness). friend of all born things.

married the t in daughters of the 8a+a of 'asi# &is t o i"es ate each half of a mango gi"en by sage 'ausi!a and begot half a child each# 3 8a!shasi reco"ered the t o portions from a dustbin herein they ere thro n and hen they accidentally came together. ( States the !ings of hich ere 'alinga. one gi"en by 7ord *rahma himself# *rahmacharin ( 3 religious student. hich she presented to the !ing. cruel and terribly strong 8a!shasa or demon ho li"ed in a ca"e near the city of 1!acha!rapura hom *hima !illed to the great relief of the citizens# *hagadatta ( 'ing of <rag+yotisha. unmarried. Sal"a *alade" ( *alarama. they became a chubby baby. 0arada. friendly to the <anda"as. Magadha. Matsya. stepbrother of 8ama. ho and lo"ed 8ama# *harad a+a ( 3 rishi. irresistible. the stage of life of 2edic study in hich chastity and ser"ice are essential# *rihadas a ( 3 great sage ho "isited the <anda"as in their forest hermitage and reminded them of 'ing 0ala of 0ishadha ho also lost his !ingdom in the game of dice and ho deserted his ife %amayanti because of a curse but ultimately regained both. <anchala. e5ample: *haga an Sri 'rishna. a disciple of sage 8aibhya# *rihannola ( 0ame assumed by 3r+una hile li"ing at 2irata4s court in incognito# *rihatbala ( 3 daring arrior ho charged at 3bhimanyu caught in the 'aura"a army4s net# *hima ( . a 'aura"a ally# *haga an ( 9orm of address to Gods and great rishis. father of /a"a!rida# *rahma ( Creator of the uni"erse# *rahmastra ( 3 di"ine eapon.he second <anda"a brother ho e5celled in physical pro ess as he as born of the ind: god# as e5ceptionally de"oted to . chastity. hich later became !no n as Jarasandha# *rihadyumna ( 3 'ing. de"oted to study and ser"ice# *rahmacharya ( Celibacy. *rihadratha ( Commander of three regiments reigned o"er Magadha and attained celebrity as a great hero. elder brother of Sri 'rishna# *alarama ( 1lder brother of Sri 'rishna# *alarama ( 3n a"atar or incarnation of 3disesha the thousand:hooded serpent on hich 7ord Maha"ishnu reclines in 2ai!untha# *a!asura ( 3 "oracious. %asharna. saying it as his child. 2yasa# *harata ( Son of 'ai!eyi and 'ing %ashratha. ho li"es ith his spiritual guide.*ahli!a.

ith *rihannala as his charioteer# *urisr as ( $ne of the po erful !ings on the side of the 'aura"as# *ibhatsu ( $ne of 3r+una4s name meaning a hater of un orthy acts# Chala ( 3 'aura"a arrior# Chandala ( 3 person of a degraded caste. father of 8u!mini and 8u!ma# *hishma ( . hose conduct as much belo cause pollution# Charachitra ( 3 son of 'ing %hritarashtra ho perished in the ar Cha"adi ( <lace of public assembly of the "illage# It is the property of the entire community# In it all public business is transacted.he old grandsire to hose care ere committed the fi"e <anda"as by the rishis hen the eldest /udhishthira attained the age of si5teen for their proper upbringing including mastery of the 2edas. and it ser"es also as the "illage club the head-uarters of the "illage police and guest house for tra"ellers# Che!itana ( &ead of one di"ision of the <anda"a army# Chitra ( 3 son of %hritarashtra !illed in the ar# Chitra!sha ( $ne of the many sons of 'ing %hritarashtra ho fell in the ar Chitrasena ( 'ing of the Gandhar"as ho pre"ented the 'aura"as from putting up their camp near the pond here he himself had encamped# Chitrayudha ( 3 'aura"a prince ho laid do n his life in the ar# Chitra"arma ( 3 brother of %uryodhana ho as !illed in the ar Chitrangada ( 1lder son of Santanu born of Matsyagandhi (Satya"ati) ho succeeded his father on the throne of &astinapura# Chitrasena ( 3 'aura"a arrior# %aru!a ( Sri 'rishna4s charioteer# %asaratha ( 'ing of 3yodhya and 8ama4s father# standard and hose . 2edanta and "arious arts especially those pertaining to the 'shatriyas# 7ater he inter"ened but ithout success to bring about peace and understanding bet een the 'aura"as and the <anda"as ho ruled separately from &astinapura and Indraprastha respecti"ely# &e as the eighth child of 'ing Santanu and Ganga# 3ppointed supreme commander of the 'aura"a armies# *ho+as ( 3 branch of the /ada"a clan belonging to 'rishna4s tribe# *humin+aya ( 3nother name of prince =ttara son of 2irata ho had proceeded to fight the 'aura"a armies.*hishma!a ( 'ing of 2idarbha.

born blind.%arshana ( 3 country hose !ing attac!ed *hagadatta4s elephant in an effort to sa"e *hima# %e"adatta ( 0ame of 3r+una4s conch# %e"a!i ( Mother of Sri 'rishna# %e"ata ( 3 sage ho condemned the game of dice as an e"il form of gambling and declared it unfit as entertainment for good people. because of the "o that they ould share e"erything in common# . a name of /udhishthira. 7ord of %eath# %hrishtadyumna ( Supreme commander of the <anda"a forces eldest brother of %raupadi# %hrishta!etu ( 3 !insman of the <anda"as# %hritarashtra ( 1lder son of 2ichitra"irya and 3mbi!a.he son of /ama.he delighted of %harma. epithet of /udhishthira# %hartarashtras ( Sons of %hritarashtra %raupadi ( %aughter of 'ing %rupada. as it usually offered scope for deceit and dishonesty# %e"a"rata ( .hen Medha"i fell do n dead# %haumya ( <receptor of the <anda"as.he beautiful daughter of Su!racharaya. son of *rihaspati. ho accompanied them during their e5ile to the 'uri+angala forest. singing Sama hymns addressed to /ama. father of %uryodhana# %harmaputra ( . preceptor of the demons. once insulted# &e too! the form of a bull and butted at that mountain and bro!e it to pieces# . 'ing of <anchala. ho fell in lo"e ith 'acha. the son of %harma or /ama# %harma"yadha ( &e possessed the secret of good life and li"ed in the city of Mithila# &e as a meat: seller# %hanan+aya ( $ne of the names of 3r+una# %hanusa!sha ( 3 great sage hom Medha"i.he eighth child of Santanu and Ganga ho in time mastered the art yielding arms and learned the 2edas and 2edanta as also the sciences !no n to Su!ra as cro ned /u"ara+a (heir apparent). but later "o ed to celibacy and as !no n as *hishma# %e"ayani ( . ho married all the fi"e <anda"as though 3r+una had on her in the S ayam"ara. preceptor of the %e"as# %e"endra ( 'ing of the Gods# %harma ( 8ighteous course of conduct# %harmagranthi ( 3ssumed named of 0a!ula at 2irata4s court# %harmananda (. son of sage *aladhi.

learnt military art from <arasurama. to sa"e 'arna4s life but lost his o n# %urmarsha ( 3 son of %hritarashtra !illed by *hima# %urmata ( 3 son of %hritarashtra ho got !illed by *hima# %urmu!ha ( 3 chariot:borne arrior on the 'aura"a side# %ur"asa ( 3 sage !no n for his anger ho "isited the 'aura"as# %ur"ishaha ( 3 arrior fighting on the 'aura"a side# %ush!arma ( 3 arrior belonging to the 'aura"a side# %ussaha ( 3 son of %hritarashtra !illed by *hima# % aitayana ( 3 forest here the 'aura"a. father of %raupadi ho became the ife of the <anda"as %uhsasana ( %uryodhana4s brother ho dragged %raupadi to the hall of assembly pulling her by her hair# %urdhara ( 3 son of %hritarashtra !illed by *hima in the ar# %ur+aya ( 3 brother of %uryodhana ho as sent to attac! *hima. co s ere being bred and housed# Ganapati ( 3manuensis of 2"asa ho agreed to rite do n the Mahabharata dictated by 2yasa# ithout pause or hesitation the story of Gandhari ( %hritarashtra4s ife and -ueen mother of the 'aura"as# Gandhar"as ( 3 class of celestial beings regarded as specialists in music# Gandi"a ( 3r+una4s most potent bo # Gangad ara ( 3 place here sage 3gastya and his ife performed penance# Ghalot!acha ( Son of *hima from demoness &idimba# Go"inda ( $ne of the epithets of Sri 'rishna and 2ishnu. the maser# 7ater he became the instructor to of the 'aura"a and <anda"a princes in the use of arms# %rupada ( 'ing of <anchala.%rona ( Son of a *rahmana named *harad a+a. married a sister of 'ripa and a son 3s athama as born to them. it means a co :!eeper and refers to 'rishna4s occupation in Go!ula. the colony of co herds# Guru ( 8e"ered preceptor. the last married the t o daughters of Jarasandha# 3lso 'rishna4s step:uncle hom 'rishna !illed# . &idimba!a. teacher# &amsa. 'amsa# ( 3llies of 'ing Jarasandha.

the 7ord of Gods and ho as !illed by 8ama4s brother 7a!shmana# Indrasena ( 3 !insman of the <anda"as# Indra!ila ( 3 mountain 3r+una passed on his ay to the &imalayas to practise austerities to ac-uire po erful ne eapons from 7ord Mahade"a# Ira"an ( 3r+una4s son by a 0aga ife ho fell in the battle on the eighth day# Jana!a ( 'ing of Mithila. father of Sita. an epithet of *alarama ho ielded a plough as his eapon# &anuman ( Wise and learned mon!ey de"otee of Sri 8ama. ife of Sri 8ama# Janame+aya ( 3 !ing ho conducted a great sacrifice for the ell being of the human race# Janardana ( 3 name of 'rishna Jarasandha ( Mighty !ing of Magadha of hose pro ess all 'shatriyas ere afraid# 'illed by *hima in a thirteen:day non:stop physical combat( ith Sri 'rishna and 3r+una as itnesses# Jarita.&alayudha ( <lough: eaponed. ho as a rishi named Mandapala in his pre"ious birth hen he as refused admission to hea"en be cause he as childless# Jalasura ( 3 demon !illed by *hima# Jaya ( 3 son of 'ing %hritarashtra ho as !illed by *hima in the ar Jayadratha ( 3 arrior on the side of 'aura"as ho closed the breach effected by 3bhimanyu in the Cha!ra"yuha military formation by %ronacharya and trapped him inside# Jayatsena ( 3 !insman of the <anda"as# Jayatsena ( 3 arrior fighting on the side of 'aura"as# Jnana ( 'no ledge of the eternal and real . 'ing of 7an!a.his demon and his brother 2atapi hated brahmanas implacably# Il"ala ould in"ite a brahman to a feast at hich he ould ser"e the meat of the goat into hich his brother had turned he# 3fter the brahmin had parta!en of the feast he ould call his brother out ho ould rend his ay bac! to life. ho con-uered Indra. 7aputa ( 9emale companions of a saranga bird. tearing the belly of the guest# Indra ( 'ing of the Gods# Indra+it ( Son of 8a"ana. a great 8a+arishi. ho possessed e5traordinary po ers of discrimination and isdom and ho searched and found Sita in her confinement in 7an!a# &astinapura ( Capital city of the 'aura"as# &rishi!esha ( 'rishna# Il"ala ( .

'ing of 7an!a# 'arti!eya ( Commander of the armies of the de"as# 'e!aya ( 3 bra"e arrior on the <anda"a side into hose chariot *hima got during the fighting on the si5th day# 'esa"a ( $ne of the names of Sri 'rishna# 'etama ( 3nother chief hose head as cut off by %rona# 'handa"aprastha ( . fell in lo"e ith him# . his foster:mother.he <anda"as rebuilt the ruined city and erected palaces and forts and renamed it Indraprastha# 'icha!a ( Sudeshna4s brother. and as !no n as 8adheya# 'arta"irya ( 3 great arrior ho defeated 8a"ana. ho ent to see! !no ledge under Su!racharya as a brahmacharin# %e"ayani. =ddala!a# 'ambo+as ( 1nemies of the 'aura"as hom 'arna had defeated 'amsa ( Maternal =ncle of Sri 'rishna and son of =grasena. of performing one4s duty# 'arna ( 3 matchless arrior. armies ere arrayed for battle in formations of of Jarasandha. the preceptor4s lo"ely daughter. 0ahusha and /ayati ruled# .he 3suras (demons) suspecting him of anting to steal the secret of re"i"ing the dead. her father brought him bac! to life e"ery time he as !illed# =ltimately the secret as learnt by the de"as ho then succeeded in defeating the asuras# 'agola ( 3 disciple of the great sage and teacher of 2edanta. !illed him a number of times# *ut due to %e"ayani4s lo"e for him.'acha ( Grandson of sage 3ngiras and son of *rihaspati. commander:in:chief of 2irata4s army. also son:in:la Sri 'rishna !illed# 'ani!a ( Minister of Sa!uni# 'an!a ( 3ssumed name of /udhishthira at 2irata4s court# 'ausi!am ( 3 sage ho learnt from %harma"yadha the secret of %harma.he ancient capital from here the ancestors of <anda"as. son of the Sun god and 'unti# %isciple of <arasurama# 3lso son of 8adha. ho made ad"ances to Sairandhri (%raupadi)# &e as in"ited to meet her at night at the ladies dancing hall and as met instead by 2alala (*hima) dressed up as a female ho !illed him ('icha!a)# 'ripacharya ( 3s athama4s uncle ho ad"ocated a combined assault on 3r+una in battle as against 'arna4s boast that he could ta!e him on single:handed# 'rishna:% aipayana ( Sage 2yasa# 'rauncha ( Curle :heron# 'rauncha:2yuha ( military formation on a pattern supposed to resemble a heron ith outstretched bea! and spreading ings# In ancient Indian practice. hom .

son of %asaratha. !ing of <anchala# &e accompanied /udhishthira on his anderings# 7opamudra ( %aughter of the !ing of 2idarbha ho married the sage 3gastya# 7ord 0arayana ( 8efuge of men. the slayer of the asura Madhu# Maha"ishnu ( 7ord of the =ni"erse ho too! human birth in order to rest his !ingdom from 1mperor *ali for the sal"ation of the orld# 7ord 2ishnu also too! birth as 8ama.hose unable to bear the hardships of e5ile ere free to go to the court of %hritarashtra or %rupada. each of hich had a name such as Cha!ra. she placed the child in a sealed bo5 and set it afloat on a ri"er# . 'unti chose <andu as her husband at a S ayam"ara# 'unti:Madri ( ?ueens of 'ing <andu ho ga"e birth to three and t o sons !no n as the <anda"as in the forest here he spent many years for ha"ing committed some sin# . *hima# 3r+una. or Ma!ara according to a real or fancied resemblance# 'rita"arma ( 3 notable /ada"a arrior fighting on the side of 'aura"a forces# 'shatradharma ( 3 great arrior on the side of <anda"as# 'uchasthala ( 3 city here 'rishna stayed the night on his ay to the court of %hritarashtra# 'umbha!arna ( *rother of 8a"ana. 'ing of 7an!a.he bo5 as pic!ed up by a childless charioteer and brought up as his o n and became !no n as 'arna# 7ater. ho as asleep most of the time because of the curse of *rahma# 'undinapura ( Capital of 2idarbha# 'unti ( She as the daughter of Sura and as !no n as <ritha# She as gi"en in adoption to the !ing4s childless cousin 'untibho+a and as named 'unti after her adopti"e father# Sage %ur"asa. 0a!ula.ortoise# 7a!shmana ( /ounger step:brother of 8ama and son of Sumitra and 'ing %asaratha# %uryodhana4s gallant young son also bore this name# 7omasa ( 3 brahmana sage ho ad"ised the <anda"as to reduce their retinue hile repairing to the forest# . or 'urma or 'rauncha. to !ill 8a"ana. she in"o!ed the Sun god by repeating the Mantra and then she ga"e birth to a son born ith di"ine armor and earrings# 3shamed.definite patterns. hom she had ser"ed hile he as a guest at her father4s house. Maha"ishnu# Madha"a ( $ne of the names of 'rishna# It means the 7ord of 7a!shmi# Madhusudana ( 3nother name of 'rishna. 'ing of 7an!a# Mahendra ( 3 'ing ho had attained hea"en# .he sons ere !no n as /udhishthira. ga"e her a di"ine mantra hich hen repeated ould gi"e her a son from any god hom she ould call upon# $ut of childish curiosity. and Sahade"a# 'urma ( .

the ise. 2ishnu# 0arayanas ( 'rishna4s !insmen# . 'ausi!a# Marutta ( 3 !ing of the I!sh a!u dynasty hose sacrifice as performed by Sam"arta in defiance of Indra and *rihaspati# Matali ( Charioteer of Indra ho too! 3r+una to the !ingdom of gods# Medha"i ( Son of Sage *aladhi ho desired that his son should li"e as long as a certain mountain lasted# Meru ( 3n ancient mountain# *ecoming +ealous of Meru. Manda"ya ( 3 sage rongly punished by the !ing by being impaled as the chief of robbers ho had clandestinely hidden their stolen goods in a corner of his hermitage hen he as in deep contemplation# 7ord %harma ga"e him this punishment for ha"ing tortured birds and bees in his childhood# 3t this Manda"ya cursed %harma ho as born as 2idura. e5pressed sorro ad"ised %uryodhana not to in+ure the <anda"as for his o n good# Mantra ( 3n incantation ith ords of po er# Manasaro"ar ( 3 sacred la!e in the &imalayas at the <anda"a4s plight.he sage ho suddenly appeared before %hritarashtra and 2idura as the latter as describing the departure of the <anda"as to the forest and uttered a prophecy that after fourteen years the 'aura"as ould be e5tinct as a result of %uryodhana4s crimes and "anished as suddenly# 0arayana ( Sri 'rishna or 'rishna. the moon and the planets# 3gastya hom the 2indhya mountain respected as!ed it to stop gro ing until he crossed it on his ay to the south and returned to the north again# *ut he did not return at all. uncle of 8a"ana ho transformed him self into a golden deer at the behest of 8a"ana to entice Sita# Mar!andeya ( 3 sage ho told /udhishthira the story of a brahmana. to the ser"ant maid of 3mbali!a. ha"ing settled in the south# 0ahusha ( 3 mighty !ing ho as made !ing of the gods because Indra had disappeared due to his !illing 2ritra through sin and deceit# 0a!ula ( 9ourth brother of the <anda"as# 0ala ( 'ing of 0ishadha ho lost his !ingdom in a game of dice and deserted his ife %amayanti because of a curse# 0andini ( 2asishtha4s di"inely beautiful co # 0ara ( 3r+una or %hanan+aya# 0arada ( . the 2indya began to gro "ery high obstructing the sun.Maitreya ( 3 sage ho "isited the court of %hritarashtra. ho offered her to Sage 2yasa in place of 3mbali!a# Maricha ( 3 character in the 8amayan. ife of 'ing 2ichitra"irya.

an outcaste# <ancha+anya ( 0ame of 'rishna4s conch# <alasa ( *utea frondosa. the lotus:eyed one# <urochana ( 3n architect ho built a beautiful a5 palace named )Si"am) in 2arana"ata# <urumitra ( 3 'aura"a arrior <itamaha ( 7iterally grandfather.he 2asu ho seized 2asishtha4s di"ine co # <radyumna ( Sri 'rishna4s son# <rati!hami ( %uryodhana4s charioteer# <ritha ( Mother of 'arna. 7ord of the gods had li"ed once disguised as a brahmana# 0ishada ( 3n aboriginal hunter orfisherman( a man of lo or degraded tribe in general.0arayanasrama ( 3 charming forest here the <anda"as had halted during their anderings# 0ishadha ( 3 country here Indra. 'unti before her marriage# <undari!a!sha ( 'rishna. as his elder brother %hritarashtra as born blind. as she had set her heart on marrying 'rishna# <aura"a ( 3 'aura"a hero# <halguna ( 3r+una# <rabhasa ( . ho <ari!shit ( Son of 3bhimanyu and grandson of the <anda"as ho as cro ned !ing after the holocaust claimed the 'aura"as and the <anda"as# <artha ( 3r+una# <ar"ati ( Consort of Si"a# 8u!mini prayed to her for sa"ing her from the cruel Sisupala !ing of Chedi. father of the <anda"as# <arasara ( 3 great sage. )flame of the forest)# <anchali ( 3nother name of %raupadi ?ueen of the <anda"as and daughter of 'ing %rupada# <anchalya ( 3 son of 'ing %rupada ho died in the ar# <andu ( Second son of 2ichitra"irya and 3mbali!a ho succeeded to the throne of &astinapura on his father4s death. father of 2eda 2"asa# <ara"asu ( Son of 8aibh"a and elder brother of 3r"a"asu as !illed ith a spear by a fiend for his sin# hose ife as "iolated by /a"a!rida. hich ho e"er carried no imputation of senile infirmity but denotes the status of the pater familias# .

the capital of 2idarbha.his ghat as "ery holy# *harata. ri. dha. to bring rain and plenty. mother of the gods. ho had gro n up seeing no mortal e5cept his father# . dai"ata. ho besieged % ara!a Sri 'rishna4s !ingdom to a"enge Sisupala4s death at the latter4s hand# . the ife of the Charioteer 3dhiratha# 8a+asuya ( 3 sacrifice performed by a !ing to be entitled to assume the title of )1mperor)# 8a"ana ( 'ing of 7an!a ho abducted Sita.<tirushottama ( 3n epithet of Sri 'rishna# It is one of the names of 2ishnu and means the Supreme *eing# 8aibhya ( 3 sage hose hermitage as situated on the ban!s of the Ganga# .he !ing of 3nga. ni#) 8ishyasringa ( Son of sage 2ibhanda!a. the thirteenth and last year of e5ile as to be spent incognito# If disco"ered by anyone they ere again to repair to the forests for a li!e term# &e as considered to be the e"il genius. madhyama. a name of 'arna. nishada :sa.he <anda"as during their anderings "isited it# . ashamed to return to 'undinapura. pa. son of %asaratha bathed here# Indra as cleansed of his sin of !illing 2ritra unfairly by bathing in this ghat# Sanat!umar became one ith God# 3diti. in"ited him# 8omapada ( 'ing of 3nga hich as once "isited by a great drought# 8udra ( $ne of the names of Si"a# 8udra dance ( Si"a4s cosmic dance of destruction# 8u!ma ( &eir apparent to the throne of 2idarbha# When defeated by *alarama and 'rishna he established a ne city *ho+a!ata. ga. ho as a foundling as brought up as a son by 8adha. prayed here to be blessed ith a son# 8adheya ( Son of 8adha. the beautiful ife of 8amachandra# 8ishabha ( . gandhara. hich as afflicted ith a dire famine. !ing of the gods on hom 0ahusha4s e"il eye fell# She as also !no n as Indrani# Sahade"a ( /oungest of the <anda"a princes ho offered the first honors to 'rishna at the 8a+asuya sacrifices# Saibya ( 3 ruler friendly to the <anda"as# Sairandhri ( 3 maid ser"ant or female attendant employed in royal female apartments# Sa!uni ( &e played dice on behalf of the 'aura"as and succeeded in defeating the <anda"as by a stratagem# 3s a result the latter had to go and li"e in the forest for thirteen years# 3ccording to the conditions of the game.he second note of the Indian gamut (Shad+a. ho beguiled %uryodhana to ta!e to e"il ays# Sal"a ( 9riend of Sisupala. ma. and ruled o"er it# Sachide"i ( Wife of Indra. rishabha. panchama.

Salya ( 8uler of Madradesa and brother of Madri and uncle of the <anda"as ho because of ha"ing recei"ed hospitality from %uryodhana ent o"er to his side# Samsapta!a ( $ne ho has ta!en a "o to con-uer or die, and ne"er to retreat# .he Samsapta!as ere suicide:s-uads, "o ed to some desperate deed of daring# Sam"arta ( *rihaspati4s younger brother, a person of great learning# Samba ( 3 /ada"a youngster dressed as a oman ho ga"e birth to a mace, as foretold by rishis# Sanga ( Son of 2irata# When !ing 2irata as ounded, he had to get into Sanga4s chariot, ha"ing lost his chariot, horses and charioteer San+aya ( .he narrator ho tells blind %hritarashtra the progress of the ar from day to day# &e told the !ing that a "ictim of ad"erse fate ould first become per"erted and loses his sense of right and rong# .ime ould destroy his reason and dri"e him to his o n destruction# San!ula /uddha ( 3 melee, confused fight, a soldiers battle as distinguished from the combats of heroes# Shanta ( Wife of sage 8ishyasringa# Santanu ( 'ing of &astinapura, father of *hishma# Sanyasin( $ne ho has renounced the orld and its concerns# Sarasana ( $ne of the 'aura"a brothers ho died in the ar# Sarmishtha ( <rinces and daughter of !ing 2rishapar"a ho got angry ith %e"ayani and slapped and pushed her into a dry ell# Satani!a ( 2irata4s son hose bead as se"ered by %rona# Satya+it ( 3 <anchala prince, a hero ho stood by /udhishthira to pre"ent his being ta!en prisoner by %rona, hile 3r+una as a ay ans ering a challenge by the Samsapta!as (the .rigartas)# Satya!i ( 3 /ada"a arrior, friend of 'rishna and the <anda"as ho ad"ocated collecting their forces and defeating the unrighteous %uryodhana# Satya"ati ( 3 fisherman4s daughter ho possessed uncommon beauty and emanated a di"inely s eet fragrance and !ing Santanu became enamored of her, married her and made her his -ueen# Satya"rata ( Warrior on the 'aura"a side# Saugandhi!a ( 3 plant that produced a "ery beautiful and fragrant flo er that *hima ent to get for %raupadi# Sa"yasachin ( 3mbide5ter, one ho can use both hands ith e-ual facility and effect# 3 name of 3r+una ho could use his bo ith the same s!ill ith either hands#

Si!handin ( 3 girl turned man, arrior on the <anda"a side ho restored order among scattered, subdued soldiers, %rupada4s son# Simhanada ( 3 lion:note or roar; a deep roar of defiance or triumph hich arriors ere ont to utter to inspire confidence in their friends, of terror in their enemies# Saindha"a ( Jayadratha# Sini ( $ne of the suitors to %e"a!i>s hand# 3 !insman of the 'aura"as# Sisupala ( 'ing of Chedi# %ied at the hands of 'rishna at the time of %harmaputra4s 8a+asuya sacrifice# Somadutta ( $ne of the suitors to %e"a!i4s hand# 3 !insman of the 'aura"as# Subahu ( 'ing of 'ulinda in the &imalayas, ally of the 'aura"as# Subhadra ( Wife of 3r+una, sister of Sri 'rishna and mother of 3bhimanyu# Suda!shina ( 3 arrior on the 'aura"a side# Sudarsana ( 3 arrior on the 'aura"a army# Sudeshna ( ?ueen of 'ing 2irata hom Sairandhri (%raupadi) ser"ed# Sugri"a ( Mon!ey:!ing, friend of Sri 8ama, and brother of mighty 2ali hom Sri 8ama !illed# Su+ata ( %aughter of Sage =ddala!a and ife of 'agola, his disciple ho had "irtue and de"otion but not much of erudition, mother of 3shta"a!ra# Su!a ( 3 sage, son of 2yasa, ho related the Srimad *haga"ata to 'ing <ari!shit, grandson of 3r+una# Sumitra ( 3bhimanyu4s charioteer# Suprati!a ( 0ame of 'ing *hagadatta4s elephant# Susarma ( 'ing of .rigarta, a supporter of the 'aura"as ho bac!ed the proposal to in"ade Matsya, 2irata4s country# Su"arna ( 3 soldier on the 'aura"a side# Sri 8ama ( 3lso !ne as 8ama, 8amachandra or Sri 8ama# &anumana tells *hima ho he as deeply thrilled hen he happened to touch 8ama4s body# .his !ing of 3yodhya as banished to the forest for fourteen years, !illed 8a"ana the !ing of 7an!a ho abducted his ife, Sita# Srin+ayas ( <anda"a supporters# Srutayu, 3stutayu ( . o brothers fighting on the 'aura"a side attac!ed 3r+una but ere !illed#

Srutayudha ( 3 'aura"a arrior hose mace hurled at 'rishna rebounded fiercely, !illing Srutayudha himself# &er mother <arnasa had obtained that gift from 2aruna ho had specified that the mace should not be used against one ho does not fight, else it ould !ill the person ho hurls it# S arga ( .he hea"en of Indra here mortals after death en+oy the results of their good deeds on earth# S"eta ( 3 son of 'ing 2irata ho fell in battle to *hishma4s arro # .antripala ( 3ssumed name of Sahade"a at 2irata4s court# =ddala!a ( 3 great sage and teacher of 2edanta# =made"i ( Wife of Si"a# =nchha"ritti ( .he life of a mendicant, begging his food# =pachitra ( $ne of 'ing %hritarashtra4s sons ho perished in the ar# =papla"ya ( 3 place in Matsya 'ingdom, here the <anda"as settled after their e5ile of thirteen years# =r"asi ( 3n apsara in Indra4s court, hose amorous o"ertures 3r+una declined# 2aisampayana ( Chief disciple of sage 2yasa ho re"ealed the epic for the benefit humanity# 2aishna"a ( 3 sacrifice performed by %uryodhana in the forest# /ayati, Mandhata, *harata and others also performed it# 2aishna"a mantra ( 3n in"ocation hich endo s a missile ith some of the irresistible po er of 2ishnu# 2a+rayudha ( .he eapon ith hich Indra !illed 2is"arupa on suspicion because his mother belonged to the asura tribe of daityas# 2alala ( 3ssumed name of *hima hen, he or!ed as a coo! at 2irata4s court# 2ali ( Mon!ey:!ing, brother of Sugri"a# 2anaprastha ( .he third stage of the d"i+a4s life, hen he is re-uired to relin-uish orldly responsibilities to his heirs and retires to the oods ith his ife for an anchorite4s life# 2andi ( Court poet of Mithila ho on being defeated by Sage 3shta"a!ra in debate dro ned himself in the ocean and ent to the abode of 2aruna# 2arana"ata ( 3 forest in hich the <anda"as ere as!ed to stay in a a5:house hich as to be set on fire at midnight in order to !ill the <anda"as hile they ere asleep# 2asishtha ( 3 sage ho had cursed the eight 2asus to be born in the orld of men as sons of Ganga and Santanu# Ganga thre her se"en children in to the ri"er ith a smiling face#

2asudhana ( 3nother arrior ho perished in the battle on the . elfth %ay# 2asude"a ( 3n epithet of 'rishna# It means both son of 2asude"a and the supreme spirit that per"ades the uni"erse# 2eda"yasa ( 2yasa, author of the Mahabharata# 2ichitra"irya( /ounger son of Santanu ho succeeded 'ing Chitrangada on the throne of &astinapura# &e had t o sons, %hritarashtra and <andu# 2i!arna ( 3 son of %hritarashtra ho declared the sta!ing of %raupadi illegal, as /udhishthira himself as a sla"e and had lost all his rights# .herefore the 'aura"as had not on %raupadi legally, he held 2inda, 3nu"inda ( . o brothers !ings of 3"anti, great soldiers hom ere on the 'aura"a side, they suffered defeat at the hands of /udhamanyu 2irata ( 'ing of Matsya, the country hich as suggested by *hima to li"e in incognito during the thirteenth year of their e5ile# 2iso!a ( *hima4s charioteer# 2is"arupa ( 0ame of . ashta4s son ho became the preceptor of the gods, *rihaspati ha"ing left hen insulted by Indra# 2i"imsati ( 3 'aura"a hero# 2is arupa ( 3ll:per"ading, all:including form# See the description in the *haga"ad Gita chapter ele"en# 2riddha!shatra ( 'ing of the Sindhus, father of Jayadratha into hose lap his son Jayadratha4s head as caused to fall by 3r+una after cutting off Jayadratha4s head# 2ri!a ( 3 <anchala prince ho fell in battle# 2risha, 3chala ( Sa!uni4s brothers# 2rishnis, 'e!ayas ( .ribals ho <anda"as in their e5ile# ere de"oted to the <anda"as, ho ith Sri 'rishna "isited the

2rishasena ( 3 arrior on the 'aura"a side# 2ritra ( Son of . ashta ho as defeated by Indra4s eapons 2a+rayudha# &e as born out of his father4s sacrificial flames and became Indra4s mortal enemy# 2ri!odara ( Wolf:bellied, an epithet of *hima, denoting his slimness of aist and insatiable hunger# 2yasa ( Compiler of the 2edas, son of sage <arasara# 2yuha ( *attle arrays#

the god of ealth# /a"a!rida ( Son of Sage *harad a+a ho as bent upon mastering the 2edas# /ayati ( 1mperor of the *harata race ho rescued %e"ayani from the ell into hich she had been thro n by Sarmishtha# &e later married both %e"ayani and Sarmishtha# $ne of the ancestors of the <anda"as ho became prematurely old due to Su!racharya4s curse# /udhamanyu ( 3 prince supporting the <anda"as# /uyudhana ( 3nother name of Satya!i# /uyutsu ( 3 noble son of %hritarashtra ho bent his head in shame and sorro hen /udhishthira lost %raupadi# &e also disappro"ed of the unfair ay in hich 3bhimanyu as !illed# . sub+ects of 'ubera./ama ( God of death# God of dharma. hose son as /udhishthira# It is he hose -uestions /udhishthira ans ered correctly hereupon his dead brothers ere brought bac! to life on the ban!s of the enchanted pool# /a+na ( 3 sacrifice# /a!sha ( 3 class of demi:gods.