How to Use Gateway 3DS to Run Newest Released V2.

1 Firmware
Step by Step to RunV2.1 play 3D roms Power by Gateway 3DS !uy."om

#$ter a lon% time waittin% and only &' (ours o$ pri)ate beta test* G+3DS $irmware )2.1 ,-.G# $or t(e Gateway is now publi".Firmware )2.1 "omes wit( many stri/in% $eatures in"ludin% all $eatures o$ 2.01,-.G#2* also add . s(op %ames support and Gateway 3ard Update 4mpro)ement. 5(e )2.0 $irmware stri/in% $eatures6 1. -ulti rom support 2. 1007 3ds %ame "ompatibility 3. Game 3ard Dumper &. Real 5ime Sa)e 8. Users "an a""ess t(e . s(op on .munand 9.1.0 1:; :. Nand sa)in% based %ames <Po/emon =>?* #nimal 3rossin%* et".@ wor/ and sa)e but ,NA? +H.N 5H.? #R. UN5R4--.DB 9. Re%ion Free in 3lassi" -ode '. New Ao%o on main s"reen so you "an %o to Gateway 3DS !uy."om to enCoy playin% all t(e latest 3DS R,-s in"ludin% eS(op. Now $ollowin% is detailed user %uide on (ow to set up %ateway 3ds wit( latest V2.1 $irmware to play Po/emon = and Po/emon ? on N3DS V&.1 &.8.

5(in%s to Prepare6 • Nintnedo 3DS Games 3onsole wit( V&.1 V&.8 Firmware • Gateway 3DS 3ard <i$ you donDt (a)e one* please buy $rom Gateway 3DS !uy."om @ • 2;1:G! mi"roSDH3E5F -emory 3ard • one mi"roSD 3ard Reader and SD "ard reader • 1; SD 3ard <#ll new 3DS units "ome wit( a 2 G!E& G! SD "ard.@ • P3 wit( 4nternet

So$tware reFuirement6 • 3ds roms6 "tr arre.3ds* "tr awae.3ds* /irin pm;C.3ds* /irin pmyC.3dsGG. • %ateway 3ds $irmware V2.1 H !lue 3ard <R&i@* G+I,-.G#I2.1IR.A.#S.J

Step 1 Download t(e latest %ateway 3ds $irmware V2.1 $rom t(e o$$i"al site* or you "an Cust download it $rom (ere 6 %ateway 3ds $irmware V2.1. .;tra"t t(e Kip $ile o$ t(e V2.1 and you will %et t(e %ateway 3ds $irmware "ontents below.

Step 2 G+3DS !lue Flas( Lit Set up 1@ 4nser"t t(e -i"roSD "ard into t(e 3ard Reader. 5(en insert t(e adapter into a US! port on your P3 and $ormat your -i"roSD "ard. 2@ ,pen t(e Mblue "ard<R&i@2 $older %et in step 1 * "opy all t(e $iles inside to t(e root o$ t(e mi"ro sd "ard.

3@ .Ce"t t(e -i"roSD "ard reader $rom your P3 and remo)e t(e -i"roSD "ard $rom t(e "ard reader. 4nsert t(e -i"roSD "ard into t(e %ateway 3ds blue "ard and t(en put t(em into your 3ds "onsole.

&@ Power on and "li"/ t(e MDeep Aabyrint( 2 i"on to lo% in. 3li"/ t(e Mmi"ro sd "ard2.

8@ 3li"/ t(e M%ateway installer2 and t(en "li"/ M#2 to start.

:@ 3li"/ t(e "onsole re%ion you want to "(oose< usually t(e $irst one .UREUS#EN#PEL,R @*t(en it will start pro"essin%.+ait until t(e pro"ess $inis(. !uy Gateway 3DS $rom Pro$essional Reseller US#>Sin%apore 4nsto"/6 (ttp6EEwww.Gateway 3DS buy."om

9@ #$ter t(e install* "li"/ t(e Home button to %o ba"/ to t(e (ome menu and /eep t(e power on.

Step 3 3DS SD 3ard Set up6 1@ 4nser"t t(e sd "ard reader into t(e sd "ard* and put t(em into a US! port on your P3. 5(en Format t(e sd "ard $irst.

2@ Find out t(e MG+I,-.G#I2.1IR.A.#S.2 $older you (a)e downloaded in step 1. ,pen it and "opy t(e MAaun"(er.dat $ile2 into t(e root o$ t(e sd "ard.

3@ .Ce"t t(e -i"roSD "ard reader $rom your P3 and put t(e sd "ard ba"/ into t(e 3ds slot.

&@ 5(en "li"/ t(e Mwren"( i"on2 to enter into t(e system settin%.3li"/ Mot(er settin%s2*2Pro$ile2*2Nintendo DS pro$ile2* t(en t(e "onsole will %o t(e %ateway menu.

Step & G+3DS Red Aabeled Flas( Lit Set Up6 1@ Formate t(e ot(er mi"ro sd "ard and put 3ds %ames into it . Here i put $our %ames on t(e sd "ard* in"ludin% t(e po/emon = and po/emon ? 3ds %ames .

2@ 4nsert t(e -i"rosd "ard wit( %ateway 3ds red "ard into t(e 3ds "onsole.

3@ Hi%(li%(t t(e blan/ i"on* t(en you will see t(e pi"ture below* Cust press MS.A.352 button and

you will see t(e $our %ame i"ons s(ow up in t(e s"reen.<Note6 4$ you (a)e not updated your %ateway 3ds $las("art* you will %et t(e messa%e to update t(is "ard in t(is step* t(en you "an update t(e "ard wit( t(e (ints@

&@ Use MAER2 button to "(oose t(e Po/emon = and press # *t(en you "an enCoy t(e %ames.

!uy Gateway 3DS