Unit 6

Graded Assignment 4 Name:………….……………… Date:…………...……………… Marks _______/20.

Spiritual Renewal Task A: Choose the words from the box below. 0.5 Point each discipline hectic pervasive will vital humility gratitude foster well-being fast divine refrain from foster replenish enact a law vibrant 4

1. During lent, the forty days before Easter, some Christians ________________ all day on Fridays. 2. Life in big cities these days is awfully ________________. Everyone rushing around without enough time for anything. 3. Monks practice rigorous ________________ of prayer, study and work. 4. The lights at during Eid are so colourful and _____________________ that they put everyone in a party mood. 5. Priests are invited to stay in monasteries for days of rest and prayer. These retreats ________________ their spirits and renew their energy. 6. Sociologists are examining why some monastic communities die and others stay ________________ and even expand. 7. You must __________________________ your friendship to make it last. 8. In contemporary society, pressure and stress are ________________. No one can escape the feeling that he should be able to work harder and do more.

We've got people from all (different) _____________ in our church. 2.5 Point each at odds with see eye to eye 4 turmoil insight in dire striats in a rut serenity out of touch 1. 6. We only make ___________________________ trips back and forth over the mountains._____________________________________________________________________________ 2. make correct. ________________ people visited him in the hospital. My sisters don't _______________ with me about the arrangements. I've got to change my job. He felt lonely.Task B 1 Point each 2 Using any two words from the box. 7. The arena was really crowded. My project has given me a real ______________into the causes of the present economic crisis. 8. 6. I find myself ______________ my friends when I don’t agree about their way of thinking. Alia can’t buy the dress she likes. there were ________________________ of people watching the game. I was on holiday for a month. I feel I'm (stuck) ______________ 4. It takes a____________________________ of discipline to fast for a month. 5. 4. so I'm completely ____________ with the local news. Let’s buy __________________________ fruit on the way home for supper._____________________________________________________________________________ Task C: 1 Point each stumbling block Walks of life 0. Task D: Fill in the blanks with the correct quantifiers from the box. Some countries have been in _______________ for years because of war in their countries. 2. 1 point each a great many few a great deal of little a little a few 6 1. She has _____________________ money left with her. refrain from pervasive gratitude foster 1. 3. The main ________________ to starting new research is that we lack qualified people. meaningful sentences of your own. . 3. 5.

5 Point each 4 Decide if the nouns in the box are count or non. Write them in the correct column.Task E 0. Journey Humility gratitude fast monastery effort stress consumption Count ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ Non-count _______________ _______________ ________________ ________________ Both _______________ _______________ ________________ ________________ .count nouns.