Steve Jobs had the reputation of a hot-tempered manager throughout his life. He was not your typical Silicon Valley CEO. nli!e most tech companies founders" he had neither any engineering e#perience nor any business training. $fter all" he dropped out of college after one semester. Steve Jobs had a uni%ue talent for mar!eting in general" and advertising in particular. He was a visionary . Just li!e his ability to anticipate the consumer&s needs and wants" he could guess which mar!eting messages would wor!" and which wouldn&t. Steve Jobs was often called the ultimate micro-manager. 'ndeed" in addition to the big roles described above" he also got involved with all parts of $pple ( and no detail was too small not to matter to him" for e#ample he personally pic!ed the caterer for $pple&s cafeteria" 'l )ornia" calling his predecessor&s menus &dogfood&. *ater" he made sure that the sushi bar offered +sashimi soba+" an original creation of his. He was not a model boss or human being" tidily pac!aged for emulation. ,riven by demons" he could drive those around him to fury and despair. -ut his personality and passions and products were all interrelated" .ust as $pple/s hardware and software tended to be" as if part of an integrated system. His tale is thus both instructive and cautionary" filled with lessons about innovation" character" leadership" and values. Steven 0aul +Steve+ Jobs 1)ebruary 23" 4566 7 October 6" 28449 was an $merican entrepreneur" mar!eter" and inventor" who was the co-founder" chairman" and CEO of $pple 'nc. :hrough $pple" he is widely recogni;ed as a charismatic pioneer of the personal computer revolution and for his influential career in the computer and consumer electronics fields" transforming +one industry after another" from computers and smartphones to music and movies+. Jobs also co-founded and served as chief e#ecutive of 0i#ar $nimation Studios< he became a member of the board of directors of :he =alt ,isney Company in 288>" when ,isney ac%uired 0i#ar. Jobs was among the first to see the commercial potential of ?ero# 0$@C&s mouse-driven graphical user interface" which led to the creation of the $pple *isa and" a year later" the Aacintosh. He also played a role in introducing the *aser=riter" one of the first widely available laser printers" to the mar!et.

Early life
Jobs&s birth parents met at the niversity of =isconsin" where his Syrian-born biological father" $bdulfattah +John+ Jandali was a student" and later taught" and where his biological mother" Swiss$merican Catholic Joanne Carole Schieble" was also a student. Jandali" who was teaching in =isconsin when Jobs was born" said he had no choice but to put the baby up for adoption because his girlfriend&s family ob.ected to their relationship. Jobs was born in San )rancisco" California on )ebruary 23" 4566. He was adopted at birth by 0aul @einhold Jobs 145227455B9 and Clara Jobs 14523745C>9" an $rmenian $merican. $ccording to Steve Jobs&s commencement address at Stanford" Schieble wanted Jobs to be adopted only by a college graduate couple. Schieble learned that Clara Jobs hadn&t graduated from college and 0aul Jobs had only

nia!" a computer and electronics whi. 0aul wor!ed as a mechanic and a carpenter" and taught his son rudimentary electronics and how to wor! with his hands. Jobs then attended Cupertino Junior High and Homestead High School in Cupertino" California.+.nia! designed his own version of the classic video game" 0ong. @eed was an e#pensive college which 0aul and Clara could ill afford. !id" who was also !nown as +=o.ed biography that they +were my parents 4"888D.nia! started building a little computer board with )ernande. He continued auditing classes at @eed while sleeping on the floor in friends& dorm rooms" returning Co!e bottles for food money" and getting wee!ly free meals at the local Hare Frishna temple.ecember 45669" have a second child" novelist Aona Simpson" in 456E" and divorce in 45>2. 'n 45>5 =o. $tari thought that Jobs had built it and gave him a . $t Homestead" Jobs became friends with -ill )ernande. $s a result" he became interested in and developed a hobby of technical tin!ering. dran! cream soda all the time whilst they wor!ed on it and that he and Jobs had gone to the same high school" although they did not !now each other there. that they named +:he Cream Soda Computer+" which they showed to Jobs< he seemed really interested. :hough school officials recommended that he s!ip two grades on account of his test scores" his parents elected for him only to s!ip one grade. 0aul showed Steve how to wor! on electronics in the family garage" demonstrating to his son how to ta!e apart and rebuild electronics such as radios and televisions.+ Career 'n 45E2" Steve =o. Jobs later said" +'f ' had never dropped in on that single calligraphy course in college" the Aac would have never had multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts. $fter finishing it" =o. =hen they got to the Heem Faroli ashram" it was almost deserted because Heem Faroli . )ollowing high school graduation in 45E2" Jobs enrolled at @eed College in 0ortland" Oregon. :he Jobs family moved from San )rancisco to Aountain View" California when Jobs was five years old. in *os Gatos" California. Clara was an accountant who taught him to read before he went to school.attended high school" but signed final adoption papers after they promised her that the child would definitely be encouraged and supported to attend college.+ n!nown to him" his biological parents would subse%uently marry 1. )ernande.nia! gave the board to Jobs" who then too! the game down to $tari" 'nc.ob as a technician. Clara Jobs had been a payroll cler! for Varian $ssociates" one of the first high-tech firms in what became !nown as Silicon Valley. :he parents later adopted a daughter" 0atty. =o. Jobs dropped out of college after si# months and spent the ne#t 4C months dropping in on creative classes" including a course on calligraphy.+ He stated in his authori.nia! has stated that they called it the Cream Soda Computer because he and )ernande." a neighbor who shared the same interests in electronics. introduced Jobs to his neighbor" Steve =o.aniel Fott!e" in search of spiritual enlightenment. $t Aonta *oma Elementary school in Aountain View" he fre%uently played pran!s on others. Jobs& youth was riddled with frustrations over formal schooling. $tari&s co-founderHolan -ushnell later described him as +difficult but valuable+" pointing out that +he was very often the smartest guy in the room" and he would let people !now that+. *ater" when as!ed about his +adoptive parents+" Jobs replied emphatically that 0aul and Clara Jobs +were my parents. Jobs travelled to 'ndia in mid-45E3 to visit Heem Faroli -aba at his Fainchi ashram with a @eed College friend 1and" later" an early $pple employee9" . :hey were spending much of their life savings on their son&s higher education.

i in Japan" and maintained a lifelong appreciation for Ken.nia! showed it to Jobs" who suggested that they sell it" they and@onald =ayne formed $pple Computer in the garage of Jobs&s parents in order to sell it. e#periences +one of the two or three most important things Ihe hadJ done in IhisJ life+. $fter =o.nia! to figure out how to build the blue bo#es.nia! would have given it to him.nia!&s share was thus MB68.nia! single-handedly invented the $pple ' computer. 'n 45E>" =o. =ayne stayed only a short time" leaving Jobs and =o. :he clandestine sales of the illegal +blue bo#es+ went well" and perhaps planted the seed in Jobs&s mind that electronics could be fun and profitable. =ayne stayed only a short time leaving Jobs and =o.nia! as the primary cofounders of the company.elhi to ttar 0radesh and Himachal 0radesh.nia! to split the fee evenly between them if =o. Jobs then returned to $tari" and was assigned to create a circuit board for the arcade video game -rea!out.i. Apple Computer Home of 0aul and Clara Jobs" on Crist . $fter staying for seven months" Jobs left 'ndia and returned to the S ahead of . =o.uring this time" Jobs e#perimented with psychedelics" later calling his *S.nia! as the primary co-founders of the company. Scott AcHealy" one of the co-founders of Sun Aicrosystems" said that Jobs bro!e a +glass age ceiling+ in Silicon Valley because he&d created a very successful . Jobs began attending meetings of the Homebrew Computer Club with =o. Steve Jobs formed $pple Computer in its garage withSteve =o.Ifurther e#planation neededJ $ccording to =o. Jobs said that if not for the blue bo#es" there would have been no $pple. He states it showed them that they could ta!e on large companies and beat them. Jobs decided that they could ma!e money selling it.ed !nowledge of circuit board design and made a deal with =o. Jobs had little speciali. :hey received funding from a then-semi-retired 'ntel product-mar!eting manager and engineer Ai!e Aar!!ula. *and" the inventor of instant photography and founder of0olaroid Corporation" and would e#plicitly model his own career after that of *and&s. $ccording to -ushnell" $tari offered M488 for each chip that was eliminated in the machine.-aba had died in September 45EB.nia! reduced the number of chips by 68" a design so tight that it was impossible to reproduce on an assembly line.nia! had designed a low-cost digital +blue bo#+ to generate the necessary tones to manipulate the telephone networ!" allowing free long-distance calls. Jobs would later say that people around him who did not share hiscountercultural roots could not fully relate to his thin!ing.nia! in 45E6.nia! did not learn about the actual bonus until ten years later" but said that if Jobs had told him about it and had said he needed the money" =o. He greatly admired Edwin H. Auch to the ama. 'n 'ndia" they spent a lot of time on bus rides from .nia!" Jobs told him that $tari gave them only ME88 1instead of the offered M6"8889" and that =o. 'n 45E>" Jobs and =o.ement of $tari engineers" =o.ara Ken Aountain Center" the oldest SLtL Ken monastery in the S. $t first they started off selling circuit boards.aniel Fott!e.Jobs" in a 4553 interview" recalled that it too! si# months for him and =o.nia! and @onald =ayne in 45E>. . He considered ta!ing up monastic residence at Eihei-. Jobs had changed his appearance< his head was shaved and he wore traditional 'ndian clothing.e the number of chips.nia! could minimi.nia! formed their own business" which they named +$pple Computer Company+ in remembrance of a happy summer Jobs had spent pic!ing apples.rive in *os $ltos" California. :hen they made a long tre! up a dry riverbed to an ashram of Haida!han -aba. =o. He also became a serious practitioner of Ken -uddhism" engaged in lengthy meditation retreats at the :assa.

:he following year" $pple aired a Super -owl television commercial titled +45C3+.isappointing sales caused a deterioration in Jobs&s wor!ing relationship with Sculley" which devolved into a power struggle between the two.+ NeXT Computer Jobs founded He?: 'nc. $pple logointroduced Aay 4E" 45E>" created by@ob Janoff with the rainbow scheme used until $ugust 2>" 4555. . $t $pple&s annual shareholders meeting on January 23" 45C3" an emotional Jobs introduced the Aacintosh to a wildly enthusiastic audience< $ndy Hert.o you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water" or do you want a chance to change the worldN+ 'n the early 45C8s" Jobs was among the first to see the commercial potential of ?ero# 0$@C&s mousedriven graphical user interface" which led to the creation of the $pple *isa. 'n a speech Jobs gave at Stanford niversity in 2886" he said being fired from $pple was the best thing that could have happened to him< +:he heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again" less sure about everything.on" he sought venture capital.+ $nd he added" +'&m pretty sure none of this would have happened if ' hadn&t been fired from $pple.e a boardroom coup" on Aay 23" 45C6" called a board meeting to resolve the matter. John delayed a reassignment. :im -erners-*ee invented the . =ith no duties and e#iled from the rest of the company to an otherwise-empty building" Jobs stopped coming to wor! and later resigned as chairman. -ut when Sculley learned that Jobs(who believed Sculley to be +bad for $pple+ and the wrong person to lead the company(had been attempting to organi. 'n 45CB" Jobs lured John Sculley away from 0epsi-Cola to serve as $pple&s CEO" as!ing" +. in 45C6 after his resignation with ME million. :he He?: wor!station was !nown for its technical strengths" chief among them its ob. 't was awful-tasting medicine" but ' guess the patient needed it. =hile Jobs was a persuasive and charismatic director for $pple" some of his employees from that time described him as an erratic and temperamental manager. He?: wor!stations were first released in 4558" priced at M5"555. 'n 45EC" $pple recruited Ai!e Scott from Hational Semiconductor to serve as CEO for what turned out to be several turbulent years. $ year later" $pple completed the Aacintosh. Jobs mar!eted He?: products to the financial" scientific" and academic community" highlighting its innovative" e#perimental new technologies" such as the Aach !ernel" the digital signal processor chip" and the built-in Ethernet port. $ year later he was running out of money" and with no product on the hori.feld described the scene as +pandemonium+. Jobs !ept meetings running past midnight" sent out lengthy fa#es" then called new meetings at EO88 am.uring an $pril 48 P 44 board meeting" $pple&s board of directors gave Sculley the authority to remove Jobs from all roles" e#cept chairman" to reassign him to an undetermined position. *i!e the $pple *isa" the He?: wor!station was technologically advanced" but was largely dismissed as cost-prohibitive by the educational sector for which it was designed. $pple&s board of directors sided with Sculley once again and removed Jobs from his managerial duties as head of the Aacintosh division. 't freed me to enter one of the most creative periods of my life. . Eventually" Jobs attracted the attention of billionaire @oss 0erot who invested heavily in the company. $fter unsuccessfully applying to fly on the Space Shuttle as a civilian astronaut" and briefly considering starting a computer company in the Soviet nion" he resigned from $pple five months later.ectoriented software development at a young age.

:he revised" second generation He?:cube was released in 4558" also.isney far e#ceeded those of Eisner" who holds 4. :he first film produced by the partnership" :oy Story 145569" with Jobs credited as e#ecutive producer" brought fame and critical acclaim to the studio when it was released.ects was used to build and run the $pple Store" AobileAe services" and the i:unes Store. 128849< )inding Hemo1288B9< :he 'ncredibles 128839< Cars 1288>9< @atatouille 1288E9< =$**-E 1288C9< p 128859< and :oy Story B 128489. On January 23" 288>" Jobs and 'ger announced that .isney" and 'ger %uic!ly wor!ed to mend relations with Jobs and 0i#ar.isney was running out" Jobs and . :his put considerable strain on He?:&s hardware division" and in 455B" after having sold only 68"888 machines" He?: transitioned fully to software development with the release of He?:S:E0Q'ntel. Pixar and Disney 'n 45C>" Jobs bought :he Graphics Group 1later renamed 0i#ar9 from *ucasfilm&s computer graphics division for the price of M48 million" M6 million of which was given to the company as capital.isney&s relationship with 0i#ar 7 accelerated Eisner&s ousting. )inding Hemo" :he 'ncredibles" @atatouille" =$**-E" p and :oy Story B each received the $cademy $ward for -est $nimated )eature" an award introduced in 2884. +'nterpersonal computing is going to revolutioni. :he company reported its first profit of M4. 'n October 2886" -ob 'ger replaced Eisner at . 'n 455>" He?: Software" 'nc.E percent" and of .=orld =ide =eb on a He?: computer at CE@H. 'n 288B and 2883" as 0i#ar&s contract with .Jobs ran He?: with an obsession for aesthetic perfection" as evidenced by the development of and attention to He?:cube&s magnesium case.isney chief e#ecutive Aichael Eisner tried but failed to negotiate a new partnership" and in early 2883" Jobs announced that 0i#ar would see! a new partner to distribute its films after its contract with .isney e#pired.isney shares" and . in 455E" =ebOb.3 billion. Over the ne#t 46 years" under 0i#ar&s creative chief John *asseter" the company produced bo#-office hits $ -ug&s *ife 1455C9< :oy Story 2 145559< Aonsters" 'nc. =ith its innovative He?:Aail multimedia email system" He?:cube could share voice" image" graphics" and video in email for the first time. pon Jobs&s death his shares in . Jobs :rust led by *aurene Jobs. Jobs&s holdings in . Jobs touted it as the first +interpersonal+ computer that would replace the personal computer. .isney had agreed to purchase 0i#ar in an all-stoc! transaction worth ME. pon completion of the merger" Jobs received ED of .isney were transferred to the Steven 0.ects" a framewor! for =eb application development. Return to Apple .isney" who until his 2885 death held about one percent of the company&s stoc! and whose criticisms of Eisner 7 especially that he soured . =hen the deal closed" Jobs became :he =alt .e human communications and groupwor!+" Jobs told reporters.isney family member @oy E. $fter He?: was ac%uired by $pple 'nc.8B million in 4553.isney Company&s largest single shareholder with appro#imately seven percent of the company&s stoc!.irectors as the largest individual shareholder. released =ebOb.oined the -oard of .

:he reality was that Jobs&s summary e#ecutions were rare" but a handful of victims was enough to terrori. . 'n after-hours trading on the day of the announcement" =alt . 'n 2886" Jobs responded to criticism of $pple&s poor recycling programs for e-waste in the S by lashing out at environmental and other advocates at $pple&s $nnual Aeeting in Cupertino in $pril. $ few wee!s later" $pple announced it would ta!e bac! i0ods for free at its retail stores. 'n 288>" he further e#panded $pple&s recycling programs to any S customer who buys a new Aac.ob when the doors opened. $t the 2888 Aacworld E#po" Jobs officially dropped the +interim+ modifier from his title at $pple and became permanent CEO.ed for his consummate s!ill at persuasion and salesmanship" which has been dubbed the +reality distortion field+ and was particularly evident during his !eynote speeches 1collo%uially !nown as +Stevenotes+9 at Aacworld E#pos and at $pple =orldwide . =hile stimulating innovation" Jobs also reminded his employees that +real artists ship+. :his relatively small drop" when considering the importance of Jobs to $pple" was associated with the fact that his health had been in the news for several years" and he had been on medical leave since January 2844. :his program includes shipping and +environmentally friendly disposal+ of their old systems.+ Jobs also changed the licensing program for Aacintosh clones" ma!ing it too costly for the manufacturers to continue ma!ing machines. Jobs on stage at Aacworld Conference P E#po" San )rancisco" January 44" 2886 :he company subse%uently branched out" introducing and improving upon other digital appliances.ed in )ebruary 455E" bringing Jobs bac! to the company he co-founded.ects" such as Hewton" Cyberdog" and Open.*ogo for the :hin! . 1$$0*9 shares dropped five percent in after-hours trading.evelopers Conferences. nder Jobs&s guidance" the company increased sales significantly with the introduction of the iAac and other new products< since then" appealing designs and powerful branding have wor!ed well for $pple. :he deal was finali. :he Computer :a!e-ac! Campaign responded by flying a banner from a plane over the Stanford niversity graduation at which Jobs was the commencement spea!er.ifferent campaign designed by :-=$RChiatR. Jobs %uipped at the time that he would be using the title +iCEO+.'n Aarch 455C" to concentrate $pple&s efforts on returning to profitability" Jobs terminated a number of pro.e a whole company.isney Co. 't was believed" according to )orbes" that the impact would be felt in a negative way beyond $pple" including at :he =alt .ed the mobile browsing scene.ay and initiated by Jobs after his return to $pple Computer in 455E. Resi nation 'n $ugust 2844" Jobs resigned as CEO of $pple" but remained with the company as chairman of its board. Jobs was both admired and critici.6 percent. On June 25" 288E" $pple entered the cellular phone business with the introduction of the i0hone" a multi-touch display cell phone" which also included the features of an i0od and" with its own mobile browser" revolutioni.oc. He was formally named interim chief e#ecutive in September. 'n 455>" $pple announced that it would buy He?: for M32E million. =ith the purchase of He?:" much of the company&s technology found its way into $pple products" most notably He?:S:E0" which evolved into Aac OS ?. Hours after the announcement" $pple 'nc. :he banner read +Steve" don&t be a miniplayer(recycle all e-waste+. Jobs became de facto chief after then-CEO Gil $melio was ousted in July 455E. =ith the introduction of the i0od portable music player" i:unes digital music software" and the i:unes Store" the company made forays into consumer electronics and music distribution.isney Companywhere Jobs served as director. 'n the coming months" many employees developed a fear of encountering Jobs while riding in the elevator" +afraid that they might not have a .'S9 shares dropped 4. 1.

:he case was the sub.ect of active criminal and civil government investigations" though an independent internal $pple investigation completed on .B8.69 in Aay 288E 'n 2884" Jobs was granted stoc! options in the amount of E.6 million shares of $pple with an e#ercise price of M4C.ecember 25" 288> found that Jobs was unaware of these issues and that the options granted to him were returned without being e#ercised in 288B.32> million $pple shares worth M2. 't was alleged that the options had been bac!dated" and that the e#ercise price should have been M24. 't was further alleged that Jobs had thereby incurred ta#able income of M28"888"888 that he did not report" and that $pple overstated its earnings by that same amount.O $ll :hings . (Steve Jobs" Steve JobsO :he *ost 'nterview !ealt" $lthough Jobs earned only M4 a year as CEO of $pple" Jobs held 6.3 billion.isney 1which he received in e#change for . On July 4" 288C" a ME billion class action suit was filed against several members of the $pple -oard of . 't&s the same thing that causes people to be poets instead of ban!ers. &ana ement style Jobs was a demanding perfectionist who always aspired to position his businesses and their products at the forefront of the information technology industry by foreseeing and setting trends" at least in . Sto#$ options %a#$datin issue Steve Jobs and -ill Gates at the fifth.igital conference 1. $nd ' thin! that&s a wonderful thing.Business life @emember" the si#ties happened in the early seventies" and that&s when ' came of age< and to me" the spar! of that was that there was something beyond what you see every day.B billion in 2848" ma!ing him the 32nd-wealthiest $merican.isney&s ac%uisition of 0i#ar9 worth M3. Jobs %uipped that the M4 per annum he was paid by $pple was based on attending one meeting for 68 cents while the other 68 cents was based on his performance. ' thin! that same spirit can be put in to products" and those products can be manufactured" and given to people" and they can sense that spirit.4 billion" as well as 4BC million shares in .irectors for revenue lost due to the alleged securities fraud.48. $s a result" Jobs potentially faced a number of criminal charges and civil penalties. )orbes estimated his net wealth at MC.

ell&s. 'n a recent interview" $pple&s third co-founder @onald =ayne e#plained that Steve Job&s personality was colder than an ice cube.eutschman< and iConO Steve Jobs" by Jeffrey S.ell wasn&t perfect at predicting the future. He?: Cofounder . He summed up that self-concept at the end of his !eynote speech at the Aacworld Conference and E#po in January 288E" by %uoting ice hoc!ey player =ayne Gret.ell" starting in 45CE when Jobs first critici.ed biography" iConO Steve Jobs. Commentaries on his temperamental style can be found in Aichael Aorit.. Soung P =illiam *.ell was as!ed what he would do if he ran then-troubled $pple Computer" he said +'&d shut it down and give the money bac! to the shareholders.!y :here&s an old =ayne Gret. Since then the term has also been used to refer to perceptions of Jobs&s !eynote .ell.+ 'n 2886" Jobs banned all boo!s published by John =iley P Sons from $pple Stores in response to their publishing an unauthori. Steve Jobs announcing the transition to 'ntel processors in June 2886.ect...ed . Simon. Reality distortion field Aain articleO @eality distortion field $pple&s -ud :ribble coined the term +reality distortion field+ in 45C4" to describe Jobs&s charisma and its effects on the developers wor!ing on the Aacintosh pro.+ Jef @as!in" a former colleague" once said that Jobs +would have made an e#cellent !ing of )rance+" alluding to Jobs&s compelling and largerthan-life persona. 'n its 2848 annual earnings report" =iley said it had +closed a deal . )ortune wrote that he was +considered one of Silicon Valley&s leadingegomaniacs+.. On October >" 455E" in a Gartner Symposium" when Aichael . Since the very very beginning. Jobs had a public war of words with . $nd we always will. :ribble claimed that the term came from Star :re!.. :he email readO :eam" it turned out that Aichael . -ut the lows were unimaginable+" to which Jobs&s office replied that his personality had changed since then. from 4555 to 2882.ell for ma!ing +un-innovative beige bo#es+.ation rose above .an&l *ewin was %uoted in )ortune as saying of that period" +:he highs were unbelievable . -ased on today&s stoc! mar!et close" $pple is worth more than . $pple CEO :im Coo! noted" +Aore so than any person ' ever met in my life" IJobsJ had the ability to change his mind" much more so than anyone '/ve ever met. Stoc!s go up and down" and things may be different tomorrow" but ' thought it was worth a moment of reflection today. )loyd Horman said that at 0i#ar" Jobs was a +mature" mellow individual+ and never interfered with the creative process of the filmma!ers.ell Computer CEO Aichael . to ma!e its titles available for the i0ad. Steve. 'n 455B" Jobs made )ortune&s list of $merica&s :oughest -osses in regard to his leadership of He?:. Aaybe the most underappreciated thing about Steve was that he had the courage to change his mind. Auch was made of Jobs&s aggressive and demanding personality..+ 'n 288>" Jobs sent an email to all employees when $pple&s mar!et capitali. &' s!ate to where the puc! is going to be" not where it has been. Jobs was also a board member at Gap 'nc.!y %uote that ' love. He recounted the times Jobs was ruthless" including at one point as!ing him to convince his friend to sell his company for $pple&s benefit.innovation and style.&s :he *ittle Fingdom" :he Second Coming of Steve Jobs" by $lan .& $nd we&ve always tried to do that at $pple.

T"e NeXT Computer $fter Jobs was forced out of $pple in 45C6" he started a company that built wor!station computers. :he He?: Computer was introduced in 45C5. $ccording to $pple cofounder Steve =o. His design sense was also greatly influenced by the -uddhism which he e#perienced in 'ndia while on his seven-month spiritual .nia! said that the Aacintosh failed under Steve Jobs" and that it wasn&t until Jobs left that it became a success.aniel Fott!e" one of $pple&s earliest employees and a college friend of Jobs&" stated that +-etween =o.speeches. Jobs&s contributions to most of his patents were to +the loo! and feel of the product+. :he @.. His industrial design chief Jonathan 've had his name along with him for 288 of the patents. :he computer had no +Aac+ name on the front" but rather . Once the term became widely !nown" it was often used in the technology press to describe Jobs&s sway over the public" particularly regarding new product announcements.. was the innovator" the inventor. $lthough Jobs had little involvement in the engineering and technical side of the original $pple computers" Jobs later used his CEO position to directly involve himself with product design.ed as creating a sense that the impossible was possible. :im -erners-*ee created the world&s first web browser on the He?: Computer.ieter @ams.+ . He also despised the o#ygen monitor on his finger and suggested ways to revise the design for simplicity.ect of criticism" Jobs&s so-called reality distortion field was also recogni. . $pple co-founder and former $pple engineer Steve =o. :he patent on the Aac OS ? .oc! user interface with +magnification+ feature was issued the day before he died.ust the $pple logo. and Jobs" =o.nia! +Steve didn&t ever code. 'nno(ations and desi ns Jobs&s design aesthetic was influenced by the modernist architectural style of Joseph Eichler and the industrial designs of -raun&s .) was said by $ndy Hert. -y motivating the people around him to create innovative products" Jobs was in turn able to mar!et them creatively to reach a wide audience.feld to be Steve Jobs&s ability to convince himself and others to believe almost anything" using a mi# of charm" charisma" bravado" hyperbole" mar!eting" appeasement" and persistence. :he He?: Computer was the basis for today&s Aacintosh OS ? and i0hone operating system 1iOS9. Aost of these are design patents 1specific product designs< for e#ample" Jobs listed as primary inventor in patents for both original and lamp-style iAacs" as well as 0ower-oo! G3 :itanium9 as opposed to utility patents 1inventions9. Steve Jobs was the mar!eting person. He has 3B issued S patents on inventions. Even while terminally ill in the hospital" Jobs s!etched new devices that would hold the i0ad in a hospital bed. $lthough the sub.+ He is listed as either primary inventor or co-inventor in B3> nited States patents or patent applications related to a range of technologies from actual computer and portable devices to user interfaces 1including touch-based9" spea!ers" !eyboards" power adapters" staircases" clasps" sleeves" lanyards and pac!ages.ourney" and his sense of intuition was influenced by the spiritual people with whom he studied. T"e &a#intos" Computer :he Aacintosh was introduced in January 45C3. He wasn&t an engineer and he didn&t do any original design.

$lso" the i0od&s success prepared the way for the i:unes music store and the i0hone. :he ma." and adds a secondary front-facing camera for video calls. :he i0od sold for SMB55 and more than 488"888 i0ods were sold before the end of 2884.or feature of the i0hone 3S" introduced in October 2844" was Siri" a virtual assistant capable of voice recognition. :ime maga.escribed as +cartoonli!e+" the first iAac" clad in -ondi -lue plastic" was unli!e any personal computer that came before. 'n an interview with 0layboy in 45C6" Jobs said in respect to money that +the challenges are to figure out how to live with it and to reinvest it bac! into the world which means either giving it away or using it to e#press your concerns or values.ine declared it +'nvention of the Sear+ for 288E. 'n 4555" $pple introduced the Graphite gray $pple iAac and since has varied the shape" colour and si. :he capacity of the first generation i0od ranged from 6G to 48 Gigabytes. *ater" under Jobs" $pple signed to participate in the 0roduct @ed . :he $pple i0hone is a small device with multimedia capabilities and functions as a %uad-band touch screen smartphone. Jobs&s friends told :he Hew Sor! :imes that he felt that e#panding $pple would have done more good than giving money to charity. $ year later" the i0hone BG was released in July 288C with three !ey featuresO support for G0S" BG data and tri-band A:SQHS.6+ drives common to players at that time.+ Jobs also added that when he has some time he would start a public foundation but for now he does charitable acts privately.i&a# $pple iAac was introduced in 455C and its innovative design was directly the result of Jobs&s return to $pple. 'n contrast to Gates" Jobs did not sign the Giving 0ledge of =arren -uffett which challenged the world&s richest billionaires to give at least half their wealth to charity. $pple boasted +the bac! of our computer loo!s better than the front of anyone else&s+. .e achieved by using a 4. :he i0hone created such a sensation that a survey indicated si# out of ten $mericans were aware of its release. :his latter change resulted" through the iAac&s success" in the interface being popularised among third party peripheral ma!ers 7 as evidenced by the fact that many early S. 'n June 2885" the i0hone BGS" whose improvements included voice control" a better camera" and a faster processor" was introduced by 0hil Schiller. :he i0hone 3 is thinner than previous models" has a five megapi#el camera capable of recording video in E28p H. :he iAac also featured some technical innovations" such as having S. P"ilant"ropy $ri! Hesseldahl of -usiness=ee! maga.ports as the only device inputs.ine stated that +Jobs isn&t widely !nown for his association with philanthropic causes+" compared to -ill Gates&s efforts.or innovation of the i0od was its small si.esign ideas were intended to create a connection with the user such as the handle and a breathing light effect when the computer went to sleep. $fter the 4st generation of i0od" $pple released the hard drive-based i0od classic" the touchscreen i0od :ouch" video-capable i0od Hano" screenlessi0od Shuffle in the following years. $fter resuming control of $pple in 455E" Jobs initially eliminated all corporate philanthropy programs. :he introduction of the i0od resulted in $pple becoming a ma.C+ hard drive compared to the 2. $ ma.peripherals were made of translucent plastic 1to match the iAac design9. :he $pple iAac sold for M4"255 at that time. iP"one $pple began wor! on the first i0hone in 2886 and the first i0hone was released on June 25" 288E.or player in the music industry.e considerably while maintaining the all-in-one design. iPod :he first generation of i0od was released October 2B" 2884. .0$.

S" tuberculosis and malaria" according to -ono. . $pple has gone on to become the largest contributor to the charity since its initial involvement with it.ect" singer -ono" cited Jobs saying there was +nothing better than the chance to save lives+" when he initially approached $pple with the invitation to participate in the program. :hrough its sales" $pple has been the largest contributor to 0roduct @ed&s gift to the Global )und" which fights $'.program" producing red versions of devices to give profits from sales to charity. :he chief of the 0roduct @ed pro.