AV LINUX ISO Image - End User Licensing Information

The AV Linux ISO Image is a unique and independent 'presentation media' which bundles software content covered b various licenses! The AV Linux ISO Image is o"ered free of #nancial cost and is not a commercial product itself! AV Linux is provided as a customi$ed self%contained ISO Image derived from the &ebian'()* Linux Stable +!,!- .Squee$e/ &istribution with some unique performance enhancements0 custom pac1aging and ease%of%use modi#cations! An content within the AV Linux ISO Image derived from &ebian'()* Linux inherits the same ()* (2L .(eneral 2ublic License.s/ in their various original iterations/ used b &ebian'()* Linux! An unique software applications0 content0 s stem twea1s0 enhancements or modi#cations provided b the developer.s/ of the AV Linux ISO Image .ie AV Linux 3ontrol 2anel0 4ALV Launcher etc!/ are also licensed under the (2L! In addition to (2L content the AV Linux ISO Image contains bundled 'non%free' commercial software demo pac1ages each covered b their own individual 'All 5ights 5eserved' non%free licenses and each provided with their respective developers permissions for use within the AV Linux ISO Image for demonstration purposes! As%provided the AV Linux ISO Image cannot be re%distributed unless these distinct non%free commercial software demos are removed using the included 'S naptic 2ac1age 6anager' software pac1age management utilit with the exception of the 7arrison 6ixbus bundle! The pertinent non%free software &ebian pac1ages are named in the S naptic 2ac1age 6anager as follows8 linuxdsp-lv2-demos linuxdsp-linuxvst-demos linuxdsp-guitarfx-lv2-demos linuxdsp-d!n"## linuxdspe$"## linuxdsp-gt"## linuxdsp-dsr-"## linuxdsp-fc%# linuxdsp-af2&# loomer-linuxvst-demos pianote$-demo renoise-demo' (emoving )arrison *ix+us ,-emo. and LV2 /lugins0 9nter this command in the '5oot Terminal' found in the 'Accessories' menu8

sh /opt/./Mixbus-2.4_14374.uninstall.sh
:Note1 The LV; 2lugins provided with the 7arrison 6ixbus demo have been moved out of the 6ixbus bundle and installed s stem%wide in 'usr'lib'lv;'! If ou want to remove the 7arrison LV; demos from 'usr'lib'lv; carefull use the following two commands in a 5oot Terminal8 <! 3hange to the correct director for recursive removal of the plugin '!lv;' folders8

cd /usr/lib/lv2
;! 5emove the speci#c 7arrison plugin '!lv;' folders from the 'usr'lib'lv; folder ou changed to in Step <8

rm -r 3D_delay.lv2 dyno-mite.lv2
LinuxSampler 2/L License0

vplus.lv2 !"-#$.lv2 !"-%&.lv2 !"-M$.lv2 !"-M%.lv2

LinuxSampler's (2L License is voided b the presence of bundled non%free content on the AV Linux ISO Image and therefore is also provided as 'All 5ights 5eserved' b the original authors! 9nd%users who download the AV Linux ISO Image as%provided can to burn it to &V&0 cop it to *S= media for demonstration purposes as well as install it to 7ard &is1 on an personal computers that the own and are also further encouraged to customi$e an installed AV Linux ISO Image and remaster it for their own personal use with the included 5emastering tools! An 5emaster of the AV Linux ISO Image with the previousl mentioned commercial non%free demo software completel removed is freel redistributable under the (2L!