RW5 Fall 1 2013


Graded assignment 2


Units 3/4



Direction: Using the appropriate word from the box below, complete all the following sentences.

miss a beat






come together










take it out of

1. If students have problems with their homework, they should always ask one of their family if they
can ________________time to help them.
2. Jamie is always ________________to go to the zoo because she hates seeing animals in small
3. A lot of people ask Henry for help as he always uses good ________________ when trying to
solve problems.
4. When doing presentations in college or later for business purposes, you should always
________________ yourself carefully; don’t speak too quickly or too slowly.
5. Mary is lucky; her father has always ________________ her decisions in her work.
6. It’s easy to go out and buy a new dress if you have money, but money will not
________________ you a degree.
7. To be a success in life, one must learn how to overcome the obstacles we ________________
along the way.

On the short line. nurture ___________________________________________________________________ . He will leave all his money to Bill. _____ Salem has a sister and three brothers. write I or N to show which your clause represents. Write the complete sentence on the line below. (which) ____________________________________________________________________________ UNIT 4 VOCAB countless miss a beat achieve stricken civility discretion earn nurture spare surroundings poise alter dim attain pace receive take it out of Give synonyms for each of the following words: 14.GRAMMAR Direction: Complete this exercise by using adjective clauses in an identifying or nonidentifying way to re-write the 2 sentences given into one. Watch your punctuation. ____ I am taking a calculus class next year. Her daughter will get married next month. (whose) ____________________________________________________________________________ 11. (who) ____________________________________________________________________________ 12. (whom) ____________________________________________________________________________ 13 _____ Unit 3 is about success. 8. _____ Uncle Jim’s favourite son is Bill. (which) ____________________________________________________________________________ 9. attain ___________________________________________________________________ 15. The brother living in China has 2 children. It seems very difficult. Unit 3 is my favourite. _____ Anna is a lovely person. (who) ____________________________________________________________________________ 10. He loves to get up early and hear the birds chattering. _____ Mac is an outdoors person.

The way the child spoke to his mother when he was angry was very ____________ (respectful) 20.16. The floods left people in a state of ____________ as they couldn’t get to shops for food. We couldn’t get past. abundance _________________________________________________________________ PREFIXES AND SUFFIXES fore- -cide non- -ship in- un- -craft re- ful -less mis- dis- 17. it happened very suddenly. (count) 18. (seen) . (hard) 19. There were ____________ camels on the road. The accident could not have been ____________.

. N Uncle Jim’s favourite son is Bill.. loves to ……. pace 5. 17. who loves to get up………………… 10. earn 7. N Anna. who is an outdoors person. to whom he will leave his estate 13.disrectful 20.Countless 18./ OR N Mac is an outdoors person. spare 2. D The calculus class which I am taking next year. fore seen .# 12.hardship 19. reluctant 3. whose daughter will get married next month. is a lovely person. which is my favourite unit. 11. 9. D Salem’s brother who lives in China has 2 children. N Unit 3. D Mac. seems to be very difficult. is about success. encounter 8. backed 6.ANSWERS 1. discretion 4.