Date Time Class Enrolment Level Theme Unit Topic Focused skill Integrated skills Content Standard 3.


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04 April 2014 8 a.m. – 9 a.m. Year 2 22 Intermediate World of Knowledge 7 Hobbies Writing Listening, Speaking and Reading.

By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to form letters and words in neat legible print including cursive writing.


By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to write using appropriate language, form and style for a range of purposes

Learning Standard 3.1.1


Able to write in neat legible print: a) words b) phrases


Able to write simple sentences with guidance.

cooperation. Song lyrics 2. . (b) Able to write at least 3 simple sentences. Teacher shows the lyric . 1. Pupils try to sing song. Content : Pupils already know that hobbies are the thing that they do during leisure : : : Multiple Intelligence and contextual learning. Prior knowledge time. manila card and pictures. Pupils listen Music to the song. use time wisely and keep safety. Cross-curricular Elements (EMK) Teaching-learning resources Moral Values Stages/ Time “What do you like to do song”. 2. well behaved. To get them ready for the lesson. (c) Use correct spelling and punctuation. Teacher Activity Student Activity Resources Rationale Set Induction (5 minutes) 1.Behavioural Objectives : (a) Able to recall at least 3 types of hobbies. the To pupil’s arouse interest. Teacher plays the song. “Mahjong paper”.

Teacher introduces words such as Less popular Most popular To pupils’ build vocabulary - What hobbies the popular? is less - 4. 3. their listening skills. Which of the hobbies the popular? is most contain friend’s hobbies. Pupils get into Mahjong their groups. Teacher introduces today lesson. paper To develop 2. 2. . Teacher “mahjong paste paper” chart of the that their 1. Teacher asks pupils to paste the word card on the board.Presentation (10 minutes) Q&A: - Activity “ My friends hobbies” 1. Pupils answer Word cards the questions asked.

Teacher chooses pupils from each group to write the correct spelling To build cooperation among the pupils. for the picture. pupils groups. in Picture To encourage discussions among peers. Teacher paste the Pupils go to the picture board. To build up pupils’ confidence . 3.Practice (15 minutes) “Word Race” Swimming Reading Playing badminton Dancing Drawing 1. Teacher the on the front and write the answer on the divides whiteboard. 2.

Teacher paste the pictures hobbies 2. To pupils recall enable to what they did and have learnt. distributes 2. Teacher asks pupils 1. Closure (5 minutes) “Sing the song” 1. Pupils sing the song. 3. Teacher worksheet. To pupils’ build vocabulary. Teacher plays the song. . Pupils state Pictures of To integrate what they the hobbies reading and like and Worksheet writing. dislike doing what they like to do.Production (15 minutes) Worksheet “Likes and Dislikes” 1. Pupils submit the worksheet. 1.