Toc H Institute of Science & Technology Arakkunnam – 682313 FORMAT FOR CLASS ROOM TEACHING (FCT) (Based on Bloom’s Taxonomy

) Subject Title : Engineering Graphics Branch : Sec D Semester : 1 & 2 Code : 533 Module : II

Name of Faculty : Kiran Christopher

1) 2) 3) 4) To define the first angle projection. To define the third angle projection. To identify the differences between first angle and third angle projections. To identify the symbols for methods of projection.

Key words introduced during the lecture :
First angle projection Third angle projection Key points : No. 1. First Angle Projection The object is kept in the first quadrant Third Angle Projection The object is assumed to be kept in the third quadrant.


The object lies between the observer The plane of projection lies between the and the plane of projection. observer and the object. The plane of projection is assumed to The plane of projection is assumed to be be non transparent. transparent. In this method when the views are drawn in their relative positions, the plane comes below the elevation, the view of the object as observed from the left side is drawn to the right of elevation. In this method when the views are drawn in their relative positions, the plane comes above the elevation; left hand side view is drawn to the left hand side of elevation.




This method of projection is now This method of projection is used in recommended by the “Bureau of U.S.A. and also in other countries. Indian Standards” from 1991

This is also called Reference Line or ground line or simply line of intersection and is denoted by xy-line. drawn with in the title block on the drawing sheet. three planes which are mutually perpendicular. The plane which is perpendicular to both H.P & V. Symbols for methods of projection For every drawing it is absolutely essential to indicate the method of projection adopted. are necessary for projecting the three views of the object. . three views are required to describe an object completely .P is called the profile plane P. Three planes of projections Sometimes. Key diagrams : Third angle projection First and third Angle Projections.P.Reference Line: This is the line of intersection of the horizontal and vertical planes.Hence. This is done by means of a symbolic fig.

.Symbols for Methods of Projection.

Stimulating questions : 1) How the reference line represents both the principle planes of projection? 2) Explain the difference between the first angle projection method and third angle projection method? New Ideas or concepts : 1) Bureau of Indian Standards (B. Persons engaged in engineering profession may come across drawings from industries and organizations following any one method.S) recommended first angle method of projection in our country.Analogies : Third angle projection: Projection of a fish if taken on the front wall of an aquarium is analogues to the projection of an object placed in the third quadrant. First angle projection: This is analogues to a shadow on the wall if the light falls normal to the object. It is therefore necessary for them to be perfectly conversant with both the methods. ACADEMIC YEAR – 2013– 2014 .I.