Kelompok 12 1.

) The effects of disclosure type and audit committee expertise on Chief Audit Executives’ tolerance for financial misstatements - Carolyn Strand Norman, Jacob M. Rose, Ik Seon Suh 2011 2.) Earnings management and the allocation of net periodic pension costs to interim periods Alan I. Blankley, Joseph Comprix, Keejae P. Hong - 2013 3.) Corporate governance and operating performance of Chinese listed firms - Heibatollah Sami, Justin Wang, Haiyan Zhou - 2011 4.) reporting standards on market performance of publicly traded companies - Amanda M. Grossman, L. Murphy Smith, Wayne Tervo - 2013 5.) AN EMPIRICAL INVESTIGATION ON CONSUMER ACCEPTANCE OF INTERNET BANKING IN AN ISLAMIC BANK - Hanudin Amin

Klmpok 5 1. Accounting Harmonization for the Assessment of the Public Expenditure in Healthcare
Service: Evidence From the Italian Experience 2. The determinants of thinly capitalized tax avoidance structures: Evidence from Australian firms 3. Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards and International Accounting Standards in Islamic Financial Institutions from the Practitioners’ Viewpoint 4. Complexity and Socialization of Taxation Rule In Affecting the Taxpayer Accounting Behaviour in Indonesia 5. Post Implementation of Shariah Governance Framework: The Impact of Shariah Audit Function Towards the Role of Shariah Committee

Kel 9 1. Influence of CSR Disclosure Structure on Corporate Financial Performance: Evidence from Stakeholders’ Perspectives 2. The role of the risk management and of the activities of internal 3. Influence of Cultural Factors in Adoption of the IFRS for SMEs 4. Balancing the Public and the Private Interest – A Dilemma of Accounting Profession

The Relationship Between Working Capital Management And Profitability: Evidence From The United States 2. Weak Form Efficiency In Indian Stock Markets .5. Analysis on Determinants in Implementation of AccountingStandards for Islamic FinancialInstitutions. Narrative Study betweenUnited Kingdom and Indonesia 5. 2. 5. 3. Earnings Management: New Evidence Based on Deferred Tax Expense 4.Jones . The Effect of Auditors’ Use of a Reciprocity-Based Strategy on Auditor-Client Negotiations 3.Earnings Management During Import Relief Investigations Islamic Finance Gears Up Long-Run Corporate Tax Avoidance Market Reaction to the Adoption of IFRS in Europe The Relevance of the Value Relevance Literature For Financial Accounting Standard Setting: Another View Klompok 2 1. Accounting earnings and gross domestic product JUDUL ARTIKEL UTS KELOMPOK 6 1. 4. 3 .