Information Brochure


Admission • Ph.D. (Full Time) with Teaching
Assistantship under TEQIP II

January 2014

Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur

/ M. Tech. Candidates having M.E. No.Friday. 1.Wednesday. Teaching assistantship shall be offered subject to availability of funds under TEQIP II and for a maximum period of four years only./ M. 2. Electronics. Electrical.Wednesday. degree may have qualified GATE or equivalent national level exam in past. Chemical. Metallurgical & Materials. Applied Mechanics Teaching Assistantship # Candidate having M. 01/11/2013 .D. 3.1. (Full Time) programme with teaching assistantship should note that 1. Ph.Wednesday.per month for 1st / 2nd year and Rs. Number of seats per department may change depending on the availability & suitability of the candidates. Tech. Computer Science. 11/12/2013 .000/. with qualified GATE score or equivalent national level exam shall receive teaching assistantship @ Rs.000/. 18/12/2013 . Candidates desirous of seeking admission to Ph. Important dates to remember – • • • • • Date of notification Last date of submission of application Display of list of eligible candidates Written test for eligible candidates Interview for short listed candidates . 20.E.for 3rd year / 4th year subject to satisfactory progress.18/12/2013 & 19/12/2013 Page 2 of 10 . Programme (Full Time) # Departments with Engineering : Civil. D.1 PROGRAMMES OFFERED BY THE INSTITUTE UNDER TEQIP II Sr. 04/12/2013 . Mechanical. 18. Mining .

30 am to 12.30 pm to 5.00 am 18/12/13 2.00 am to 1.2 Schedules for Written Test & Interview Department Applied Mechanics Chemical Engineering Electronics Engineering Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Mining Engineering Civil Engineering Computer Science and Engineering Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering 18/12/13 19/12/13 18/12/13 10.1.00 pm Written Test (Date & Time) Interview (Date & Time) 11.30 pm 10.00 pm * Written Test and Interview will be held in the respective department Page 3 of 10 .00 am to 11.

Tech.G.Tech / AMIE (Civil) and M E / M. M. No. greater than 6. Metallurgy and Page 4 of 10 . M E / M. Tech in one of the following branches Electronics and Communication /Electronics/Industrial Electronics/ Bio-medical Instrumentation/Power Electronics/Electrical and Electronics/ VLSI/ Embedded Systems with a minimum of First Class (C.I. 1.G.E.I.I. Tech in Chemical Engineering / Chemical Technology/ Biochemical Engineering / Biotechnology with a minimum of First Class (C. Tech in Mechanical Engineering / Production Engineering / Automobile Engineering / Industrial Engineering / Power Plant Engineering / Chemical Engineering / Aerospace Engineering / Energy Systems & Engineering with a minimum of First Class (C.P.A.I. Tech or equivalent in one of the following branches Computer Science/ Computer Technology/Computer Engineering/ Information Technology/ Information Science with a minimum of First Class (C. or C.P.Tech in any branch of Civil Engineering with a minimum of First Class (C. M E / M.P.E.P. or C. Electrical Engineering 6. / AMIE or equivalent in any branch of Engineering and M.P.75 on a 10 point scale) at Bachelor’s or Master’s level. Qualified GATE score or equivalent national level exam in past. BE / B.P. greater than 6. / B. Tech in Electrical & Electronics / Power Systems/ Energy Systems / Control System/ Instrumentation & Control / Power Electronics / Electric Drives with a minimum of First Class (C.Tech in Structural Engineering related specialization with a minimum of First Class (C. or C. Computer Science and Engineering 5. Qualified GATE score or equivalent national level exam in past. Qualified GATE score or equivalent national level exam in past.G.P. M E / M. B./M. or C.75 on a 10 point scale) at Bachelor’s or Master’s level. Tech. B.I.G.P.A. greater than 6. Qualified GATE score or equivalent national level exam in past. Tech.P. Tech in Metallurgy / Material Engineering / Mechanical / Production / Industrial / Chemical Applied Mechanics 2.A.75 on a 10 point scale) at Bachelor’s or Master’s level. greater than 6.G.75 on a 10 point scale) at Bachelor’s or Master’s level. or C.A.1.75 on a 10 point scale) at Bachelor’s or Master’s level. Qualified GATE score or equivalent national level exam in past. Chemical Engineering 3. or C. / B. greater than 6.A. / B.E.A.P. greater than 6.G.P. in Chemical Engineering / Chemical Technology/ Biochemical Engineering / Biotechnology AND M E / M. Qualified GATE score or equivalent national level exam in past.A. Mechanical Engineering 8.P.P.I. Electronics Engineering 7.I./ AMIE in Civil Engineering AND M E / M. / M.D B.E. greater than 6.75 on a 10 point scale) at Bachelor’s or Master’s level. or C.P. Qualified GATE score or equivalent national level exam in past.E.G.3 ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA Sr.75 on a 10 point scale) at Bachelor’s or Master’s level. Civil Engineering 4. Name of the Department Eligibility for Ph.

500/. The constitution of the interview committee will be as follows: 1. (v) Final list will be prepared based on following points Gate Score (absolute) 40% Written Exam 40% Interview 20% Page 5 of 10 . VNIT. greater than 6.4. Candidates will be required to appear for written test / interview at their own cost. Qualified GATE score or equivalent national level exam in past. South Ambazari Road. Qualified GATE score or equivalent national level exam in past.Sc.A.4. Tech in Mining Engg or related to Mining Engg / Civil Engineering / Env. duly filled in by the candidate. degree may have qualified GATE or equivalent national level exam in on a 10 point scale) at Bachelor’s or Master’s level. Registrar (Academic). or C. (ii) Candidate having M. the candidates shortlisted on the basis of performance in the written test shall be interviewed. M E / M.4 ADMISSION PROCEDURE 1.A. (iii) Candidate should score minimum 40% marks in written test to become eligible for interview.Director’s Nominee (iv) Candidate should also score minimum 40% marks in Interview for selection.(non-refundable) towards processing fee drawn in favour of The Director. Nagpur-440 010 and must reach on or before the last date of submission of application form (clearly mention admission category and department on the envelop in bold letters). along with xerox copies of the certificates and photograph duly attested and crossed DD/ Bankers Check of amount Rs. The written test will be of qualifying nature and the marks cutoff will be 40% to get qualified for appearing in interview.Materials Engineering 9.3. should be send it to Dy.Chairman 2. 1.G. / M. greater than 6.P.2 All Candidates will be required to appear for written test to be conducted in the respective departments on the date specified in the information brochure. / Geo-Tech Engg/ Mine Planning / Rock Mechanics / Opencast Mining / Mineral Engg. VNIT. Dean(R&C) / Dean (Acd)/ Professor from other department . payable at Nagpur.P. 1. The interviews for the short listed candidates will be conducted in the concerned departments as per the schedule given in this brochure.E. Mining Engineering with a minimum of First Class (C. OR M.4 (i) He/ She should have qualified GATE score. Tech in Geology / Applied Geology/ Environment with a minimum of First Class (C. Engg.P.G.vnit.I.4. Tech. All faculty members from the concerned department/ discipline who are recognized supervisors– Members Ph.I.4. 1. The GATE score as well as qualified mark should be stated. The form.1 The application form is available on Institute website www. Nagpur. or C. 1. Incomplete applications and applications received after the last date are liable to be rejected. Further. HoD of the concerned department .P.Sc.75 on a 10 point scale) at Bachelor’s or Master’s level.D. / M.

Registration will be w. A candidate should apply for re-registration before completion of 6 years of registration period. After 6 years. Registrar (Academic) for admission alongwith DD of prescribed fees. Candidate in consultation with the supervisor shall identify the area of research and prepare a synopsis.D.4.D. Courses to be completed 12 credits RPC may recommend more course work if feel necessary. (Full time) .1.D. 1st January 2014.D. REQUIREMENT OF COURSE WORK Requirement of course work for Ph.5 The provisional list of selected candidates will be displayed on Institute’s website and no separate intimation will be sent to the candidates. Head of the Concerned Department – (Chairman) Supervisor(s) Expert from Department (nominated by supervisor & approved by HoD) Expert from allied Department/ Discipline (nominated by supervisor & approved by HoD) 1. Following shall be the composition of RPC. 1. if a candidate wishes to continue research. The supervisor will propose a Research Progress Committee.D. 1. Qualification M. 1. Ph. (RPC) for Ph.4.7. Candidates shall report to Dy.6 Candidate shall report to the concerned department for allotted Supervisors.Three years 1. candidate will be required to undergo course in Research Methodology (Audit Course).e.f. Program Ph. Page 6 of 10 . work of the candidate.2. The R P C shall monitor the progress of Ph. Failure to do so a candidate will be required to register again following the procedure for fresh candidates.1 The registration will be valid for a period of 6 years from the date of registration and no further extension will be granted under normal circumstances.7 VALIDITY OF REGISTRATION 1. he / she will be required to register again.5.7 RPC shall recommend the courses to be undertaken by a candidate as per norms.7.6 MINIMUM DURATION OF PROGRAM 1. programme. / M.E. In addition to above. Candidate will be required to complete the course work within one of joining the program by full time scholars respectively. 1.4. Tech.

D. 2.8 PAYMENT OF FEES AND DEPOSITS a) Application fee for Ph.D. Premium amount will be informed later. Six-monthly seminar will not be conducted without payment of fees. full time). This is applicable to full time scholars. candidate will be required to pay the fees for next academic session. 3. VNIT Nagpur) b) Other fees : Applicable to the scholars who will be admitting from December 30. registration : Rs. Students who will be staying in quarters will be required to pay license fees.e Rs. Note: 1. Full Time (Per Sem) Registration fees 4000 -Library Deposit (refundable) 2400 -Library Fees -1600 Tuition Fees -7500 Retention Fees -1600 Internet Charges 1000 -Infrastructure Usage Fee 1000 -Grant Total RS. 5. etc.Nonrefundable (Through DD drawn in favor of Director. If the thesis submission is done after 30th June. 6400 12700 # At the time of joining candidate has to pay one time fees and per semester fees together (i. Examination Fee : The examination fee of Rs. Head Ph. Admission (One Time) Ph. 3. * Institute has student’s insurance policy and premium (one time) towards same will be required to be paid in addition to above fees. Page 7 of 10 . 4. water & electricity charges. 500/. 6. Payment of fees is annual. 7. 25000/. 1. 2.D. 2013. The delay in payment of annual fees may invite cancellation of registration. c) This is subject to the revision from time to time.for Ph.D. as applicable for occupation of these quarters as per the Estate Office Rule. 19100/for Ph.1. full time shall be paid by the candidate prior to the submission of the thesis.D.

Geotechnical Engineering a) Soil Mechanics b) Foundation Engineering Mechanical Engineering a) Engineering Thermodynamics b) Fluid Mechanics c) Heat Transfer d) Theory of Machines e) Machine design f) Production Technology g) Workshop Technology h) Measurements i) Computer Programming Electrical Engineering a) Control Systems b) Electrical machines c) Power Systems d) Switchgear and Protection e) Power Electronics Electronics Engineering a) Electronics Devices & Circuits. a) Irrigation Engineering b) Hydrology & Water Resources Engg. c) Fluid Mechanics C. Environmental Engg a) Water Supply & Treatment b) Sewerage and Sewage Treatment c) Air pollution & Solid waste B. Analog Circuits b) Digital Circuits & Microprocessors c) Electromagnetics d) Electronic measurements f) Analog & Digital Communication g) Digital Signal Processing h) Computer Organization i) UHF & Microwave j) Linear Networks Computer Science a) Programming & Data Structures Engineering b) System Programming/OS c) Compiler 2 3 4 5. Page 8 of 10 .9. (Full Time) Teaching Assistantship for January 2014.9 SYLLABUS FOR WRITTEN TEST The syllabus for written test to be conducted (1.D. Water Resources Engg. a) Concrete Structure & Concrete Technology b) Construction Management c) Building Technology E. Construction Management & Concrete Engg.1.1.2) for Admission to Ph.9. Transportation Engg. SYLLABUS (Department-wise) SN 1 Name of Department Civil Engineering Syllabus for Written Test A. b) Pavement Design c) Highway Construction Materials D. a) Traffic Engg.1) / Areas of Research (1.9. 1.

AREAS OF RESEARCH (Department-wise) SN Department Area of Research 1) Water Distribution Systems 2) Environmental Management 3) Water and Waste Water Treatment 4) Solid and Hazardous Waste 5) Traffic Engg. g) Mechanical Operation.2.9. b) Heat Transfer. f) Process Control. e) Process Calculations. c) Chemical Reaction Engineering. d) Fluid Mechanics. 6) Pavement Design 7) Highway Construction Materials 8) Durability of concrete 9) High Performance Concrete 10) Self-Compacting Concrete 11) Bond Strength of Concrete with Reinforcement 12) Building Construction & Technology 13) Water Resources Engineering 14) Green Building 1) Civil Engineering Page 9 of 10 . Exploration and Mineralogy e) Mining Methods : Surface and underground f) Mining Machinery Applied Mechanics a) Engineering Mechanics and Strength of Materials b) Theory of Structures c) Design of Steel Structures d) Design of Concrete Structures e) Computer Programming 1.6 7 8 9 d) Theory of Computation e) Analysis of Algorithm f) Discrete Mathematics g) Computer Organization h) Database Management Systems i) Computer Networks Chemical Engineering a) Mass Transfer. h) Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics Metallurgical & Materials a) Physical metallurgy Engineering b) Extractive Metallurgy c) Foundry Technology d) Mechanical processing e) Testing of Materials f) Polymeric and Ceramic Materials g) Composites h) Advance Materials Mining Engineering a) Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering b) Surface and Mine Environment Engineering c) Rock excavation engineering and blasting d) Drilling.

Nano Synthesis. Green Technology.2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 15) Construction Management 16) Remote Sensing & GIS Applications 17) Geotechnical Engineering 1) Design Engineering Mechanical 2) Thermal Engineering Engineering 3) Production Engineering 1) Power Electronics 2) Switchgear & Protection 3) Renewable Energy Resources Electrical Engineering 4) Power System 5) Electric Drives 6) Electrical Machines 7) Control System 1) Embedded Systems Electronics 2) VLSI/ Nanoelectronics /MEMS Engineering 3) Communication 4) Signal Processing 1) Parallel & Distributed Computing 2) Data Mining & Warehousing 3) Pattern Recognition 4) Security Computer Science 5) Artificial Intelligence 6) Soft Computing 7) Mobile Computing 8) Knowledge Management Process Intensification. Carbon Nano Tubes Chemical Reaction Engineering. Nano Fluids. Agro based Nanomaterials and Applications 1) Wear of Composite And Metallic Materials 2) Welding Metallurgy 3) Development of Polymer Blends And Composite Metallurgical and 4) Materials Materials 5) Fatigue And Fracture Behavior of Materials Engineering 6) Corrosion Science & Engineering 7) Alloy Development 8) Nano – Bio Materials 1) Blasting and Rock Fragmentation 2) Dust and Other Environmental Pollution in Mines 3) Slope Stability and Geo-Mechanics 4) Applicability of System Engineering and Safety Mining 5) Engineering 6) Reliability and Productivity Analysis of Hemm 7) Numerical Modeling for Rock Mechanics Applications 8) Mine Design 1) Earthquake Engineering Applied Mechanics 2) Nonlinear Analysis of structures 3) Structural Engineering Page 10 of 10 . Nanotechnology. Supercritical Fluid Chemical Engineering Extraction. Computational Fluid Dynamics. Polymer. Modeling and Simulation. Adsorption. Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering. Advanced Separation Process.