Patient’s Name Age Diet prescribed Calories prescribed Ashish Dubey 25 Healthy diet to reduce hair fall 1500-1800 cals/day

Diet chart to prevent hair loss is completely different from dieting to reduce weight. Excessive dieting to reduce weight may cause your hair to fall out. Deficiency of some of the B vitamins, of iron, copper and iodine may cause hair disorders like falling of hair and premature greying of hair. So, it is advisable to have a healthy diet plan and not to skip breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day. Body requires nutrients to replace old hairs when they complete normal cycles of around 1000 days and come out. Breakfast: Time 7.30 AM

Orange juice is ideal because of its potassium and magnesium content. OR 1 cup of Milk (Dairy products are rich in protein) One bowl of Sprouted pulsed (Chana, mung bean, lentil, pea, etc) + Poha/Upma / Idli - 2 pieces/Sada dosa/ Omelet

Time 9.00 AM

Lunch: Time 1.OO PM

Dark green leafy vegetable (spinach etc.) + 3-4 fulka chapattis + 1 bowl Dal + 1 cup rice + 1 small cup Curd/Raita + 1 plate Salad (cucumber +carrot+ beet root+ tomato+ lemon juice)

Snacks: Time 6.00 PM

Nuts/Fruit (pine apple, banana, orange etc.)/ Yogurt/Lassi / Buttermilk. Avoid aerated drinks and consume fruit juices & healthy liquid only.

Dinner: Time 8.30 PM

Green vegetables + 1 bowl Dal + 2 fulka chapattis + Salad Include silica rich foods in diet like rice, lettuce, parsnips (Chakundar), Strawberry, onion, cucumber, cabbage, cauliflower & leafy vegetables.


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or rubbing with a towel when your hair is wet . Ayush .com . brushing. this will help your hair become soft and supple. Thane (West).Wet hair is more fragile and thus more likely to break. lie down on your bed with neck part of head outside bed & tilt it down wards keep it like that for 2-3 mins –twice or thrice a day. avoiding tobacco/alcohol are essential to improve the overall health of your hair. Use a wide toothed comb with smooth tips to comb hair. as it is essential for healthy hair. Avoid rough combing. Intake of dairy products regularly will suffice vegetarians with their protein requirement. REETA YADAV (Aurnia Skin Guardians) Add: Shop No 1. chemical agents on hair. Early morning yoga is considered to be the best method to reduce stress. Avoid the excessive use of coloring. stress management. Ayur. very important to maintain scalp hygiene. this increase in nutrients intake is very slight and will not cause weight gain. Rameshwar Apt.Healthy Tips for Hair care Ensure adequate hydrated by drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily. Tel: 022-65619195/9892812693 Email: aurniaskin@gmail. For the better blood circulation in the scalp. Thus. Stress is one of the major causes for hair loss. In addition to following a balanced diet. your hair can become healthy and shiny. Use mild shampoos –herbal based. BY DR. ---By healthy eating. Henna is a safer alternative—it can be used with ground tea (color’s hair browner) + amla (gives a shine) + egg (conditioner). Dove ) If there is excess dandruff apply warm oil on scalp only once in a week -10 days If you travel often –use shampoo 2-3 times / week. exercise regularly as it will facilitate the flow of blood to your scalp which in turn will promote the growth of hair. Healthy hair requires healthy diet unlike balanced diet for weight loss.(Himalayan herbal . However.

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