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Greg Hands M.P.’s Diary Website of the Week: Fulham Good Neighbours Photo news: Hammersmith Campaign Day A message from George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer Greg Hands supports proposal to establish an English-Spanish bilingual free school in the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham Discover what's on at your local Children's Centres in K&C this Easter Joint Venture Housebuilding Deal Agreed in H&F Free Fitness Classes in K&C, if you bring a buddy How to contact Greg Hands M.P.

Issue 400 - Monday 7th April 2014

Since the last edition, Greg:
Attended and addressed the Annual General Meeting of the Kensington, Chelsea & Fulham Conservative Association, held in Chelsea. Led an Action Day organised by the Conservative Whips Office of MPs and activists in the Hammersmith parliamentary constituency, meeting voters and distributing leaflets about the excellent Conservative Council in Hammersmith & Fulham. Met Fulham parents and organisers from the Kings Group about their proposal to establish an English – Spanish bilingual school in SW6. Greg is supporting their proposal, which is in its early stages. Met a local Fulham charity developing an App for reporting crime, which they are seeking to be taken up by the Metropolitan Police. Attended a one day conference (Parteitag) of the German Christian Democrats (CDU) in Berlin, on behalf of the Conservative Party. Was interviewed by German TV station ARD at the CDU Parteitag. Carried out his duties as the Conservative Party and Government’s Deputy Chief Whip. Held a regular, weekly, advice surgery for local Chelsea and Fulham residents, at Fulham Library, on Fulham Road, close to Parsons Green tube. Greg’s surgeries are generally weekly, on Monday mornings, at either Fulham Library, or Peter Jones, Sloane Square, Chelsea. To make an appointment, email or telephone 020 7219 5448.


Website of the Week:
The website of the Fulham Good Neighbours. Fulham Good Neighbours is a long-established, local charity, working towards a community where neighbours look out for each other and offer help when it’s needed. Why not volunteer and be involved?

Photo news:

Hammersmith Campaign Day

Greg Hands MP with dozens of Conservative MPs, and local and London-wide activists as part of a Campaign Day in Hammersmith & Fulham, in advance of next month's Council elections.

A message from George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer
Today really matters. From today, small businesses will be able to give more people the security of a pay packet each month - because we've cut the jobs tax, making it easier for them to take on more people. And from today, hardworking families will keep more of the money they earn and be more financially secure - because we've increased the tax-free personal allowance to £10,000, cutting income tax for over 25 million people. More jobs, more money in people's pockets, more financial security for you and your family. Today marks another important step in our long-term economic plan to build a stronger economy and secure Britain's future. Support that plan today by forwarding this email to friends or sharing this film on Facebook and Twitter:


George Osborne

Greg Hands supports proposal to establish an English-Spanish bilingual free school in the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
Local MP, Greg Hands, has offered his support to a proposal which could lead to Hammersmith and Fulham establishing its first EnglishSpanish bilingual free school. This week, Greg, the Member of Parliament for Chelsea and Fulham, met with representatives of King’s Group Academies, who are proposing the new school, and who have many years of experience with a small group of international British schools in Spain and Panama. King’s Group Academies have already registered the support of over 175 families, situated mainly in Fulham. These parents see the plans as offering a new choice for their children’s education, with the curriculum in two languages. The Spanish Ambassador to the UK also expressed support for the proposal, offering potential cooperation with the Embassy in the field of Extra-Curricular Activities for the schoolchildren. The proposed school would have an English curriculum taught 50% in Spanish by native speakers and would celebrate both English and Spanish cultures and ways of life. It would welcome children of all faiths and backgrounds. A new English-Spanish school could be welcomed by families with one or more Spanish or Hispanic parent, who wish to maintain Spanish speaking outside the home, or by other families who see the value in their children learning Spanish language and culture. Greg said: “An English-Spanish primary school in the Borough would be a great continuation of the successful Peques nursery, which I have been a strong supporter of for many years. There is a growing interest among local parents for such an institution. I am also delighted that The Spanish Ambassador to the UK has expressed support for the idea.” Greg has written to Hammersmith and Fulham Council to encourage them to identify any possible government-owned properties and to explore possibilities for King’s Group Academies to establish a free school in the borough.

Discover what's on at your local Children's Centres in K&C this Easter
From Monday 7 April to Wednesday 30 April 2014 children's centres in Kensington and Chelsea will be holding an exciting range of taster sessions to showcase the wide range of activities available to children and their parents/carers. Examples include parenting classes, health clinics, back to work support, stay and play sessions, baby massage classes, antenatal and postnatal support. Pop into your nearest children's centre to find out more. In addition to our usual sessions, we will be holding events over the Easter half-term break. There will be lots of fun events including puppet shows, Easter egg hunts, face painting, bouncy castles, children's entertainers, arts and crafts and much more! Events are open to all pregnant women and parents/carers who live in the Royal Borough and have children aged up to five. There will also be activities for dads, new parents, young parents, toddlers and older children. The full programme will be available from Monday 7 April at

Joint Venture Housebuilding Deal Agreed in H&F
A deal has been agreed between Hammersmith & Fulham (H&F) Council and developer Stanhope Plc to build hundreds of additional new low-cost and family homes in the borough through a 15-year joint venture. On Friday (March 28), a deal was signed to form a 50:50 joint venture that will see the council and Stanhope jointly take forward housing development opportunities - beginning with the creation of more than 300 homes over the next three years. Of these 300 new homes, an estimated 40 per cent – approximately 120 – will be affordable intermediate housing sold at a discounted market rate to help local people take their first steps onto the housing ladder. Two council-owned vacant residential sites in Fulham have already been identified as opportunities to create new homes for this first phase of the joint venture - Watermeadow Court Estate and Edith Summerskill House. The two sites have been empty for many years after being declared unfit for purpose and proving too costly to maintain. On the two sites, roughly double the original number of homes will be re-provided – addressing the local demand for both lowcost home-ownership and market sale properties. It is expected that one third of the discounted market sale housing would be reserved for families on incomes of up to £30,000pa, one third would be affordable to those with incomes of up to £40,000 pa and the remainder would be affordable to those with incomes up to the Mayor of London’s official affordable housing limit of £80,000. By entering into a joint venture with a private developer, the council is able to benefit from private sector expertise, whilst retaining greater control over what the land is used for and make its housing assets work much harder. Any proceeds made by the council will be ploughed back into even more low cost housing for local residents. In addition, the joint venture model prevents ‘land-banking’ by developers, which can be the outcome with the traditional kind of disposal arrangements. The vast majority of existing social housing tenants will not be affected. However, where future opportunities to build new homes occur, the council is committed to ensuring that there is no net loss of existing social housing provision and that current secure council tenants will remain secure council tenants. Social tenants who are on the Home Buy register and live on adjacent estates will have the first opportunity to buy the new discount market sale properties. The borough’s cabinet member for housing, Cllr Andrew Johnson, said: “We’ve carefully considered how best to use our land assets more proactively – and firmly believe that joint ventures such as this can accelerate release of public land to help drive forward development, housing supply and economic growth. “As well as delivering more than 100 low-cost-homes to buy, this partnership will also enable the council to ensure that the proceeds are ploughed back into similar schemes, estate improvements and reducing our £200million of housing debt.” Critics of the joint venture disagree with the approach, saying that social housing should not be replaced by homes for market sale. However, the council says that the partnership with Stanhope will enable affordable housebuilding on a scale that would not otherwise be possible. Approximately 31 per cent of homes in the borough are social rented – well above the London average. However, less than 2 per cent of the borough's housing is affordable low-cost home-ownership meaning that it is almost impossible for young people to get onto the property ladder unless they are earning a large salary or are sitting on a large inheritance. H&F Council is determined to bridge the gap, which is why in 2012 it returned to building homes on council land. There is huge demand for housing in London and, with H&F being the fourth most expensive borough in the country, there are thousands of hard-working, local people who cannot afford to buy their own homes here. To date, more than 6,000 people have approached the council asking for low cost homes to buy. The council is working hard to secure more affordable homes so local people can fulfil their housing aspirations without leaving the borough. In addition to the affordable homes in line to be built through the joint venture, H&F Council has also initiated a direct housebuilding programme to build 100 discounted new homes in the next 3 years. This includes our partnership to build the innovative ‘Rational House’ homes, which sees ultra-modern homes built in a factory off-site using pre-made panels. Once finished, they are winched into position in a matter of days before being sold at a discounted market rate to potential first-time buyers on the council’s Home Buy register. For more information about home ownership options in H&F, call 020 8753 6464 or email h&

Free Fitness Classes in K&C, if you bring a buddy
Are you interested in getting fit but daunted at the prospect of going to a class or activity on your own? Well, help is at hand thanks to `Bring a buddy week' which runs from Monday 7 April to Friday 11 April. The Royal Borough's Sports Development Team is inviting residents to take part in a range of activities, including health walks, gym works, dancing and keep fit sessions, for one week only. All activities are free but you must bring a friend to join in. All ages and abilities are welcome. To see what activities are available and take advantage of the free offer go to phone 020 7938 8182 or email

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By Phone: By email: By post: In person: 020 7219 5448 Greg Hands M.P. House of Commons London SW1A 0AA Click here for details of how to book an appointment at Greg Hands M.P.’s weekly surgery

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