Employee Copy

Private & Confidential
HRD/LOA/SA/OG III/AS/13 November 25, 2012

Mr. Naveed Saeed A-228 Sector X-III Gulshan e Maymar Karachi LETTER OF APPOINTMENT _____________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Mr. Naveed, We are pleased to appoint you as Relation Manager in the Officer Grade III in Bank ALFALAH Limited (hereinafter referred to as “ALFALAH” or “the Bank”) reporting to Branch Manager, Gulshan –e-Iqbal Branch, on the following, amongst other terms and conditions. 1. You will be paid a gross salary of Rs. 45,000/- (Pak Rupees Forty Five Thousand Only) per month. The gross salary will be broken down into various components to make it tax efficient for both the Bank and individual. 2. You will be on the probation period of three months. This probationary period can be extended at the sole discretion of the Bank. On satisfactory performance, your services in the Bank shall be confirmed. However, during the probationary period either you or the bank has the right to terminate this service contract without any notice or payment in lieu thereof; or assigning any reason. 3. After confirmation of services, either party can terminate the contract without assigning any reason by giving one month prior written notice to the other or payment of gross salary for the prescribed period in lieu thereof. 4. You will be required to submit a list of documents before joining service, of which a checklist has been attached for your convenience, However, if at any time your antecedents as well as the information provided by you in your CV and are found incorrect or copies of your testimonials provided by you prove to be forged, this appointment will be deemed to have been invalid ab initio. In such a case, the Management reserves its right to terminate this appointment at its absolute discretion, and take any other action, which it may deem appropriate under the law. 5. You will be required to execute Agreement of Service rules of the BANK ALFALAH Staff Service Rules and as amended or may be amended from time to time. 6. You will carry out all orders of the Management including orders of assignments and transfers.

You shall not be entitled to accept any other employment while in the Bank’s service. and you shall maintain secrecy by not divulging any confidential information about the Bank. 12. Sincerely.7. You shall stand retired on attaining the superannuation age of sixty years. 8. the management will have the right to terminate your service without any prior notice. If your ABU’s results continuously consists three “U” you will be terminated from your service. For & on behalf of. Compensation & Benefits _________________________ Umair Shakoor Head Of Human Resources . Please sign and return the attached duplicate copy of this letter to Human Resources. 9. You will eligible for Provident Fund and the other benefits as per Rules of the Bank – of which a summary is attached – which can be revised / amended at any amount owed by you to the Bank against your Provident Fund upon completion of your service. its customers and business operations to which you have access during the period of service. in an envelope marked ‘Confidential’ and report for the duty within in 30 days from the date of acceptance of this employment offer. Bank Alfalah Limited. Your employment with the Bank shall be governed by the Bank’s polices rules and regulation in force and as amended from time to time. Relationship Manager is a liability sales position therefore this position or incumbent will not be transferable to any other segments. If at any time you are convicted of an offence involving moral turpitude. ________________________ James Nicholas Head – HR Operations. Employment in this position may only be continued if sales are targets are achieved regularly. 10. 11.