Impact of Tourism in Bangladesh Economy

Md. Shahnur Azad Chowdhury, Md. Maruf Ullah, and Md. Rizwan Hassan
Tourism has become a very important and dynamic sector in the developing countries. For the last two decade tourism flourished very fast in the developing countries. Bangladesh has not yet got a better position in the industry after 40 years in comparison to her neighbours’ .Though Bangladesh got all the potential to flourish but tourism in this country has been growing at a very slow pace. Bangladesh has failed to introduce her as a tourist destination country in the international tourist market. In 2010 Bangladesh received only 3 lacks foreign tourist, of which more that 70 percent came for business and official purposes. The GDP contribution from the earnings of tourism is less than 1 percent. So it is clear that there are discrepancies in the degree of initiative to attract tourists. For long time Bangladesh has been an attractive tourist, but at present, its position is not significant in terms of the international tourist market. The overall objective of this study is to identify the issues and challenges faced by Bangladesh.

1. Introduction:
Bangladesh is developing country with a large population. The average GDP growth for the last few years varies from 5-6%. RMG industry is the source of major foreign currency. In the recent time there is a competition in the RMG sector from the competitors. So the search of alternatives has been emerged besides maintaining the position in RMG.The promising alternative in this case may be Tourism. Bangladesh is a country of natural beauty. Some of her parts are covered by Hills and some other parts by the rivers. It has the longest beach of the wolrd, the Sundarbans with bio diversity. There are many archaeological sites also which can easily attract foreign tourist. Tourists are ready to visit these places and also to pay. But there are some problems to market the sector. If proper policy can be taken and strategy can be formulated tourism would also one of the potential sectors to earn foreign currency and contribute the economy. Natural beauty should be protected and facility should be developed for the tourist as well for attracting more tourists. Objectives of the study: 1) To identify the potential of tourism in BD. 2) To identify the economic impact of tourism in the economy 3) To find out the reason behind reluctance of foreign tourists to visit Bangladesh. 4) To recommend necessary suggestions to overcome the problems. _________________________
Md. Shahnur Azad Chowdhury, Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration, International Islamic University Chittagong, Md. Maruf Ullah, Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, International Islamic University Chittagong, Md. Rizwan Hassan, Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration , International Islamic University Chittagong,

Bangladesh has enormous potential to develop tourism because of its attractive natural beauty and rich cultural heritage (Tuhin & Majumder). tourism may provide as a source of tax revenue to finance infrastructure projects that will benefit the economy as whole. NY.We are trying to achieve Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for poverty elevation within 2015 it would be possible if all actors working together at global. As Least Developing Countries (LDCs) lack sufficient resources to enhance growth. 2009). Tourism is growing fast as a global industry and it is comparatively a cheaper way to earn foreign currencies. The annual growth rate over the last few years is noteworthy. it is hoped that tourism shall grow to contribute significantly to the national economy in the future (Ali & Mohsin. . 2012). Parki beach is situated in gahira.2. stretching for miles near at the meeting place of the Bay of Bengal and the river Karnaphuli. Literature Review: Tourism expansion has substantial impact on the economy by increases in GDP. Tourism is a leading industry in the service sector at the global level as well as a major provider of jobs and a significant generator of foreign exchange at the national level (UN. 2008). regional and national levels tourism is one of them (UN. NY. Visitors Can view both the karnaphuli river and the sea together. In recent years there has been an increase of interest in the role of tourism for growth and development for Developing countries (Bangladesh) focus on economic policies to promote international tourism as a potential source of economic growth. Anwara Thana under southern Chittagong region. 2007).Pulina . tourism and economic growth is still ongoing (Jiménez . Nature lovers come around here to enjoy the scenic beach area to gateway from busy city life and breath in fresh air. . and has become one of the most important invisible export sectors in many countries of the world. When considering foreign exchange earnings from tourism or tourism receipts the amount might seem rather small. As the beach is situated at the karnaphuli river channel. Prunera and Artis. It is a commodity for sale. 2007).Tourism has considered as the world’s largest and rapid growing industry of modern business world. 2004). away from Chittagong city. Improvement of infrastructure appreciably amplifies the effects of tourism expansion and tourism taxation has an unambiguously favorable impact on tax revenue and welfare. Tourism is one of the leading sources of foreign exchange earnings (Ali &Mohsin 2008). The relationship between exports. In the cases of a deficit economy that typically represents an import oriented structure is expected to spend more on imports to support its activities than what it earns through export (Chowdhury & Shahriar. The beach lies about 28 km. It is now one of the most important service industries. Bangladesh is a new tourist destination on the map of the world. which is consumed at the point of production. Tourism sector should be properly explored.Kweka. Bangladesh is a large deficit economy country. as well as tourists(J. 3. so that it will have positive contribution towards increase of Gross domestic product (GDP) (Ali & Mohsin 2008).Tourism has a vital influence on economic development of a country. Though tourism has not assumed a significant role in the national economy yet.In the beginning of Bangladesh tourism was not included in industry but from 1999 its included as a Industry it represent the importance of the tourism. total welfare and exports. Tourist places of Bangladesh: Beaches: The Patenga beach at Chittagong is one of the most popular beaches Of Bangladesh.

though most of it is still unexplored and unknown. rubber. calm peaceful Khyangs and pagodas. sea crabs. dry fish processing and colonies of the red sea crabs are attraction of the island Teknaf Teknaf. Teknaf is 85 km from Cox’s Bazaar by road and 120 km by the beach along the sea.a tourist paradise. Under the wide open blue sky fishing Community. One can reach there by engine boat across the Bay from Teknaf. Bonashram. Attractions are beaches around the island. Archaeological sites Bangladesh is a country considerably rich in archaeological wealth.Cox’s Bazar. St. Rakhyne quarters. Ramcot. Attraction around Cox’s Bazar Ramu A small Buddhist village Ramu is 15 km away from Cox’s Bazar. a romantic old-world border township in the southern tip of Bangladesh territory looking up to the Mayanmar high hill ranges across the river Naf. turtle shells and pearls. fishermen’s villages and the Rakhyan village etc. In archaeological fieldwork and research this area was very much neglected for a long time for various reasons. fish harbor of kostura Ghat. One can reach there by public transport that leaves cox’s Bazar every hour. Attraction include ancient Buddist temple and Khyang. especially of the medieval period both during the Muslim and pre-Muslim rules. Inani Lovesome patches of beaches perched between the Sea and the hills behind. Martin’s. not the least of which is its difficult geography and climate and remoteness from the main centres of the Subcontinent. With the independence of Bangladesh in 1971 the Government has undertaken a number of field projects including a comprehensive survey and exploration of the hitherto unexplored areas and a fairly ambitious scheme of excavations on selected sites.A tourist paradise The flamboyant township at the head of a 120 km long beach with lines of fancy shops on either sides of Cox’s Bazaar main road. Martin’s Island Drifted amidst the immense blue water of the Bay of Bengal.The island is dotted here and there with forested hills with the ancient Adinath Temple and a Buddhist vihara in its midst. gardens. Sonadia This is a maiden island of Cox’s Bazaar across the Bay. country’s only coral island is St. Though work at present is carried out on a limited scale. Himchhari A beautiful spot in the solitude of sea and the hills. Inani is a quiet tourist hideout set out in the exuberance of nature. Its local name is Narikel jinjira. the Sights of the rising sun behind the hills and setting of it into the Bay of Bengal all together gives us aura of a fairy land. Tirthadham. Moheshkhali An island in the Bay in the north western direction off cox’s Bazaar . the . About four and a half km southeast from cox’s Bazaar along the beach. coral stones. It is about 2 hours’ journey each way. coconut groves. are greater attractions of the island. some 30 km down south along the sea-front from cox’s Bazaar.

The Chandra and the Deva Kings. rests on a slightly curved raised plinth of sandstone blocks. 1988). this stately monument was originally built in 1872 by Nawab Abdul ghani. north of Bogra town. The archaeological site ‘Mahasthan’ means a great place.a 50. the Muslim population is over 130 million (the fourth -largest Muslim population in the world after Indonesia. The temple . India and Pakistan). Mahasthangarh is the oldest archaeological site of Bangladesh which is situated on the western bank of the karatoa. Ahsan Manzil Situated on the bank of the river buriganga near wiseghat. A survey in late 2003 confirmed that religion is the first choice by a citizen for self-identification. Under their royal patronage numerous well-organized self-contained monasteries sprang up all over the country. While new information and fresh evidence are coming out are gradually. Wari-bateshwar is the site of an ancient fort city dating back to 450 BC situated in the north eastern part of the Bangladesh. Shat Gombudge mosque. Religious places: Mashjid Islam is the largest religion of Bangladesh. Religion has always been a strong part of identity. Hindu Temples . but this has varied at different times. Ahsan manzil is just a short drive from downtown Dhaka. Today’s renovated Ahsan Manzil turned into a museum is a monument of immense historical value. radius. Bagerhat Among the many surviving monuments of the khan jahan style and undo-ubtedly the most magnificent and the largest brick mosque in Bangladesh. The earlier history of Bangladesh reveals that Buddhism received royal patronage from some important ruling dynasties like the great pala rulers. and constitute nearly 88% of the total population. square three-storied edifice. believed to have been quarried from the ruins of the ancient city of Bangarh near Gangarampur in west Bengal from where the now stolen Radha-krishna idols are said to have been brought. These fresh explorations are likely to add substantially to our knowledge of the history and chronology of ancient Bangladesh and various aspects of her life and culture. as stated in the constitution of Article 2A (inserted by the constitution Eighth Amendment Act. The spectacular site is an imposing landmark in the region having a fortified area and its ancient ruins spread out within a semi circle of about 8 km. This 2500 years old site is a significant archaeological discovery. Located at a distance of 18 km. based on the 2001 Census. Mainamati Mainamati once known as ‘samatata’ denotes a land lying almost even with the sea-level. as a palace on the site of an old French factory and it was named after his son Nawab Ahsanullah bahadur. The United Nations has recognized the country as mainly moderate Muslim democratic country. Islam is the official religion of the People’s Republic.discoveries already made have been significant. atheism is extremely rare. It challenges the earlier notions about the existence of early urban civilization in Bangladesh. An isolated eleven mile long spur of dimpled low hill range known as the Moinamati-Lalmi range runs through the middle of comilla district from north to south. is the shat gombudge mosque which means’60-domed Mosque’ Kantaji’s Temple This temple near Dinajpur town was built in 1752 by Maharaja pran nath of Dinajpur.

given by Japan.Vaishnava saint. with which Bangladesh (at one time known as east Bengal) was united until the partition of India in 1947. was built at the vihara. The first foreign head of state to visit the vihara was king Bhumibol of Thailand who visited it along with his wife. Bangladeshi Hinduism closely resembles the forms and customs of Hinduism practiced in the neighboring Indian state of west Bengal. Bangladesh and state owned. through the Portuguese traders and missionaries.3% of the total population. The vihara has a large collection of Buddha status. In nature. named after ATISH DIPANKAR SRIJNAN. Bangladesh is the third largest Hindu state in the world after India and Nepal. Sri Chaitanya Temple About 500 years old famous temple of Sri Chaitanya dev is located at Dhaka Dakhin nearly 45 km. Queen Sirikit. covering more than 13% of the population. 10’ high. giving it the distinction of Bangladesh’s “National Temple”. The temple is located southwest of the salimullah Hall of Dhaka University. Historical place . in 1962. several dignitaries from home and abroad. a large prayer hall. Churches Christianity arrived in what is now Bangladesh during the late sixteenth to early seventeenth century AD. Chandranath Hindu Temple-Sitakunda It is approximately 37 km far from Chittagong city. Prominent are the seven domed mosque (17th century) Baitul Mukarram – National Mosque. Christians account for approximately 0. bronze statue given in 1984 by Thailand and another golden statue. having been formed by the union of various Christian churches in the region. professing different religions have visited this center. Star Mosque (18th century).Hinduism is the second largest religious affiliation in Bangladesh.It is in fact a united church. Among them are a massive. Puthia temple town Puthia has the largest number of historically important Hindu structures in Bangladesh. In terms of population. Religious places-Churches Armenian Church The Church of Bangladesh is a church of the Anglican communion in Bangladesh . Most of the practitioners are from the south-eastern district of Chittagong and Chittagong hill tracts. chawkbazar mosque and Huseni Dalan mosque. The name “Dhakeshwari” (Dhakeshwari) means”Goddes of Dhaka”. Religious Places Temples Dhakeshwari National Temple (Bangli dhakeshori jatio mondir) is a famous Hindu temple in Dhaka.7% of population adhering to Theravada Buddhism. 2’-8” high. according to the Bangladesh Bureau of statistics. Religious places-Mosque Baitul Mubarak National Mosque Dhaka has several hundred historic mosques. Subsequently. On the occasion of their visit. Buddhist temples Buddhism is the third largest religion in Bangladesh with about 0. Religious places-Buddhist Temple Dharmarajika Buddha Vihara Dharmarajika Buddha vihara the first Buddhist vihara (monastery) in Dhaka was established in 1960 at the initiative of Bishuddhananda Mahathera.

lake. 1952 Martyred Intellectual Memorial Located at Mirpur. the garden is located in wari (opposite to the Christian cemetery). ivory jewellery. about 35 km from Dhaka. a remote village surrounded by rivers & canals with lush green & densly built homestead on the banks where the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur rahman was born. hanging bridge. National Memorial Located at Saver.Dighapatiya Rajbari (palace) Natore lies about 40 km. a group of architecturally homogeneous building was erected in Dhaka illustrating a happy blending of the mughal and European tastes massive in appearance of their component part and a great variety of eye-catching external detail Baldha Garden Established in 1904. Bahadurshah Park Located at old city opposite the jagannath University formerly Victoria park this memorial place of 1857 was built to commemorate the martyr’s of the first liberation war in the years of 1857 59 against British Rule. The surrounding dense neighborhood created a scarcity of land in the graveyard to accommodate the people coming to play respect for his departed soul.Mausoleum of father of the nation Tungipara. numerous colorful tribes. The building is situated north of the Curzon Hall of Dhaka University. Rangamati. Old High Court Building Originally built as the residence of the British Governor. It is dedicated to the sacred memory of the millions of unknown martyrs’ of the war of liberation in 1971.the Lake District Rangamati. National poet’s Grave Revolutionary poet kazi Nazrul Islam died on 29th August 1976 and was buried here. and tribal museum and so on. once serving as the Uttara Ganabhaban the official northern region resideance of the president of the Republic. away from Chittagong. the memorial was built to commemorate the intellectuals who were killed in 1971 by the Pakistan’s occupation forces just two days ahead of the Victory Day. Curzon Hall In the wake of the first partition of Bengal in 1905. is a favorite holiday resort because of its beautiful landscape. The graveyard is adjacent to the Dhaka university central Mosque. by the late Narendra Narayan Roy. the national memorial was designed by architect Moinul Hossain. from Rajshahi and is an old seat of the maharajah of Dighapatiya. formarly known as the race course. is a testament to our great historical achievement. Suhrawardy uddayan At a stone throw distance from Dhaka Sheraton Hotel and stretching out Dhaka university campus and Bangla Academy. The Suharwardy uddyan. located 77 km. For tourists the attractions are fishing. speedboat . this monument was built to commemorate the martyrs ‘of the historic language movement on 21st February. homespun textile products. Central Shahid Minar Symbol of Bengali nationalism. the High Court Building illustrates a fine blend of European and mughal architecture. Natore.

km of deltaic swamps along the coastal belt of Khulna. a fishing village. The main Building is surrounded by a lake which also doubles as a reflecting pool and in set amidst spacious lawns. with national recreational forests and animals. Dhaka zoological Garden Established on 230 acres of land. Other wild life of the region include the cheetahs. Sundarban (Royal Bengal Tiger and Mangrove Forest) Located about 320 km. Kaptai. bathing and much more. South-west of Dhaka and spread over an area of about 60000 sq. It is a rare spot for ecotourism. These dense mangrove forests are crossed by a network of rivers and creeks. katka and tin konna island. Herds of Spotted deer often come to graze here. tourists find tides flowing in two directions in the same creek and often tigers swimming across a river or huge crocodiles basking in the sun.pythons. near Dhaka zoo. Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban (the National parliament Building) at Sher-e Bangla Nagar. this garden has a collection of nearly 100 species of local and foreign plants. These places offer the best vantage points for watching tigers. including small bears. 100 varieties of bamboo in the bamboo grove. A drive of 112 km from Chittagong. monkeys.wild bears and hyeanas. UNESCO has declared the Sundarban a world heritage site that it offers splendid opportunities for tourism. The main tourist spots inside the Sundarban include Hiron points (Nikamal).the hilltop town Khagrachhari is the district headquarters of Khagrachhari Hill District. spotted deer.cruising. Here. from Chittagong brings you to a huge expanse of emerald and blue water ringed by tropical forests Bandar ban –the roof of Bangladesh The highest peak of Bangladesh-Tahjin dong (4632 ft) is located in the Bandar ban district.Mymensingh highway. crocodiles and birds. 100 varieties of roses in the rose corner. deer.The lake town A pleasant and picturesque drive of 64 km. monkeys. the National park spreads on 16.The forest is accessible by river from Khulna or Mongla. water skiing. the sundarbans is the world’s biggest mangrove forest-the home of the Royal Bengal tiger. . 40 kilometers north of Dhaka on Trisal. this zoo at Mirpur has nearly 1500 animals and birds belonging to 128 species. is known throughout the region for its distinctive architectural features. National Botanical Garden Located at mirpur. There are rest-houses for visitors to stay and enjoy the unspoiled beauty and splendor of the forest. by an all-weather metalled road through the green forest up hills down dales into the solitude of nature.000 acres.monkeys. Banga Bhaban Banga bhaban is the official residence of the head of the state president of Bangladesh. porcupines and foxes. Another major attraction inside the Sundarban is Dublachar (island). designed by the famous architect Louis I kahn. Khagrachhari. The township is located on the western bank of Kaptai Lake. National Park Situated at Bhawal. Kaptai Lake is a rare spot for ecotourism.

indirect and induced. 4.311 10 289. Economic effect of tourism in Bangladesh: There is a variety of economic impact of tourism. From the peak of the Batali hill one can have a clear bird’s eye view of the city.Batali Hill The Batali Hill is the highest hill within the Chittagong metropolitan area. For example the indirect effects of tourism concern all sectors of the economy. These effects are distinguished in direct. Effects that are caused from immediate effect of changes in tourist expenditure are called direct effect. There is a backward linkage of some of the industries with the hotels. Induced effects are the change in economic activities resulting from household spending of income earned directly or indirectly as a result from tourism spending.662 200. Due to the increased number of tourist supply of these product or services is required in massive volume which is called indirect effect. only 1 km. indirect and induced effect. 4.110 16 467. These industries supply some of the products or services to the hotels.5 199211 15 Year 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Tourist Arrivals ‘000’ Number Growth Rate 207199 4 207246 0. It is situated in the tiger pass area of the city.1 Tourist Arrivals in Bangladesh The following table 4. from the zero point.332 18 267107 -42 303386 11 .02 244509 18 271270 11 15 207. especially agri-food industries and all tourismrelated services such as air transport. income and employment in a region. The total economic impact is the sum of all direct. Tourism activities change in sales.1 shows the tourist arrivals in Bangladesh in different years and the rate of growth of the same: Year 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 Source: BPC Tourist Arrivals ‘000’ Number Growth Rate 113242 110475 -2 126785 15 140122 11 156231 12 165887 6 162420 10 171961 6 172781 0.

55 1996 .8 2000 . including payments to national carriers for international transport.54 2008 .73 2004 .89 1999 .7 2002 .48 Table 4.2: International Tourist receipts (% of total exports) in Bangladesh as reported by World Bank Figure 4.1: International Tourist receipts (% of total exports) in Bangladesh as reported by World Bank The data showed in the table and graph show that international tourist receipts got a downwards trend with some fluctuations .72 1997 1.12 1998 .45 2010 .43 2009 .75 2006 .82 2005 .69 2001 .62 2007 .85 2003 .An international tourist receipt means the expenditure by international inbound visitors. These payments include any other payment made for goods or services received in the destination country. International Tourist receipts (% of total exports) in Bangladesh as reported by World Bank Year Percentage of Total Export 1995 .

3.52 2009 5762. 2.8 2002 3312. Problems of Tourism Industry in Bangladesh: 1. long term and medium term –was absent before 90s.Foreign Exchange Earnings from Tourism & Other Travels Million Year Taka 2001 2653. 5. .3: Foreign Exchange Earnings from Tourism & Other Travels Source: Bangladesh Bank Figure 4.7 Table 4.65 2007 5265.6 2003 3310 2004 3967. Bangladeshis lagging behind in projecting her attractions to international tourist through advertisement in international print and electronic media. Besides meager budgetary allocation of the government appropriate plans and programs –short term.56 2005 4493. There is lack of budgetary allocation and scarcity of trained people for the development of tourism sector in the country.19 2008 6124.89 2006 5530.24 2010 5562.2: Foreign Exchange Earnings from Tourism & Other Travels The data showed in the table and graph show that foreign earnings got a rhythmic upward trend for the first 6 years(2001-2006) and then it remained almost stable for the following few years(2006-2010).

Both the local and potential foreign tourists face the problem of easy access to information related to Bangladesh tourism and its facilities. but tourists do not find any night-life activities after spending the day at Cox’s bazaar beach. like China. They get little benefit from tourist activities at their own areas. Though road communication has improved than before. 7. finished product to sell. culture and monument. One thing is to be kept in our mind that tourist come here to spend money not to take back. Different activities should be developed for the tourist so that they can be kept busy with and money can be brought from their pockets. Recommendations to solve the problems: 1. USA. Appropriate infrastructural development. 12. eateries. Tourism products can be diversified based on archaeology. 10.Gas connectio n is absent and only a limited number of flights land there. 7. 11. indigenous culture etc. 13. 3. We may develop many condominiums. Tourists do not come here to sleep ideally in hotel. There is no proper water and sewerage system in Cox’s bazaar . Tourist attraction should be turned into tourism product i. Domestic tourism should be developed so that it can increase confidence of investors to invest for attracting foreign tourist. good communication and transportation. 4. parking facility etc. 9. 2. river. Infrastructural development like as accommodation. Japan.e. Bangladesh may establish tourism offices in the tourist generating countries. But because of the absence of interpreter and facilities tourist do not make overnight stay there. There is a popularity of archaeological sites in the north-west of Bangladesh. There are a lot of things to do for Bangladesh Porjoton Corporation. motels is not only aspect of tourism development. toilet facility. . jute items are now facing competition from other country. 6. There is no involvement of the local people of the tourist site. tourists do not tend to go there for second time due to the lacking of standard facilities. 9. 5. 8. Bangladesh may take steps to develop eco-tourism especially in the naturally and culturally rich areas. They are also neglected in tourism planning and development process. 6. 5.4. UK. near to the tourist spot should be ensured so that people of all ages and even physically challenged people can travel. Bangladesh should take proper steps to ensure safety and security of the tourists. We can install world class cruise vessels to take tourists to the Sundarbans. RMG. Srimp. tea garden. super-structure development and introduction of waste management and sustainability of the tourist attraction for our prosperity are most essential. 8. creation of hotels. This process can be made effective by involving local people of the tourist places. 6. Public awareness should be created. international convention center etc in Dhaka and Cox’s bazaar to attract multinational companies to hold their AGMs and other meetings. 10. Australia because these countries produce more than 70 percent of the world’s outbound tourists. Bangladesh may change its visa policy by giving visa waiver for the top tourist generating countries and introduce visa on arrival system for tourist attraction. Tourism can be a good alternative of export items to support foreign currency. We can develop venues and infrastructure to promote sport tourism in Bangladesh by seeking both local and foreign investment. Kuakata is a second priority beach of the country.

A Journal of Business Administration .An idea has also been given about the economic impact of tourism. The Impact of Tourism in a Deficit Economy: A Conceptual Model in Bangladesh. 16. 3. Cardiff School Of Management.  Peace and happiness. 2. Ugly tourism like exploitation. prostitution and child abuse should be checked strictly. Development of rural tourism will have the following results:  Increase in Gross Domestic Product.5 No. European Journal of Business and Management.  Promotion of indigenous culture and heritage.1&2.Ph. We should follow the global code of tourism set by the UNWTO.  7. (Kashedul W Tuhin&Tofael H Majumder. Business Review. Manuela Pulina . Research Institute of Applied Economics 2009 Working Papers 2009/10. Uk. This study focused on the potentials of tourism in Bangladeshy.  Human resource development. 2012 287-296.1 page 163-168 4. Exploring The Socio-Economic Impacts Of Tourism: A Study Of Cox’s Bazar. No.D.) An Appraisal of Tourism Industry Development in Bangladesh.  Development of rural livelihood. Vol 3.  Protection of indigenous rights and resources. No. &Chowdhury Sifat –e-Mohsin. the efficiency and impact of tourism development is expected to be much higher for deficit economies like Bangladesh. Md. 15.  Conservation of environment. Conclusion: At the time of mogul emperor bangle was famous for Moslin cloth. Muhammad Mahboob Ali. (Isabel Cortés-Jiménez . If proper studies are done on this issue and long term strategies are taken in action.  Education and training for all. 28 pages.January. After liberation war 1970 Bangladesh has become famous for jute called golden fiber the main foreign currency earning product. Khulna University. Faisal Mohammad Shahriar. 2009). Phd Thesis. People from many parts of the globe came to Bengal for their business purposes of Moslin and they were attracted by the beauty of natural scenery of the country.  Poverty mitigation. Carme Riera i Prunera and Manuel Artis.6.3. Vol. 2012. January-Decmber. Perspective Business Intelligence Journal . . 2008 5. References: 1. Masudur Rahman.14. after 1985 garments capture the place of jute but in future tourism can be developed as a parallel industry of RMG to contribute the economy of the country. Cardiff Colchester Avenue Cardiff.  Development of river tourism and eco-tourism. 2010. Mohammad Ashraful Ferdous Chowdhury.  Increase in local export. The ministry of tourism should be cooperated from other departments like asCommunity-based rural tourism is a must for the economic development of Bangladesh. Its earnings will act as a vehicle for the overall development of Bangladesh. University Of Wales Institute. Bangladesh. Prof.  Promotion of local cuisine.Tourism and Exports as a means of Growth. 8.

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