Title: Reputed Builder Announces the Launch of Pride Mega City Away From the Hustling Crowd Summary

: Reputed Builder, as the name portrays it is a very reputed name in the real estate industry. So, Pune residents are quite lucky to have such a recognized builder in the city. (Time !ate"# Reputed Builder, a forward-looking construction company based out of Pune specializing in highly intricate and sustainable projects, is going to add another uality project, !Pride "ega #ity$ in their list% This mega city is soon going to be launched in #harholi, Pune% &ocated far away from the cacophony of the city, this amazing residential project will pro'ide you with ()*)+ B,- apartments with widespread greeneries all round% .ccording to the main pillars of this construction company, this e/traordinary housing project will definitely impro'e your standard of li'ing% Pride "ega #ity is an e/ceptional combination of out of the ordinary and state of the art architectural technologies that will take your heart away% 0ot just superb construction and beautiful art decor, but this residential comple/ offers plenty of other delights, as well% .part from the basic amenities like round the clock electricity supply, *1/2 security lifts, and parking, one of the best features it offers is the rainwater har'esting system% 3o, this construction can be considered as eco-friendly% 4urthermore, you get an elite clubhouse, where you can reap the benefits of a swimming pool and gymnasium% 5ou can also pamper yourself at the spa and salon% 6alking and jogging track is also a'ailable% 3o, you won7t ha'e to go out of the apartment premises for the same% This can be great for elders and children, as, they can remain safe in the premises% 6hen people plan to buy their dream homes, some of the most important things they look for are a great locality and pro/imity to the market and ci'ic amenities% Reputed Builder knows it and ha'e planned this residential comple/, accordingly% 8f you want to know more about this latest endea'or of Reputed Builder, you can 'isit their website% This will help you know about the location of Pride "ega #ity along with the different aspects like the specifications of the ()*)+ B,- flats a'ailable, pricing, and floor plan% 3o, if you are interested in the, all you ha'e to do is, check out their !9et in Touch 6ith :s$ option and put your contact details along with your uery and you are done% They will get in touch with you with the details% ;n 'isiting the website of Reputed Builder, you can also get to see the site map of this residential property% This can gi'e you a rough idea about the locality it is situated% 3o, if you are looking forward to it, then hurry% Bookings are on% This press release includes some of the major information regarding Pride "ega #ity% 3o, get ready to get your city a gift from this reputed construction company% A$out the Company Reputed Builder is one of the popular names when it comes to real estate% They are located in Pune, "aharashtra, 8ndia% 6hen they are the name behind Pride "ega #ity, it ought to be a great property%

Contact %nformation Pioneer "edialine 3er'ices P't &td <(*, <th 4loor 3kyma/ #ommercial Building =utt "andir #howk >iman 0agar, Pune 1((?(1 "obile: -@ A( ABC ?<( (((*

Pride "ega #ity
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