3. Summer Training Staff Issued Equipment SECTION 5. Quarters 2. 6. Club Facilities SECTION 6 . 2. Midshipman Equipment List 2. 4.MCMWTC Facility Diagram 9 9 8 9 9 7 8 5 5 6 6 6 6 4 5 5 5 5 5 3 3 3 .Company Table of Organization Appendix B .Operational Risk Management Matrix Appendix D . Summer Training Intent SECTION 2 . 2. Training Period Scope of Training Student Expectations Daily Routine Training Organization Physical SECTION 4 – EQUIPMENT 1. 3. 5.PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION 1. 4. Mail APPENDICES Appendix A . 6. Summer Training Mission 3.COMMUNICATIONS 1. Emergency Contact Information 2. 5. Reporting/Outposting Information Pay and Finance Clothing Visitors Religious services Liberty SECTION 3 – TRAINING 1. Messing 3.FACILITIES 1. Training Installation Mission and History 2.TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION 1 – GENERAL 1.Draft Training Schedule Appendix C .

with elevations in the training areas ranging up to just under 12. Educate and motivate midshipmen to reinforce a positive interest in the Marine Corps and the NROTC program. SUMMER TRAINING INTENT.GENERAL 1. A letter of agreement between the Forest Service and the Marine Corps permits the use of the area to train Marines in mountain and cold weather operations. the MCMWTC experience provides an opportunity to practice many of the challenges they will face during follow-on training and operations in the Fleet Marine Force. b. Annual temperatures range from -20 degrees to +90 degrees Fahrenheit. it was renamed the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center in 1963. During the winter season (October . As a result of its expanded role. The center is sited at 6. Placed between the introduction to the Marine Corps provided during CORTRAMID and the cauldron of Officer Candidate School (OCS). MCMWTC conducts formal schools for individuals and battalion training in summer and winter mountain operations. Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) conduct summer training at MCMWTC in order to: a. The Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center (MCMWTC) is one of the Corps' most remote and isolated posts. The center was established in 1951 as a Cold Weather Battalion with a mission of providing cold weather training for replacement personnel bound for Korea.SECTION 1 . The training emphasis is on enhancing overall combat capability. the name was changed to the Marine Corps Cold Weather Training Center. snow accumulation can reach six to eight feet. TRAINING INSTALLATION MISSION AND HISTORY. and. MCMWTC operated on a full time basis until 1967 when it was placed in a caretaker status as a result of the Vietnam War. Develop confidence by exposing midshipmen to mental and physical challenges in a mountainous environment. 2. Forest Service.S. Severe storms can deposit as much as four feet of snow in a 12 hour period. After the Korean Conflict.000 feet. 3. c. SUMMER TRAINING MISSION. complement and reinforce leadership and field skills inherent . Ensure midshipmen understand the commitment required to train for and serve as an Officer of United States Marines. The Center occupies 46.000 acres of Toiyabe National Forest under the management of the U. NROTC MCMWTC summer training will familiarize. From 01 – 11 July 2010.April).762 feet. The training center was reactivated to a full-time command on 19 May 1976. Marines at the Center are also involved in testing cold weather equipment and clothing and developing doctrine and concepts to enhance our Corps' ability to fight and win in mountain and cold weather environments.

Each Midshipman is responsible for the safekeeping of their tickets. Midshipmen will further realize the professionalism. It is the responsibility of the midshipmen and NROTC unit to ensure that they arrange round trip transportation before reporting to summer training. the U. By the end of training. practical application. Please do not send midshipmen with PFT scores lower than 245. talent and skill of the Marines with whom they will soon work and lead. The following is a generic sequence of events for travel to and from MCMWTC.2. the Marine Corps and the leadership responsibilities the entry level training continuum. In the near term. SECTION 2 .S. Working daily with the MCMWTC staff. a. We are short approximately180 seats compared to the NROTC Marine Option 2/C Midshipman class size. The mental and physical challenges of the program will better prepare midshipmen for Officer Candidate School. Beyond OCS. Due to OEF training requirements. If lost. Ideally. The gear list has been carefully researched and there is no requirement for units to purchase or acquire additional items. mountain warfare training will provide future officers a point of reference to consider while planning for and operating in such an environment. the training will provide a more experienced officer to the fleet. MWTC has limited the number of NROTC Marine Options who will be allowed to participate in this summer’s event. the midshipmen will depart MCMWTC with a tremendous impression of Marines. NROTC midshipmen will receive travel and transportation allowances as prescribed in Joint Travel Regulations. if your unit is unable to support trainees with all the listed items. Midshipmen will gain a greater appreciation for the intrinsic considerations and rigors of conducting military operations in a mountain environment. (2) Most Midshipmen will travel to and from MCMWTC using a round trip air Government Travel Request issued by the NROTC units. . However. to develop a basic appreciation for military operations in a mountain environment and to further realize the commitment required of an Officer of Marines. paragraph M-6004. such training will provide a better understanding of the physical and mental challenges of OCS. Ideally we will be able to reduce the number of participants to a supportable number by screening for physical ability and for possession of the complete gear list. MWTC will also be unable to provide individual equipment for any Midshipmen. I intend for all Midshipmen to have a greater understanding of standard Marine field / mountain skills. this will shrink the trainee pool enough that I can avoid more arbitrary measures to reduce their number. please do not send them to MWTC. Ultimately.3. field training and mentorship opportunities.PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION 1. Through classroom forums. REPORTING / OUTPOSTING INFORMATION. Reporting (1) Midshipmen must arrange travel to and from MCMWTC through their parent NROTC unit.

4. Midshipmen will receive leave for emergency situations only. Summer Training will occur from 02 – 10 July 2010. 3. however. The NROTC Summer Training Staff will post times for all scheduled services.Government will not fund replacement tickets. (4) Midshipmen must arrive at Reno / Tahoe International Airport on 01 July 2010 no later than 1600. Appropriate seasonal civilian attire is outlined in MCO P1020. 5. 6. paragraph 1005. NROTC Summer Training Staff will transport midshipmen to the Reno / Tahoe International Airport on 11 July 2009 for return to their home or unit. midshipmen must locate the NROTC Summer Training Staff representative located near the baggage claim. the NROTC Summer Training Staff Officer in Charge must approve all requests for POV travel. RELIGIOUS SERVICES. the cost of travel must prove less than that of a Government ticket. Bridgeport. All personnel will depart MCMWTC on 11 July 2009. MCMWTC has a multi-denominational base chapel. LEAVE AND LIBERTY. Recommend each Midshipman arrive at MCMWTC with $100 cash for incidental expenses. MCMWTC has limited banking and ATM facilities. "civilian clothing. Midshipmen will arrive at MCMWTC on 01 July 2009. VISITORS.TRAINING 1. Midshipmen will travel to and from MCMWTC in appropriate civilian attire. shorts and open-toes shoes are not authorized for travel. Out Posting. Midshipmen will receive no off-base liberty during Summer Training. (3) Midshipmen who reside near MCMWTC may travel by personally owned vehicle (POV). PAY / FINANCE. Midshipmen should plan their return flight no earlier than 0600." T-shirts. SECTION 3 . Midshipmen will submit travel claims to their parent commands upon completion of summer training. Upon arrival. b. The NROTC Summer Training Staff will not normally approve requests to leave training in non-emergency situations. Midshipmen will not entertain visitors during MWTC Summer Training. The Summer Training Staff will make every effort to accommodate religious observance depending on the training schedule. The representative will guide Midshipmen to busses that will transport them to the MCMWTC Lower Base Camp (LBC). TRAINING PERIOD. . (1) Upon completion of administrative out processing. CLOTHING. Due to shortage of parking areas at MCMWTC. 2. Midshipmen will execute final settlement of pay and travel claims at their parent NROTC unit. California.34.

Midshipmen who require eyeglasses must report to MCMWTC with two pairs of eyeglasses. each midshipman will undergo a conditioning assessment in the form of administrative movements around the LBC. and all serious injuries will be taken to the . Midshipmen will receive classroom instruction. The training at MCMWTC is some of the most physically demanding in the U. a Navy Corpsman will be at each training evolution for more serious cases. 6. Taps will sound at 2100. Training may change due to weather. 5. professionalism or negligently unsafe training practices will be returned to their units before the completion of training. field instruction.2. PHYSICAL. STUDENT EXPECTATIONS. MWTC imposed restrictions on class size require that only those most likely to complete training be sent to MWTC. To minimize the effect of blisters on training. Failure to do so will affect their ability to participate in the training. The training routine at MCMWTC Summer Training will typically commence at 0500. however. TRAINING ORGANIZATION. Training will occur from 0600 to 2100. so they must arrive at MCMWTC prepared to demonstrate the highest level of professional conduct and to comport themselves in accordance with the standards expected of a junior Marine officer. b. Midshipmen will have daily contact with enlisted Marines. DAILY ROUTINE. c. Contact lenses are not appropriate for summer training. Midshipmen will receive instruction on subjects associated with operations in a mountain environment to include mountain survival.S. Marine Corps. Midshipmen must arrive prepared for the physical rigors of operating in a mountain environment with a preparatory focus on stamina and upper body strength. Midshipmen without proof of a current examination will not train. and tactical mountain skills. 3. SCOPE OF TRAINING. a. mountain mobility. midshipmen can expect to execute the training schedule. 4. each Midshipman must make every effort to break in one set of running shoes and combat boots for MCMWTC Summer Training. Proof of initial indoctrination physical with updated form 2807 fulfills this requirement. Midshipmen will conduct training as an NROTC Battalion with two separate midshipmen companies. MCMWTC provides a small medical clinic. Upon reporting. during training. all hands will conduct police call. midshipmen must conduct themselves professionally at all times. Though the MCMWTC Summer Training will not screen or evaluate students on their potential to serve as Officers of Marines. All Midshipmen must report to MCMWTC Summer Training with a complete and current physical examination in their medical records. Midshipmen must have an official PFT score of 245 to attend MWTC. however. these companies will conduct training as a unit. demonstration and conduct practical application. Historically. Midshipmen who score below a 245 on the PFT find the training extremely difficult and fall behind. Midshipmen must be prepared to provide self-aid and buddy-aid during training. however. Midshipmen demonstrating gross lapses of judgment. d. Before breakfast.

Midshipman arriving without the listed items will be dropped from training and sent home immediately. SECTION 4 – EQUIPMENT 1.MCMWTC Medical Clinic for stabilization and transportation to the nearest medical facility located in Bridgeport. completely broken-in) Blouse bands Shorts. green Drawers Socks. PT green Socks. running Watch Cap GORE-TEX top GORE-TEX bottom Gloves. no field ("boonie") covers Belt. boot Boots (black leather or brown suede. PT white Shoes. REQUIRED EQUIPMENT LIST. California. black leather (hard leather NOT dress gloves) Glove inserts. green wool Sweat Top Sweat Bottoms Polypropylene shirt (3) (3) (2) (1) (6) (6) (6) pair (1) pair (2) sets (2) (3) (1) pair (1) (1) (1) (1) set (1) (1) (1) set (1) Quantity (1) (2) (1) (1) . Each Midshipman must arrive with all listed equipment. web T-shirt. Item Administrative Equipment Medical / Dental Record Emergency Data Forms with next of kin information Military identification card Travel Orders Notebook Pen Protractor Map Pens Phone card (no cellular reception) Individual Equipment Utility trousers (tri-color or Green Woodland MARPAT) Utility blouse (tri-color or Green Woodland MARPAT) Utility cover (6-point only.

black. Kevlar Camel back (green. tan) Modular Sleep System (Bivvy Sack required) Toiletries Towel Washcloth Bag. (3" . lensatic a must Headlamp (red lens)/extra batteries Whistle Water purification tabs (iodine) Lock. shower Razor w/ blades Shaving cream Toothbrush Toothpaste Soap Soap dish Deodorant Chap stick Sunscreen Miscellaneous Eyeglasses (if required) Sunglasses (conservative design) Wristwatch Knife. ILBE with Frame) Iso Mat Poncho Helmet.Polypropylene drawers Fleece Load bearing equipment (LBV or H-harness w/cartridge belt) Canteen w/cover Canteen cup First aid kit (w/pressure bandage) Pack (LC-1 "Alice". laundry Baby wipes Sunscreen Shoes.4" blade) Compass. MOLLE. combination 550 cord Ziploc bags (2 gallon size 4 Pint) Foot powder Moleskin (1) (1) (1) (2) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (2) (1) (1) (1) box (1) bottle (1) (1) (1) bottle (1) (1) (2) (1) (1) (1) (1) (2) pair (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1) (1-2) bottles (1) (5) feet (6) (1) (1) pack .

2. Families who must contact Midshipmen during training for emergency reasons will contact the MCMWTC Officer of the Day (OOD).Do not bring laundry detergent due to EPA restrictions at MWTC 2. Midshipmen who experience missed flights or delays during travel must report problems as soon as possible.COMMUNICATIONS 1. 1 877. open squad bay barracks when not in the field. . MAIL. Midshipmen will not use any MCMWTC club facilities including the base gym. MWTC will NOT provide your midshipman with any gear they are missing due to high operation requirements in training units for upcoming deployments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. NROTC Summer Training Staff will make every effort to ensure the Midshipman returns the call as soon as possible. CHAPTER 6 . EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION. Individuals calling the MCMWTC OOD must clearly state the Midshipman's name. Midshipmen may not receive mail during summer training. QUARTERS. Midshipmen will subsist on meals. MCMWTC PROVIDED EQUIPMENT. Midshipmen will billet in gender-segregated. ready-to-eat (MRE) while in the field. Midshipmen will subsist in the MCMWTC Dining Facility when not conducting field training. MESSING. Due to the duration of training. CHAPTER 5 – FACILITIES 1. 3. CLUB FACILITIES. affiliation with the NROTC Program and a call-back number.774 -1901 MCMWTC OOD 2.