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The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is a volunteer-based non-government organization whose goal is to prevent animal cruelty through

education animal sheltering and advocacy! PAWS believes that the creation of a more peaceful society starts with the widening of man"ind#s circle of compassion which includes animals thereby envisions a nation that respects animals practices responsible pet ownership and protects wildlife!

The PAWS Animal $ehabilitation %enter (PA$%) located at Aurora &lvd! 'atipunan (alley )oyola *eights +! %! serves as a temporary shelter for dogs cats and other animals rescued from cruelty or neglect with the ultimate goal of rehabilitating them and placing them in loving homes! Part of PAWS, life-saving wor" at PA$% is empowering people by providing volunteer opportunities to help animals so that everyone can do their own share in ma"ing the world a better place for all!

PAWS *istory
PAWS was founded in 1954 by Muriel Jay, a British educator who was, at that time, residin in the Phili!!ines" #he or ani$ation%s first members were hand!ic&ed by Jay and 'ita (onti)eros*+ichauco, the current !resident of PAWS, was one of them" (onti)eros*+ichauco recalled that PAWS, as a new or ani$ation then, would ma&e stuffed toys and other items which she and the other members would sell to ain funds" #hey also had a clinic where they !ro)ided ser)ices for in,ured animals and two bicycle !atrols that they used to sa)e stray animals from the streets" (owe)er, PAWS became dormant when Jay went bac& to -n land" .t was in 19/0, when (onti)eros* +ichauco reor ani$ed PAWS with a new team of !rofessional )olunteers which were !rimarily )eterinarians and educators"

.t was in 1990 when the !resent batch of PAWS%s members ,oined" #he new )olunteers, which were mostly the youth, came out with more a ressi)e ideas in !romotin the ad)ocacies of the or ani$ation" #hese ideas are still enacted by PAWS at !resent" 1ontacts with )arious international animal*!rotection rou! increases" PAWS is in constant touch with or ani$ations li&e the World Society for the Protection of Animals 2WSPA3, Peo!le for -thical #reatment of Animals 2P-#A3 and (umane Society .nternational 2(S.3" 4n Se!tember 1, 1999, PAWS became an associate of the 5oyal SP1A of 67" Similarly, on the local scene, PAWS was made a member of the 'ational 8isaster 1oordinatin 1ouncil under the 8e!artment of 'ational 8efense, and !artici!ated in the rescuin of abandoned and in,ured animals from a residential )illa e 21herry (ills3 de)astated by landslide"

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society exists to prevent cruelty, alleviate pain, fear and suffering in animals and to promote a society based on humane principles.

PAWS is a credible nationwide non-profit organi ation, composed of a networ! of committed, compassionate and trustworthy individuals and institutions that initiates and leads in the promotion of animal welfare, and the protection of all animals. PAWS envisions a nation that respects animals, practices responsible pet ownership, and protects wildlife.


"ompassion and respect for animals "ommitment to the vision and mission of PAWS #edication to the assigned role in the organi ation $espectful conduct towards each other regardless of position %onesty and trustworthiness &ntegrity #iscipline 'faithfulness to norms, standards( compliance to organi ation)s rules, policies and standards* +oyalty to the organi ation

Programs and Advocacies

PAWS is a ainst the abuse of animals in any form" 9or years, the or ani$ation defended animals and reminded the !eo!le of animal ri hts by or ani$in different !ro rams" (ere are some of the or ani$ation%s successful and on* oin !ro,ects and !ro rams:

Republic Act 8485

Since its reor ani$ation in 19/0, PAWS has been acti)ely lobbyin for the 5e!ublic Act /4/5 or the Phili!!ine Animal Welfare Act" (owe)er, the o)ernment was still not ready for it by that time" PAWS and its )olunteers ne)er a)e u! on their oal and came u! with a re)ised Animal Welfare Bill which they dili ently !ursued in the Senate of the Phili!!ines, and the 1on ress of the Phili!!ines" 4n 9ebruary 11, 199/, the Animal Welfare Act of 199/ 2also &nown as the 5e!ublic Act /4/53 was si ned into the law by the then !resident, 9idel ;" 5amos"

Dog Meat Trade

PAWS was res!onsible for a hu e le al )ictory in the 'orthern Pro)ince of Ben uet on A!ril <==0" #he !ro)ince sou ht to ta&e ad)anta e of a loo!hole in the Animal Welfare Act of 199/, which allows the consum!tion of 8o meat as a cultural and ritual !ractice, but not for commercial !ur!oses" PAWS found out that Ben uet%s 8o Meat s!run not from >cultural !ractice? but that of ,ust commercial !ur!oses" After a massi)e world*wide letter cam!ai n and with hel!s from other local animal welfare rou!s, the Ben uet local o)ernment a)e in" 4n May <==0, PAWS met with the national Meat .ns!ection Ser)ices, a di)ision of the Phili!!ine 8e!artment of A riculture" Some of the main oals of the meetin were to close the loo!hole in the Animal Welfare Act of 199/, !re)ent circum)entions in the law, and establish clear

methods of enforcin the law" PAWS has also hel!ed the local o)ernment of @ue$on city in the creation a do !ound which could hel! reduce the do meat trade in the city"

PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center PARC!

PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center or PARC is the first real animal shelter in the country. It is PAWS most ambitious project to date and is now servin as a center for charitable veterinary services! caterin to the pets of the low"income sector! providin temporary shelter to the countless number animals who are victims of cruelty and ne lect. PARC became a favorite destination for field trips! where students are tau ht to love and care for animals! as well as nature. At present! it has already received thousands of students from various schools within $etro $anila and other provinces. In )**+! the shelter responded to over ,!-** calls from belea uered pet owners as#in for simple pet health care advice and reports of animal cruelty. .y the time PARC opened in )**)! over /** rescued and rehabilitated animals have been re"homed. Part of PAWS life"savin wor# at PARC is empowerin people by providin volunteer opportunities to help animals so that everyone can do their own share in ma#in the word a better place for all.

PARC is a temporary shelter for abandoned and stray do s and cats and is found at the bac# of Ateneo de $anila %niversity in &ue'on City. It aims to find new homes for the do s and the cats throu h its adoption pro ram patterned after some western animal shelters. With PARCs visibility! PAWS aims to enhance the (ilipinos awareness of animal welfare.

#he PAWS Animal Shelter is located alon Aurora Bl)d at the boundary of Mari&ina and @ue$on 1ity"

Spa"ing and #eutering

PA51%s clinic offers a low*cost neuterin of do s and cats to sol)e the !roblem of !et o)er!o!ulation" PA51 belie)es that as these animals continue to breed, !ossibilities of them dyin and bein hurt and abused, would ,ust increase"

Dr$ Dog Program

8r" 8o is an animal*assisted thera!y !ro ram founded by Jill 5obinson, MB- of Animals Asia 9oundation, based in (on 7on , 8r" 8o is a !ro ram run by Animals Asia" PAWS is the coordinator and the im!lementin arm of 8r" 8o in the Phili!!ines" .n 199A, BPa&&oB, a erman she!herd, was named as PAWSC first 8r" 8o " PAWS, with Pa&&o and a dalmatian named Bfrec&lesB, )isited facilities li&e >#ahanan Walan (a danan? 2(ouse Without Stairs3 D a home for disabled children and adults and the (4P- school for S!ecial 1hildren"

0ther or ani'ations that have benefited from the 1r. 1o pro ram2

3reenhills $usic School .antay .ata Rescue Centre White Cross 0rphana e Community of 4earners CRI.S

PAWS conducts the Animal Asia -oundation#s .octor .og Program in the Philippines (animal-assisted therapy)!

.r! .og Philippines %ontact .etails/ 5he Philippine Animal Welfare Society 6PAWS7 Anna Cabrera 5el8(a92 6+-)7 :;/ ,+<< =mail2 philpaws>

%umane &ducation
PAWS )isits schools and the stren th of its (umane -ducation !ro ram lies in its Preschool modules * teachin )ery youn &ids &indness and res!onsible !et ownershi! throu h !u!!et shows, action son s and meet*the*Professor 8o sessions" .t also offers free tal&s and lectures for rade school, hi h school and uni)ersity students" Since <==5, PAWS has been tied u! with 1enter for Social 1oncerns and Action 214S1A3 * the community ser)ice arm of 8e +a Salle 6ni)ersity * for ad)ocacy and direct ser)ice !ro,ects !romotin animal welfare"

A short educational video at the PA$% multi-purpose hall


Rescuers found Sebastian as a pup. ?e was dra in his two le s behind him and he was a pitiful si ht to behold. @"rays revealed that an impact " probably from a car " had caused Seb to lose the use of his hind le s. 5he pup could still poop and pee normally but serious discussions had immediately be un in the PAWS clinic. 5he main concern was " if Seb was in any pain " and if he could have a ood life even with his disability. A volunteer who was tryin to be optimistic in the midst of all the sad and serious faces brou ht out a do ie toy and called out to Seb. 5he puppy AleapedA into a fren'y! oin into an enthusiastic AplayA mode! runnin after the offered toy and sha#in the toy vi orously once he cau ht it with his jaws. 5he somber roup stopped in the middle of their Bto" euthani'e"or"not"to"euthani'eB meetin and loo#ed at each other in disbelief. ?ere was a pup who seemed oblivous to the fact that he was a paraple ic do . ?e chased after the toy that was thrown for him a ain! and after sha#in the toy for a few seconds! loo#ed up ea erly " as if to say BPlease throw the toy a ain for meCB Seb was sunshine on two le s " this was apparent on his first day " and it seemed only fair that he be iven a chance to find a lovin home! just li#e the rest of the other AnormalA rescued do s. 5he rules that were laid out for volunteers were simple2 do not let Seb ArunA outdoors especially on rou h concrete floorin because he would surely scrape himself as he 'oomed out into the open! runnin on two forele s with abandon.

=yes bri ht and always on an ima inary tar et ahead! the do seemed to have absolutely no in#lin that he was different from any other do . 5hose who watched him li#ened him to a #an aroo! bouncin up and down in the thic# bundles of cloth that volunteers wrapped him in before ta#in him for a Awal#A. And so it was that Seb became an Bindoor onlyB shelter do . =ven indoors! his AdiapersA unraveled Duic#ly as he ran after every shelter volunteer in si ht! tryin to et a belly rub or two. 0ne day! as PAWS volunteers Sheila (rasco and Eoel 5rinchera played with the BspecialB pup who had now rown into a medium"si'ed do ! they decided to ma#e him an improvised wheelchair. Seb played throu h all the measurement and fittin s done by Sheila and Eoel in the succeedin wee#s. ?e had become such a rambunctious do that just holdin him down and #eepin him still was a challen e! but the determined pair persevered. 5ina " a valued PAWS supporter " had adopted from the shelter before. She too# one loo# at Seb who was already on his <th month"stay at PARC and immediately as#ed! B0#ay! when can I ta#e him homeFB

Seb at the time of rescue

Seb is now the best friend and bedmate of 5inaAs son! Giered

Santino and %atherine at the time of rescue

Santino on his 0nd day at PA$%

%atherine on his 0nd day at PA$%

%atherine after a few months of rehabilitation

Santino on her 0nd day at PA$%

Santino T1.A2 at the PAWS Animal Shelter waiting for his forever-loving home

Santino and %atherine

5he woman who #ept them believed that she was doin the best for them. 5he nei hbors had reported her to us as sli htly demented and PAWS had for her a written warnin that she was not to ta#e in any animal once we had confiscated these do s from her. After the letter had been iven! we turned to face the rescue at hand2 .y the doorway of the womanAs dilapidated house stood si9 6+7 Alivin "deadA do s " do s whose bodies you could use to illustrate where the different bones be an and where they ended. =ven in their emaciated condition! the eyes of the do s told us that they were used to bein held and caressed. B5hey are poor! innocent an els!B one of the volunteers said tearfully when she noticed that the do s were loo#in pleadin ly at all of us the entire time that we were loadin them ently into the crates. 1oc $aripi! our vet on duty at the time of rescue! said it was hard to tell if these do s would ma#e it throu h the wee#. She also commented on the do sA sweet and an elic demeanor despite their body conditions. (or this reason! all the do s were named after saints or saintly characters on 5H" Claire! A atha! Catherine! 3ertrude! 4ucy and Santino. Santino seemed to need the

most prayers because he was wea# and had to be on de9trose fluids the entire ni ht. When little Santino ained a fair amount of wei ht within his first few days at the shelter! rescuers praised the heavens and #new that a miracle was unfoldin before their very eyes. Santino believes in miracles and so do we. We believe that many miracles come about throu h hearts that ive and reveal themselves to those who open their homes to share it with anyone! with any creature who needs it the most.

=veryday! PAWS rescues and rehabilitates do s li#e Santino and Catherine until they are ready to be put up for adoption.

The .ifference between them is your %ompassion

PAWS 3eeds 2our *elp

*elp us continue to help the animals!
.onations may be deposited in any of the following ban"s/ .an# of the Philippine Islands Swift no. .0PIP?$$ .PI %S1 Account I -J::"**),"+, .PI P?P Account I -J:-"**<+",, Philippine Eational .an# Swift no. PE.$ P?$$ P?P AccountI*;)"<-*,;:"* 1onors are su ested to fa9 to PAWS 6:;/",+<<7 or email supportpaws>paws.or .ph a copy of their validated deposit slip! unless they wish to remain anonymous.