Greek Ares: spear and shield, bloodlust and war Artemis: goddess of the hunt, wild animals, childbirth

– more important, more roles Athena: armor, owl, serpent, olive tree, emphasis on knowledge Hephaestus: more on creation aspects of fire. Dionysus gets him drunk so he releases Hera and gets to marry Aphrodite Gaia

Roman Mars: male symbol, war, more respected in society Diana: hunt, wild animals

Minerva: no olive tree, more emphasis on weapons Vulcan: also volcanoes, more exaggerated version. More on destruction. Makes a deal where he is given Venus after releasing Juno. Romans made more sacrifices to protect crops/city Terra Mater

Both Myth: Hephaestus trapped Ares and Aphrodite in a net Son of Zeus+Hera Symbols: bow, arrow, moon (purity), wolf, dogs Myth: Artemis seen bathing by Acteaon, turns him into a stag and has him hunted Daughter of Leto and Zeus Parents: Zeus, Metis Myth: Zeus afraid child will dethrone him, swallows Metis. Has headaches. Hephaestus cracks open head. Athena is born (fully armed) Symbols: fire, forge, anvil, tongs Fire and blacksmithing Daughter of Hera – immaculate conception Myth: Hera jealous of Zeus’ other kids, makes a kid. Ugly. Pushes him off mountain. Hera is imprisoned Mother of gods and humans, goddess of birth. Associated with Demeter: earth, growth, fertilization Symbols: earth, egg. Gives offspring necessities Myth: no gods, only Chaos. Laid egg with Gaia and Tartarus and others. Gaia creates the gods/Titans Ruler of the Underworld. Hades is born from Cronos and Rhea. Brother of Zeus, Hestia, Demeter, Poseidon, Hera Mother of Persephone. Parents: Cronos and Rhea Goddess of Vegetation, agriculture, growing Myth: Persephone myth (see Hades) when Persephone is gone, she is sad, things stop growing, when she returns, makes things grow Symbols: love arrows, wings, bow, arrow Makes people fall in love after shooting them Son of Aphrodite. Wife is Psyche. Daughter Hedone. Myth: Aphrodite jealous of Psyche’s human beauty. Sends Eros to make her fall in love with ugly guy. Accidently shoots himself. Marries Psyche, but not allowed to see him. Hearth, fire. Parents: Rhea+Cronos. Warmth, hospitality, the essence of being. Virgin(ity). No throne. Myth: Aeneis, descendent, carried her flame to Rome. built temple with sacred flame for her Symbols: moon, chariot, horse, torch Daughter of Hyperion and Gaia. Children with Helios, Zeus Myth: moon sets every night behind mtns, falls in love with god in cave who falls into eternal sleep. Has 50 children with him- the Meni Son of Zeus and Semele (mortal). Affairs with Aphrodite. God of wine, theater, music, agriculture, fall/spring, male fertility. Hera tricks Semele into looking at Zeus, Semele turns into ashes. Zeus saves Dionysus, puts him in his thigh, twice-reborn Child of Cronos and Rhea. Duties: makes sun and

Hades: 3 headed dog (Cerberus), pomegranate Myth: keeps Persephone in Underworld for 6 months for 6 pomegranate seeds Demeter: flowers, grain, pig.

Pluto: wealth, money Myth: Venus shoots Pluto with love arrow, Pluto sees Proserpine, falls in love, keeps her for half the year Ceres: cornucopia, fruits. More important to Romans because needed crops Cupid: child

Eros: adult



Selene: moon, childbirth, lunacy, stars, guiding light

Luna: goddess of moon. Menstrual cycle. Protection of crops

Dionysus: grapes, fennel staff with pinecone, snake, satyr

Bacchus: grapes, wine, leopard, satyr

© 2009 Maya and Tara Balakrishnan


Hera: less important- goddess of marriage and childbirth

Juno: more prominent and POWERFUL in Roman societywomen freedom wasn’t as limited. Move vengefull Symbols: lightning bolts Justitia: has no children Law + order among mortals

Themis: children = season and the fates (w/ Zeus) Law among gods Cronos

moon go, changes season, storms, thunderbolts. Sybols: eagle, shield, thunderbolt, oak tree, bull. Myth: Cronos had a prophecy that his child would overthrow him. Swallowed his children. Rhea hides Zeus. Zeus overthrows him + frees siblings. Zeus elected king of the gods. Zeus’s wife, queen of gods Children: Area, Hebe, Hephaestus etc. Symbols: crown, scepter, peacock (has 100 eyes- sent Argos to watch Zeus w/ 100 eyes, Zeus killed Argos and all the eyes sent onto a peacock.) Tried to kill Heracles but failed b/c he was powerful. Child of Gaia and Uranus (had 12 children total called the titans) Uranus feels threatened- sends his children to the underworld. Symbols: scales + sword + blindfold MYTH == ????? Symbols: sickle and scythe (used to castrate Uranus/dad), agriculture, harvest, the # 7 (7th sun, 7 days per week) Myth: swallows children due to prophecy from father. Rhea tricks Cronos- gives him a stone instead of Zeus. Zeus kills Cronos + frees siblings. Child of Uranus. Symbols: lion pelt, the 12 labors, wooden club Duty: hero, extraordinary strength, lives on earth Born from Zeus and a mortal (has a ½ twin) Zeus impersonated Amphitryon + conceived Hercules. Hera disapproves- sent 2 snakes to kill him- he strangled them w/ his enormous strength. Parent: Styx(Pallas). Offered her children to help gods fight titans. Goddess of Victory and Bringer of Good Luck. Symbols: sash and wreath




Nike: often seen w/ Athena(goddess of war) and Zeus(his personal good luck charm) as a bringer of luck. Symbols: wings, victory, athletics, sport, death, celebration Hermes: Athleticism and fertility Son= Pan (the satyr)

Victoria: often seen w/ Mars (god of war) Symbols: trophies of defeated

Mercury: Symbols: also has a handbag Games, business, and storytelling No Children

Poseidon: Symbols: trident, horses, whales, dolphins Aphrodite: Symbols: Bow and arrow, deer, dove, sparrow, swan, golden apple, magic girdle, dolphins, roses

Neptune: Symbols: trident, horses, whales, mermaid slaves Venus: patroness of gardens and vineyards. She was ay more important in Rome. Symbols: Same

Parents: Maia + Zeus Myth: born in a cave, stole Apollo’s cows, brought before Zeus and ordered to return cows, Hermes cave Apollo a lyre- got to keep cows, given a golden staff Symbols: Lyre, Golden Staff, Winged Sandals + Cap, Cows, Tortoise Shell Duties: commerce, shepherds, merchants, travelers, thieves, good luck. God of sea, horses, racetrack, earthquakes, freshwater. Myth: fell in love w/ Aphrodite(a sea nymph)- denied and fled to Atlas, sent dolphin after her + offered her to be a constellation in the sky. Parents: Cronos and Rhea Goddess of Love + Beauty Geneology: 1. Daughter of Zeus and Dione 2. Born when Uranus’s castrated genitals fertilized the sea Had affairs w/ almost all gods and several mortals (notably ares). Aeneas is her son. Myth: Paris + the golden apple- beauty contest btw. Aphrodite, Hera, + Athena (Aphrodite won- promised paris Helen as a bride)

© 2009 Maya and Tara Balakrishnan

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