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Dear Reader, My multi-genre project is on Albert Einstein and I have created/put together multiple genres and organized them

into this project. On each of the papers, I did research to get the most accurate information I could for anyone that reads my project, so that they would learn a thing or two that they may not have already known about Einstein. I chose him as the focal point of this project because I admire him and the work he did. He changed the way people think about the universe with his Theories of Relativity and his contributions toward theoretical physics. He would not have received a Nobel Prize if his theories were not correct. This project highlights a few of the things I love about Einstein as a scientist and a brilliant man.

Multi-Genre Opener

In 1915, Albert Einstein completed his Theory of Relativity (which was a combination of his Special and General Theories of Relativity). General Relativity describes how the universe behaves on a large scale while Special Relativity explains that everything in the universe is relative. In 1922, Einstein was awarded the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics for his contributions toward theoretical physics and for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect. This is how his name is still remembered todaymore than 90 years after he received his Nobel Prize.

Albert Einstein

E=mc Intelligent Nobel Prize in Physics Special Relativity Time-warps Equations of motion Institute for Advanced Study Non-Newtonian


Me: Einstein: Me: Einstein: Me: Einstein: Me: Einstein:

Hey Mr. Einstein! Who are you? You can call me Gabe. Hello, Gabe. What is your business? I just wanted to ask you some questions about your work. Why would you be interested in patenting? No, your other work, your hobby. Youre interested in my Theories of Relativity?

Me: Yeah, they make a lot of sense, and they describe the universe better than anyone or anything else can up-to-datewith the exception of quantum mechanics of course. Einstein: Me: Einstein: Me: Einstein: Me: travel. Einstein: Me: Quantum mechanics is rubbish; God does not play dice with the universe. Oh, yeah, I forgot that you didnt like quantum mechanics. So, what did you want to know about my theories? Well, Im in kind of a dilemma. What kind of dilemma? It has to do with how your General and Special Theories of Relativity tie in with time

Actually, Ive often found myself running into that same problem. Really?

Einstein: Yeah; I mean time travel requires the existence of the tachyona theoretical subatomic particle that would have to always move faster than lightbut it contradicts my Theories of Relativity, so I strongly oppose the idea of its existence. Me: But, what I was thinking, is that if the tachyon did existand if it was actually discoveredthen you or I could travel to an alternate time frame, couldnt we?

Einstein: I suppose so, but if its existence were proven, I would have to make some serious alterations to my theories. And even if it were truly discovered, it would probably be at least a hundred years from now, when our technology is advanced enough to the point of detecting such particles. Me: by the 2000s. Einstein: Me: Einstein: I dont think itll be even a century; I think we just might have developed the technology

Well, we can always dream Yeah, and Im pretty sure that dream has already come truekind of. What are you talking about?

Me: You see, Im not from around here; Im actually from an alternate time framejust like we were talking about. Einstein: Me: Einstein: Me: Einstein: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Does a time-machine count as extraordinary evidence? Youre mad. About what? No, mad means crazy.

Me: Oh, right. Well, you can even come with me to a time machine that was created recently in my time frame. Thats how I am even able to speak to you right now; where and when I come from, youve been dead for more than half a century. Also, youre remembered for being awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics! Einstein: A Nobel Prize?I knew my theories made sense! But I guess they were off a littleif what your current times physicists say is true about tachyons and time travel. Me: you So, what do you say? We can go to any point in time that youd like, just as long as

Einstein: dont do anything that would change the course of history. Yeah, that would alter the time-space continuum. Me: Einstein: Me: Right. OK, but I still dont believe you. What youre saying about time travel cant be true. You can even see the time machine yourself; its right over here

Einstein: Youd better be telling the truthWOW! Never in my life would I have imagined something like this!

Einstein and Gabe step into the time machinewhich is now generating whirring, beeping, and electronic soundsthen it vanishes into an alternate time frame.

A Day in the Life of Einstein (prose)

It is known that when Albert Einstein wasnt working on reviewing patents in the Bern Patent Office, he was working on developing his Theories of Relativity; but what are not known, however, are exactly what ideas he was reviewing during those long days at work One hot day in July of 1902, while he was looking for his notebook full of equations, Einstein came across a patent application for a gamma-ray ovensimilar to the microwave oven that everyone uses today, but it instead uses gamma rays. Of course he rejected the idea, since it was too harmful to the general public. (Gamma radiation uses radioactivity that can kill most forms of life) Later that day another application came in, requesting permission to use a machine that supposedly performs brain transplants. As much as Einstein thought the machine sounded interesting, he knew he couldnt sign it off because a brain transplant is unquestionably impossible! He stamped the paper with DENIED and went on to review the next one. This next application was similar to the previous one, but oddly reminded Einstein of the Nazi zombies that tried to kill him back in Germany. The invention in question was a straw that was adapted to the stupidity of zombies, which would make it easier for zombies to slurp up the brains of dead victims. Einstein thought this was some sick joke (it wasnt), so he obviously rejected this invention as well. Since poor Albert Einstein was tired of looking over outrageous patents, his life-span was reduced by about 25% (he lived to be 76 years old, but would have made it to at least 100). Maybe if hed taken up a job at a science institution instead of at the Bern patent office, he would still be with us today.

Einsteins Nobel Prize 1921

End Notes

Dear Reader This is an introduction to this project that gives a brief explanation of why I chose Albert Einstein for it. The Opener I chose this opener because I wanted to share the major accomplishments and one of my favorite quotes from him. Acrostic Poem I chose the words using the letters of his name because they describe him, some of his accomplishments, and his most famous formula (the theory of relativity). Dialogue I created a dialogue between me and Einstein because I wanted to put myself in his time frame and actually meet him in person. I used a couple of real quotes from Albert Einstein and Carl Sagan Prose A Day in the Life of Einstein I made up a story about when Einstein worked at the Patent Office in Bern. I created this because I wanted to have a humorous piece of literature in this project. Nobel Prize In 1921 Einstein received his Nobel Prize. This is a copy of the actual prize he received along with a picture of him.