How to run Shamela Islamic Library in Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora) successfully with correct Arabic rendering?

shees199 !rediff"co# Shamela Islamic Library is an aweso#e and wonderful software for $sla#ic studies (a%ailable for free download at www"sha#ela"ws)" $ts latest %ersion includes about 6111 boo&s 'ertaining to (ur)an, *unna and Hadith, co##entaries, and co#'lete $sla#ic websites #ade a%ailable offline for you free of charge" $t is the #ost 'owerful, efficient, and so'histicated $sla#ic library software a%ailable as co#'ared to other ones (such as +a&tabah ,l&irtasse, -hawab Arabic.$sla#ic ,ncyclo'edia)" /ut there are a few de#erits of this 'ioneering wor&0 (1) It is only available for Windows platform , which #eans you cannot run it on any other 'latfor# or o'erating syste# the way you easily run it in 1indows" (2) It is written/developed in non-Unicode , which creates 'roble#s for the correct and 'ro'er Arabic rendering, which can be achie%ed easily in 1indows but not in other o'erating syste#s" $f you &now how to run Shamela Islamic Library (in 1indows), you would 'erha's &now that Arabic needs to be set as the language for non2Unicode 'rogra#s fro# Regional and Language Options (fro# ontrol !anel)" $n Linux, there are two ways to achie%e this goal0 (1) running Shamela Islamic Library using 1ine co#'atibility layer and changing.setting the syste# language and.or syste# locale to Arabic" (2) running Shamela Islamic Library in a %irtual #achine running 1indows (e"g" 34) as the guest o'erating syste#" Method (1) is #uch difficult and is not as efficient as you want it to be" Method (2) wor&s 155 'er cent guaranteed, 'ro%ided you install and 'erfor# all the tas&s shown here 'ro'erly" $n this article, $ will inshallah show you how to run Shamela Islamic Library in Ubuntu and Fedora distributions (distros) of Linux using Method (2), as it is the #ost efficient one a%ailable" Although, this #ethod should wor& with any other Linux distro and.or o'erating syste#" For this, you need the following0 (1) Shamela Islamic Library, of course6 (2) +icrosoft 1indows 34 4rofessional bootable 78 or $*9 i#age file :or any other 1indows bootable 78.8;8< (3) 9racle ;+ ;irtual/ox Linux binaries (a 8,/ file if you run Ubuntu= an >4+ if Fedora :latest %ersion< (4) ;irtual/ox ,xtension 4ac& :latest %ersion<

Method 2
(1) $nstall 9racle ;+ ;irtual/ox in the Linux distribution you want Shamela Islamic Library to run in"
For this, all you need to do is download 9racle ;+ ;irtual/ox fro# its official website" 8ownload a 8,/ file if you are using Ubuntu or any other 8ebian2based distribution of Linux, or an >4+ file if you are using Fedora or any other >ed Hat2based distribution, or you can download a generic Linux binary (i"e" executable file), which wor&s in all Linux distributions, if you &now how to install it"

(2) 8ouble2clic& ;irtual/ox ,xtension 4ac& to install"
Follow the on2screen instructions"

(3) 7reate a %irtual #achine in ;irtual/ox for +icrosoft 1indows 34 by selecting "ew fro# the #ile #enu"
Ho'e you can do this on your own"

(4) *tart the %irtual #achine and select 1indows 34 bootable 78 (ho'e you ha%e inserted it in the 78.8;82>9+, ha ha ha6) or $*9 i#age file as the bootable #edia" (5) 1ait and allow 1indows installation to co#'lete" (6) After 1indows has been installed successfully, in the %irtual #achine, go to ontrol !anel, Regional and Language Options, Languages tab and chec& (tic&) the o'tions0 ? $nstall files for co#'lex scri't and right2to2left languages (including -hai) ? $nstall file for ,ast Asian languages clic& $pply, and let the files co'ied" 8o not clic& the o'tion to restart your %irtual #achine now" (7) -hen go to $dvanced tab, select $rabic %Saudi $rabia& fro# the dro'down #enu in Language for non-Unicode programs, clic& $pply and O', and clic& the button to restart your %irtual #achine"
@our %irtual #achine will restart"

(8) Ao to the (evices #enu, while your 1indows %irtual #achine is running, and select Insert )uest $dditions ( image o'tion"
Follow the on2screen instructions to install Auest Additions and wait till installed"

(9) 9nce again, go to (evices #enu, select Shared #olders Settings, clic& the 'lus icon ($dds a new shared folder definition), select Other*** fro# the #older !ath dro'down #enu, browse to the directory of Shamela Islamic Library, chec& (tic&) the Read-only (if you want to add the directory as read2only) and $uto-mount o'tions, and clic& O', and again clic& O'"
$n Linux, directories and %olu#es are #ounted under /media, and.or /run/media" *o browse to /media or /run/media to add the directory"

(10) Bow, right2clic& the +y omputer icon in your %irtual #achine, select +ap "etwor, (rive*** o'tion, clic& -rowse, na%igate to .irtual-o/ Shared #olders, .bo/svr, and select the directory for Shamela Islamic Library you added before, and clic& O' and #inish0 &ee'ing the box Reconnect at logon chec&ed (tic&ed)" (11) 9nce again, restart your %irtual #achine" (12) After restart, na%igate to +y omputer of your %irtual #achine" Bow, you can see the directory for Shamela Islamic Library #a''ed as a networ& dri%e, with a dri%e letter"

(13) 9'en the networ& dri%e, na%igate to the directory for Shamela Islamic Library, and run it" @ou can thus run Shamela Islamic Library in your %irtual #achine and with e%erything right on its 'lace, and with Arabic rendered 'ro'erly" @ou can also co'y text bac& and forth between your host and guest o'erating syste# (%irtual #achine) by going to (evices #enu, and selecting -idirectional o'tion fro# the Shared lipboard sub#enu"
B/ -his o'tion is only a%ailable in the latest %ersion of 9racle ;+ ;irtual/ox"

For any Cueries, contact #e at shees199 !rediff"co#"

4lease pray to Allah for #e, #y 'arents, #y fa#ily, and all the +usli#s and the /elie%ers"

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