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Element Project Rubric

Your element project will contain 3 parts: - Element Research Project - Creative Writing: Disappearing Elements uil! an "tomic #o!el

Name ___________________________

Each portion o$ the project will %e !ue on the !ue !ate shown %elow& 't is important to plan out in a!vance how to manage (our time $or each portion o$ the project& 't might %e a goo! i!ea to !o the project one part at a time to ensure that it gets !one& #a)e sure (our name is on ever(thing an! that these wor)sheets are turne! in with each part o$ the project

Part I: Element Research Project

*he $ollowing is a ru%ric $or (our element research project& 't is a list o$ the items nee!e! $or (our project an! how man( points each item is worth& Please refer to it often when completing your project. *he metho! %( which (ou will rela( the in$ormation re+uire! will var( accor!ing to (our presentation choice& You will %e a%le to choose an( o$ the ,*op -./ elements (ou wish to research 0although no two people can !o the same element12 however (ou will $in! that certain elements have more in$ormation than others& Choose wisely! All HI H!I H"E# fiel$s%pieces are to be inclu$e$ in the Presentation &.PP"' Pre(i' etc.)Electronic *ormat required+ "ll other in$ormation 34567D %e inclu!e! 'N "DD'*'5N to the highlighte! in$o in a $orm that is no larger than a single si!e sheet o$ paper8the 'n$ormation 3heet& *his is where the gra!e is earne!& _____ &, pt+ element name _____ &, pt+ atomic num%er _____ &, pt+ atomic s(m%ol _____ &, pt+ atomic mass 0with units1 _____ &- pts+ num%er o$ protons2 num%er o$ neutrons2 num%er o$ electrons _____ &, pt+ electron con$iguration _____ &, pts+ when !iscovere!9$irst pro!uce! _____ &, pts+ who !iscovere!9who pro!uce! _____ &, pts+ where it can %e currentl( $oun!9how ma!e %oiling point2 ph(sical state 032 72 <1 at room temperature _____ &/ pts+ how it is use! = A" !EA0" - common uses _____ &, pt+ valence electrons 0electrons in the outermost shell = availa%le $or %on!ing1 _____ &1 pt+ group2 perio! _____ &- pt+ Pictures or !rawings o$ element = visual ai!s to enhance project 0at least 31 _____ &1 pts+ Neatness9spelling an! color9creativit( _____ &1 pts+ 7ist o$ sources& >or e;ample2 %oo)s2 we% sites2 maga?ines2 etc& 0can %e on a separate sheet or incorporate! into in$ormation sheet1& #ust also cite sources $or all images9pictures& 3ources must %e speci$ic@google images or Wi)ipe!ia&com are N5* speci$ic sources& Cop( an! paste complete 6R7As& _____ 0,2 pts1 Presentation& #ust meet all presentation re+uirements outline! a%ove&

Due Date: 3on$ay &A+ ,,%1/%12,"ues$ay &4+ ,,%15%12,-

_____ &. pts+ : ph(sical !escriptions: metal2 non-metal2 metalloi!2 color2 te;ture2 state2 !ensit(2 melting point2

"otal % .2


0uggeste$ Resources

Potential Resources
http:99www&we%elements&com9 interactive ta%le http:99www&perio!icta%le&com- interactive ta%le2 shows (ou what the element loo)s li)eB http:99perio!ic&lanl&gov9 - interactive ta%le http:99www&nrc-cnrc&gc&ca9eng9e!ucation9elements9in!e;&html - interactive ta%le http:99www&chemicalelements&com9 - interactive ta%le - interactive


http:99environmentalchemistr(&com9(ogi9perio!ic9 - interactive ta%le2 ver( technical http:99chemistr(&a%out&com9li%rar(9wee)l(9aa.3.3.3a&htm helps with who is cre!ite! with !iscovering the element2 an! the !ate o$ !iscover(

http:99chemistr(&a%out&com9cs9howthingswor)9$9%l%o!(elements&htm tells elements that are in the %o!( an! estimate! percentages

http:99www&anachem&umu&se9cgi-%in9pointer&e;eCPerio!ic*a%les = list o$ we%site that have in$ormation on elements 0chec) the vali!it( o$ in!ivi!ual we%site sources1

*he resources a%ove are a brief list o$ places to start loo)ing $or in$ormation regar!ing (our element& e sure to chec) the vali!it( an! relia%ilit( o$ the authors o$ !i$$erent we%sites& Chec6 se7eral websites for the same information to compare information for accuracy& DonAt simpl( trust the $irst we%site (ou chec)B You shoul! in!ivi!uall( search $or speci$ic in$ormation regar!ing (our element %( name a$ter using the general sites liste! a%ove&

Part II: 4uil$ an Atomic 3o$el

Name _____________________________

Your $inal tas) will %e to ma)e a mo!el o$ an atom& 3ince atoms are har! to visuali?e2 %uil!ing a mo!el will help us un!erstan! the %ehavior o$ atoms& Your mo!el will %e %ase! on the ohr mo!el o$ the atom& "lthough the ohr mo!el o$ an atom is out!ate!2 it still rein$orces the concept that electrons are locate! on various energ( levels& 0#o!ern atomic theor( states the electron regions have comple; shapes2 there$ore it is not $easi%le to %uil! an atom mo!el %ase! on mo!ern atomic theor(1&

'!eas $or uil! an "tom Project: cotton %alls2 can!(2 macaroni2 straws2 ornaments2 $elt2 pipe cleaners2 toothpic)s2 shoe%o;2 %ea!s2 paperclips2 $oam2 (arn2 car!%oar!2 woo!2 3t(ro$oam2 coat hangers2 wire2 cla(2 pla(-!oh2 ping-pong %alls2 construction paper2 glitter2 em%roi!er( hoops2 stic)s2 ri%%on2 aluminum $oil an! man( more& #a)e sure all materials are non-perisha%le& *his !oes not nee! to %e e;pensiveB 6se cheap2 common materials&
Your atom mo!el shoul! %e -#imensional an! must inclu!e protons2 neutrons2 an! electrons in the appropriate locations& elow is the ru%ric $or (our mo!el& Re$er to it o$ten when %uil!ing (our mo!el: _____ &1 pts+ Correct num%er o$ protons _____ &1 pts+ Correct placement o$ protons _____ &1 pts+ Correct num%er o$ neutrons _____ &1 pts+ Correct placement o$ neutrons _____ &1 pts+ Correct num%er o$ electrons _____ &/ pts+ Correct placement o$ electrons _____ &1 pts+ Relative si?e o$ particles 0protons an! neutrons are the same si?e an! electrons are smaller1 _____ &- pts+ De( - i!enti$(ing each particle an! num%er o$ each particle _____ &/ pts+ Cra$tsmanship = project is structurall( soun! an! will not easil( $all apart or lose piecesE is attache! to a %ase9stan! or can %e hung up _____ &/ pts+ Creativit( = well chosen materials2 color2 uni+ueness2 etc&

"otal % -2


Part III: #isappearing Elements

Name ______________________________

'magine2 one !a( out o$ nowhere2 elements in the perio!ic ta%le su!!enl( %egan slowl( !isappearing $rom the $ace o$ the Earth& Depen!ing on the uses o$ the particular element2 the e$$ects coul! %e catastrophic& >rom (our research regar!ing the uses o$ (our element2 (our tas) is to write a creative $ictional stor( a%out the !a( (our element slowl( %egan !isappearing& You ma( nee! to !o a!!itional research to $in! more uses o$ (our element to help (ou write (our stor(& 't ma( help to research not onl( uses o$ the pure element2 %ut compoun!s the element $orms an! how the compoun!s are use!& >or e;ample2 so!ium com%ines with chlorine to ma)e ta%le salt - NaCl& '$ either o$ these elements starte! !isappearing so woul! ta%le salt& >in! a variet( o$ uses $or (our element li)e me!icine2 engineering2 nature an! ever(!a( li$e& #a)e sure (our uses are actuall( !i$$erent& >or e;ample2 sa(ing that silver is use! to ma)e earrings2 nec)laces2 %racelets an! other jewelr( is onl( 5NE use = all jewelr(& *o help ensure there are - uses2 highlight each )e( use in (our paper& 'n the e;ample a%ove2 (ou woul! highlight the wor! ,jewelr(/& #a)e sure (our stor( ma)es sense& '$ ri!iculous things start happening2 it nee!s to %e ver( well e;plaine! wh( the !isappearance o$ (our element woul! cause such chaos& De$initel( %e creative2 %ut !onAt just ma)e things up that !onAt ma)e sense& Ru%ric: _____ &- pts+ 8eatness - Project is t(pe! with appropriate hea!ing 0Name2 class perio!2 !ate2 title that inclu!es the name o$ the element1 _____ &/ pts+ !ength - #inimum F page2 ma;imum G pages 0!ou%le space!2 normal margins2 FG pt $ont2 times new roman1 _____ &,/ pts+ 9ses : - speci$ic !istinct uses o$ the element an! how ever(!a( li$e woul! %e a$$ecte! %( the loss o$ this element& *he - uses are highlighte!& ;;;;; 0< pts+ Creati7ity = *here is a $un2 creative plot to the stor( complete with characters2 action an! an en!ing = happ( or sa!& "otal Points%-2 Comments: