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Easi-Dec takes a look at
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explains the safety
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Prater examines
the requirements of the
external building envelope
How and why
are manufacturers
prioritising sustainability?
We discover how
high specifcation facilities
beneft commercial properties
REHAU ofers advice
on optimising district
heating schemes
July 2013
Kawneer takes centre stage at the
Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama
Install glass with ease...
t: 00 800 0421 6144 e:
*For toughened/toughened laminated glass from 12mm-25.52mm thick
You know the correct fx|ng orce
is applied when

tool clicks the glass into place.


System is the simple way

to install glass railings and balustrades


For toughened/toughened laminated glass from 12mm-25.52mm thick.

BS 6180:1999 &
BS 6399-1:1996
Conforms to
Isnt it great when
things just click...
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July2013 ABC+D July 2013. July sees us celebrating,
as ABC+D is 25 years old this year and what a 25
years it has been... We have witnessed, and written
about, some incredible building achievements, such
as Londons Gherkin and more recently, the Olympic Park and Athletes Village, while
both at home and further afield we have seen amazing structures such as the Shard
in London and the Khalifa Tower, otherwise known as the Burj Dubai, dominate the
horizon. The building industry itself has evolved and developed significantly during
this period, through regulatory reform and Government incentives, particularly in
respect of sustainability a topic which ABC+D covers and discusses on a regular
basis. This month is no exception. See page 12 for a look at the most sustainable local
authority building in the UK, or page 32 for insight into how sustainability is driving
product development within the doors and windows sector. Prater discusses the
lifetime performance of external envelope solutions (p.22) and we even take a look
at what the future may bring with our Hot Topic from Arup on page 10. Enjoy..!
From all of us at ABC+D
Follow us on Twitter at:
Focus on health Floors, Walls & Ceilings (inc. Acoustic Solutions)
Lighting & ElectricsSustainability & Eco Solutions Fire, Safety & Security
Urban design & Landscaping
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04 News
All the latest global construction news...
ABC+D July 2013
An ambitious masterplan which outlines how the area around the NEC and
Birmingham Airport could be developed to create 100,000 jobs and boost GDP
by as much as 19.5bn has recently been launched. The masterplan for UK
Central (UKC) explains the vision of Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council
and the Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership (GBSLEP)
for development up until 2040. The consortium is led by Arup.
A 200 page document outlines how bold measures need to be taken
to capitalise on the potential. These include:
Early and bold investment in local connectivity, including new modes
of rapid transit to create a genuinely connected network
Investing in green infrastructure as a vital economic asset
Targeting investment in Junction 6 of the M42 to facilitate the growth
of Birmingham Airport, the NEC and Birmingham Business Park
Delivering managed growth around four key locations, namely North Solihull,
Solihull Town Centre, Blythe Valley Business Park and the Hub the epicentre
of UKC which includes the NEC, Birmingham Airport, Birmingham Business
Park and the proposed High Speed Railway Station
The creation of a special purpose delivery vehicle called UKC, staffed
to procure and deliver schemes identified in a strategic business plan
and accelerating planning, funding and implementation
Piloting a Single Local Growth Fund, and attracting additional private sector
Plants are
taking over
Architecture is facing a
period of upheaval. In times
of climate change and a
shortage of resources,
construction, sustainability
and energy efficiency are
increasingly gaining in
importance. Architects
are using spectacular roof
gardens, green walls
and natural methods of
ventilation to revolutionise
architecture. In the coming
years, a sea of green,
consisting of trees, flowers
and tendrils, will gradually
conquer sterile high-rise
faades, creating a wholly
new urban landscape
in the process.
The trend toward green
architecture is epitomized
by one current project in
particular, a complex named
Bosco Verticale Vertical
Forest. In this project, two
high-rises are home to as
many trees as a 10,000m2
(2,470 acre) area of forest,
and so create a green oasis
in the heart of Milan, Italy.
Emporis has taken the
upcoming completion of this
prestigious project as an
opportunity to compile a list
of the most exciting examples
of green architecture.
The list can be viewed at
Shaping the future
The BRE has launched a new founding members initiative
for users of the BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment scheme.
Introduced in 2012, BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment
provides a robust design and assessment method for
refurbishment projects, helping to cost effectively improve
the sustainability and environmental performance of
existing dwellings. The scheme enables developers, designers and Green Deal Advisors to
promote better design and enhance their sustainability credentials. It also helps planners,
regulators and asset managers to set standards for more sustainable and higher quality
refurbishments. BRE is currently offering an exclusive opportunity for refurbishment
professionals to become founding members of the scheme. Members will have a critical
influence on the schemes future direction and on driving the sustainable refurbishment
agenda to meet social, economic and environmental objectives. They will also receive one
free place on a BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment assessor training course, worth 995
along with several other incentives.
For more information or to download an application form visit
responds to
Glenigan comments:
The Chancellor has given a
welcome commitment to long
term capital investment in
the nation's infrastructure
and built environment, while
unveiling a renewed cut
in general public sector
However, the Government
will need to look to the
private sector to deliver much
of this investment. Although
some key departmental
capital budgets are being
increased in 2015/16, overall
departmental capital
expenditure will total
48.3bn in 2015/16, a mere
1.3% rise in real terms.
of projects designed to reduce
carbon emissions will attract
new business investment
UK Central masterplan
For further information on this project or the
Plumis Automist range of water-mist suppression
solutions call Plumis on +44 (0) 20 7871 3899,
visit or email
When an architect informed the owner of a 5 bedroom,
detached, new build property with an innovative, open
plan design in Port Erin, Isle of Man that she would need
to install a sprinkler system to provide fire protection for
her open plan living room and staircase area she was not
satisfied with the design or the price quoted.
Furthermore, she was concerned about water damage to
her valuable fixtures and fittings should there be a false
Mrs Du Toit had heard about a device manufactured by
Plumis from Building Inspectors who were as keen as she
was to avoid spoiling the design of the house. Plumis
produce a novel solution in domestic active fire protection
called Automist, which is an active fire protection system
that combines low
cost and ease of
retrofit with excellent
aesthetics. Intended
as a more affordable
alternative to
sprinklers, Automist
uses a high pressure
pump to generate a
fine water mist from
nozzles mounted on the wall or under a standard tap and
provides residential fire life protection. The device has
been extensively tested by BRE and is used in a wide
range of open plan layouts, bringing active fire protection
to properties where previously it was awkward,
impractical or not cost effective. Automist is also LABC
Registered, allowing rapid approval in loft converted
houses in England and Wales.
Eurotec Safety Services, a Belfast company with over 10
years experience in fire safety were called in to install
Automist, which they have been installing for a year. They
are pleased to offer a life saving system thats competitive
and promotes peace of mind.
Mrs Du Toit was particularly pleased with the
unobtrusiveness of the system and the fact that it leaves
the homeowner in complete control. Automist solved a
big headache for us so I was really pleased to learn
about it. It is a brilliant system and I would recommend
it to anyone who is reluctant to mar a well-designed
property with unattractive sprinklers.
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ABC+D July 2013
06 News
All the latest global construction news...
ABC+D July 2013
As you may have heard, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) recently launched its revamped guidelines for sustainability
reporting. But what does it all mean? And how exactly will it afect people within the built environment sector, at all levels?
The updated guidelines, entitled G4, include a host of technical changes from the previous framework, aiming to improve
the scope and credibility of the sustainability landscape. Updates include changes to reporting levels, greater focus on impacts
throughout the entire supply chain, new disclosures, and a new format. However, arguably the most signifcant change is
the requirement for a much greater emphasis on materiality and, in particular, on the process of creating a materiality matrix.
But what is materiality? To put it simply, materiality refers to any impact and aspect of sustainability that is important to a
particular company. The process for determining material issues results in the production of a matrix, seeing various impacts
plotted in terms of two factors: the importance of a particular issue to stakeholders, and the importance of the issue to the
company itself. Impacts that appear as infuential and important to both sides will be the impacts that receive the most
attention, though there is a need to balance the reported impacts from both sides.
So what does all of this mean? Essentially, G4 and its focus on materiality will allow companies to choose what they report on,
providing a framework that is both fexible and adaptable. As there is now a requirement for companies to disclose a full list of
identifed and prioritised issues and topics, organisations have to ensure, and then prove, that they have invested signifcant
time and efort into determining their specifc and individual approach.
Though GRIs guidelines outline a clear, and very detailed, four-step procedure for determining this, the materiality process is
fundamentally reliant on comprehensive stakeholder engagement. Companies are now required to identify the most important
impacts from the perspective of all their stakeholders, disclose the full list, and tailor their reports to align with the results.
With everyones opinion now vital, stakeholders at every level should be able to read about the impacts that they want to
read about and, more importantly, the ones that afect them the most.
With the G4 guidelines placing materiality at the core, reports will need to become more focused, relevant and aligned with the
most important impacts of the particular company. This, of course, is a welcoming change for any sustainability report reader.
Graham Sprigg is managing director of IMS Consulting, which specialises in sustainability engagement,
strategy and communication in the construction sector. Visit www.imsplc.comfor more information.
Your ideas, thoughts and comments are welcome. Email
Graham Sprigg
Your opinion
Housebuilders land hoarding is a myth
Land hoarding by UK housebuilders is a myth, says planning and urban design consultancy Turley Associates. And proposals to give
local authorities a use-it-or-lose-it tax over developers will not help build a single new home. Peter Stacey, director and head of the
residential development sector at Turley Associates, said: Housebuilders buy land to build homes they are not land companies.
We act for housebuilders across the country and have yet to see any evidence of land banking. It is, quite simply, a myth and to tax
a myth is bad policy.
Feature 07
ABC+D July 2013
o help you get the most out of using rolled lead sheet,
the Lead Sheet Association (LSA) provides a range of
services for specifiers including, free CPDs the LSA
is part of the RIBA CPD Network, technical experts
to consult on design and installation issues, site visits,
inspections and technical reports or condition surveys.
An indispensible LSA publication, Rolled
Lead Sheet The Complete Manual
is also available providing
on the handling and
application of lead
sheet. Many of the
installation details
shown are available
on the FastrackCAD
database that
includes AutoCAD
drawings in DWG
format and PDF Data
Sheets. The AutoCAD drawings
and PDF Data Sheets are accessible, free of charge, via the and websites.
A number of the installation
model details are now available
as BIM (Building Information
Modelling) objects in Revit .rfa
format. For further information
contact the technical department
at the Lead Sheet Association on
01622 872 432 or email
The LSA also runs a range
of courses for contractors
and installers, from basic
tuition through to
advanced certification.
The Lead Sheet Associationis at the
forefront of training and technical advice
in the use of rolled lead sheet to BS EN
12588 and champions its use within
the construction industry... FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
Enquiry Number CC6
Product Focus
ABC+D July 2013
hen it comes to finding available building land in
the UK, it would be fair to say that the majority
of potential development sites can seem less
than ideal.
At this point in time, there are an estimated 63 million people
living in the UK. That's around 26.5 million households within
an area of just 94,060 square miles.
Now, consider the further restrictions of green belts,
farmland, woodland, conservation areas, privately owned land,
national parks and so on...
and we begin to get a picture
of the space
With housing
experts estimating
that the UK needs
around 233,000 new
homes annually to
meet predicted
demand, builders and
developers are being
forced to utilise sites
that would not
previously have
been considered.
Nestled next to
noisy motorways,
under flight paths
or close to train lines,
new development
sites require solutions
to be found for sound
reduction as well as
the already stringent
demands for energy
Halo has considered
this problem and
invested time, energy
and expertise in developing the
TwinSash: the latest addition to its
range. The TwinSash can lower noise
levels by an astounding 50Db, making
it the perfect window system for imperfect surroundings.
As well as homes, the acoustic insulation properties of the
TwinSash make it suitable for use in the education sector,
where classrooms need to be isolated as much as possible
from the noise of the school playground and sports fields.
We also expect that the TwinSash will be very popular for
hotel developments where a good night's sleep for guests
is crucial to a successful business.
Aside from sound reduction, the TwinSash is also leading
the industry in energy efficiency. This pioneering system can
achieve a U-value of just
0.38W/mK using triple-glazed,
krypton-filled units and foam-
filled sections.
Amazingly, it can even
achieve extremely low U-values
using what is considered to be
the industry's most cost-
effective combination of
components; Using two 28mm
double glazed IGUs (air filled,
float glass and aluminium
spacer bar) the TwinSash
can still achieve an impressive
U-value of just 1.2.
To put it in perspective,
Passivhaus is recognised as
the gold standard for energy
efficiency, dramatically cutting
energy costs in new build
homes, and Halo's newly-
launched TwinSash is one
of the only PVCu window
systems in the industry to meet
its demanding requirements.
It also both meets and
exceeds the requirements
for Level 6 of the Code for
Sustainable Homes.
The TwinSash window
system is unlike anything else
currently available on the UK
PVCu market and we anticipate
that a large number of our
fabricators will be interested
in this system, so it will be
available nationwide for
commercial and social
Designed with versatility in mind, the TwinSash can offer
a combination of open-in/open-out casements along with
Tilt and Turn windows.
The TwinSash is the latest in a long list of energy-efficient
products from Halo and the wider VEKA UK Group and we are
confident that this will be one of the most widely-specified
thanks to its heat retention and acoustic performance.
So, having brought the U-value of a window all the way down
to 0.38, we've set the bar extremely high and given ourselves
quite a challenge for the year ahead... how will we beat that?
Happy to hit a new low
Head of technical at The VEKA UK Group, Mark Barsbyexplains
why Halo is proud to bring down the industry average with the
new TwinSash window system...
For more information about Halo use any
of the enquiry methods below quoting number CC200
ENQUIRIES FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
Enquiry Number CC7
10Hot Topic
Arup future buildings report
ABC+D July 2013
y 2050, the human population will have reached 9bn;
75% of whom will be living in cities. Until then, climate
change, resource scarcities, rising energy costs and
a preoccupation with preventing and minimising the
effects of the next natural or man-made disaster will
undoubtedly shape our vision of the building environment.
As major cities reach their boundary limits, extending transit
networks and patterns of urban sprawl will no longer provide
an effective solution. Instead, demographic and lifestyle
changes will serve as major catalysts in the shift towards
an increase in dense urban environments.
As city living takes centre stage, what will we come to
expect from the design and function of urban structures
and buildings?
In 2050, the urban dweller and the city are in a state of
constant flux changing and evolving in reaction to emerging
contexts and conditions. The urban building of the future
fosters this innate quality, essentially functioning as a living
organism in its own right reacting to the local environment
and engaging with the users within. A dynamic network of
feedback loops will be characterised by smart materials,
sensors, data exchange, and automated systems that merge
together, virtually functioning as a synthetic and highly
sensitive nervous system. In this sense, the buildings
structure is highly adaptive and characterised by
indeterminate functions; a scheme, where space and form is
manipulated depending on the time of day or the user group
currently activating it. The system presents a spatial and
formal condition which is under constant change. A structure
whose components are designed to be dynamic, intelligent
and reactive a living network activated by interaction with
the users and its surrounding environment. Structural
systems merge with energy, lighting and faade systems
to extend beyond the confines of physical limits, and to
shape a new type of urban experience.
Flexible structures
Can you imagine a building that has flexible components
designed for continuous adaptability?
In this emerging age, with significant developments in
construction prefabricated and modular systems are moved
and assembled by robots that work seamlessly together to
install, detect, repair and upgrade components of the building
system. Technology, spaces and faades can be rapidly
manipulated and modified, dictated by factors such as
the addition or subtraction of program, density of dwellers,
or other context-based and environmental cues.
Materials feature intelligent design and are formulated
as high performance composites made from recycled and
renewable elements and providing functions such as self-
repair or purification of the surrounding air.
Continuous adaptability of the building is established
through a multi-layered approach with various design lifespans
for each phase. The first layer is the permanent structure,
such as floor slabs. These are deliberately designed to have a
degree of permanence yet be capable of adaptation for an
array of uses and a variety of functions at different times
during the lifecycle of the building. The second layer of
adaptability addresses occupancy-specific components.
These elements have 10-20 year lifespans, which might
include the faade and primary fit-out walls, finishes or on-
floor mechanical plant. The third layer utilises rapidly changing
loose fit-out elements including IT infrastructure, as systems
need to accommodate the rapid rate of technological
developments of future devices.
Sustainable resources
Can you imagine a building that produces more resources
than it consumes?
Integrated with the smart infrastructure grid, the urban
dwelling of 2050 gathers information and reacts to contextual
cues. Components such as photovoltaic surfaces enable on-
site production and storage of energy. Energy is captured and
transmitted through alternate means including on-site fuel
cells, the use of vertical transportation systems to harness
energy, and algae producing bio-fuels pods. Modified wind
turbines can manufacture drinking water from humid air.
Water systems are optimised for recycling and reuse,
while filters and surfaces clean air and eliminate
environmental pollutants. Green spaces and open spaces
become integral elements of the high-rise building system,
and are dispersed throughout the structure inviting increasing
levels of biodiversity and encouraging interaction from the
more inconspicuous inhabitants of the urban landscape
plants, birds and insects.
Wind downdraught protection is seamlessly integrated,
minimising undesired wind microclimates around the base
of the building. By 2050, these seek to harness wind
downdraught to create electrical power.
Reactive faades
Can you imagine a building that has a sensitive and
multifunctional skin?
The faade system of the future is highly multifunctional,
plugging into the city infrastructure, on a macro scale, and as
part of the building system. This exterior membrane provides
opportunities for everything from integrated communication
networks, to food and energy production.
By 2050 photovoltaics will be available in paint from allowing
mass coverage, subsequently providing a more meaningful
energy contribution. Algae systems enable the on-site
production of bio-fuels that are used by the citys wider
transportation systems, while heat recovery windows with
natural ventilation allow air to be brought in and up,
intercepting the heat that is normally lost through windows.
Design and engineering company, Arup, has developed a report and artists impression on how
buildings in our cities could look and function in 2050. We take a look at some of the elements
Arup predicts will be commonplace in future city living...
To download the full Arup report visit
FURTHER INFORMATION FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
Hot Topic 11
ABC+D July 2013 FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
Arup future buildings report Image: Rob House
12 Building Study
Brent Civic Centre
ABC+D July 2013
tanding proudly between Wembley Stadium
and Wembley Arena, Brent Civic Centre has
neighbours that arent short of either scale
or fame. But Brent Councils eye-catching new home
is more than a match for the iconic buildings next door.
Designed as a hub for the community, the civic centre has
office space for more than 2,000 council staff, and combines
the local authoritys civic, public and administrative functions
all under one (ETFE) roof.
Construction was project managed by global programme
manager Turner & Townsend with a striking design
by Hopkins Architects.
One-stop shop for both council and community
The building first opened its doors to the public in June and,
when fully completed, it will combine the functions of a town
hall, conference centre, wedding venue, public library, caf and
one-stop shop for Brent residents to engage with any council
With a highly diverse population of 311,000, Brent is one
of Londons largest boroughs, and the council had previously
housed its staff in 14 separate buildings.
Many buildings were leased rather than owned, and some
were carbon-greedy due to their age. Staff were spread out
across different offices and often had to waste time
commuting between sites.
Consolidating the council into a single, highly efficient
building made better financial sense than renewing leases
for multiple, outdated properties.
By bringing all council departments onto one site,
Brent estimates it will save 2.5m a year. It is meeting the
cost of the project by disposing of its existing buildings, and
through the savings provided by reduced rental costs and
business efficiencies. The civic centre is predicted to pay
for itself within 25 years.
Soaring architecture, soaring ambition
The 40,000m
building is ten storeys tall, and its spaces are
arranged around a soaring, naturally-lit foyer and atrium.
Housed within this space is a public amphitheatre that will
host a programme of high-quality arts and cultural
experiences, from film screenings to concerts and art
A circular drum clad in timber fins features prominently in
this space and houses a multi-purpose community hall, state-
of-the-art library, one-stop shop and civic chamber. Behind
this lie glazed office wings that are both open-plan and flexible.
The building also includes space for retail outlets and
a landscaped garden to help it connect further with the
surrounding Wembley Regeneration Area.
Green machine
The councils old buildings were inefficient, expensive
to maintain and increasingly unfit for purpose.
By contrast, the civic centre is the most sustainable public
sector building in the UK, and is the first project of its kind to
be awarded the coveted BREEAM Outstanding rating.
With a score of 92.55% (design and procurement
certificate), it is officially the fourth greenest building out of
the ten in the world to have received an Outstanding rating.
It features a 33% reduction in carbon emissions thanks to
a combination of solar shading, natural ventilation, and a high-
performance faade. Its power for both cooling and heating
comes from a truly renewable source waste fish oil.
Earning potential
The design offers enormous scope for income generation.
The council chamber at the top of the building will be rented
out as a conference facility, and is one of more than 20 spaces
on the site that can be hired for corporate functions.
There is even a wedding room and garden, where up to three
ceremonies can take place at once.
Theres also a restaurant serving hot food all day to both
the public and staff, a caf in the library and a new concession
The new home of Brent Council is officially the greenest public sector building in the country.
Project director David Walker, from global programme manager Turner & Townsend,
explains how it was achieved... FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
2013 Morley von Sternberg
Building Study 13
Brent Civic Centre
ABC+D July 2013 FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
planned at the front of the building. Brent Councils initial
income generation target is over 1.5m per annum, which
enhances its overarching business case for the civic centre.
Asset efficiency
With the councils key customer services all located in
one building for the first time, it aims to provide a customer
experience which is effective, positive and which deals
with the vast majority of enquiries at first point of contact.
The council offices have become paperless too. Post is
scanned at point of entry and distributed via a digital post
room, and all meeting papers are circulated digitally, reducing
printing costs. The building is totally wireless, and with a 7/10
employee-to-desk ratio, hot-desking is the norm.
Wider regeneration
There has also been a clear regeneration driver for the project.
The area around the National Stadium is one of the countrys
largest regeneration projects.
By acquiring land at the heart of this area, the council made
a bold stake in the future, contributing to developer confidence
and helping to support the delivery of the new shops,
restaurants and cinemas that are integral to the wider
Wembley City concept.
The timing of the councils investment, made during a period
of economic downturn, allowed it to secure an excellent land
deal and benefit from low construction costs.
Project team
The 90m project was built by contractor Skanska, with
Hopkins Architects acting as architect, and URS providing
town planning, engineering design and sustainability services
including the BREEAM assessment. Turner & Townsend served
as both project manager and quantity surveyor.
The project is one of a string of highly sustainable
developments delivered by Turner & Townsend. Last year the
company project managed the first laboratory in the UK to be
awarded a BREEAM Outstanding rating at the University of
St Andrews, and achieved Indias first LEED platinum rating f
or a retail store on behalf of Marks and Spencer.
The bottom line
The building is due to be fully occupied by the end of August,
with the first services up and running, on schedule, in mid-
It has been five eventful years since Turner & Townsend was
first appointed to compile the councils brief and procure the
design team. The widespread praise that has greeted the
finished building is a testament to Brent Councils strong
leadership and the impressive community, political and staff
objectives it set.
David Walker commented: Im sure I speak for all the project
team, from Hopkins Architects to URS, Skanska and Turner &
Townsend, when I say what an honour it has been to work on
such a bold, visionary project.
Brents new civic centre is a beacon of sustainability in an
exciting regeneration area, and a fitting focal point for both
the council and the community it serves.
Brents residents and council employees can be justly proud
of the councils sustainable new home.
For more information about Turner & Townsend use
any of the enquiry methods below quoting number CC202
2013 Morley von Sternberg
2013 Morley von Sternberg
The new Outdoor Solutions catalogue
from GE Lighting provides a valuable
insight into the aesthetic, performance
and safety benefits of white light for a
wide range of outdoor applications.
The catalogue demonstrates GEs latest
easy-to-retrofit LED products, which
deliver reliable and tested solutions to
reduce long-term costs. GE Lightings
white light solutions achieve a light close to natural daylight, which
helps to increase the sense of comfort and security. Colours are
more real, streets and car parks are illuminated well, and CCTV
operations are enhanced through better facial recognition. In
addition, white light also enhances road safety improving the
peripheral vision of drivers to ensure fast response times.
global producer
of mechanical pipe
joining and fire protection
systems, has introduced
the new Style AB1 Bracket and has renamed the AquaFlex Sprinkler
System product line as the VicFlex Sprinkler Fitting System.
VicFlex offers fast and dependable installation, durable
performance and is cost-effective for maintenance and retrofit
applications, requiring fewer man hours to install while lowering
shipping costs with its more compact form. It is a convenient
and safe solution, which is easier to position than rigid pipes.
The new Style AB1 Bracket, part of the VicFlex sprinkler fitting line
of products, eliminates the need for sprinkler installers to handle
ceiling tiles, cut holes in ceiling tiles and co-ordinate with the ceiling
trade on site, reducing hands-on installation time by as much as
39%. The new Style AB1 Bracket is an intuitive solution and we are
excited to introduce it as an extension to the VicFlex product line,
said Nick Scull, fire protection market manager at Victaulic.
This bracket delivers a new level of installation ease and
dependability by allowing the ceiling trade to install all ceiling
tiles. The AB1 Bracket is designed so that it does not obstruct or
damage ceiling tiles, providing a faster and simpler installation,
saving time and money for our customers, added Nick.
Toolstation is celebrating...
The low cost trade supplier
is ten this year and now it has
launched its 50th catalogue.
Two very big milestones for
the company that has recently
expanded its successful
model right across the UK.
Toolstation now has over 130
sales counters open 7am to
7pm Monday to Saturday and
from 9am to 4pm on Sundays.
During the decade, the
Toolstation catalogues have
expanded too and this latest
50th Catalogue has over
11,000 stock products.
Scolmore Groups IEC Locks
have been used by BSkyB,
to provide vital protection for
servers and IT equipment at
data centres throughout its UK
network. The IEC Lock provides
protection to most electrical
appliances that are vulnerable
to vibration and accidental
disconnection. The mechanism
of the IEC Locks patented female
C13 and C19 connectors is
straightforward and can be
retrofitted. The lead is simply
connected to the appliance
and once fitted, the iEC-Lock
mechanism locks it to the
appliance, ensuring the lead
cannot be pulled or vibrated out.
CC207 CC208
Aicos RadioLINK Professional wireless
interconnection technology has been
upgraded to feature remote house code
entry and the ability to add full control
to mixed (or hybrid) hard-wired and RF
systems. RadioLINK works by allowing Aico Multi-Sensor,
Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms to be wirelessly
interconnected by Radio Frequency (RF) signals, rather than
cabling. If one alarm on the system is triggered, RF signals cause
every other alarm on that system to sound, providing the earliest
warning to the building's occupants. Because there is no need to
run interconnecting cabling between the alarms and lift
floorboards, chase cables or fit trunking, RadioLINK saves time
and disruption when installing systems in existing properties.
Enquiry Number CC8
Innovations: New products for July
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ABC+D July 2013
Scolmore and has added two
new products to its Wireless
Control Systems. The new iNELS
RF 13A Switching Socket (RFSC-
61) simply plugs into a standard
UK 13A socket outlet to provide
a wireless switching facility
making it easy to control table
and floor lamps, for example,
without the need for hard wiring
behind a socket. The new iNELS
RF Repeater with Socket Outlet
(RFRP-20/B) helps to overcome
the issue of reduced signal that
is associated with the use of RF
controlled devices where there
are extra density walls and metal
pillars to contend with.
Stanley Security Solutions has announced the launch of its eServices in
the UK. eServices enables customers for the first time to access real time,
unedited information on their accounts from anywhere in the world, 24/7*.
This approach allows customers to gain invaluable and immediate security
information, including the products installed, service call reports, any
comments made on the system and service. Stanley's eServices encompass
a full portfolio of online management tools including eAccountManager,
eDataManager, eAudioManager, eAccessManager and eVideoManager for
maximum convenience. *Internet connection required. Availability may be
limited during maintenance work, but this is kept to a absolute minimum.
Dulux Trade
has updated its
Colour Guide
to include a
selection of its
most popular
woodcare colours which
demonstrates how these can
be easily accompanied with
masonry and trim shades.
The resource has been
designed to provide inspiration
for specifiers, and to help them
select the correct colour palette
for any project. The pre-made
schemes divided into classic,
country and contemporary
categories ensure that colour
selection for any type of
building is simple.
Enquiry Number CC9
Products 15
Innovations: New products for July
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ABC+D July 2013
Bespoke Forma aluminiumcolumn casings fromEncasement have been used to conceal interior
structural columns at the newcustomer services centre in Hove Town Hall, which provides local
residents with access to a range of services fromBrighton & Hove Council.
All of the casings supplied and installed by Encasement are finished in RAL 5015 Blue PPC finish and
stand 2700mmhigh, however two of the casings are designed to not only conceal structural columns,
but also act as features within the building.
While the standard casings used on the project are 600mmdiameter circular casings, the two feature
column casings were manufactured as two semi-circular halves, which are joined by a recessed black
coloured panel on each side to give a final diameter of 1600mm.
Every column incorporates a matte black skirting collar, which integrates with the finish on the
contrasting magenta coloured reception desks within the main area, while the top of the columns
finish flush with the suspended ceiling.
The Hove Town Hall facility is one of two customer services run by Brighton & Hove Council with the
other being located at the five-storey BartholomewHouse in Brighton, where Encasement also
supplied a series of bespoke column casings for the 1.8 million refurbishment project.
Encasement specialises in the supply of decorative casings, interior wall linings and cladding for the
architectural, contracting and construction sectors. Further information on every product in the
Encasement range can be obtained visiting or by calling 01733 266889.
Encasement chosen for newHove town hall customer services centre
Enquiry Number CC10
Innovations: New products for July
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ABC+D July 2013
Norbord has opened up a world
of new design possibilities with the
launch of SterlingOSB Decorcoat
flooring panel. Made from
Norbords tongue-and-groove
SterlingOSB3 in 15 and 18mm
thicknesses, Decorcoat is finished
with a tough, high gloss coat of
deep lacquer so that it is both
a structural and finished floor.
The attractive multi-layered texture
of wood flakes that makes up OSB has always appealed to designers
and architects, yet OSB flooring is traditionally known solely for its
structural properties with a conventional floor finish such as
carpet laid on top.
Maple Sunscreening
has launched a new range
of wood and wood-effect
options for its horizontal
and vertical brise soleil
systems which offer architects greater design freedom and cost
flexibility when specifying external sunscreening. Maples Strata
Horizontal Panel Rack and Vertical Climate Faade systems are now
available with elliptical (Aurora) or rectangular (Corona) blades in
a choice of natural wood types and a new timber-look printed on
aluminium. With No. 2 Clear & Better Grade Western Red Cedar,
previously used for all its timber blades, becoming increasingly
scarce and expensive, Maple can now offer blades in Siberian Larch,
European Oak and West African Idigbo. These high grade timbers
provide cost-effective and more sustainable alternatives to Western
Red Cedar without compromising aesthetics or long term stability.
In addition, Maple has also introduced a long lasting faux timber
finish for its aluminium Aurora and Corona blades. Similar to
standard powder coating, the process involves a photo imaging
stage during which a printed woodgrain film is transferred to the
surface of the aluminium using heat and pressure. The realistic
timber effect on a lightweight aluminium blade provides an
attractive and highly durable alternative to natural wood and
requires less ongoing maintenance.
Quantum Flooring has
recently added a number of
new profiles to its pioneering
Q Range, a cutting-edge stair
nosing solution designed
to reduce slips and falls on
staircases in all types of
commercial buildings including
offices, retail and leisure
complexes. Quantum Flooring
has added 12 new profiles,
including four new PVCu
profiles to the Q Range.
These new PVCu profiles are
available in 14 colours and offer
a great value solution for those
looking to fit a compliant and
safe stair nose. The additional
new profiles further enhance
the range of options available
to contractors looking to meet
the new Building Regulations.
A tougher, high-performance
vinyl flooring for busy public
areas has been launched
by Gerflor. Specifiers will
appreciate the improved colour
choices, durability and lighter
weight of new Mipolam
Elegance. The homogeneous
flooring has a Group T wear
rating and comes in 33 colours.
Treated with Evercare surface
treatment, it is scuff resistant
and the combination of
Evercare with other treatments
also ensures that chemical
stains can be safely and
hygienically removed with
a minimum of water and
CC215 CC216
Greenwood Airvac,
a Zehnder Group
Company, has added
ComfoTube ducting to its Guaranteed Installed Performance
range. Ducting plays a key and crucial role in the delivery of
Guaranteed Installed Performance (GIP) as it can dramatically
impact the performance of ventilation, especially in whole house
systems where the ducting is installed within the building fabric.
With this in mind, ComfoTube ducting focuses on performance,
installation and maintenance and helps ensure the ventilation
system is achieving exactly what it should be, at installation and
throughout the lifetime of the product. Supplied on rolls of up to
50m ComfoTube is a semi-rigid ducting system which is
extremely quick and easy to install.
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ABC+D July 2013
Available online now at
The one stop CAD drawings website. FREE and easy to use
Join the 47,300 who already use us
Over 35,000 drawings online now
Drawings are available in AutoCAD .DWG format, and the database now includes
some 3D models and BIM files.
All ready for instant download into your project plans. For those non CAD users
who wish to access view only drawings for their information content there is a
fast access Preview and print facility available in standard .PDF format.
Our unique website allows you to quickly download accurate CAD drawings from
a comprehensive range of top building component manufacturers including:
Jeld-Wen, Forticrete, Ideal Standard, Marley, Sika, Rockwool, Cembrit, Swish,
Technal and many others.
Visit our website to
view the popular
digital turnpage
Why not add
the link to your
favourites for future reference?
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Enquiry Number CC11
Innovations: New products for July
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ABC+D July 2013
A folding/sliding door that
delivers exceptional levels
of thermal and weathering
performance at a considerably
modest price has been launched
by architectural aluminium systems supplier Kawneer. The AA 3720
uses advanced thermal break technology to deliver the enhanced
thermal performance required to meet the stringent requirements
of Approved Document L. Integrated polyamide thermal breaks
allow for single and dual colour options while the use of extruded
gasket profiles and a drain and ventilate strategy enable the system
to achieve its weathering performance. The AA 3720 folding/sliding
door is completing a range of stringent laboratory tests carried out
by a UKAS accredited testing authority which includes BS EN 6375-
1: 2009, BS EN 6375-2: 2009 and BS EN 1627: 2011.
In a first for the UK
industry, timber
solutions provider
Mets Wood is
launching its BIM
components in Revit.
Organised into BIM
families, the companys key engineered wood product systems
and solutions for construction and architecture are all represented.
The key driver of Mets Woods BIM strategy is to facilitate the
wider specification of engineered wood product systems and
solutions by making them readily available to the architect, specifier
and designer as free downloads. The following Mets Wood EWP
systems and solutions are available: Finnjoist and the Finnframe
Floor System; Kerto-Q and Kerto-S; Leno - CLT; LowE commercial
wall system; Kerto-Ripa and FinnSOR Roof System. Mets Wood
vice president construction industry, Kevin Riley said: Many timber
companies are talking about launching BIM families, but so far
none have actually done so. We want to demonstrate our
understanding of how BIM will become an integral part of
the construction process from design through to delivery.
Mets Wood is positioning itself in the vanguard of technological
innovation enabling timber structures to be designed using BIM.
Mets Wood has commissioned web based portalbimstore,
the iTunes of BIM components, to create its BIM offering.
Komfort has launched a
range of deflection heads for its
Polar glazed partitioning range,
combating the issue of building
movement without compromising
on the aesthetic finish. Komforts
new deflection head system,
incorporating new slimline
sections, is available in a two or
three part section. The two part
head for single glazed systems
can cope with a structural
movement under a live load of 15
and 25mm. The three part head
is suitable for both single and
double glazed partitioning and
solid drywall and has the same
movement capacity as the two
part head.
Polyflor has announced the launch of Secura, its first, multi-width, luxury
vinyl sheet flooring range. Manufactured at the Teeside plant, which has
long been recognised by retailers and consumers as producing the highest
quality printed vinyl flooring, the Secura collection has been developed
to enhance interiors with designs that reflect the natural beauty of wood,
stone and stylish abstract finishes. The collection of 26 colours is available
in 2, 3 and 4m widths and features a 0.35mm wear layer and R10 slip
resistance making it suitable for both heavy domestic and light commercial
applications. This collection broadens our offering to the sector comprising
both modern and traditional luxury vinyl designs in a multi-width sheet
form, commented Tom Rollo, Polyflors marketing manager. We have once
again invested heavily in stunning installation photography to showcase
the Secura range which is beautifully presented in an 84-page brochure.
Ceram, the international
materials technology company,
has released a video which
provides an overview of its
testing and analysis services.
Ceram offers testing and
analysis across a wide range
of materials, products and
industries the short video
gives an insight into its
extensive capabilities and
state-of-the-art equipment and
facilities. The video also shows
the breadth of testing services
available, from chemical,
environmental, physical,
and mineralogical, to
metallurgical, microstructural,
high temperature, and surface
and coating analysis. Dr Richard
White, head of testing at Ceram
said: The new video provides
clients with a snapshot of what
we do. I think they will be
surprised to see the breadth
of our testing and analysis
capabilities from entire
building structures to nano
size particles. Our facilities,
coupled with our technical
understanding and skills, can
help clients better understand
their materials and processes.
CC220 CC221
Dulux Trade has launched an
improved Vinyl Matt Light Base,
offering specifiers a superior level
of opacity and appearance over
the previous formulation.
Following extensive research and
development, the new product
uses Dry Hiding Technology to
improve the paints opacity as it dries, resulting in an even better
and flatter finish than before. Suitable for use on woodchip,
blown vinyl and wall coverings, as well as dry plaster and a range
of building boards, the new Vinyl Matt Light Base is available in
an extensive variety of colours and in 1, 2.5, 5 and 10L pack sizes.
Jo McMullen, brand manager Dulux Trade Colour, said: We are
constantly developing our offering to ensure we have a wide
range of high-quality and highest performing products.
Feature 19
Retail, Commercial & Industrial
ABC+D July 2013
ndustrial roofing is prone to being fragile, with various
weak spots and uneven surfaces making it an unsafe
environment for workers undertaking rooftop tasks.
According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE),
falls from height remain one of the most common causes of
fatality and major injury in the UK, resulting in 3,067 accidents
in 2011/12. This is a small improvement on the 2010/11 figures
where 3,957 major injuries were reported.
The key piece of legislation is the Work at Height Regulations
2005, as amended by the Work at Height (Amendment)
Regulations 2007, there is a legal requirement for anyone who
contracts others to access and maintain rooftop equipment on
public buildings and housing developments to ensure proper
safety precautions are in place. Breaching these regulations
can result in a legal
prosecution and either
a substantial fine or
possible imprisonment.
A Bury roofer was
recently taken to court
by the HSE, and fined
2,000, after putting
his workers lives at
risks, despite
previously being
prosecuted when a
member of staff fell
through a skylight at
an industrial unit.
The roofing company
was hired to carry out
minor repairs to the roof of a furniture warehouse to fix leaks in
the valley between two sloping apexes. One of the roofers was
seen climbing up to the ridge of the roof with a casual labourer
and an employee from the warehouse to check for other leaks,
but with no safety equipment. The owner pleaded guilty to two
breaches of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and one
breach of the Employers Liability (Compulsory Insurance)
Act 1969. As well as the monetary penalty, the roofer was also
ordered to carry out 100 hours of community service in the
next 12 months.
It is essential that all work at height is properly planned
and carried out by competent members of staff to ensure
that minimal accidents occur. It is also the contractors
responsibility to be trained to safely work at height, ensuring
that they understand and work within the regulations,
with adequate measures taken to ensure the welfare of users.
Selecting the right equipment is key to reducing the risk of
accidents and falls from height. It needs to be secure, easy to
access and meet required regulations. From the contractors
point of view, its also helpful if the system selected is easy to
install, available at short notice and offers good value for money.
Access to industrial roof tops requires solutions that are
designed to overcome the challenges of working on fragile
roofs and provide the user with a safe working position for
skin maintenance, inspection, cleaning and re-sealing work.
Many manufacturers, including Easi-Dec have developed a
range of products to provide a safety system that is suitable
for all requirements and simplify short duration roof work.
Any of these three types of access systems can be
considered when accessing industrial roof tops mesh
walkways, rolling platforms and mobile walking frames.
Mesh walkways are a great option when access is needed to
run from the eaves to ridge. It provides the benefit of spreading
the weight across the support battens, allowing the workers to
confidently move along the full length of the system.
Opting for a solution that
is made from high grade
aluminium ensures the
structure is robust,
lightweight, and easily
A fully guarded rolling
platform, which is
mounted on twin racks,
allows workers to move
up and down the roof on
a secure and level
surface. Requiring no
penetration, the
structure is easy to
assemble and take
down, and is possible
to transport quickly to other parts of the roof. The platform
moves along a linking track which is fitted with safety mesh
and battens to provide further support.
Lightweight mobile walking frames (as pictured) are
designed to provide safe access for one or two people when
working along valley gutters. The outriggers are filled with
safety mesh and cushioned for comfort. This system can also
be used to transport light payloads. Suitable for typical
symmetrical valleys, the system could also be fully adjustable
to suit uneven designs.
Specifying these types of systems presents contractors
with a quicker, more cost-effective and practical approach to
rooftop access, and will ensure that they and their employers
comply fully with the requirements of the Work at Height
Regulations. Its a win-win for both parties.
Roof safety solutions
Fragile roofs continue to result in a staggering number of falls from
height. As more and more employers feel the brunt of harsh fines for
not following correct safety procedures, John Jones, general manager
at Easi-Dec, a Kee Safety company, takes a closer look at what
solutions are available...
For more information about Easi-Dec use any
of the enquiry methods below quoting number CC230
ENQUIRIES FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
In Depth: Retail, Commercial & Industrial
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ABC+D July 2013
CP Electronics Vitesse Plus
and Vitesse Modular lighting
control systems have been
installed in the new offices of
West Dorset District Council.
CPs Vitesse Plus Lighting Distribution System offering presence
detection daylight linking has been used on all four office floors,
while Rapid LCM was chosen for use in the committee rooms.
Vitesse is a marshalling box with simple, pluggable outputs that
allow ease of installation and commissioning. It provides up to
ten outputs, enabling it to be used with a range of control options.
It also offers a manual override for the presence detection.
With three configurable channels and numerable functions,
Vitesse Plus provides a high level of lighting control without
the need for a control network.
Products from Promats extensive range have been combined to
create a comprehensive passive fire protection solution for a major
new 350m retail development in Yorkshire. Working in tandem with
various other involved parties, Promat advised on the most suitable
and effective combinations of its passive fire protection products
to protect different aspects of the new Trinity Leeds
development, including the structural steelwork and the many
areas where building services penetrate walls, floors and other
fire barriers. The full protection package includes Promat
PROMATECT-250 for structural steel columns, and Promat TD
Board for steel beams. Promat SUPALUX was specified for
windpost protection and Promat VERMICULUX for concrete
soffit protection. Fire-stopping requirements were addressed
using products from the Promat PROMASEAL range.
A bespoke package of
balustrades and associated
steelwork from Sapphire
Balustrades is providing
function with style in an
international media companys
new London offices. Glass and
stainless steel balustrades, with
custom-detailing such as
illuminated handrails and back-
painted glass panels, are
installed to stairways and
atrium voids in the state-of-the-
art office accommodation
in Camden. Sapphire
manufactured and installed all
internal balustrades and also
supplied the large steel
structure for the central
Rada has become a preferred supplier for Asda. Radas T4 120 timed flow
mixer tap has been installed at a number of Asda superstores across the
UK due to the products reliability, durability and safety. Combining a
stylish and contemporary finish, the T4 range enhances the appearance
of any washroom, and its easily adjustable flow and time settings allow
for significant water and energy savings. The manufacturers washroom
controls meet Asdas quality demands in terms of architectural
specification, product performance, supply and economy. Fully WRAS
approved, Radas timed flow control range also includes an all-in-one
cartridge for easy servicing and maintenance. Radas T4 120 model
is installed in many of Asdas superstores including Bishop Briggs in
Glasgow, Nottingham, Inverness, Bradford, Berwick and Armadale,
West Lothian.
EcoTherms universal
insulation solution, Eco-Versal,
has been installed as part
of two new Grade A office
buildings at the Hermitage
Court Business Centre in
Barming. Sustainability was a
key element of GDM Architects
design for the project with both
buildings targeting a BREEAM
Very Good rating. To help
achieve this, Encon Insulation
supplied EcoTherm Eco-Versal
to be installed as part of
the floor build-ups in both
buildings. The versatile
insulation product can be
simply installed and is suitable
for walls, floors, pitched roofs,
dormer cheeks and ceilings.
Eco-Versal delivers insulation
performance for the lifetime
of the building. When covered
with a suitable floor covering,
the boards are capable of
resisting a uniformly distributed
load of <1.5 kN/m
and a
concentrated load of <1.4 kN.
Construction of the unit (H) was
completed in late 2012 and the
second building is due to be
completed this summer.
CC237 CC238
Samsung Staron has been
used at the new Caffe Rizzoli and
Prosecco Bar at Sheffields Meadowhall shopping centre.
This solid surface material, manufactured from a blend of natural
materials, acrylics and pigments, is exclusively available in the
UK from Blackheath Products. Working with the Roann Marble
Company to a creative design by ABA Architecture, Bright White
Staron has been thermoformed into graceful sweeping curves
to create an oasis of calm in the busy shopping concourse.
The combination of its inherent strength, coupled with its tactile,
non-porous surface and virtually invisible joints, means that it is
suitable for this type of heavy duty application and offers a cost-
effective alternative to stone. As Staron is easy to clean and
totally hygienic, it is also suitable for the bar and table tops as
well as the kitchen food preparation areas.
CC236 FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
ABC+D July 2013
Easi-Dec has supplied the
Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget
(SCA) factory in Ramsbottom,
with a range of access solutions
that provides optimum rooftop
safety to staff members and
complies with all relevant health
and safety regulations. With
staff regularly accessing the
roof for general maintenance,
a safe access solution was
required. Ellesmere Port
Insulation specified and
installed Easi-Decs Board-Walk
and Valley-Walk to provide
secure access over the fragile
roof. Easi-Dec Board-Walk is a
portable mesh walkway which
runs from the eaves to the
The John Lewis Ipswich store is the partnerships first 100% LED store
and the first to hit 10W/m
for lighting. Delivering ground-breaking energy
savings, GE Lightings LEDs are significantly enhancing the retail
experience and creating a pleasant working environment for staff.
John Lewis had very specific criteria for the lighting scheme which
included a colour temperature requirement of 3,000K warm white
combined with precise light control via a 15 narrow beam optical system.
Furthermore, since LED technology continues to evolve, the new lighting
scheme in the John Lewis store had to be easy to upgrade in the future.
To meet these requirements, John Lewis opted for luminaires supplied
and adapted by Edge Lighting, incorporating GE Lightings Infusion LED
modules. The LEDs were installed throughout the store including the
shop floor, office spaces and warehouses.
The clean, contemporary lines of glass and stainless steel
balustrades from Sapphire Balustrades are part of the
cutting-edge design of a confectionery research and
development centre for a world leading company. Sapphires
balustrade design and off-site manufacturing service was
combined with fast track installation, helping to reduce
construction time and cost. Detail planning and sequencing
of on-site works enabled frameless structural glass balustrades from Sapphires Crystal range
to be installed to gallery-style landings over two storeys without the need to use access scaffolding.
Uninterrupted by balusters (uprights), over 100m of free-flowing glass balustrades to central
stairways and landings enhance the sense of light and space inside the high-tech facility.
Enquiry Number CC14
Products 21
In Depth: Retail, Commercial & Industrial
Gavin Hamblett, pre-construction director for Prater, examines what is
required for the external building envelope to achieve its many objectives in practice...
ABC+D July 2013
rom the skylines of our own major cities to airports,
corporate headquarters and other structures around
the world, UK architectural practices are renowned for
creating iconic buildings, but it is arguably the design
detailing, engineering and final execution, which determines
whether they fulfil their purpose and retain their stunning
appearance throughout a long working life.
The architects interpretation of the clients brief,
and aesthetic input then, are crucial, but the other members
of the project team have equally important roles to fill, starting
from early on in the design process. Therefore, engaging with
a specialist contractor for the building envelope, able to offer
a single point of responsibility as well as the widest possible
range of technical skills, will be of huge benefit to the process.
The roof and faades are, of course, multi-functional, so the
design process will concentrate as closely on the physical
performance of the systems or materials chosen, as on their
place in the artistic palette.
In some sectors of the construction industry,
value engineering is a term too often interpreted as lowest
price when in fact it can make a hugely positive contribution
to the long term performance of a building envelope, as well as
to the projects budget.
In the early stages of the design process it will also be
an advantage to the project team if the contractor has the
capability to rapidly produce 3D rendered drawings of all
junctions and other details; while the use of Building
Information Modelling or BIM is a rapidly increasing
feature of contemporary contracts.
Lifetime cost
It is acknowledged that a propertys lifetime energy and
maintenance costs far exceed the initial capital outlay,
and therefore achieving low heat loss will be of great interest
to the occupant, as well as being desirable from an
environmental point of view.
There is a very wide selection of insulants available on the
market, but the choice may well be dictated by their fire rating
or ability to cut noise transmission, as for their thermal
performance. This is one of the reasons site location is
important to consider, for proximity to a railway line might
demand special measures for one elevation, while being
beneath a flight path is likely to enhance acoustic
requirements right around a building.
Always crucial to the success of the outer envelope is
ensuring that all of the chosen systems are compatible,
and that the interface areas are rigorously detailed;
while the quality of workmanship must be closely monitored.
This is where the structural engineer and contractor must
collaborate successfully in order that predicted deflections
from both dead loads and imposed loads, such as wind or
snow, are dealt with safely. In some instances, such as where
cable stayed roof structures are being considered, movement
of up to half a metre may have to be accommodated. So even
where well proven systems such as standing seam metal
roofing is to be used, customisation in ways like the inclusion
of specialist movement joints and the computer modelling
of rainwater run-off could be critical.
Many public buildings such as schools and hospitals, FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
22 Feature
Roofing, Cladding & Insulation
Feature 23
Roofing, Cladding & Insulation
ABC+D July 2013
together with high spec commercial properties, now
incorporate areas of green roofing to control discharge rates,
or feature rainwater harvesting for non-potable applications
including toilet flushing. Renewable technologies such as
photo-voltaic panels are also an increasingly common aspect
of the exterior envelope. Incorporating any of these into the
design has to be approached with caution, due to the
increased potential for leaks and other long-term
maintenance issues.
Then there is also the possibility that the architect may wish
to combine these relatively recently developed technologies
with very traditional treatments or finishes like leadwork or
even copper and brass. Each has its own characteristics
and installation techniques to be considered.
The specialist contractor has to be relied upon to be able
to formulate a properly planned and cost-effective method
statement that follows, as efficiently as possible, the erection
of the main frame getting floors or other zones weather-tight
so that the installation of building services and interior finishes
can proceed.
Within this responsibility, the contractor has many factors to
consider including the security of the supply chain and the lead
times for specific products such as natural stone cladding
panels or large scale toughened, laminated or heat-soaked
glazing units.
Again, the site conditions will have an impact as the
contractor juggles crane positions and areas for the storage
and marshalling of materials. Allowances also have to be made
for the weather patterns prevalent in particular areas, not just
because of potential delays to the programme due to wind and
rain, but also the impact that a marine environment or
aggressive pollutants from nearby industries might have on
certain materials. Stainless steel might have to be employed
rather than galvanized or polyester powder coated finishes.
Finally, CDM regulations have been with us for two decades
now, but we are still learning about how best to provide safe
access for cleaning and maintenance of the exterior envelopes.
Rather than relying on abseiling to reach every elevated spot,
past projects have shown it is possible to incorporate gantries
or the mounting rails for cradles into the perimeter detailing
of roofs in a sympathetic manner.
We have seen that constructing an energy efficient,
comfortable and fully functional building within budget and to
programme requires all parties in the process to work together
harmoniously and diligently.
As part of this collective team effort, it is incumbent upon
the specialist roofing and cladding contractor to help facilitate
practical and well detailed design solutions, which ensure all
the elements to the building envelope are brought together
accurately and efficiently, while respecting all the aesthetic
challenges. By controlling the supply chain, minimising
the critical path and managing the trade skills properly,
the contractor can make a lasting contribution to the overall
success and longevity of our landmark buildings. FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
For more information about Prater use any
of the enquiry methods below quoting number CC245
Rather than relying on abseiling to reach every elevated spot, past projects have shown it is possible to incorporate
gantries or the mounting rails for cradles into the perimeter detailing of roofs in a sympathetic manner
A highly prestigious
Federation of Master
Builders award, recently
achieved by Derbyshire-
based Alan Staley
Building Contractors,
has recognised the
quality of its work and
reflects, says the company, on the suitability of Layher scaffolding
and temporary roofing systems for high profile building
refurbishment. The company is proud to have won the Master
Builder of the Year Award for Large Renovation Projects in Yorkshire
and Trent for its re-roofing and high level repair of Grade II listed
Melbourne Hall. The organisation appointed Allround Scaffolding
Services (Midlands) who, in turn, made excellent use of Layhers
modular scaffolding and Keder temporary roofing system designs.
Kingspan Insulations
Kooltherm and Therma
ranges of products have
taken a role in Channel 4s
Restoration Man series,
installed as part of an
ambitious project to convert a Grade II listed church into a holiday
home. Old St Johns Church in Gamblesby, Cumbria, was constructed
in 1868 and had stood empty for eight years before being purchased
by husband and wife, Phil Evans and Joanne McGirr. The buildings
age and condition presented several problems for designers and
project managers, Into Architecture. In order to transform the
building into a habitable home, over 600m
of Kingspan Insulations
premium performance Kooltherm products were installed. To insulate
the Churchs roof, 50mm thick Kingspan Kooltherm K7 Pitched Roof
Boards were fitted over a sarking board, with a further 70mm
installed underneath it. For the wall build-up, 42.5mm of Kingspan
Kooltherm K18 Insulated Plasterboard was installed above the
wall cill, with 62.5mm below it. Alex Karanikolas, project manager
from Into Architecture commented: The Kingspan products
allowed us to achieve the required thermal performance with only
minimal thicknesses of insulation. The Kooltherm K18 Insulated
Plasterboard was a particularly good solution, providing
insulation, dry-lining and vapour control in one product, helping
to speed up the construction process.
Marley Eternit has become
the first roofing manufacturer
to introduce a mechanical fixing
system for mortar bedded ridge
and hip tiles, helping house
builders and contractors
meet current NHBC technical
standards. The new Marley
Eternit fixing kit, together
with purpose-made clips for
securing small cut tiles, offers
a consistent and fully tested
system for mechanically fixing
mortar bedded ridges and hips.
It offers a durable and secure
alternative to mortar bedding
alone but, unlike a dry fix
system, high level ventilation
is still needed to meet the
requirements of BS 5250 and
NHBC Technical Standards.
The A. Proctor Group has
supplied its Procheck Premier
500 to three, large separate
schools on one site at
Portlaoise Education Campus,
Ireland. Following discussions
with the A. Proctor Groups
team of highly experienced
technical advisors, the benefits
of using Procheck Premier 500
were obvious to suppliers,
U-Value Insulation of Dublin.
Procheck Premier 500 is a
strong, reinforced polyethylene
vapour control layer with good
vapour resistance, offering
the installer peace of mind.
CC252 CC253
One of the coldest winters
and springs for over 50
years has led to Panel
Systems seeing a significant increase in demand for its
Floormate and Roofmate insulation products. Roofmate and
Floormate are easy to install and highly effective in reducing the
40% of heat lost through floors and roofs. Danny Phelan, sales
manager at Panel Systems, explained: We have seen a high level
of demand for Floormate and Roofmate over the past 12 months,
which is mainly from self builders and contractors. Both products
offer high levels of thermal performance and are very easy to
install, which saves time on site. Customers like the fact that they
can order online and receive their product within a few days.
0800 856 0057
Enquiry Number CC15
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ABC+D July 2013
Enquiry Number CC16
In Depth: Roofing, Cladding & Insulation
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ABC+D July 2013
Specialist rainscreen cladding
manufacturer Steni UK is marking
almost 50 years of manufacturing
with the launch of a peerless 40-year
functional warranty. This has been
extended from 25 years on both its
Nature and Colour panels, which allow
a modern, dry-trade approach to
cladding, and dwarfs the typical guarantees of 10-15 years that are
offered on traditional render systems. Steni's fibreglass reinforced
polymer composite panels have been used on a plethora of new
build and renovation projects in the UK, in not just the residential
sector but also education, healthcare, retail, leisure and commercial.
The companys Nature panels, which feature a surface of
aggregated natural stones from Europe, are available in 17 different
natural stone colours and up to five grades in many of these colours.
On the fringes
of Dorchester,
has become
a pioneering
example of
a sustainable
21st Century housing model, but with this comes a strict building
code imposed by the Duchy of Cornwall, the Prince of Wales estate
that owns the land. With challenging environmental standards
expected throughout the development, high performance PIR
insulation from Celotex has played a significant part in creating
thermally efficient homes. Since Poundbury first began to take
shape in 1993, main contractor CG Fry & Son, one of three main
contractors on site, have completed over 500 houses. Located
throughout Phase 1 and 2 of the development, they have all
been designed to fit into the local style of traditional Georgian
architecture while using modern building systems and a highly
energy-efficient design. For a development with such a high
quality of construction and energy efficiency, the specification
of high performance Celotex CW4000 insulation throughout
many of the buildings met the clients strict sustainability
requirements, helping to achieve U-value targets with a solution
which is approximately 10% thinner than traditional insulation.
Architectural aluminium systems
from Kawneer are playing a
major role in the new extension
to Wales' national conservatoire.
The manufacturer's AA 110
curtain walling with 65mm
sightlines, concealed vents and
series 190 heavy-duty revolving
entrance doors were specified
by BFLS architects for the
22m project at the Royal Welsh
College of Music and Drama in
Cardiff. These glazing elements,
installed by Kawneer-approved
specialist sub-contractor
AB Glass, have been used
particularly on a triple-height
entrance foyer which links the
new 450-seat Dora Stoutzker
concert hall with the new 180-
seat Richard Burton Theatre.
Timber specialist, Timbmet, has been instrumental in supplying a unique
look to one of the key developments in Harlow, Essex. be:Newall is a high
profile, residential development comprising a collection of villas and
apartments designed by award-winning architect, Alison Brooks.
The buildings have been specifically designed for high visual impact as
well as incorporating sustainable considerations and cutting edge design.
The architect turned to Timbmet for advice on the best species to meet
the aesthetic and practical requirements. The specification of black
cladding required a timber that could be coated to provide a consistent
appearance and be fire retardant treated to meet exact fire performance
standards. Timbmets experts recommended Larch as the solution and
were assigned to supply large quantities of their Larch weatherboard
cladding to create a bespoke and eye-catching external appearance.
UNILINStructural Insulated
Roof Panels offer architects
and developers a rapid way
to provide improved thermal
performance over spans
of up to 8m. Thanks to
polyisocyanurate sandwich
panels, buildings can benefit
from thermal performance
down to a U-value of 0.11 with
spans achievable of up to 8m,
ensuring a rapid build roof
structure that delivers excellent
thermal insulation while
reducing supporting materials.
Light, versatile and suitable
for pitches from 0 to 90,
UNISPAN panels are available
in thicknesses between 115
and 205mm, providing different
U-values dependant on the
building requirements.
UNISPAN panels are suitable
for developers and architects
wanting to maximise a
buildings thermal performance
with consistent results off-plan,
commented UNILINs Richard
CC257 CC258
To mark the fourth
anniversary of its
ECOSE Technology,
Knauf Insulation is celebrating innovation and
success within the construction industry. The company is
highlighting the significant achievements this manufacturing
technique has delivered to the mineral wool insulation market
Knauf Insulations Earthwool products manufactured using
ECOSE Technology provide sustainable credentials unlike any
other mineral wool product. Based on rapidly renewable
materials instead of petro-based chemicals, ECOSE Technology
enhances the already outstanding performance and value
of Knauf Insulations mineral wool, resulting in a new generation
of products with unprecedented levels of usability and
sustainability. FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
ABC+D July 2013
Alumascs Euroroof Mastergold flat roof
membrane and extensive green roof system
have been installed at St Michaels Church
School in Peterborough on a highly challenging
roof design.
Alumasc worked closely with its registered
installer M&J Flat Roofing to achieve an
outstanding result at the new school, which is
architecturally unique with a complex roof
geometry supporting a green roof
construction. The roof was mono-pitched to
most areas but also had a severe slope and
pitches at three different angles.
Alumasc were involved from the initial
design stages following a recommendation by
M&J Flat Roofing to the architect,
Peter Smith Associates of
All companies worked together for a solution
which resulted in 1200 sq m of a Euroroof
Mastergold Anti-root warm roof system being
installed with an Alumasc Sedum Extensive
green roof.
Peter Henrickson of M&J Flat Roofing
commented: Following unforeseen problems,
the original main contractor was no longer
working on the project and things had fallen
behind. M&J stepped in and worked with
Alumasc to offer an overall roofing package
that allowed the client to re-commence the
works, despite having not yet appointed a
new main contractor.
The building is multi-faceted with roof
pitches from 5-35 degrees. Retention of the
landscaping and long term irrigation would be
vital to the success of the project. We knew
that Alumascs technical expertise alongside
M&Js practical installation experience would
result in success following our
previous collaboration
at Falmouth University on one of the earliest
UK near vertical green roof installations.
At St Michaels there were numerous
tricky interfaces, including PV panels,
service risers and cable arrest details.
Designing a system that could not only be
installed around these features, but that
would also perform and allow for future
maintenance, was a challenge that Alumasc
and M&J met head-on together.
Euroroof Mastergold transforms working
with traditional bituminous membranes,
speeding up installation time without
compromising long-term performance.
Euroroof Mastergold is a fully warranted
system that offers high tensile strength and
pliability and excellent resistance to
puncture and UV degradation. The
Mastergold membrane is available with a
black mineral finish and can be used with a
range of insulations to suit specification and
U-value parameters.
Euroroof Mastergold solution for St Michaels
For further details on Euroroof Mastergold and Alumasc Green Roof solutions, please visit
For literature, call Alumasc Waterproofing on 0808 100 2008.
Enquiry Number CC18
Enquiry Number CC17
Enquiry Number CC19
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ABC+D July 2013
AAC Waterproofing has designed, created and successfully installed waterproof
membrane roofing for an unusual, egg-shaped primary school in Birmingham. The company
successfully roofed the 1,600m
, timber-bearing Four Dwellings Primary School, a new build
project forming part of the Birmingham BSF (Building Schools for the Future) programme,
using its Prelasti prefabricated EPDM material. AAC Waterproofing accurately measured and
prefabricated the challenging, curved roof off-site at its North Wales factory. The company
used a Datum line and bonded individual sheets in stepped lengths. Four Dwellings Primary
School won Project of the Year, the most prestigious award given out at the West Midlands
Celebrating Construction 2013.
The structure of Manchesters
new Pop-up Cathedral has been
erected on budget in just 11
days using the high performance
Kingspan TEK Building System.
The 220m
building has space
for up to 300 people and will be
used over the next 18 months
while the citys historic Cathedral
is closed for repairs. The System
is constructed from Structural
Insulated Panels (SIPs) which
are engineered and cut to size
off-site, allowing efficient
installation with little or no
site waste.
A new build office building
has become a jewel in the
landscape thanks to the
installation of bespoke diamond
shaped Optima IPC anodised
aluminium shingles from
Sotech. The anodised
rainscreen panels incorporate
a transparent anodic layer
which preserves the natural
metallic appearance of the
aluminium substrate to provide
a finish guaranteed for the
design life of the building
and not subject to maintenance
or wash-down regimes.
The A. Proctor Group have
supplied Canjaere Classic
Timber Cladding for the
renovation of houses in St.
Marys housing estate in
Dundee, which are traditional
timber houses to meet Scottish
Housing Quality Standards.
The main contractors, Dundee
City Council Environmental
Construction Services, installed
Canjaere Classic Tongue and
Groove onto the 54 houses
which had been stripped of its
existing cladding.
Dundee City Councils Architects Department specified Canjaere Classic as it
offers several advantages over other types of cladding. Canjaere Classic Timber
Cladding comes in a range of natural looking colours with a standard 30 year
warranty against rot/wood decay, thereby giving the specifier the confidence that
this product will last.
Canjaere Classic Timber Cladding not only has superior weathering properties,
but is also an environmentally sound exterior cladding which comes in various
different profiles.
The Osmose treatment that is used for Canjaere Classic gives the softwood typical
properties of hardwood, by increasing the water resistance and stability, thereby
enabling them to be used in applications generally more suited to hardwoods.
For further information related toThe A. Proctor Groups range of Timber
Cladding, or any of their other product ranges, please visit
For more information and technical details please
visit our website
Email -
Tel: 01250 872 261 Fax: 01250 872 727
TEL: 01634 835290 | FAX: 01634 835299 | EMAIL: | WEB:
The Village Green, launched in the middle of April
this year, is the latest project from Creative
Network Partners. Set in Hackney Downs Studios,
The Village Green is a brand new independent East
End experience; a shopping and cultural
development initially incorporating five local small
businesses but with the possibility of further
expansion. The project comes as one part of an
overall aim to create new communities and rich
working environments for the creative sector in the
East End of London. Hackney Downs Studios was a
fairly unprepossessing redundant printworks when
Creative Network Partners took it over towards the
end of 2011. Architects Iolanda Bianchi and Mirko
Lupos conversion task involved a great deal of
creative restoration and adaptation as they set out
to transform the Studios from a large, fairly open
works area into the attractive Village Green format
of five separate shops. Two of the conversion
problems were the need to build a new mezzanine
floor structure above the shops and to ensure that
the interiors of the shopping areas were quiet and
intimate. These two problems were actually rolled
into one as the Architects used Marmox Heraklith
Wood Wool Panels as the cover material and as the
final decoration layer. Heraklith wood wool panels
are a natural product consisting of certified spruce
wood, which originates in North European timber
production forests and are produced with respect
for the highest ecological, social and ethical
standards. Heraklith panels are multipurpose and
can be used internally or externally on walls, floors
and ceilings. Being designed with an open surface
structure they hold great acoustic properties that
contribute to a quieter and more comfortable living
and working space.
These hygroscopic panels allow the building to
breathe by absorbing the moisture in the air and
releasing it back when most needed, when its dry.
They are also renowned for their fire proofing
qualities and in the event of fire they will protect for up
to 90 minutes allowing ceiling and wall constructions
to stay intact. They do not melt and drip, create fumes
or toxic gases and they do not spread fire.
Ms. Bianchi underlines the point. I was looking
for a reasonably priced material that would absorb
sound and meet the fire safety requirements,
leaving individual units to create their own
ambience. She said Heraklith panels fitted that
bill and also had the advantage of very simple
fixing, saving time and money during installation.
Her efforts have transformed Hackney Downs
Studios into a pleasant shopping experience for the
public and an important sales outlet for small local
Enquiry Number CC20 Enquiry Number CC21
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ABC+D July 2013
Enquiry Number CC23
In Depth: Roofing, Cladding & Insulation
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ABC+D July 2013
Dow Building Solutions has been awarded BBA accreditation for its STYROFOAM
ROOFMATE SL-A extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation, designed for insulating
inverted flat roofs. The inverted roof system was invented by Dow over 50 years ago,
using STYROFOAM XPS as the insulation layer. Over the years, ROOFMATE SL-A has
earned its reputation as a reliable and durable insulation material for such systems,
thanks to a set of properties not commonly found in one package. The product has
high compressive strength and offers excellent moisture resistance thanks to its
closed cell structure, resulting in low water pick-up over time despite rigorous
conditions on exposed rooftops.
Marley Eternit has launched
an addition to its popular
Edgemere slate range: Riven
Edgemere, providing a textured
finish similar to that of natural
slate. Marley Eternits Riven
Edgemere provides a solution
for specifiers and contractors
seeking an affordable alternative
to natural slate which also offers
far more flexible construction
options, aesthetic impact and
performance reliability, making
it one of the premier concrete
roof tiles for the industry.
Kingspan Insulations high
performance Thermataper
TT47 LPC/FM insulation was
specified as part of the new,
4m, award-winning Jerwood
Gallery in Hastings. Kingspan
Thermataper TT47 LPC/FM
insulation was specified for
the roof build-up as the
tapered, insulated boards
not only provided the required
fall, but also delivered excellent
U-values, and therefore formed
an important part of the
projects energy saving
Enquiry Number CC24
Products 31
In Depth: Roofing, Cladding & Insulation
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ABC+D July 2013
Knauf Insulation has supplied
its Earthwool rock mineral wool
insulation to phase one of
Birmingham City Universitys
ambitious 18,310m city centre
campus. Targeted with achieving
a minimum BREEAM rating of
Excellent, Associated Architects
consulted Knauf Insulations
technical advice and support
centre who provided assistance
with U-value calculations
throughout the initial stages
of the design process, helping
to achieve the required U-value
of just 0.15 W/mK.
Safesite has added the Kee Walk rooftop walkway system to its portfolio of fall
protection products. Kee Walk provides an anti-slip, level walking surface for anyone
requiring access to a roof as well as a demarcation route which protects the roof
surface from unnecessary foot traffic and potential damage. Kee Walk is designed
for use on flat, barrel and sloping roofs and features step and traverse options to allow
access to be created for virtually any roof configuration from 0-35. The system can
be either free standing or fixed to the roof covering and is designed with open tread
to ensure that water drains away effectively. Each tread is manufactured in high grade
glass reinforced nylon with enhanced slip resistance for adverse weather conditions.
Walltite CV 100, closed cell
polyurethane foam, has now
received BBA certification
for the insulation and
stabilisation of masonry
cavity walls. The certification
recognises both the improved
thermal insulation and
structural stability that can
be achieved by using this type
of system. Walltite CV 100 is
designed to be injected into
cavity wall structures and is
typically used in both new build
and refurbishment projects.
32 Feature
Doors, Windows & Architectural Hardware
ABC+D July 2013
or manufacturers of building envelope products,
there are certain criteria to consider when developing
sustainable products. From the longevity of the
product and energy saving capabilities to the
manufacturing process and the effect on the environment,
a wide variety of factors must be investigated.
With sustainability the priority for many companies, it has
never been more important that the end result delivers high
thermal performance and cost savings for the homeowner.
Why use PVC?
PVC is a popular material for use in building envelope
products. As well as promoting durability and protecting
against corrosion, rust and rot, the material offers longevity,
performance and recycling capabilities, making it the
optimum material for use in mass sustainable housing.
Unlike other materials used to produce window profiles,
such as aluminium, PVC is a sustainable, resource-efficient
material. When used in certain window profiles, PVC can help
to create a frame that offers excellent thermal performance
over a long lifetime. According to the BRE, PVC has a minimum
expected lifespan of 35 years, which results in homeowners
getting value for money on their original investment,
and financial savings due to the high performance window
profile contributing to the saving of energy.
Furthermore, PVC achieves an A+ for commercial windows
and an A for residential windows in the Green Guide, making
it suitable for thermally efficient, sustainable window frames
and external door sets. For specifiers and installers looking to
achieve the all-important Zero Carbon status, PVC also plays
a key role as it has a lower carbon footprint lifecycle than other
profiles, including aluminium.
Sustaining low U-values
There are several developments over recent years that have
helped to improve the performance and sustainability of
window profile systems even further. Cleverly designed PVC
window profile systems available on the market feature many
separate chambers and reinforcements to achieve a
staggering U-value of just 0.8W/m
As well as offering superb energy efficiency, these profiles
are 100% recyclable. Should a profile need to be replaced in
many years to come, it can be easily collected and recycled,
making it an ideal reusable material in sustainable house
building. Furthermore, PVC components, such as the
reinforcement bar, which is fitted inside the window profile
for added structural integrity, is manufactured using recycled
PVC, which eliminates manufacturing waste. The performance
and cost-effectiveness of such profiles is also enhanced with
drives product
From 2016, new homes will need to meet high standards
of energy efficiency and sustainability as part of the Zero
Carbon initiative. As a result, sustainability and thermal
performance are driving the development of building
envelope products, including windows and doors.
Graham Nield, group sales and marketing director for
The Litchfield Group, manufacturer of PVC windows
and external doors, offers insight as to how and why
manufacturers are prioritising sustainability... FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
the use of interchangeable beading to accommodate either
double or triple glazing.
The importance of external doors
Thermally efficient external doors can also contribute hugely
to sustainable living. According to independent research
commissioned by The Litchfield Group, many homes external
doors do not deliver thermal performance compared to the
latest thermal doors on the market. Modern composite doors
feature a combination of energy efficiency materials,
which reduce heat loss caused by conduction. This can
save the homeowner up to 61 each year. Well-designed
composite doors with at least three seals also reduce heat
loss through better air-tightness.
The most innovative doors currently on the market can
achieve U-values as low as 0.9W/m
K and feature an insulating
foam core made from polyurethane inside a solid timber
casement. This offers the strength and structure of timber
doors, while improving the thermal performance and
protecting a home from adverse weather conditions.
The foam core significantly reduces the rate at which heat
is conducted through the door, enhancing its thermal
performance and improving the U-value of the system.
Durability and performance
As well as new thermal doors promoting energy and cost
savings for homeowners, manufacturers are maximising the
durability and performance of the doors by installing them
inside a PVC frame. Timber and PVC contract and expand at
different rates, and so, using both materials ensures that the
gap between the door and frame remains relatively constant
at all times. For example, in warm conditions, timber doors
contract and PVC expands, whereas in cool, wet conditions,
the PVC frame contracts and the timber door expands. This
differential movement means that draughts are prevented,
and that the door and doorframe do not bind, ensuring the
long-term air tightness and performance of the door.
Developments in PVC components and insulating materials
have allowed specifiers to surpass standards and regulations
as set by Government initiatives, such as Green Deal and the
Code for Sustainable Homes, as well as deliver long-term
financial savings to the homeowner.
Like other manufacturers of window profiles and external
doors, The Litchfield Group must remain forward thinking
when it comes to the designs and materials used to improve
thermal performance in a bid to offer the industry what is
expected. This incentive, coupled with the inherent capabilities
of PVC components, is allowing manufacturers to produce
sustainable house building products, and energy savings
as the norm.
Feature 33
Doors, Windows & Architectural Hardware
ABC+D July 2013
For more information about The Litchfield Group use
any of the enquiry methods below quoting number CC275
ENQUIRIES FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
According to independent research, thermally efficient external
doors can save the homeowner up to 61 each year
In Depth: Doors, Windows & Architectural Hardware
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ABC+D July 2013
68 new build apartments
at the Port Marine
development in Portishead,
Bristol feature windows,
doors and curtain walling
fabricated by Solar Windows using REHAUs PVCu and composite
systems. Developer Crest Nicholson specified the REHAU systems
on the basis of their quality, performance and aesthetics and
selected Caerphilly-based Solar Windows because of its proven
reputation in the commercial fenestration market. Solar has
fabricated and installed a mix of casement and tilt and turn windows
in the REHAU TOTAL70 system, sliding patio doors in REHAUs S717
system and composite curtain walling in the REHAU Polytec 50s
system, all of which have been coloured grey on the exterior and
white on the interior to match the contemporary design scheme.
Lead-free toughened
enamelled glass,
can now be
manufactured into
sealed units in a
range of 11 standard
colours in ten days, as a result of a 50,000 investment in new
production facilities by GLASSOLUTIONS. EMALIT EVOLUTION
is used primarily for external faades in insulated spandrels or
cladding panels in non-vision areas for an aesthetically clean
appearance. The new production capability means that as well
as the standard range, bespoke colours and colour-matching
services are available, enabling most colours to be replicated.
Standard sizes are 200 x 200 to 1,600 x 3,000mm, although
larger sizes are available on request. GLASSOLUTIONS
marketing manager, Kathryn Dalgleish, said: It is a very
practical and decorative product that is not widely available
in the UK, although it is popular and widely specified in the
architectural faades market, so were pleased to bring value
to the supply chain. EMALIT EVOLUTION is an opaque
coloured glass, produced by uniformly enamelling one side
of the glass. The enamel is free from lead and other dangerous
metals making it environmentally friendly and totally
recyclable. During manufacture, the almost total absence
of pollutants protects nature and health.
VBHstocks Macos new Protect
C-TS locks, which allow a range
of door styles to be fabricated
using the same lock, thus
reducing fabricators stock
levels and simplifying the
order process. C-TS has both
lift/lever and split spindle
capabilities. The function
is selected by the choice of
spindle fitted; solid bar for
lift/lever or Maco split spindle
pack for split spindle function.
Operating forces are extremely
low due to increased handle
movement and MACO D drive
technology, alongside a locking
procedure that ensures all
gasket compression is achieved
via the roller cams.
With each member of GEZE UKs sales team clocking up an average
of more than six years at the firm, customers are benefitting from
more than 150 years of combined experience every time they call.
By coincidence, 150 is the same number of years that parent-
company GEZE has been manufacturing door and window control
systems. Celebrating the 150-year jubilee with the theme GEZE in
motion since 1863, GEZE UK plans to involve all its customers in
its jubilee celebrations during 2013. Based throughout the UK,
the 23-strong team includes some of the industrys leading
specialists and technical experts in manual closers, glass, RWA,
automatic operators and service, able to assist in understanding
and meeting the many and varied European and UK standards and
legal requirements.
Residents of Redrows new
housing development in Lytham
St Annes are enjoying attractive
and warm homes, thanks to
Swish Window and Door
Systems. The development at
Lytham Quays comprises ten
exclusive villas; a range of
luxury apartments, many with
sea views; plus a selection of
three and four bedroom family
homes. Swishs A-rated
casement windows were used
for the family homes and villas
in the development, while
curtain walling was used for the
villas and apartments. Beck
Brown coloured foils were
utilised for the curtain wall and
windows, in order to create a
modern, aesthetically appealing
finish. Some of the larger
properties on the development
also feature sliding patio doors,
which adhere to Secured by
Design specifications.
CC282 CC283
Kawneer has further enhanced its AA 540
window range, which combines value for
money with a BRE Green Guide A-rated
frame, with a high-performance swing
door. The AA 545 door uses the same
multi-chamber, thermal break core as
the AA 541 casement, AA 542 pivot and
AA 543 tilturn windows in the range.
This technology, along with the addition
of a thermally enhanced centre seal, ensures thermal efficiency
(Uw values down to 1.29W/m
K using 0.6W/mK glazing) and
full compliance with Document L. Designed for direct fix into
prepared openings and within ribbon windows, the door
complements Kawneer's AA 540 window range, AA 100
and AA 110 curtain walling, 451PT framing and door systems
to give specifiers and architects even more flexibility.
Enquiry Number CC25
Compact and modular, the new
Levolan 60 manual sliding door
system for interior use with Smart
Fix is coming to the UK this
summer, and is already a hit with
European designers. GEZE UKs
Levolan 60 has been developed
specifically for lighter doors of 60kg or less, using small fittings
integrated into a slim 50mm-high runner which is entirely hidden
from view. Suitable for wood, glass or metal door leaves, this latest
addition to the Levolan range is small, stylish and simple to install.
Also available with GEZEs special damping system, Levolan 60
SoftStop is one of the safest systems of its kind on the market. The
sliding door leaves are guided gently and safely into the end
position, with no more banging into the frame or the buffer. The risk
of fingers being trapped is almost totally excluded.
Security Solutions
has been working
closely with testing
agencies and
fabricators to ensure
that completed door
assemblies are in line with the upcoming amendments to CE
marking, and is part of an action committee concentrating on
how these changes will affect its customers. CE marking is the
manufacturers declaration that the product complies with the
essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and
environmental protective legislation. It is not, however, an indication
of performance or quality. CE marking serves as a form of
manufacturers guarantee that it meets current market directives,
ensuring that as long as it has the relevant characteristics, any EEA
government cannot exclude it. You can identify a CE marked product
if it displays the CE mark. The supply and manufacture of CE
marked doorsets as a complete package which meets the
required standard removes the need to verify the suitability
of each individual component of the full door when assembled
and in situ. Providing that a doorset has minimal risk (e.g. is non-
escape) it can be self-certified by the manufacturer, which makes
a Declaration of Performance and affixes the CE marking to its
own product.
Urban Front designs
and makes solid hardwood
contemporary front, internal
and garage doors with steel
reinforced ventilated cores
and six different hardwoods
including; European Oak, Iroko,
The E-
range comes with high security
locks, security keys, pivot or 3D
hinges and a full factory finish.
The company has also started
a free Design Clinic, offering
a design service to all
customers including design
advice, drawings and a sample
As a part of its ongoing support,
AluK (GB) has now issued a
complete range of BIM
components for its capped
curtain walling system,
windows and commercial
doors. AluK is the first systems
supplier to provide tailor-made
BIM objects, designed
specifically for individual
projects by its team of skilled
Revit architectural consultants,
enabling highly intelligent
models to be easily integrated
into a project.
are available to
download, free,
through the AluK
website, along
with CAD files for
every product and
full technical and
CC288 CC289
Orders for MODO,
the contemporary new
doors collection from
Apeer, have flooded in
since the launch at Aprils
FIT show. One of the most exciting developments to happen
to composite doors in a decade, the 12, cutting-edge designs
that make up the MODO collection have gone down a storm
with customers across Ireland and the UK. Stainless steel glazing
trims not only give the new MODO collection a contemporary
edge but further enhance already formidable levels of security.
Other features include toughened, 60mm thick warm edge,
triple glazed units as standard, double rebate system with inner
fibreglass frame and Kitemark cylinder, multi-point locking
system, steel dog bolts and Kitemarked glass.
At a time when people are looking to bring more light and space into their homes,
its good to think about what the security implications might be.
At Solarlux its all part of the design, we manufacture bi-folding doors, glass canopies,
wintergardens and balcony glazing according to high national and international standards.
Production as well as product development takes place solely in the companys own
factories and all products are tested and certified by the renowned Institute Velbert (PIV)
during rigorous tests in Germany.
As a company, we are acutely aware of the fact that through good quality windows and
doors, the risk of potential burglaries can be reduced, says Martijn Venema, Managing
Sales Director. Thats why we have put real effort in developing measures to improve the
safety of our market-leading products.
Solarlux has now developed a new concept in burglar protection which considers the
type of construction involved, including the design characteristics like folding facades,
for example. Specifically-speaking, continued Martijn, in the turn-panel-area of the
folding doors, a three-point-lock is used, which means that the turn panels are locked
from above, below and at the side of the frame. The benefits are two-fold: high stability
during excessive wind pressure, and increased burglar security.
At Solarlux we recognise the importance of achieving the right balance of product design,
as well as quality and safety. To find out more visit
Enquiry Number CC26
In Depth: Doors, Windows & Architectural Hardware
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ABC+D July 2013
Enquiry Number CC27
In Depth: Doors, Windows & Architectural Hardware
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ABC+D July 2013
VBHstocks M-SPAG,
Macos latest outward
opening window
shootbolt. M-SPAG is
telescopic, with just four
main sizes, and all fixings are applied from one direction.
VBH advises that this makes M-SPAG quick and easy to fit as the
window needs less handling, the quantity of parts required per sash
is reduced, and there is no need to crop any hardware to size.
This has a knock-on benefit of cutting out waste caused by mis-
measuring. The sliding elements are streamlined and made from
silver-look plated steel to give the installed M-SPAG a neat finish.
The steel shootbolt ends hint at the products strength in use.
M-SPAG is fully tested to exceed the current required standards
and is approved under the MACO Secure Plus guarantee scheme.
A London based member
of the Steel Window
Association has been involved
in a steel window replacement
contract for a theatre in the
citys East End, which has not
only helped maintain the
authenticity of the buildings
architecture, but also
significantly reduced energy
loss through the openings.
The contract for the Arcola
Theatre in Ashwin Street,
Dalston, was carried out direct
by Govette Windows, with
the company producing a total of 50 replacements, some of
which measured up to 2 x 5.1m. While half a dozen of these tall
composites feature on the theatres staircases, the rest of the
new windows are located on the ground and first floors to all
elevations and measure 1,200 x 1,900mm. All were produced
using W20 sections, finished in a RAL 6005 matt green
polyester powder coating, while the soft coat, low-E inner leaf
and Krypton gas filling to the 16mm IG units achieves a centre
pane U-value of 1.1W/m
K: in line with current Building
Regulations. Opening lights are mainly vertical pivots.
Since its launch, the Dual Way
Anti-Barricade door system
from Cooke Brothers has
already generated a huge
amount of interest leading
to a surge in business for the
company. Designed to suit
either new build or retrofit
applications where individual
doorsets are required within
an existing facility, the Dual Way
Door System
access into
a room in a
where a
patient has
himself or herself in. The Dual
Way system utilises a frame
within a frame principal,
allowing for a standard 44
or 54mm doorset to be
mounted within a secondary
high security steel outer frame.
AluK has launched the GT55 TB aluminium commercial door system
which is one of the most robust thermally broken commercial door
systems available on the market. The system has been fully tested and can
be integrated with AluKs GT55 ground floor treatment system or installed
as a stand-alone door. This robust and low maintenance door provides
complete flexibility in entrance solutions and is available in a wide range
of colours and finishes to suit any project. The inherent strength of
aluminium construction combined with AluKs thermally broken profile
ensures maximum performance and robustness, making the GT55 TB door
system one of the most robust fully glazed swing doors available on the
market. It is suitable for a range of heavy duty commercial and public
sector applications including offices, hospitals, schools, warehouses
and other industrial applications.
The regeneration of the Heaton
Moor Reform Club in Stockport,
Greater Manchester has made
use of Internorms KF300
(Dimension+) windows.
The project was designed to
Level 3 of the Code for
Sustainable Homes and
Internorms low energy
windows played an important
role in achieving this.
The value of a window's total
insulation ability and ultimately
airtightness, the Uw, is required
to be 1.20W/m
K by Code
Level 3 as opposed to
K, as specified by the
Building Regulations. Supplied
through Internorms retailer
Weru Windows Blackpool the
KF300 has outstanding thermal
insulation. In fact, the UPVC/
aluminium system, which
comes with Solar+ triple glazing
as standard, boasts a Uw of
K. Solar+ both
actively promotes energy
transmission of solar irradiation
into the building as well as
preventing energy loss through
the window.
CC293 CC294
Sliding and folding doors
are increasingly being used
in projects where doors and
windows are replacing solid walls. It is a trend that has raised
concerns over security that premises could be more vulnerable
to housebreakers. So long as the hardware is fit for purpose,
designed to offer top level security there is no more danger than
with more traditional building methods. But, how do you know
the hardware is up to standard? There are two accreditation
labels for this PAS 24 and Secured by Design. All Brio's
Weatherfold 4s secure exterior folding and siding door and
window hardware has achieved both PAS 24 and Secured by
Design on its standard range of Weatherfold 4s sliding and
folding door hardware.
Quality knotfree engineered timber
LowE argon filled doubleglazed units
Fully factory finished
Comprehensive product warranties
Available as traditional boxsash,
spiralbalance or tilt and slide
Extensive range of sashhorns and
glazingbar options
For further details please contact
Black Millwork Co. Inc. on 01283 511122,
email or
visit our website
...youve just found them.
Get the most from
your windows and doors
Black Millwork
youre looking for...
Zero Seal Systems Ltd Units 43-45 Ladford Covert, Seighford, Stafford ST18 9QG United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1785 282910 E-mail:
Enquiry Number CC30
Enquiry Number CC28
Enquiry Number CC29 FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
ABC+D July 2013
As part of the Governments
370m Access for All scheme
to make UK railway stations
more accessible, a 14.5m
step-free entrance building
has been built at Londons
Clapham Junction. Delivering
smooth operation and closing reliability in all weathers and seasons,
DORMAs ED 100 swing door operators proved suitable for the
buildings new automatic doors. Even in tough conditions, such as
strong wind loads acting on the door leaves and in extreme cold
temperatures, the ED 100/250 swing door operators excel with
their opening and closing behaviour by responding flexibly to the
prevailing weather conditions, helping to avoid heat loss and
therefore contributing to the reduction of the buildings overall
carbon footprint.
Following the success of the greenteQ Kappa Slim and Classic Urn
door knockers, VBHwill add to the range with this summers launch
of the Doctor and Pony Tail styles. Both are popular on traditional
period properties, where timber doors were personalised by a choice
of furniture styles from local ironmongers. The Doctor knocker
features the flamboyant flowing lines often chosen by
the Victorian professional classes. Making less of a statement,
perhaps, but according to VBH, no less stylish, the Pony Tail
knocker offers a more compact and subtle design that provides
homeowners with another attractive alternative to the standard
knocker styles. Both new knockers feature the greenteQ quick fit
fixing method to speed up and simplify the fitting process,
while removing the need to fix through the door.
Prevent repetitive maintenance
from damage caused by bags,
chairs and other internal traffic
with a complete door and wall
protection package from
Intastop. Impact Protection
sheets provide flexibility
of design and application.
The sheets can be cut and
formed into bespoke design
shapes or can be used in full size
sheets for corridor walls and
doors. The new Digi-print facility
allows the printing of high quality
picture graphics or logos onto
the high impact surface of the
sheet providing a long life
and scratch resistant finish.
Many orders received by
members of the Steel Window
Association (SWA) are
prompted by a projects need
for strength and security
physical characteristics where
steel frames are unmatched
amongst fenestration solutions
yet there are countless others
where the client has been
attracted by the distinctive
sightlines and an appearance
that is synonymous with certain
architectural styles. The slender
sight-lines also translate into
the maximisation of natural
daylight which pays dividends
in the energy equation.
CC299 CC300
IronmongeryDirect now
stocks a range of door kits
for commercial and domestic
applications. These new kits
are designed for ease of
selection as each pack contains all the products needed for a
specific door or finish. The ranges for commercial applications
are available in four kits: fire door, non fire door, stainless steel
finish and aluminium finish. With fire doors the responsibility
for ensuring that a product has the correct characteristics for
a particular application rests with the building designers,
contractors and local building authorities. The new fire door kits
provide CE marked components for projects ensuring compliance
with the Construction Products Regulation, which comes into full
force on 1 July, when CE marking becomes mandatory.
Comar 7P.i FoldingSliding Door System(FSD)
Comar Architectural AluminiumSystems are delighted to launch their thermally broken Comar 7P.i Folding Sliding Door (FSD).
Smooth operation and solutions to meet the design brief, the aluminiumComar 7P.i Folding/Sliding Door (FSD) systemoffers
many possibilities for commercial or residential projects. Comar 7P.i FSD provides a versatile moveable wall that allows space and
light into any project. Even in the winter months the glazed facade offers light as well as keeping the building insulated through the
trade-marked Comar 7P.i thermal break technology.
By merging features such as robust, yet slim, aluminiumprofiles with feature-laden operational gearing fromthe Comar 7P.i FSD
system, you have the capability to design open-in or open-out stacking doors, folding and sliding fromthe top or the bottom
rollers. Open-in stacking doors are advisable when the doors must operate within the building plane; open-out stacking doors can
be used so the doors do not interfere with interior furnishings. If bottomrolling options are required the gear is housed in the floor
which offers uninterrupted traffic flowcompliant with the very latest disability and equalities act legislation. Top-hung operating
gear would be selected for larger sized doors. For additional safety the doors when folding offer a finger protection solution.
To cater for different apertures the Comar 7P.i FSD offers from2 to 8 sliding doors in either direction with an optional rebated door for day to day ease of entry. Each leaf
can be up to 1100mmwide. Door heights can be up to 2400mm, but depending on wind loading larger sizes can be created; this is especially useful for floor to ceiling
glazing or to create an entrance of distinction. Glazing sizes of up to 62mmare catered for, which means that triple glazed or acoustic glasses can be specified as well as
panels or standard double glazed units.
Due to the trade-marked P.i thermal efficiency U-values are well belowthe required Building Regulations targets. The doors and jamb are both adjustable to enable
long-termsmooth operation and to adapt to different building tolerances.
For further information about Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems, please contact Comar on 020 8685 9685 or email
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ABC+D July 2013
Enquiry Number CC32 Enquiry Number CC33
Enquiry Number CC34 FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
ABC+D July 2013
42 Feature
Kitchens, Bathrooms & Washrooms
ABC+D July 2013
he installation of high specification washroom
and common areas in commercial properties can
help set a building apart from fierce competition.
By committing to the extra outlay during the design
stage, a propertys rental value can be raised. So, with no
respite from tax should a building stand empty, and with
many commercial tenants looking to rent prestige properties,
the benefits of choosing high end specifications cannot be
Equally, in existing properties, interest from potential tenants
can be vastly increased by up-scaling common areas, such as
washrooms, reception areas and lobbies. This process has,
in some cases, seen rental incomes double. The benefits of this
high spec approach can be seen in a recent wave of property
owners refurbishing aging buildings in order to boost their
short-term rental appeal.
Using high spec materials to refurbish common areas
of a commercial property, creating a classically sleek and
professional look, can help instill a memorable first impression
with tenants who can, in turn, use these areas to create
a positive impression on clients and staff.
Equivalent care should be taken with the propertys
washrooms as these spaces are often the marker that
potential tenants use to judge a property. Including quality
design features such as full height or flush fronted cubicles,
adds an air of sophistication that, along with the use
of materials such as glass, real wood veneers, quartz stone
or stainless steel, will not go unnoticed. With a plethora of
competing properties, it is essential to provide the very best
possible facilities to ensure landlords continue to attract
and retain quality tenants.
In terms of office space, commercial property tenants are
increasingly concerned with attracting and retaining the very
best staff, so as well as offering generous benefits, they also
like to provide the highest quality common areas and
washroom facilities to create a pleasant working environment.
In a recent project on a refurbished office building in Reading,
high spec staff shower facilities, including full length lockers,
were installed in the basement of the building for just this reason.
A well designed, high spec refurbishment can also help
reduce the need for future maintenance and increase the
overall efficiency of an existing building, keeping costs to
a minimum. Add to that the fact that rental value can be
significantly increased as a result and even those buildings
nearing the end of their natural lifecycle can benefit from
a high specification fit-out.
Specifying stylish materials, especially in high traffic areas
such as receptions, lobbies and washrooms, does not need to
incur additional maintenance costs. By paying careful attention
to the materials specified at the design stage, and ensuring
Standing out in style
With the commercial market an increasingly crowded place, especially in and around
London and the South East, landlords simply cannot afford to let a building stand empty.
Trevor Bowers, managing director at Washroom Washroom, discusses the benefits
of installing high specification facilities in the common areas and washrooms
of commercial properties, to ensure buildings remain attractive to tenants
and therefore profitable... FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
Feature 43
Kitchens, Bathrooms & Washrooms
ABC+D July 2013
For more information about Washroom Washroom
use any of the enquiry methods below quoting number CC305
they are designed for ultimate durability as well as style,
future maintenance costs can actually be reduced.
Solid Surface Corian, which can be manufactured in a range
of colours and patterns and can be cut to any shape and joined
with inconspicuous seams to produce a neat and unified
appearance, is ideal for vanity units. Not only does it give an
attractive high end finish, but it is also ultra durable and easy
to clean.
Another material which lends itself well to the rigours of a
high traffic washroom area while providing an appealing design
finish, is highly durable Staron, which has the added benefit of
being both nonporous and stain-resistant. Manufactured with
a blend of natural minerals and pure acrylic resin and available
in a choice of 80 colours, Staron can be joined with no visible
seams or crevices creating an integrated smooth finish, which
not only looks the part, but is also easy to clean and maintain.
Specifying extremely durable, Solid Grade Laminate (SGL)
which provides a hygienic, easy-to-clean surface will also
ensure that washrooms continue to look their best with
minimal maintenance. And, with no substrate, it removes
the need for independent edging which could come off,
looking unsightly over time.
The use of a specially designed, integrated duct panelling
system, which could be specified in a range of colours and
finishes, also helps to reduce the costs associated with future
maintenance in the washroom, whether planned or reactive.
Installing these duct panels (which have the added benefit of
creating an attractive smooth finish, making cleaning easier,
allowing for easy access should the need for maintenance
and repairs occur) is always appreciated by busy commercial
Another way for a building to stand out from competing
properties, ensuring it remains occupied and therefore
profitable, is by creating a bespoke design which further
adds to the quality feel. In terms of refurbishment on period
properties, any new elements of the building should be
designed to fit seamlessly with existing features of the building
to create a striking space which will impress tenants and
potential tenants.
Corporate branding throughout a building can also be key
to creating a good lasting impression with potential tenants.
A wide spectrum of colours and even digital screen printing
options, which can encompass any design, are now available
on a whole range of washroom fittings. This means that
corporate branding and colours can be seen throughout
the entire building, including the washroom areas.
Fewer and fewer commercial tenants are willing to settle
for the average and, as such, property owners have had to
raise their game to match. Even with only several years of
life left in a building, the income that can be generated from
attracting the right kind of tenant makes this approach highly
attractive to landlords and beneficial to the tenants they seek
to draw in. Through using high specification materials,
bespoke design features such as corporate colours and
branding throughout, a building can be set apart, ensuring
it is not left empty and therefore unprofitable, but with no
compromise on durability and, therefore, maintenance costs. FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
Left: Abbey Gardens, Reading
Right Top: Anchor House, London Right Bottom: Castlewood House, London
Enquiry Number CC35
In Depth: Kitchens, Bathrooms & Washrooms
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ABC+D July 2013
Plumbers merchant Grahamhas extended
its portfolio of Alterna Showers, offering installers
a comprehensive and increasingly diverse range
to select from. Exclusive to Graham, the Alterna
bathroom portfolio provides installers with
a balance between reliable product quality,
choice and competitive pricing. Among the new
products is the Alterna ISEO Thermostatic Mixer
Bar. A slim-line, easy to use shower, it features
separate flow and temperature controls as
well as a thermostatically regulated water
temperature. The shower also features the added
protection of a cool-touch body ensuring the
ultimate showering safety making it a suitable
solution for small shower cubicles or for family
Individually tailored shower
cubicles for domestic and
commercial settings are now
available from D R Services.
What we can do is economically
tailor-make an individual shower
cubicle, commented director,
Julie Jarvis. David Jarvis, director
continued: That shower cubicle
can be straightforward 760 x 760
square, right the way through to a
free-standing glass tower in the
middle of your bathroom with the shower head above it. It can be
curved, pentagon shaped, or square and it can be any size you
would like it to be. It can have as little metal visible on it as you could
dream of. We can actually, and economically, create the dream.
The company could build the tower and fit automatic doors and
D R Services has the technology to make it seem that the person
inside the shower disappears. We can make the glass switch from
clear to obscure because we now have the rules that comply to
the British Standards relating to isolating electrical glass from
water, enabling us to create shower cubicles in switchable glass.
D R Services is a UK installer of Privilite, one of the high tech
Quantum glasses. When you put an electrical charge on Privilite
it automatically changes colour but this has not been an easy
effect to achieve in wet rooms, since UK regulations restrict the
use of electricity in areas containing showers.
Utilising innovative design
and value manufacturing
techniques, Maxwoods
new flush-fronted Mystiq toilet
cubicle system offers maximum
style at a minimalist price.
Mystiqs full height, flush-
fronted design delivers the
elegant in-line look of a high-
end washroom at a surprisingly
low cost. Available in a wide
range of coloured and
woodgrain laminates and with
a choice of cubicle sizes, the
highly versatile Mystiq provides
an attractive and cost-effective
cubicle solution for all kinds
of public and commercial
washroom applications.
Providing a comprehensive range of tile adhesives that are suitable
for jobs big and small, Sika can provide the tradesperson with a
whole host of products that will help achieve a professional finish.
For example, Sika Ceram Rapid Set is a fast setting, water resistant tile
adhesive that is suitable for both internal and external locations, while
Sika Ceram Flexible Rapid Set tile adhesive is both flexible and fast
setting, suitable for repairing or fitting tiles in areas where underfloor
heating is in use or some movement or vibration is expected. Jayne
Hasoon, product manager for Sika commented: Sikas comprehensive
tile adhesive range has been developed to offer a one-stop shop for the
tradesperson. Also offering a complementary range of grouts to suit
and complete a variety of jobs, Sika has an established range that
tradespeople can rely on.
Geocel is launching a new
colour for its Dow Corning
785 Sanitary Silicone Sealant.
Now available in Jasmine to
complement natural stone tiles
and fittings, Dow Corning 785
has a reputation for reliability,
quality and a tough, watertight
seal. Dow Corning 785 is a one-
part acetoxy silicone sealant
that offers excellent adhesion
to most non-porous surfaces
making it suited to sealing
around baths, sinks, urinals
and ceramic tile joints to give
a water-resistant, hygienic seal.
Resistant to ozone, ultra-violet
radiation and temperature
extremes, its proven fungicide
resists mould and mildew
growth and is now classified
bacteriostatic which means
it is proven to protect against
bacteria growth, protecting
against MRSA, E.coli and
Salmonella. Designed with
ease of use in mind, it is
solvent-free so can be safely
and comfortably applied even
in confined bathrooms.
The sealant is fast curing,
being tack-free in just one hour.
CC312 CC313
Showerwall has expanded the
choice of its product offer with
a brand new, tongue and groove
(T&G) option to complement its
standard square cut panel offer.
In addition, both the T&G and the
square cut panels can be ordered with an optional plywood
core which is in direct response to feedback from builders
and installers who historically prefer a plywood core over mdf.
The upgraded range was launched at the beginning of May.
Showerwall is a suitable alternative to tiling in domestic and
commercial bathrooms including hotels, B&Bs, holiday centres
and social housing. It is a 100% waterproof wall panelling system
offering a high performance and easy installation decorative
solution for shower enclosures and wall panelling which is
guaranteed for 15 years.
Tel: 01985-850954
Enquiry Number CC36 Enquiry Number CC37
Enquiry Number CC38 FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
ABC+D July 2013
Enquiry Number CC39
In Depth: Kitchens, Bathrooms & Washrooms
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ABC+D July 2013
Washrooms from Maxwood,
combining contemporary style
and durability, are part of
Cardiffs award-winning Royal
Welsh College of Music and
Drama. Maxwood provided
a full supply and fit service
with purpose-designed toilet
cubicles and hand wash vanity
units for the multi-million
pound facility near Cathays
Park. The washrooms smart
monochrome colour scheme
with stainless steel and solid
timber accents reflects the
new buildings design, which
received a UK-wide RIBA
award and three Welsh
architectural awards.
Shower cubicle and bathroom pod manufacturer, Taplanes provide pre-
fabricated solutions to a variety of end users throughout the UK and
Ireland. With a strong client base including universities, schools and
several major hotel groups, Taplanes pre-formed shower enclosures
overcome the inherent problems associated with conventional bathroom
areas. Stylish designs together with product reliability ensure Taplanes
are the preferred choice in both the refurbishment and new build sectors.
The pre-fabricated construction provides many advantages over traditional
construction methods delivering significant long-term benefits. Both
one-piece and sectional designs are available. The sectional designs are
primarily aimed towards the refurbishment sector allowing the units to be
manoeuvred into the most restrictive of locations with ease. Alternatively,
and if the build process allows, the one-piece units could be considered.
CCL Wetrooms has just launched its Modular Wet-Floor System,
allowing any size or shape of wetroom to be quickly and easily created
on a timber floor. The key to the system is its design flexibility, allowing
a linear drain to be situated in almost any position. The Modular Wet-
Floor system consists of only three elements: drainage component,
tapered board, floor or wall grill. Thanks to the flexible nature of these
components, almost any size of wetroom can be achieved. The drainage
component and tapered boards can be used in a combination of ways
to create either a one-way or two-way fall, with the drain positioned in
the floor or up against the wall. The components can be trimmed or
butted together to create a larger wetroom area, making the Modular
Wet-Floor System both simple to configure and quick and easy to install.
As part of its new range of
washroom solutions, James
Latham is now offering moisture
resistant, high performance
melamine faced chipboard (MFC)
as well as a range of matching
compact grade laminate (CGL).
The moisture resistant MFC
incorporates two decorative
melamine surfaces which are
bonded to both sides of the high
density chipboard under high
pressure and temperature. They
will be offered in 10 different decors.
Also available, is a selection of
matching compact grade laminate
(CGL) in 14 different decors.
Compact grade laminate offers the
ultimate performance in the most
demanding environments. The
panels are extremely resistant to
impact and have surfaces and cores
that are totally impervious to water.
Both of these new range additions
will be colour co-ordinated with
Lathams existing range of high
pressure laminates (HPL) and 2mm
thick ABS edgings.
James Lathams Group Product
Champion for Melamine, Paul
Morson, commented, These latest
additions, of both moisture resistant
MFC and matching compact grade
laminate mean that we can nowoffer
a true one-stop-shop washroom
solutions package to our customers.
James Lathams washroom
solutions package includes:
Moisture resistant MFC in panel
sizes; 2800 x 2070 x 18mm, Compact
Grade Laminate in sizes; 3660 x 1830
x 12mm and High Pressure
Laminate in sizes; 3050 x 1310 x
0.8mm. In addition, 3660 x 1530 x 0.8
mm is now available directly from
stock at all nine of James Lathams
nationwide panel depots.
James Latham also offer a large
range of MFC (Melamine Faced
Chipboard) and MDF (Medium
Density Fibreboard) to order.
For more information on Lathams extensive
product range please phone 0116 257 3415,
e-mail or visit
Enquiry Number CC40
ABC+D July 2013
hen you consider that Polypipe alone supplied
almost one million metres of plastic pipe and over
two million fittings to the Olympic Park, you can
appreciate the scale, planning and co-ordination
involved in the London 2012 development.
Even equipped with our experiences of working on an array
of iconic sporting venues, such as Wembley Stadium and Old
Trafford, the Olympic Park project was on an entirely different
scale, with new challenges and uncharted territory at every
The groundwork started many years before the curtain rose
on London 2012. We bid for, and won, multiple projects on the
Olympic Park the first being an early technical partnership
with the construction company responsible for the Athletes
Village. I believe that our ability to demonstrate our product
integrity and visionary approach to managing intricate
requirements was the key to our products being specified
across the Olympic site.
Our teams spent many months on site providing technical
support and guidance to project engineers and designers
heading up the various Olympic sites an experience which
we, as manufacturers, have been able to feedback into our
own research and development programmes.
The Athletes Village in Stratford, for example,
was the equivalent to building a small town in three years
encouraging the use of lean construction techniques and
requiring dependable, on-time supply within the sustainable
Olympic brief. The early involvement enabled us to design,
prefabricate and pre-test modules such as our storey-height
drainage stacks, before transporting them to site, fully
manufactured in controlled conditions and able to simply
plug into place.
As the only company in our sector to have achieved the
Carbon Trust Standard, our water management systems
also played a critical part in the London 2012 vision for
sustainability and legacy. The ODA recognised Polypipes ethos
that good waste management, recycling and an appreciation
of embedded carbon could be threaded through every aspect
of delivery.
When the games began, every spectator, athlete and official FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
Plastic piping systems manufacturer, Polypipe, was one of
the first to be granted permission to highlight its contribution
to the construction of the London 2012 stadia and buildings
under the official Supplier Recognition Scheme. One year on from
the games, Adam Turk, commercial director at Polypipe Terrain,
reflects on the unique challenges and lessons learned from
working on a project of this magnitude, and its legacy for
future commercial projects both in the UK and overseas...
Drainage, Plumbing & Water Saving Solutions
London 2012
lessons learned
from tender to delivery
ABC+D July 2013
For more information about Polypipe use any
of the enquiry methods below quoting number CC325
was surrounded by a web of Polypipe drainage, ducting and
water supply systems, with six different Polypipe systems
in the Athletes Village alone.
In addition to our renowned ranges, such as the Terrain
above ground soil and waste drainage systems which were
used by all of the major projects on the park site, we also
developed a number of innovations specifically for the Games.
As part of its legacy, these bespoke systems have now been
formally launched into the Polypipe stable of products,
benefiting commercial projects of varying sizes both
in the UK and overseas.
Take for example the Green Roof located above the
accommodation for 17,000 Olympic athletes, which gave
rise to the only Siphonic drainage solution of its type. While
demand for fire resistance that exceeded Building Regulation
specifications led to the development of a pioneering system,
now branded Firetrap, which protects above ground plastic
drainage pipes from flames for a never-seen-before four hours.
Cleaning harvested rainwater to health authority standards
for the high-tech medical centre on the Olympic Park gave rise
to a new type of titanium dioxide filter; while a crate system
developed for the ground under the equestrian centre in
Greenwich Park to assist with water drainage and irrigation
beneath a structural steel base has this year been formally
launched into the market as Permavoid.
Looking back, there was a tremendous display of integrated
team work throughout the supply chain, which undoubtedly
contributed to the success of the project. We hope that this
best practice partnership approach continues far beyond the
London 2012 project. The earlier manufacturers get involved
in a project, the greater design flexibility they can offer,
which inevitably can also lead to valuable time and cost
savings on site. Good manufacturers are more than happy
to offer advice, whether it be to help overcome obstacles or
establishing the most appropriate systems for a buildings
When the Olympic opening ceremony was broadcast a year
ago, it highlighted the UKs fantastic manufacturing heritage
to the world. The British construction industry showed its
ability to deliver landmark projects on time and within budget,
while continuously pushing the boundaries in sustainable
construction. The experience gained will no doubt benefit
commercial projects globally for many years to come.
As a UK owned and headquartered business, with a
presence in 100 countries around the globe, our involvement
in the construction of London 2012 has strengthened our
export business. We have noticed that our overseas reputation
as a quality British manufacturer has been boosted by working
on this global project, which has given us new opportunities to
increase momentum in international markets. Despite difficult
global economic conditions, we have managed to grow our
export activity by 60% over the past 18 months. While a
substantial volume of this work has been in Gulf countries,
we are also experiencing significant successes in Eastern
Europe and Africa, and entering some markets, such as
mining, for the first time in the companys history.
While the anniversary of London 2012 is an opportunity to
look back on the countrys achievements, it is also an exciting
time to look forward and seize opportunities to build upon
this success. FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
Feature 49
Drainage, Plumbing & Water Saving Solutions
With over 20 years experience and a passion for stunning architectural design, Sutton Coldfield-based
practice Janes Architectural, has specified Yeoman Rainguard Rainwater Systems on many of its
award-winning projects. Simon Janes, from
the practice, explained: We first used Yeoman
Rainguard seven years ago, as its products
were the perfect solution for our projects,
many of which are bespoke designed houses
at the high end of the market. We didnt want
to fit standard, plastic rainwater goods and
Yeoman Rainguards XL Aluminium range really
fitted the bill, providing a high quality product
with the traditional appearance required and
good value for money.
In Depth: Drainage, Plumbing & Water Saving Solutions
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ABC+D July 2013
To complement its successful
Foundry Finish rainwater
system, Hunter Plastics has
launched a complete range of
Foundry Finish soil products.
This Foundry Finish soil system will allow installers to match soil
pipes to the rainwater for a genuine retro look, with none of the
hassle and expense of metal systems. It is designed to be as
simple to install as pushfit PVC with the good looks and styling of
traditional cast iron. The Foundry Finish soil range has a genuine
cast iron appearance that will not scratch, delaminate, corrode or
discolour, yet it requires none of the prep, painting or treating which
makes cast iron so costly and time-consuming to install and
maintain. It will keep its finish no matter what, and is a breeze to
install because it is lightweight and fits together using the ring seal
joint system, which installers love.
Hydro International has launched The Hydro StormTrain Series,
a comprehensive toolbox of surface water treatment devices in
anticipation of the growing need to remove silts, sediments and
other pollutants from stormwater run-off. Four products, First
Defense, Downstream Defender, The Up-Flo Filter and Hydro
Filterra, are Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) that can be
used independently or in combination to deliver a Treatment Train
that meets the water quality stipulations of a site. They can also
be used to protect, enhance or enable natural SuDS features.
Hydro has developed an online Treatment Selection Tool
to help explore the consequences of combining proprietary
and natural SuDS techniques in a variety of applications.
Free to use,
the tool helps
users develop
what if scenarios
and build
treatment trains,
then calculates
in terms
of pollutant
removal and
cost implications.
Hauraton has developed a
linking system for its RECYFIX
HICAP high capacity surface
water drainage channels.
The new LINK&LOCK feature
facilitates the alignment of each
1m channel unit with the next,
providing a positive mechanical
fix that makes the installation
procedure of the whole channel
run much easier. With their
ductile iron slotted tops, in a
choice of four configurations,
the channels have proved very
effective at draining large areas
of asphalt and concrete.
With on-site test installations in
early June 2013 now complete,
Hauraton are confident
contractors will find the new
system easier and quicker
to install.
CC332 CC333
Yeoman Rainguard
has been praised for
its products and advice
during the replacement
of old, worn out cast iron
guttering and hoppers at the Grade I listed St Nicholas Church,
Kenilworth which dates back to 1185. Yeoman Rainguard has
been providing quality rainwater systems for over 30 years
and offers a comprehensive choice of stylish, cost-effective,
low maintenance products including aluminium; GRP; cast iron;
copper; zinc and stainless steel. Keith Grierson said: Tim Hanks
and the Rainguard team were very professional and helpful and
we were very pleased with the quality of the materials and the
advice and service provided by Rainguard, all at competitive
Robert Pearson & Company
has recently supplied Dallas
Burston Polo Club with water
saving No-Touch, sensor
operated WC flushvalves.
Water savings are achieved
by way of the efficient
electronic flushvalve which
has an adjustable open period
so you can optimise the
amount of water used per
flush. It also means that,
especially when retro-fitted
to older, larger cisterns, you do
not need to flush all the water
from the cistern (suitable for
flushing trough applications),
meaning that the cistern water
re-fill time is quicker. This is
useful in busy applications:
MOTO Motorway Services has
fitted these nationwide across
all its sites and has seen huge
water savings. The No-Touch
sensor operation is both
hygienic and easy to operate,
with the added bonus of being
vandal resistant, as there are
no handles or mechanical
linkages to break. POSTuseaddresscard
ABC+D July 2013
Alumasc has launched an enhanced range of Harmer SML lightweight
cast iron soil and waste systems that deliver a superb package of
design and installation benefits to contractors and specifiers alike.
Engineers and designers have the reassurance that the new Harmer
SML range meets the new UK requirement for CE Marking, while
installers can also benefit from the introduction of new ductile iron
Wayne Willmott, Sales Manager for Harmer Drainage comments;
The CE Mark and new brackets are just two of the customer-focused
features that make Harmer SML the market leading system for easier
specification, greater choice and simpler installation.
Advances in cast iron technology have ensured that Harmer SML
products are fully attuned to modern construction needs. The system
is durable, recyclable, quick and easy to install and requires low
Manufactured in Germany to meet the highest quality and
performance standards, Harmer SML also carries British Board
Agrement Certification, 05/4191. The pipes and fittings meet the
European Standard BS EN 877, further assured by the new CE Marking,
showing full compliance with EU manufacturing, testing and technical
performance requirements.
As a major benefit for contractors, the SML range now includes ductile
iron brackets that provide continuity of material across the all-iron
system. These brackets can be used for vertical and horizontal
rainwater stacks without the need for pipe stack supports - saving
costs for both the contractor and end user. The brackets are
manufactured in accordance with BSEN877 the European standard
for lightweight cast iron pipes and fittings.
Detailed information about the SML range can be found in a
comprehensive new 72 page brochure that also includes an invaluable
specification guide. And as a further aide, Designers can also
download Alumascs exclusive Drainage Design Calculator App which is
available for PC and ipad.
To download the free Calculator software or the new SML brochure, please visit
For printed literature, please call 0808 100 2008.
CE Seal of Approval for
Harmer SML Range
Enquiry Number CC42
Turning Water Around

Repeatable performance
inspired by nature.
The Hydro StormTrain Series is an
unrivalled toolbox for reliable and
repeatable surface water treatment
in Sustainable Drainage Systems
Select from the range to provide measurable levels
of treatment that can work with, or without, natural
SuDS to build an effective stormwater management
train. Inspired by nature, to improve on nature.
Try our new Treatment Selection Tool at:
First Defense

The Hydro StormTrain

Series of Surface Water Treatment Devices

Enquiry Number CC41
52 Feature
Heating, Ventilation & Energy Efficiency
ABC+D July 2013
nly around 2% of people in the UK currently live in a
home heated by district heating. This compares with
over 50% in most Scandinavian countries and 12%
in Germany. However, with the Governments Heat
Strategy supporting onward investment in district heating,
the UK is actually poised to become Europes fastest growing
district heating market with a target for it to meet between
6 and 14% of domestic demand in the future.
Of course, the reason why district heating is being supported
by the Government is that it offers such huge opportunities for
energy saving both through economies of scale and through
using new, renewable technologies which are simply not
feasible in individual properties.
As you might expect, the Renewable Heat Incentive will be
one of the key drivers behind this with biomass and biogas-
fuelled schemes both eligible for support under the current
However, district heating schemes remain relatively
expensive to install compared with individual gas boilers and,
combined with low levels of public understanding and some
historically poorly conceived schemes, this remains one of the
barriers limiting the speed of growth.
Steve Richmond, business team leader at REHAU, discusses the potential of distict
heating schemes in the UK and offers advice on how these systems can be optimised
to ensure they deliver the best results... FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
Feature 53
Heating, Ventilation & Energy Efficiency
ABC+D July 2013
For more information about REHAU use any
of the enquiry methods below quoting number CC340
To overcome this, the crucial challenge
facing system designers is to ensure that
systems are optimised so that the costs
are minimised and the margin between
conventional heating and district heating
is reduced.
In terms of heat network design, there are
three key areas which designers should focus
on. These are: Reducing installation costs;
reducing distribution pipe diameters and
optimising diversity.
Installation costs, of course, need to be
considered at the design stage. Solutions to
consider include choosing soft dig areas for
the pipework trenches rather than roads
to reduce the cost of backfilling and using
polymer pipes such as PE-Xa on continuous
coils rather than steel pipes to reduce the
number of costly and time consuming joints
There is no performance risk to using plastic
pipework since, with an operating pressure of
6 bar, the design service life of PE-Xa pipe
approved by EN 15632 is a minimum of
30 years under the following conditions
a continuous operating temperature of 80C
with 90C for one year and 95C for 100 hours.
In many projects, there is also the potential
to use twin rather than single pipe which is
cheaper than doing two separate pipe runs.
Furthermore, twin pipes have lower levels
of heat loss due to heat transfer between the
close flow and return pipes, keeping the heat
inside the system.
Probably the greatest impact on cost
however, comes from optimising flow and
return temperatures. In simple terms,
the greater the delta T (difference in
flow/return temperatures), the smaller
the pipe size required.
The real objective for system designers is
to optimise flow and return temperatures to
extend the pipe life span and create a safer,
steam free network. Using 80C as an example
flow temperature, and a 450kW heat load,
we can see here the effect of increasing the
delta T of the heat network.
With a return temperature of 71C, a 110mm (OD) pipe size
would be recommended (based on CIBSE pressure loss
guidance), whereas if you can reduce that return temperature
to just 50C, then the pipe size would only need to be 75mm.
With pipe materials accounting for a significant portion of
pipe cost, reducing pipe sizes can deliver real savings.
But this is not the only area where reducing the pipe size can
have benefits. It can also significantly reduce operating costs,
helping to convince a sometimes sceptical public about the
benefits of the technology. Using the example of 200m of
RAUTHERMEX pipework (100m flow and return), the heat
losses from a 110mm pipe are likely to be around 4.1kW/h.
Choose a 90mm pipe instead by using a return temperature
of 60C and you reduce those losses by 38% to 2.5kW/h
and, reduce pipe size still further to 75mm by using a 50C
return temperature, then the losses would be just 1.8kW/h
or 56% less.
Other factors determining the efficiency of the system and,
in turn, the operating costs are the heat density and the
diversity factor (the multiple of peak demand).
Heat density is generally defined as the heat delivered per
pipe length and many people estimate that density needs
to be in excess of 50 dwellings per hectare to make a district
heating scheme economical.
However, there are ways to optimise the district heating
network by taking diversity into account. For example, if a
plant serving a single building has a diversity factory of 1.0,
this could be reduced to just 0.7 if that same plant serves a
group of buildings with dissimilar uses. Zoning and classifying
buildings can essentially optimise diversity and in turn
increase heat density.
As the manufacturer of both the RAUVITHERM and
RAUTHERMEX pre-insulated PE-Xa pipe brands, REHAU can
demonstrate real applications of this design work in action.
For example, at HMP Grampian in Peterhead, Scotland,
more than 2,200m of RAUTHERMEX pipework in sizes from
40mm to 125mm was installed when the specification was
changed from steel pipe to PE-Xa. Working with the consultant
to optimise the pipe sizes throughout the project, REHAU was
able to help reduce proposed capital costs significantly for
the client.
As weve seen from the experience in mainland Europe,
the potential in the district heating market is vast, but I believe
this will only be fully realised if systems are optimised to make
district heating more economical. FAX01527 880815 PHONENick 01527 880804 POSTuse address card
In Depth: Heating, Ventilation & Energy Efficiency
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ABC+D July 2013
Laura Ashley fireplaces from
Katell have once again been
selected by OFlanagan Homes
to provide key focal points in
its 14 three and four bedroom
homes at Clarendon Square in
Earlsdon, Coventry. The
fireplaces, in antiqued ivory with black granite back panel and
hearth, feature the Rosemoor electric fire in chrome with coal and
remote control. Electric fires were used for the homes as they
eliminate the need for a flue but still provide a welcoming and
realistic flame effect with or without the heat turned on.
Katell, which specialises in the design and manufacture of fires
and surrounds, has created an exclusive collection on behalf of
Laura Ashley. The range of fireplaces uses the finest solid woods,
marble and stone.
The comprehensive
range of Rinnai
Infinity continuous
flow water heating
solutions is designed to offer a blend of eco-friendly technologies
guaranteed to provide a constant flow of hot water; no matter how
high the demand or how many outlets are in use at the same time.
Rinnai offers a complete commercial range under the Infinity brand
including heavy duty (HD) and heavy duty condensing (HDC) units
as well the Infinity Plus, a custom made water heating solution that
brings together multiple units of the companys award-winning HDC
range into single, easy to handle modules, and the Infinity
Plus storage option. The Rinnai HD50i internal water
heater is a wall hung, gas fired, continuous flow water
heater capable of producing hot water at 770l/h at a 50C
rise. Incoming water temperatures of up to 65C are
accepted, making the HD50i suitable for secondary return
and renewables pre-feed systems. The Rinnai HD70e
external water heater has the added advantage that the
unit is externally mounted. This feature gives greater
flexibility at the design stage and can offer an alternative
solution where flue runs are problematic or internal space is not
available. The HD70e is capable of delivering up to 979l/h at a
50C rise.
The Aventa range from Airflow
Developments has been
designed to work specifically with
ducted installations, providing
compact and powerful remote
mounted ventilation with minimal
room noise levels to a range of
domestic and commercial
buildings. The Aventa range
comes in a choice of three sizes
100, 125, and 150mm. The 100
and 125mm are suitable for
removing moisture, odours
and airborne pollutants from
bathrooms, basements, utility
rooms and kitchens. The 150mm
version supplies similarly powerful
ventilation extraction to large
domestic, light commercial and
retail installations where windows
and natural ventilation are limited.
When Simon Gofton, a partner at London-based design studio
Tappin Gofton, bought a 1920s house he wanted to retain the period
architectural features he liked, melding them with contemporary
additions to create an interior that is both practical and aesthetically
pleasing. He found exactly what he needed from heating solutions
provider Hudevad. Five Hudevad Fionia radiators now adorn the walls
of the three bedrooms, sitting room and hallway. The Hudevad Fionia
radiator will not only give exceptional performance but also harmonise
with any architectural style and embodies Scandinavian style,
seamlessly merged with functionality and is right on trend for todays
interiors. Hudevad Fionia has a smooth rebated, easy to clean front plate,
integrated top grille as standard and closed ends. Standard lengths for
Hudevad Fionia range from 400-2,000mm.
Elta Fans has launched a CPD
accredited seminar designed
to provide delegates with the
information they need to
understand the implications
of the new ErP Directive on
fans. The seminar has been
approved by CIBSE and is a
guide to the legislation which
is being implemented through
Parts F and L of the UK Building
Regulations. The seminar
explains the new terminology,
such as Specific Fan Power
(SFP) and Fan Motor Efficiency
Grade (FMEG), which are
central to the way in which fans
are now measured. It also
outlines the various lots which
make up the ErP Directive,
the areas to which they apply
and how they are being
prioritised based on their
capacity to achieve the most
significant reduction in energy
consumption. To maximise the
potential for the seminar to be
delivered to the market, it is
available through the external
sales team of Elta Fans
throughout the UK and in
Ireland through Fantech.
CC347 CC348
The RIOPanel range
of Danish heating solutions
from Hudevad allows for
unobtrusive yet highly efficient heating that is compatible
with cutting-edge modern design. Especially suitable for
refurbishment projects, RIOpanel Seriel Integral extends the use
of the classic RIOpanel Integral flat front radiator but has been
specifically designed for connecting radiators in series. RIOpanel
Seriel Integral combines all the advantages of RIOpanel Integral
and RIOpanel Seriel into one stylish and practical product.
Aesthetically pleasing with a robust design and the promise
of rapid installation, this radiator delivers on all fronts. RIOpanel
Seriel Integral is based on the RIOpanel Plan radiator but unlike
other standard RIOpanel Plan radiators, the RIOpanel Seriel
Integral is not fitted with loose sides and a top grille.
Tel: 01494 465166
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ABC+D July 2013
In Depth: Heating, Ventilation & Energy Efficiency
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ABC+D July 2013
New from LG is the Multi V Space II, which is
a discreet outdoor unit, with 57 patents and
offers 16kW cooling and 18kW heating via
ceiling and floor units. Key features of Multi V
Space II include front suction and discharge,
reduced fan noise and a four-step modular
design that offers either right- or left-hand
discharge. The most important feature is that
the Multi V Space is an outdoor unit that can
be located indoors, provided it is sited next to
an external wall for air intake and discharge.
The outdoor units feature a right- or left-side airflow system, high-
speed air discharge (78 m/sec), and no interference between
floors, with no loss in energy efficiency. The patented VRF design
generates almost no hot air, so there is no interference between
floors due to hot air being blown back.
The Bells Hotel and Golf Club
located in the heart of the Forest
of Dean has opted for a
renewable energy solution to
heat its golf clubhouse and
function rooms. Faced with a
thirty year old cast iron gas boiler
which was beyond repair, the
owners of the complex decided
this was the right time to look for
an alternative energy source to
fossil fuel. Working with Hewer
FM and Hamworthy, Curt Green,
the hotel manager, weighed up the cost of installing a biomass
option compared to a traditional gas fired boiler, taking
into account the relevant government financial incentives
that are available for biomass boilers. Curt commented:
When we compared the proposals for both systems it
was a no-brainer. The payback period is relatively short
when claiming the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) so it
made good commercial sense. The heating and hot
water for the Golf Club is now provided by a Hamworthy
Herz Pelletstar 45kW biomass boiler and a 1,000L buffer/
accumulator vessel. The compact Pelletstar is installed
with an intermediate hopper that automatically feeds
pellets to the boiler when demand is required.
The RIOpanel range of heating
solutions from Hudevad
complements all architectural
styles, allowing for unobtrusive
yet highly efficient heating. With
its small footprint, the RIOpanel
Compact offers the best option
for those looking for a radiator
that will tuck into the smallest
spaces. RIOpanel Compact,
a robust, profiled panel radiator,
has been developed as an
addition to the companys
popular RIOpanel Standard
and offers a large selection of
different types and sizes for any
living environment. RIOpanel
Compact comes in a white
standard colour but may also be
selected in different individual
colours (at a surcharge).
Rinnais Infinity 16i gas fired continuous flow water heater is perfectly placed to
meet the hot water needs of all small to medium sized retailing businesses, such as
hairdressers, in providing a constant flow of cost-effective, safe hot water with
precision temperature control. Importantly, this unit could save 53% of the price of
utilities. For example, to serve two hair wash stations, in a comparison of the Rinnai
16i with an 11.5kW under sink electric water heater with flow rate at 30C rise
offering 40C at tap showed 5.51/min for the electric version and 13.4l/min for the
Rinnai. Consequently two electric heaters would be needed while the Rinnai 16i
would happily deliver for both stations. Calculations based on an average tariff at
February 2013 for electricity at 0.0145 per kW and gas at 0.048 per kW allow
running costs per minute to be broken down thus: based on a an 8l/min shower
head per sink the electric heater would cost 0.028p for one sink and 0.056p for
two while the Rinnai delivers and impressive 0.13p for one sink and 0.028p for two.
Having supplied heating
products to the social housing
sector for decades, Robinson
Willey and Valor are today the
number one choice amongst
landlords and tenants for their
energy efficient heating
solutions and specialist
features that assist the elderly
and disabled. Both Robinson
Willey and Valor brands are
renowned for their quality,
reliability, safety and energy
efficiency. These attributes are
reflected in a comprehensive
range of gas and electric fires
and electric suites that are
widely specified by local
authorities, housing
associations and registered
social landlords. As Robinson
Willey is the only manufacturer
to include a heat exchanger in
its radiant/convector gas fires,
social housing institutions can
rest assured that not only are
these models the most energy
efficient on the market, they
provide a powerful source of
heat in the event of a power cut.
CC353 CC354
Keir Hardie Health Park is a new
30m healthcare development in
Merthyr Tydfil. The-state-of-the-
art centre has replaced the
outdated health facilities in the Merthyr Tydfil area, with
sustainable heating at the forefront of design of the project.
Partnered with air-source heat pumps, Jagas Maxi Low-Surface
Temperature and Basic radiators have both been used in general
access areas, and in private and consulting rooms to provide
safe, energy-efficient heating. The Maxi LST was specified
because of its ultra-safe, energy-efficient, robust features
including a cool-to-touch protective casing with curved edges to
prevent burns or injury. Additionally, anti-ligature grilles were
installed as a further safety measure in the areas of the Health
Park where patients are particularly vulnerable, such as the
mental health clinic, to help prevent self harm.
Products 57
In Depth: Heating, Ventilation & Energy Efficiency
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ABC+D July 2013
Low carbon targets can only be achieved
if the manufacturing industry meets its
responsibilities to assist and wholly
support the aim, says Chris Goggin,
operations manager at Rinnai UK,
manufacturer of continuous flow gas fired water heaters. He fears
a lack of wholesale adoption of high efficiency technologies across
the built environment where hot water generation is concerned:
There are some attempts to sidestep the very real need for the
adoption of holistic, high energy efficiency options. Legislators,
at the moment, look set to implement weaker changes, specifically
in diluted proposals to Part L of the Building Regulations. He
believes enforcing the wholesale use of high efficiency technologies
for water heating would have effectively promoted energy saving
changes across the complete built environment.
With its name reflecting
the open space design
for which it is renowned,
the Agorafocus from
Diligence International
can be suspended from
the ceiling of a room to
radiate warmth through
360. Also suitable for
fixing on a pedestal base,
Agorafocus is a spherical-
like design with four
curved glass windows that give complete sighting of the fire from
all parts of a room. Two of these pyroceramic panels are hinged for
opening and inserting logs. There are two sizes of this fire
the 630 and 850 these numbers denoting the diameter of
the fires in mm. With the 630 model, the glass panels
measure 280mm high, with the fire itself measuring 700mm
from top to bottom. The 850 is 800mm from top to bottom,
with each of the doors being 435mm high. Some 11kW of heat
can be generated by the 630, and 12kW is the nominal output
of the 850. Air intake is regulated under each door. Other
features include easy installation and maintenance, with the
ash removal hatch easily accessible at the base of the fire.
Finished in a matt black or grey heat-resistant paint for a
contemporary look, the Agorafocus is just one example from a wide
range of highly individual fire designs from Diligence International.
Inta has launched Intafil Plus,
a new sealed system kit that
further simplifies expansion
vessel installation. The kit
retains features such as a filling
loop, double check valve,
isolation valve and safety relief
valve with gauge and is proving
to be a hit with plumbers for
allowing an even quicker and
more accurate installation in
both retrofits and new builds.
The vessels will be available in
sizes between 4 and 35L and
can reach a maximum
temperature of 90C and go as
low as 4C, meaning that the
Intafil Plus is suitable for use in
both domestic and commercial
The versatility and aesthetics of the Rund air curtain from JS Air
Curtains has cured BUPAs winter draught problems at the reception
of its Health and Wellbeing UK offices in Staines. The attractive air
curtain has been custom designed so it can be easily removed during the
summer months when it isnt required. Despite underfloor heating and
the heat gains from the glass faade, the large reception atrium suffered
from cold draughts during the winter as over 11,000 employees enter
and exit the building through its revolving doors. JS Air Curtains solution
was to vertically mount a 2.5m high, low temperature, hot water-heated
Rund air curtain to the side of the entrance. The air curtain creates a
warm air barrier across the inner opening of the doorway. This stops
the revolving door acting like a slow moving fan, bringing in cold air
with every turn.
Crawley Homes is utilising
Fernox chemical water
treatment products as part of a
new pilot scheme with property
maintenance provider T Brown
Group. The scheme has so far
seen one property undergo a
complete central heating
upgrade using an air source
heat pump (ASHP) protected
with Fernox HP-15c as well as
a Fernox TF1 Total Filter and
Fernox Protector F1. In order
to carry out the pilot scheme,
Crawley Homes turned to
T Brown Group to install a
Vaillant ASHP at the property.
A Fernox TF1 Total Filter was
then fitted to the heat pump to
ensure it was maintained long
after installation as the
hydrocyclonic and magnetic
in-line filter will remove and
contain magnetic and non-
magnetic contaminant.
Simple to fit, the Fernox TF1
Total Filter can be installed
horizontally or vertically to
22 and 28mm pipework
and comes with all the valves
and fittings required.
CC359 CC360
Cogenco, Dalkias specialist
CHP provider, has supplied a
new CHP system to the Butlins
holiday resort in Skegness. The
120kWe CHP will provide heating and electricity for the resort
which caters for 1.5 million holiday makers each year. Cogencos
CHP system, packaged for smaller commercial sites, is tailored
to provide cost-effective and efficient heating and electricity
supply. It has been utilised by the famous redcoats to increase
energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions at the Skegness site.
The nature of CHP means that, when sized according to the
energy and heating demand on the site, it can deliver significant
savings against supply from the grid and separate heating
systems. This is because, unlike traditional power generation,
the heat produced, is not wasted, instead being fed through an
exchanger to provide heating for showers, pools, and rooms.
In Depth: Industry News
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ABC+D July 2013
ATAG Heating UK has appointed
Nigel Gregson, as field service
engineer. Nigel joins ATAG from
heating and plumbing contractor,
Frank Webb of Nottingham, where he
was a gas engineer and supervisor for
35 years. Latterly he was also involved
with training engineers at the
company. He will be joining ATAGs
growing team of field service
engineers and will be responsible for servicing and maintenance
work on all ATAG products, including the A Series, the Q Series and
the new XL Series of domestic and commercial boilers. His work will
also involve supporting ATAGs extensive network of Select Dealer
service engineers. Nigel is a keen motor racing fan.
Comar Architectural
Aluminium Systems has
become a Secured By Design
Licence holder for its Comar
5P.i, Comar 9P.i and Comar 7
range of windows and doors.
Comar is delighted to be part
of this initiative to design
out crime in buildings.
Established in 1989, Secured
by Design (SBD) is a police initiative to encourage the building
industry to design out crime, assisting in reducing the opportunity
for crime and the fear of crime. SBD focuses on the design and
security for new and refurbished homes, schools and commercial
projects and aims to bring together the principles of designing out
crime, effective crime prevention and security standards for a range
of applications and products. Secured by Design is endorsed by the
Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), and has the backing of
the Home Office Crime Reduction Unit. Due to enhanced security
options on its window and door systems, Comar offers the latest
crime prevention features such as anti-snap and anti-bump
locking systems. On points of attack, stainless steel plates and
protectors ensure that with prolonged abuse/attack entry is not
attained. Comar systems are certified and kite marked to the very
latest security standards, and operate through a nationwide
network of Approved Fabricators.
Hunter Douglas is to transfer
all sales and production at its
Hednesford office to the
Hunter Douglas Faber site in
Northampton, creating a bigger
and stronger Hunter Douglas
Architectural Projects division
in the UK. David Harris, sales
and marketing manager for
Hunter Douglas Architectural
Projects UK and Faber Blinds
UK explained: This will further
increase our focus on delivering
strong customer service and
technical knowledge across all
four product groups ceilings,
faades, sun control and
window coverings as well as
to our customer base and to the
architectural and specification
A packed line-up of best practice technical presentations and case
studies means the second annual commercial flooring conference
will run for two full days (2-3 September 2013) alongside this year's
Flooring Showat Harrogate International Centre. Following the success of last year's first ever
national commercial flooring conference, organisers Wendy Adams Associates and Media Generation
have extended the conference and put together an enticing programme of presentations and
demonstrations from the industry's top names. Presentations will showcase high profile projects
including The St Pancras International Hotel by Brintons, the award-winning new offices of York City
Council by So Vibrant and the new Leeds Arena by Populous and Leeds City Council. In addition,
there will be a special panel presentation and discussion on flooring for football stadia. Facilities
managers from top football clubs have been invited to explain how their facilities utilise the various
flooring options for a diverse range of activities and requirements other than sport from conferences
and banquets, to retail and museums.
Paint manufacturer PPG
Architectural Coatings has
recently given a local landmark
to its Birstall site, Oakwell Hall,
a much needed boost in the
form of a significant cash
donation. The presentation at
Oakwell Hall saw PPGs general
manager for UK and Ireland,
Steve Pocock, hand over a
cheque for just under 20,000
to heritage manager Eric Brown
and Councillor Jean Calvert.
PPG, which manufactures
paint brands Johnstones and
Leyland, has a long standing
commitment to charity,
both on a local and national
level. The donation to Oakwell
Hall marks the second donation
to be granted under PPGs new
initiative, the Global Charitable
Contributions Program, which
extends its direct grant-giving
to charitable groups in the
communities where it is based.
Through the programme, a local
charity with a specific focus on
education, human services,
cultural and arts and civic or
community affairs is chosen
to benefit from the fund.
CC367 CC368
ADT Fire & Security has
strengthened its partnership
with the Surrey Fire &
Rescue Service by donating
a Ford Transit van to its Fire Investigation Search Dog Team.
The vehicle will provide an invaluable resource as it has been
specifically converted to transport Surreys highly trained Search
Dogs. Our thanks has to go to ADT Fire & Security for the
companys continued support, commented Russell Pearson
chief fire officer at Surrey Fire and Rescue Service. It is through
partnerships such as this, that we are able to help reduce the
burden on taxpayers that arson presents, and in the long run
make Surrey a safer place. Steve Craig of The Fire Investigation
Search Dog Team said: The Fire Investigation Search Dog Team
are absolutely delighted with the new vehicle and cant thank
ADT enough for the companys kind support.
Products 59
In Depth: Industry News
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ABC+D July 2013
Jewson has hosted a
series of CPD events with
Local Authority Building
Control (LABC) at its
Newbury, Sunderland,
Stockport, Birkenhead,
Lincoln and Peterborough branches. More than 250 trade
professionals, architects, site managers and specifiers have
attended the free events to date, including Persimmon Homes and
Green Sky Architecture. The informative seminars entitled Closing
the Performance Gap aim to explain the reasons why there is a gap
between what is specified on a build programme and, crucially,
what is delivered at the end of the build. As well as this, the course
focuses on solutions and products, which deliver the energy
performance required from specification.
British furniture
Mereway is raising
the bar with its latest
investment in ground-
breaking edge banding
machinery. The new
machine achieves a
zero glue line using a
PUR (Polyurethane) adhesive, a concept not yet introduced by any
other British manufacturer in the industry. This new process
provides Mereway with the ability to manufacture MFC, MDF, acrylic
and veneer doors and decorative panels to the highest standards on
a made-to-order basis within very short lead times. Following a
comprehensive 12-month project to pursue the very best edge
banding quality, the research and development paid off as Mereway
attained its objective to achieve an entirely repeatable zero glue
line finish using a PUR adhesive the preferred adhesive for
Mereway. Working with partners Fen UK and machine manufacturer
Paul Ott GmbH, the machine was specified, built and commissioned.
Through patented technology and design it can achieve the ultimate
finish, while being flexible across all board types and colours and
running at a speed of 20 metres per minute. Mereway has specified
the machine to use both a clear and white PUR to ensure that the
best combinations of edge, board and glue colour can be achieved,
providing a remarkable visual result.
has returned jubilant after
participating in the Scumrun
2013, the famous four day
charity rally across Europe,
as seen on Sky TV. For 2013,
the Scumrun charity is WellChild,
which helps sick children and
their families throughout the
UK as they deal with the
consequences of serious
illness and complex conditions.
Commenting on the event,
Marco Norman, managing
director of SAFETYWORKS &
Solutions said: So far we have
raised in excess of 1,900.00,
which is absolutely marvellous,
and we have had several pledges
from more people.
Mike Hart has been appointed as the new head of technical services
at REHAU. He has been a key member of REHAUs seven strong
technical team for ten years and, during that time, has worked as
both a systems and product development engineer. In his new
leadership role, Mike will be helping to drive REHAUs ongoing
product development and technical support programmes,
ensuring that the company meets and even surpasses the needs
of customers. He says: The technical services team is a significant
resource within REHAU, and one of my key objectives is to ensure
that we provide a range of services which have a real value for
customers. Mike will work closely with REHAUs technical teams
in Germany and across Europe, sharing knowledge and experience
in areas such as CE marking and energy efficiency.
Ceram, the international
materials technology company,
has released a video which
discusses how it can test
products to the relevant
standards and help guide
manufacturers through the
process of CE marking their
construction products. As of
1 July 2013, it will become
mandatory for manufacturers
to apply CE marking to any of
their construction products
covered by a harmonised
European standard (hEN) or
European technical assessment
(ETA), under the Construction
Products Regulation (CPR).
Dr Geoff Edgell, director
and principal construction
consultant at Ceram,
commented: There is an
extraordinary degree of
confusion around the CE
marking of construction
products in the marketplace
at present; this has not been
helped by the amount of
inaccurate advice available.
To watch the CE marking
video and find out more about
Cerams testing services visit
Cerams website.
CC373 CC374
Gilgen Door Systems
has centralised its UK
production facility in
Alfreton, Derbyshire and
announced a number of senior appointments to its management
team as part of an ambitious growth strategy. David Cerquella
has been appointed managing director of Gilgens UK operation.
David was previously general manager of the companys service
division where he was responsible for the successful launch of
the companys Safeguard maintenance scheme. Prior to joining
Gilgen, David held a number of senior management positions
with Niscayah, a supplier of integrated security solutions.
Other key appointments include Colin Cufley, financial director,
David Anderson, national sales manager and Mike James,
general manager of after sales.
Product Round Up: Bricks, Blocks & Stone >Fire, Safety & Security
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ABC+D July 2013
Decorative Regency Ashlar
masonry blocks from
Forticrete have been
specified for the
construction of a new,
5m, state-of-the-art performing arts centre at Yarm School,
Stockton-on-Tees. Associated Architects specified Forticretes high
performance Cast Stone Regency Ashlar masonry blocks and
quoins in a bespoke blend, to create an awe-inspiring, yet cost-
effective finish that complements the building materials of the local
vernacular. Regency Ashlar is manufactured from high grade
limestone and sandstone aggregates that have been chosen for
their known performance and reliable quality. The cement, pigments
and waterproofing agents all conform to appropriate British or
European Standards.
and building
company EIC, has specified ADT Fire and Securitys Medicall 800
Nursecall system for the new Cranleigh Health Centre in Surrey.
The robust system, complete with staff attack, double panic buttons
and disabled WC alarm equipment, has been installed to enable
staff to respond to patient calls quickly and efficiently throughout
the new building. ADTs Medicall 800 Nursecall system was
specified as it could deliver a robust care communication system,
providing numerous call functions, direct communication options,
different answer variants and interfaces to other electronic systems.
The system will also help to improve efficiencies as well as enhance
patient wellbeing. The system installed at Cranleigh Health Centre
also includes a staff attack system in the reception area which, with
the simple press of a button, sends a help signal via locally cited
ceiling sensors to wherever backup staff are located. The level of
alarm and call type will then indicate on all local LCD displays.
The fact that ADT was able to deliver multiple systems at Cranleigh
Health Centre was a huge advantage for us and one that really
simplified the installation process, commented Richard Sansom,
senior project engineer at EIC.
Plymouth Community Homes
is to install mains powered Aico
Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms
throughout all of its 15,000
properties. This will be a rolling
programme, with the aim to
install up to 1,400 CO alarms
each year. Although Plymouth
Community Homes follows a
strict maintenance schedule for
the appliances it has fitted into
the properties, there are a
number of tenant-owned
appliances that are not covered
under this regime, which has
been a driving factor in the
decision to install CO alarms
GED Laundry Chutes has announced a new, three-tiered fire
inspection service, providing full coverage for any brand of
laundry chute. Changes in the law in 2006 mean that the duty
of carrying out regular fire risk assessments now lies with a
responsible person appointed by the building owner. This can
be both time consuming and daunting, particularly when it
comes to the monitoring of fire prevention measures such as
those found on laundry chutes. GED Laundry Chutes Bronze,
Silver and Gold fire inspection options are designed
to help remove this stress and burden. The Bronze package
comes with one annual inspection; the Silver package
includes a full inspection every six months and for the highest
level of coverage, there is also a quarterly Gold package.
The Steel Stor range of
cabinets from Securikey,
supplier of physical security
products, offers a highly
secure storage facility for
the safekeeping of large bulky
items such as controlled drugs
in hospitals, examination
papers and laptops in schools,
or mobile phones, games and
bags of change in retail stores.
These solid and adaptable
products have also provided the
solution for temporary
requirements such as short-
term building leases or outdoor
festivals, where they are even
robust enough to be anchored
to generators using steel cables
to provide security where no
fixing is available. Subjected to
a severe FG burglary test and
numerous attack tests, the
Steel Stor range complies with
the specification set out in
Government regulations, such
as the Misuse of Drugs (Safe
Custody) Regulations 1973
which specifies the correct
storage procedure for
controlled drugs in hospitals.
CC379 CC380
A gated development of
five-storey Regency-style
town houses built on a
former council depot
site in West London has
scooped the coveted
Grand Prix Award and Best Family Home Award at the 2013
London Evening Standard New Homes Awards. The elegant
development by St James of a row of 20 town houses and 49
apartments makes extensive use of architectural cast stone
details from manufacturer Edenhall. The bespoke stonework
was used in combination with mellow London stock brick and
render to reflect the surrounding Victorian streetscape. The array
of high-quality Edenhall cast stone details includes porticos,
window surrounds and brackets, heads and cills, gables and
finials, brackets, lintel details, copings and pier caps.
Daray has supplied over 1,300 lights to medical facilities in Nigeria. The Derbyshire manufacturer
provided lights from its X200 and X350 LED
medical examination range to four separate
projects across the country. LED lights consume
significantly less power, produce less carbon
emissions and are much more robust than
halogen, meaning they can cope with the
conditions in these remote areas. Phillip Wright,
managing director of Daray commented:
It is pleasing to see the Government using the
UK overseas aid budget to not only provide vital
medical health and support, but to do so through
the use of British manufacturers.
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ABC+D July 2013
Products 61
Product Round Up: Floors, Walls & Ceilings
> Focus on Education > Focus on Healthcare
has recently
supplied its
IRC valves to the Sidestrand Hall School to manage the supply of
water to the urinal cisterns. The infrared urinal flush control (IRC),
which was installed by PJ Plumbing, Heating & Maintenance,
utilises infrared technology to detect movement in the washroom.
Sidestrand Hall School in Cromer utilised Cistermisers IRC valves
to reduce water consumption and minimise outgoing costs.
Cistermisers IRC valves automatically manage the supply of water
to a urinal cistern. The Passive Infrared sensor (PIR) detects
movement and activates the solenoid valve allowing water into a
urinal cistern. If the sensor detects no occupancy in 12 hours it will
automatically open the valve for 30 minutes to allow one flush of
the cistern to rinse the urinals and pipework.
One of Irelands biggest
hospitals has been
refurbished with
of Tarkett
flooring. Mater
Misericordiae University
Hospital in Dublin has
been renovated with
more than seven
different types of Tarkett
flooring, selected for use
in the project which was
overseen by the Sisk
Group. Tarkett iQ Toro SC flooring was used in the 12 new operating
theatres due to its static dissipative properties. The flooring is made
specifically for use in areas that need to remain free from static
electricity and, as well as being 100% recyclable, it boasts the
best lifecycle costs on the market. Other products used in the
development include Tarketts Linoleum Veneto xf and Etrusco xf
in the corridors and ward bedrooms, non-slip Tarkett Safetred
Universal for toilets and sluice rooms, and Tarkett Granit
Multisafe in the en-suite bathrooms and wetrooms. Pat Tierney,
project manager at Sisk Group, said: From start to finish the
customer service and technical support we received from Tarkett
was excellent. I would definitely recommend using Tarkett again.
CZWG Architects created the
14.1m development for London
Borough of Southwark where the
landmark upside-down pyramid
shape exterior is matched by
an equally stunning interior.
The main library, featuring over
500m of Junckers Nordic Oak
Wide Board floors teamed with
a mix of oak clad and bright
orange walls, is housed in a sky-
lit, double height gallery on the
ground floor. Suitable for high-
traffic public areas, Nordic Oak
Wide Board floors illuminate
the natural characteristics of
the timber for a contemporary
look. The floor also features
several technical additions
custom made to the architects
EQUITONE [natura]
architectural fibre cement
faade material from Marley
Eternit has been used to clad
the sports hall of the 28m,
BREEAM Very Good, Sir Robert
Woodard Academy in West
Sussex. EQUITONE [natura]
provided the hall with a
decorative, tactile, smooth
surface that allows the natural
variegation of the fibre cement
finish to be seen through the
semi-translucent coating,
resulting in an aesthetically
pleasing and practical finish.
EQUITONE [natura] was
specified to break up the large
mass of the sports hall at the
southern end of the building.
It was used along the two main
flank walls of the large, six-court
sports hall and covers the
majority of the west facing
elevation. A grey shade of
EQUITONE [natura] was
specified to provide a
sympathetic contrast with
the buff coloured brickwork,
without being overbearing given
the scale and height of the
cladding bays.
CC385 CC386
A range of
Yeoman Shield
surface protection
products has been
supplied and fixed
as part of a 1.3m
project to convert
an existing ward
into a birthing unit
at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading. Vulnerable corners in
the busy Rushey Birthing Unit (which expects to deliver 6,000
babies a year) are being protected by Yeoman Shield Ultra corner
protection 75 x 75mm in an attractive combination of Cream and
62 Products
Product Round Up: Focus on Housebuilding >Interior Environment
>Maintenance & Refurbishment
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ABC+D July 2013
Appleton Manor in
Oxfordshire is a Tudor
manor house where
a pool room with a
centre pivoted double
glazed wall, was
recently created by D R Services. The entire wall opens to create
a roofed family room containing showers, a kitchen and changing
rooms, next to the outdoor pool. The opening, on the southern side
of the pool room, is approximately 12 x 4m with eight, centre
pivoting doors. The double glazing has a U-value of 1.6W/m and the
doors are brush sealed. In addition to this wall, D R Services created
a clerestory style roof light, 10 x 1m in three sections, on the north
side of the building. Each of the doors is almost 1.6m wide with a
complete door weighing in excess of 425kg.
Type celebrity walk-in
wardrobes into Google
and around 23,600,000
results are revealed.
In one, The Wall Street
Journal reports on the
$100,000 closet and how what was once a humble storage space is
becoming a trophy accessory, growing in size to rival living rooms.
Some, it continues, are even equipped with breakfast areas, sound
systems and chandeliers. Such lavish examples may be the
exception, but there is no doubt that spaces once designed
primarily for storage are now taking centre stage as celebrity
culture influences how every-day people design their homes. This is
why housebuilders and those involved in designing interiors should
note their rise in popularity as they increasingly influence home-
buying decisions. Draks understands this and offers three walk-in
wardrobe solutions: the Oxford, Duo and Skyline. The Oxford
provides a fully lined bespoke interior, is available in a range of
colours and can be adapted to suit nearly any interior design and
requirement. Duo allows the creation of a wide variety of
furniture. Its modular structure means the entire room height
may be used with a complete range of suspended shelves and
accessories. Meanwhile, the cutting-edge Skyline free floating
walk-in wardrobe system is mounted off the floor and as well as
being visually stunning, makes the most of every inch of space.
Convert a dark, dingy basement
into a valuable living space with
Delta Membrane Systems.
Deltas tried and tested product
range will overcome any
penetrating damp problems,
to turn the basement area into a
warm and inviting space. Included
in the range is MS-500 Original
cavity drainage membrane for
use on walls and floors, and vaults,
as a water-proofing system.
This 0.6mm thick membrane
features studs measuring 8mm
deep. Made from high density
polyethylene in a clear finish,
MS-500 gives a compressive
strength of greater than
, and is able to drain
some 135L/min. of water/m run.
Three 24-storey 1960s tower blocks on the Edward
Woods Estate in west London, owned by the Borough
of Hammersmith & Fulham, have undergone a 12m
refurbishment to extend their life by 40 years.
Structural repair specialist, Helifix, undertook
reinforcement of the calcium silicate brickwork in all
stairwells to ensure that these areas were strong enough
to take the weight of external over-cladding and render.
HeliBars were bonded into the mortar joints every third
course on both sides of each stairwell and grouted
ResiTies, which secured both leaves, were then hooked over
the bars and bonded into the perp ends of the brickwork
to secure and reinforce the masonry.
Abet Laminatis compact
grade laminates are colouring
the new Westminster Lodge
leisure centre in St Albans.
For this 24m facility, S&P
Architects specified a
combination of compact
grade laminates from the Plain
colours and Legni woodgrain
ranges. Together these have
created bright, colourful and
dramatic cubicles, lockers,
vanity units and benches,
all fabricated by specialist
manufacturer Prospec.
Abet Laminatis High Pressure
Laminates are a popular choice
for this type of heavy duty
application; their finish provides
a tactile, hardwearing and
attractive surface coupled with
excellent resistance to impact,
scratches and abrasion.
The compact grades solid core
construction in 6, 10 or 12mm
thicknesses makes it suitable
for areas prone to high moisture
and humidity, such as leisure
centres, swimming pools and
changing rooms, because there
is no risk of peeling, cracking
or delamination.
CC391 CC392
Visitors to The Maltings, in the village
of Newport would be forgiven for
mistaking the characterful front
doors for solid timber. However,
Elmwood Joinery actually completed
each door in Medite Tricoya MDF from
Coillte Panel Products. The extreme durable MDF enables
Elmwood Joinery to produce doors to exacting standards,
with the reassurance that they will retain their high quality
and professional finish for many years. Medite Tricoya is like
no other MDF product. It harnesses the ease of working, speed,
convenience and accuracy that MDF affords, combining this
with a unique and entirely environmental acetylation technology.
This renders the wood in the MDF completely unaffected by the
effects of water absorption.
Products 63
Product Round Up: Paints & Finishes > Sealants, Fixings & Adhesives
> Stairs, Lifts & Balustrades >Sustainability & Eco Solutions
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ABC+D July 2013
One of the most famous
amusement parks in the
UK is being kept in tip top
condition thanks to products
from the Bradite paint and
primer range. Blackpool
Pleasure Beach amusement park is located along the Fylde coast,
and, with millions of visitors a year, it is essential that the most
visited tourist attraction in the United Kingdom is maintained on
a rolling basis. As part of this programme, the rides are being spot
primed with Bradite EP92 and then coated with two coats of PG77
polyurethane gloss finish. As well as protection, the products also
had to supply the required aesthetic finish. For structures the size
of the rides at the amusement park, it was vital that an overall
glossy, long lasting colourful finish was attainable that would catch
the eye and entice visitors.
a global
leader in soil-
and ground
technology, is celebrating 20 years of working on some of the
worlds most challenging and prestigious wind farm projects.
The Blackburn-based company has seen increasing demand for its
products from the renewable energy sector in recent years, and in
particular its TriAx mechanically stabilised geogrid, which is ideally
suited to the creation of temporary access roads in difficult to reach
areas. Landmark wind farm projects, for which Tensar has delivered
solutions, include Whitelee Wind Farm in Scotland and Fntnele-
Cogealac Wind Farm in Romania, hailed Europes largest onshore
wind farm. In both projects Tensars TriAx range was specified
to create safe, new access roads and working platforms capable
of supporting heavy trafficking. Its popularity is unsurprising
considering the impressive benefits which can be generated.
The use of TriAx geogrid reduces construction thicknesses by
up to 50%, along with the materials and excavation required,
while reducing long term maintenance costs and carbon
emissions from vehicles to site.
A dilapidated Scout hut in
Greater Manchester has been
given a new lease of life thanks
to a generous donation of paint
and time by Johnstones and
volunteers from Trafford Housing
Trust. Johnstones wasted little
time in stepping forward when
not-for-profit independent
housing company, Trafford
Housing Trust, signed up to take
part in the annual Give and Gain
Day recently, with the healthy
donation of paint for one of its
projects. To protect the exterior
of the building, the hut was
painted in Johnstones Opaque
Wood Finish, formulated to be
water repellent and resistant
to UV, making it a suitable low
maintenance exterior paint.
Trespa has a long track record as a leading figure in the field of
architectural materials and the companys environmental credentials
have been further enhanced with confirmation of a BREEAM rating for
its range of products. BREEAM sets the standard for best practice
in sustainable building design, construction and operation and is a
comprehensive and widely recognised measure of a building's
environmental performance. It enables designers, clients and others
to think about low carbon and low impact design, minimising the
energy demands created by a building before considering energy
efficiency and low carbon technologies. Trespa is also extremely proud
to have achieved the Environmental Profile Certificate from BBA for
its Trespa Meteon FR and Trespa Meteon Standard product range.
Laidlawhas played a part in
the fit-out of a state-of-the-art
flagship site for the RSPCA
Animal Centre and Hospital
in Birmingham. The company
undertook site surveys and
designed, manufactured and
installed bespoke handrails and
balustrades for the new facility.
Previously based in Barnes Hill,
the facility has now moved to
Newbrook Farm in Frankley
and is the first of its kind in
the country to combine all
three functions of a hospital,
inspectorate and rehoming
centre under one roof.
Laidlaw's handrail and
balustrading solutions were
specified for 14 areas across
the site. Laidlaw supplied a
40mm diameter dark grey
nylon and brushed stainless
steel combination with light
grey perforated panels to the
external parts of the building.
Additional supplies comprised
a wall mounted handrail for the
external staircase, complete
with fully compliant type III
handrail brackets.
CC397 CC398
Since its launch in 2008,
theWORKS a fast-acting, wet or
dry surface sealant and adhesive
from Geocel has proved a big
hit with contractors, quickly
becoming one of Geocels million pound brands. Now Geocel is
launching two new theWORKS products to complete the range:
theWORKS XXX is an extra grab, extra strong, extra fast version
of the familiar cartridge sealant/adhesive, and theWORKS SPRAY
is a handy aerosol spray that removes, cleans, degreases and
helps finish all sorts of common building tasks. theWORKS XXX
is the ultimate in fast grab super strength adhesive power 50%
faster than traditional grab adhesives. This instant bond means
that many common building tasks can be carried out without
the need for temporary support or additional mechanical fixings,
saving time and money on site.
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ABC+D July 2013
P C Henderson has launched new range of digital brochures
encompassing its entire range of sliding and folding door
hardware systems for domestic, commercial and industrial
applications. Available to download from the website,
customers can view each product with ease of functionality as
pop up boxes and a fully interactive toolbar allow for effortless
browsing, without additional clicks. The brochures are available
as a web app (suitable for all tablets and smart phones),
which is ideal when on the move and visiting clients. A desktop
app with additional offline versions is also available for quick access from a workstation.
Providing access to a comprehensive library of information, each brochure provides a
detailed guide to all products which are presented with inspiring installation images and
full technical information.
PC Henderson
Brett Martin Plumbing &
Drainage has added two new
dual connection road gullies
to its range of underground
drainage products. Developed
to meet the needs of installers,
the gullies feature a 160mm
outlet to accept 160mm Solid
Pipe with a cutline to convert to a 150mm outlet for Twinwall Pipe connections making it
suitable for a range of applications from car parks to motorways. Used to remove water
efficiently from surface areas, the Brett Martin dual connection gullies coded B9450 and
B7450 combine maximum flexibility, ease of installation, long-term reliability and offer
major space saving benefits in transportation and storage.
Brett Martin Plumbing & Drainage
Mapei has launched its new Ultracoat range to the UK market. Already established in
Europe, the comprehensive range offers a complete system of products to achieve the
ultimate finish for wooden flooring. The range has varying characteristics, to bring out
different features dependant on the wood species, the number of coats and the end result
preferred. Ultracoat Aqua Plus is a filler of high residual solids content for mixing with
sawdust for filling joints in wooden floors; Ultracoat Universal Base is a one-component,
rapid-drying basecoat; Ultracoat Premium Base is a two-component base coat with high
insulating properties; Ultracoat Easy Plus is a one-component polyurethane varnish
suitable for floors with frequent pedestrian use; Ultracoat High Traffic is a two-component
polyurethane varnish for floors subject to extremely high levels of pedestrian use;
Ultracoat Oil is a natural drying, solvent-free resin for treating wooden floors, giving a warm
rustic effect finish; Ultracoat Oil Care is a natural drying resin oil for finishing floors treated
with Ultracoat Oil to provide ongoing maintenance and refresh old floors; and Ultracoat
Universal Cleaner is a concentrated detergent for varnished or oiled wooden floors.
Mapeis Ultracoat range helps to achieve both the mechanical and aesthetical
requirements for wooden flooring, making the complete system suitable for a range
of environments including
residential homes,
commercial areas,
gyms and sports floors.
The Ultracoat products
make up water-based
systems with class B1 fl s1
and C fl s1 fire resistant
certification. In addition
they dont contain any trace
of NMP, a solvent which has
proven to be a health risk
because it continues to
emit harmful substances even after application.
Armstrong World Industries is celebrating the 10th anniversary
of the launch of its award-winning ceiling recycling schemes with
a series of significant developments that truly place the programme
at the forefront in the UK. Among other initiatives, Armstrong now
pledges to recycle non-Armstrong ceiling tiles, enabling contractors
to make even more substantial savings on waste disposal costs
some 120 on each skip containing 250m
of old ceiling tiles.
The Armstrong end-of-life
scheme now applies to any
quantity of all wet felt, stone
wool and glass wool ceiling tiles
where they are replaced by
Armstrong tiles, with full loads
of the old tiles transported
back free of charge to
Armstrongs factory where
they are made into new tiles
a service unique to Armstrong.
Although there are some 50,000 bottle banks in the UK,
there are collection points where their sheer size makes their
deployment inappropriate. Leafield Environmental's Envirobin
Maxi fits the bill in such situations but, until now, the collection
liner, when full of bottles, was very heavy to manoeuvre and
difficult to handle. The company has now developed a multi-
stacking liner system incorporating
up to three interlocking liners,
each with handles. When the top
liner is full it can be moved to the
bottom with relative ease and a
new empty liner is brought into
action. Glass collection frequency
is not disrupted but manual
handling of the empty bottles is
made much easier thanks to the
new liner system. An optional,
purpose made, four castor, dolly
enables the full liners to be wheeled
away with relative ease.
Product Round Up: Sustainability
& Eco solutions >Waterproofing
Kemper Systems Kemperol V210 waterproofing membrane has
played an important role in the development of a new sustainable
club house at Richmond Park Golf Club. The new facilities
incorporate a number of green technologies in order to achieve a
BREEAM rating of excellent. Distinctively shaped like a bird in flight,
the roof of the new club house has been designed to complement
the buildings surroundings and maximise its thermal efficiency.
The building boasts a green roof over a warm roof build-up, which
uses acid turf from the Royal Park at Richmond allowing the gently
sloping building to blend into the rolling landscape of the course.
Gary Millsom of roofing contractor, Garhigh, said: In order to
ensure the roof remained watertight, Kemper Systems seamless
liquid waterproofing system, Kemperol V210, was selected for
its FLL certified root-resistant properties, durability and proven
performance in green roof developments. Jon Dummett,
head of golf for Glendale
Managed Services explained:
"The 2.5m investment into
the clubhouse is part of our
long-term commitment to
improving the facilities at
Richmond Park Golf Course.
The response from our
customers has been terrific
and the green roof has been
a real talking point.
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ABC+D July 2013
T-T is delighted with the continued success of the new
Uniqa range into the UK market, since its recent launch.
Considerable commitment has gone into the research and
development of the product which now represents a real step
forward in the market. The power range of the Uniqa series goes
from 4 to 200kw with 2, 4, 6 and 8 pole motors, 50/60Hz power
and DN80 to DN400 discharge ports, vortex impellers with full
free passage, and channels with anti-blockage systems make
the Uniqa series suited to operation in any conditions.
The motors have been designed to reach the Premium Efficiency Class IE3 according to
the CEI EN 60034/30 regulations and can work in uninterrupted service S1 in water up to
a temperature of 60C, as per NEMA A. All hydraulic components are designed to provide
highest efficiency and best performance.
T-T Pumps
A solid oak Rundum Original concave
garage door was specified for Downley
House a beautiful home located in rural
South Downs National Park, designed
by RIBA competition winner, Birds
Portchmouth Russum. The use of oak
and the concave design complement
the natural flowing form of the landscape
and the rest of the building. The door
slides back along the side at an angle into
the garage and is operated by remote control. Rundum Meir feels privileged to have been
involved with this prestigious project, commented Danesch Missaghian, MD.
Rundum Meir (UK)
A recent customer survey carried out by Osmo UK has
provided some insightful statistics that indicate a high level
of satisfaction towards the company and its products.
Osmo conducted the survey to gain a greater understanding
of how its customers perceive its service, product quality and
pricing. The survey revealed that over 85% believe Osmo
products to be of better quality than its competitors,
along with 72.5% of customers thinking that the range is
as reasonably priced, if not more so, than similar products on the market. These reasons
contributed to 97% of participants agreeing that they would be likely to recommend Osmo
products to people they know. The survey also highlighted that 66% class Osmo as a
professional business, due to it providing great customer service, having a knowledgeable
team and it being a convenient and easy to use company.
Osmo UK
Mapei has announced its membership
acceptance to the Concrete Repair
Association (CRA). As a manufacturer
of a range of concrete repair, structural
strengthening, waterproofing and
protective coating products, Mapei looks forward to contributing to the CRA, sharing
expertise and engaging with fellow members in this specialist sector. Mapeis fully
comprehensive building line includes technologically advanced and sustainable products,
such as its fibre-reinforced repair mortar range and the newly launched product Re-con
Zero. Re-con Zero is Mapeis sustainable solution to concrete waste, turning unused
concrete into re-usable aggregate with Zero Impact. The product has the advantage
of turning waste concrete into re-usable aggregate at the concrete plant without the
need to re-direct the concrete to a specialist reclaiming unit.
The Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI) has
appointed a new president; John Jefferies, CEO of Laidlaw
Interiors Group. John is joined by his new vice president
Maria Simmonds, managing director of Lorient a
respected designer and manufacturer of architectural door
seals. The GAI is the UKs only trade body solely dedicated to promoting the interests
of the whole architectural ironmongery industry. Maria joined the GAI executive in 2006;
during that time she has been an instrumental member of the marketing committee and
worked assiduously on a number of smaller task groups for special projects. In fact, she was
a member of the founding group of the Fire Door Inspection Scheme a joint initiative
between the GAI and BWF Certifire. With 20 years industry experience,
an MBA and Diploma in marketing, Maria is able to contribute to all aspects of the GAIs
strategic planning and implementation.
As the threat of flooding in the UK increases, Bowater Doors
has unveiled an improved design for its flood defence door.
The DuoGuard range is being relaunched following
enhancements to its design. Bowater Doors, a company of
The VEKA UK Group, is one of the UK's leading manufacturers
of energy-efficient composite doors. As national sales manager
John Park-Davies explains: The DuoGuard extends all the
energy efficiency, security and durability benefits of the Duo
range to create a genuine double rebate flood defence door.
Twin compression seals and a 12-point, multi-locking system
combine to provide unrivalled protection against flooding, in
fact, up to 200 times more flood protection when compared to a standard single rebate
composite door.
Bowater Doors
Metal Technology has installed a number of its
products on recently-completed Tesco store projects
at Salford in Greater Manchester and on a zero-carbon
store in Dublin. Meeting Tescos aim to continually
refine the design and include more environmental
features at their new stores, Metal Technologys System 17 Curtain Walling profiles give
limitless flexibility in specification. Offering a range of structural mullions, transoms and
feature caps, System 17 can meet the character and performance requirements for
expansive glazed applications on any building. The Tesco project saw System 17 installed
for the optimum in structural integrity, weather performance and thermal enhancement.
Finishes can vary internally and externally, adding to the design possibilities, while the
intrinsic qualities of aluminium infinite recyclability, durability, strength and lightness
mean it is one of the most sustainable building materials in use today.
Metal Technology
Mereway has launched a re-designed website tailored for
consumers seeking a perfect kitchen or bathroom and
also for professionals in the KBB industry. As a dual
function site thats both exciting and inspiring, the new
design is more consumer friendly, while hosting a
custom-built Tradespace area for retail partners.
Consumers can enjoy browsing inspirational galleries
of stunning kitchen and bathroom photography spanning
the traditional, classic and contemporary collections.
The new sites incorporate comprehensive product news and advice, exclusive updates
and information from local retailers. Consumers can now enjoy a new postcode search
function to locate nearest showrooms, an easy, free brochure request service and real
customer testimonials to offer extra peace of mind.
Mereway Kitchens
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ABC+D July 2013
Originally constructed in 1987, One Christchurch Way in
Woking has undergone a comprehensive refurbishment to
transform it into a landmark office development, boasting
some outstanding features, including an external solar
shading solution from Levolux. The solar shading solution
significantly reduces solar heat gain by absorbing and
reflecting a proportion of the suns rays. It also allows
the removal of existing solar film from all windows,
thereby improving the daylighting to the office floors.
The inclusion of passive cooling techniques also helped the developer to determine an
accurate specification for a more cost-effective air conditioning system. As a result it is
estimated that the energy consumption of the building will be reduced by approximately
10%, helping to improve the buildings EPC rating from an F, to a B grading.
Having recently celebrated its 300th anniversary at St Pauls
Cathedral, Lady Eleanor Holles is acknowledged as one of the
top girls' schools in the country. A 10m scheme to provide
a new Arts Department will complement the existing school
facilities that are set in 24 acres. Bretts Piatto range of pavers
was specified for the new entrance. The client was keen to
protect its investment and subsequently enquired about sealing
the new paving. Given the ongoing relationships with both Bretts commercial specification
team and its registered contractors, Resiblock was consulted. The brief was to provide
long-term stain protection and sand joint stabilisation. Post on-site trials, Resiblock Ultra-
Matt was shown to complement Bretts Piatto pavers. Resiblock Ultra Matt is a single pack,
specialist, urethane based paving sealer that stabilises the jointing sand, preventing its
erosion from heavy duty cleaning regimes.
7,000 Moorland fibre cement slates from Cembrit have
been used in the building of a new place of worship in
Northamptonshire. Located on the site of the original
Wollaston Baptist Church, the new building features black
Moorland slates to provide contemporary performance and
style. Similar to the appearance of natural slate, Moorland
has a smooth surface with authentic dressed edges that
lend themselves to all manner of prestigious applications.
The Moorland slates fit perfectly with the village surroundings and a glazed skylight over
the sanctuary has added definition to the roofline. Reverend Michael Hogg commented:
We are extremely happy with the new building and with the finish provided by Cembrits
Moorland slates. They fit perfectly with the local buildings and they complement
the churchs exterior nicely.
Recent planning Permitted Development rule changes aim
to apply sustainable drainage (SuDS) to new or replacement
paving around various non-domestic buildings as well as
existing homes as part of the fight against flooding.
New guidance from Interpave has been published to help
local authorities, surveyors, conveyancing lawyers, designers,
contractors, landscapers and other professionals to interpret
them. Both English and Scottish governments refer to a guide
on permeable paving from the Department of Communities
and Local Government and this, in turn, refers to the
Interpave website and guidance documents for more information. To satisfy the
requirements, there is a growing choice of concrete block systems available from Interpave
manufacturers, designed specifically for permeable paving.
Setcretes Deep Base Levelling Compound has
demonstrated its effectiveness and suitability as a
fast-track economical solution for levelling uneven
floors, as illustrated by its use in a residential property
in Hagley, Birmingham. Applied to raise the floor to
create a 6m
kitchen extension, Setcretes Deep Base
Levelling Compound was chosen due to its ability
to build and level a subfloor quickly and effectively.
The original floor was uneven and, with a new underfloor heating system being installed,
Setcretes Deep Base Levelling Compound was applied at thicknesses between 5-40mm
to create a smooth, hardwearing and level floor on which the underfloor heating system
could be installed. Setcrete Deep Base Levelling Compound can deliver 50mm thickness
in just one application and is suitable for a wide range of floor types.
The BBA can certify manufacturers of solar panel
installation kits to MCS012. This is a relatively new
requirement for mounting kits used with solar
heating and solar PV installations intended for
installation on pitched roofs. The document
addresses three aspects of performance: resistance
to wind loading, reaction to fire and resistance to
water penetration. Manufacturers have until 31
March 2014 to obtain Certification against the new requirements. To ensure that it was
ready for the introduction of MCS 012, the BBA recently invested in a new test rig so
that the weathertightness and resistance to wind uplift tests could be performed.
Many manufacturers of PV systems have already gained approval using this new kit and
the BBA invites others to make contact as soon as possible to avoid a rush of applications.
Barratt has appointed Residential Management Group
(RMG) as the managing agent for three new build
developments within its Southern Counties division.
RMG was invited to tender for the contracts in Bexhill,
Heathfield and Worthing, following the success of the
companys management of another Barratt Homes
development in Bromley. The three new developments
Silvas Grange in Heathfield, The Fieldings in Worthing and
Ambers Rise in Bexhill comprise 138 properties in total. Each development is based
in a semi-rural location, resulting in the need for Barratt, together with RMG, to consider
the surrounding area, taking into account woodland and wildlife. Business development
manager at RMG, Hannah Watt (pictured), said: We have established a good working
relationship with Barratt Southern Counties during recent development projects,
so it is extremely gratifying to have been awarded these latest contracts.
Residential Management Group
Restricted desk-to-window height throughout the new
17m North Shore Academy in Stockton proved a challenge
for the projects M&E contractor until Marshall-Tufflexs
Twin165 double compartment trunking system was found
to be a solution. Shepherd Engineering Services (SES)
ruled out three compartment trunking simply because
the desk-to-window height throughout the building was
insufficient to accommodate these larger solutions.
The focus then switched to two compartment cable
management solutions, as Mark Gibson, of SES, explained: Having looked at quite a few
two compartment systems, Twin165 allowed the most space, permitting approximately
50mm above the desks and 15mm below the window sills, whereas other double
compartment dado trunking allowed only 5 or 6mm.
Marshall Tufflex
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