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CORONOLY OF UNFOLDING EVENTS IN MUHAJERIA ON THE 18-19 APRIL 2013 Initial information of the attack was brought to the attention

of the Sector East leadership on the 18 April at about 20.45hours by the civilian staff that was on the telephone line with the SE HQ at the time when the initial security breach of the UNAMID TS was taking place. Later information was provided by an Egyptian major, part of our MILOB team in Mauhajeria, corroborated by two other staff of UNAMID states that five male adults in GoS uniform suspected to be GoS soldiers armed with rifles approached the gate, which was at the time manned by one guard from the PKF, shot the padlock on the door and entered the camp. While doing this they were yelling that "UNAMID was observing while our people were getting killed now we will kill you". The MILOB concluded that he had at the time of my telephone conversation with him four empty cartages of AK 47 the perpetrators had fired in his possession The information then followed that the five disappeared somewhere in the Camp. The TS force combed the camp in an effort to locate and neutralize the threat but the intruders were nowhere to be seen, but a Tanzanian Police adviser later observed disappearance of some items from their office suspected the said items may have been stolen by the intruders. The Sector leadership immediately called on the Commanding officer of the NIBATT 34 whose troops are the ones manning the said camp with an advice that the troops should be alerted and it seems the intruders came to test the waters in a bid to observe the strength and alertness of our troops, as an advance for an impending assault, basing our deduction of the statement uttered by the intruders. Four hours later, a report came in that the camp was under attack resulting to a loss of one soldier and injuring one as firing from three directions of the camp at the time continued. In reaction, I called the GoS security chiefs that I will hold them accountable for allowing such incident to take place right under their nose, hence in the joint meeting with the Wali and the said security chiefs statements and assurances were made that GoS is now in full control of both Muhajeria, and Labado. Forty five minutes later the firing stopped up to the time of this report, furthering my suspicion they may have had a fore knowledge of the agony that meted our staff as at the said time they were all at the offices. When requested to intervene in this unfortunate incident, they claimed that the conflict is an intertribal one where now Birgid are taking the opportunity and exerting vengeance over the Zaghawa for their alleged support to the SLA/MM advance and takeover of the Muhajeria town earlier this month. The Zaghawa reacted by rushing towards the UNAMID TS looking for protection under the patronage of UNAMID troops. Even if the reports provide sufficient evidence in support of this statement, the primary responsibility to provide all civilians, peacekeeping personnel and UN assets remains with the Government of Sudan. However, I still beg the question of the quality of some of our troops, looking at it from professional point of view, particularly in a location that has been attacked and counter attacked

by two opponent contending enemy forces twice in 12 days and could continue to provide lingering threat for the civilian population, yet UNAMID TS troops, posted only one guard at the camp gate. MEETING WITH UMDAS OF LABADO On 18/04/2014 at about 1430hrs a delegation of eight UMDAS of Labado held a meeting with UNAMID at the NIBATT 39 officers’ Mess. Umda OUSMAN ABUBAKAR ABADALLAH who was the secretary of the delegation read a letter of appreciation written by Umdas of Labado to UNAMID. In his deliberations Umda OUSMAN ABUBAKAR ABADALLAH expressed appreciation and commended UNAMID on behalf of Labado community for the protection of civilians and property in particular, provision of water and medical services, recovery of some of their livestock from militia as well as conducting constant daily and night patrols by the troops. The secretary further gave a breakdown of property and livestock looted by the Janjaweed militia as well as lost lives, injured and missing persons as follows: - 10 people were killed, 16 people were injured, four people are still missing, 800 camels, 3000 sheep, 2000 goats, 1500 cows, 250 horses, 300 donkeys, property valued at two million SDG from IDPs, goods valued at five million SDG from Labado market and unknown value of property from schools and clinic were damaged and looted. The spokesman further requested the following from UNAMID on behalf of Labado IDPs:- to facilitate the provision of water by activating the usage of water boreholes, urgent humanitarian assistance for basic needs such water, food, shelter and medication, more protection from UNAMID for the IDPS and their property. He stated that the number of IPDs around UNAMID camp is about 15000 and added some have ran to hide in the bush and wadis but all of them will return to their various residences on the assurance of security. However the security situation in Labado remained calm throughout the day and overnight as reported by UNAMID staff on ground RE CONVOY FROM NYALA DESTINED FOR LABADO AND MUHAJERIA The resupply of UNAKID staff and re enforcement personnel to beef up the troop strength of both Labado and Muhajeria convoy from Nyala for Labado and Muhajeria arrived in Labado at about 1630 and expected to continue o Muhajeria this morning