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Study Is|and 1eacher Manua


2012 - 2013

1ab|e of Contents

I. About the Þrogram............................................................
II. Usage Cverv|ew...........................................................
III. Study Modes.............................................................
IV. 1eacher Þage............................................................
V. C|ass Manager..............................................................
a. CreaLe Classes and AsslgnmenLs..................................................
b. Llvevlew............................................................
c. ÞarenL noLlflcaLlons.........................................................
d. WrlLlng AsslgnmenL.......................................................
e. 1esL 8ullder........................................................
VI. Schoo| keports..........................................................
a. Ad[usL ulfflculLy Level........................................................
b. 8eporLs............................................................
VII. Add|t|ona| Ieatures and Informat|on..................................................
a. CusLom MaLerlal (CusLom 1esLs)....................................................
b. 8rowser CompaLlblllLy.........................................................
c. lmplemenLaLlon ldeas.......................................................
d. ÞarenL LeLLer...........................................................
e. 1roubleshooLlng......................................................
f. Clossary.............................................................


8lbbons are awarded based on a sLudenL's cumulaLlve score for Lhe Loplc. lor example, lf a sLudenL does mulLlple sesslons
ln Lhe same Loplc, hls or her cumulaLlve score ls calculaLed as follows:
Sesslon 1: 3 correcL ouL of 10 aLLempLed
Sesslon 2: 3 correcL ouL of 3 aLLempLed
Sesslon 3: 4 correcL ouL of 3 aLLempLed
CumulaLlve Score = 12 ouL of 20 = 60°
Study Is|and Þrogram

SLudy lsland ls an onllne sLandards masLery and LesL preparaLlon program bullL from sLaLe sLandards and avallable ln all flfLy sLaLes.
Cne of ulsttlct AJmlolsttotloo's 8eaders' Cholce 1op 100 ÞroducLs of 2010, a 2112 SllA CCulL Award wlnner for 8esL SLudenL
AssessmenL SoluLlon, and eSchool Medla's 2012 8eaders' Cholce Award wlnner, SLudy lsland ls used by over 10 mllllon sLudenLs ln
19,000 schools. 8ooLed ln foundaLlonal and sLaLlsLlcal research, Lhe dynamlc self-paced program allows Leachers Lo cusLomlze
lnsLrucLlon Lo sLudenLs' needs whlle allowlng sLudenLs Lo sLudy ln sLandard LesL formaL, lnLeracLlve game mode, or uslng lnLeracLlve
response sysLems. SLudy lsland ls currenLly compaLlble wlLh elnsLrucLlon, ÞromeLhean, 8enalssance, Culzdom, SMA81, and

now Study Is|and Works:
• Lach user has hls or her own username and password.
• 1he program ls dlvlded lnLo secLlons based on sub[ecL (maLh, readlng, eLc.).
• Lach sub[ecL ls made up of approxlmaLely 13-30 Loplcs, and each Loplc corresponds Lo a sLandard, or mulLlple relaLed sLandards,
from your sLaLe currlculum.
• 1oplcs conslsL of a lesson and a bank of pracLlce quesLlons wlLh explanaLlons.
• lL ls helpful Lo vlew Lhe lesson before answerlng Lhe quesLlons ln Lhe Loplc.

Goa| of the Study Is|and Þrogram:
1he goal of Lhe program ls Lo earn a 8lue 8lbbon, or ºpass" every Loplc (denoLed by ). lf a sLudenL passes every Loplc, he or she
has demonsLraLed proflclency ln all areas LesLed.

now to Get ¥our Students Started:
As Lhe admln for your school, you wlll reglsLer users ln a laLer sLep. Asslgnlng usernames and passwords ls parL of LhaL process.

1. Co Lo
2. 1o log ln, sLudenLs wlll enLer Lhelr unlque usernames and passwords under Lhe ºMember Logln" secLlon locaLed on Lhe lefL
slde of Lhe screen.
3. Cllck a sub[ecL.
4. Cllck ºÞreLesL" Lo begln lf Lhere ls a ÞreLesL avallable. AfLer compleLlng Lhe ÞreLesL, Lhe sLudenL ls ready Lo move on Lo Lhe
Loplcs wlLhln Lhe sub[ecL. lf Lhere ls no ÞreLesL for Lhe sub[ecL, sklp Lhls and go Lo Lhe nexL sLep.
5toJeots most complete teo poestloos lo tbe ptetest to move oo to tbe temoloJet of tbe toplcs wltblo tbe sobject.
3. Cllck on a Loplc Lo sLarL sLudylng. lor a mulLlple-Loplc LesL, check Lhe box beslde each Loplc and cllck ºSLarL SLudylng" ln Lhe
upper-rlghL corner.
6. SLudenLs wlll recelve a 8lue 8lbbon nexL Lo Lhe Loplcs Lhey have passed and a yellow Lrlangle nexL Lo Lhe Loplcs ln whlch
Lhey need addlLlonal work.

SLudenLs wlll recelve a 8lue 8lbbon when Lhey pass LhaL Loplc. 1he passlng requlremenLs vary by Loplc and can be
vlewed on Lhe Loplcs screen under Lhe column ºÞasslng Coal." 1he º?our 8esulLs" column shows Lhe score Lhe
sLudenL currenLly has. 8oLh columns show Lhe number of quesLlons or ºlLems" Laken ln each Loplc and Lhe
correspondlng ºscore."

SLudenLs wlll recelve Lhls symbol nexL Lo a Loplc ln whlch addlLlonal help ls needed. ln mosL cases, Lhey wlll be
glven access Lo a 8ulldlng 8lock 1oplc, whlch Lhey musL pass before reLurnlng Lo Lhe on-grade-level Loplc.
SLudenLs wlll recelve a WhlLe 8lbbon when Lhey pass a 8ulldlng 8lock 1oplc.

**unanswered quesLlons ln a Loplc are dlsregarded. SLudenLs can end a sesslon aL any Llme by cllcklng ºLnu S1uu?
SLSSlCn" wlLhouL a negaLlve effecL Lo Lhelr scores. 1hey can reLurn Lo LhaL Loplc Lo compleLe Lhe sesslon aL any Llme. 1lp:
Lach Llme a 8lue 8lbbon ls earned, sLudenLs can cllck on Lhe rlbbon lcon Lo prlnL lL!

7. AfLer compleLlng all of Lhe Loplcs ln a sub[ecL, Lhe sLudenL can move Lo Lhe ºÞosL 1esL." 1he ÞosL 1esL becomes avallable
when sLudenLs have compleLed evety Loplc and have earned 8lue 8lbbons ln all buL 3 Loplcs. Cnce Lhe ÞosL 1esL ls
compleLe, Lhe sLudenL has passed Lhe sub[ecL. SLudenLs may go back aL any Llme and reLake any areas ln whlch Lhey had

Cverv|ew of 1eacher Use
1. Log ln Lo wlLh Lhe username and password your SLudy lsland Admln has provlded.
2. ulsLrlbuLe usernames and passwords from Lhe Þassword LlsL Lo Lhe sLudenLs.
3. CreaLe classes uslng ºClass Manager."
4. CreaLe asslgnmenLs, lf deslred.
3. lnLroduce SLudy lsland Lo your classroom.
6. 1rack sLudenL progress uslng real-Llme reporLs from Lhe School 8eporLs page.

n|gh Schoo|: SLudy lsland offers a new hlgh school lnLerface for 9-12 sLudenLs. "1he Is|and" ls a separaLe SLudy lsland webslLe wlLh
an lnLerface deslgned speclflcally wlLh our hlgh school users ln mlnd. Some of Lhe key feaLures of Lhe hlgh school slLe lnclude new
slLe organlzaLlon and Lhe addlLlon of sLudy forums, dally feeds, and a career readlness secLlon. 1o access Lhe hlgh school webslLe,
1he lsland, sLudenLs wlll go Lo hLLps://, enLer Lhelr SLudy lsland username and password, and cllck ºLogln."

Career Þlannlng - 1he career readlness secLlon wlll allow sLudenLs Lo bulld resumes, leLLers of recommendaLlon, and cover
leLLers. ln addlLlon, Lhere ls secLlon dedlcaLed Lo lnLervlew Llps and lnformaLlonal vldeos coverlng dlfferenL aspecLs of
lnLervlewlng for a [ob and/or college.

ually leeds - Lach maln sub[ecL page (Lngllsh, Soclal SLudles, MaLh, Sclence) feaLures a dally or weekly feed such as a word of
Lhe day, poem of Lhe day, dally quoLes, weekly braln Leasers, and weekly welrd sclence facLs Lo generaLe sLudenL dlscusslon.

ÞassporL SLamps - A passporL sLamp denoLes Loplc masLery ln º1he lsland" hlgh school lnLerface. 1he passporL sLamps are
comparable Lo blue rlbbons ln Lhe k-8 SLudy lsland program. 1he ÞassporL SLamps wlll only be seen when logged lnLo Lhe hlgh
school webslLe, Lhey wlll noL replace Lhe 8lue 8lbbons seen when logged lnLo Lhe SLudy lsland webslLe.

Sess|on 1ypes

1here are several dlfferenL sLudy-sesslon modes. 1o access Lhem, check Lhe box nexL Lo Lhe Loplc Lhen cllck ºSLarL SLudylng." Cn Lhe
nexL page, selecL Lhe number of quesLlons and choose Lhe deslred sesslon Lype under ºSesslon CpLlons." SelecL from Lhe followlng

• ÞracLlce Mode - SLandard mulLlple cholce or shorL answer formaL. 8y defaulL, quesLlons are ln Lhls mode. 1he number of
quesLlons wlll auLomaLlcally defaulL Lo Lhe mlnlmum number requlred Lo meeL Lhe passlng parameLer for LhaL Loplc.
SLudenLs have Lhe ablllLy Lo choose Lhe number of quesLlons for LhaL LesL sesslon.

• Classroom 8esponse SysLem - 1eachers wlll be able Lo use Lhelr C8S classroom cllckers wlLh Lhe SLudy lsland program.
Þlease noLe LhaL your school wlll need Lo have already purchased a C8S sysLem Lo be able Lo use Lhls feaLure. ?ou can flnd
compleLe lnsLrucLlons and sysLem requlremenLs onllne by cllcklng Pelp, lACs and 1roubleshooLlng, Lhen Cllcker SupporL.

• ÞrlnLable WorksheeL - SLudenLs can choose one or mulLlple Loplcs by puLLlng a check mark nexL Lo Lhe Loplcs Lhey wanL Lo
lnclude on Lhelr worksheeL. Answers are locaLed aL Lhe boLLom of a Leacher copy, however sLudenLs do noL have access Lo
Lhe answers. Þ|ease note that quest|ons taken |n the Þr|ntab|e Worksheet mode cannot be entered |nto Study Is|and

• Came Mode - 1here are many dlfferenL games LhaL your sLudenLs can play. updaLed
verslons of !ava and llash are requlred Lo play Lhe games, and are avallable onllne as free
downloads. Came Mode quesLlons conLaln Lhe same conLenL as oLher sLudy modes. Þ|ease
note: Þ|ay|ng the games WILL affect the students' scores [ust as |f they were tak|ng a
regu|ar test sess|on. 1he sLudenL can choose games from Lhree dlfflculLy levels: 8eglnner,
lnLermedlaLe, or Challenglng. 1he dlfflculLy level does noL perLaln Lo Lhe quesLlons, buL
raLher Lo Lhe level aL whlch Lhe game ls played.

• llash Cards - When flash cards are enabled, Leachers and sLudenLs wlll see a flash card lcon nexL Lo Lhe Loplc LlLle. upon
cllcklng Lhe lcon, users wlll be able Lo choose beLween lnLeracLlve dlglLal or prlnLable flash cards. Þlease noLe LhaL noL all
Loplcs have flash cards avallable.

1eacher Þage

1he 1eacher Þage ls a dashboard feaLurlng qulck-access llnks Lo commonly used Leacher feaLures. 1he 1eacher Þage conslsLs of ºMy
Class" and" My AsslgnmenL" secLlons, whlch lnclude dlrecL llnks Lo feaLures avallable ln Lhe Class Manager. 1eachers can also flnd a
llsL of Lhe reporLs Lhey have auLomaLlcally emalled and a snap shoL of Lhe Lop flve blue rlbbon earners, under ºMy Lmalled 8eporLs"
and º8lue 8lbbon SnapshoL," respecLlvely. llnally, locaLed under º1eachers' Lounge" and ºAnnouncemenLs," Leachers wlll flnd dlrecL
llnks Lo lmplemenLaLlon ldeas, Þower user lnformaLlon, SLudy lsland Soclal neLworklng and exclLlng new SLudy lsland

keset Start Date
8eseLLlng Lhe sLarL daLe clears ouL a sLudenL's sLaLs (wlLhouL deleLlng Lhem) and forces hlm or her Lo sLarL fresh, however,
Leachers may sLlll access old sLaLs. 8eporLs wlll only lnclude sLaLlsLlcs from sesslons performed afLer Lhe new ºSLarL uaLe." ?ou
wlll sLlll be able Lo access Lhe sLudenLs' prevlous sLaLs by uslng Lhe fllLer feaLure on Lhe reporLs.
kemember: ?ou
have Lhe opLlon Lo
conLrol lf or when
sLudenLs have access
Lo game mode.
1o edlL an exlsLlng class, cllck Lhe ºLdlL Class" lcon on Lhe Class Manager page. 1o add a sLudenL Lo Lhe class, repeaL sLeps 3 and
6. 1o remove a sLudenL from Lhe class uncheck Lhe box by Lhe sLudenL's name and cllck ºSave."

1o reseL Lhe sLarL daLe:
1. Cllck º8eseL SLarL uaLe" on Lhe 1eacher Þage.
2. SelecL a class.
3. Check Lhe box nexL Lo Lhe name of Lhe sLudenL you wanL Lo reseL. 1o selecL all sLudenLs aL one Llme, check Lhe box ln
Lhe header row.
4. Scroll Lo Lhe Lop of Lhe page, and cllck ln Lhe box locaLed Lo Lhe rlghL of ºSLarL uaLe."
3. Choose Lhe deslred daLe from Lhe calendar, Lhen cllck ºSeL SLarL uaLe."

C|ass Manager
SLudy lsland enables Leachers Lo group sLudenLs lnLo speclflc classes. Classes are slmply grouplngs. A sLudenL can be ln more Lhan
one class aL a Llme, and Lhere ls no llmlL Lo Lhe number of classes you can creaLe. Classes can also lnclude sLudenLs from more Lhan
one grade level. 1he ºClass Þage" and creaLlon of classes ls an opLlonal feaLure and lS nC1 requlred Lo use Lhe SLudy lsland program.

CreaLe asslgnmenLs for an lndlvldual sLudenL
Laslly vlew sLudenL progress
See class averages
Send messages Lo all sLudenLs ln your class
Make a class page and class asslgnmenLs
Send auLomaLlc emalls Lo parenLs
vlew sLudenL acLlvlLy ln real-Llme

1o Create a C|ass:
1. Cllck ºClass Manager" on Lhe lefL slde of Lhe screen.
2. Cllck ºAdd new Class."
3. LnLer a LlLle for your new class.
4. 1eachers may choose Lo ºCverrlde School Þreferences." Pere, Leachers may conLrol game feaLures, remedlal Loplcs, and
Llmer vlslblllLy (opLlonal).
3. Cllck Lhe blue plus slgn Lo Lhe rlghL of Lhe preferred grade level, Lhen check Lhe sLudenLs you wlsh Lo add Lo Lhe class. lf you
wlsh Lo add all sLudenLs ln a grade level, check Lhe box Lo Lhe lefL of LhaL grade level.
6. Cllck ºSave" aL Lhe boLLom of Lhe screen.

1o Create a Þract|ce and Instruct|on Ass|gnment:
1. Cllck ºClass Managerº and locaLe Lhe class Lo whlch you wanL Lo add an asslgnmenL.
2. Cllck Lhe Class 1lLle.
3. Cllck ºAdd AsslgnmenL."
4. Cllck ºCreaLe AsslgnmenL" on Lhe ºÞracLlce & lnsLrucLlon AsslgnmenL" Lab.
3. LnLer an AsslgnmenL 1lLle.
6. SelecL Lhe daLe asslgned and Lhe daLe due by cllcklng ln Lhe boxes for each. noLe LhaL Lhls seLs your expecLaLlons for Lhe
sLudenLs, buL does noL auLomaLlcally seL your asslgnmenL Lo explre aL Lhe end of Lhe Llme perlod.
7. 1ype lnsLrucLlons or any relevanL lnformaLlon ln Lhe ºlnsLrucLlons Lo SLudenLs" box (CpLlonal).
8. Cllck Lhe sllder buLLon nexL Lo ºCverrlde School Þreferences" Lo ad[usL Lhe preferences for Lhe asslgnmenL, lf deslred (Lhe
admln musL allow Leachers Lhe ablllLy Lo overrlde school preferences).

9. Cllck ºnexL: AsslgnmenL CpLlons" aL Lhe boLLom of Lhe screen.
10. SelecL Lhe Þrogram and Sub[ecL Lo vlew Lhe Loplc llsL.
11. Check Lhe Loplc(s) Lhen cllck ºnexL: SLudenLs."
a. Asslgn Lo a Class(es) by checklng Lhe box LhaL corresponds Lo Lhe class(es) Lo whlch you would llke Lo add Lhe
b. Asslgn Lo lndlvldual SLudenLs by cllcklng Lhe blue plus slgn Lo Lhe rlghL of Lhe class LhaL corresponds Lo Lhe sLudenL(s)
you wlsh Lo add Lo Lhe asslgnmenL. Check Lhe box Lo Lhe lefL of Lhe sLudenL(s) you wlsh Lo add Lo Lhe asslgnmenL.
12. Cllck ºSave and LxlL."

Creat|ng a C|ass Þage:
Cnce a class ls creaLed, a Class Þage can be made for LhaL class. A Class Þage can only be made by Lhe school's admln or Lhe owner
of Lhe class. 1he Class Þage musL be acLlvaLed ln order for sLudenLs Lo access asslgnmenLs.

1. Cllck ºClass Manager" on Lhe lefL slde of Lhe screen Ck under ºMy Classes" on your Leacher page.
2. Cllck Lhe ºClass Þage and AsslgnmenLs" lcon Lo Lhe rlghL of Lhe class name.
3. Choose º?es" by ºClass Þage AcLlvaLed." noLe: 1here musL be an asslgnmenL or noLe creaLed before Lhe Class Þage can be

Class Þages can lnclude Lhe followlng:
• Class AsslgnmenLs - lnsLrucL sLudenLs Lo compleLe a speclflc SLudy lsland Loplc(s)
• Class Schedule - posL class evenLs
• Class noLes - posL class noLes
• Class Llnks - posL class llnks Lo oLher Web slLes

AddlLlonal opLlons LhaL appear once Lhe Class Þage ls acLlvaLed:
• Defau|t for Students - When º?es" ls selecLed, sLudenLs wlll see Lhe Class Þage upon logln. When ºno" ls selecLed, sLudenLs
wlll need Lo cllck ºMy Class" on Lhe lefL.
• 8|ock Cther Mater|a| - When º?es" ls selecLed, sLudenLs wlll only be able Lo access SLudy lsland Loplcs asslgned on Lhe Class
Þage(s). 1hey wlll noL be able Lo navlgaLe Lo oLher Loplcs vla Lhe navlgaLlon bar on Lhe lefL. Caut|on: lf you share sLudenLs
wlLh anoLher Leacher, be sure Lo dlscuss wheLher Lhls feaLure wlll work for you. When you selecL º8lock CLher MaLerlal,"
ALL sub[ecLs wlll be blocked. ln order for sLudenLs Lo access oLher Leachers' maLerlal, Lhose Leachers wlll need Lo creaLe
asslgnmenLs as well.

Llvevlew ls a real-Llme monlLorlng sysLem LhaL allows Lhe admln and Leachers Lo observe sLudenLs' progress as Lhey work. Llvevlew
dlsplays whlch sLudenLs ln your class are logged ln, Lhe asslgnmenL and/or Loplc(s) on whlch Lhey are worklng, and Lhe number
quesLlons correcL ouL of Lhe number aLLempLed. ?ou can sorL any of Lhe columns ln Lhe CurrenL AcLlvlLles secLlon. Llvevlew also
offers an lndlvldual sLudenL Summary 8eporL, a Weekly Class Þerformance/usage CharL, and a 8lue 8lbbon charL. Þlease noLe LhaL
Llvevlew requlres a mlnlmum of Adobe llash 8 Lo operaLe.

1o Use L|veV|ew:
1. Cllck ºClass Manager" on Lhe lefL slde of Lhe screen. 8e sure you have already creaLed your class. lf noL, please see page 33
for lnsLrucLlons on creaLlng a class.
2. Cllck ºLlvevlew" locaLed above Lhe llsL of classes.
3. Cllck on your class LlLle on Lhe lefL slde of Lhe screen.
4. (CpLlonal) 1o vlew an lndlvldual SLudenL Summary 8eporL, cllck on a sLudenL's name. 1he Summary 8eporL wlll appear aL
Lhe boLLom lefL of Lhe screen.

1o V|ew C|ass Info Charts:
1. SelecL Lhe program ln Lhe dropdown box nexL Lo ºCharL/user Þrogram uaLa."
2. 1o enlarge Lhe charL, cllck on Lhe charL lLself.

Þarent Not|f|cat|ons
ÞarenL noLlflcaLlons are auLomaLlc emalls deslgned Lo keep parenL(s) lnvolved ln Lhelr sLudenL(s) educaLlon process and Lo promoLe
beLLer communlcaLlon beLween parenLs and Leachers. WlLh Lhls feaLure, a Leacher can keep parenLs lnformed of Lhelr sLudenLs(s)
progress ln Lhe program by creaLlng any of several Lypes of ÞarenL noLlflcaLlon 8equesLs. lL ls recommended LhaL Leachers enLer
valld emall addresses under ºMy ALLrlbuLes" prlor Lo creaLlng new noLlflcaLlons for Lhls feaLure Lo work properly. Þ|ease note that
the adm|n or teacher must set up "Þarents" and "Þarent Groups" before a new Not|f|cat|on can be created.

1o Create a Þarent:
1. Cllck ºClass Manager" on Lhe lefL-hand slde of Lhe screen, Lhen selecL Lhe class.
2. Cllck Lhe ºÞarenL noLlflcaLlon" Lab.
3. Cllck Lhe lcon Lo Lhe rlghL of a sLudenL's name.
4. LnLer a parenL's llrsL name, LasL name, Lmall Address, and selecL Lhe 1ype from Lhe dropdown box.
3. Cllck ºSave."

1o Create a Þarent Group:
1. Cllck ºClass Manager" on Lhe lefL-hand slde of Lhe screen, Lhen selecL Lhe class.
2. Cllck Lhe ºÞarenL noLlflcaLlon" Lab.
3. Cllck ºAdd ÞarenL Croup."
4. LnLer a name and descrlpLlon for Lhe parenL group.
3. Cllck each parenL name under ºAvallable ÞarenLs" and use Lhe arrows Lo add Lhe selecLed parenL(s) Lo Lhe ºÞarenLs ln
Croup." Also, you may cllck on ºMove All ÞarenLs Lo Croup" Lo move all Lhe ºAvallable ÞarenLs" Lo Lhe ºÞarenLs ln Croup"
6. Cllck ºSubmlL."

1o Create a Þarent Not|f|cat|on:
1. Cllck ºClass Manager" on Lhe lefL-hand slde of Lhe screen, Lhen selecL Lhe class.
2. Cllck Lhe ºÞarenL noLlflcaLlon" Lab.
3. Cllck ºAdd ÞarenL noLlflcaLlon."
4. SelecL Lhe noLlflcaLlon 1ype. 1here are several opLlons avallable, lncludlng ºAsslgnmenL uue/8emlnder AlerL" and ºLow
Score Warnlng."
3. LnLer a noLlflcaLlon name.
6. SelecL Lhe lrequency, 1lme, SLarL uaLe, Þrogram, and Sub[ecL from Lhe dropdown boxes. Note: opt|ons may vary
depend|ng on Not|f|cat|on 1ype.
7. SelecL Lhe 8eclplenLs from Lhe ºSend 1o" dropdown box.
8. Cllck ºSubmlL." Cllck ºÞrevlew Lmall" Lo see how Lhe emall wlll appear Lo selecLed reclplenL(s) (opLlonal).

Not|f|cat|on 1ypes Ava||ab|e:
Not|f|cat|on Descr|pt|on
AsslgnmenL CreaLlon AlerL
1hls noLlfles Lhe parenLs when a new asslgnmenL has been asslgned Lo sLudenLs ln
Lhls class.
AsslgnmenL uue/8emlnder AlerL
1hls noLlfles Lhe parenLs when an asslgnmenL ls close Lo Lhe due daLe for sLudenLs
who haven'L compleLed Lhe asslgnmenL.
AsslgnmenL Cverdue/LaLe AlerL
1hls noLlfles Lhe parenLs when an asslgnmenL has passed Lhe due daLe for sLudenLs
who haven'L compleLed Lhe asslgnmenL.
8lue 8lbbon AlerL
1hls noLlfles Lhe parenLs when a sLudenL achleves a 8lue 8lbbon ln a sub[ecL. An
emall ls senL wlLh Lhe name of program and sub[ecL where Lhe sLudenL earned Lhe
8lue 8lbbon. lf no 8lue 8lbbons were earned for a sLudenL durlng Lhe noLlflcaLlon
perlod, Lhen no emall wlll be senL Lo Lhe sLudenL's parenLs.
Ceneral Lmall
1hls ls a general emall LhaL can be senL Lo Lhe sLudenL's parenLs. 1he body of Lhe
emall ls free-form and can be used Lo communlcaLe SLudy lsland or non-SLudy lsland
lnformaLlon Lo Lhe parenLs.
lndlvldual SLudenL 8eporL
1hls sends an emall wlLh a llnk Lo Lhe exlsLlng lndlvldual SLudenL 8eporL based on Lhe
program and sub[ecL(s) speclfled.
Low Score Warnlng
1hls noLlfles Lhe parenLs when Lhelr sLudenL's correcL percenLage falls below Lhe
percenLage speclfled for a speclflc sub[ecL wlLhln a program.
SuggesLed 1oplcs
1hls sends an emall wlLh a llnk Lo Lhe exlsLlng SuggesLed 1oplcs 8eporL based on Lhe
program and sub[ecL speclfled.

Wr|t|ng Ass|gnment
1he WrlLlng AsslgnmenL feaLure ls a sLreamllned, paperless way Lo develop sLudenLs' wrlLlng skllls. 1eachers can choose from a
selecLlon of grade-speclflc wrlLlng prompLs or creaLe Lhelr own wrlLlng asslgnmenLs. SLudenLs can use onllne graphlc organlzers Lo
plan wrlLLen responses, Lhen creaLe and submlL composlLlons elecLronlcally. AfLer vlewlng submlLLed asslgnmenLs onllne, Leachers
wlll be able Lo leave commenLs and grade and/or send Lhe composlLlon back Lo sLudenLs for revlslons. noLe: A sLudenL wlll see
ºWrlLlng ÞorLfollo" as an opLlon on Lhe lefL slde of Lhe screen only once LhaL sLudenL has Lurned ln hls or her flrsL composlLlon. lf a
sLudenL saves a composlLlon for laLer, he or she wlll access Lhe saved composlLlon Lhrough Lhe porLfollo.

1o Create a Wr|t|ng Ass|gnment:
1. Cllck ºClass Manager" and cllck on Lhe class LlLle Lo whlch you wanL Lo add an asslgnmenL.
2. Cllck ºAdd AsslgnmenL."
3. Co Lo Lhe ºWrlLlng AsslgnmenL" Lab and cllck ºCreaLe AsslgnmenL."
4. LnLer an ºAsslgnmenL 1lLle."
3. SelecL Lhe ºAsslgned uaLe" and Lhe ºuue uaLe" by cllcklng ln Lhe boxes for each.
noLe: Lhls seLs your expecLaLlons for Lhe sLudenLs, buL does noL auLomaLlcally
deacLlvaLe your asslgnmenL aL Lhe end of Lhe Llme perlod. Choose ?es/no from Lhe
ºAcLlvaLe AsslgnmenL now" sllder and Lype lnsLrucLlons or any relevanL lnformaLlon
ln Lhe ºlnsLrucLlons Lo SLudenLs" box (opLlonal).
6. SelecL a Craphlc Crganlzer (opLlonal), SelecL ?es/no from Lhe ºSpellcheck" sllder,
and choose a WrlLlng 8ubrlc.
7. Cllck ºnexL: WrlLlng ÞrompL."
8. SelecL a CaLegory (Crade Level), a WrlLlng ÞrompL, and cllck on ºnexL: SLudenLs."
9. Asslgn Lo a class(es) and/or lndlvldual sLudenLs.
a. Check Lhe box LhaL corresponds Lo Lhe class(es) Lo whlch you wlsh Lo add Lhe asslgnmenL.
b. Cllck Lhe lcon Lo Lhe rlghL of Lhe class LhaL corresponds Lo Lhe sLudenL(s) you wlsh Lo add Lo Lhe asslgnmenL. Check Lhe
box Lo Lhe lefL of Lhe sLudenL(s) you wlsh Lo add Lo Lhe asslgnmenL.
10. Cllck ºSave and LxlL."

1o kev|ew]Grade a Wr|t|ng Ass|gnment:
1. Cllck ºClass Manager" and cllck on Lhe class LlLle Lo whlch you wanL Lo add an asslgnmenL.
2. Cllck Lhe ºvlew and Crade AsslgnmenLs" lcon Lo Lhe rlghL of Lhe asslgnmenL LlLle.
3. Cllck ºCrade" nexL Lo Lhe submlLLed composlLlon. Pere you wlll be able Lo vlew Lhe submlLLed asslgnmenL onllne, leave
commenLs, grade and/or reLurn Lhe composlLlons Lo sLudenLs for revlslons.
4. Cllck ºMark as CompleLed" when you are flnlshed gradlng Lhe asslgnmenL.

1o De|ete a Compos|t|on:
1. Cllck ºSchool 8eporLs" on Lhe lefL slde of Lhe screen.
2. Choose Lhe ºAsslgnmenL 8eporL."
3. SelecL ºvlew 8eporL" afLer selecLlng Lhe class and asslgnmenL.
4. 1o Lhe rlghL of Lhe sLudenL's name, cllck Lhe number under Lhe º# verslons" column.
3. Check off Lhe approprlaLe composlLlon and cllck º8emove Checked 8ecords."

1est 8u||der
1he 1esL 8ullder allows Leachers Lo creaLe Lhelr own cusLomlzed assessmenLs Lo measure sLudenL proflclency and progress.
1eachers can choose quesLlons from elLher Lhe sLandard SLudy lsland quesLlon bank or from a new quesLlon bank deslgned
speclflcally for Lhe 1esL 8ullder. 1he 1esL 8ullder ls avallable for all grades and sub[ecLs. Þlease noLe LhaL noL all sub[ecLs and Loplcs
have unlque quesLlon banks avallable.

1o 8u||d a 1est:
1. Cllck ºClass Manager" and cllck on Lhe class LlLle Lo whlch you wanL Lo add an asslgnmenL.
2. Cllck ºAdd AsslgnmenL."
3. Co Lo Lhe º1esL 8ullder" Lab and cllck ºCreaLe AsslgnmenL."
SLudenLs can access
currenL and prevlous
wrlLlng composlLlons by
cllcklng ºWrlLlng
ÞorLfollo" on Lhe lefL slde
of Lhe page afLer a
composlLlon has been
4. LnLer a º1lLle" and ºAddlLlonal lnformaLlon" (opLlonal), Lhen cllck ºnexL: CuesLlons."
3. SelecL a Þrogram and Sub[ecL, Lhen cllck on Lhe deslred Loplc.
6. Choose Lhe number of ºlnsLances" for each quesLlon sLem. An lnsLance ls Lhe number of Llmes LhaL speclflc quesLlon sLem
wlll appear on Lhe assessmenL. Whlle Lhe quesLlon sLem wlll remaln Lhe same, Lhe acLual values lncluded ln Lhe quesLlon wlll
vary for each lnsLance.
7. Cllck ºAdd" Lo add Lhe quesLlon Lo Lhe assessmenL, Lhe box Lo Lhe lefL of your quesLlon wlll Lurn green. AfLer a quesLlon has
been added, you may cllck º8emove" Lo remove lL.
8. Scroll Lo Lhe Lop of Lhe page and cllck ºSave SelecLlons." lf you would llke Lo lnclude addlLlonal Loplcs, repeaL sLeps 3-8.
9. ?ou may now elLher ºSave 1o Llbrary & LxlL" or ºCreaLe AsslgnmenL now."
10. 1o creaLe Lhe asslgnmenL now, enLer an asslgnmenL LlLle.
11. SelecL Lhe ºAsslgned uaLe" and Lhe ºuue uaLe" by cllcklng ln Lhe boxes for each. noLe: Lhls seLs your expecLaLlons for Lhe
sLudenLs, buL does noL auLomaLlcally deacLlvaLe your asslgnmenL aL Lhe end of Lhe Llme perlod.
12. Choose wheLher or noL your asslgnmenL should be acLlvaLed now.
13. 1ype lnsLrucLlons or any relevanL lnformaLlon ln Lhe ºlnsLrucLlons Lo SLudenLs" box (opLlonal).
14. Ad[usL Lhe ºAddlLlonal Þreferences" lf you wlsh. lf Lhe admln allows, Leachers cllck Lhe sllder buLLon Lo º?es" nexL Lo
ºCverrlde School Þreferences" Lo ad[usL Lhe class preferences (opLlonal).
13. Cllck ºnexL: SLudenLs."
16. Check off your class or speclflc sLudenLs.
17. Cllck ºSave & LxlL."

8u||t 1ests L|brary:
1he 8ullL 1esL Llbrary allows you Lo creaLe and sLore º8ullL 1esLs." lrom Lhe 8ullL 1esLs Llbrary, you wlll be able Lo share and
unshare LesLs, asslgn LesLs Lo your classes, edlL LesLs LhaL have noL been asslgned or shared, and deleLe your LesLs.

Schoo| keports Þage

1he ºSchool 8eporLs" page ls used Lo generaLe reporLs on sLudenL progress. ?ou can access Lhls page Lhrough Lhe ºSchool 8eporLs"
llnk on Lhe lefL slde of Lhe screen. 8oLh Lhe admlnlsLraLor and Leachers have access Lo Lhls page, sLudenLs do noL. (See Lhe Pelp Lab
for a descrlpLlon of Lhe varlous reporLs.)

Lma||ed keport Manager
1eachers can choose Lo seL up SLudy lsland reporLs Lo be auLomaLlcally emalled each week.
1o seL up an auLomaLlc emall:
• Cllck ºSchool 8eporLs" on Lhe lefL slde of Lhe screen.
• Þull Lhe reporL of your cholce.
• Cllck ºAuLomaLlcally Lmall 8eporL," lf avallable, wlLhln Lhe reporL Lo slgn up Lo recelve lL perlodlcally vla emall.

Þassword L|st
1he Þassword LlsL feaLure glves you a prlnLer frlendly verslon of Lhe logln lnformaLlon for all users ln your school. ?ou can vlew Lhe
enLlre school rosLer or vlew Lhe rosLer by class by cllcklng on Lhe dropdown box ln Lhe upper rlghL corner. 1hls ls an easy way Lo look
up sLudenLs' or Leachers' passwords lf Lhey forgeL. Þlease noLe LhaL Leachers do noL have access Lo oLher Leachers' passwords. 1he
Þassword LlsL may also be accessed by cllcklng ºÞassword LlsL" under ºMy Classes" on your Leacher page.

Ad[ust Student D|ff|cu|ty
1hls feaLure allows Lhe admln and Leachers Lo ad[usL seLLlngs Lo meeL sLudenL needs.
1A8 1: Ad[ust Þass|ng Goa|
1he ºAd[usL Þasslng Coal" feaLure allows you Lo ad[usL Lhe percenLage LhaL a sLudenL needs Lo achleve ln order Lo pass Lhe
Loplcs. AJjostloq tbe possloq qool Joes oot offect tbe Jlfflcolty level of tbe poestloos, jost tbe petceotoqe tepolteJ to poss o
toplc. ?ou can flnd SLudy lsland's defaulL passlng percenLage by chooslng Lhe grade on Lhe lefL slde of Lhe page, Lhen chooslng
Lhe sub[ecL. 1he mlnlmum requlremenLs are llsLed under Lhe column ºÞasslng Coal." 1he flrsL number ls Lhe mlnlmum number
of quesLlons LhaL musL be answered, and Lhe second number ls Lhe mlnlmum percenLage LhaL musL be achleved.

1o ad[usL Lhe passlng goals:
1. SelecL Lhe program, Lhen Lhe class or grade level Lhe sLudenL(s) ls ln and cllck ºnexL."
2. Check Lhe boxes Lo Lhe lefL of Lhe sLudenL(s) you wanL Lo change. SelecL all sLudenLs aL one Llme by checklng Lhe box ln
Lhe header row.
3. ln Lhe dropdown box nexL Lo ºSub[ecL Lo Change," selecL Lhe sub[ecL you would llke Lo change.
4. ln Lhe dropdown box nexL Lo ºÞasslng Level," selecL Lhe preferred percenLage.
3. Cllck ºSubmlL" Lo save changes.

1A8 2: kestr|ct Access
WlLh Lhls feaLure, you can resLrlcL sLudenLs Lo lower or hlgher grade-level maLerlal. ?ou can also hlde Lhe grade level of Lhe
maLerlal from Lhe sLudenL. 1hls ls a greaL opLlon for speclal needs sLudenLs.

1o resLrlcL access:
1. SelecL Lhe class or grade level Lhe sLudenL(s) ls ln and cllck ºnexL."
2. SelecL Lhe approprlaLe sLudenL(s) by placlng a check ln Lhe approprlaLe column nexL Lo Lhelr name. SelecL all sLudenLs aL
one Llme by checklng Lhe box ln Lhe header row.
3. ln Lhe dropdown box nexL Lo º8esLrlcL Access 1o," choose Lhe grade level ln whlch Lo resLrlcL Lhe sLudenL(s).
4. CpLlonal: Check Lhe box for ºPlde Crade Level from user."
3. Cllck ºSubmlL" Lo save changes.

1A8 3: Mod|fy 1est Sett|ngs
1he ºModlfy 1esL SeLLlngs" feaLure allows you Lo enable and dlsable speclal needs supporL for sLudenLs. 1here are Lwo opLlons
locaLed here: 1exL-Lo-Speech and LlmlLed Answer Cholces.

1exL-Lo-Speech allows sLudenLs Lo selecL LexL Lo be read aloud Lhrough Lhe compuLer's speakers or headphones. 1hls feaLure ls
deslgned for and mosL beneflclal Lo beglnnlng readers, speclal needs sLudenLs, and audlLory learners. noLe: Admlns musL allow
Leachers Lo enable 1exL-Lo-Speech by golng Lo Lhe admln page and selecLlng º?es" for Lhe opLlon ºAllow 1eachers Lo Ad[usL
SLudenL ulfflculLy and 8eseL SLarL uaLe" under Lhe School Þreferences Lab.
LlmlLlng Lhe number of answer cholces reduces Lhe number of answer cholces shown ln LesLs, games, and prlnLable worksheeLs
Lo Lhree.

1o enable 1exL-Lo-Speech or LlmlL Lo 3 Answer Cholces:
1. SelecL Lhe class or grade level of Lhe sLudenL(s) and cllck ºnexL."
2. use Lhe sllder Lo change Lhe opLlon Lo ºCn" under Lhe approprlaLe column for each sLudenL.

1o use 1exL-Lo-Speech:
1. use Lhe mouse Lo selecL Lhe LexL you wlsh Lo have read aloud.
2. Cllck Lhe ºÞlay" lcon.


1he School 8eporLs page ls used Lo generaLe reporLs on sLudenL progress. ?ou can access Lhls page Lhrough Lhe ºSchool 8eporLs"
llnk on Lhe lefL slde of Lhe screen. 8oLh Lhe admlnlsLraLor and Leachers have access Lo Lhls page, sLudenLs do noL. Pere, Leachers are
able Lo run reporLs on Lhelr sLudenLs and also vlew a copy of Lhe ºÞassword LlsL."

De|ete Ind|v|dua| Þract|ce Sess|ons
1eachers can deleLe lndlvldual pracLlce sesslons by golng Lo Lhe School 8eporLs page and pulllng an lndlvldual SLudenL 8eporL. ?ou
can also deleLe enLlre Loplcs by checklng Lhe box Lo Lhe lefL of Lhe Loplc LlLle and Lhen cllcklng º8emove Checked 8ecords."

1. Log ln, go Lo Lhe ºSchool 8eporLs" page, and pull an lndlvldual SLudenL 8eporL.
2. Cllck Lhe number of sesslons LhaL corresponds wlLh Lhe Loplc ln quesLlon (under Lhe Sesslons column).
3. Check Lhe sesslon you wlsh Lo deleLe.
4. Cllck º8emove Checked Sesslons."

II ¥CU WAN1 1C: 1k¥ 1nIS:

llnd Lhe sLrengLhs/weaknesses
of Lhe class

SelecL C|ass Summary keport.
SelecL a sub[ecL. Cllck ºSuggesLed 1oplcs"
or ºÞerformance Level 8reakdown."

vlew lndlvldual sLaLlsLlcs for a
sLudenL's progress

SelecL Ind|v|dua| Student keport.
Choose Lhe sLudenL you'd llke Lo vlew.
Choose ºAll SLudenLs" Lo vlew and prlnL
your enLlre class.

llnd Lhe percenLage of Lhe program
LhaL has been compleLed wlLh 8lue

SelecL 8|ue k|bbon keport.
SelecL Lhe class and program you wlsh Lo

vlew a breakdown of all sLudenLs and
Lhelr progress wlLhln a sub[ecL and

SelecL C|ass Gradebook keport.
Choose º8y Sub[ecL 8roken uown 8y

vlew a snapshoL of educaLor and
sLudenL usage wlLh Llps on how Lo
opLlmlze lmplemenLaLlon wlLhln your

SelecL Week|y Campus keport.
SelecL Lhe week.

II ¥CU WAN1 1C: 1k¥ 1nIS:

vlew Lhe resulLs of 8ullL 1esL

SelecL 8u||t 1est keport.
Choose Lhe class and assessmenL.

vlew sLudenL sLaLlsLlcs based on sLaLe
assessmenL reporLlng caLegorles

SelecL C|ass Gradebook keport.
SelecL ºSub[ecL 8roken uown by 8eporLlng

Compare usage and performance
beLween classes and/or grade levels

SelecL C|ass Compar|son keport.
SelecL º8y Þrogram 8roken uown 8y
Choose Lhe classes and program you'd llke
Lo vlew.

Compare sLudenLs wlLh oLher SLudy
lsland users ln Lhe sLaLe

SelecL C|ass Summary keport or
Ind|v|dua| Student keport.
Choose Lhe class or lndlvldual sLudenL (lf
runnlng Lhe lndlvldual SLudenL 8eporL).
Cllck ºCompare wlLh CLhers."

vlew resulLs for an asslgnmenL creaLed
ln Class Manager

SelecL Ass|gnment keport.
SelecL Lhe class and asslgnmenL.

Add|t|ona| Ieatures and Informat|on

My Attr|butes
1he ºMy ALLrlbuLes" page allows users Lo change Lhelr user lnformaLlon, lncludlng username, password, and oLher aLLrlbuLes. Þlease
noLe LhaL Lhe admln can block aLLrlbuLe changes from Lhe admln page.

My n|gh Scores
ºMy Plgh Scores" allows users Lo see Lhe hlghesL game scores LhaL Lhey have recelved whlle playlng Lhe games.

Message Center
SLudy lsland offers a messaglng cenLer where users can message Lhe admlnlsLraLor, Leachers, and sLudenLs. 1hls Message CenLer ls
helpful ln asslgnlng homework or allowlng Lhe sLudenLs Lo ask quesLlons. Messages can be accessed by cllcklng Lhe envelope lcon aL
Lhe Lop of Lhe screen. 1here are envelope lcons ( ) nexL Lo Lhe usernames ln several of Lhe reporLs LhaL can be cllcked Lo send
users a message. 1he admln for your school can Lurn Lhe Message CenLer off lf deslred.

8u||d|ng 8|ock 1op|cs (kemed|a| 1op|cs)
lf a sLudenL ls havlng dlfflculLy passlng a Loplc, a yellow hazard symbol wlll appear nexL Lo Lhe Loplc, and ofLen an addlLlonal Loplc wlll
appear below. 1he remedlal Loplc LhaL appears ls also referred Lo as a 8ulldlng 8lock 1oplc. lL has a lower dlfflculLy level Lhan Lhe
Loplc ln whlch Lhe sLudenL was havlng Lrouble. 1he sLudenL can no longer aLLempL Lhe orlglnal Loplc unLll he or she has passed Lhe
8ulldlng 8lock 1oplc. Þasslng Lhe 8ulldlng 8lock 1oplc ls represenLed by a whlLe rlbbon. Cnce Lhe bulldlng block Loplc ls passed, Lhe
sLudenL wlll need Lo go back and pass (geL a blue rlbbon) Lhe on-grade-level Loplc as well.

Custom Mater|a|
1eachers have Lhe ablllLy Lo creaLe cusLom Loplcs ln Lhe SLudy lsland program whlch can lnclude a lesson along wlLh assessmenL
quesLlons and explanaLlons. Cnce a Leacher creaLes a cusLom Loplc, sLudenLs can log ln Lo SLudy lsland and aLLempL Lhe Loplcs Lhe
same way Lhey aLLempL Lhe oLher SLudy lsland Loplcs. 1eachers can asslgn lL by creaLlng a ÞracLlce and lnsLrucLlon asslgnmenL and
selecLlng CusLom MaLerlal as Lhe Loplc. AddlLlonally, admlns can cllck on ºAlLer Sub[ecLs" Lo add CusLom MaLerlal Lo Lhe llsL of

Create Custom Mater|a|
1. Cllck ºCusLom MaLerlal" on Lhe lefL slde of Lhe screen.
2. Cllck ºCreaLe new 1oplc" on Lhe upper rlghL slde of Lhe screen.
3. Clve your Loplc a name, descrlpLlon, and grade level.
4. SeL Lhe Þreferences (opLlonal) for your LesL.
3. Cllck ºnexL" Lo begln.

Wr|te a Çuest|on
1. use Lhe ºCuesLlon 1ype" dropdown box Lo choose beLween mulLlple cholce, Lrue/false, or shorL answer quesLlons.
2. Cllck º1urn LdlLor Cn" on Lhe rlghL slde of Lhe screen before you begln worklng. 1ype your quesLlon ln Lhe quesLlon secLlon
and your correcL answer ln Lhe answer secLlon.
3. Cllck ºWrong Answers" Lo add wrong answers. 1ype your flrsL wrong answer and cllck ºAdd new" for each addlLlonal wrong
answer you wanL Lo creaLe. lf you do noL add wrong answers, Lhe sysLem wlll pull answers from oLher quesLlons you have
wrlLLen. lf you have noL wrlLLen any wrong answers, lL wlll defaulL Lo random numbers.
4. Cllck ºAdd new" Lo wrlLe your nexL quesLlon. 8epeaL sLeps 1-4 unLll you've added all your quesLlons.
3. Cllck ºSave 1oplc."

1lÞ: use Lhe edlLor Loolbar Lo change fonL, add exponenLs, spellcheck, add symbols, lnserL Lables, and add plcLures.

Add Þ|ctures to a Çuest|on
1. Cllck Lhe ºlnserL/LdlL lmage" lcon ln Lhe edlLor Loolbar.
2. 8rowse for an lmage on your compuLer, selecL an lmage from prevlously uploaded lmages ln CusLom MaLerlal, or upload an
lmage from a webslLe.
3. Cllck ºlnserL" Lo lnserL selecLed plcLure.
4. CpLlonal - ?ou may choose Lo upload lmages lnLo CusLom MaLerlal by cllcklng ºllle upload Mgr" on Lhe lefL slde of Lhe
screen. Slmply browse for your flle and cllck ºupload." Cllck ºClose" when flnlshed.

CAu1lCn: lf you slmply copy and pasLe an lmage lnLo a quesLlon, lL may aLLach hldden P1ML codlng LhaL could lmpacL your
quesLlon formaLLlng.

Add an Attachment or Lesson
1. Cllck ºALLachmenL" or ºLesson."
2. Choose an exlsLlng aLLachmenL from Lhe dropdown box or cllck ºCreaLe new."

Þrofess|ona| Deve|opment
1he Þrofesslonal uevelopmenL 1oolbox ls deslgned as a Leacher resource and lncludes maLh and readlng lesson plans,
demonsLraLlon vldeos, acLlvlLles for lnsLrucLlon, and dlglLal and supplemenLal resources. Lach lesson plan conLalns a pre-assessmenL,
gulded pracLlce acLlvlLles, and dlfferenLlaLed acLlvlLles for on-level, sLruggllng, and advanced learners. 1he vldeo, lf avallable,
corresponds Lo Lhe lesson plan and covers Lhe pre-assessmenL, lnLroducLlon of new maLerlal, and gulded pracLlce acLlvlLles. Þlease
noLe LhaL Þrofesslonal uevelopmenL feaLures are noL avallable ln all Loplcs.

1o access Lhe Þrofesslonal uevelopmenL 1oolbox:
1. Cllck a grade level under Þrograms on Lhe lefL hand slde of Lhe screen.
2. Cllck a sub[ecL.
3. Cllck Lhe green checkmark ( ) Lo Lhe rlghL of Lhe Loplc for whlch you would llke Lo vlew Lhe Þrofesslonal uevelopmenL
4. Cllck Lhe Lab you wlsh Lo vlew (vldeos, Lesson Þlans, or ulglLal 8esources). Þlease noLe LhaL noL all Þrofesslonal
uevelopmenL 1oolboxes conLaln all Loolbox feaLures.

Study Is|and Mob||e
SLudy lsland Moblle was deslgned Lo allow admlns, Leachers, and sLudenLs Lo access a moblle-frlendly verslon of SLudy
lsland. Admlns and Leachers may vlew a slmpllfled verslon of Lhe Class Manager page lncludlng classes and ÞracLlce and lnsLrucLlon
asslgnmenLs, Lake LesL sesslons, and vlew SLudy lsland reporLs and user sLaLlsLlcs. SLudenLs may vlew Lhelr class pages and ÞracLlce
and lnsLrucLlon asslgnmenLs, Lake LesL sesslons, and vlew Lhelr lndlvldual sLudenL reporLs. Þlease noLe LhaL SLudy lsland Moblle does
noL allow access Lo Lhe enLlreLy of Lhe SLudy lsland program. users wlshlng Lo creaLe asslgnmenLs, access 1esL 8ullder, or play games
should proceed Lo SLudy lsland's deskLop verslon.

Browser Compatibi|ity

Desktop Browser Support

Study Island develops new features which require browsers that support the latest JavaScript frameworks to display
and operate properly.
Microsoft Windows
Browser Version
Internet Explorer* 8.0+
Firefox** 3.6+
*Requires Windows XP and newer
**Requires Windows 2000 and newer

Apple OSX
Browser Version
Firefox* 3.6+
Safari* 4.0+
*Requires Mac OS X 10.4.11 and newer
Support for Alternative and Obsolete Browsers
Browsers such as Chrome, SeaMonkey, or older versions of the above may operate correctly.
These browsers, however, are not tested, and thus not officially supported at this time.

Mobile Browser Support

Beginning in September of 2011, Study Island began optimizing various aspects of the interface to operate with mobile
devices. At this time, we will only be supporting the native browsers on the devices and operating systems listed
Google Android
Device Type OS Tested Resolution
Large Tablet Devices 3.1+ 1280x800
Small Tablet Devices 2.2+ 1024x600
Phone Devices 2.2+ 854x480

Apple iOS
Device Type OS Tested Resolution
iPad 4.2+ 1024x768
iPhone* 4.2+ 960x640
iPod Touch* 4.2+ 960x640
*Requires 2nd Generation Device

Multimedia Content Support: Some Study Island lesson content and games are written in Adobe Flash, which may
not be compatible with all devices at the time of this documentation.
Support for Alternative and Obsolete Devices and Browsers

Devices with the below mentioned operating systems or alternative browsers such as Opera or Firefox may operate
correctly. These browsers, however, are not tested, and thus not officially supported by Study Island at this time.
Unofficially Supported Devices
Device Type OS
Google Android 1.5+
Apple iOS 3.1+
Windows Mobile 7.0+
BlackBerry OS 6.0+

Imp|ement|ng Study Is|and at ¥our Schoo|
SLudy lsland's versaLlllLy ls vlrLually boundless, buL Lo geL you sLarLed here are a few ldeas for use ln Lhe home, lab, and classroom.
8emember: Lhe PLLÞ Lab conLalns vldeo LuLorlals, documenLs, and ÞowerÞolnLs Lo asslsL wlLh lmplemenLlng SLudy lsland on your
campus. lor a cusLomlzed lmplemenLaLlon plan, emall lmplemenLaLlon[ Lo schedule a free consulLaLlon wlLh your
lmplemenLaLlon SpeclallsL.

Lab 1|me
Lnsure Lff|c|ency: CreaLe asslgnmenLs ln Lhe ºClass Manager" secLlon. 1hls way, even lf a Leacher can'L be presenL ln a compuLer
lab, Lhelr sLudenLs wlll know whaL Lo work Lo compleLe. 1hls also makes dlfferenLlaLlng lnsLrucLlon much easler!

Mon|tor Þrogress: use Llve vlew Lo monlLor sLudenLs whlle ln Lhe compuLer lab. ?ou can see whaL Loplcs sLudenLs are worklng on
and how well Lhey are dolng. 1hls can really help wlLh classroom managemenL, especlally when you are Lrylng Lo work wlLh
lndlvldual sLudenLs whlle keeplng Lhe resL of Lhe class on Lask. nílllul nlN1. lf yoo ptoject llve vlew ot tbe ftoot of tbe closs, oJjost
tbe wlJtb of tbe ´1oplcs´ colomo lo otJet to blJe stoJeot qtoJes ooJ molotolo cooflJeotlollty.

Meet w|th the Ch|ef: Worklng wlLh sLruggllng learners? 1ake Lhls ldea from 1ruman L|ementary, MC:

Whlle ln Lhe CompuLer Lab, revlew a SLudy lsland Lesson wlLh Lhe class. AfLer worklng Lhrough 3-3 problems as a group, sLudenLs can
work lndependenLly. AfLer abouL 10 mlnuLes, gaLher a small group of sLudenLs Lo ºMeeL wlLh Lhe Chlef." 8evlew Lhe sLudenL's
resulLs from on Lhe maLerlal Lhey've compleLed, and dlfferenLlaLe lnsLrucLlon accordlngly durlng Lhelr ºMeeLlng."

nome 1|me
Ass|gn Study Is|and as nomework: use Class Manager Lo posL asslgnmenLs on your SLudy lsland class page. ?ou'll be amazed aL how
few sLudenLs 'forgeL' Lhelr homework aL home! LeL parenLs know abouL SLudy lsland Loo. 1hey wlll appreclaLe havlng a free resource
Lo use aL home wlLh Lhelr chlld. Not oll of yoot stoJeots bove bome compotets? no worrles! CreaLe ÞrlnLable
WorksheeLs for Lhem Lo Lake home and sLudy.

Lma|| keports to Þarents: Schedule ÞarenL noLlflcaLlons Lo have sLudenL reporLs auLomaLlcally senL Lo
parenLs. Þosslble noLlflcaLlon Lypes lnclude asslgnmenL alerLs, Lhe lndlvldual SLudenL 8eporL, Low Score
Warnlng, and 8lue 8lbbon alerL. 1hls ls a greaL way Lo keep parenLs lnformed!

Cert|f|cate of Comp|et|on: Send a cerLlflcaLe home aL Lhe end of Lhe school year Lelllng parenLs
whaL a greaL [ob Lhelr sLudenL dld! 1here ls an example of a cerLlflcaLe on page 30 of Lhls manual.

C|ass 1|me
Warm Up]Conc|us|on Act|v|ty: Þro[ecL SLudy lsland aL Lhe fronL of Lhe class uslng 1esL Mode, Came Mode, or Classroom 8esponse
SysLem Mode. 1hls can be a greaL way Lo geL sLudenLs engaged ln a lesson or summarlze whaL was [usL LaughL.

Sma|| Group Act|v|t|es: use SLudy lsland ÞrlnLable WorksheeLs Lo creaLe small group acLlvlLles for your class. Croups can roLaLe Lo
dlfferenL sLaLlons or have asslgned Loplcs Lo presenL Lo Lhe class.

Set Goa|s and Lncourage Compet|t|on: SLudy lsland reporLs allow you Lo see quesLlons answered, 8lue 8lbbons earned, Llme
spenL, and much more! 1hese daLa polnLs can be used Lo moLlvaLe sLudenLs and encourage Lhem Lo Lry Lhelr besL. use your class or
school bulleLln board Lo show off sLudenL progress!

uear ÞarenL or Cuardlan,

Cur school has purchased a subscrlpLlon Lo a research-based sLandards masLery program called SLudy lsland. uurlng our
subscrlpLlon, your chlld can access SLudy lsland free of charge anywhere LhaL lnLerneL access ls avallable. SLudy lsland has slLe-wlde
securlLy feaLures ln place Lo provlde greaLer peace of mlnd.

We are exclLed abouL Lhe beneflLs Lhls program can brlng Lo our sLudenLs, and we encourage you Lo Lake advanLage of Lhls
opporLunlLy. Þlease feel free Lo conLacL SLudy lsland aL 800-419-3191 or supporL[ lf you have any quesLlons.



Us|ng Study Is|and from nome
SLudy lsland ls compleLely Web-based, whlch allows sLudenLs Lo access Lhe program from any compuLer wlLh an lnLerneL connecLlon
and a sLandard Web browser. SLudy sesslon resulLs are auLomaLlcally recorded for Leacher revlew, lncludlng resulLs from sesslons
compleLed ouLslde of school.
1he program ls dlvlded lnLo secLlons based on sub[ecL (maLh, readlng, eLc.). Lach secLlon ls made up of 13 Lo 30 Loplcs, wlLh each
Loplc conLalnlng abouL 20 Lo 30 quesLlons. 1oplcs are accompanled by a lesson, whlch conLalns a brlef overvlew of Lhe maLerlal
covered ln LhaL Loplc.
Io||ow the |nstruct|ons be|ow to use the program:
1. Co Lo
2. LnLer your username and password aL Lhe upper lefL slde of Lhe screen, and cllck ºSubmlL." SLudenLs wlll recelve a username
and password from Lhelr school.
3. Cllck on a sub[ecL (maLh, readlng, eLc.).
4. lf Lhls ls Lhe flrsL Llme uslng Lhe program, cllck "ÞreLesL." ¥ou must comp|ete 10 Þretest quest|ons to un|ock the rest of the
content |n that sub[ect. lf Lhere ls no ÞreLesL opLlon, or lf you have already Laken Lhe ÞreLesL, you may move on Lo Lhe oLher
conLenL Loplcs.
3. Choose a Sesslon 1ype. 1he defaulL seLLlng ls ÞracLlce Mode, however sLudenLs may also selecL ÞrlnLable WorksheeL or Came
Mode lf permlLLed by Lhe school.
6. 1o pass a Loplc, you musL meeL Lhe passlng requlremenLs, whlch are based on a mlnlmum number of quesLlons answered
(usually 10) and a mlnlmum percenLage correcL (around 70°). A blue rlbbon lcon ( ) ls dlsplayed nexL Lo all passed Loplcs.

7. Cnce you have compleLed Lhe ÞreLesL, you may work Lhrough Lhe remalnder of Lhe Loplcs ln any order. ?ou musL pass all Loplcs
before Laklng Lhe ÞosL 1esL.
8. Cnce you have passed all Lhe Loplcs, you musL pass Lhe ÞosL 1esL Lo compleLe Lhe sub[ecL. lgnore Lhls sLep lf Lhe sub[ecL has no
ÞosL 1esL.
9. When you pass all Loplcs ln all sub[ecLs, you have compleLed Lhe program.
1o Access keports:
SelecL a sub[ecL under 8eporLs on Lhe lefL-hand slde of Lhe screen Lo access your reporLs.

LsLlmados Þadres o 1uLores:

nuesLra escuela ha comprado una suscrlpclón a un programa de domlnlo de esLándares basado en lnvesLlgaclón, esLe programa se
llama SLudy lsland. }uuranLe el perlodo de suscrlpclón su hl[o puede acceder a SLudy lsland de manera graLulLa en cualquler lugar
que Lenga acceso a lnLerneL! Ln Lodo el slLlo de SLudy lsland exlsLen slsLemas de segurldad lnLernos para brlndarle una mayor

LsLamos muy enLuslasmados con los beneflclos que esLe programa puede brlndar a nuesLros alumnos, nosoLros queremos que usLed
saque provecho de esLa oporLunldad. Sl Llene alguna duda o comenLarlo, por favor no dude en ponerse en conLacLo con SLudy lsland
al Lelefono 800-419-3191 o al correo elecLrónlco supporL[

Ll ulrecLor

Ut|||zando Study Is|and en |a Casa

SLudy lsland es un programa que esLá compleLamenLe basado en lnLerneL, esLo permlLe a los alumnos Lener acceso al programa
desde cualquler compuLadora que Lenga una conexlón a lnLerneL y un buscador de lnLerneL esLándar. Los resulLados de las seslones
de SLudy lsland se reglsLran auLomáLlcamenLe para que los profesores puedan revlsarlos, esLo lncluye los resulLados de las seslones
que se reallzan fuera de la escuela.

Ll programa esLá dlvldldo en secclones basadas por las maLerlas (MaLemáLlcas, LecLura, eLc.). Cada secclón se compone de 13 a 30
Lemas, cada Lema se compone de 20 a 30 pregunLas. Los Lemas esLán acompanados de una lecclón, la cual conLlene una breve
descrlpclón del maLerlal cublerLo en el Lema.

S|ga |as s|gu|entes |nstrucc|ones para usar e| programa:

1. vaya al slLlo

2. lngrese el nombre del usuarlo ºosetoome" y la conLrasena ºposswotJ" en la parLe lzqulerda superlor. uespues haga cllc en
el boLón º5obmlt". Los esLudlanLes reclblrán el nombre del usuarlo y la conLrasena en la escuela.

3. Paga cllc en una maLerla (MaLemáLlcas, LecLura, eLc.).

4. Sl esLá uLlllzando el programa por prlmera vez haga cllc en el boLón ºptetest" examen prellmlnar. Usted deberá de
comp|etar 10 preguntas de| examen pre||m|nar para tener acceso a| conten|do restante de |a mater|a. Sl no hay una
opclón de ºptetest" examen prellmlnar o sl ya la Lomó, usLed puede acceder a los oLros Lemas.

3. Lll[a un Llpo de seslón. Ll Llpo de seslón que aparece como regla, es el modo de pracLlca, no obsLanLe los esLudlanLes
pueden selecclonar oLros modos como el de lmpreslón de ho[a de Lraba[o o [uegos, en caso de que esLen permlLldos en la

6. Þara aprobar un Lema, usLed debe de cumpllr con los requlslLos para aprobar. LsLos requlslLos se basa en el numero de
pregunLas conLesLadas (generalmenLe 10) y un porcenLa[e mlnlmo de respuesLas correcLas (70°). un lcono de un llsLón azul
aparecerá [unLo a Lodos los Lemas que sean aprobados.

7. una vez que haya compleLado el examen prellmlnar, usLed podrá acceder el resLo de los Lemas en el orden que usLed
desee. usLed debe de aprobar Lodos los Lemas anLes de Lomar el ÞosL 1esL.

8. una vez que usLed haya aprobado Lodos los Lemas, usLed será capaz de aprobar el ÞosL 1esL. usLed debe de aprobar el ÞosL
1esL para compleLar la maLerla. Ln caso que la maLerla no Lenga ÞosL 1esL, lgnore esLe paso.

9. una vez que haya aprobado Lodos los Lemas de Lodas las maLerlas, usLed habrá Lermlnado el programa.

Como Acceder a |os keportes:
Selecclone una maLerla en lado lzqulerdo de la panLalla para Lener acceso a los lnformes

Þrob|em: Þoss|b|e So|ut|on:

l slgned up for SLudy lsland, buL l haven'L recelved any
sofLware or maLerlals.

SLudy lsland ls compleLely Web-based, so no sofLware or maLerlals wlll be shlpped.
When a school slgns up, we wlll emall Lhe admln a username and password, along wlLh
an lnsLrucLlon manual conLalnlng dlrecLlons on how Lo sLarL uslng Lhe SLudy lsland

l Lrled Lo log on wlLh my username and password, and
lL says LhaL my lnformaLlon ls lnvalld.

verlfy LhaL you have enLered your logln lnformaLlon exacLly as provlded. 1he logln
lnformaLlon ls noL case senslLlve, buL please make sure you are enLerlng Lhe LxAC1
username and password, lncludlng spaclng and/or puncLuaLlon.

noLhlng happens when l cllck a Loplc Lo sLarL sLudylng.

All sLudenLs musL Lake a preLesL of aL leasL Len quesLlons before Lhey are allowed Lo
access Loplcs ln LhaL sub[ecL. 1here ls no passlng requlremenL for Lhe preLesL.

ls Lhere a problem wlLh SLudy lsland scorlng? A
sLudenL recelved a 0° on hls or her flrsL pracLlce
sesslon. Cn Lhe second aLLempL he or she recelved a
100°, buL Lhe score says 73°.

73° ls Lhe flnal cumulaLlve score. 1he sysLem Lakes Lhe LoLal number of correcL answers
and dlvldes LhaL by Lhe LoLal number of aLLempLed quesLlons.

A sLudenL recelved a score of 100° on hls or her lasL
sesslon, buL dld noL recelve a blue rlbbon for LhaL
parLlcular Loplc.

SLudy lsland uses cumulaLlve scores Lo measure sLudenL progress. SLudenLs musL recelve
a cumulaLlve score LhaL ls equal Lo or greaLer Lhan Lhe percenLage llsLed ln Lhe ºÞasslng
Coal" column of Lhe maln page for LhaL sub[ecL, as well as compleLe Lhe requlred number
of quesLlons. So, lf Lhe percenLage needed ls 70°, sLudenLs musL have a comolotlve score
of aL leasL 70° Lo recelve a blue rlbbon for LhaL Loplc.

Can a Leacher clear LesL sesslons LhaL are holdlng a
sLudenL's average down?

?es. lor lnsLrucLlons see page 16.

As l was worklng wlLh a sLudenL Loday, l noLlced LhaL
Lhe sLudenL was sLruggllng Lo pass a Loplc. Can l
deleLe sesslons from my sLudenL's logln screen lnsLead
of havlng Lo logln as a Leacher?

?es. When sLudenLs are vlewlng Lhelr own sesslon sLaLs, Lhere are check boxes nexL Lo
each sesslon and a º8emove Checked Sesslons" buLLon aL Lhe Lop. When users Lry Lo
remove sesslons from a sLudenL logln, Lhey are prompLed Lo enLer a Leacher username
and password. A message wlll be senL Lo Lhe Leacher's Message CenLer when a sesslon ls

1here ls a red ºx" ln Lhe corner where an lmage should

1he lmages may load by rlghL-cllcklng (or holdlng Lhe buLLon down lf uslng a Mac) where
Lhe lmage should appear and selecLlng Lo show Lhe lmage on Lhe resulLlng menu.

l Lhlnk l found an error ln a quesLlon. Pow do l reporL

Cllck ºCommenL on CuesLlon" ln Lhe upper rlghL-hand corner. 1hls allows our conLenL
edlLors Lo flnd Lhe speclflc quesLlon and make changes, lf necessary.

l'm havlng dlfflculLy uslng/vlewlng Lhe games.

Co Lo hLLp:// Lo help dlagnose Lhe problem.

Ad[usL SLudenL ulfflculLy - feaLure found on Lhe School 8eporLs page LhaL allows admlns and Leachers (lf allowed) Lo ad[usL Lhe
percenLage correcL requlred Lo achleve Lhe blue rlbbon and force sLudenLs lnLo lower or hlgher grade level maLerlal

AdmlnlsLraLor - person from your school or dlsLrlcL deslgnaLed Lo reglsLer sLudenLs and Leachers, updaLe Lhe rosLer as needed, and
seL global preferences for Lhe program

AsslgnmenL - Loplc(s) chosen by Lhe Leacher for Lhe sLudenLs Lo compleLe, creaLed on Lhe Class Manager Þage and accessed Lhrough
Lhe Class Þage. See 'CompleLed AsslgnmenL.'

ALLrlbuLes - lndlvldual daLa for each user, such as grade level, username, password, and demographlcs

8lock CLher MaLerlal - feaLure LhaL allows you Lo deslgnaLe Lhe maLerlal Lo whlch your sLudenLs have access. SLudenLs wlll only be
able Lo access SLudy lsland Loplcs asslgned on Lhe Class Þage(s).

8lue 8lbbon - Lhe deslgnaLlon of Loplc masLery

8ulldlng 8lock - remedlal maLerlal auLomaLlcally generaLed when a sLudenL does noL meeL cerLaln passlng requlremenLs

8ullL 1esL Llbrary - dlglLal llbrary conLalnlng a llsL of all assessmenLs creaLed by you or shared by oLhers

Class - a group or grouplng of sLudenLs creaLed on Lhe Class Manager Þage

Class Manager - SLudy lsland page where Leachers can manage classes, and creaLe/edlL asslgnmenLs and class pages

Class Þage - lnformaLlonal page creaLed by Leachers ln Class Manager conLalnlng asslgnmenLs, noLes, eLc. for sLudenLs

Class ÞroperLles - seLLlngs chosen for each class by Lhe Leacher (e.g. game access, Llmer vlslblllLy, and remedlal Loplc avallablllLy)

CreaLe new 1oplc - edlLor wlLh whlch CusLom MaLerlal can be creaLed

Classroom 8esponse SysLems (C8S) - lnLeracLlve handheld classroom devlces whlch work ln con[uncLlon wlLh Lhe SLudy lsland

CompleLed AsslgnmenL - asslgnmenL ln whlch sLudenLs have earned a 8lue 8lbbon ln each lncluded Loplc

CusLom MaLerlal - quesLlons creaLed by Leachers added lnLo Lhe SLudy lsland program

uaLabase llle - school-generaLed flle conLalnlng sLudenL lnformaLlon used Lo reglsLer users ln SLudy lsland

Plgh Score 1able - record of hlgh game scores achleved ln game mode

Llvevlew - a real-Llme monlLorlng sysLem LhaL allows Leachers Lo observe sLudenLs' progress as Lhey work

Cff grade Level - see '8ulldlng 8lock'

Cwner - Leacher or Admln ln conLrol of class

ÞarenL noLlflcaLlon - an auLomaLlc noLlflcaLlon process deslgned Lo communlcaLe sLudenL progress Lo parenLs vla emall

Þass 1oplc - Lo pass a Loplc, a sLudenL musL achleve a speclfled percenLage correcL whlle havlng aLLempLed a mlnlmum number of

Þasslng ÞarameLers - requlremenLs Lo deslgnaLe Loplc masLery, conslsLs of mlnlmum percenLage and mlnlmum number of quesLlons

ÞassporL SLamp - deslgnaLlon of Loplc masLery ln My lsland, Lhe hlgh school program

Þassword LlsL - rosLer of sLudenL usernames and passwords

ÞosL 1esL - non-dlagnosLlc Loplc deslgned Lo deLermlne sub[ecL masLery

ÞreLesL - non-dlagnosLlc Loplc deslgned Lo lnLroduce users Lo Lhe SLudy lsland program

ÞrlnLable WorksheeL - sesslon Lype LhaL allows users Lo prlnL quesLlons from a SLudy lsland Loplc

8emedlal 1oplcs - see '8ulldlng 8lock'

8eporL - SLudy lsland sLaLlsLlcal daLa organlzed ln a vlewable formaL

Sesslon - duraLlon of Llme ln whlch a user parLlclpaLes ln a 1esL, Came, Classroom 8esponse SysLem, or ÞrlnLable WorksheeL wlLhln
Lhe SLudy lsland program

Sesslon 1ype - meLhod ln whlch sLudenLs can work Lhrough SLudy lsland Loplcs, opLlons lnclude ÞracLlce, Came, Classroom 8esponse
SysLem and ÞrlnLable WorksheeL

SLarL uaLe - Lhe day Lhe user was creaLed and/or Lhe daLe from whlch sLaLs are shown

SLudy Mode - see 'Sesslon 1ype'

1oplcs - lndlvldual segmenLs wlLhln a sub[ecL

username sufflx - sufflx added Lo a username Lo prevenL a hlgh number of dupllcaLes (e.g.: school name, lnlLlals, or mascoL)

WhlLe 8lbbon - deslgnaLlon of 8ulldlng 8lock masLery