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Founded in 2010, Goldenex Energy has in a relatively short period of time become a noteworthy player in energy markets.

Goldenex Energy is a private company specializing in global energy markets including refined petroleum products, crude oil and natural gas (including LNG). Goldenex Energy maintains strong and stable relationships with suppliers and refineries as well as buyers spread across different continents. Currently, we have offices in London and Geneva with representative offices in Dubai, Singapore and Mainland China. We are committed to trading and strategic expansion and diversification.
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Logistics and Finance
Goldenex Energy partners with diversified transportation and logistics companies in the world. These firms provide and develop innovative supply chain solutions and continue commitment and pioneering spirit to service the freight shipping needs of our customers. Our partners employ the latest technology in vessels, equipment and communications. In addition, they are experts in the markets we serve, in the cargo we carry, and in shipping and logistics. Goldenex Energy in conjunction with family offices strengthen bids for new trade finance contracts in new markets with established global reputation.

Our customers are widespread in Europe. Our team of experienced individuals communicates with the sellers and buyers. Switzerland Tel: +41 (0) 22 316 0921 2 . Our contacts are made up of reputable suppliers and buyers. Arabian Gulf and Asia. our trading business focuses primarily on refined petroleum products and has gained strong foothold in the regional market. London W1K 1NA Tel: +44 (0) 207 629 8715 Info@goldenexenergy.OIL AND GAS TRADING We are committed to trading and strategic expansion and diversification with an exceptional track record of risk management and financial soundness. Our trading is based in London and Geneva with representative presence in Dubai. ensuring we can facilitate transaction from off take and supply to storage. not only do they assist the sellers in expanding their market Goldenex Geneva Rue de la Cité 3 1204 Geneva. Having long term stable relationships with major suppliers and refineries. we are able to get first hand market information and strategize ourselves promptly in providing the best oil supply and trading service to our customers. which are one of the largest oil trading hubs in Europe and Asia. Currently. Mayfair. Singapore and Beijing. Contact Goldenex Energy 55 Park Lane. but they also make use of economies of scale to grasp trading opportunities for buyers.