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Software | Hardware | Services High performance, results-oriented technology sales executive. Trusted client partner and thought leader in identifying opportunities and building value to accelerate growth across horizontal mar ets. !nnovative manager with successes building strong alliances, negotiating contracts, and establishing long-term business ventures with "lobal #$$$ companies including% &hevron, "oogle, 'isa, and Stanford (niversity. )assion for motivating teams to improve performance and develop adaptive industry specific go to mar et strategies. )roven bottom-line revenue impact up to *+, and )-. up to */$,. • • • &hannel 0lliance Sales 1usiness 2evelopment Strategic ,ar eting • • • 1usiness !ntelligence and 0nalytics "lobal Sales &onverged ,ar eting

E+ec,-i.e M/A0 2aniels &ollege of 1usiness, (niversity of 2enver, 2enver, &3. &oncentration% "lobal 1usiness, Strategic ,ar eting, .eadership and 4thics /ac1elor o2 Ar-s0,all3 S-r,c-,red Ma4or in /,siness0 Engineering0 and 51iloso613 (niversity of &olorado, 2enver, &3

8i-ac1i %ons,l-ing0 2enver, &olorado #$/5-)resent 0 */.#1 consulting firm specializing in information technology and management consulting services for "lobal #$$$ clients. Manager %ons,l-an,a6or mar et penetration within communications, media, entertainment and software sectors. !ncreased )-. oversight to */.#,. 4xpense budget oversight to *+$7. 8eported to 'ice )resident of &onsulting Services. • • • "enerated a 9$: increase in growth within the 1usiness !ntelligence and )erformance ,anagement division. 0uthored *9, 8;) responses and presented to top-level executives. !mproved training methodology and mentored /$ new consultants.

RMG *e-9orks, <estern 8egion, #$$=>#$/5 0 *#$$, real-time data, business intelligence, digital messaging company servicing the ;ortune /$$$, energy, medical, financial, supply chain, contact centers, hospitality and gaming sectors. Regional /,siness De.elo6men- Manager Trained and mentored over /$ new sales managers. 2eveloped in class and virtual training programs, web-based training and client training documents for account base. Segmented and targeted energy, technology, hospitality, medical and higher education. !ncreased )-. oversight to */.5,. 4xpense budget oversight to *?$7. 8eported to ') of Sales. ● ● ● "enerated *5.9, of *#9$, of revenue. 2eveloped new go to mar et strategy to increase sales 9?: over 9 years, @+: in #$//-#$/#. 4nsured long-term revenue negotiating world-wide master service agreements with ,arriott, Hilton and Hyatt.

5innacle %omm,nica-ions0 San ;rancisco, &alifornia #$$? > #$$= 0 *#, audiovisual integration company servicing ;ortune /$$$ accounts throughout 1ay 0rea. Direc-or o2 Sales and Marke-ing 0nalyzed current mar et trends and led branding initiative to redesign companyAs entire website from the ground up. 3rganized solely all written mar eting material, photographs, testimonials, 8;)s, and online videos to showcase presentation services. )-. oversight to */,. 4xpense budget oversight to *9$7. 8eported to ;ounder. ● 8aised ?9: of */, for growth.

● ●

!ncreased sales from *9?7 to *5?$7 utilizing downstream mar et techniBues. )ioneered innovative social media campaign to increase online presence and website hits /$-fold C"oogle 0nalyticsD.

As,rion Managed <ireless0 San ;rancisco, &alifornia #$$9 > #$$? 0 *#$, mobility professional start-up focusing on solutions for enterprise, government and higher education sectors. Regional Manager ,anaged the western (S region and sold value added services to companies li e &isco, Eahoo, Siemens and Higher 4ducation accounts. )-. oversight to */$,. 4xpense budget oversight to */$$7. 8eported to ') of Sales. ● ● ● 2oubled <estern 8egion sales from *9, to */$, in + months. 4xceeded revenue targets by /#9: in F/ #$$?. "rew revenue by over 5$$: within /# months.

A' =' Mo>ili-3, San ;rancisco, &alifornia #$$/ > #$$9 0 wireless voice and data carrier in the (S, servicing +9G million customers globally and H9: of ;ortune /$$$ accounts. Glo>al Acco,n- Manager &oached and developed over /9 regional representatives throughout the (S. Trained and educated account representatives on the details of global contracts pertaining to local mar ets and developed leadership training methodology when wor ing with customers li e 'isa, Siemens, Eahoo and .oc heed ,artin. ● ● ● ● "rew account base revenue from *#9$ to over *+ million in five years. 4nhanced profitability by #9: in sales growth for #$$@. 8an ed I# in overall sales within the 1#1 division of 0T-TJ&ingular <ireless #$$@. !mproved customer care experience and enhanced operations to reduce churn by /$:.

K K K K 2eal of the Eear 0ward #$// > 8," Letwor s )resident &lub 0ward at 0T-T ,obility !&!0 &ertified Technology Specialist )rivate )ilot .icense > Single 4ngine

%I(I% = 5R)7ESSI)*AL
K K K K <orld Trade &enter ,ember 1asic Spanish and 8ussian competency !nfo&omm !nternational 0ssociate ,ember Trout (nlimited .ifetime ,ember and 'olunteer

K K K K Managemen- Disci6les? 'alues 1ased .eadership 2evelopment, 4thics, ;ran lin&ovey, Social &apital, Human &apital 2evelopment, S)!L Selling, Harnessing the Science of )ersuasion, Legotiation, &ommunity !nfluence, Social ,edia )rofiles, ,anagerial Letwor ing, )resentation S ills, and )resence 2evelopment. Assessmen- S-ra-egies = 'ools? Strength ;inder, &areer .eader, !nsights, 5?$ 0ssessment and ;eedbac , ,otivational 0ppraisal of )ersonal )otential C,0))D, Heart-Smarts-"uts and .uc , ,eyers 1riggs, ,iller Heiman .arge 0ccount ,anagement, Strategic Selling, and &onceptual Selling Sales ,ethodology. /,siness So2-9are? ,S <ord, 4xcel, )ower)oint, 7eynote, 0dobe 0crobat, 'isio, )ublisher, and &8,. A66lica-ions and Da-a>ases? Sales ;orce, 3racle, S0), Siebel, SF. 2atabases, 0vaya, &isco, Lortel, and 321&.