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第九课 马先生是北京人吗?
1. 北(běi) north
2. 京(jīng) capital(of a country); Jing(short for Beijing)
北京 Beijing
北京人 a native of Beijing
3. 公(gōng) public; state-owned; collective
公家 the public
4. 司(sī) manage; take charge of
公司 company; corporation
5. 总(zǒng) assemble; gather; general; total
总公司 head office of a corporation; head company
6. 经(jīng) undergo; pass through
7. 理(lǐ) manage; run; reason; logic
经理 manager
总经理 general or executive manager
8. 工(gōng) work; worker
工人 worker
人工 man made
9. 作(zuò) do
工作 work; job
10. 学(xué) study; learn; school; knowledge; theory
学汉语 study the Chinese language
学生(xuésheng) student; pupil; follower
学年 school year
学期 school term
大学 college; university
大学生 college student(s)
北京大学 Peking University
北大 short for 北京大学
11. 习(xí) practice; exercise; review
学习 study; learn
学习汉语 学汉语
12. 专(zhuān) special
专门 special; specialized; concentrated
13. 业(yè) occupation; profession
专业 special field of study; professional

Learn Chinese faster, speak Chinese better, and write Chinese characters easier!

作业 school assignment
14. 上(shàng) upper; upward; go up; go to; mount; board; get on
上学 go to school
上学年 last school year
上学期 last term
上星期 last week
上个月 last month
15. 海(hǎi) sea
上海 Shanghai(China’s largest city)
海上 at sea ;on the sea
16. 文(wén) writing; literary language; article
中文 the Chinese language and literature
英文 英语

1. 作家 writer; author
2. 专长 special skills; speciality
3. 专家 expert; specialist
4. 专有 related to a particular person or thing
5. 经过 pass; go through; undergo
6. 总理 premier; prime minister
7. 总是 always; at all time
8. 上街 go to the street; go shopping
9. 上去 go up; move from a lower level to a higher level
10. 大海 海
11. 文本 text; version
12. 文学 literature
13. 文人 man of letters; scholar
14. 公文 official document