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Futures Group Europe

Since 1971, Futures Group has specialised in the design and implementation of health programmes in developing countries. As global development leaders, Futures Group and our sister company GRM International, a global development management rm, partner with institutions, governments, and businesses worldwide to improve peoples lives. Our combined group has a multisectoral focus, diverse technical offerings, and a wide geographic reach. Futures Group Europe was established in the early 1990s and is committed to tailoring technical assistance and development interventions focused on strengthening national and local health systems by: undertaking research; assisting in the design and implementation of supportive policies; helping to forge public-private partnerships; and building national capacity to design, execute and measure effective strategies addressing critical health issues. Futures Group has worked for more than 40 years in more than 100 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe on more than 600 projects, and is currently running projects in over 40 countries with more than 600 staff worldwide.

Program Areas
population and family planning sexual and reproductive health maternal and child health hiv and aids infectious diseases gender poverty and equity

Technical Solutions
Service Overview Program Areas
Population and Family Planning

Technical Solutions
Policy and Advocacy Policy Development and Implementation Policy Analysis and Barriers Legal and Regulatory Advocacy and Coalition Building Community Mobilisation Workplace Policy & Programme Development Stigma and Discrimination Gender Studies & Equity Promotion Research and Strategic Information Demographic, Qualitative, Quantitative and Evidence-based Research Surveys Data Demand and Information Use Data for Decision making Programme Monitoring and Evaluation Surveillance Modeling & Economic Analysis Model Development Model Application: Population and Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS Economic Analysis Costing Resource Mobilisation Resource Allocation Efficiency & Effectiveness

Sexual and Reproductive Health

policy and advocacy research and strategic information health markets and private  sector engagement modeling and economic analysis health systems strengthening strategic consulting programme management

Maternal and Child Health


Infectious Diseases HIV and AIDS Malaria Tuberculosis

Programme Management Project Management Grants Management Technical Programme Design and Implementation Combination HIV Prevention Delivery & Management of Demand-Led Technical Support Programme Analysis Programme Effectiveness Value for Money Performance-Based Monitoring Futures Group Europe, Ltd. 2nd Floor Turnberry House 100 Bunhill Row London, EC1Y 8ND U.K. tel +44(0) 20 7250 0556 fax +44(0) 20 7336 8742 Futures Group One Thomas Circle, NW Suite 200 Washington, DC 20005 U.S.A. tel 202.775.9680 fax 202.775.9694 Futures Group India, Pvt., Ltd. DLF Building No. 10-B, 5th Floor DLF Cyber City, Phase-II Gurgaon - 122002 (Haryana) India tel 91.124.4702000 fax 91.124.4702042

Poverty and Inequity

Program Implementation Science

Strategic Consulting Donor Coordination and Harmonisation Management Consulting Strategic Planning Programme and Systems Design On Demand Technical Support

Health Informatics/HMIS ICT4D HMIS Development and Implementation HIV Care and Treatment Patient Monitoring & Management Solutions

Health Systems

Health Markets & Private Sector Engagement Public-Private Partnerships Innovative Financing Contraceptive Security / Commodities Health Promotion and Behavior Change Communication Market Analysis, Segmentation, and Growth Product Marketing and Distribution Supply Chain Management


Funded by the U.K. Department for International Development (DFID)
Reproductive Health Services Framework: Leading a consortium for a multi-million, multi-country framework contract covering Reproductive, Maternal and Neonatal health requirements including Social Marketing and Social Franchising services in in Asia and Africa. Leading implementation of programmes under the Framework in India, Kenya and Ghana. Reducing Maternal and Child Mortality through Strengthening Primary Health Care, South Africa Providing technical assistance at the national and local levels to improve the quality of and access to reproductive, maternal and child health services in 25 districts in South Africa. Strengthening delivery of school health, ward primary health care and obstetric and neonatal emergency services; Improving demand and accountability for health services and using new data and knowledge to remove barriers for uptake and access of services. Improved Family Planning and Reproductive Health Services, India Leading the design and implementation of the programme to strengthen family planning and reproductive health services in Bihar and Odisha and expand service delivery access through the private sector and public private partnership approach. Reproductive and Child Health Programme, Sierra Leone Providing technical assistance to the Ministry of Health and Sanitation of the Government of Sierra Leone to assist in the design and formulation of the Human Resources for Health (HRH) Strategic Plan and HRH Policy.

Funded by the European Commission (EC)

Institutional and Technical Support Programme, India Strengthening the institutional capacity of the National and State Institutes of Health and Family Welfare in distance health education and health systems research to enhance service delivery in reproductive and child health services.

Funded by UNAIDS

Technical Support Facility of West and Central Africa (TSF-WCA) Building the capacity of regional and national consultants in West and Central Africa to deliver timely and quality technical assistance and services for HIV and AIDS in the region.

Funded by Agence Franaise de Developpement (AFD)

West Africa Population Policy Study Developing an analytic framework for a holistic assessment of the content and extent of implementation of national population policies and strategies for family planning in francophone Africa. Applying the analytic framework in two West Africa countries.

Lasting Impacts

The Global Epidemics of HIV in Injecting Drug Users: The Epidemiological and Economic Basis for Scale-up of Key Interventions Led a global research study funded by the World Bank to provide economic evidence for selected interventions that promotes a global push to reduce unmet need for services for people who inject drugs. The published research report, used for continuing advocacy with stakeholders and communities: dam/Worldbank/document/GlobalHIVEpidemicsAmongPeopleWhoInjectDrugs.pdf HIV and AIDS in the Higher Education Sector, South Africa A research study funded by the European Union, focused on enabling the higher education sector to understand the threat posed by HIV and AIDS used for guiding responses to planning and funding for prevention, treatment, care, and support interventions.

Funded by USAID

Health Policy Project (HPP) Building capacity of governments to address family planning/reproductive health, HIV, and maternal health and promoting health systems strengthening and programme integration for policy, advocacy, and governance for strategic, equitable, and sustainable health programming. Implementing programmes in multi-countries including Cote-dIvoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, Nigeria, Afghanistan, India, Jordan, Russia, Ukraine, Guatemala, and Jamaica. Sexual HIV Prevention Programme (SHIPP), South Africa Reducing HIV sexual transmission through building national and local capacity to design and implement a package of HIV combination prevention activities that address behavioural risk, social norms, biomedical interventions, and school-based programmes. MEASURE Evaluation Promoting cost-effective and efcient approaches and building institutional capacities in data collection, monitoring and evaluation, health, and nutrition services to improve human health and well-being in multi-countries in Africa. Programmes in Honduras, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Tanzania and have conducted activities in Cote dIvoire, DRC, Kenya, Liberia, Uganda, and Zambia.

Information Communication and Technology for Development (ICT4D)

HMIS, Kenya Developing, implementing, and supporting innovative HMIS and public health informatics systems for better information ow from health facilities to the national level. Support of Government of Haiti Strategic Health Information Systems, Haiti Building strengthened and sustainable Health Information Systems in Haiti for improved data quality and use and better monitoring and reporting of health activities. AIDSRelief Assisting in the rapid scale-up of anti-retroviral therapy in nine priority countries, leading the strategic information system component, including monitoring and evaluation, and health management information systems.