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Checks to determine if Administrative Default Judgments are legitimate

Collection of Administrative Default Judgments
1. Check if any Federal, State or County officials were involved in the rendering or authentication of the Judgment Remedy. This may be a duly appointed Judge, Justice of the eace, !otary or any other official authori"ed to perform a function in the process of finali"ing and#or authenticating a $efault Judgment 2. Check if there is a record of the %udgment in any public Federal, State or County records. This may be court records of a tribunal with appropriate %urisdiction over the sub%ect matter, or federal &'S State $epartment records(, State &Secretary of State) *postille( or County &filings in the county recorder+s ,ffice. NOTE: -t is unlawful to file and#or record false documents with any Federal, State or County agencies. .................................................................... The submitted Administrative Default Judgments embody a Notarial Protest, (Notarial Default Judgment). A Notary, who is a State ffi!ial, affi"ed his signature and offi!ial Seal to the Judgment do!uments and then issued a Default Judgment. #is offi!ial !a$a!ity was a!%nowledged by a se!ond Notary Publi! who was then a$ostilled by the Se!retary of State. The &.S. State De$artment in 'ashington D.(. then !onfirmed that no further authenti!ation of the do!ument was re)uired, as the State a$ostilled Administrative Default Judgment was already re!ogni*ed as an internationally valid offi!ial do!ument of the &nited States under the !tober +, ,-., /nternational #ague (onvention 0ules. The Judgment (reditor further filed a &.(.(, 1ien against the assets of the Debtor /nstitution, whi!h would have drawn an immediate res$onse from the Debtor /nstitution if the filed &(( 1ien were fraudulent 2 33 4inan!ial /nstitutions %ee$ a steady eye on &(( filings as they themselves file a great number of su!h liens on a regular basis. 4inan!ial /nstitution Debtors %now that these Judgments are legitimate. therwise they would have o$$osed them for!efully a long time ago. They !ould not do this, the way the Administrative Pro!ess wor%s, without $er5uring themselves. They had no !hoi!e but to let these Judgments develo$, ho$ing that their batteries of lawyers would $rote!t them eventually in some fashion when enfor!ement !ame %no!%ing on their doors. SUMMARY : The Administrative Default Judgments Instruments are legitimate, legal and genuine ,. They were generated and issued by a State ffi!ial 6 the Notary Publi! who $erformed a fun!tion far more signifi!ant than the more !ommonly %nown fun!tion of a!%nowledging a $erson7s signature. 8. They are filed and re!orded with the State.

valid and enfor!eable instrument. file by the Debtor 4inan!ial /nstitution. + The submitted /nstruments )ualify for assignment of a (&S/P Number.(. An A$ostille was subse)uently issued by the Se!retary of State. They might lose $oliti!al su$$ort.(. an internationally re!ogni*ed. lien against the Debtor and are finali*ed through a State ffi!ial i.9.S.(. #) An alternate a$$roa!h would be to ta%e the Judgment outside the &. #& '#TA(I ITY A) Pro$erly $erfe!ted Administrative Default Judgments !ontain a filed &((3. a Writ of Execution may be obtained from the (ourt whi!h allows a Sheriff to $ro!eed with !olle!tion. for a *Judicial Review+ . A 1ien filed against a Debtor 4inan!ial /nstitution. The State issued an A$ostille on these do!uments.) Judgments are re!ogni*ed as /nternational Judgments. re!ogni*ed and a!!e$table to the +9 Page 2 – egalit! "f Administrative Default Judgment Instruments And their #"lle$ta%ilit! !ountries whi!h are the member signatories to the #ague (onvention 0ules. unless a 5udge !an be found who is !lose to retirement and does not need su!h su$$ort any longer. where the . !annot be removed from from the State &. The obsta!le whi!h has to be over!ome with this $ro!edure is the fa!t that few 5udges are willing to $ut their name on the line against a ma5or ban% with signifi!ant finan!ial !onse)uen!es. =ased on the (ourt7s determination that $ro$er $ro!edure had been followed. whi!h would render them effe!tively as tradable instruments. The Judgment Debtor ty$i!ally had about + o$$ortunities to res$ond to the Plaintiff7s a!!usations and has failed to do so. State filed &niform (ommer!ial (ode (&. the 1ien !an only be removed by the Judgment (reditor who has filed the 1ien. a Notary Publi! who handled the final ste$s with the Judgment Debtor.e. They are offi!ially re!orded under the &niform (ommer!ial (ode. whi!h made the do!uments with the filed &. The Notary7s ste$s were ne"t reviewed by another State ffi!ial (Notary Publi!) who rendered the se!ond o$inion. () To !olle!t the 5udgment. ma%ing them internationally valid as offi!ial do!uments of the &nited States.(. A state authori*ed Notary Publi! served a <Notarial Protest’ on the Debtor and !ertified the default u$on the Debtor7s non3res$onse. and only then when the debt of the Default Judgment has been fully satisfied to the (reditor.S. legal !ounsel should ta%e the Administrative Default Judgment to a 4ederal (ourt in the &. :.(. The !ourt would be as%ed to determine if $ro$er $ro!edures were followed in the $ro!ess of obtaining the Administrative Default Judgment. $er%s and freebies if they gain a re$utation of ruling against ban%s. lien.(.

This is an interesting $ossibility sin!e the a$ostilled 5udgment is an internationally re!ogni*ed instrument giving the 'orld (ourt in the #ague 5urisdi!tion over the matter under the . similar to the >nron situation where e"e!utives ended u$ with 5ail senten!es.S.-+.S.influen!e of the 4ederal 0eserve is absent. – egalit! "f Administrative Default Judgment Instruments And their #"lle$ta%ilit! D) !ontinued 3 !riminal !om$laint. is a signatory. Their 5udi!ial determination would then enable the Judgment !reditor to e"e!ute on his !laim in the &. (see $rior e3mail atta!hment entitled ?Additional legal dis!ussion $ertaining to to $er!uniary and !riminal $enalties a$$li!able to federally !hartered lending institutions@) . This is a very real e"$osure. D) The ban% e"e!utives whi!h are in ea!h !ase listed !o3defendants are under e"$osure for !riminal $rose!ution for fraud. one would thin% ban% e"e!utives would $refer not to ris% if a ?vi!tim@ got suffi!iently u$set to $ursue a Page . #ague (onvention rules to whi!h the &.