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Use English Many of us are dismayed about the quality of our education, which is not commensurate with the

high cost spent on school fees. It is way below our expectations if we compare our graduates with those who studied overseas, especially concerning the mastery of English. It is important to know that most of employments require competence in English, for office work and correspondence. Government officials, speakers, writers and observers use a lot of English. Then the important thing is to use English as a medium in schools so that we can compete with graduates from abroad. All students have studied English since they are in junior high school. Even some of them had been introduced with English when they were in elementary school. However, lots of graduates have less English skills. Learning English is difficult but it is more difficult to customize us with it Then it will be beneficial to have TV films in English like in Singapore. It will help to increase our graduates’ competence in English.

the feature and functions has increased. Even a lot phones are intentionally designed to teenaged market. Because of the small size of the cell phone. Now this communication device does not only fill the pocket of adult but also teenager and student. Learning in school is to behave fair not cheating. They also use the calculator and camera features in the class as well. Most students use cell phones irresponsibly. mobile phone has also become a lot cheaper. playing games and much more. homework. but sending text. Second. Why does mobile phone user increase dramatically in recent years? First. . Students go to school to learn and behave fair way. It is very reasonable because bringing phone to school potentially disrupts the learning process. students can send a text quietly and discreetly. However should they be allowed to bring them to school? Many schools do not allow students to bring cell phones to school. schools should ban students from bringing their cell phones. In case of an emergency some student need a call for help. taking pictures. Mobile phone is not used just for calling. recording videos. The text can go unnoticed anywhere to get help on answering tests. Those potentially lead less concentration in the time of learning and teaching process. They use cell phones to talk to their friend during class time. Therefore. accessing internet. and other class assignment. providing easy access to phone is better. However it should be done fairly.Should not Bring Mobile Phone to School Recently most people own mobile phone. Mobile phones provide a large temptation to cheat in tests. They can communicate to anyone and almost anywhere in the world.

Well. they often experience classic nicotine withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety. they find that quitting smoking is so difficult. Suddenly. Admittedly. As result. Everyday they bring a pack in their pocket. still want to try smoke? Think the facts before trying! If you are not smoker. They can not avoid smoking and they enjoy too. stroke. They have smoker friends. Then they inhale that cigarette and smoke occasionally. depression.000 Americans died each year. for certain reason. and pancreatic cancer. when people try to quit smoking. They know it is bad for them and all. For them. Now they do smoke fairly regularly. always want to try smoking. Unfortunately. It was one every 80 seconds from tobacco-related illnesses. they realize the fact that tobacco is the cause of a long list of nasty diseases. Cigarette is one of the most efficient drug-delivery devices ever devised. Then they decide it is stupid to harm selves. who do not smoke. It is hard to quit because nicotine is powerfully addictive. irritability. Apparently that makes them the born smokers. It is not only heart disease. a pack of cigarette is as important as a wallet for their money. So they ask one of their smoker friends for a cigarette. you should never and never try to smoke. they firstly can not light it on their own so they ask his friend to do it. and restlessness. lung. and chronic lung disease but also bladder. They want to quit smoking.Never Try Smoking A lot of people. especially teenagers. Even it was reported that around 400. . “Why can't I stop smoking? I really want to stop it”. headache. but it is just something they want to try.

but to others. . This benefit may not be important to some people. physical ability. The recommended designs of motorcycle helmets can provide total protection. family pain. German. wearing a helmet can gives the raiders a matter of style. Mostly the riders badly end up in mess. and many others. such as beanie. By choosing the most appropriate helmet from all of the various styles.Why Should Wearing a Helmet when Motorcycling We often hear lots of stories from road regarding people taking spill on motorcycle when they are riding without using helmet. and money. They not only protect riders from getting a worse road injured accident but also from flying bugs. Second. Bikers should use the helmets which are fixed to their head. Helmets give the opportunity for rider to express the image they may want to project when riding on they way. what most important is wearing helmet when riding is a matter of using it properly. shorty. wearing a helmet which can projecting an image is an inherent crucial part of motorcycling and help riders feel more confident when riding on the road. mud and other potential projectiles. It is really not good if they places simply the helmets on the head without settling them properly. it means a lot and important. First and the most important is that wearing the correct helmet can save a rider's life. such as rain. sleet. Wearing a fitted protective helmet offers many benefits which reduces the negative aspects of riding. However. The bikers should fasten the helmet correctly to their head in order to get safe and comfort.

bad smell and dangerous diseases to people such as smoking and throwing rubbish anywhere should be stopped at once. A man who urinate not at lavatory. It will be wise if the Major decides a certain amount of fine to be paid by those who disobey the government regulation on cleanliness matter. To keep the people from heavy pollution caused by cars. smoke not at smoking room or throw rubbish at the roads should be fined for instance. Bad and improper habits which cause disadvantages. Every morning especially in dry season. Every building or house in the city must be surrounded short and small trees which bear colorful flower. Besides dirtying the environment with cigarettes’ butts. trucks and motorcycles. smoking will also cause pollution and lungs disease to other people. So bad habits and impolite attitude should be immediately stopped. so that they realize on how important cleanliness and health are for their own sake. otherwise the city will be dirty.Let’s Make City Clean and Fresh A clean and fresh city will surely make the inhabitants healthy. all roads must be watered with clean water and swept by the workers of the regional government under the Major’s instruction. Building more public lavatories at every busy place is very badly needed. enough trees must be planted along all roads. The major of each city will have to think over the way how to educate people. unhealthy badly polluted and will never attract foreign or domestic tourist .

Recently. Another research found that there is a significant relationship between the amount of time spent for watching television during adolescence and early adulthood. Considering some facts mentioning above. However. consumerism and so on. stress. absolutely "Yes" and that should be done by all parents. and short sleep duration. Television can expose things you have tried to protect the children from. is it important to know what your kids are watching? The answer is. especially violence. It can unite all members of the family as well as separate them. a study demonstrated that spending too much time on watching TV during the day or at bedtime often cause bed-time disruption. of course. protect your children with the following tips: . and the possibility of being aggressive. Meanwhile. many studies have identified a relationship between kids who watch TV a lot and being inactive and overweight. pornography.Watch your Kids While Watching TV Television becomes one of the most important devices which takes place in almost houses.

When we look at classroom. They put their litter on the proper place but some of them are not diligent enough to find the dust bins. mineral water cops. they can find the dust bins easily. and napkin everywhere. Anyway I notice that most of the students have responsibilities for their school environment. . straws. So provide more dust bins and school will be very clean and become a very nice place to study. The condition of unseemliness really hinders learning and teaching environment. students do not have problem of discomfort any more. there should be an increasing number of dust bins. outside of the classrooms and some along of the corridors. When school is equipped with sufficient dust bins. They can be filled out with water coming from the rain.School Needs More Dustbin To improve comfort and cleanliness at the school. The numbers of the dust bins in the school are not enough. This can be placed for mosquito to spread out. school corridors and schoolyard. More dust bins should be put beside each step. Probably one dust bin should be in every ten meters. there papers. So when students want to throw away their litters.

what skill and competence they have got is a big matter of questioning. Possibly working and studying surely will create high quality graduate. Euphoria will flood for those who get success.Dinstance Learning The National examination result will be publicly enounced in next short time. they will think hard about the time and cost. it will be quite confusing. Then it will be very possible to seek job and get the appropriate one. when they think about straightly seeking job. How long the higher study will last? And how high is about the cost. Continuing study as well as seeking job is possibly done but it will be hard for them. So. For those who succeed soon will think to decide. where will they be after graduating high school? Actually it will be easy to decide for those has been arranged and thought earlier but for those have not planed yet. Distance learning should appear as a considerable choice for them. the available time will be more flexible for them. distance learning provides possibility to grow better. It is true because they have to do and adapt a lot of things in their new higher school. it will be very hard to looking for job. . In the other hand. As result. Therefore it should come to their mind of continuing studying at higher school from their own home. doing both choices in the same time is an alternative. besides the conventional studying which students and the lecturer have to meet in the fixed time and place regularly. When they think about continuing study. This type of studying is publicly known as distance learning. As the alternative method of studying. In the same way. It will be sorry to hear that there are some of them do not succeed in their national final examination. Conventionally studying in the university needs much time to spend especially in the first year. Continuing study or looking for work is the primary choice among them.

and we can find update information or news when browsing internet. because many programs have negative impacts to our children. for example. many houses have internet connection. . we must know what our children are browsing in internet. The children can open many program or website that have negative impact. We can find many internet cafes anywhere. ◊ Use filter’s program to negative site in your PC. we have some tips to protect our children: ◊ Don’t put PC and modem set in your kids bedroom ◊ Make a schedule for browsing internet to our children. in internet have positive impact. As parents. for example : student can find their task in internet. And too much browsing internet can endanger their eyes. Based on fact above. game online and the other programs that can make their mark go down in the school. they can open pornography site.Watch our Kids while Browsing Internet Internet is one of important devices in student world. Internet also have negative impact if the parents don’t watch their children when browsing internet. ◊ Review the history when your children finished browsing internet. Actually. In our observation.

Water can dampen of skin until not easy to dry and make crimp. But. water is needed in the enough amounts. water is needed. To keep the skin elasticity. buy and consume the best mineral water! . There are many kinds of water that we can consume every day all time. the water must be clean and hygiene. Skins is the out part of the body that has contact with dirty air. To keep the balancing of size body. So. Therapy of water can keep the beauty too. The therapy of water can save water availability in the body. Consuming water can be made as therapy of disease. Consume a lot of water can filtrate much calories. because water that we consume with enough amounts and the right method can purify of poisons in our body. water can increase the metabolism and pressing of eat desire. In fact. Find. sun light and pollutions.Consume Water to Have Beauty As we know that so much water in the world. let’s consume water everyday at least eight glasses to keep our healthy and beauty.

. waiting rooms. a businessman who always follows latest information or news. The world has forced globalization. we will try to get or do the thing. especially the government. Those people with little knowledge will be left behind. radio. facilitated by the government. booklets. vehicles. people like reading. Therefore.Let's Make Campaign Of Reading Reading habit is poor among Indonesians because most people haven’t realized the importance of reading Reading is important to transform knowledge and technology. Valuable books in libraries and bookstores mean nothing if they are not read. Realizing the importance of reading will make someone motivated to read. magazines. will know what to do in his/ her business. newspapers. The campaign can be done through various kinds of mass media such as TV. parents and all people who care. A good understanding toward the importance of reading can be achieved by well organized and effective campaign. It needs a hard work from all components of the nation. For example. They enjoy reading which gives them valuable knowledge and inspiration. A serious campaign which is organized by the central and local government can help common people wake up and stand to face the real competition. a good reading habit is really important. To speed up the better change in this country. It can also be conducted by teachers. bulletins. Most people in all developed countries have realized the importance or reading and they have good reading habits. to face the tighter competition. Technology transformation from other country can only be done by reading a lot various sources of literature. The knowledge is needed to improve the quality of human’s life. a nation-wide effective campaign of the importance of reading by all components of the nation should be done. The lines of the paragraphs in an article contain pieces of knowledge. He or she will understand what he doesn’t see by himself or herself. parks. In bus and train stations. He will make a good decision to make a transaction. one knows the world. When we know that something is very important because it can give us valuable information. By reading. To plant an understanding in a generation’s minds is not an easy job.