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"1/3 Homo"

EXT. HALLWAY JEAN (to himself, nervous) Alright... you can do this, Jean. It won’t be that hard, right? All I gotta ask is if she wants to go out. Yeah... and of course she’ll say yes. Who can’t say no to this smile, haha. He takes a deep breath. 2 JEAN (CONT’D) Alright. I can do this. He walks into the mess hall, door opening sound, and he immediately starts towards Mikasa. EXT. MESS HALL JEAN (calling out, trying to act confident though nervous) H-hey there Mikasa! 3 4 5 6 MIKASA Oh, hey Jean. JEAN Just uh, hangin’ alone? MIKASA Yeah. JEAN Would you, uh, mind if I keep you company--I-I mean just for a few minutes. Heh, wouldn’t want you to have to sit quiet all by yourself. MIKASA (indifferent) Sure. He takes a seat down next to her. 8 JEAN So, uh, I guess Eren’s back in the room or something?




9 10

MIKASA He has extra practice with Levi. JEAN Ah, gotcha... (beat) I see you haven’t touched your food at all. MIKASA Uh..... yeah? JEAN O-oh-I-I was just pointing it out, heh, uh, so, um, well... I-I wanted to ask you a question- (nervous laughter) MIKASA What? JEAN I, um, I-I said I wanted to ask you a question. MIKASA No, I heard that. What question? JEAN (speaking endlessly from nervousness) Uh-uh- I-I hope it isn’t too much-isn’t too much? That’s a strange way of putting it. Well, I guess it’s essentially what I’m trying to say, but like, considering how perfect a match it would be and how crazily amazing I would feel just to experience with your hair, smell nice, pretty eyes, uh-uhMIKASA (interrupting) Jean! What the hell are you asking? JEAN (waaaay too loud/screaming) MIKASA, WILL YOU GO OUT WITH ME?! Stunned silence in the mess hall. MIKASA

11 12

13 14









JEAN (swallows) Oh shit, shit shit shit shit shit, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to scream, I- fuck- II’m sorry, Mikasa. He gets up and tries to get out of there as quickly as possible from pure embarrassment. Crowd slowly gets back to normal walla sound again. MIKASA (calling out) Wait, Jean, I-Door opens and closes and he leaves. MIKASA (CONT’D)



(sighs) EXT. ERWIN’S OFFICE - DECK 4 Erwin, Levi, and Petra are in his office, finishing up a meeting.


ERWIN How many will need the extra practice? LEVI Just a few, including Jaeger. ERWIN Alright. Make it quick. I’m afraid the Admiral’s planning on moving the trainees to far-jump maneuvers. LEVI What? They’re not ready for that. ERWIN I understand-LEVI And that should be a decision /you/ make, not the fucking politicians. ERWIN You know I agree-LEVI How much longer do we have to deal with them getting in our business?

24 25

26 27 28

29 30



ERWIN (sharply cutting him off) Levi! I only meant to explain what orders could be sent down soon. Nothing’s been directed as of now. So please, keep your fucking pants on. LEVI Tch. PETRA Commander, you, uh, wanted me to remind you that there was a meeting of the division commanders at 1500 hours? ERWIN Ah yes, thank you, Lieutenant. Footsteps as he walks out.

32 33


35 36

PETRA I’d be happy to escort you. ERWIN I’m perfectly capable of walking by myself, Petra, but thank you for the offer. PETRA R-right, no problem. Door opens and closes and it’s just Petra and Levi in the room.



PETRA (CONT’D) I can... leave you alone, if you want, sir. LEVI No, no, you’re fine. A beat.


40 41 42

PETRA Sir... permission to speak freely? LEVI Hmm? Oh, sure, go ahead. PETRA Well... over the past few weeks... you’ve just seemed on edge. (MORE)

5. PETRA (CONT'D) I don’t know whether it’s the new recruits or what, but... I’ve never seen you this agitated around the Commander before.


LEVI (sighs) It’s not the recruits. This bunch is no worse than the last. All new cadets are terrible. PETRA Then what’s going on? I follow your practices outside from my monitoring station. I... didn’t notice it before... but seeing you like this... reminded me of what I saw then. LEVI What are you talking about? PETRA Your beacon was on. You never have it on for practices; only when we go out on advance missions... LEVI (dismissing her comments) I wanted to practice like I preach. Got mad at the Ackerman girl for not following protocol, thought I might as well follow it too. PETRA Frankly, Levi, that’s a load of crap. LEVI Excuse me? PETRA (indignant) I always thought you didn’t have the beacon on so you could practice purely visual targeting. You know, in case an emergency messes with the computer. But I don’t think that makes sense. Something made you turn it on. Yet I’m now far more curious as to why it was ever off in the first place!


45 46







LEVI Tread carefully, Lieutenant. You have permission to speak freely but you do /not/ have permission to a nosey little prick! PETRA (still indignant) I think I deserve to know, sir. I deserve to know what your problem is with the computer and what the hell’s going on with this decision. If I doubt how my Commander’s commanding, then I’m not much of a good subordinate, am I. LEVI You think I’m not making good decisions? PETRA That’s not what I mean. If I don’t understand your thinking on this, I may doubt your split-second decisions. LEVI You’re trained to obey /every/ decision I make. PETRA Yes. ... Yes, I am. We all are... but... I’m still human. Levi... I’m.. still a person who trusts or doesn’t trust, who has faith in some but not others. Please... I don’t think I’m asking too much of you. A beat.







LEVI If it’ll make you feel better... you’re certainly not being completely unreasonable... but you have to understand I don’t care much for mushy past bullshit. PETRA (calmly) I understand... I just want to know.




LEVI (starts off slow, recounting memories) (sighs) I always preferred my own skills to that of the computer. Even though my instructor said it was available, said it was incredibly useful, I didn’t want to put my life in someone-- or, rather some /thing’s/ hands... I’m still rather uncomfortable with it, if only for that reason. I wasn’t lying when I said I turned the beacon on to replicate the orders I gave to my own trainees. There is a level of fairness that’s important. PETRA Of course. LEVI But using the computer... using ARMIN is just... a lot to deal with... considering.... PETRA Considering what? LEVI Considering what he did on my first advance mission. PETRA The..... oh God, that was the first encounter of Y-class titans, right? LEVI Yeah... it’s one thing to deal with a slow-moving monster in space who can barely adjust their positions... it’s quite another to deal with ones who physically expel gas to move themselves at high speeds... and in this mission... our failure in understanding that fact... led to terrible consequences. PETRA And... this is where the ARMIN made this decision you’re talking about?

60 61

62 63






LEVI Right. In the midst of battle, one of my fellow soldiers, a kid by the name of Ira, had his suit damaged by one of the Y’s. While the secondary protective layer wasn’t yet cut--so he was still protected from the vacuum of space--he was knocked unconscious. I saw another titan heading towards him, but I was stopped. The only remaining member of the advance team, my commanding officer, grabbed me and led me back to the ship. Apparently.... (sighs) apparently ARMIN told him there was a dramatically low chance Ira would survive. It was just math, ARMIN said, he was just doing his job... but.... it was hard not to hold that against him every day thereafter. PETRA I... I thought the ships have independent computer systems. Was that different before I joined or... LEVI No, ships still had independent systems. But the ARMIN was in our spacesuits. Our connection with the ship never seemed to vanish.... Pause, hum of the ship and only the hum of the ship is heard.




PETRA I’m glad you told me, Levi... it’s... a lot easier to understand your thinking now. LEVI Easy enough to go back to calling me by my rank? PETRA Oh... heh, sorry sir. LEVI No worries... Fade out of scene.


72 73


EXT. “E-21 CLUB,” DECK 24 Jean is at a bar/club. He is not drunk yet, but is sulking in his embarassment at trying to ask Mikasa out. Star Trek club music playing in the background. JEAN (sulking) God I’m such a loser. Unnnnnng, why can’t I fucking speak to her? Just one fucking sentence and I can’t do it... He sighs. 75 JEAN (CONT’D) I’ll never have a chance... no matter how good-looking or nice I am.... Marco quietly sits next to him. 76 MARCO Hey... you alright? JEAN (surprised to see him) M-marco? What are you doing here? MARCO I heard about what happened in the mess hall. JEAN Y-you did?! MARCO I think half the ship’s heard by now. JEAN 81 82 83 (groans) MARCO Hey... it’s gonna be alright. JEAN Alright? I made a huge fool out of myself in front of everyone! Andand now I’ll never be able to talk to her again.


77 78

79 80



MARCO Jean... you got nervous. You got nervous around a pretty girl. That’s hardly unusual. JEAN I bet she thinks I’m an idiot. MARCO Now why would she think that? She’s seen you in training; frankly everyone has! You’re really talented out there, and you even help out the cadets who’re struggling. That’s really cool. JEAN Whatever. That doesn’t mean anything if I can’t talk to her for five seconds without stuttering like a little shit. MARCO Jean... look at me. JEAN No. MARCO Either you take your head out of your hands or I swear I’ll pull it out. JEAN There. Better? Marco bops him on the nose.

85 86


88 89 90


92 93

JEAN (CONT’D) Hey! What was that for?! MARCO I was tired of seeing you sulk. Your smile’s too nice to keep hidden. JEAN (chuckles) God, well at least I always have you to fall back on? MARCO Oh no, I’d never date you, Jean. I only go for the crybabies on Deck 8.




JEAN 96 97 (chuckles) MARCO Now... I’m sure we can figure this out, okay? I bet.... I bet she thought it was cute how you were so nervous. It shows you’re just a normal person... not overconfident and arrogant. JEAN But I /am/ overconfident and arrogant! MARCO No, that’s what you /think/ you are, Jean. In all honesty, you’re just as scared and nervous as anyone in the Recon Corps, or for that matter, on these ships! You’re a regular person, just like anyone else. To see moments where you... are so enamored by someone you can’t even /talk/ to them... that’s both adorable and respectable. It shows you’re not perfect. JEAN If I’m not perfect, why would she ever go out with me? MARCO If you think you’re perfect, she never will. A beat. 102 JEAN Would you... would you mind helping me for the next time? MARCO (sarcastic) Oh no. You’re hopless. He elbows him playfully. JEAN (finally smiling) Haha, shut up.









MARCO Hey... I’m friends with the bartender here... JEAN Wait, you know him? MARCO I have a feeling you’d love some illegal alcohol. JEAN Why didn’t you say anything? Haha, I needed some HOURS ago. MARCO Haha, just be careful. Fade out as music continues for a bit. EXT. HALLWAY OUTSIDE JEAN’S ROOM Jean is leaning on Marco as he brings him to his room. Now, Jean is drunk. JEAN (drunk) Eyyyyy, Marcoooo, thank you for da alcoholz... MARCO Urgh, stand up, ugh- I can’t hold all of youJEAN Ehhh whatdoyousay we go back and party some more? I had a fun time, fun time. MARCO I knew this was a bad idea. JEAN And then Mikasa will see me and be like ‘j-jean, you’re so hot, I wanna kiss you- mmmmmm mmmm (kissing sounds) love you, oh yeah’. Presses the door open and brings him to the bed, stepping sounds.

106 107






113 114



MARCO (sighs) There you go... now, please go the fuck to sleep. We still have practice tomorrow. JEAN Marco, marco, marco, marco, c’mooooon, let’s practice dancing. He walks out and shuts the door.



MARCO I still can’t believe he only had one drink. EXT. EREN’S ROOM Eren’s on his bed, computer tablet at his side. Mikasa’s not back yet from wherever she is, so it’s just Eren and the computer device. EREN

118 Beeps. 119 Beeps. 120 121


EREN (CONT’D) Please access the ARMIN system.

COMPUTER VOICE Please state localized connection. EREN Tablet. Deck 12-C, Room 221. Working computer beeps for a few seconds before ARMIN appears.


COMPUTER VOICE Automated Response system activated. ARMIN Oh, hey there, Eren! EREN Hey... I remember the instructors telling us you had access to the ship database.

123 124



ARMIN That’s right! What can I help you with, Eren? EREN Considering all the practice we do on the 3D Maneuver Gear... there’s still a ton about our enemy they haven’t told us yet. ARMIN It’s not a matter of them not telling you, Eren. Only near the end of the training regimen, at least in Recon Corps practice, do they have simulations against computerized titans. For now, it’s far more important you learn how to hit targets, move yourself around, all without injuring yourself. EREN Makes sense... but, you do have access to titan information? ARMIN I wouldn’t be a useful computer if I didn’t! Haha. EREN (chuckles) Great, thanks. Beeps as he processes information, that ‘scrolling’ sound.







ARMIN Titans. Complex alien species that primarily seems to reside in the Axiom Nebula, the nebula that surrounds the Axiom Solar System. It is unclear how they exist in the pure vacuum of space or where they reside, considering they dissolve when killed. Save a spot on the back of their necks, their intensely-hard skin heals within seconds. Larger injuries may take a minute. Tests have demonstrated they seem driven only by destruction of the human race as it travels through the nebula. There are no indications of any other goals. (MORE)

15. ARMIN (CONT'D) The few titans that have been tested on died upon quarantine. We have not been able to successfully experiment on them.

EREN 132 133 134 Beeps. 135 136 ARMIN Titans. Divided into five categories, based on both size and ability. Alpha-class titans. Only one has been seen. Size: 4 miles long. Extremely slow. Last seen during the destruction of Ark Maria. Beta-class titans. Considered average titans. Found mainly in clusters. Gamma-class titans. Same size as beta-class but have larger claws and teeth. More dangerous but fewer in number. Delta-class titans. Slightly smaller than Beta-and Gamma-class, but possess the ability to produce electromagnetic pulses that can shut down electronics in a 30-mile radius. And Y-class titans. High agility. Other details unknown. EREN ...that’s.... quite an enemy, huh.... so many ways to kill you. ARMIN Nevertheless, important information to know. EREN Yeah... thanks, Armin..... ARMIN No problem. Never? ARMIN That’s correct. EREN Search for categorization.

137 138





143 144



EREN Hey... before you leave my tablet... I had one other question.. hearing you in our spacesuits made me think... ARMIN What’s the question? EREN Well... I... guess I’m just curious how you’re able to be in touch with so many aspects of the ship. I know you’re meant to be a network for the entire fleet but it feels beyond incredible. ARMIN Advances in the late 2100s devised a way for extremely rapid processors. I am the outgrowth of those complex systems. EREN I guess that explains how you’re able to handle so many requests at once... but... how can you be in touch with like.... advance team spacesuits? ARMIN My system does have a significant range. EREN How significant? ARMIN Eren, why are you asking me this? EREN I’m... genuinely curious. ARMIN You should go to bed. Sweet dreams. Beeps as he leaves the tablet. EREN

146 147




151 152 153 154

155 Silence.

No, wait!


EREN (CONT’D) 156 Damnit. EXT. ADVANCE-TEAM SHIP Rico and male co-pilot, Ensign Vickers, are here. 157 COMPUTER VOICE Scanning complete. Fourth readout processing. Processing. Processing. Processing completed. RICO Oh my... Ensign, have you seen what the computer’s saying? ENSIGN VICKERS Yes, Lieutenant. It’s giving me the exact same readout we saw a few hours ago. (beat) What... what do you think it is? RICO I think..... I think we’re gonna need some reinforcements. Episode ends on titan roars. 161 FADE OUT.