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Moon Guiding Planet You have a special knack for practicality and keeping things running smoothly.

The busy teacher, housekeeper and the resourceful manager are examples of this type — their day is full of interruptions, adjustments and problem-solving. You can best handle situations by going straight into the heart of the matter and gently taking control. Your forte is an ability to cope with a constant stream of demands and quickly changing priorities. Moon Skill Symbol people are often do well in the fields of education and counseling. On the other hand, you may be prone to obsessiveness, over-work and criticism, tendencies which may be balanced or moderated by keeping the big picture and your ultimate goals in the forefront. As Guiding Planet, the Moon symbolizes a reflective mind highly sensitive to everything in the environment and to the ever-changing flow of life and events. It places us in touch with our root power, which has a natural source, grounded in nature and natural activity. Yet the busy managerial and organizing functions of Moon as Skill Symbol, or its tendency to focus on the needs and requirements of others, may get in the way of tuning into your own needs and the larger issues and currents operating beneath the pressing demands of your often quickly changing mundane life. To serve us as a Guiding Planet, the Moon asks one to schedule quiet time for meditation or for a peaceful and relaxing nature walk. The birth-chart of novelist Henry Miller features Moon Oriental, rising about seventy degrees before the Sun, in the seventh house of relatedness and conjunct the south lunar node, Mars, and Uranus. Henry Miller spent much of his later years living a simple life in a cabin on the remote Big Sur coast of California. His banned books did much to compensate for the puritanical shame of the body and sexuality which played such a large part in the American morality of his time. The liberator of India, Mahandas Gandhi, was born when the Sun was unaspected (humanistic astrologers use somewhat tight orbs, revealing a clearer picture), and much of his solar power seems to have expressed through the Oriental Moon in the tenth house (politics and public life) Leo. With Moon as his Guiding Planet, Gandhi was able to sense precisely what was needed at the moment and he was utterly dedicated to his destiny of winning independence for his people. As Skill Symbol, the Moon symbolizes the organizational and gentle managerial skills, and a capacity for tuning into the needs and abilities of anyone, required to unify a very large and diverse nation and to gear its people to act in unison for a common goal. The natal horoscope of J. Krishnamurti shows Moon Oriental, but a very great distance from the Sun, 145 degrees, forming a bi-quintile aspect between the two. The chart as a whole depicts a sharp "see-saw" pattern, comprising two opposed planetary groups, with the Sun and the Moon acting as a member of a planetary pair "enclosing" each of the two groups. Additionally, the two groups are situated one above and one below the horizon. Indeed, from the chart’s planetary gestalt, the Moon

He established several innovated schools worldwide. For instance. tends to speak from a natal Taurus Mercury conjunct the Nadir. And Krishnamutri’s somewhat rigid. rising seven degrees after the Sun. Even if the Oriental Moon seems estranged and not fully functional as Guiding Planet. he conducted a secret thirty-year liaison with a woman. and natal Neptune near the Descendant link-up with the two to form a T-Square. . mentally crystallized philosophy and outlook. and from a natal Saturn retrograde in the ninth house. much of Krishnamurti’s deeper side suggests he was connected with it beneath the surface. She wrote a song titled "Sister of the Moon" in the late-70s when her fame was of the first magnitude and she epitomized the "witchy woman." Stephanie's Oriental Moon is opposite natal Venus on the nadir. and in spite of his guru. and founded Happy Valley School in Ojai Valley with his friend Aldous Huxley. which ties in with Moon as Skill Symbol. a relationship he evidently found so fulfilling that he wanted to continue it into his later years. holy man role.seems to be in too strong contrast to the Sun to figure as a scout or guide. too much space seems to "separate" the two bodies. The birth-chart of early woman of rock Stevie Nicksfeatures an Oriental Moon in the tenth house rising a great distance before a second house Gemini Sun. Krishnamurti was always very much interested in education and nourishing the mind and spirit. Krishnamurti also had a deep appreciate of and trust in women. which seems much rooted in negativism and denial.