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1 Peter 1:3

You + us = Together for the Gospel in Honduras through education, counseling and student ministries II April 2014

Be a part + Buy a part = Drive home the Good News!

We’re here, and along with you, making an eternal difference. After living here for over 2 months without a vehicle, we’ve realized our dire need for a vehicle. Without a vehicle, it limits our ministry. Without a vehicle, it limits our effectiveness. Without a vehicle, it limits our potential. We need a vehicle that will travel to the nearest city 90 minutes away, withstand treacherous roads, traverse through rivers, and carry at least 5 people. It must be a 4 x 4 diesel in order to be the most dependable and economical. Although a newer vehicle with more seating would be nice, in Honduras, they tend to be upwards of $30,000 or more. Ford Rangers or the equivalent tend to be the most reliable and economical here. We believe we could get a good used vehicle (like a Ford Ranger) for approx. $18,000. In order to accomplish this goal, we’re giving you the opportunity to be a part of changing lives in Honduras and purchase a part of the vehicle. HOW? See the next page.

1. 2. To help Hondurans and other missionaries in times of need To serve Hondurans in nearby villages, taking part in their lives, and welcoming them into our lives To pick up individuals, couples, families, and teams for their ministry opportunities here at the mission To transport supplies to further the ministry at the school, children’s center, and hospital To allow our family to serve together in the community through outreach, discipleship and sports To aid in our families day-to-day needs





“...whatever you did for one of the least of these, you did for me” - Jesus, in Matthew 25:40

HOW can I help? Buy a part and drive home the Good News!
Goal: a used 2007-2009 Ford Ranger with less than 100,000 miles Frame (right side) Frame (left side) Engine (major parts) Engine (components) Wipers Front seat Back seat Extended cab Door locks Windows (5) Windshield Brakes Muffler Spark plugs Brake pedal Bumpers Gas pedal Hitch Outside mirrors Spare tire Rear view mirror Hood Front headlights Rear lights Driver’s door Passenger’s door Rear doors Air Conditioner Steering Wheel Air Bag Kit Shocks Tailgate Tires Locks Floor mats Emergency kit Seatbelts Horn $1200 $1200 $950 $950 $25 $550 $550 $1250 $25 $1000 $350 $175 $300 $75 $200 $500 $275 $75 $100 $75 $25 $350 $100 $100 $155 $155 $300 $150 $100 $165 $650 $200 $625 $75 $50 $50 $100 $210


already raised






Goal: $18,000 Campaign ends June 7, 2014 3 ways to Buy a Part
Go to:!help-us Click on link below PayPal button
*In the “Add Special Instructions to the Seller”, please write # 4192 Benedict’s vehicle

2. 3.

Complete the printed form (attached in printed form) or go to:!help-us and complete the Direct Payment Authorization Form
*Please note that your gift is for #4192 Benedict’s vehicle

Mail your check to: Global Outreach P.O. Box 1 Tupelo, MS 38802
*Please note on the Memo line that your gift is for #4192 Benedict’s vehicle

Email us or Facebook us and let us know since we don’t find out about contributions for approx. 30 days after the gift. THANKS!

Plus any other part you want for a total of $14,750
All gifts are tax-deductible! Any donations received over the amount needed will be used for other ministry projects in Honduras.

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