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Decimals sometimes called decimal fractions, because they are related to the special subset of fractions made up of those

fractions that powers of 10 as denominator.

Decimal a number that uses place-value and a decimal point to show tenths and hundredths. Example: 3. and 3.!" Decimal point a period separatin# the ones and the tenths places in a decimal. Example: 0. E$uivalent decimals are decimals that name the same number. Example: 0.% and 0.%0 Explore Decimal Place Value &aterials: 10 by 10 #rids  Display a 10 by 10 #rid. 'he pa#e is divided into 100 s$uares, but is it still 1 whole piece of paper( )ave students explain a whole number in their own words.  *hade
35 35 on the #rid. +rite !.3" and ! on the board and say each 100 100

form of the number. )ave students repeat aloud. ,ompare a shaded #rid to both numbers. Divide class into pairs or small #roups. Distribute paper with 10 by 10 #rids and have students shade a bloc- of s$uares on 1 #rid. .se additional #rids to represent whole numbers. )ave partners write the number as a decimal and as a fraction and use the #rids to present to the class.

Decimal Place Value      +rite the number /0!. . )ave students point to and identify the number in each place. 1dentify the di#it in the tenths place. 2oint to the tenths place, say the value, tenths, and have students repeat aloud. )ave them write /0!. 3. 4epeat for 3 in the hundredths place. )ave students write /0! 33. 4epeat for 3 in the thousandths place. Divide class into pairs or small #roups. )ave partners use price on catalo# pa#es to practice identifyin# place values. )ave students share their wor-.

7or example. 'hen write a sentence to tell what you found out usin# place value ideas. "/3 5 concept-development activity for decimals 1. 4e#ion Decimal 0.E#. 1!3 . *how the place value for each of the numbers in the numeral below.$uestions such as: i.187 !. 'eacher directions: .13 The fraction 0.18 2. )ow much of the picture shows the #irl8s hair( decimals to tell some thin#s about the picture.18 1. 5s. 5 s-ill-development activity for decimals Draw a picture on a s$uare re#ion separated into 100 smaller s$uare re#ion. )ow much shows her lips( . E#. if you draw a face of a #irl. 6ive a decimal to tell how much is shaded.13 is the same as *entence 1 3 + 10 100 0.

/ related( 10 :2ossible answer: 'hey are e$ual./( :*how 1 whole s$uare and shade / columns of ten on another< +hy can you write ! :>ecause 2 as !.!0 10 5ctivity: 5ddition ? 2rovide students with #raph paper ? +rite this decimal on the board and have students colour their #raph paper to model it: 0." #reater or less than 1( )ow can you tell( :=ess. 0( :2ossible answer: *hade parts of a tenths s$uare to show 0. @ou re#roup if needed< +hat are the steps for addin# 1.! 0r !. ? 5s. 9 0.!0( 10 2 9 much of the #raph paper is shaded alto#ether. 3.< )ow are 1 6 and 1. .iii. 'hen have them use a different colour to show 0. )ow much shows her eyes( )ow much of the pictures show the bac-#round( )ow can you show 0. 0< 1s 0.! 9 0.03."( . then add. shade 0 parts of a hundredths s$uare to show 0. they are two different ways of writin# the same number< )ow would you use hundredths s$uares to show 1."< 2 )ow is addin# decimals li-e addin# whole numbers( :@ou start with the di#its farthest to the ri#ht. : 1 or 0.3 and 1. iv. and the " hundredths means " out of a whole of 100 parts. the 0 means there are no ones.

1f it is. 4e#roup if needed.hec.< Error Intervention 1f students do not line up the decimal points when addin# A.:*tart with the tenths.. 'hen have them use place-value charts to write the addends and the sum.< 'able 1 *trips *ix tenths *even tenths Ei#ht tenths Cine tenths 'en tenths 4ead 5s Balue 6 10 'able ! .the sum of each place to see if it is #reater than %. +here do you place the decimal point when addin# decimals( :1n the same place as the decimal point in the addends< )ow can you tell if you need to re#roup when addin# decimals( :2ossible answer: . then you will need to re#roup. 2lace the decimal point between the ones and the tenths. then add each place.

/ 0.1 4ead 5s Dero point one Decimals 0.0 0.0 1./ 0.3 0.0 0.0 1.3 0.0 4ead 5s *ix tenths or Dero point six *even tenths Balue 8 10 10 10 0 10 8 10 0.3 0.0 4ead 5s *ix tenths or Dero point six Balue 6 10 'en tenths or one and Dero tenth or one Eero tenth or Dero point Dero 10 10 0 10 Exercise 1 Decimals 0.0 1 .*trips 0.1 'able 3 Decimals 0.

/ 0.0 1.0 4ead 5s Dero point six 6 10 Balue Fne point Dero .3 0.Decimals 0.