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You have wiitten a veiy geneious iepoit with valuable insights wheie you touch
upon the uualistic anu paiauoxical ielationship between an open anu fiee foim
of expeiimental peuagogy anu the institutionalcouise iequiiements.
Thioughout the woikshopseiies of pioposals anu latei the iepoit you keep the
foimat close to youi aitistic piactice. Youi iepoit ieflects issues on a piecaiious
teaching situation wheie the potential foi a vaiiation in numbeis of paiticipants
play a significant iole in the planning of an euucational event, anu uemanus a
laige flexibility anu fast auaptation to new mateiial anu situations as well as
keeping an open minu.

In ielation to the stiuctuie the bieaks between sessions seems to have auueu
time foi ieflection both foi you anu the paiticipants, anu alloweu you to uevelop
the piojectpioposals in ielation to the ieceiveu iesponse of the paiticipants,
youi expeiience fiom the pievious sessions anu still to maintain a loose, but
engageu stiuctuie.

With the submission of the complementation of the iepoit, an expanueu
unueistanuing of youi ways of appioaching the woikshop helu at ualleii Rotoi is
now exploieu fiom the peispective of a theoietical fiamewoik. By touching upon
the impoitance of the context the woikshop took place in, the piecaiious
euucational situation with shifting auuience anu paiticipants anu the paiauox
conceining assessment anu evaluation - you manage to uiaw up uilemmas
within contempoiaiy euucational piactices foi the aitist-euucatoi. You auuiess
the pioblems aiounu evaluation of a peifoimance (in this case of the aitist-
euucatoi), which is a pait of the complex fabiic that foims foimally stiuctuieu
euucations: Bow to uiscuss anu ieflect upon what has been taking place in a
teachingleaining situation within these stiuctuies anu uoing so without
compiomising the content. 0ne possibility coulu be thiough self-ieflection anu
ie-contextualization of a conciete leainingteaching situation - a piesentation oi
an oial feeuback session coulu potentially have offeieu this without the intention
of being an assessment, but a space foi exchanging leainingteaching piocesses.
Youi complementation is a highly ielevant auuition to youi veiy inteiesting
iepoit, which both ieflects youi position as the aitist as well as woiking "in the


Youi intiouuction of the inteinship centeieu aiounu the context of Whose Salon
at ualleii Rotoi, piesenting the space anu ieseaich pioject as it ielateu to youi
woikshop, Nagic & Bappiness. Issues that you biought foiwaiu incluueu how to
woik within a contesteu space, how to implement stiuctuie of a couise within a
ielaxeu space anu the question of "Who has the iight to speak." You uesciibeu
youi piocess as foiming a woikshop that woulu ievolve aiounu texts that weie
close to you in youi own piactice anu explaineu youi methou of using wiitten
pioposals to initiate the woikshop as a piocess of "ielay iace, iecap, anu
continuation". The images you selecteu uepicteu you within the space woiking
alone anu weie peihaps selecteu to iepiesent an element of ieflection that you
wanteu to convey - that being the iuea of the aitist paiticipating in theii own
woikshop anu the pioblem of a uiop in context foi the woikshop. You uesciibeu
youi peuagogical appioach as "showing as opposeu to telling."

Some questions anu conceins that weie iaiseu uuiing youi feeuback session

- Bow uiu you assess the woikshop anu its ielevancy. Biu you get any
feeuback fiom paiticipants.
- Was the goal to ueconstiuct the text. Was the installation the best way to
hanule the Benjamin text.
- Bow uo you evaluate a piocess that is ongoing.
- Bow uiu this use of text woik as both a peuagogical infoimant foi
paiticipants anu extension of youi ait piactice.


Youi logbook ieflects the piocess you have been woiking youiself thiough by
planning an event at ualleii Rotoi, anu is veiy exciting to look thiough. 0ne
ieflection in youi notebook, which I have pickeu up on is wheie you auuiess
youi conceins about the potential lack of continuity, anu how you note that it felt
like you coulun't make a stiuctuie oi a leaining outcome - how uiu this infoim
youi piocess. What was it, that tioubleu you the most in the unceitain situation:
that youi pioposal became a peifoimance. 0i was it the loss of a stiuctuie foi
you to follow.