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PROPAGANDA AND THE MEDIA Communication Studies 178 SPRING 2014 University of California Los Angeles Instructor: Nazo

Koulloukian Email: Assistant: Taline Hanna Monday 5:00-7:50pm ROYCE 190 “The worst forms of tyranny, or certainly the most successful ones, are not those we rail against, but those that so insinuate themselves into the imagery of our consciousness and the fabric of our lives as not to be perceived as tyranny.” -Michael Parenti In this course we will examine the ideological nature of propaganda, the corporate structure of the American media, and how propaganda is disseminated to control the media environment. The use of propaganda technique in print media, film, television and the Internet will be illustrated by case-studies and analyzed in terms of theory and practice. In this class, students will develop a systematic approach to critically assess the messages encountered in the media and will form groups to conduct a media content analysis in the form of a research paper. Oral presentations of the results of these research papers will be presented to the class during weeks eight and nine of the quarter. The midterm and final will test your understanding of the information covered in the textbook, Propaganda and Persuasion, as well as covered material from the reader. They will include short answer, multiple choice and essay-type questions. The final exam is cumulative, covering information learned throughout the quarter. Students will be given study guides prior to each exam. Research papers are to be the original work of the students presenting. Sources used in preparation must be cited, and direct quotations must be identified as such. Presentation of materials prepared by another person as your own work is plagiarism, and will result in failure of the course. Documentaries Documentaries will be presented in selected classes during the latter half of the lecture. These documentaries are selected to coincide with the reading. Even though you will not be tested on these documentaries, you will be presented with 2-3 reflection questions before the documentary airs, and you will be responsible to answer these reflection questions by the end of that class. You will not be graded on these answers, but will receive credit for the attendance. Failure to submit these answers will result in a deduction of points on your final exam and will be considered an absence in the class.


2012 ( “Four Telltale Signs of Propaganda on Twitter” by the Georgia Institute of Technology. July 16. Taline and I will make ourselves available for as long as it takes after class to answer any “The West’s Hidden Propaganda Machine” by Elaine Glaser from the Guardian. 7.forbes. We will also be available via email. 2012. 2014 (http://www. The Signs of Advertising (Reader) Reality TV and the Republican Ethos by Francine Prose (Reader) Lone Star by Jim Rendon (Reader) “The Facebook Effect on the News” by Derek Thompson. May 22. 10. 4. May 31. (http://www. 5th Edition. Quill (1978) (Reader) “Has The Internet Changed The Propaganda Model?” by Sheldon Rampton.cbsnews. Ben H. Beacon Press (1994) (Reader) Rich “Politics and Twitter: Sweet to Tweet.” by Chris Mason from BBC News. Reading List (Some of these readings are subject to be changed) 1.” from the Economist. May 17. February 12. 2012 ( “Social Media Transforming Super Bowl Advertising. May 6. 2007 (http://www. Fourth Edition. Jerry Mander. Garth 12. Bagdikian. April 25.” by Constantine Von Hoffman from MoneyWatch. 9. David Korten. 2013 ( “Twitter effect: How the Hashtag has Shaped Political Debate. Brought To You Buy. PR Watch. 15. January 31. The New Press (2000) (Reader) When Corporations Rule The World. 14. 5. Jowett and Victoria O’Donnell The Media Monopoly. Propaganda and Persuasion.theatlantic. Robert McChesney. 2. Poor Democracy. 13. Kumerian Press (1995) (Reader) Four Arguments For The Elimination of Television. 2012 (http://www. “What is Media Manipulation? – A Definition and Explanation” by Ryan Holiday. 2013 (http://www. 6. 2 .sciencedaily.Office Hours Office Hours will be held after class ends every Monday. 8.

217 – 226) Reality TV and the Republican Ethos by Francine Prose (reader) (Pgs. Chapter 1 ( Documentary List Documentary: Manufacturing Consent Documentary: Inside Job Documentary: Outfoxed Documentary: The Corporation Documentary: Art & Copy Course Outline (Some readings may be deleted or rescheduled on later classes) Week One – March 31 Introduction to Class Introduction to concept of propaganda Reading: Propaganda and Persuasion. Ch 4 & 5 (reader) (Pgs. 1-50) Week Two – April 7 Paper Prompt Presented The Institution: Global Media and Mass Audiences Reading: Propaganda and Persuasion.” by Hank Wasiak. 1-50) Reading: Propaganda and Persuasion. and Topic Due General Discussion of Corporate Ownership & Role of Advertising Reading: The Media Monopoly. Preface & Ch. (reader) (Pgs. 1 (reader) (Pgs.164) Documentary: Manufacturing Consent Week Three – April 14 Introduction to Corporate Ownership Reading: The Media Monopoly. Chapter 3 (Pgs. 173 – 216) Brought To You Buy. July 6. Ch. 97 . 227 – 234) 3 .com/sites/ryanholiday/2012/07/16/what-is-media-manipulation-adefinition-and-explanation/ (website) Documentary: Art & Copy Week Five – April 28 *Midterm Exam Reading: Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television. 2010 (http://mashable. 129 – 171) “What is Media Manipulation? – A Definition and Explanation” http://www. Members. Chapter 2 (reader) (Pgs. Chapter 1 (Pgs.forbes. 71 – 106) Documentary: The Corporation Week Four – April 21 Group Name. Ch 6 & 7 (reader) (Pgs. 10 (reader) (Pgs. Poor Democracy. 107 – 128) Rich Media. “How Social Media has Radically Altered Advertising.17. 5 – 70) When Corporations Rule The World.

3 (reader) (Pgs. Ch 6 (Pgs. Documentary: Outfoxed Week Seven – May 12 The Internet and Media Giants (Part 2) Readings: Rich Media. Ch 10 & 14 (reader) (Pgs.theatlantic.sciencedaily.cbsnews. 8 (Pgs. 251 – 294) Social Media Transforming Super Bowl Advertising http://www. 295 – 364) When Corporations Rule The World. 289 – 306) Lone Star by Jim Rendon (reader) (Pgs. 235 – 250) Four Arguments For The Elimination of (website) “The Facebook Effect on the News” http://www. (website) Twitter effect: How the Hashtag has Shaped Political Debate Documentary: Inside Job Week Eight – May 19 PAPERS DUE Group Presentations (Each group will make oral presentations of the results of their research papers) Week Nine – May 26 Memorial Day – No Class 4 . 365 – 384) Propaganda and Persuasion.economist. Poor How Social Media has Radically Altered Advertising ( “The West’s Hidden Propaganda Machine” http://www.Week Six – May 5 Order of Presentations Announced The Unique Role of Television and Propaganda and The Internet and Media Giants (Part 1) Reading: Propaganda and Persuasion. 359 – 368) “Has the Internet Changed the Propaganda Model?” Politics and Twitter: Sweet to Tweet Ch 10 & 11 (reader) ( (website) “Four Telltale Signs of Propaganda on Twitter” http://www.

Week Ten – June 2 Continuation of Group Presentations Final Exam: Date administered on the class website during Finals week. *** Grading Midterm 30% Final 30% Research Paper 30% Documentary Attendance/Reflection 10% 5 . Will be announced in class.